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you're the one that came up with with pirates of the caribbean. oh, i've really bungled it this time, haven't i? oh, come on, these things happen. stay here tonight, and then tomorrow you and maris can sort things out. what will i do if we don't? they could always use an extra busboy at the jolly roger. i'll never be able to face the maid again. i don't think it's your face she'll remember. here we are. canadian goose down pillow egyptian cotton sheets and a nice vicuna throw in case you get a little chilly during the night. how perfect. the service would have done you boys a world of good. good night. good night. you know, frasier, maris and i have had our difficulties before but never anything this serious. i really feel terrible having her mad at me. i wish i knew how to cry. oh, don't be embarrassed. no, no, it's not that, i'm just not someone who cries.
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it's not in my nature. when maris's uncle lyle died i had to shut my hand in the car door just to make a decent showing at the funeral. you're a complex little pirate, aren't you? well, good night, niles. good night. ( groans ) daphne: thank you again, eric. i had a wonderful time. me, too. daphne: well, good night. eric: good night. ( sobbing ) i know we've only had a few dates
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but i'm already exhibiting the thgns of love: i can't stop thinking about him, i can't eat and i bought myself all new underwear. ree si we got to get her a girlfriend to talk to. i just got off the phone with maris. she's in arizona for the weekend. why? she was so shattered by the experience she had to fly er favorite spa to contemplate our marital future from a mud bath. well, it'll probably be good for mrs. crane. eric thinks the earth is very grounding. to h eric, eric, eric! must everything always be about eric? niles, may i suggest that when maris returns you have some intensive couples therapy? there's a reichian group... oh, blah, blah blah, blah. all maris needs to know is that you love her. buy her some flowers. fix her a romantic dinner when she gets home.
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that will any woman forgive you. think that will work? if it didn't you wouldn't be here. make well, i'd be willing to try, but it's impossible. our cook walked out in sympathy with maris. i could help you prepare something. i have a late date with eric..., an elderly aunt erica but i could come over early and have everything ready by the time mrs. crane arrives. well, thank you, daphne. what would mrs. crane like for dinner? oh, you have free rein. just bear in she can't have shellfish poultry, red meat, saturated fats nitrates, wheat, starch, sulfites m.s.g. or dairy. mind, did i say nuts? oh, i think that's implied. ( thunder rumbles ) here, come in, daphne, and warm yourself by the fire.
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how did you get so wet? one of your trees blew down in your driveway. i had to walk the last hundred yards. i must say, you have a beautime. oh, well, thank you. actually, it was in maris's family for four generations. when i was a mere intern i used to drive through these hills ful ho never dreaming that i would live here. then i saw maris, helplessly banging on the electric gates with her little fists and a tire iron. they'd locked her in? no, no, that was much later. no, no, this time she was returnfrom the antique mart with a rare bell jar once owned by sylvia plath when the gates failed to open. so, naturalling opped to offer my assistance and as our hands touched there was a sudden spark of electricity. then, as if by magic the gates parted before us y i st and we took it as a sign. you knew you were meant to be together. yes. we were married just three short years later.
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oh, look at this. it's beautiful. it's a glockenspiel. we bought it on our honeymoon in zurich. i brought it down from the attic to remind maris of better times. it used to play beautiful music and now it doesn't. how's that for irony? well, let's get you ine dry clothes so you can get started on dinner and get you home in time for your date. ( sobbing ) to som daphne? what is it? nothing. no, no, it's definitely something. m a psychiatrist-- i can read the signs. awfully sorry. i didn't want to spoil your reunion with mrs. crane, but... eric broke i'th me. he did? yes. he said he couldn't commit to me and his music. he had t up wi focused. i know it was an excuse. i've heard his music. he must have another girl. o stay oh... oh, oh, oh.
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well, he's a fool, daphne and if he can't appreciate you then you're better off without him. right now i'm not so sure but thank you, dr. crane. ( phone rings ) niles crane. oh, maris! well, where... where are you? what do you mean you can't come home? well, it's not that bad a storm. ( thunder crashes ) oh, maris, i really think you should come home. no, no, well, of course i don't want you traveling if it's not safe. yes, yes i understand. i'll see you tomorrow. well, seems like it's just the two of us. you mean, mrs. crane won't be coming?
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the storm is really bad. you shouldn't be driving in it anyway. you just spend the night there. good night, daphne. you told her to spend the night? yeah, what's the problem? well, you know how niles feels about her. oh, relax, it's just another oniles' little crushes. i suppose you're right. he'd never try anything with maris around. oh, maris is stuck in arizona. e of n i got to get daphne out of there! it's a recipe for disaster. a vulnerable woman and an unstable man in a gothic mansion on a rainy night. the only thing missing is someone shouting "heathcliff!" across the moors. wait for me! you're not coming. i certainly am. no, you're not.
