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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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car looks a lot different tonight. joe? >> reporter: yeah. it's been repainted red, liz. and in fact, the owner says he wants to speak out, because so many people recognize his purple car with the orange rims and have blamed him for doing donuts out here on saturday. well, he says it was a test driver behind the wheel. >> it wasn't me. i wasn't the one driving. it was my car, yes, but i wasn't driving. >> reporter: eric delfossi says he has seen the video and the thousands of negative comments on the internet. >> i know. my car is on the news and i'm getting blamed for everything. >> reporter: saturday afternoon, several souped-up cars take over 880 while they do donuts. the most glaring car? the purple nissan 240sx with orange rims. we found several on facebook with the name e. delfossi.
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his car looks different now. >> why did you paint it red? >> because my car is hot. what can i do with it? i can't go nowhere with it. some other guy driving my car. i painted it. >> reporter: he says he was at a car meet on saturday when someone offered him money for a test drive. >> i told him yeah. he put $7,000 in my hand. i let him drive my car. >> so the next thing, he's on the highway doing donuts? >> i guess so. >> within how much time? >> i don't know. he was gone for like 30 minutes. then he called his friend. his friend told us where my car was. then i started getting video about my car doing donuts on the freeway. >> andrew got beat up. >> what would you describe that happened on 880? a lot of people are saying that
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was very irresponsible. >> i don't know. i wasn't out there. i let a stupid ass idiot test drive my car. i should have never did. now i have to take care of whatever has to happen. >> reporter: he tells me a team of investigators came to his house today. they made no arrests. they did not confiscate the car. i talked to the chp today. they said they are working on the case, but so far they have not made any arrests. >> and have the chp said whether or not this man's story checks out at all? >> reporter: they are not talking about any specific suspect or whether they even have a person of interest in mind, so what we have now is his story, and you heard it straight from his lips. >> all right. joe vazquez, thank you. both their boys are in the super bowl. but who are the harbaugh parents pulling for? cbs 5's sports director, dennis o'donnell, is in new orleans
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tonight with the best-case scenario. boy, they're not afraid of the limelight, are they, dennis? >> reporter: not at all. somebody in the family is going to win a super bowl ring, so everyone is in a good mood. but i tell you, the temperatures have so much so that the to move to the indoor practice facility. it was 50 minutes shorter than it was supposed to go. i am told the 49ers are looking very sharp. but while they were hard at work preparing for the super bowl, a couple other members of the family took center stage. >> jackie harbaugh, she is the rock of our family. she's the one that moved us 17 times in a 43-year coaching career. she sold houses at every stop, bought houses at every stop. she took them into school and out of school. she went to school when things didn't go well. but this is our -- this is my hero right here, jackie
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harbaugh. and one other thing we'd like to say! you're going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has it better than us? nobody! >> it was not all fun and games today. the 49ers were in damage- control mode after cornerback chris culliver made several homophobic remarks on media day. >> i don't do the gay guys no, i don't do that. don't got no gay guys on the team. can't be with that sweet stuff. >> reporter: chris culliver issued an apology tonight. quote, it has taken me seeing it in print to realize the comments are ugly. >> we're not letting it bother
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us too much. it doesn't really change our perspective on the niners or the upcoming big game. we totally support them. and like i said, it's just something that reminds us of how we need to keep pushing for progress in the community. >> reporter: okay. so these are distractions obviously that jim harbaugh does not appreciate. just a few days away from the super bowl. ken, let's go back to you. we'll have sports coming up a little later on. >> that's why they have two weeks to create a lot of anticipation, let's put it that way. we'll check back with you. thanks. the san francisco archbishop has always been a vocal critic. but now he tells us a catholic newspaper, legislating for the right for people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breastfeeding, unquote. he says people should avoid
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using the term gay marriage because people might fool themselves into thinking it's quote, an authentic reality. one bay area family will not be going to sleep tonight, not after what has happened the past two nights. someone is clearly out to get the family who lives in willow glen. kiet do is there tonight. >> reporter: ken, we actually woke the family up from their afternoon nap as they were resting for their all-nighter. i asked them if they thought these vandals would be crazy enough to come by three nights in a row, and they said they weren't taking any chances. it all started monday night, when someone threw yellow paint on their car and slashed the tires. the second night, vandals took it to a whole new level and doused the front door with gas and set it on fire. so tonight, here on glenwood avenue, they will be sleepless in san jose. >> it was paint the first night. fire the second night. what do you think is going to
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happen tonight? >> hopefully nothing. >> reporter: both nicole and her dad john didn't want to show their faces or use their last names. but they say at 3 a.m., they heard a thump at their front door and opened it to a wall of flames. luckily, the stucco and thick wooden door kept the fire from spreading. >> i'm fearful for my family. they seem to think nothing of starting a house fire. if we hadn't been aware of what was going on, we certainly could have ended up with a house that burned down. >> reporter: someone threw a fiery object at the door and then poured gas at it. john and nicole say they'll be up tonight, ready and waiting. >> i'm not sure why you're targeting me or my family. please, i just wish you'd stop. you've made your point. i don't know what i did or what my family did, but it doesn't have to go this way. >> reporter: and so san jose police are understaffed in this
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particular area. they only have three officers patrolling this particular district here. it took them a while to get out here last night. they said they would try and send a couple of officers but no guarantees. if you have any information about this case, police want you to give them a call. live in san jose, kiet do. the chp now says it will keep its officers on open street for another 30 to 45 days. last night our joe vazquez reported that the chp was going to end the patrols tomorrow because the city was not paying them. mayor quan says the need for assistance still exists and she is grateful for the help. an emotional plea from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords today for action on gun violence. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying.
