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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 1, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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ny charges. three people were sent to the hospital, two in serious condition and one was a wal- mart employee. today employees came in feeling uneasy. >> it is unusual and i am a little shook up. the whole team is shook up and we are all staying close and working together to get through. >> reporter: a wal-mart spokesperson said they are offering counsel and they are replacing the man's cain because it broke during the attack. this is janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you, janine. they are back open this noontime after a deadly hit-and- run crash. three cars were involved around 530 this morning at military west. they are looking for the driver of the cadillac escalate tacoma
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pick up and was hit by the oncoming escalate. witnesses say he stopped got out of the car and he stopped once he saw the driver was dead. and it was raining in lafayette and a camera caught two carlsbadly damaged in the middle lanes and there are reports that a third car that caused the crash a caused them to take them to the hospital with minor injuries. this is an important reminder to slow down. here is a live look outside right now and we are getting a mention of sunshine still coming down in part of the bay area and it left pretty good
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puddles and standing water. a delay program is in effect until 2:00 this afternoon and the arrival time shows they are almost an hour behind schedule. oakland and san jose are not reporting any weather reported delays. well, the system last week finally decided to move through and when it did, it went froth to north. some of the heavier amounts up over the weekend were towards the rushing river area back towards vallejo, american canyon and there was a big downpour 6:00 in fairfield and wrapping back towards sonoma and some in the east bay right around concord and highway 4, right around the delta and a little is starting to pop up right around san jose and you
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can see we will keep an eye on that a lit as possible, they talked with them and brentwood two-thirds and oakland, they had had two thirds inches of rain but things are starting to improve. a woman died and might have been distracted by her control phones g.p.a. but they say alcohol may have ban factor three other people in a honda accord may have suffered injuries. >> it was a violent easter and here is a look at where yesterday's shootings took place. it was first reported at 10:00
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a.m. and the second happened after 4:00 and it was reported on 70th avenue and hawley street. the male victim was walking or riding with a bicycle before being shot and multiple shell casings were located and a man was shot in is had car and police have not released any motives or suspects in any of the three show things. -- any of the three shootings. the police department wants to increase staff levels from 611 officers to 833 by the year 2018 and a reasonly released report would cost oakland $62
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and meanwhile the police academy is getting underway. many are marching to the full citizen she have rights -- citizenship rights for all. >> reporter: good afternoon and many will be marching down international boulevard and making their way towards international boulevard. here is a list of demands, citizenship rights for everyone who lives here, 'up the borders and many undocumented workers but it's all coinciding with former venezuelan president hugo chavez day nine before immigrants rights day and carolyn is right there right now and she is one of the group leaders and she is fighting for
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girls like wendy, she is a teenager and she still does not qualify for citizenship. >> because she is too young, she is not legal to fight for herself and people could end up in deportation proceedings because of a cracked like or cracked taillight or for something like that. >> we watched them about an hour ago pull out of headquarters and that's where the main staging area is right now and there are some officers across the street here from the alcohol rally and most -- from the actual rally and most of them are teenagers and officer done think it will get out of hand and they are more concerned about may 1st.
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channel 2 news. although they are close there is no agreement for immigration bill and they now have a guest worker provision which would allow tens of thousands of low skilled workers to come into the country but the senator says there are still a few details to be worked out. san francisco police are looking for a man who shot and wounded two people on a muni bus last night. it happened as it sat onville lense why street. one woman was shot in the torso, and the other in the leg. witnesses describe them as short curry black hair and thin build. and a bus through downtown oakland is reportedly
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shrinking. this is what it would look like and according to the san francisco chronicle, the plan has gone from 18 miles to 9. 8 miles with projected ridership now said to be lower than the original 2 5,000 a day. the cost estimate is $178 million and the idea has been in the works for ten years. it should not be going up anymore, we work hard enough to keep it where it is at. sticker shot shock, we will tell you where the sales tax jump from earlier today and we will tell you about left over raindrops if any. . and a big welcome back for a bay area firefighter who suffered a serious problem while on the job.
