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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 28, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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i'm sitting here right across from jackson square. this is the square that has a lot of local artists that come out and do oil paintings, clowns. we were out late last night clowns doing balloons for all the kids walking around, horse and carriage rides everywhere. this city is just unbelievable. >> have the 9er fans arrived? we know the teams are there. are the fans? who outnumbers who right now? >> reporter: we haven't run into too many football fans. everyone is really focused on mardi gras. you wouldn't even know a big game is coming in less than a week. and we did pick up some beads. so i have some beads for you coming into san francisco. but, you know, we keep talking super bowl. and everyone says let's get through mardi gras first. it's chilly this morning but it gets warmer throughout the day which is great. we're getting a little breeze
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off of the mississippi right now so we can feel a little breeze but we know how that goes in the bay area, right, lawrence? >> we do. one party at a time-out there, huh, michelle? they know how to celebrate. i hope you're having a good time. if you are heading out the door today we have a lot of clouds streaming overhead. the temperatures not as cold. we have some 30s and 50s outside. looking forward to some warmer days ahead. we are going to talk about that coming up in just a moment. aliza? >> good morning, everyone. just a small hiccup for the east bay commute in san lorenzo. a car hit a light pole with a small power outage at hesperian and bachmann. 1,000 pg&e customers affected so far so if you are on the way out and run and run into a blackout intersection, treat it as a four-way stop. we'll have another look at your commute coming up.
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michelle, i want to know what you did to earn those beads. that's the big question this monday morning. >> just walk down bourbon street and they just throw the beads at you. it's just insane. that's all i did. i promise. you stand along the parade route they throw them off the float. like i said, 150 to 200,000 people are expected to come here for the super bowl. the city is expected to rake in more than $400 million just from tourism alone. also benefitting from this hype is san francisco. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in san francisco checking out the booth for our city. >> no beads here in san francisco but fans who stayed behind are counting down until sunday, very excited. the 49ers jetted off to new orleans yesterday and even though the host city of news is expected to rake in big bucks this weekend, san francisco should get a boost.
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economists estimate the super bowl in new orleans will bring in $435 million for that city. another estimate claims that people in the hometown of super bowl contender like san francisco also get a boost, an income boost of $120 a year in personal income. for the 49ers ravens face-off fans throughout the country are expected to spend $11 billion on super bowl purchases from t- shirts to tv sets to beer. >> it is good for the economy,absolutely. there is a relationship between mood and spending and when people feel good they spend more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now. very excited. >> reporter: people in san francisco are feeling good with the 49ers heading to the super bowl for the first time since 1995. psychology suggests that winning fans are big spenders and that means a winning season and winning the super bowl would be good for the economy in the bay area. live in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5.
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>> thank you. before the 9ers landed in the big easy, they got a ceremonial sendoff in the south bay. they bored a delta charter in -- boarded a delta charter in san jose yesterday for the ride of their lives. fire trucks bid the 9ers good luck and fair weather. fans showed up to show their support outside the 49ers facility in santa clara. decked out in 49er gear fans waited to catch a glimpse of the players as they drove by. colin kaepernick had a little fun on the way to the bus, jim harbaugh keeping a low profile. fans didn't mind. they wanted to wish their team the best of luck. >> you doing what you doing because you got great fans cheering you on. >> good luck, play hard, don't give up on yourself. >> those fans did their best to show their love as the buses finally rolled by beginning the
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journey hopefully to a big super bowl victory. the 49ers are resting in their hotels right now here in new orleans. they landed in the big easy last night. they are just days away from super bowl xlvii and hopefully their 6 nfl championships in team history that would be so cool. everyone i know back home in san francisco is talking about the super bowl and i'm sure lots is going on, online. here with more on that is cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. >> reporter: good morning. hope you're staying warm out there in new orleans. right now, online it's all about the last-minute punish for tickets so die-hard 49ers fans before you take out that checkbook make sure you take a look at the prices we have been tracking. on average, tickets will set you back $3,389, about two months rent for a san francisco studio. and that's only the average. if you are rock looking to save
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thousands, the cheapest seats are $1,776. the reason they are cheap, you're on the upper level of the superdome tucked away in the corner. but if you have money to burn on the higher end tickets will be around $5,000. these seats do put you closer to the action right on the sidelines at about the 20, 30- yard line. another thing trending online, in new orleans or here at home, i hope you have this set up on yourism phone, this year the verizon presented the nfl official guide it all things super bowl featuring a guide to events and restaurants in the area. you can set it up to have notifications sent to your phone to follow all the buzz and if you are all about the planning, the app also lets you set calendar alerts. but going back to ticket prices here's an interesting note. the prices in the thousands are
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actually $100 down from a week ago. it's too soon to say if it's a trend but we'll be tracking them throughout the week. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. it is 4:38. and meteorologist lawrence karnow is sneaking by -- there he is. you brought some -- you got your beads. >> these are cool. >> michelle set you up. >> she better bring back beignets. that's what i need. >> i think liza had the good question how she got these beads. weather-wise we had a great weekend. >> a few scattered showers around the bay area a little cold in spots at times but, you know, what we got things turning around now. high-def doppler radar showing things quiet radar-wise no precipitation so far but we continue to see clouds that race across our skies. that's about it for this morning so far. here they are as they are moving on through. high pressure building not bay area a few more clouds early on this morning then by the afternoon more sunshine. over the bay not too bad.
