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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 15, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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hello. i'm frank mallicoat. the parents of a saratoga girl wh good afternoon. i'm elizabeth wanger. >> i'm frank malaco. the parents of that sar toe atoga girl whose suicide has drawn national attention just announced they're filing lawsuit.harrington tells us
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her parents didn't know about the attack until after her memorial service. >> reporter: after they found out they hired an attorney and team of investigators who say 8 months later they have enough evidence to prove that assault happened and it's what drove audrie to take her own life. the parents of audrie pott plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against two of her former schoolmates accused of sexual assault. she committed suicide after graphic images of her spun around. she drank too much alcohol and fell asleep in a bedroom. she woke up to find evidence she had been sexual assaulted while asleep. the boys took photos. audrie sent messages through her facebook page saying her life was ruined. a week after that party she killed herself. these photos were the key piece of evidence
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that led to the arrest that happened on thursday. the three 16-year-olds are in custody in juvenile halls. audrie parents wanted to share her story and raise awareness about bullying and sexual assault. >> it's very difficult to know what's going on in their world because they keep it from us. i think that audrie did try to reach out to some of her friends for help but she didn't reach out to an adult that knew how to handle the gravity of this situation. i think if she did she would still be with us. >> reporter: this case echoes the student rape case in ohio where two teenage football players were accused of 16-year-old. a photo circulated of shows that girl undressed. last week a 17-year-old girl in canada hung herself more than a yeat a house party. this cas also went viral. the three teenagers will
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have a detention hearing tomorrow. their attorney is denying any connection between what happened at that party and audrie's suicide. alisa harrington. >> thanks. a candle light vigil is plan ned this coming friday. it will be at saratoga high school at 8:00 at night. more details will be posted this week on her facebook page for more details. an east bay firefighter was grazed by a bullet while on the job this morning. berkeley firefighters and paramedics were called to a home around 1:30 a.m. when an elderly man's medical alert device triggered emergency services. the man began shooting at them. one firefighter was struck by gunfire but wasn't hurt thanks to a piece of equipment he was wearing. >> this firefighter happened to be wearing this, it's something routinely worn on a waistband or belt.
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that's where he had this particular one. a bullet struck it and that prevented him from having more significant injuries. >> the 88-year-old man who fired the shots is now being evaluated. investigators are trying to learn if he lured the firefighters to his home or accidentally set off his medical alert device. checking in on other news, san jose police are searching for a hit and run driver who injured a police officer near the hp pavilion. a man leaving a concert found a burglar in his car, which was parked in a near by lot. they believe the suspect then jumped into his own car and took off. right before hitting the officer who was directing traffic that officer is recovering with a broken leg. police are looking for a person who slammed a stolen car into a staples. dri crashed into the office supply store after 5:00 this morning before making off with goods. when officers arrived they found
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a green honda which had been reportedly stolen in berkeley. investigators are searching through surveillance video and interviewing witnesses that may have seen the suspect get away. a new phase of construction is starting today on the bart rail extension to san jose. that means several lane closures an detours in the coming days. future work will effect traffic on some other busy streets as well like dixon landing road and capital expressway. the first leg of the extension from fremont down to san jose is scheduled to open in 2018. hold onto your hats. we got a pretty breezy start to the work week. >> that's right. it looks like the winds are going to pick up later on; is that right? >> yes. we're see ago bit of a -- seeing a bit of a breeze outside right now. by afternoon the winds
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will be kicking into high gear and it's going to be blueser ri. you can see some trees blowing there in the breeze. we did have a weak weather front make its way through over night left showers behind. now the winds are beginning to pick up. gusts at sfo of 21 miles per hour, 16 in santa rosa. wind advisories are now in effect for much of the bay area. we could see gusts to 45 miles an hour near the coastline. more if -- in a few minutes. a southern california aids organization is taking on meningitis. >> this comes after the death of man from west hollywood. the aids health care foundation says starting today it will offer free vaccines for bacterial meningitis. they will be offered at clinics in west hollywood and los angeles. >> more than anything,'t want this to become the perfect
