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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 21, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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the inaugural ceremonies begin at 11:30 a.m. eastern time on the steps of the capitol. mr. obama will take the oath of office at 11:55. at noon he'll deliver his inaugural address, and the inaugural parade begins at 2:30. randall pinkston is in washington this morning. good morning, randall. >> he begins his day with church services before heading to capitol hill for a historic celebration. the 57th presidential inauguration. president obama will take the oath of office today on the steps of the u.s. capitol. as many as 70,000 are expected to fill the malls and watch. daryl robey came here from jackson, mississippi. he camped out overnight hoping to get a good spot. >> i'm going to be sitting right there waiting for when they open up. >> thousands of law enforcement
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and federal troops will be on hand to make sure everyone's safe. today's swearing-in is ceremony real for the public. the constitution requires the official ontario of office to take place january 20th. the president was officially sworn into office yesterday at a small ceremony at the white house. he followed that up with a candlelight service sunday night where he said today's parties are not about him. >> what we're celebrating is not the election or swearing in of a president. what we're doing is celebrating each other. >> and he talked about what he called the most significant event of the inaugural weekend's celebrations, his wife's new haircut. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. she always looks good. >> the celebrations won't end until late monday night when the president and first lady attend three different inaugural balls.
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the theme of this year's presidential inaugural is "our people, our future" was selected by the presidential inaugural committee because they say president obama draws inspiration from the citizens. i'm randall pinkston in washington, d.c. >> thank you very much. well, of course, today is also the national holiday honoring martin luther king jr. and the president has said king is one of two people he admires more than anyone in american history. the other is abraham lincoln. and when he takes the oath of office today, president obama will use bibles used by both men. you can watch it all here beginning with a special three hours in the morning. at 10:00 a.m. live cbs news coverage. overseas the taliban says it's responsible for the attack on the traffic in the capital of kabul. the attackers stormed the building early this morning. a car bomb and at least three suicide bombers were involved.
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it's reported that at least one blew himself up. police say they are still fighting the militants inside that building. >> and at least 81 people are dead at the algerian gas plant that was the scene of a four-day terror siege. 23 hostages including one american are confirmed dead, but security officials say that number could rise. when algerian forces with were sent into the plant on sunday they found 25 bodies. the group's task now is identifying whether they belong to hostages or militants. algerian officials say they stormed the facility on saturday because the hostage takers were planning to blow up the complex and kill all the captives. among the dead an american from texas.
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we had the doors open again and someone came in, a very friendly voice said good morning but not in english, in arabic. we sensed the terrorists were coming in and just trying to warn people. we sensed the terrorists coming in and just trying to warn people to coming out. >> wright says he and the hostage s hostages got out of the building, cut a fence and ran into the desert. >> that was it. we were going but we didn't know where we were going to. >> the escapees were picked up by algerian forces in the desert but at least three were killed. some have raised questions about algerian's decision to launch a counterattack on the facility, but u.s. officials are placing the blame on the terrorists. >> the focus needs to be on the terrorists who committed the atrocity and we have to understand there are threats around the world and we need to be diligent.
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the group says the attack was payback against algeria which allowed french jets to fly to mali where they're trying to disrupt a growing threat by al qaeda militants. on sunday the mass brigade warned of more attacks against any country backing france's military in mali. back in our country, dangerously cold temperatures are surging across the canadian border. over the weekend there were blizzard conditions in parts of minnesota. windchill advisories have been issued for much of the upper midwest and new england. jeff berardelli, meteorologist at our miami station wfor has the details. >> the big story in the weather this upcoming week is after a fairly mild winter so far, we have brutally cold arctic air working its way south right now. temperatures as we speak right near the canadian border below zero in some instances, and all that is going to be headed toward the south because the jet stream is going to be taking a
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nosedive into the east. it looks like temperatures will be as low as the single numbers and teens. in the major i-95 cities of boston, new york city, philadelphia, and washington, d.c., this upcoming week, and the temperatures probably 10 to 20 below zero in northern parts of new england. cool weather fell all the way down to the gulf coast, but the cold weather is definitely focused around the upper midwest, ohio valley, great lakes, and also into the northeast. now, for inauguration today during the day the good news is the coldest air won't reach washington, d.c. until the very late part of the day. so during the day, temperatures around 40 degrees under partly sunny skies. maybe light rain and snow showers for the end of the day. for cbs news, i'm meteorologist jeff berardelli. more snow and low visibility also causing problems across europe. london's heathrow airport plans to cancel 10% of its flights today. 150 flights were canceled yesterday.
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passengers were forced to camp out and more rough weather is expected. well, this year's super bowl is going to be a family affair. the first super bowl coached by brothers. it matches john harbaugh and his baltimore ravens against his younger brother jim who coaches the san francisco 49ers. baltimore beat new england to capture the afc championship and the 49ers came back to beat atlanta for the nfc crown. we'll have the highlights coming up in sports. and the ravens and 49ers will meet in new orleans on sunday, february 3rd. and, of course, you can watch the super bowl xlvii right here on cbs. and coming up this morning, securing the swearing-in. a look at the massive effort to counter any threats to today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." whatever it takes, get to sears big weekend event mattress spectacular. get 24 month special financing.
