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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. cook. i'm ken bastida. we begin with >> you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> good evening; i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> we begin with some breaking news tonight. a massive 60 car pile up in far morn california. this happened on interstate 5 near the oregon border. not clear tonight what caused the crash. but the roads were very icy. it was about 25 degrees when the crash happened about 6:30 this evening. i-5 closed in both directions near eureka. 60 automobiles for almost two miles. >> here in the bay area, burr. this is the coldest it has been
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since january. earlier tonight. people bundled up in ski pants. check out the lights on candy lane. right now, it is 39 degrees. >> we have layers on most of the kids. socks underneath the sleepers so we are good to go. >> layers upon layers. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather senor. >> tonight is a three dog night. lit be cold. coldest since january 17. here are the numbers for you. union city will drop to 35 degrees santa clara. frost advisory for all of the south bay. all of the east bay, most of thes in layerspennine
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peninsula. >> a scare at a bay area college this evening. a lock down for three hours after someone reported seeing a gunman on campus. now police showed up, didn't find anything, but cbs five reporter kiet do. >> reporter: these photos show police officerrers searching room by room. >> we definitely barricaded down. made sure we were not where anyone could look n. we were afraid. >> reporter: around 4:30:00 p.m. college police got a phone call of a black male suspect wearing a white t shirt armed with a
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gun at the tech center building. officers swarmed in, lock down the entire campus an other the next few hours, students where released from their barricaded classrooms. officers searched the tech building, but there was no suspect or gun. ingly don't know if this was a hoax. obviously, we didn't find a suspect. i don't know if it was a prank or a hoax, but again, we take everything seriously. >> reporter: given that the newtown tragedy happened four days ago, they didn't take any chances. >> we don't leave anything to chance. so we responded with the sense of urgency necessary when it comes to these types of situations. >> reporter: police will now try to trace the call and talk to the original american to made the report. school will go on as normal tomorrow. live in san jose. kiet do, cbs5. the childrenover newtown connecticut return to the classroom today as crowds of police and parents kept watch. a green and white ribbon hung on every school bus in memory
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of the victims of friday's shooting rampage at sandy hook ill iment re. it was the one school that remained closed today. instead, more funerals were held for the children who died there. mourners lined up outside of lima church not once, but twice today. first for james matieooa, and then jessica ricos. >> i can see an entire sea of people coming out of the first people. then an equal amount of people waiting on the side to get in for the second funeral. >> there will be five more funerals tomorrow including vicki sotos. she died shielding her students when the gunman came into her classroom, he told him they were in the gym. you can imagine the search for a motive is proving to be
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very difficult. we learned the killer knew how to cover his tracks. a human right and hard drive recovered from adam lanza's home, the fbi has been unable to get any data. experts are not optimistic. they are searching credit card, e-mail and phone records for lanza and his mother and trying to reconstruct lanza's internet searches. but officials say lanza was a socially awkward recluse who had little touch with the outside world and he killed the one person who knew him best. his mother. sources say a gun trace revealed nancy lanza bought the web in march of 2010. a year later in 2011, she purchased the sig sauer pistol that was found in one of the pockets of lanza's cargo pants.
