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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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chopper went down. police shot down nearby city streets during the morning rush hour. the crash site is in the heart of london near a major train station and the british spy agency mi-6. witnesses said they saw the chopper flying fast up the river before it smashed into the crane spinning out of control. >> like something out of a movie. everyone was just in shock running around. it was madness. >> reporter: several people on the ground were injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. police say there is no evidence of terrorism. right now, they are treating the crash as an accident. rita nissan for cbs news, london. aviation experts told the "associated press" weather may have played a role in the crash. 4:31 now. a fleet of high-tech jets that connected the south bay to japan is grounded following an emergency landing. ana made the decision on the boeing 787 the dreamliners after yesterday's emergency at
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tack mats sue airport in japan. this is days after the official launch of the dreamliner service in san jose. >> it could come back shortly. we don't know. >> san jose was expected a projected $77.2 million a year with ana's five nonstop flights a week out of mineta international airport a san jose mom thwarted a kidnapper who tried to run away with her 2-year-old daughter. police are searching for the suspect. it started yesterday when the girl was playing in the front yard of her house on the 200 block of day court in east san jose. according to the girl's mother, that's when the man tried to talk to her then the man grabbed the girl's legs and tried to pull her away. the mom said she wouldn't let go of her daughter and eventually the suspect ran off. he is described as a man in his 20s wearing a red baseball hat and a yellow striped shirt. the mother says he smelled like
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automotive oil. and there's a warning for people who live in the eastern contra costa county area. a teenager has escaped from the byron boys ranch there. a 17-year-old inmeat walked away from the facility on bixler road about 8:00 last night. they used dogs and the helicopter. and they couldn't find the inmate. he was seen wearing a orange jumpsuit. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the newsroom room this morning with the steps officials are taking in oakland. >> reporter: a total of four measures aimed at beefing up the oakland pd were sent on to the council last night but the public safety committee stopped short of approving a plan to bring former l.a. police chief bill bratton on board as a consultant. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors opposing bratton's outspoken approval of "stop & frisk" policies. now, bratton is a former police chief of l.a. and new york and he supports an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable
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suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with the murder rates at alarming levels in oakland the council has been considering a $250,000 contract to hire bratton to help the oakland pd. last night, a committee approved the contract but didn't confirm bratton will be the man. the council ordered to look at alternatives. >> i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we are going to do and how we're going to do it because i'm the person that's going to be held accountable. so i want to make that very clear. bill bratton is going to be giving me advice. whether i take it is up to me. >> the main concern about "stop & frisk" fears about racial profiling. here are some numbers from new york's program. there were 700,000 stops in 2011. 85% were black or hispanic men, the vast majority discovered no wrongdoing . the oakland city council will be discussing this matter next week as well as the other measures approved last night including a proposal to hire alameda county sheriff's
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deputies to work on violence suppression in east and west oakland. in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. san jose's new interim police chief says he doesn't want the job. he said he can speak for rank- and-file officers after 27 years on the force. >> i think they want a voice and i think that's what i wanted to do, be that voice for them and be honest and sincere with them which i have been i think and i think that's important to them. >> esquivel says he will focus on improving morale. he is replacing chris moore who is retiring. esquivel will be in charge for a few months until they find a new chief. it's still chilly. today is the big warmup. yes. after this morning. >> it should start to warm up. we may see 60s after today. that would be very nice after
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the very cold temperatures we have seen. of course some very cold mornings and still society patchy fog likely outside this morning. high pressure building in but we have a lot of clear skies out there now so the temperatures again dropping off but not quite as cold as yesterday morning. still, i think if you head through the day today, the temperatures will be warming up but it's cold in spots right now. mostly clear skies, 30 degrees in concord. 31 in livermore. 38 in san francisco. 28 in santa rose. this afternoon sunshine and here we go, a couple of 60s showing up in places like san jose. 60 oakland. 62 santa rosa. much warmer days to come too. we'll talk about that in a few moments. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> i like it. those 60s are going to feel good. thank you, lawrence. outside now, things aren't too bad as far as incidents go. we have a lot of overnight roadwork. so just a heads up if you are traveling anywhere in the east bay. this is a live look at the 880 freeway there by the oakland coliseum. southbound 880 from 980 all the
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way down towards 16th avenue you may find roadwork in lanes. caltrans will pick that up after 5 a.m. elsewhere more roadwork this time on the westbound side of the dumbarton bridge. this is highway 84. not causing much of a delay approaching the toll plaza. eastbound 4 only the left lane blocked until about 5:30 this morning with ongoing roadwork around loveridge. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:37 now. new this morning, the interior secretary ken salazar is expected to announce he is stepping down this morning. he is leaving president obama's cabinet in march to spend more time with his family in colorado. salazar was chosen to serve as the interior secretary in 2008. his departure marks the latest in a series of high-profile resignations from the president's cabinet including secretary of state hillary clinton. meanwhile president obama is set to outline his plan to curb gun violence this morning.