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a little breezy in spots, at the coastline temperatures in the 30s and 40s. i think toward the afternoon those highs will be up in the 50s and 60s. looks like pretty decent weather ahead the next couple of days. in fact some temperatures in the 60s almost 70 degrees. let's check in with liza battalones. haven't been able to say that for a long time. >> larry! good to see you. good morning, everybody. happy monday. we are starting off with a power outage in san lorenzo. if you are heading out, you may see blocked out intersections. this accident happened at hesperion and bachmann in the san lorenzo area so we have 1,000 pg&e customers affected. outside a live look at the 580/680 on the change, the dublin interchange, westbound 580 a lot of folks making this drive this early morning. so far expect delays now in patches between the altamont
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pass and 680. but you're looking at the bay bridge commute. so far, so good wide open at the toll plaza. no major accidents so far on bay area freeways. that's your drive into work. here's frank. >> thank you. before you watch the super bowl here on cbs 5, a sneak peek at the other star of the game, those crazy ads. how much a german company spent on making this game day promo. you won't believe it. >> and frank, we're live in new orleans taking in the sights, the sounds, the food, the smell, of the crescent city. the locals give us a lesson on how to say their city's name properly. >> whoo!
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the officer worker anthem kicks of this super bowl ad i hate mondays. >> yeah. those are the worst.
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>> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> the super bowl ad volkswagen. the punch line only one of the cubicle warriors has a sun disposition. then ks to his 2013 beetle. "usa today" reports the german auto company may be spending up to $10 million on a 30-second spot and $4 million for the 30 seconds, including producing, promoting it and trying to make it go viral on social media. good morning. it is 4:43 here in the bay area. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego live in new orleans. we're in jackson square where this city is gearing up to welcome 150 to 200,000 people in for the super bowl. you know that i'm in the a huge fan of seafood. i tried shrimp gumbo.
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it was about two bites. our photographer rickville villaroman. i haven't tried the beignets yet. residents are picky on how you say their city's name. how do you say the name? >> new or-lans. >> not naw-lins. >> french way. >> we're from new orleans, darling. >> new orleans. >> we're from new orleans. >> what else you want to snow advisory? >> new or-lans. >> not new or-leans. >> you don't say new or-leans. you say new orleans. >> reporter: new orleans, darling! i actually practiced that a
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couple of times. so that's how you say it. i heard two different ways. you know what? we are a little picky in san francisco on how people from out of town say our name, as well. >> frisco has a tremendous reputation as being a tourist destination as does new orleans. that's one of our business. >> we can't say new or-leans but you can't say frisco. >> okay, san francisco. whoops. don't let my good friend the san francisco chief know i said frisco. >> reporter: that is the police chief right there. i had to call him out on it, right, frank. you can't call san francisco frisco. >> i know better than that. i lived a lot of time in new england. hey, you're going to frisco. no, you cannot say that. how about some crawdaddy, a little bit of alligator, what have you been eating besides what did you have, a little gumbo i guess? >> reporter: yeah, i tried some
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shrimp gumbo. last night it was chicken and mashed potatoes new orleans style. we're right off jackson square and across the street cafe dumont world famous for their beignets and we'll go over there and enjoy the food at cafe du monde. >> everywhere you go, someone is playing the clarinet or sax? >> every corner they have a musician. we ran into five musicians to travel around the country. they settled here in new orleans. no shoes, instruments out, beautiful vocals. some guy said hey, listen to my voice and he sang for about three or four minutes. you hear jazz walking down the street of the french corner probably on every corner. the city is just unbelievable.
