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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  January 20, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> brian throws underneath for jones. makes the catch. the game is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> in two weeks from tonight, the 49ers return to the football's grandest stage for the first time since january of 1995 when they made it perfect 5-0 with a victory over san diego. this time they will face the baltimore ravens and john harbaugh in the first ever
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meeting between head coaches for brothers. good evening. and welcome to the special nfl championship addition of the fifth quarter. get ready, jeremy, it will be two weeks of hype about a family affair. in retrospect, a meeting between john and jim seemed inevitable. >> i'm excited as i could be with the game. i was hoping, how neat it will be to face-off in the play- offs. how great it will be for jim to beat john in the super bowl. what an amazing game much the family has to be so proud and such a neat story leading up to the game. the parents have to be ecstatic. i will change my name to harbaugh. probably be the hottest commode commodity in the market. >> jim doesn't have a super bowl, john does not. here's what john harbaugh said
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after the game. >> you think you could stand two weeks worth of harbaugh versus harbaugh hype? >> let's cut it right now. could we agree to forget about that stuff. we did that last year. it got old last year. >> your dad on board with that? >> my dad is on board. he isn't taking interviews any way. mom and dad love you very much. >> two weeks of this folks. the 49ers had not been known as a strong comeback team. they also had not won three all season. they prove they can win a huge game. the georgia dome was fired up. the top seed, the falcons was underdog. matt ryan gave them more to cheer about in the opening drive. julio jones for 13 yards. ryan, look at the time, right to robby white for the first time. two plays later, ryan airs it out, wide open jones who ran
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past to sean. there's confusion there with 7- 0 falcons. 46 yards. this is a nightmare. first quarter for san francisco. they were outgained 182 yards to negative 2. collin kaepernick get sacked. jim harbaugh not amused the first 17 minutes. ryan to guess who? julio jones with the incredible catch. the former alabama star does a great job. and 49ers offense, finally got on the board. kaepernick, to michael james in the read option. sprint to the end zone. and until late in the first quarter. >> and they need to get back to what they were good at. making the decision. they made the wrong call. perfect run.
8:19 pm
>> okay. and the next dive, we had a vernon davis citing. the tight end is quiet. and he began the go-to guy. kaepernick hit davis down the sideline for a 25-yard gain at best. two plays later, kaepernick rolls out. week 11, all of a sudden, it's a three-point game. they left too much time for madie ice. former cal star, tony gonzalez. ryan threw for 271 yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone. fourth quarter, the 49ers would get the ball first. they will march down the field. and to make it 24-21. it's a 3 point game. after a near perfect first. chris culver jumps in front of ronny white for the
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interception. san francisco couldn't capitalize. david akers -- and across the -- of the upright. 49ers come away with nothing. at the end of the third, atlanta in the move. and smith dies on it. and look at harbaugh, little happier perspective. once again, it will come away empty. crabtree takes a land. and daunte robinson inches shy of the goal line. >> you wonder what's on his mind. great play by daunte robinson. nothing of crabtree's great football play by the falcons. >> atlanta's celebration would be short lived. gore punches to give san francisco their first lead of the game. gore finishes with 90-yards and four touchdowns. goes deep to harry dougs las. i thought it was the play of the game.
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initially ruled a catch. the call will stand, harbaugh obviously didn't agree. this could have been a touchdown, had they caught that ball in stride. 4th and 4. bolden who might have gone away with something. defense shut down the falcons. for the sixth time in franchise history, 49ers going to the super bowl. the first five under the ownership of eddie bartolo. >> i'm emotional and the tradition continues with a fantastic family who is done this and they did it with clation wrks a great -- class with a great organization. fantastic coach, fantastic staff and it's just the beginning. i love you all, god bless you. >> and i love you. we've been there for each other through thick and thin. we've come full circle. the dynasty will prevail.
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>> the friction between the brother and sister and dr. york was there. i thought it was a classy touch. falcons outgained 49ers by a little over 100 yards. san francisco once again got it done. and let's begin our post coverage with vern glen outside the georgia dome. vern? >> i'm talking to a man that's going to the super bowl? >> super bowl, man. >> that's crazy, man. i dreamt about that when i was a kid so many times for so long. it's here. i'm lost for words. i'm excited right now. i just want to enjoy it with my guys. it's a blessing right here. >> atlanta made you work for it. >> we knew that. >> we had a good teams. we were on their turf. we knew we had to come out and
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perform. we told ourselves, we went in the locker room. we want gold. >> and anthony dixon, more to come. back to you in studio. >> vernon joy and immediately after the game in atlanta. what about the defense, this is the tale of two halves. horrible in the first half. very stout in the second half and they shut out atlanta. >> not, they had a broken coverage on one of them. made ice is made ice. it was on the money. some of the throws you cannot cover. if you continue to defense, continue to get after the quarterback, don't give him time. the tight window throws aren't there. they started getting padded. intercepted. huge job in the defense, getting pressure in the second half and disrupting his rhythm. as soon as you could do that, make him scramble, the balls are not in the money any more. >> that's a great point.
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he had to pitch to 10 in the first half, allowing jones to run the deep route, deep pattern and make the reception. carlos rogers, number 22 here, really steps up in the second half. he played a stout game. i thought ahmad brooks was good. he didn't have a sack once again. they have to figure out a way to put more pressure, how they will figure out how to do that. the fact of the matter is, after 59 minutes, this game came down to the final 60 seconds. the game and hands of san francisco's defense. >> last time atlanta was in the red zone, defense on the team. >> comfortable, comfort, a word. it's not in football -- you never are. and so it's -- you know, we rose up there in the end. it was a great finish for the
8:25 pm
defense. it put an exclamation point to the game. >> we never blinked. when things go bad, we gave up a touchdown, missing tackle. we never blink. we knew who we are. >> we were so pumped. the prior year when we beat the saints, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. being there as a team, as a group, top down from coaching the players. on to the next one, great nfc champs, awesome accomplishment. >> the special edition of the fifth quarter is just warming up. what did collin had to do to take a away kaepernick's running game. san francisco had another great defensive standing 1982 in super bowl 16. >> the
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. tackle of the day goes to patrick willis, one of 12 we had to choose from. let's go back to atlanta, vern caught up with the captain of the 49ers defense. >> alongside, patrick willis. p. willy, the super bowl. how does that sound? >> it sounds amazing. i really do. it's something i've dreamed about since i was a kid, just failed to play at this level. to be able to play, play at a high level and be a good -- and have that opportunity to go play for the super bowl ring. that's unbelievable. the load, early on in my career. going on my sixth year. and i still feel young at heart. the lord blessed me with different accolades throughout
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the years. and this right here, had the opportunity to go here and play this game and be in the game. man, you can't put into words. i'm just proud of our team. >> this is the final game for tony gonzalez. a lot of times, he was playing you like he was a video game. how tough was it to stop him? >> you know, coming into the game. a guy that -- would not have, would not have been out there, would not have played as many years as he has played if he didn't have to still play a game at a high level. i know he's going to be a fighter. and i didn't understand estimate him. but at the same time, i didn't know they this had the wigsles. he and his quarterback were really insync. and defensive coordinator continued to call the same


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