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( passionate piano playing ) oh, dr. crane, you play beautifully. thank you. ( plays dissonant chords ) ( plays two high notes ) i found this in the upstairs guest room. i hope it's all right. i thought you were going to put on some of maris's clothes. you know, something bulky from her wool collection. i was, but she's quite a bit smaller than me. this was all i could find that fit. should i go look for something else? no... yes. no, oh, no... ( hits keys ) ooh! no, no, the important thing is that it's big enough and warm enough and silky enough and... i have to make a phll.
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( thunder rumbling ) ( rings ) one ca frasier: hello, this is dr. frasier crane. i'm listening. ( machine beeps ) niles: frasier, this is niles. if you're there, please pick up. frasier, i'll just keep stalling in case you're there. all right, i guess you're not there. when y in, give me a call, okay? bye. this is stupid. it is not. nothing will happen between them anyway. but what if it does? ou get he's my brother and he loves his wife. i know their marriage is not everyone's cup of tea but on some twisted level it works for them. slow down, you'll miss the turn onto roosevelt. i said you could come but not give directions. i'm telling you which way is faster. roosevelt will add ten minutes. in rain, it's faster. oh, spatial relationships change when it rains? no, thertter traction.
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we wouldn't have to worry if you had all-weather tires like i told you to... e's be we better make this last. it's all that's left of the wood. ( sobbing ) oh, no, don't worry, if this runs out there's an antique sideboard in the drawing room that i think is a reproduction. oh, it's eric, isn't it? i don't why i'm being so silly. we weren't together long enough for anything to really happen. sometimes the most powerful feelings can come from the promise of what might happen. just the anticipation is enough to make all the little hairs on your neck stand on end. dr. crane. yes, daphne. we're losing the fire. no, we're not, it's burning with the heat of a thousand suns! but it's down to its last embers! well, then, i'll put some wood on it. you had to keep pumping gas, and now you flooded it.
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you cannot flood a fuel-injected engine. this is so maddening. we're so close to the house,can see the gargoyles. if we'd taken roosevelt... we'd be stuck on roosevelt. admit you made a mistake. that i . call the auto club i'm making a dash for it. you'll make better time if you take the shortcut by the side of the fountain. is it well, same to you! daphne: i suppose i just fall in love too fast. the minute i feelat spark i just give my heart away. daphne, you must stop being so hard on yourself. what you see as a fault th is also your greatest gift-- to be so open and warm and loving. you're so kind dr. crane. i'm glended up like this tonight. so am i. it's just so nice to be with a man ad we you feel so comfortable with.
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i feel very close to you. i feel very close to you, too, daphne. you know, it's easy being someone you feel close to when you feel close to someone who's so... close. ( thunder, music playing ) dr. cranr glockenspiel has sprung to life. e, you oh, the clock! my god, it hasn't run like this in years! maris will be delighted! maris! you really love her, don't you? you know, i do.
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love is a funny thing, isn't it? sometimes it's exciting and passionate and sometimes it's something else... something comfortable and familiar-- that newly exfoliated little face staring up at you from across the breakfast table sharing a laugh together when you see someone wearing white after labor day. i hope s some man will feel that way about me. oh! daphne, don't worry. you are a very special person omeday and someday a man worthy of you will come along just as soon as the gods create him. that's the loveliest thing anyone has ever said to me. thank you, dr. crane. you're a good friend. ( pounding and screaming ): stop! frasier!
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my god, have you two gone mad? you'll regret this forever. what are you talking about? the two of you here the fire, the candlelight, the nightie! dr. crane, you didn't think that dr. crane and i were... dr. crane! e alon you have some nerve to imply that your brother would do anything so deplorable. why... just moments ago he made a beautiful speech about how much he loves his wife how he cherishes her excruciating little face and how they laugh at white people. that didn't sound right. close enough. i'm sorry, i didn't mean to suggest that... i wasn'tg to imply that you... then what was it you wanted us to stop doing? i wanted you to stop, uh... tryinanding here in silence. a night like this calls for music! daphne, please some wine for all of us. niles, join me at the piano, please. st are you sure everything is all right?