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too many children. >> giffords appeared before the senate judiciary committee, which is holding the first hearings on gun control since newtown, connecticut, the shooting there. the washington post says giffords' speech therapist wrote the statement and it took a tremendous amount of practice for her to read it. >> amazing. well, coming up, how san francisco saved new orleans from making a terrible mistake. and a bay area woman goes for a walk. next thing she knows, she's going over a cliff. and don't be fooled by the cute face. proof that house cats are really little killing machines. things are pretty active back east. we had severe weather roll through new orleans. 30 different tornadoes touching down in the southeastern u.s. for us, nothing but sunshine. when is that pattern going to change? what about super bowl sunday? we've got your forecast for that. speaking of the super bowl, more pictures that you've sent in. go niners!
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well, you know, new orleans and san francisco are two very different places. >> but many new orleans people say they owe san francisco a very big thank you. and not because of the super bowl. michelle griego found out it's because of a freeway. >> reporter: we are on the patio of this beautiful home, just right across from the french quarter. if that freeway had been built, this beautiful view you see here would have lost. people think of themes like this, but it almost looked like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide, three and a half miles of it, running right between the mississippi river and the
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city's iconic st. louis cathedral. >> jackson square, the highway. gone. no access. >> reporter: and the damage wouldn't end there. >> all you see in front of us, all these trees, all the grass and ground, gone. this is an upramp to an elevated highway. both the mayor, the governor, the city council all wanted that elevated highway in the worst way. >> reporter: so a small group of people went to war, until reinforcements arrived from san francisco. >> and they wouldn't accept a nickel. they came to save the city of new orleans from an elevated highway based on their experience in san francisco, with the embarcadero. never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the brigade's best weapon? one single photograph. >> we had a photograph of the embarcadero. and we juxtaposed a drawing
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that we did and set this out as a christmas card, all over america. >> reporter: with that shot, the project was defeated. the tide of urban freeways was turned. and new orleans was saved. >> we owe san francisco big time. >> san francisco doesn't want to be walled in or walled off from our waterfront! >> reporter: a demolition project new orleans never had to bother with. >> for me to be able to sit on this balcony, with cocktails in the afternoon, and to see that concrete upramp is not here, it makes it taste better than it would ordinarily. >> reporter: and everybody here gets to enjoy that beautiful view now and not one of a concrete highway. right now we are in his house. he was so gracious enough to let us come in, not only to do
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this live shot, but also he fed us dinner! thank you so much for that! we've been talking about southern hospitality all week. now, i have to ask you, who are you rooting for in the super bowl? >> oh, i gotta root for san francisco, come on! the pistol offense and kaepernick. and of course i love your city. they say it's the closest thing to new orleans in america and i love it. and glad you guys are here. >> it is true. i believe that new orleans and san francisco, they're soul sister cities. >> reporter: all right, there you go. he calls the 49ers. i think i have to agree! >> we do too. i love that, soul sisters. well, a close call for a woman who tried to save her dog that went over a cliff.