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cbs reporter susan mcginnis is likely to propose more than just gun control measures. reporter: gun dealers nationwide are trying to keep up with demand. clive says sales have doubled at his quincy, illinois, shop since the president started pushing for gun control. >> any semi-automatic with a large capacity magazine in it, that seems to be popular. >> reporter: the president wants to ban military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines like those used in the shooting at sandy hook elementary. the package he presents today is also expected to call for criminal and mental health background checks for all gun buyers including those buying at gun shows. the national rifle association says it will fight the president's plan and released this ad once again pushing for armed guards in schools. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? >> reporter: when the president
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makes his announcement, he will be joined by children who wrote to him about gun violence ave. the newtown school shooting. many of the proposals are expected to resemble the law new york state just passed that includes efforts to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. the president wants more training for school counselors and first responders who may detect signs of mental health problems. >> the president's committed to this. he believes it's a high priority not just for him but for the country. >> reporter: the president can use an executive action to push through some proposals but he will need congress to pass the most controversial measures. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. it could be a while before congress takes up the issue. one republican official says it could be at least three months before the senate addresses gun control legislation. marin county got a much bigger response than expected in its gun buy-back program yesterday. it offered $100 for each operable gun and $200 for a semi-automatic firearm. in all, more than 800 guns were
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turned in at five different locations. the $43,000 raised for the program was gone quickly, so officers started handing out vouchers. >> just one gun out of the home might save a child's life. i'm very gratified by what we've seen as far as firearms being turned in. >> a lot of people showed up. the county has another gun buy- back plan for monday at the police station in mill valley and san rafael. organizers say all of the collected guns will be meld down or shredded. san francisco police have identified the suspect in a brutal robbery that ended with the death of a dog. 35-year-old laurese barrett is wanted for robbery and animal cruelty. officers say on december 28, barrett approached a woman on the corner of leavenworth and golden gate avenue and demanded money. the victim complied but her dog began barking. that's when the suspect grabbed the dog and threw it in the middle of the street. the dog died as a result of the
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injuries. other bay area headlines. a 5 hour standoff in san francisco ended peacefully. the suspect is now undergoing a mental health evaluation. yesterday, police responded to calls a shots fired inside an apartment on 20th avenue. when officers arrived, the man refused to come out. negotiators got him to surrender around 8 p.m. repair work is set to begin today on a notorious stretch of road in san francisco. the great highway has not lived up to its name with potholes, cracks and hazards. the nine-month $7 million project aims to repair and resurface the road. there will also be work done on sidewalks and sewer mains. getting a face-lift. >> i guess so. it needs it. 4:41. book now or wait. the website that wants to take the guesswork out of flying. >> facebook rolls out yet another big feature. the new search tool and how your privacy is affected by it. >> and home security cameras were rolling. what happens when a man catches
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a burglar in progress. it's all on tape. you'll see it in a moment.