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the other weapon, a glock used to take lanza's life was purchased 11 months ago in january 2012. some retailers have stopped selling or promoting semiautomatic rifles in the wake of the tragedy. dick's sporting goods has pulled them from stores nationwide and wal-mart has taken down a wal-mart add for the bushmaster ar15 that was used friday. the nra said "meaningful contributions to stop fur tragedies." california is no longer invested in assault rifles. illegal to either have or sell that weapon in the state of california. so obviously, the state shouldn't be a participant in
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that kind of activity. >> california's teacher pension fund has a stake in freedom group. it is reviewing the investment. one bay area city is looking for the cash to pay for the guns bought back. people turned in nearly 600 firearms for cash, way more than expected. linda yee says san francisco had to start handing out io us . >> reporter: this gun buy back program was more successful than expected. >> thank you very much. jr. dr. joe marshall says he ran out of money after buying back 125 weapons at 200 bucks apiece. ingly was ready to shut down. i was going to walk out and tell the crowd that's all we have. but the chief said, oh no no no. we have all these guns, we have
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to get them. one mar long rifle, one shotgun. >> reporter: dr. marshall gave out 157ious . if place chief tell us us tonight he found the money and he will announce the benefactor tomorrow. >> i'm not worried because i know the folks will show up next saturday. >> reporter: many sellers say the slaughter of school children in connecticut touched raw nerves. ingly don't have to have the guns anymore. i would like a different world. >> reporter: the money ran out in oakland, too, but the program donor stepped in. keith stevenson gave another $50,000 to keep it going. san francisco police say this last weekend's buy back program was one of the more successful ones. so successful, the community groups that organized it are already working on a statewide buy back program. they are finding the sponsors now. live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs5. and coming up, a bay area
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mom says her son had his mouth taped shut and his teacher did it. how she explains the extreme punishment. are you getting overcharged at the check out line? the big grocery chain found to make more mistakes than tore stores. >> plus, what you can do with half a billion dollars. mark zuckerberg's gift to a charity. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tech >> she said it was a joke, but parents aren't laughing about one bay area teacher's discipline technique. the students say she is taping mouths shut. but she is still on the job. >> she shouldn't have done that to our students or any of the kids. >> reporter: lucy torez fights back terse when talking about how her son's teacher punished him for talking too much in class. >> she duct taped me. >> she said i put the duct tame on him. >> reporter: she is miss
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michelle. students say she routinely carries a roll of tape around she puts on students' mouths. they day, she taped three students. >> i was angry. ingly was sad. >> reporter: torez claims this was not the first time faculty has crossed the line at antioch academy. another teacher claimed to put a chair on armando's body. we contacted the principal on several occasions. she said this is a personnel matter that is being investigated. >> they shouldn't have done it. they should not have let it happen. >> reporter: the torez family says that is the teacher apologizing. they made the recording days
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after the incident happened. but so far, she has not been punished. >> she is still there. >> reporter: torez is temporarily home schooling her children until antioch takes action. as much as her children miss their school, they worry about seeing her again. >> i feel scared. if they tape me again. >> reporter: in antioch. christin ayers, cbs5. some crooks rammed a stolen car into a conquered game stop. they drove through the window and got away with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. the only thing they didn't take? the car. stolen. didn't need it. when the last time you checked your grocery receipt, you notice anything different? getting overcharged the more common than you might think. >> in a story you will only see right here. july-watts discovered safeway
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makes more mistakes than other california grocery stores. >> there is a policy if you charge lorer than the advertised price, you get the items free under $5. >> reporter: that is what customers are supposed to get when they are overcharged at safeway. the results of a 2008 lawsuit after a statewide investigation found the same thing back then we are still finding today. widespread overcharges. we went shops at five safeway stores an were overcharged five times we compiled data from 31 california counties an 11 different states. in california alone, inspectors where overcharged on one out of every 50 items purchased over the past five years. a spokesman claims this is a store within the industry norm. last year alone, their
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overcharge rate was 12% higher than other grocery stores statewide. >> it creates problem. >> reporter: the federal trade commission points to their short run sales. he says with more price fluctuation comes for opportunity for error. >> changing prices all the time generates a certain level of confusion by consumers. and the store is the getting the benefit of that. >> reporter: a price he says the store is obligated to get right legally. >> none of this is top secret stuff. you don't have to figure out how to get the prices right. if the stores don't do it alone, agencies must do it. >> reporter: and that's what the state of california has attempted to do with three separate lawsuits. since the most recent in 2008, records show is the supermarket continues to fail inspections