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park rangers say first the dog went over, then the woman tried to go after the dog. and guess what? she went over, 50 feet down to the beach below. eventually rescuers went down on ropes, retrieving the dog, and they air-lifted the woman off the beach. we are told her injuries were not serious. if you're still not a dog person after that, listen to this. christin ayers tells us university researchers say your cuddly cat is actually one of the most blood thirsty killers on the planet. >> reporter: it's the world from an outdoor cat's point of view. researchers attached so-called kitty cams to felines and recorded their surprisingly violent adventures. killing a frog, scaring off a possum. >> i always think of them as so cuddly. >> reporter: but lauren knows better. she's seen her cat in action, and her sister's cat is a born
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hunter. >> every morning, they brought me little gifts of dead birds, dead possums. >> reporter: despite their cuddly exteriors, cats kill more than car accidents, pesticides and poison. the audubon society has been fighting for years to educates people about their cat's killer instincts. it's an issue that is divided. >> a lot of the folks that come to the human society have been really focused on the welfare of the cats themselves. >> we know cats are predators. we know they do have an impact on local populations. just how much, i think, is still to be determined. >> reporter: what they can't agree on is that no matter what, cats are best kept indoors, not only to protect the wildlife population but to protect the cats themselves. >> this is a chance for us to
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work more closely with wildlife groups and work together to educate populations of people who have cats to keep their cats indoors. >> you'll never need another exterminator. take my word for it. you actually feed your exterminator. absolutely. poor frog. didn't have a chance, did it? we didn't have a chance to get close to normal rainfall this month. we will end up about 5% of normal. once again, for the 25th time, out of 30 nights in january, not a drop of rain. here's what's going to happen when you wake up. chilly, not below freezing but chilly. concord, 39. fremont, 39. san jose, tonight, tomorrow morning, down to 42. the big bubble of high pressure has been with us for two days. it was off to the west, giving us highs in the 50's. now it's basically right over the top of us. we went from the upper 50's to
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the mid to upper 60's. now that we're there, we're going to stay there. right on through super bowl sunday, we stay mainly dry, in this big protective bubble of high pressure. there is activity up north. it will begin to sag south but it's a very drown-out process. likely zero rainfall in the bay area until tuesday night at the earliest, so we're mild, sunny through the super bowl. february will start dry. a pattern change is coming. 67 tomorrow for oakland. 67 for san jose. well above normal. redwood city, 75. concord, 63. vallejo, 63. mill valley, 62. low 60's for novato. and san francisco. next week we get cloudier on tuesday. showers moving in on wednesday. and that is your cbs 5 forecast.
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i'm dennis o'donnell at the super bowl. you wanna stop the 49ers? try stopping the read-option offense. >> a lot of people who played against them just never communicated at all. i believe that's one of the advantages of what we have as a defense, you know. we do a job of communicating very well. >> the ravens beat san francisco last year, 16-6, but that was without kaepernick and without the pistol offense. at super bowl xlvii, i'm dennis o'donnell. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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super bowl xlvii, still four days away. but the competition is already underway between the harbaugh brothers, as john one-upped his younger brother at today's press conferences. >> very excited. everybody is attacking this day with an unenthusiasm unknown to mankind. >> our guys are excited for football and they're prepared
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to attack this day with an enthusiasm beyond anything that's ever been known to mankind. so we're topping that too! >> it gets better now. ray lewis stole the show for ravens. but it was the other ravens' linebacker, better known as t- sizzle, better known as terrell suggs. >> i like the skinny tie, man. >> there's no snare in my headphones. ooh. okay. what did my brother called me? he called me an angelo saxon, because he woke up one morning and i was eating steak. we need a camera in our locker room like we need our own reality show. you know what i mean? ravens uncut. you know what i mean?
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can't touch that. it would have to be a cable show, though, because i don't think y'all would be able to show the stuff that goes on there, especially with bernard and dante. oh god. those guys just don't like clothes. like ever. have some self-respect. okay? put some clothes on. >> that's a loose football team. five quarterbacks have lost to the 49ers in a super bowl. none had a more disappointing loss than a bengals' quarterback. his story, next.
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we'll be right back. david letterman is next.. with the year was 1989. and the bengals appeared primed to upset the heavily favored 49ers in the super bowl. >> i'm on the sideline. i'm the cincinnati bengal that's supposedly going to disney world. so to shoot that commercial, those people have got to be on the field, cameramen, makeup artists. they wanted to know if i needed any makeup. i mean, it was like -- this is during the 49er drive. and this is like a surreal moment. these people, obviously not football fans, not realizing how big of a moment this is for me. so i kept practicing my lines,
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i'm going to disney world, i'm going to disney world. >> montana steps up. >> before i could get the words out of my mouth, i guess i'm not going to disney world, those people that had been bugging me for what seemed like an eternity were running across the field looking for jerry rice. >> while jerry rice was the mvp, it was joe montana who got the line. >> you just won the super bowl! what are you going to do next? >> we're going to disneyland! >> now, boomer did tell me he's picking the 49ers to win the super bowl. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! we'll be right back.
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