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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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call volume, you're going to go into what we call a queue. >> reporter: so i want to point that that's the queue up there. we want don't want to show it too closely because the dispatchers asked not to be identified. there are three zeros there and that means nobody is on hold right now but on a busy weekend they say you can see 3, 3, 3, you can have three deep as people wait to get through. that's the reality in oakland right now as the police department is shorthanded and are trying to get officers out as quickly as they can. live in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs 5. new details on the home invasion murder of a bay area millionaire. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that it could be connected to a notorious east oakland gang. the paper says that recover very kumra was killed -- ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his mansion to members of "the money team" one of the gangs oakland police blame for a recent spike in violent crime. at least two of the three
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accused killers are believed to have ties to that gang. we also learned today a san jose mother's frightening story of a kidnapping attempt was made up. police sprang into action tuesday after a man reported a man tried to grab her 2-year- old daughter out of her arms. police canvassed her neighborhood even released a sketch of a suspect. today the mother came clean and admitted she made it up. police are not saying why she did that. but she could face charges. they say that they are living and they are fed up with living in these deplorable conditions so today some tenants tried to turn the tables on their landlord. they say he has ignored the trouble at their apartment building on turk street so they marched on another one of his properties. the popular restaurant on o'farrell. cbs 5 reporter da lin says the landlord himself claims to be a victim. >> reporter: this is how one family has to flush the toilet, in a different department here's what's under the kitchen
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sink and for another family, clogged drainage. but the tenants at this two- story tenderloin apartment complex say what's worse, this building is infested with cockroaches and rats over a foot long. >> that don't include the tail. >> reporter: james johnson lives here with his girlfriend and their baby. >> it's not healthy for a child to be in then environment. >> reporter: tenants at 80 turk street invited me -- at 308 turk street invited me into their studios to see leaking pipes, broken refrigerators, windows and useless fire alarms. many tenants are immigrants who don't speak english. they pay range from $800 to $1,100 for a studio. the landlord also coowns a popular restaurant near union square. today the frustrated tenants protested outside of naan n curry. this person admits there are problems and has started to fix
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some of them. >> i think $50,000 at once if i have to do like overnight and i just don't have that much cash available to put into the property. >> reporter: the city says building inspectors found more than 200 violations at this apartment complex in the last couple of years. these are some of those violation notices. >> i can't say that in the time that i have been around here that i have seen that many violations. >> reporter: inspectors sent the case to the city attorney for legal action. >> i'm not a bad guy. i'm just -- i'm just a victim of this economy. >> reporter: but the tenants say they are the real victims in this case. in san francisco, i'm da lin, cbs 5. well, it is the go to website before going out. now yelp will offer more than food reviews. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the additional information being offered to diners in san francisco. >> reporter: when it comes to eating out, clean is just as important as the cuisine. >> it's definitely important to
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me how clean a restaurant is. it's very important. >> you don't want to go into a restaurant and end up with ptomaine poisoning. >> reporter: well, starting this week san francisco diners will have one more protection against food-borne illnesses. yelp will now post the san francisco health department inspection results next to their reviews and star ratings. so your standard search will also include the numerical grade given to the restaurant from 0 to 100 on its last inspection. >> anything from the structural condition of the restaurant to if there's any type of vermin there to how they handle the food. >> reporter: the san francisco health department says it's sharing information to help better protect consumers. >> i think it's fantastic. >> i think it's great. the more information you can find out the better. >> reporter: but people in the restaurant business are giving the plan mixed reviews. >> it's a good idea, but why do they post it on yelp? >> reporter: this chef whose restaurant gets a great score
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of 96 isn't a big fan of yelp. >> yelp, you never know what you get. >> reporter: this person whose restaurant has an 86 rating from the health department also has a beef. >> some inspectors have very picky. some inspectors are very mean. so it depends on who are you get to get inspected. >> reporter: but that may not matter to san francisco foodies who have plenty of places to choose from. >> if i were choosing between two restaurants and one had a higher score i would absolutely choose the one with the higher score. >> reporter: you can ask the restaurant to show you the latest inspection and they must. but we asked five restaurants today and only one actually had it. the average store in san francisco is 88. 70 is considered a poor score. remember, if you have a concern about a restaurant, give us a call, 1-888-5-helps-u. checking bay area headlines, san francisco's new nudity ban still in place tonight. a federal judge heard a challenge today from activists claiming it violates their personal freedom. the judge refused to rule.
