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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 8, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a 911 call that ended with shots fired and a man dead. investigators are now trying to piece together what led up to the shooting. cbs reporter talked to someone who saw it all go down. >> reporter: and ann, neighbors here don't know who is victim is but they've already put out some flowers and canals near the spot where he died. this is near essence way in the north highland section of the city. police think the victim and two women got into some type of a road rage altercation. and it was a relative of one of the women who showed up and shot and killed the victim. all while the victim was on the phone with 911. now video of the scene here, police say around 2:00 this morning, the man who was killed called 911 to say those two women had pulled a gun on him and he was now following them in their car. as he was giving the description of the women's car the dispatch operator heard gunshots and the line went dead. police don't believe the two
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women ever pulled a gun on the victim but police say one of them got scared and called a male family member for help. police say the family member tracked them down in his car and then took matters into his own hands. >> you don't even have to think about it and it's so final. it's so final. and you can't take those actions back. so now this -- you know, this guy is dead. the person that shot him his life is probably ruined because he's going to go to jail. he killed somebody. >> reporter: now police have arrested 24-year-old brian jones. that's the male family member they believe who allegedly showed up and fired the gun. they are not charging the two women involved and they of course have not released the victim's name as of just yet. back to you ann. >> thank you very much. a standoff between sacramento police and an armed man inside a jack in the box is now over. around 1:00 the man took two women hostage after he tried to
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rob the restaurant. and after four hours, police shot the suspect. he was taken to the hospital, his condition is not known. both hostages made it out safely. we're barely halfway through the weekend and oakland police are already investigating their third homicide in just hours. the latest happened near jacqueline square around 2:4524 afternoon. officers found the victim on third street with gunshot wounds. that person was pronounced dead as the scene. police are still looking for the shooter. two other deadly shootings in oakland last night. well, a couple of east bay teens are facing some serious consequences tonight. they are accused of setting off pipe bombs. that's the bomb squad blowing up one of them. it all started when police got a call of a mailbox being blown up near college park high school last night. 20 minutes later officers found an suv with five kids in it in the apartment of the high school. -- parking lot of the high
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school. found inside the suv. another explosive device. >> i mean, this is a significant pipe bombs. so i mean -- all the damage that you might expect. there was like i said, they -- the mailbox was completely destroyed. and if anybody been close to it they certainly would have been injured and possibly killed. >> two of the teens were arrested on suspicion of possession of explosives. they were released to their parents. checking over bay area headlines, an early morning fire that damaged a restaurant in alameda is being called suspicious. arson investigators are coming through the charred american oak restaurant on santa clara avenue. they say they found three spots where flames erupted. damage is estimated at $150,000. barely a month old, the bay area's newest outlet mall already has a new owner and a new name. simon property group announced it's buying the pair gone outlet -- paragon outlets in
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livermore. the more than half a million square foot shopping center is home to 130 stores. stone ridge shopping center in nearby pleasanton is owned by the same company. san francisco's muni system is celebrating the completion of two track and street improvement projects, the two year effort up graded at church and deboss and at carl street. they also provided a dedicated bike lane. also added street argument and decorative street light ficktures. an effort to provide free muni passes for low income school children in san francisco provoked a lot of debate. now officials are talking about another idea that could be even more controversial. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on the plan for the fares. >> reporter: the san francisco municipal transportation agency is thinking of changing the way you pay for transit. instead of basing fares on age or disability they are thinking
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of basing prices on a person's income. >> well, that makes -- makes sense. >> i make less money. >> i think that's great. >> reporter: they have been talking for months about allowing low income youth to ride for free. this would bo well beyond that. -- go well beyond that. >> there would be some sort of financial record that would have to be proven. to get a discount like that. >> reporter: riders have mixed feelings on that. >> no one wants to give up records. >> the government has all the records of what i make anyway. so it's one other barrage of government -- branch of government having the records of what i make. >> i don't want my information scattered here and there. i don't know where it'd end up. >> reporter: a muni spokesperson thinks the program would be a wash financially. >> we might see an increase in ridership and that can only help. >> reporter: but seniors and disabled people would still get a discount of at least 50%. it's federal law. right now the discount is more likely 66%.
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the bay area's lead transit planning body is already conducting a study on the issue which means it could go beyond muni possibly to b.a.r.t. all facilitated by the new clipper card system but right now it's muni that's full steam ahead. >> we're one of the largest in the country and we'd be one of the first to look at something like this. >> reporter: they will be drawing up a plan in early 2013 and if approved the system could be put in place that same year. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5 early edition. while former south african president nelson mandela is spending the night in the hospital. >> they didn't think of the consequences afterwards. >> more fallout and anger with the nurse connected to the princess kate middleton. the hospital is now responding where she worked. well, well, well.