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storm. >> a 33-year-old gay died saturday night while hospitalized with meningitis. the case prompted west hollywood officials to issue a warning toly active gay men. it spread through close contract. an 8-year-old boy is recovering after he suffered cardiac arrest while playing baseball this weekend. witnesses saw the boy get hit in the chest by a pitch and then collapse after taking a few steps towards 1st base. two off duty paramedics got his heart beated again. he's expected to be okay. some new revelations ability safety practicing. pge slashed spending on pipe life safety in the 3 years before the 2010 disaster that killed three
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people. e-mails show the engineers warned them they were attempting fate. now regulators and advocates are using those messages as part of their claim the company should be heavily fined. the price at the pump continues to fall. that's according to gas buddy. the national average is $3.53 a gallon. compare to the oakland where it's $3.95 for a gallon of unloaded. in san francisco it's $4.08. check out these numbers. huge dip. rite now the -- right now the down is down about 225 points. the dow is falling as oil and other prices plunge. we'll have more on this in our later newscast. today is tax day. deadline for filing your some bay area post offices will be open late to help people get that last minute postmark. they include the main services in san
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francisco, oak land and san jose. you can file for an extension question but that doesn't delay payment if you owe money. " ( ( " " (
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e injured. this is at the finish line of the boston marathon, which was being run today. we are told that police have courted off and locked down a hotel near by. some people being removed there you can see in wheelchairs. this videotape is just coming into us. this was recorded only a few minutes ago. several people apparently down at the finish line of the boston marathon being treated by emergency workers there. if you've just tuned into us, we understand that there has been at least one and perhaps two explosions at the finish line of the boston marathon.
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this occurred within the last half hour. witnesses describe the explosions as one coming right after the other and sounding like thunder. we have no indication at this moment how many people have been injured. from the videotape it is clear that several people have been injured, at least to some degree. there's no indication of whether anyone might have been killed in these explosions and, again we do not yet know caused this. what you're looking at is the finish line of the boston marathon which was being run today as rescue workers converge in this area to help as manyle asbly can. we're going to stay with this for a few minutes. you're looking at videotape that was recorded within the last half hour as a apparently two explosions struck the finish line at the boston marathon. we
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have been in touch with boston authorities. they are scrambling to help the wounded and have not been able to get us the way of information at this point in time. we are looking at videotape that was shot on the ground and from a roof camera near by in the immediate after math of the explosions. we are seeing this videotape for the first time as you are. people apparently down, conscious but injured by whatever might have caused this explosion. this is apparently the center of where the explosion occurred very near the finish line there in boston. authorities have not been able to tell us what might have
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caused all of this, whether it might have been an accident of some kind like a gas main break or whether this had been a deliberate attack on the boston marathon. we do not know, we do not have that information at this point. we are watching this come in as you are. this has occurred in the last half hour or so. there will be a lot more that we know here shortly. we have our correspondents on the telephone with various people. we spoke to some people at our affiliate station wbz whos the exploss joining us from our washington bureau. what are you hearing? >> we have to be careful here to tell people that we don't have a complete picture at all of what's going on in boston. the information is very, very preliminary. right now the federal government is just getting ramped up in the sense
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of getting all of its command centers and control rooms together to try to figure out what this is. the preliminary cut of information and i everyone size capital p there are about a dozen people hurt. that's the first word back to the federal government, about a dozen people hurt. no confirmed fatality right now. y -- fatalities right now. there's been no claims of responsibility. as a starting point, a high ranking official in the government told me just a moment ago there's been no claims of responsibility. this is a very fluid situation. the information is going to change many many times over the coming hours as we get more information as we go. >> thanks. get back on the phone, talk to your sources as we get more information we will pass it along. bob, thank you very much. we have a picture now of what we believe was one of the explosions. this is the still -- yes you can see a