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stolen property. home security camera shows him point he crook... as he a san antonio man took matters into his own hands when a burglar tried to walk off with stolen property. home security cameras show him pointing a shotgun at the crook as he tried to steal someone's tv. orders him to the ground until cops showed up. and apparently, they took over. the thief is accused of breaking into several homes. i don't think he will go back to that one anytime soon. >> i don't think so. hopefully not any home after that. >> time now 4:4. let's check traffic and weather. >> only because we have to. [ laughter ] >> we have great news, warmer temperatures. finally spring-like weather i think around the bay area. another cold start to the day temperatures down into the 20s and 30s once again in some spots outside. but it looks like as we head toward the afternoon, mostly
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sunny skies and temperatures going to start to warm up. another clear and cold night outside though. so we are expecting some more patchy frost early on this morning. that should melt away toward a warmer afternoon and then i think sunny and dry conditions probably for the next five to seven days. and warmer temperatures still. soar with looking like we're in the sweet -- so we're looking like we're in the sweet spot midwinter. even though it's cold, it's dry. temperatures 28 in santa rosa and 34 in san jose. 38 degrees even in san fernando. that's a chilly start to the morning. check out the ridge of high pressure building in. a huge dome across the western half of the united states. the jet stream well to the north of us so warmer and dry conditions not only for today but really probably right through the weekend, as well. around the state we'll start to heat things up a little bit too. 62 in monterey. 63 ukiah. 44 lake tahoe. 45 yosemite. our futurecast model showing you your skies staying hosely clear today through tonight -- staying mostly clear today
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through tonight and the next five to seven days, clear skies throughout the bay area. 60 palo alto today, 61 redwood city. east bay temperatures into the 50s in most spots. inside the bay close to 60 in oakland. about 62 degrees in santa rosa and 60 degrees even in petaluma. next couple of days warmer temperatures mid-60s going to be showing up toward friday and saturday and sunday looking good too. i think he would stay nice and sunny and mostly dry through monday and tuesday, although as we head in toward the latter part of next week, we could be talking about more rain. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we'll keep that seven-day forecast especially how it is, then, thank you, lawrence. outside, we have cameras all around the bay area this morning including some traffic heading into san francisco. this is a live look at 280 near mariposa. along the freeway everything is quiet all along that stretch of 280, 101 not bad getting into
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san francisco. farther south a live look near san jose. 101 the mche could exit and headlights -- the mckee exit, and no delays in both directions. other maps and live traffic cameras, roadwork in lanes this morning. it's on the upper deck of the incline section. sounds like they have two lanes blocked. scheduled to wrap up according to caltrans by about 5:00 this morning. so just a heads up there. otherwise your highway 4 commute not too bad right now actually. we're not seeing any brake lights in the westbound lanes. eastbound there is that one lane blocked that left lane where you often see it right there approaching loveridge road. not enough to cause any slowdowns so far this morning. we'll have a check of mass transit coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you. a widow whose husband was killed in the colorado theater shooting is suing a psychiatrist who had been treating the alleged killer. 26-year-old jonathan blank was one of the 12 people killed in aurora in july last year.
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his wife filed suit yesterday against dr. lynne fenton and the university of colorado at denver where fenton works. the suit contends she should have had james holmes placed on the 72-hour psychiatric hold prior to the shooting. congress is working on more emergency aid for victims of superstorm sandy. the house voted last night for a $50 billion package. the senate is expected to prove it later this week or next week, rather. sandy hit the east coast in okay. the storm was blamed for 140 deaths and billions in damage mostly in connecticut, new york and new jersey. us treasury department says the government is now burrough money from the federal employee pension fund. the move allows the government to keep paying its bills while congress debates an increase to the nation's debt limit. fitch is threatening to downgrade america's credit rating if lawmakers don't raise
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the borrowing limit. five contractors are sending sealed envelopes to sacramento this week hoping to win the contract it start building the state as high- speed rail system. the "mercury news" explains the contractors submit one package with their plans for the project, another sealed envelope contains their price. officials will first check the proposals and then open the envelopes containing the costs. san jose state university is launching an online education pilot program. the program is small for now offering only three classes, entry level math, elementary statistics and college algebra. but governor brown says it's a big step toward a new future for higher education. >> the goal is to empower more people and to reach out to our students so they can graduate quicker so they don't carry this big load of debt on their backs for the next 25 years. >> the program is unique because of its low price, $150 a course. anyone can take classes even students who are not enrolled at san jose state. online classes are on the
