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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 10, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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on the marker of the biggest protest day. immigration activis aret are gathering all over the area and one is in the south bay and robert lin is live. >> reporter: it has been an intense and emotional day. and we are hear with sakered hartley sacred heart. and we are hearing stories about families about the families. and they was a rally that marched downtown to bring focus on the families.
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some children of immigrants told touching stories. >> i was brought here when i was eight-months old from my mother and she carried me on one hand and her brother on the other and did whatever she could to bring us here. and i see her not as a criminal but a hero. >> my parents brought me at the age of five and taught me to better myself and help my community. >> reporter: despite some of the emotions we have seen, some people said they were sympathetic, but didn't want to see the people get a fast-track to citizenship. live in san jose, channel two news. >> california attorney general
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talked about the privacy issues for inno vativation. >> to work together to figure out how we can balance all of the legitimate interest that are at play when we talk about the need for the consumer to have information and with that information to create the balance to determine what they want to give up for what they get. >> this is the first perm fop the automaker gm is back on the facebook site. they have been introducing new
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tools and it could be a sign their tools are working. yahoo and apple are looking at ways yahoo services could play a role on the ipad and they are exploring new things for more news and sports preloaded. on wall street both hit all times highs, the dow added 128 points. a florida couple is arrested after kidnapping their two sons and taking them to cuba.
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the four were handed over after being spotted on a sail boat. a chance to hit it big the new lottery game that is in california the drawing taken tonight and the record it set for the first day. >> and adult behavior in children's movies and why it could have real-life consequences.
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a group of fossilized embryos has researches excited and they are from a long neck dinosaur and there may be clues how they developed from the stages in the eggs and they are the same age as the oldest ones found in south afriaca. researchers have foubd found a way to make mouse brains transparent
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and it will help speed up research ten to a thousand times. and they are looking to apply to to other research areas. >> the number of smoking scenes in movies has doubled and this comes after the surgeon general says watching smoking can cause teens to take up the habit themselves. the study was funded by anti-smoking ability company. the increasing problem of pick pocketing has the workers on protest. the museum is closed and they will not say when it will
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reopen. have you bought a ticket? it is at 7:59 tonight and the first time the california people can play this. $3.1 million has been brought in and the odds are one in 175 million. justices going to far? we heard about the expenses paid for by tax pairs. >> temps tending down and things are cooler, how much? i will let you know.
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happening now, the scene above san francisco federal building at 7th and mission. and you see the people gathering to support immigration reform and people in the bay area are calling on lawmakers to create immigration reform. we will be joined later on with the specific demands at six. new at five, congressional leaders accused the justice department of laundering money
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on lavish things. >> this is the house committee and weigate got these eye-popping numbers. and in some cases explanations. >> reporter: grant money spent on a pizza party and more on event planners to organizes events. and the justice department hasn't kept a close enough eye on the cash it distributes. they do like the federal grant money. >> everybody likes it. >> reporter: using audits to show overpriced food, coffee costing $12 a cup and soda at
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$six a serving. . and private flights for the ag and then the democrats pounced saying they had no chance. >> can an ag fly commercial if they want to? >> they are supposed to fly on secure means of transportation. >> reporter: they mentioned they are cutting back on conferences but no mention of the food and beverages. >> this statement into the newsroom after the hearing "in june 2012 the department issued a more restrictive spending policy on conference planning "
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anthony wiener is thinking about getting back into politics after leaving over online events that went public. the online learning company is helping schools expand and the governor of california state university says the online learning program reaches younger generations more affectively. >> people are open to argument and interested in this new form of learning in a world that is is changing as rapidly as any
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other time. saving the environment and generating power one calorie at a time. they are using exercise to power. they collected 19 machines to grid and each pedal helps power the entire campus. >> the more you challenge yourself the more power you will build. >> the program began about four-months ago and enough energy has been accumulated to power a house for two-days. the power line car is celebrating their anniversary. 1878 was the first rider and a table car bell ringing challenge was held to celebrate. the vice president of union bank
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rang it has many times as he can and for each dollar he donated to the museum. $3,000 were raised. let's check in with bill martin. what a day to be out on car. >> if you are a tourist on this day, you are getting a good day. beautiful spring weather record in santa rosa. and 83 in walnut creak. the weather system, not bringing rain, but it will cool us off and it will increase the fog along the coast and drop the temperatures. here is the record in santa rosa at 85 and napa 85 as well. and antioch was coming up on high 80s. tomorrow temperatures trend down a few and as we go into the
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weekend, it stays there and mild. the forecast for the bay area weekend is dry and mainly in the 70s and near 90 today in some places. the coastal fog continues and the weekend is more of the same, mild nice spring weather. and lots of 50s and 60s in the morning. and upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow. records in places and the warmest day of the week. the high hasn't established itself and the low tweaks through and drops the temperatures rapidly and might bring showers to lake tahoe. and fog and low clouds.
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and here we are at 4 o'clock in the morning tomorrow, and here are some clouds. and cooler, but warm. forecast highs napa 73 and fairfield 73. and 75 in clear lake, so the numbers are down, but heck of a nice day tomorrow. along the coast the fog is coming back, so forget the 70s you are back into the low 60s and 70s. no major rain events in the for seeable futures. so we are stuck with the totals. >> a few people in the newsroom cranked on the ac. >> i had it on in the car coming in. a 9-11 call that has made a girl a hero and we will play it
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for you. and serious history more the discoverry discovery is named nextism
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we have the 9-11 call of a girl that called for help her sick mother. she is going to be recognized for her actions. >> she can't breathe and it
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falling over. >> i will stay on the phone with you. >> and like sometimes she was like falling and fainting. >> lexi lewis called 9-11 and calmly spoke with the disapacher. >> he said to take nice, easy breaths. she said she is trying. >> help arrived and her mother is fine. the entire family will be recognized as part of the 911 for kids local 911 hero problem. traces of ancient rome found in london. a big has uncovered tablets coins and pottery and leather boots and a possible piece from a charriot.
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it has been dubbed the pompeii of the north and opens a window of what it was like for romans in london. a teacher is on leave after this video surfaced of her action in the classroom and the behavior being called into question tonight at six.
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good evening a brawl on a bart train was broken up by a by-stander who used a stun gun on one of the men. rob myth smith is live. >> reporter: it happened here and a female passenger broke it up when she zapped the person who started it with a stun gun. it started at about 7:30 when a
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man was spread across two seats and a man asked him to make room so he could sit down and the man became aggressive. >> he received a call of someone with another person in a head lock on one of our trains at the pleasant hill station. >> reporter: and then a third person got involved. a woman packing one of these and zapped him. >> it was a good deed and helped this victim from getting hurt more than they were. >> reporter: he was treated and charge would battery on a passenger. and the police say she didn't commit any crime. they need to have direct contact unlike tasers.
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>> as long as they are old enough that is fine. >> you have to set aside your fear and whatever you might be afraid would happen to you and just go for it. >> reporter: if convicted zackry mccabe could face a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. reporting live. activist are taking to the street for immigration reform. eric is live where he has been following the crowd. >> reporter: the rally is just starting to break up and here is live picture. we are down to maybe a dozen
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people, they had gathered in large numbers. here is video of what we recorded in the last hour down on the ground. the large crowd has been hearing speeches and specific demands of lawmakers, they want a fair road to citizen ship, due process in the immigration system and reform boarder enforcement and protection of workers. hundreds marched down market street and it is part of a day of action around the country to push for immigration reform. and protesters are still fighting for documentation and we talked to a teacher who has been working with immigrants since the 1980s. >> the voice's of people is critical and the nation, because of the election has a new ear for what


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