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he says he will consider their arguments and issue a ruling before the city's ban goes into effect february 1. and fewer options for taking out the trash in palo alto. the city is launching a program to eliminate the black garbage can and use only the blue and green recycling containers. the idea reduce waste in the landfill. the year-long pilot program involves 700 hopes an starts in april. a san francisco landmark is strangely silent lately. the ferry building clock has been failing to chime on the hour for months now. ken bastida in mobile5 along the embarcadero with an explanation of what's going on. >> reporter: well, allen it's up there with the transmcchrystal building and the golden gate bridge -- transamerica building and the golden gate bridge. when people look at the city it's an iconic symbol and the chimes haven't been working sinc july. that's a computer problem. they had trouble tracking somebody down to fix it and
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decided to go with a completely new $4,000 gps-assisted system. why all this for chimes at the top of the hour and the bottom of the hour? well, this person who works for the port says it's important. >> it's a piece of history. you look at it and it's kind of lifeless, you know? but when you hear it, that definitely has a life. [ bells ] >> reporter: yeah, so what you're looking at now are the speakers. you probably never knew they were up there but they are. there's three on each side. and those speakers are actually huge. they can hear them for miles so they say the chimes are important. that's something everyone listens for. here's a tip. don't pay attention to the hands on the clock. they were, well, how can we say, put up there at the turn
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of the century and are mechanical. and they are going to have to be updated too. pay attention to the real chimes that will start in about 2 weeks. >> or wear a watch. a rescue or something far worse? the widely conflicting reports coming out of north africa about a hostage crisis involving americans. >> precautions not enough. where the bay area has seen its first flu-related death. >> temperatures near freezing once again this morning. but we got into the 60s for most of you. find out how long they are going to stay there. beautiful shot from our camera atop mount vaca. holiday weekend forecast in about 10 minutes.
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12 people were killed, njured at the cine the colorado movie theater where a gunman went on a deadly rampage is opening tonight. 12 people killed 70 injured at the cinemark theater in aurora,
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colorado. there are mixed feelings about the remembrance ceremony for survivors. some say it's an important part of the healing process. others wanted it torn down. we have no clear picture tonight of the outcome of the hostage crisis in algeria. americans were reportedly among the dozens of captives. but while the algerian army says it raided the natural gas plant seized by militants, it's not clear at what cost. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on the meager amount of information that's trickling out tonight. reporter: the hostage standoff at this natural gas plant in the algerian desert is over. algerian troops surrounded the compound to rescue dozens of kidnapped foreign workers including some americans. security sources told cbs news when militants moved the hostages inside the compound, algerian helicopter gunships opened fire killing militants and some hostages. but there was good news for the family of an irish hostage steven mcfall. >> i couldn't stop crying. i was all excited hugging
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everyone. >> reporter: mcfall recounted the rescue attempt to an arabic tv channel as it was happening. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: one source says four americans are also able to escape. mark cobb hid in a meeting room and got out alive. hostage-taking is not uncommon in this part of africa. but the scale of this militant operation is prompting the state department to review security for the whole region. an al qaeda-linked terrorist group that calls itself the masked brigade is claiming responsibility. the group says it took the hostages in response to algeria's cooperation with french troops fighting islamic militants in neighboring mali. >> instability in mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists. >> reporter: secretary clinton has been in regular contact
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with the algerian prime minister about the situation. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the state department. more complicated than any trick play. the football star at the center of a massive hoax. what teammates suggest manti te'o knew about his mystery girlfriend. >> san francisco fans hoping for another championship team. how the 9ers are preparing to face the falcons this sunday.