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. a federal bankruptcy judge is granting bankruptcy protection and the federal judge said this morning the city has negotiated in good faith with its creditors. the judge is expected to make a
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final decision to enter bankruptcy. stockton is asking to default on $100 million it borrowed to pay cal first pensions. and starting today, shopping at three local cities and over a dozen cities will cost you more. tax rates are now breaking down as marin county 8.5 and san rafael and novato will pay 9%. tax breaks in santa clara is 8.34 and you will now have to pay 9% and that rate is 9 and quarter. we got mixed reaction from residents and some say it is another expense they cannot afford. >> these are very high and i don't think we can afford it. not only are we facing rent
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increase but we are facing food raising and everything, you name it. >> they say it is necessary to help with improvements. and the city is giving a heart-felt welcome back to one of their own. firefighter and medic helped to fight a three-alarm fire at st. patrick's cathedral. quick action saved his live at a welcome back breakfast at station one and members of the department said they were glad to see him and he said he was glad to go back to work. >> i feel healthy and strong and happy to go back. >> they said firefighters never left his side while he was in the hospital and they raised money to bring over his family to help with his recovery. and the university will
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hold two memorial concerts to honor the victims. a former nursing student killed several people an injured three others. the suspected gunman is currently in a minute tall hospital after being declared not competent to stand trial. the second will be on april 13th on eldorado dough hills. prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty against james holmes. last week prosecutors rejected a deal to have him plead not guilty and he is charged with multiple counts after the shooting spree in aurora colorado. 12 people were killed and several were injured and the judge entered a not guilty plea on holmes' behalf. they will debate universal background checks when they
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take up gun control measures. the new move would keep mentally disturbed people from getting guns and mark kellie kelly and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords are calling for this. >> we could still make significant progress by strengthening the background checks without go too far. >> no gun control legislation has been scheduled so far. police are cracking down on drivers caught texting or talking on phones. berkeley is one of the places they will be on alert all month long and they will be issuing tens of thousands of tickets and distracted driving killed
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more than 130,000 people in 20011. -- 2011. a ticket will cost you at least $159. and san francisco symphony musicians are going to jail after reaching a tentative deal to end their strike. >> the musicians went on strike after a disagreement about salaries and benefits. a contract still has to be ratified by the symphony board and that could happen in the next couple of days. they say they are happy to see the strike end. >> i think it is great and i think there are a lot of businesses in the area that rely on the system anthony and the ballet -- symphony and the ballet. >> they will not release the deal until the a -- they will
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not release a contract until a deal is approved. this is record-setting dry and i will show you january through march 1st, we had cloud build ups and off in the distance i will show you some right there. we had a little rain this morning and now afternoons are a little longer in the valley and san jose and up in lake count ten and collar county and things could bubble up and not before we have ugly rain stats. the grand total was 2. 3 inches of rain and dryest ever month. the latest was 12 and a quarter and we are only 2 points away from normal and the old record was set back in april in 1851 and it gives us 72% of normal
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but the last few months have been beyond ugg left better later than never. and it rained three quarters of an inch and there was an inch and a half out in forestville and ben loehmann's picked up three quarters what was out here last week was still rotating around northern california and it provides some of the dynamics probably out in the valley and some things are beginning to pop up mainly towards the east of san jose and towards the north you can see that line stretching from eastern sal loan know back -- salon know back up to fairfield and parts of marin county. but this line, that will head out towards sacramento and you can get a little sun and you can feel some of that moisture and humidity in the air. 40s and 50s up in tahoe and up
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in southern california and las vegas. another system is taking the path as the highway coming up from the southwest to hawaii and the main clouds should not arrive until thursday and it looks like more rain then. partly cloudy and partly sunny, very close to near 70 degrees and let's give this system credit which gave us some pretty good rain and it should be out of here for the a's owner torii, and it is mostly clear, tuesday and wednesday clouded up thursday into friday and there is a disagreement on the weekend but it's okay and could be breezy by the weekend. >> once you get to april, baseball season is here and you can turn the page. >> yes, winter is over.
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including the san francisco giants and the as seattle mariners, they are hoping to have them win with the american league west division and brett anderson is the starting pitcher game time is 7:05 and the weather will be fine and the giants open against the dodgers in l.a. and that happens less than an hour and last year's world series winning team are on the opening day roster. in the meantime at&t park is now open for a free viewing party and the doors are opening at noon so doors fans are invited to open there on the big screen and they can gather. they are having a downed start to the new quarter and the white house has more of their easter egg roll.
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. s&p 500 is high and weaker than expected profit, taking a look at the big board, nasdaq down 6 s&p 500 down 9. and we have the details for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection just within the last few minutes a federal judge accepted the city's bankruptcy application. they will allow them to avoid
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repaying its debts in full and it makes stockton the biggest city in the world to enter banks. there are 30,000 people in the white house for the annual easter egg roll. >> you guys brought the great weather, it was a little shaky this morning and all of you did a great job sending a message upstairs and now we have beautiful weather... >> it was all about being healthy and active with the first lady reminding their kids they still need to eat their vegetables and with all the storytelling, washington wizards craig wahl was with the president joining him playing with the kids. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news be sure to
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join us again at 5:00.
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alex paen: right now we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know this, but every day thousands of men, women, and children are reported missing. working with various law enforcement agencies across the country and the national center for missing and exploited children, this program each week spotlights several of these missing cases, hoping someone, like you, might have information that will lead to finding these individuals. but we can't do it alone. so please
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pay close attention to these faces and stories. little nadia drummond was born on august 5, 2008 in cary, north carolina. by the time she was born, her parents were already estranged, with custody going to nadia's mother larissa drummond. nadia's father, devon davenport, requested and received visitation rights, which were repeatedly ignored by nadia's mother, who took matters into her own hands and fled with nadia to brazil on february 5, 2009 in defiance of a court order not to leave north carolina with the child. nadia and her mother disappeared shortly after their arrival in brazil, and their current whereabouts are unknown. nadia's father has since been awarded full custody, and is seeking the return of his daughter under the hague convention on international child abduction, but so far, brazilian authorities have


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