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hospitalized for tests. offici former south african president nelson mandela has been hospitalized for tests. officials say there's no cause for alarm over his health and that the treatment he's receiving is quote consistent for his age. the antiapartheid freedom
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fighter a94 years old and has been in frail health for some time. mandell la spent 27 years in prison fighting racist white rule. he became south africa's first black president in 1994. well, furry over the death of -- fury over the death of a nurse that worked at the hospital where kate middleton was being treated and now the hospital is having its say. cbs reporter erica ferrari tells us the deejays are off the job indefinitely. >> reporter: they expressed their sorrow outside the building where saldinha's body was found. officials at the hospital sent the letter saturday to the owners of the australian radio station condemning the actions of two of its deejays. applied a hoax that some say may have contributed to the 46- year-old's death. >> i think it's a terrible shame that she felt she had to do something so tragically sad. for something that was just a stupid joke. >> reporter: on tuesday she
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trafficked a call to -- transferred a call to another nurse. that nurse then gave a detailed report of kate's condition to the deejays who were impersonating the queen and prince charles. >> the people who have done it. they may have done it as a prank but they didn't think of the consequences afterward. >> reporter: they agreed to suspend their show indefinitely. their boss says the deejays are shocked. >> our primary concern is to the family, the nurse saldinha. this is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen. and we're deeply saddened by it. >> reporter: in india her family is mourning her loss. her sister-in-law broke down describing the mother of two as a good natured and beautiful woman. erica ferrari for cbs news. well. 32 years ago today former beatle john lennon was shot and killed outside his new york
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apartment. today fans remembered his legacy and his music. ♪ the tribute took place at the strawberry fields memorial in central park near the dakota apartments where lennon lived. on december 8th, 1980 he was returning from a recording station when he was shot by a deranged fan mark david chapman. remember that record half billion dollar powerball jackpot? well, the second of two winners has finally come forward. how he decided to cash out his winnings. >> from the cbs 5 weather center. googe everybody. sure -- good evening everybody. sure it's cloudy outside and we'll fire up the live hi-def doppler radar and tell you when to expect rain back in the forecast. as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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in history has one of the winners of one of the largest powerball jackpots in history has decided to stay anonymous. but lottery officials did get a chance to meet him. >> he is intelligent, he is outgoing and he was very engaging. i have no doubt that he will use the money to do wonderful things. >> and he's very private. the winner lives in arizona and he decided to take the $192 million lump sum. not bad for only spending $10 on lottery tickets. the record-breaking jackpot will be shared with the winners from missouri who claim their prize last month. well, it played out like a scene in a hollywood movie but police in texas are not
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entertained. take a look at this. a suspect arrested for burglary in handcuffs was able to get back out of the patrol unit and then gets in the driver's seat he takes off. the car was later found abandoned about 15 miles away and officers are still looking for the suspect. we're just moments away from the start of the holiday tradition at san francisco's union square. the lighting of the first candle of the menorah for hanukkah. the eight day holiday officially starts at sundown tonight. also none of the festival of lights hanukkah commemorates the tale of triumph of a small band of jewish fighters over the syrian army. there was another lighting at the square. glad we had a chance to see that huh roberta? it's a beautiful night tonight. but guess who's got rain in the forecast? >> everybody's been asking if it's going to rain tonight however because did you notice the cloud cover that just pushed into the bay area. good evening everybody.
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fire up the live hi-def doppler radar. again this is live and we have the radar bands scanning the bay area. no rain in your forecast tonight in fact the clouds will gradually clear. mostly cloudy right now as we look out to 10,000 lights aglow atop the embarcadero center. current air temperature pretty much in the 50s across the board. the winds have been fluctuating out of the north wes about 5 to 10 miles an hour. 54 currently if santa rosa. it's 55 in san francisco after a high today of 59 which was pretty close to normal for this time of the year. now 57 degrees in downtown san jose with mostly cloudy skies. again, the winds under 10. clouds clear late tonight. that's going to set the stage for a sunny warmer, albeit breezy sunday. and then we do have rain back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint that with our seven day outlook. meanwhile tonight get out that extra blanket. 37 degrees overnight in santa rosa into penn grove. also 37 degrees in livermore.