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[ female announcer ] how do you define your moment? the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness touches your lips. the delightful discovery the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet reward making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust. splenda makes the moment yours. a commuter plane slid off the runway at new jersey's new york liberty airport last night. officials say united express flight from rochester blew out
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four tires when it landed and skidded on the taxi way. 13 people were on board and were bussed to the terminal. no one was injured. japanese officials say today they're going to investigate the company that makes the batteries for the boeing's dreamliner. u.s. will join in that probe. u.s. investigators said yesterday a battery fire on a japan airlines 787 on january 7th was not caused by excess voltage. dreamliners were grounded around the world last week after problems with their batterers. and at president obama's inauguration today security will be extremely tight. 42 different agencies will be working together, not only watching for threats and emergencies but also monitoring traffic accidents and water main breaks. john miller reports. >> during president obama's first inauguration there was a threat taken so seriously that counterterrorist agents seemed to be everywhere in the area.
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people were taken into custody and taken lie detector tests. in the end the tip turned out to be young but the young administration on its very first day, a picture of what can go on behind the scenes of major event. for this inauguration some of the security is meant to be obvious. the coast guard will shut down the potomac river, but some of the security is meant to be nearly invisible. at union station, two men who could have been waiting for a train were actually dhs behavioral detection officers who blend in with the crowd, training to look for suspicious behaviorer among passengers, they were in communications with teams of armed tsa officers. at the fbi's washington field office a command center is gearing up to coordinate a response to any threat that may emerge. kimberly howe is in charge of a team of analysts that looks at each one. >> there are always threats coming in.
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the inauguration is no different. >> at fbi headquarters as they followed unfolding events in algeria, deputy assistant director jenny lay talked about the daunting challenge they face before an event like an inauguration. >> you can't just cancel it. you can't just call it off. you have to be working diligently and aggressively behind the scenes to make sure the threat doesn't occur. >> what kind of threats do you have? >> as of yet we don't have any but that doesn't mean we're not look behind the scenes constantly evaluating and looking at everything that's coming in. >> the threat the fbi faced four years ago was information from a source who said there was a plot to attack the inauguration by al qaeda in somalia. that meant running down leads in kenya, uganda and somalia while
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looking around here. at the same time looking for suspects on the ground here. that meant working 24/7 for three days. the threat was resolved right around the time the president raised his right hand to be sworn in. it came down to the wire. john miller, cbs news, washington. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports a championship sunday in the nfl. we'll show you how the harbaugh brothers got their teams to the super bowl. maybe you can be there; maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life. you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast i need all the help i can get. i tell them "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny
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a little bit of showers. chicago, of course, 10 degrees. dallas, los angeles, both mostly sunny, 52 and 78. and time now for a check of the national forecast. it will be bitterly cold in the midwest. arctic air will bring the coldest temperatures in four years. the great lakes also could see some lake-effect snow. a storm is hovering off the coast of new jersey as well and will bring snow into the region beginning tonight. and it will be dry across most of the south and west. in sports the matchup for super bowl xlvii is set. sunday was conference championship day in the nfl, and the nfc game, san francisco gets down early versus atlanta. but the 49ers stage a comeback and take their first lead of the game in the fourth quarter on frank gore's touchdown run. the falcons have a chance to take the lead late in the game but they come up short. the niners win, 28-24, and head to their first super bowl since 1995.
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after the game coach jim harbaugh revealed who he was rooting for in the afc game. >> i very much root for the ravens. i want to thank my parents jack and jackie harbaugh and go ravens. >> he's pulling for his big brother john who's the baltimore's head coach. the ravens taking on the patriots in new england. baltimore takes the lead in the third quart owner the touchdown pass from joe flacco and a few minutes later when the ravens leading 21-13, new england running back stevan ridley takes a hard hit and he fumbles the ball. the ravens would tack on another touchdown after that. they win 28-13 and return to the super bowl for the first time since 2001. after the game john harbaugh talked about facing his brother in the big game. >> it will be a great football game. i guarantee it will be these guys going against their guys. two great football teams squaring off. i can't wait. >> the harbaugh brothers faced each other one other time on thanksgiving 2011. john's ravens beat jim's 49ers.
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improves my lung function starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication astrazeneca may be able to help. the san francisco 49ers are super bowl bound once again/ plus: inauguration celebrations get underway in washington how many are expected to attend and the security measures put in place to keep everyone safe and remembering martin luther king junior. the ceremonies today.. to honor the civil rights icon. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, big day there, we're looking at 42, possibility of rain or snow in the afternoon. atlanta, st. louis, and denver, lots of sunshine there. seattle, cloudy, though, with a high of 38. there are new signs the housing market is rebounding. the commerce department reported last week that construction was up more than 12% last month. as carter evans reports, california is leading the boom. >> it's really pretty.