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absolutely. frasier, my glockenspiel is working again. shall we? yes. it's happening n w power gelrsad hey, it's sara. i'm going pro. i've been using crest pro-health for a week. my dentist said it was gonna help transform my mouth. [ male announcer ] go pro. for a clean that's up to four times better try these crest pro-health products together. [ sara ] i've been using crest pro-healt so feels different. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects
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>> the following is a paid presentation for supersmile brought to you by guthy-renker. none of the testimonials
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or dentists in this show have been paid to share their opinions. >> a bright and healthy smile can be your biggest beauty asset. it's one of the first things people notice about you, but if you're embarrassed by your smile because of your stained, discolored, dull teeth it's hard to feel good about yourself. now, you can turn back the clock on your teeth and safely get a naturally whiter, brighter, sexier smile thanks to an astonishing new teeth whitening system. it's time to turn your smile into a supersmile. >> my smile a month ago was more like this. my smile now is more like this. >> the supersmile system works in minutes to safely remove embarrassing stains from your teeth. plus, supersmile actually strengthens your enamel with calcium and helps prevent cavities with fluoride. >> it's taking care of my teeth. my gums feel healthier and my teeth are noticeably whiter, and i say that with a big smile because it really does excite me. it makes me feel great. >> trays, strips
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and professional whitening can be time-consuming and expensive. some may even be damaging and cause sensitivity. and the results start to diminish as soon as you start eating and drinking. many whitening toothpastes scrape away at stains with silica, a type of sand, that can damage your enamel. and tooth enamel doesn't grow back. but now, there's a safe way to whiten your teeth and it's gentle enough to use every day. eat, drink, even smoke and the supersmile system will get your teeth whiter and keep them that way. >> my whole entire mouth just feels so much cleaner and fresher, and it's just-- honestly, almost like my teeth have taken a bath. >> supersmile is clinically shown to whiten teeth nearly five shades in 30 days even if you continue to smoke or drink coffee tea, or red wine. here's the secret. supersmile has a dynamic proprietary ingredient no one else has. it's called "calprox," and it has changed the science of tooth whitening. no more scratching
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and scraping because supersmile with calprox is designed to gently and safely dissolve and lift stains away fast every time you brush. supersmile's dual stain fighting action not only lifts embarrassing stains gently from the surface of your teeth, it even fades stubborn stains deeper in your enamel. you'll never look at tooth whitening the same way again. >> supersmile is the only system, that i am aware of that can have such results such dramatic results in such a short period of time. >> it's a great product developed with science and concern for patients behind it. and i think that's what makes supersmile unique in the industry today. >> the supersmile system works on natural teeth and will even whiten veneers caps, bonding, crowns, and dentures back to their whitest original shade. in fact, 100% of clinical study participants saw results with supersmile. >> you see the results really quickly. you don't have to wait two weeks or a month to see the changes.
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>> i've seen those hard to reach teeth get whiter and i feel myself smiling because of it. >> supersmile has been awarded top honors by the beauty industry including "best whitening toothpaste" and "best at-home whitening innovation." magazines, newspapers, beauty blogs, the media can't stop talking about supersmile. lucky says, "this stuff really works." "you'll get a wow result," promises in style weddings. harper's bazaar raves, "supersmile will give you your whitest possible smile without sensitivity." and usa today says "you'll look like a star." >> there's definitely a lot of buzz with supersmile. it's really the go-to brand if you want great looking teeth, and a beautiful smile. >> the people who read new beauty magazine are very interesd in beauty and in their appearance. what dr. smigel and supersmile have done is they have enabled everyday people to have celebrity smiles. >> supersmile was created by dr. irwin smigel, the father of aesthetic dentistry
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and the only dentist the smithsonian national museum of dentistry has honored with a permanent exhibit dedicated to his countless achievements including the invention of tooth bonding. top celebrities have flocked to dr. smigel's madison avenue office. they know that if you want the best he's the man to see. >> when you smile and that smile is really bright they're looking, they say, "wow, my teeth aren't that white. how do i get 'em like that?" well, supersmile, baby. >> coming up see people just like you try the supersmile system which includes dr. smigel's revolutionary professional activating rods for the very first time. and be blown away by the results they get in just six minutes. >> they are better. >> that's crazy. five to one, a one! >> a shade four, to all the way to number one. >> seven to a two. >> i jumped five shades lighter actually. >> eleven to a four. >> over four million people have brushed with supersmile already
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now it's your turn. to find out more let's join television host and longtime supersmile user lisa mason. >> dr. smigel tells us that whatever will stain a white shirt will stain your teeth. like coffee, chocolate or red wine. when it comes to whitening your teeth, most products like trays, strips, or treatments you get at the dentist are used occasionally and when you stop using them any whiteness and brightness you may have seen begins to fade. the stains start to build up again until you whiten again. this cycle of whitening, fading, and whitening again can actually hurt your teeth by over-bleaching, damaging your enamel and causing sensitivity. now, you can break out of that harmful cycle because supersmile's special ingredient, calprox, whitens safely by gently lifting stains away every time you brush. supersmile does it all. it strengthens enamel, contains fluoride, replaces your regular toothpaste, and takes just minutes a day. and it's the only whitening
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system with calprox. just rinse and brush and you're on your way to a wider, brighter smile. >> i drink coffee. i smoke cigarettes. i drink a lot of red wine, but i believe in the product so completely, and i just-- i can't use anything but supersmile. >> i started using strips, but the thing about strips is that they didn't whiten the back of my teeth. supersmile has made my smile so much brighter, so much shinier, so much whiter, and so much healthier. >> by using supersmile every day i don't have to worry about stains accumulating on my teeth because i know that i'm going to be using the products again and re-whitening my teeth every single day. >> recently, in santa monica california a group of lucky people tried the same supersmile system you're getting at home. they started with the professional activating rods and experienced something we called, "six minutes to a supersmile." >> so, take a look at your before smile. >> okay. >> and say "goodbye" to it. >> goodbye. >> we started by taking everybody's current tooth shade
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with the supersmile shade guide. >> you are about a 12. >> a four. >> eight. >> then we had everyone prep and prime their teeth with the professional activating rods used once a week with the supersmile system. >> the rods were great and it was really easy to use. >> we brush with the supersmile toothpaste and accelerator. rinse with the supersmile pre-rinse then repeat it. and that's it, just six minutes. let's check the shade guide to see results. >> you're like a number two, you have to look in the mirror. >> what? i can't believe it that's incredible. i went from a seven to a two. >> i think she's like a number two. >> oh, i feel like i want to smile all the time. >> you jumped like... five shades. >> yeah. it's pretty much just like my regular nightly routine. it was so easy. >> it was six minutes, six shades, that's about a minute per shade. >> well, i started at three and a half and then i went down to a one. >> there was a huge difference. five to one. a one! >> after the first six minutes of using supersmile the tinge in my teeth was dramatic.