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by overcharging in three quarters of the counties. that doesn't include the counties that didn't allow us access. the remaining counties have done no inspections at all. >> at one point the do they step in and do something? >> i can't comment on whether or not there is any current ftc action on safeway or any other company. >> reporter: neither can the california division of standards. but last year, they had a price verification survey. the grocery stores inspected were twice as likely to ere in their favor. by comparison. safeway stores were four times as likely to overcharge. that's according to county inspections conducted the same year. and scanner issues go far
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beyond california. safeway is in 20 states. inspections show higher failure rates in three other states, but california is the only state to take legal action and some have no inspections at all. >> the best way to protect yourself is to protect yourself. >> while they are responsible for protection at the national level. newman says federal investigations can take years so it's up to consumers to check their receipts. those in california should hold safeway to the court order. all though it does take dedication. ingly don't do that here. you know where it's at. >> reporter: we spent a total of 30 minutes in customer service in three stores to dietary agains for three. >> shouldn't i get it free? >> no. >> at the end of the day, only one store agreed. >> we can do that. >> reporter: now safeway says employees have since been retrained on the court ordered policy, but employees told us they were trained not to offer it for free unless a customer
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asks. safeway says it is committed to eliminating all pricing errors and doesn't mean to charge over. they don't think our numbers reflect their errors. >> lots of people checking their respites now. >> it's a good idea. >> thank you julie. lots of people checking their thermometers tonight. >> it is cold out there already. it will be tolder when you wake up tomorrow morning. here are the temperatures right now. the backdrop is the santa clara valley. san francisco is at 46 those are the warm spots. santa rosa 49. concord 38. vallejo. we will be in the upper 20s tonight for santa rosa, clearlake. nap pa. san francisco, 40 and how about
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the snow in the sierra? some of you heading to tahoe or your favorite ski destination. snow level low. 12 to 24 new inches of snow in the sierra by thursday night. and all of this proceeding winter. it was not officially start until friday at 3:12:00 a.m. we are checking the radar. our doppler is dry, but that will change later on this week. here is why. big low pressure area in the gulf of alaska affecting us thursday night. it's a northerly now of air giving us the cold air tonight. tonight we get cloudy. here comes the rain friday morning. the low pressure will not move three days an neither will the moisture, we will see it all the way through sunday. clouds get here tomorrow. rain gets here thursday and doesn't leave until sunday at the earliest. the final weekend of shopping will be soggy.
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oakland form, 55. 54 san jose. a couple of degrees milder by the afternoon. pleasant hill, 52. dry tomorrow, cloudy in the afternoon for san rafael. thursday, we stay mainly cloudy, but dry for much of the day, then here come it is rain friday, saturday, sunday, and christmas eve, we will dry out. a soggy weekend. >> you are saying down to 1500. we could see it on diablo and such. we will likely see snow. it is the season. >> it is. very festive. >> coming up, the bay area charity that just got half a billion dollars from mark zuckerberg. ,,,,,,
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. >> one bay area charity just got a huge gift from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. he donated half a billion dollars worth of stock to the silicon valley community
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foundation. they focus on health and education issues in a statement. a spokesman said the gift will change lives and inspire others to give back. more than 100 bay area kids got a very special gift. a popping spree at old navy. gift cards were donated. there were a lot of big smiles ands full shopping bags. >> i got clothes and pajamas and jeans and sweater and socks and hats. >> great, this is the 9th year the shopping spree has taken place. hey, ahead, basketball with the cal and stanford persuasion. more on this coming up. ,,,,,,
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. >> the bank of the west sports report is next on cbs5. >> well, the beat goes on and on for the red hot warriors. do you? w? sounds like a slogan. warriors home after a road trip. taking on new orleans and who is a guy handling his business.
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david lee. warriors up eight. hornets made a run in the fourth. rookie anthony davis scores foul. game is tied at 92. but the warriors slug them off. warriors when, 103-96. natives restless at north carolina state hosting stanford and there goes that man. dwight powell with a jam. stanford trailed by four. late first half. a block. c. j. leslie good night now. wow, a mike montgomery smile during a game? cal on the run early. ricky, bears up eight. tyrone wallace got a double double. bears win, 68-59. the as introduce their new
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shortstop in oakland. he saws you can call him hero. he signed a two year contract at the press conference. he played 11 seasons in japan. made the japanese league all star team eight times. so why did he sign with the as ? his reason kicksoff tonight's top five. [speaking foreign language] >> he says billy bean is extremely sexy and cool. [laughter] >> nice, number four, number three, bailor women led 17-0 starting the game. number three behind the back number. yeah. nets brook lopez. to bad the shot didn't count. number two, a free kick gone bad. his coach? not happy. and at number one? look at this brave pigeon.
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unflapable you might say during the raider's chief game. it is not leaving! and it has been my experience that when the birds show up during the game or toward the end of the game, it's the birds way of saying it is time to go. wrap this up. it is time to go. >> bye bye everybody. >> see you. >> those are tough pigeons, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> david letterman is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. i don't care how cold it is. be there! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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