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still shot now. this picture just coming into the news room. this is apparently the moment of one of the explosions right there on the finish line of the boston marathon. bob orr speaking to his sources have told us that at least 12 people have been hurt. we do not know whether will anyone has been killed in these explosions. there's been no claim of responsibility if, in deed, it was a deliberate act which we do not know yet. what you are seeing now is the boston police response. this is the immediate after math of these explosions whichthe last half hour. we have been able the see in the videotape that's coming into us various people clearly injured but conscious as they have been treated lying next to the line there at the boston marathon. let's look at the still photograph that
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seems to have captured the moment of an explosion at the finish line. here it is again. this apparently captures the moment within . witnesses say there were two explosions, one blast followed shortly thereafter by another. some witnesses described it as sounding like thunder. bob orr has been talking to his sources in washington. what do you know now? >> well, the information is coming in slowly. we're told now that of course the race is going on there the runners have been redirected and police are putting out some alerts in the boston area for the crowd there and for the runners as well. people are being urged right now to stay away from trash bins, garbage cans. we do not know where this explosion or explosions originated. we have heard of events where explosive devices have been stowed in containers. this is not based
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on intelligence, but people are being asked to stay away. coply square has been evacuated because there are fears of course there could be other events in the offing. oftentimes whenever you get into a situation like this the facts are few so rumors can sometimes take over. we will see a number of potential false alarms, bad tips bad leads. they have to take this as seriously as possible as have to take all due precautions. we're in the opening minutes of whatever it is that's going on there. the police is putting it together as they can. for the moment, runners being redirected, people in boston being told to stay away from anything where there could be concealment specifically trash bins. >> thank you very much. we'll put you back on the
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air as soon as you have information. thank you for all of that. the associated press is reporting that bloody spectators have been carried to the medical tent. police were runningitthe explosio to, as bob was telling us, warn runners away from the finish line area. runnerimself frank from quote, there are a lot of people down. now, we hav bee able see that in this videotape. this is boil street in boston, the finish line of the boston marathon. many people have been injured in what witnesses are describing as two explosions. bob orr has told us at least a dozen, probably more persons have been injured. we do not have any confirmation at this point of fatalities there. we now have on the phone cbs
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producer chily atwood. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you i was here at the marathon. i was standing there. on my left a huge explosion went off. we ran to the right and then we saw the second explosion. it looked like it was coming out of the store front. suddenly there were four people on the ground around us and a police officer carrying a child in his hands. i have some photos of those. i'm not sure if anyone has died yet. more reports will be coming. >> was there child injured as best you can tell? >> yes. it was a young boy. he looked like he was about 3 years old.
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>> now, kiley, help us understand where was the explosion as it relates to the finish line? there's a photo stand where photographers take pictures of the winners. is that roughly where the explosion was? >> yeah. it looks like the first one went off right next to the finish line. the second one went off if one off. it was meter can the explosions sounded like and what, if anything, did you see? >> the f ally loud noise. it almost sounded like it was a celebration of sorts. we looked to our left and suddenly there was smoke everywhere, people screaming. that's when everyone started running. you could smell kind of a sulphur type sensation in the air. that's when you knew it was bad. >> and how long after that did the second explosion occur? >> the second explosion
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occurred i'd say maybe 3 minutes later. i'm not exactly sure because we were running around and a little bit scared. >> now we're listening to kiley atwood, a cbs news producer in boston, a witness to the explosions. if you're just joining us now many people have been injured at the boston marathon right at the finish line where there were two loud explosions. we have a photograph here that apparently caught the moment in time of one of those explosions. it is just off the street in the sidewalk area near the finish line. again, many people have been injured. we've been seeing them on videotape being removed from the area. we do not know whether anybody has been killed. we do not know what has caused these two explosions. at least 12 people have been hurt.