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after a month, my teeth are even whiter, and they feel healthy. they feel good. they feel clean. >> after using supersmile i don't think people can tell that i used to smoke or that i drink coffee on a regular basis. >> i feel like i don't have to worry about a special occasion coming up. and, "oh, are my teeth going to look white?" because i'm constantly with the product the supersmile product maintaining that nice, bright, white smile every day. >> stop being embarrassed by your smile because now you can turn back the clock on your teeth and safely get a naturally whiter brighter, sexier smile. now, you can whiten your teeth safely and gently every day by making the switch to supersmile. the only whitening system with calprox. >> you have time to brush your teeth regularly, right? well, that's all it takes. >> the supersmile system works in minutes to safely remove embarrassing stains from your teeth. supersmile is clinically shown to whiten teeth nearly five shades in 30 days even if you continue to smoke, or drink coffee, tea or red wine.
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plus, supersmile actually strengthens your enamel with calcium, and helps prevent cavities with fluoride. it works on natural teeth, and will even whiten veneers caps, bonding, crowns, and dentures so you can smile with confidence. in fact, 100% of clinical study participants saw results with supersmile. >> the beauty of it is that it contains a number of minerals and products within it that really promote tooth health in addition to enhancing the whiteness and brightness of your tooth. >> here's how supersmile works. start each day with the whitening pre-rinse. this powerful stain reducer makes your mouth minty fresh. and it supercharges the results you'll get from the supersmile professional whitening toothpaste and accelerator. these work together to remove stains in the tooth. surface stains form on a thin layer on your teeth. many products scrape this layer away with silica a type of sand. this can damage your enamel and tooth enamel doesn't grow back. supersmile is safe and gentle
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because it's the only whitening system with the proprietary ingredient, calprox. just a drop each of the toothpaste with calprox, and the whitening accelerator on your drying supersmile toothbrush create a dynamic whitening reaction that gently lifts and dissolves away surface stains. there's nothing else like it. and supersmile doesn't stop there. it also quickly and safely lifts away those older deeper, stubborn stains, within the tooth leaving you with the naturally whiter, brighter, sexier smile you've always wanted. >> i could see, with my own eyes, that my teeth were so much whiter. it was incredible. >> your supersmile system also includes dr. smigel's patented toothbrush. its unique, inverted v-shaped bristles clean the hard to reach areas between your teeth and gums. and listen to this your supersmile system includes five professional activating rods to jump start your supersmile in just six minutes. >> they really mean it. it is six minutes. ha-ha-ha!
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>> i was like eight, and that's pretty yellow. now i'm three. >> this easy to use design dispenses just the right amount of an incredibly effective cleansing agent that is the same amazing whitening formula dr. smigel uses in his office. use once a week, or before a special occasion and then brush normally for a dazzling smile. >> i just rub it across my teeth, leave it on, then i come out and i brush and, amazing. so white. >> messy trays and awkward strips don't whiten all the way to your gum line. abrasive paste can damage your enamel. professional whitening can cause sensitivity, and may cost $500 or more per treatment. and every one of these methods will have you stuck in a recurring cycle of whitening and fading. but now you can get a whiter brighter, healthier smile safely with supersmile for only $39.95. and it gets even better. when you call and order in the next 16 minutes you'll get three fantastic bonus gifts absolutely free! the supersmile quickee instant whitening polish with calprox. just smooth a drop over your teeth when you're


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