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agenda for this morning's uc regents meeting in san francisco. the "chronicle" reports the uc system has spent more than $4 million on marketing its online courses to non-students. well, so far only 5 people have signed up. a total of 1700 students are taking advantage of the classes. >> need to market a little better i think. >> just a bit. 4:50 now. facebook wants to change the way we search online. the social network unveiled graph search. it allows you to narrow your searches through different categories. people, photos, places and interests. for example, you can search for friends in san francisco who like cbs 5. the millions out there. graph search is available by invitation-only for now. meantime, facebook lost nearly 1.4 million active users in the month of december. experts say increased advertising and new experimental fees may have turned some people off. united will now deliver your bags so you don't have to wait for them at baggage claim
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on top of the regular baggage fee it would cost $30 for one bag, $40 for two, and $50 for up to eight bags. the service is available in boston, chicago, honolulu, houston, l.a. and orlando. not yet san francisco. fare comparison website kayak will now give you advice whether you should book a flight. it will tell you if the price is expected to go up or down. kayak says it uses algorithms and models based on past pricing history, although it can't guarantee its predictions. but it will give you a little guidance. there is an unusual ingredient in some new girl scout cookies. vitamins. >> yeah. as if we need this. the new cookies are called mango creams with nutri fusion. the cream center supposedly features the nutritional benefits of eating oranges, pomegranites, grapes and strawberries. they are available for a limited time only. you open the box you have to eat the whole thing. now that there's vitamins in
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it, you to -- >> i wish there were vitamins in the thin mints. >> my favorite, too. time now 4:52. coming up, when you can get your hands on sharks tickets. >> plus, gearing up for the nfc championship. the latest trend for the 49ers fan coming up.
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another chilly start to the day. patchy frost temperatures in the 30s and even some 20s in some of the valleys. warmer days to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you have to head to work right about now no major problems on the roads.
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overnight roadwork still in lanes. traffic at the limit on local bridges. we'll have more coming up. this morning, the san jose sharks putting single game tickets o sale, fans can purchase up to 8 games, 10 tickets per game. they are available at the hp pavilion box office where wristbands will be handed out between 8:00 and 9:00, sales starting at 10 a.m. this morning. this comes on a sad day. george gunn iii one of the sharks original owners died yesterday after a battle with cancer. gunn and his brother gordon gave up their stake in the minnesota north stars to establish the team in san jose. they sold the sharks in 2002 but he continued to attend games. george gunn iii was 75. president obama announces his gun control plans today. will he take executive action without congress? >> plus tragedy overseas. a helicopter crashes know a crane in downtown london. how weather may have played a
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factor. we have a live report. >> and two of japan's largest airlines have grounded their dreamliner flights following an emergency landing yesterday. how that's affecting bay area travelers.
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two of japan's largest airlines have grounded all their dreamliner flights following an emergency landing. how that's affecting bay area travelers. >> it is clear and cold again. some patchy frost outside but warmer weather maybe spring- like conditions ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> you will find roadwork in lanes this morning up and down the nimitz freeway from the maze through downtown. live look at your morning commute is all coming up. and good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you with us. it's january 16. >> it is. and i'm michelle griego. two people are confirmed dead
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this morning after a helicopter crashed into a crane in england. this happened during rush hour in the heart of central london. >> it did. cbs news's rita nissan joins us live from london to explain how this happened and it happened i guess right near the british spy agency. good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. this really took place in the heart of central london right at the height of the morning rush hour. skies are clear now but this morning there was heavy fog and that's why authorities say the pilot of the helicopter was trying to divert to a nearby airport and two people did die. the pilot of that helicopter, also one person on the ground. people on the ground say they saw the happen the flying very fast up the river and then it spun out of control when it hit that crane. and that crane is some 50 stories up in the air. it is part of a residential building that is being built here in central london. >> you know, rita, this happened during rush hour. i would imagine there are a lot
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of witnesses. how many people are in that general area at the time this helicopter crashed? >> reporter: you have thousands of people in the area. and authorities are saying it's lucky that more people weren't killed and more people weren't injured. you have a major train station, the head of mi-6 is there, government buildings, parliament on the other side of the river so it's a jam-packed area especially when it happens at 8 a.m. local time the heart of the morning commute. >> i bet, rita. and can you tell us, it was it a newschopper? were they doing traffic or was it a private helicopter? do we know? >> reporter: it's a commercial helicopter. it's unclear who was on board. we understand police are still notifying the families. but at this point, we have just been told it was a commercial helicopter. >> is


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