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and i can tell you, it never sleeps. >> the french quarter is open all night. weather-wise it looks beautiful. you're missing out on a nice day here, too, i think. shall we toss it over to lawrence? >> yeah. >> yesterday it was so warm outside. i was wearing sandals. clouds outside cruising across the skies this morning helping to keep the temperatures from getting too cold, some 30s and 40s by the afternoon. lots of sunshine 50s and sections 60s, breezy. the ridge will work in over the next couple of days making for great weather ahead. some seasonal temperatures today and then it looks like some warmer weather toward the middle of the week. boy, looks very nice as we get
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into wednesday. starting out this morning we have a couple clouds early on. those will pass by sliding on off. and this afternoon clearing skies. high pressure builds in. temperatures today will be not to be, 57 san jose, 55 breezy in pacifica, east bay 50s and pleasanton. inside the bay 60 in oakland, 58 san francisco, 59 santa rosa. next couple of days we are going to warm those temperatures up. some places near 70 as we get in toward wednesday and thursday. looking very nice and the clouds roll back in and we cool back down over the weekend. all right. let's check the roads now with liza battalones. >> good morning, everyone. roadways so far looking just great. we don't have any major accidents for bay area freeways as we go outside i'll show you a picture now of the 880/237 interchange. our cameras are picking up light traffic. no major problems so far for
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that busy freedom-milpitas corridor both 880 and 237 at the limit. earlier roadwork picked up in santa clara county. you can see our censors are picking up a decent travel time right now and speeds are up as you head through 280 approaching downtown san jose. do keep in mind pg&e still working on that power outage. 1,000 pg&e customers affected because of this power outage hesperian and bachmann in the san lorenzo area. every 10 minutes in the car listen to kcbs all news for traffic and weather together. the first report card on yahoo is due today. they will report earnings after the closing bell today. it will be the first full quarter under ceo marisa mayer. yahoo stock is up 30% since she joined the company and is now
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trading at a four-year high two-day meeting of the federal reserve in washington tomorrow. at the last meeting they promised to keep interest rates near record lows until unemployment rates fall below 6.5%. last month the unemployment rate was 7.8%. this friday the labor department will release jobless figures for january. irs will be beginning accepting 2012 tax returns because of changes to the tax law to avoid starting tomorrow. fans of the as are pulling for a big 49er win. the as sold out fanfest at oracle. it seems like no matter who your team is, everyone is pulling for the 49ers. >> i have a good feeling.
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more of a baseball fan but rooting for the bay and i don't think the 9ers are going to disappoint. >> next sunday i want 9ers to take it. kaep is a local boy. >> last season was as best in almost a decade. they lost to the tigers in the post-season. spring training starts in a couple of weeks in arizona. it is 4:51. the next generation of super bowl players may be right here in the bay area. and the peanut sized league rooting the 9ers down in the big easy. >> i'm michelle griego live in new orleans. we're taking in all of the sights and sounds of the crescent city learning so much about it from the local residents here. find out coming up what they say what makes new orleans new orleans.
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early to start thinking about the super bowl. gr for some football players and their coast of, never too early to start thinking about the super bowl. grade schoolkids were at the high school in san mateo this week and playe flagged football. that's the alma mater of tom brady and barry bonds. the head coach said if tom brady can't be in the super bowl the 9ers definitely work for him. good morning, bay area. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. live in jackson square in new orleans, getting to know everything about the crescent city and the big easy. we have been exploring it the last couple of days and it's special. this city has so much history.
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it's nearly 300 years old, history, music, culture the locals know how special their city really is. >> you know, it's got a social cast to it that is so unusual. it doesn't know if it's spanish or french, black, white. it's a rivertown. but it has all that together with the music and the food that make it an unbelievable place. the people are very friendly. and you know, it's kind of an old saying, it is the city that care forgot. but you can do anything you want here. there's no -- nothing holding you back. it's just a great place to be. >> it is a great place to be. and talk about people being friendly. so this guy saw our producer wilson walker shooting along his street, said hey, come on up, buzzed him up, took him on
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a tour of his house and fed him. this is how accommodating the people here are. they are so nice, so welcoming, so all of the bay area people who are coming out here to watch the super bowl, you are going to be pleasantly surprised and welcomed with open arms. >> michelle, there is a lot of talk about making the permanent home of the super bowl in new orleans because it's centrally located. the weather is always good. and apparently, the people are mighty nice too, huh? >> yes. they are so sweet here. i do have to tell you though, i have been asking a lot of the residents, who are you rooting for in the super bowl? and i don't know. they, you know, they have this bitter rivalry i guess with the 49ers because back in the '90s the 9ers beat the saints. so they are a little bitter. but i did get a few to say, go 9ers. i'm trying to convert them one by one. >> i think we beat them in the play-offs last year and this
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year and they didn't have such a good year. you're doing a great job. we'll check back in with you momentarily. thank you, michelle. >> all right, frank. >> we got you covered on everything super bowl this week here on cbs 5. we have sports director dennis o'donnell along with vernon glen and mike sugerman is on the road somewhere on route 66 i think working his way, driving to new orleans. it is 4:57. today it's all about the players and fans of super bowl sunday. chopper 5 helped bid the san francisco 49ers farewell on their flight to the big easy.
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east. the san francisco 49ers on their trip to the big easy. we have you covered with the fans in the bay eam bowl dreams heading east. the san francisco 49 -- super bowl dreams heading east. the san francisco 49ers heading to the big easy. we have you covered here in the bay area and our news team in
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new orleans. >> i'm michelle griego live in names. where we're talking everything the big easy and the city is counting down to super bowl xlvii. you would never know that a big game is going to happen in less than a week here in new orleans. everyone is celebrating mardi gras. they decided to put in the super bowl right in between the two weeks of celebrating mardi gras and let me tell you, it's a constant part in mardi gras people in costumes, parades, marching bands, there are floats. we spent some time on bourbon street beads flying from everywhere from the balconies from the streets. just pure craziness. but it's just so much fun. you can't help but smile and have fun, laugh and enjoy your time here, frank. >> are people there more for


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