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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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girl, that was frank gore. >> a spectacular season. next year they will have another run for sure. >> reporter: absolutely. >> linda yee, thanks. lots of 49ers fans returning home as well. despite the painful loss, few are complaining >> it was fantastic. it was a great experience. i came with my two sons. we had four days of fantastic weather. just a great time. >> the city of new orleans eager. got a thank you letter from the mayor. there are only a hand full of problems after the game. 25 arrests scattered around san francisco. one accident of someone trying to start a fire. police say all in all the night was pretty low key.
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one report of looting and minor reports of vandalism. the ravens are headed back to baltimore as super bowl champions. >> i wanted to know who is in charge. the outage left fans and the announcers speechless. officials say the power was
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shut down by design. >> reporter: advertise unclear if the outage could affect the bid for the next super bowl. >> the ravens were ahead 28-6 at the time. san francisco scored 23 points in the final two quarters. >> kaepernick in for the touchdown >> but the radians their retiring superstar ray lewis stopped the final drive >> baltimore, we coming home baby. >> featured several story lines. a bat 8 8 -- battle between head coaching brothers and a performance from beyonce. but it was the power outage that provided the biggest
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twist. blackout or not, plenty of fans tuned in for super bowl 47. it was the third most watched beaten only by the giants- patriots and the game in 2010. when the 49ers leave for santa clara next year, it will be the end of an era. phil matier on how candle stick park will be going out with a bang. phil. >> reporter: that's right. as you pointed out, the 49ers are moving on, and so is this slice of san francisco and bay area history. hear is the story. after more than 50 years of sports, san francisco's legendary candle stick park is going to be imploded after next year's football season. much the same way that the former home of the dallas cowboys was demolished two
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years ago. >> yeah. candle stick has out lived its useful life. >> they plan to build a new shopping mall and condos as the 9ers move south to their new home in santa clara >> no one wants a vacant stadium. >> although it was built for the san francisco giants, the stick was home for many memorable 49er moments as well. in '89 an earthquake struck in the middle of the giants and a's world series. in '66 it was also the site of the last concert for the beatles. >> fans will be sad to see it go. a lot of memories there. >> a memory which could last
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forever. i love candle stick. >> any chance we're going to be auctioning off pieces of it? >> i am sure we will end up doing something special for people so that they can have a little piece of candle stick with them for all those die- hard 9er fans. >> reporter: so, there you may have it. a brick or maybe a seat. but whatever the case, you can bet, when it goes, candle stick or the stick is going to go in style. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. a violent crash has claimed the life of a woman in oakland. two cars collided at about 11:30 this morning. one car overturned and both were severely damaged. the driver of the second car was not seriously hurt. berkeley police are serging for suspects in the city's first had had of the year. police responded to calls of
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shots fired at about 11:00 a.m. a man was found wounded in the street and later died at the hospital. san jose police say gang violence may be to blame for the city's fourth homicide. gunfire was reported last night . one maunded at the scene. and agonizing standoff in alabama. >> fbi agents safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. >> why the fbi felt it had to move in and end it. legalizing marijuana may be catching momentum on the federal front. what is about to happen in washington that could be a game changer. another day in the bay area, another sunny day. another dry day, but it was chillier. i will explain why temperatures dropped. there is rain in the forecast.
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find out when that is going to happen, all coming up. i am tim bastida. big party plans for the opening of the new bay bridge. that's coming up. what kind of man kills a... ...cop in cold blood? re-creating a fan-favorite episode... hey! ...from the original hawaii five-o. you think he's going to kill again? the question is: how many people are on the list? with guest star peter weller. it's bang-bang time. kono: he's on the roof. i'm going to draw his fire. take the shot. go retro with the new hawaii five-o. exactly. cbs tonight.