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but we are learning more about the online girlfriend who never existed. a former ttold espn that players didn't think the relationship was all that there is no sign of manti te'o. ' former teammate told espn that players didn't think the relationship was all that serious and hinted that te'o may have played up the tragic news of her death to get attention. a southern california man and former friend of te'o is believed to be behind the hoax. but it's still unclear whether te'o was involved or was just a victim. well, by this time sunday we are going to know if the 49ers will be in the super bowl. but getting a win in atlanta could be difficult. sports director dennis o'donnell is here to explains why it's difficult. >> why is it difficult for teams to play on the road?
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one big reason. it's loud. the 49ers struggle playing in domes. in seattle it's louder than a dome. the 49ers might be good but they are not soundproof. the 49ers have given their fans plenty to cheer about this season turning the georgia dome into the loudest stadium in the nfl. the 49ers have lost the last six games in atlanta. >> i was told that the decibel level was 113 there at the dome. and, you know, we're trying to get to 115 this week. i know it was deafening there on the sidelines took about a day and a half for me personally to recover. and i had earmuffs on. so i can imagine how it was for a lot of folks. >> the problem with the noise,
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allen, is if the quarterback walks up under center and he is trying to change the play in audible it's not happening. also they can get the offense out of sync. the ball is snapped at the wrong time. there's confusion. that's what the atlanta fans want to do on sunday. >> plays it up louder and louder. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you. and just a reminder, you can find more of our coverage of the 49ers game at everything from the players to the entire season along with the best places to find your 49ers gear. so they are playing in the dome in atlanta. we're under a dome of high pressure. >> our dome is bigger than their dome. [ laughter ] rescue me! here we go. big dome of high pressure. this is the result, peek outside. there it is, mount diablo, mainly sunny skies an congratulations, concord, walnut creek, livermore, you did finally make it to 60 degrees. and here's a beautiful look also from our mount vaca cam
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where we have mainly sunny skies, as well. concord currently 57 off that high of 60. oakland you're at 61. the warmest spot san francisco at 62. santa rosa 57 degrees. it will be chilly tonight. concord down to 33. santa rosa 31. napa 32. get used to that lows around freezing watch out for that black ice especially around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. radar clear once again. we are dry in santa rosa. look at the difference from year to year. you had a foot of rainfall in december. now as we start off 2013, one half of one inch of rain for january that's about it. there's a big reason for it. it is that big dome of high pressure sitting over the west coast shoving that storm track north of the canadian border. that's where they are going to see rain in british columbia. nowhere close to the bay area. so the storm track stays there. and the center of high pressure stays here. here being right over top of the bay area which means we'll level off in the low to mid-60s for highs. couple of degrees milder tomorrow compared to today and that's where we are going to stay through tuesday of next week. so watch out for the ice
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especially around sunrise in our inland valleys places like napa and walnut creek. ice around in the morning and a mainly dry pattern continues into next week with highs very comfortable. 60 degrees for everybody tomorrow. city of san francisco three degrees above average. livermore 60. san jose 66. palo alto tomorrow, 64. san mateo 63. welcome back to the 60s for dublin, pleasant hill, benicia, vallejo. and upper 50s to near 60 for san rafael, mill valley and alameda. weekend looks glorious. many of you have a three-day weekend because of martin luther king day on monday. tuesday cloudier. wednesday slight chance of showers north, otherwise we'll stay dry for the next seven days. roberta gonzales is in ocean beach with mobile weather. roberta, big holiday weekend. what should beach-goers watch out for? >> reporter: i'm at point lomas where it meets with the great
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highway. i jump in the mobile weather truck with the photographer cody. look at the temperature in the back, it dropped 3 degrees in the past ten minutes. you see it? this is actual data as it's being ingested live into our mobile weather truck here. we came to ocean beach because the national weather service has issued a beach hazard statement beginning tomorrow afternoon through saturday afternoon from the sonoma coast right past the san francisco coast here all the way to the san mateo coast for sneaker waves. those are dangerous waves. a lot of people say it is the 7th wave in a set that rolls onshore. that's pretty much folklore. the bottom line is you're standing at the coast to try to take a look at the big waves this weekend. be very, very careful because one of these waves can sneak up on you. in addition to the sneaker wave advisory, we have a high surf advisory also issued going into effect saturday through sunday with up to 20 feet swells at mavericks. we'll have details at 6:00 plus
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vivid us online at from ocean beach and mobile weather, roberta gonzales, eyewitness news will return. we'll be right back after this.