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pleasanton. dublin and san ramone. low 40s common around san jose back into the valley and then we lift up to the upper 30s and low 40s around the peninsula. 48 in san francisco. this is the area of low pressure not too big albeit spreading a little bit of light rain showers around sat successful that translating no snow. but notice these clouds are drifting across the northwestern section of the state of california. dirty ridge of high pressure allowed us to cloud up today but this ridge of high pressure pushes in from the eastern pacific. sunshine and an offshore flow for your sunday. watch futurecast. clouds kicks on by and we clear out. we will wake up to some stratus overnight and tomorrow morning around the north bay areas, the valleys and also the delta. otherwise that will clear and notice the sunshine all the bay through your sunday. we're going to use pinpoint your neighborhood forecast into the 60s at the beaches. in fact, as you take a look at all these temperatures, anywhere from about 62 to 67 degrees from the coast through
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the central bay. well into our east bay valley. 66 brentwood. tracy. oakley. 66 in pleasanton. back in through blackhawk. 60s common across the north bay. just north of the golden gate bridge. and 64 in san francisco. averaging a good five degrees above normal. in fact above normal temperatures each day all the way through tuesday. and then, this is where the big question mark comes into play. computer model are kind of wavering on the timing. one does adjust that we'll have rain by the morning rush on wednesday. otherwise another -- computer moll ed suggests we'll have the rain on thursday. it will be unsettled. that's the consensus all the way from wednesday through saturday at this time. so back into the rainy period. >> all righty. >> that's why i washed my car today. >> just to guarantee that for us. thank you much. all right, well, vern is here with bad news out of the nfl. >> i can't believe this happened. second straight saturday. something -- what's happening in the nfl? the fans of the dallas cowboys, they're not going to believe this either. that's coming up in just another tragic incident out of
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the nfl. and like taxes and the holiday season it happens every year. army, navy on the football field. ,,,,,,
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for the second straight week, tragedy has struck the nfl. this time, with the dallas cowboys. starting defensive tackle josh brent leaving a dallas nightclub was speeding early this morning when his car
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flipped over. inside was him and a close friend, jerry brown a linebacker just signed off the practice squad. brown was killed in the accident. he and his wife were expecting their first child. this is brent's mug shot that you saw there as he was arrested and charged for intoxicated manslaughter. he is currently being held without bail. last saturday, chiefs' linebacker jovan belcher shot and killed his girlfriend and then himself in kansas city. college football as we speak the game's highest honor the heisman trophy is about to be awarded. it will be among quarterback johnny manziel, collin klein or notre dame linebacker manti te'o. oh, the cannons. vice president joe biden greeting army and navy players before kickoff. navy in white, scored with under five minutes to go and the quarterback keeper by keenan reynolds.
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now army they're trying to end a ten year drought. in fact they were driving over a minute left in the navy red zone. when larry gibson fumbled it away. the midshipmen make it 11 straight over their football rival. final from philadelphia 17-13. speaking of philadelphia, the phillies acquired infielder and designated hitter michael young today from the rangers. he did struggle offensively and defensively in 2012 but he gets a change of scenery. in return the rangers get a reliever and a minor league pitcher. did you know the 49ers have not won more than two straight games the entire season? well, they're going to look to avoid a two game losing streak tomorrow as they host miami right here on cbs 5. the offensive line will be without pro bowl tackle jake long who suffered an arm injury and is out for the season. you respect the 49er defensive
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front especially smith who attacked a lot of times. smith may be matched up against jonathan martin a rookie from stanford by the way. just five off the record set here by michael strahan in 2001. that's when brett favre took a drive for him. the other smith justin on the defense -- he's saying hey i'm pulmoing for my teammate -- pulling for my teammate al den smith. >> they're usually pretty good from the get-go and you know al den got better his last year progressed and then he just blew up. i mean that's attributed to him and a great football player no matter what we're doing. the stunt, the one-on-one pass rush. he's doing the work and he's getting it done himself too. i mean we take pride as a defense. that's the thing. you know records this and that. that's great. and he feels the same way. you know it's all about -- winning these games and getting to the playoffs and ultimately hopefully winning some super bowl and you know hopefully that record falls on the way --
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on the way there. >> just tin smith. it went viral on the internet this week. when 49er head coach jim harbaugh and acting role while playing with the colts, the year was 1996. the show "saved by the bell" the new class. and you know dennis o'donnell brought that up when the two spoke a couple of days ago. [ cheering and applause ] >> my acting career has gone downhill since "saved by the bell." >> but this is my cousin, the real jim harbaugh. >> i'm here because my friend eric learned the hard way that being famous does not make you a hero. >> all these lines, how many takes? did you hit them all on the first take? >> i don't recall. the show was a lot of overacting though. it was not real good. >> anything for a friend of my cuz. >> what was your wife's reviews? >> confused about the hair style. got a lot of you know ribbing.
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>> i thought the hair was pretty good. listen i'll just give you one piece of advice. don't fit your day -- quit your day job okay? i've heard a few times this week. >> even from your wife that's not good. >> okay. now join us following the game tomorrow. the fifth quarter and i'll be talking to the players who don't remember "saved by the bell/the new class." i don't really remember the show. i think i've seen still shots of coach. >> isn't that a joy. >> he does look very similar even now. >> exactly the same. >> good for him. thank you very much vern. coming up at 6:30 the kind of place where memories were made. >> i remember trying to put my arm around my first girlfriend. >> well, another one of the bay area's iconic movie houses is in trouble. the otherwise good news that could mean curtains for the delt. that's it for eyewitness news
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at 5:30. we'll see you again in a half hour. and then at 10:00 and 11:00. until then our news updates are at good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> dubois: tonight, backdown in egypt. in the face of protestes, president morsi links and ksncels a decree that gave him road emergency powers. automobile sales are on a roll with the price at the pump on everybody's mind. john blackstone on how green machines are picking up speed. america is losing its country doctors. barry peterson shows us how one medical school might have a cure. >> i want to treat someone and i want to treat their kids and i want to treat their kids. >> dubois:


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