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hostage standoff involving an accused alabama killer and a 5 year old boy, is over. cbs reporter marlie hall tells us: the kidnapper, is dead... bu a week long hostage standoff involving an accused alabama killer and 5-year-old boy is over. cbs reporter marly hall tells us the boy is safe. >> reporter: shortly after the week long hostage standoff ended. jimmy lee dikes, the suspected gunman is dead. the 5-year-old is now safe >> within the past 24 hours negotiations deteriorated and dikes was observed holding a gun. >> authorities said they couldn't wait any longer >> at this point, fbi agents
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fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> the standoff began last tuesday when police say dikes kidnapped the boy. the two had been held up inside the underground bunker every since >> the child is being treated at a local hospital and appears to be unharmed. >> authorities have not given details of the raid or how dikes died. marly hall, alabama. president obama took his campaign to curb gun violence on the road today. his push on a new ban of assault weapons is meeting a lot of resistance. the president asked the public to help and pressuring congress to act. >> we don't have to agree on
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everything to agree it is time to do something. we can make a difference. that's our responsibility as americans. >> the white house just released this photo of the president wax up his recent statement that he is familiar with fire arms and not an enny of the second amendment. legalizing pot. democratic lawmakers from oregon and colorado could introduce the first two propoles as early as tomorrow. one could require growers to get federal permits. tore would create a federal marijuana tax. an official clock now counting down to the opening of the new bay bridge. we will show you the big moment life on the new deck and hear what it means to governor. exactly how fast did he pal? fall? new information about the death-
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k-p-i-x 5 countdown clock. just the count down is on to the grand opening of the new bay bridge. right now let's check our special count down clock. just 210 days to go and a project more than a decade in
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the making. it has become sort of a second home for our ken bastida. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. out here on treasure island for the opening of the bridge. that will be coming up labor day weekend. last night, quite a night for kpix 5. we actually had the first live television broadcast from the new deck of the bay bridge. we were joined trouble makers by the governor jerry brown who started the count down clock. 210 days now and counting down. i asked the governor while we were up there what he'd like to see for an opening celebration. >> in terms of celebrations, i know a lot of this is still in the works, what would you like to see? >> bicycle races and running. i don't know how many, tens of hundreds of thousands of people. it was big in 1936 in the depression.
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ought to be just as big this time. >> reporter: this is all being organized by a group calling itself the bay bridge alliance. mostly volunteers. a nonprofit group we are -- group. they are talking about a bridge walk. about 150,000 people will be allowed out on the bridge. also, a bike race. the possibility of a marathon, maybe from oakland city hall to san francisco city hall. sea show and a concert here with a big fireworks display. those are the possibilities, all of this being funded by private donations except for the public safety. reporting live from treasure island, i am ken bastida, kpix 5. the racing yacht back on san francisco bay. it capsized during a race in
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october. it is one of two available for use in the america's tub races. well, we knew he fell fast. we now know that he fell even faster than you first saw. when he jumped from nearly 128,000 feet above earth last october he reached a record speed of 843.6 miles per hour. it is one and a quarter the speed of sound and about 10 miles an hour faster than they first calculated. anyone who watched last night's super bowl noticed, the commercials also created a lot of talk. julie watts with some of the winning and losing ads. >> i like the commercials. >> for some it is the reason they came. >> i am only here for the game. >> for others it is a distraction. ask any party goer what makes a great super bowl, you will likely get a similar answer.
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>> funny. >> no surprise, the funny ads turned out to be the big winners. in addition to the football 3508, people are tracking their favorite ads. the big winners were also some of the favorites online and also trending on twitter. the taco bell commercial was one of many in favor of the two minute ad. both taco bell and doritos are in top spots. in addition to money saved this year, some sentimental and sexy. budweiser joined a long list getting social media buzz long before the big game by asking
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fans to help name the horse. there was one type of commercial that frustrated some fans. >> 60 seconds for crying out loud. >> we know how long a minute is. >> those they have already seen. >> time for another commercial. >> i wanted to see something different. >> reporter: 40 million -- excuse me. 4million for 30 seconds. the ads we have seen before were the big losers. the big winners, doritos, princess dad, taco bell was the favorite and of course the bud commercial. that one made me cry. there were the top trending brand on social media. interestingly, not only did they get buzzed before the game, but they get it for days and weeks to come. >> that's the key. how do i work a horse into my weather forecast? >> sometimes you just say i'm
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not. >> reporter: the front that is galloping in our direction. >> is that a b minus for effort? >> reporter: i hope so. hope you're grading on a colonel we have cloud cover working -- on a curve. we have cloud cover today. official sunset 5:37. look toward the bay bridge from our roof top, don't see much cloud cover. check out the temperatures. they have dropped. san rosa currently 52. san jose 54. downtown san francisco only 51. inland, kind of like summertime. 61degrees in livermore right now. as you can guess, the radar is dry. man, has it been a big change. november and december combined in san rosa you had 20 inches of rain. january and the first week of february you have had less than one inch of rain. i don't see much changing over
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the next several days. another chilly night tonight. concord, livermore. redwood city for 9 degrees. with this on shore flow we will see the temperatures stay below normal. you can see a big low pressure area over my shoulder. this will shove a front in the bay area eventually. the on shore will keep most of us in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. dry part goes away on thursday as a weak front moves through. we will see some scattered showers. low to mid 50s for highs on thursday and friday. temperatures stay low because that on shore flow and fog. some showers return with that front on thursday. friday will be chilly. couple scattered showers out there. snow level down to 2500 feet. san jose 58. mountain view 57.