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we are told by the authorities that. judging from the videotape, i suspect that that number is going to go up. we have seen many people who are hurt who are bleeding but are also conscious. you can see there in the videotape in the background many windows have been blown out of the buildings there along the street and by the finish line. apparently very powerful explosions there. this is videotape that was shot within the last half hour of the immediate after math of these two soldiers are pulling debris out of the way so rescue workers can get the injured lying on the sidewalk there athee of the boston marathon. the winners of the marathon ran through there sometime ago. many many runners were on the course that are still on the source finishing up t marathon today. bob orr has told that he has
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spoken to his sources in federal law enforcement and so far there's no indication of anyone accepting any kind of responsibility for this, if in deed it is some sort of deliberate attack. we do not that. still, of course, a possibility that this was an accident of some kind. the explosion appeared to originate at or near a hotel right next to the finish line. police have coordinated off that hotel. the information that we have is still coming in, still a little bit sketchy so far. do we still have kiley on the telephone? can you still see the area from where you are? can you still describe what you're seeing at
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the moment? sorry, we've lost kiley. she's gone out to find out as much as she can and report back to us as quickly as she is. this is videotape of victims being removed. everyone that we have seen in the videotapes so far appears to be conscious. there's no word on whether anyone might have been killed in this. the wounds appear to be somewhat super official among the people on the videotape that has been coming into the news room. bob orr has been talking to his sources. what are you hearing now? >> the information is tough to come by. the government as you might imagine is in a scramble like everyone else trying to figure out what they're up against here. we try to make one point and we have to be careful that we're dealing with very very few facts and just some raw pictures. a short time ago we showed you what looked to be a picture of one of the explosions going off.
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one thing that struck me and i was talking to another person, is the explosion looks to be two things here. it's at ground level obviously and also it looks to fairly small blast radius. you can't read a lot into that. it could be even from a manhole cover. i have to you though that does not look -- i just emphasize this is speculative. it does not like like natural gas explosions that we've seen in the past. the department of homeland security is on this. the justice department is mobilizing the fbi. right now we have to wait. people are desperate for information. we have to wait for them to get on location. they have people there to try to get basic intelligence in these early minutes as to what might be going on. the other priority scott and this is really important you have a very big public event there today, the boston marathon in boston, a major metro area. hundreds of thousands of people
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in the city if not more than that. there is a real concern -- i mean, a very real concern that whatever this is, if it was something that was purposely set by someone this may not be the end of it. we could have something else out there. because of that, in addition to responding to this scene and setting up treatment they have to be on guard. we don't know if this was an accident, an act of nature, an act of god or an act of man. until we get basic facts, the police are going to be in a very, very high, ready position. it goes without saying the city folks and the federal partners are all very, very nervous because they do not have the answers to the questions. >> thanks very much. we're getting more information in the news room minute by minute.
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the city area hospitals have gone on disaster alert and been told to expect multiple causalities in their emergency rooms. we have seen more than a people in the videotape wounded. this is near that moment next to finish line athemarathon. this is right where one of the explosions occurred. the windows in that building that you see in the backgroun blown out. youcan see the glass on the sidewalk there. apparently two explosions have wounded many people at the boston marathon. this still photograph captures the moment when one of the explosions occurred. this is boil ston street. this is where the finish line is. ston street. this is where
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the finish line is. this blast on the walk or coming out of the building was captured in this photograph. witnesses reported two explosions, one of our reporters near the scene believed that she heard the second explosion at least a couple of minutes after the first one. we do not know if it was intentional or accident. clearly, more than a dozen people have been injured in this. we do not have any confirmed fatalities in any of
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this so far. these are early minutes. we're going to be learning a great deal more as the day wears on. you can see at least one person in the stretcher going into an ambulance. it looks like the ambulance service has set up a position. it is there for sending people to aid the more severely wounded would be going into the ambulances, the hospitals have been told to expect many causalities. boston marathon is being run today. the winners had already gone through the finish line. finis line but there were many other runners thousands of runner on the field still running through the city heading for the finish line when these two explosions occurred. we are told that ateast several children have been
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hurt. there were a mass of spectators around finish line as you might have imagined. we have seen many peop


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