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an elderly santa clara county woman... . 3:02 "i can report that we did have one death ear 98-year-old woman w the flu has claimed its first victim in the bay area an elderly santa clara county woman. >> i can report that we did have one death earlier this month in a 98-year-old woman with a lot of other chronic conditions and did die of influenza. >> the public health department says the deaths are not unusual among the elderly. despite spot shortages flu vaccine is available and it's not too late to get one. if you have had or are thinking about hip replacement surgery, you need to know this. dr. kim mulvihill on the push by the fda to strictly regulate one kind of implant. reporter: at 36, pain finally pushed katie ayres into getting a new hip. >> it was supposed to be the
5:23 pm
latest and greatest, perfect for a younger female. and it all sounded great. >> reporter: but for katie and some of the half million other patients in the u.s. who get a metal-on-metal implant it's not so great. >> they have had a lot of problems. >> reporter: these implants are linked to a higher rate of early failure. bone and tissue damage as well as other complications. some got recalled. katie needed a replacement. >> for the hundreds of thousands of people that have gotten these hips, this is a very tough decision on what is the right thing to do. >> reporter: dr. rita redburg said it was never tested for safety and effectiveness but thanks to a loophole in federal law it got on the market because it was substantially similar to other devices in use. however -- >> the other devices have never been tested foresafety and effectiveness. >> reporter: in fact, redburg
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found some of those other devices had even been recalled years earlier because of similar problems. >> and unfortunately, that's all legal. >> reporter: the fda is now proposing makers prove the devices safe and effective. in addition, doctors should offer it to patients only after considering safer options. if you have one, you will need an exam and x-ray every one to two years. now, if you develop symptoms, pain, difficulty walking, you need to contact your doctor immediately. people at high risk for complications include women, the overweight, anyone who is very active, or those would auto-immune problems. there are a lot of safe options. talk to your doctor and find the hip that's best for you. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5. we are following breaking news out of vallejo where a car has plowed through a store. this is a grocery outlet store. fire department is telling cbs 5 there was an elderly couple in the car and the driver may have stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake and went
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through the front doors of the store. that grocery outlet on admiral callahan lane is closed because of the accident. apparently no one seriously hurt. however, four people were treated for minor injuries. a san francisco woman will be part of president obama's inauguration. eight so-called citizen cochairs will be in monday's inaugural parade. erica chin diagnosed with a brain tumor who is no longer denied healthcare for a pre- existing condition is one of the eight citizen cochairs. stay with cbs 5 all weekend for live coverage from our own christin ayers. the inauguration coverage begins saturday. and cbs news will carry the president's swearing-in ceremony beginning at 7 a.m. monday. and we'll be right back. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise!
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it's not the amount of people moving to california - b coming h here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. it's not the number of people moving to california it's who is coming here that change dramatically over the past decade. how the face of the state is changing. >> three days before the nfc championship game we are going to travel to turlock. how they are celebrating their gridiron hero and what you may not know about the teenaged colin kaepernick. so those stories and much more at 6:00 tonight. did you think you knew everything about kaepernick? >> i didn't think so. i think we will. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, deaths and survivors in a hostage rescue. american hostages taken by
5:29 pm
terrorists are among those caught up in a military operation. mark phillips on the late- breaking story. david martin investigates this new base for al qaeda. do americans like the president's gun control plan? our cbs news poll shows 90% agree on one proposal. ana werner on the debate in the west. manti te'o and notre dame try to explain the false story of his girlfriend's death. >> this was a very elaborate very sophisticated hoax. >> pelley: dean reynolds on what they knew and when they knew it. and a postscript for dear abby. jim axelrod and ed murrow report on an american legend we lost today. >> what you might call a career is actually my hobby. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is a developing situation but one high-ranking source in


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