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pleasantton 58. mid-50s on the peninsula. wednesday, sunny but still chilly. scattered showers on thursday and friday. low to mid 50s. weekend looks good. the mid-60s, i don't see that coming back for at least a week. >> okay. >> thank you, sir. a 500-year-old mystery solved. and, avoiding that hangover the next day after the super bowl. not just about the alcohol. we will have an interview with the president tonight. we will ask mr. obama whether he is through raising tax rates and we will ask him whether gays should be allowed to join the boy scout.
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human remains found buried under a parking lot on the english city of leicester (lester) are king richard the t scientists solve one of
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britain's great royal mysteries. human remains found. they are king richard iii. n found last year but scientists say dna test now prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it belongs to him. he is remembered for many things including the death of his two nephews after he imprisoned them in the tower of london. if you woke up from your super bowl party feeling awful, but you're not depressed and you didn't drink. the mysterious side effects of super snacking. >> it is a fact. super bowl sunday is the second big food day of the year. >> a lot of food. >> chicken wings, pasta salad, potato salad, sausage, burger, what didn't i eat. >> second only to thanksgiving. if all that snacking has left
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you feeling a little. >> tired. let down >> i feel terrible inside and out. >> you're not alone. >> our bodies and our brains evolve so we know when to expect food so that we can function and perform well. >> and snacking is not part of the program. ucsf doctor says snacking as dramatic effects on our brain and our bodies. it upsets the human food clock. >> you are what you eat, but we also have when we eat. so, the time of day that we eat is important in terms of how our body deals with the food but also in terms of how we adjust our bodies and brains to anticipate food in the future >> he says how we deal with food will vary from person to person. but while everything is genetic, everything is also
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environmental. >> we can modify our response to those things by other activities like exercise which will help us peel better. >> a healthy tip for anyone who might have overdone it yesterday. >> definitely. doing my walk. yep. >> reporter: so, if you haven't already, head to the gym. take a walk. get some exercise and get back on a regular and healthy indictment your body and your brain will thank you. we'll be right back.
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you might think of high-tech workers... and wealth. but we've learned some emp new at 6:00, when you think of silicon valley you might think of wealth and high-tech workers. tonight, the truth in the zit bay. and a california -- south bay. new technology bringing things back to fund ground. >> that is 30 minutes away. cbs news scott pelly is up next. >> news and weather is always on our website gunman holding a five-year-old boy. mark strassmann is on the scene with the breaking news. where were you when the lights went out? millions were in front of their t.v.s. armen keteyian has the inside story of what went wrong at the
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super bowl. >> we lost lights. >> pelley: questions to the president. are you through raising tax rates? mr. obama makes news in his cbs interview. should scouting be open to gays? and byron pitts tells us how a killer once committed to a mental hospital got a permit by- to-buy 15 guns. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the f.b.i. has stormed an underground shelter today, shooting to death a kidnapper and freeing a five-year-old boy unharmed. the boy, whose first name is ethan, had been held for seven days outside midland city, alabama. the family allowed us to show you his picture. the police say that ethan was kidnapped last tuesday from a school bus by 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes who neighbors have described as belligerent. mark strassmann is on the scene


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