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>> yeah it's looking very good. >> reporter: erin and dino just bought their dream home. >> it felt like the economy was starting to turn and at the same time the interest rates were getting lower and lower. that created a sense urgency. >> reporter: they are hardly alone. here in east los angeles sales have tripped over the year. they're now selling homes faster than they can build them. >> this community is hopping. there's a lot of activity. >> reporter: this real estate agent says it's a stark contrast to the scene here five years ago when the real estate boom went bust. there was a period when this was like a ghost town. >> that's a very good word for it. it was very desolate. i did a lot of short sales, helped people move out of their homes, out of their dream homes, and had nowhere to put them. >> reporter: and now it's exactly the opposite. >> absolutely. now we're seeing it come full circle. >> reporter: and then some. they haven't even furnished their four-bedroom home with a
4:21 am
view, but they've already been approached by people asking -- >> are you interesting in selling? i goo, you'll have to talk to my wife. >> i tell him let's move in first. >> reporter: timing is everything. if they had purchased this same home for more money at a much higher interest rate five years ago -- >> it would have been foreclosed. >> that could have been us. >> we were right there. >> reporter: now instead of being victims of the housing crunch -- how does that make you feel about your decision and your investment? >> secure, secure. >> great. >> reporter: they may be part of a new dawn in real estate. carter evans, cbs news, azusa, california. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a special three-hour coverage of president obama's inauguration ceremony. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news. hi. john stamos. enchanté this is too good to be true. dannon oikos non-fat yogurt... delicious yet healthy.
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man on tv: two outs with a runner on first base. now the big guy comes up to bat, hitting .342 with 92 rbis and 36 homers. [fans whirring] [ding] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods promptly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. keep your family safer. check your steps at today's inaugural parade will feature marching bands from across the country. among those performs on
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pennsylvania avenue, the u.s. air force marching band. chip reid introduces us to one member who's playing more than a role in that marching unit. >> reporter: the united states air force band has spent months rehearsing for monday's inaugural parade. making sure tose famous john phillips sousa marches are pitch perfect. ♪ >> reporter: tech sergeant grant langford has played saxophone in the band for five years. this will be his second inauguration. >> nothing is more patriotic than marching and playing sousa. as soon as the crowd hears it, you hear the cheers. i guess people know that that's the american almost theme song. >> reporter: this will be the band's 16th inaugural parade. the first was for harry truman in 1949. how hard was it to get into the band? >> it's an audition process and it's very competitive.
4:25 am
>> reporter: a new member can join only if someone leaves or retires. unlike most military assignments, this one is permanent. before joining the air force, langford spent eight years playing with top jazz bands including the count bassie orchestra. he even recorded a christmas album with tony bennett. >> why did you make the change? >> i made the change because it was a great opportunity to continue my musicianship and play and serve the country. >> reporter: sergeant langford also serves his community, volunteering in an air force mentoring program with 11-year-old dontrelle parsons. what's it like mentoring dontrelle? >> as you can see, it's a joy. >> i just like the way his style is. he's a great guy, so everything seems simple when he's talking to me. >> reporter: do you want to follow in his footsteps? >> yes, i would. i would be just like him, probably look like him too. >> reporter: do you dream of
4:26 am
playing in the inaugural parade some day just like him? >> yeah. but it's going to be a lot of work. so i'm going to dream it, then achieve it. >> reporter: at a young age with someone to lead the way, he now has the confidence to dream big. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> somehow i don't doubt we will see him in the band. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning" special coverage of president obama's inauguration ceremony. we'll have live updates and hear from his former adviser robert gibbs and former secretary of state condoleezza rice shares her experiences. plus a look at all of the security measures. john miller has the details on that and we'll speak with reggie love. a long-time former personal aide to president obama. that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday.
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thank you very much for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. good morning everyone, it's monday january the 21st. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is just about 4:30. let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. >> you have to mention the 9ers, too. >> of course i have to mention the 9ers. >> big sports weekend. pilots stuff. of course we have -- exciting stuff. of course we have that right here. the weather is changing. looks like another nice day today, but the clouds getting
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closer. it won't be long and we may be talking about rain. >> and martin luther king holiday. a lot of folks may be beoff work. >> it is a busy day. you know, san francisco bay area is all a buzz but so is the nation's capitol because we're preparing for the 57th 57th presidential inauguration. the crowd will not be as large of four years ago, but hundreds of thousands of people are expected to brave the cold temperatures to be eyewitnesses to history. we'll have more on that story in a few moments. but first, super bowl sunday will be very special here in the bay area. cate cauguiran is in san francisco with the celebration continuing after the 9ers earn the rights to head to new orleans for the big super bowl. good morning. >> reporter: we're outside the sports authority, one of


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