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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a suspect was in custody. >> source tells me an arrest has been made in the investigation here in boston. >> suspect identified has now been arrested. >> we would assume that -- i have just been told an arrest has been made. they identified the suspect based on surveillance video and they are taking further steps. we have a second source so first source of an arrest has been made in this investigation. a dramatic shift. >> all right. within an hour, the fbi put out a statement denying an arrest had been made. as we said, investigate, may be closer than ever. vinita nair reports from boston. >> reporter: we have the latest on this ongoing investigation. we now know just moments ago the third scheduled press conference has now been canceled. not rescheduled. so canceled indefinitely. nevertheless, it has been a very busy day in terms of the investigation with some very big developments. reporter: a law enforcement source has confirmed to cbs
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news that a suspect in the boston marathon bombings has been identified in surveillance video. the suspect is a young man who appears to be dropping a black bag carrying the second bomb that exploded near the finish line. investigators say the suspect in the video is wearing a gray hoodie and a baseball cap turned backwards. the suspect was on his cell phone when the first bomb went off. he is then seen quickly leaving the scene. according to cbs sources, investigators zeroed in on the suspect using cell phone records that showed who was making calls in the area at that exact time. investigators in hazardous materials suits searched the scene of the bombings today. fbi photos show the remains of an explosive device including twisted pieces of metal, charred wires and a battery. one photo shows a half inch nail and part of a zipper stained with blood. they are being analyzed at fbi headquarters in virginia now. investigators say the devices were pressure cooker bombs packed with shrapnel. the lid of one apparently blew
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to a nearby roof. the explosions left three people dead and more than 170 injured. doctors performed amputations on many and removed chunks of debris. >> some are metal, some plastic, some wood, some are concrete. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady will travel to boston tomorrow to attend a memorial service for the victims. authorities have been very careful to say that they are not telling us if this person is a suspect but he is certainly someone they are hoping they will have a chance to speak to. in addition to the characteristics, the gray hooded sweatshirt and the black jacket, we know about his physical description. 6 to 6'2", medium build. live in boston, vinita nair. back to you. it's not just law enforcement poring over the bomb evidence photographs. a bay area company saw those same photos and recognized one component as one of its own. new pictures released from the bombing site show a sub c3,000
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battery made by tennergy based in fremont. the battery appears to be attached to black and red wires through the broken plastic cap. a spokesman for the company says the discovery cast a pall over their employees. >> appalled and shocked. these batteries are largely used for toys. rc cars and trucks. to see it used in sufficient a way just horrifying in such a way. >> the company says the battery in question was manufactured in china and is available in the united states. mostly hobby stores and online. the company is cooperating with the fbi. police agencies from around the country are helping the boston investigators piece together the evidence. kpix 5's ken bastida joins us live from boston. >> reporter: how are you doing, allen? we are at the westin hotel where, as you heard from vinita nair, the third news conference has been canceled now. the room was full of reporters from not only here in the u.s.
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but all around the world. no new information tonight, in terms of what the federal investigators are telling us. meanwhile, the main story is still back out on the street where boston police have had a heck of a week by any standard. but they haven't had to go it alone. reporter: the security response to the blasts monday were almost instantaneous. police, fire, national guard, all descending on boston within minutes. in the ensuing days, police have come in from all over the country, guys like new york city police officer vinnie zapola, just to help out on his day off. >> i'm sure they're tired. you know, i said to one of the guys this morning, i said, you know, at the end of your 12 when you go home, you'll be stressed out but give your loved ones a hug. that helps. >> reporter: he and his partner troy lopez were cooking up burgers for their boston brothers when they heard the
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news that a suspect has been identified. and that's when they fired up something else. >> kind of like a yeah! a celebration, good, we got him. >> reporter: what's kind of cool about this story is that you have a situation where san francisco police have actually had a great deal to do with the success out here. maybe in a small measure but what they were able to do was provide pizza for the boston police department officers who are out on the street last night. good for our guys helping out in boston. in boston, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> thank you. about a dozen victims of the bombings still remain in critical condition including two children. an 11-year-old boy from martinez continues to improve in a boston hospital. aaron hern's mother says her son opened his eyes a couple of times. he was scheduled to have surgery today and may remain in
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boston for at least a week. the martinez community is holding several fundraisers for aaron at local restaurants and businesses across town. the senate has defeated a bipartisan plan to expand background checks on gun sales. the measure had 54 yes votes, but in truth it needed 60 to beat a republican filibuster. it of course was backed by president obama. but it faced fierce opposition from the national rifle association. the president called it a shameful day for washington. >> there were no arguments why we wouldn't do this. it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. so they caved to the pressure. they started looking for an excuse any solution to vote no. >> reporter: the president pinned the blame on a small minority of republican senators
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but five democrats also opposed the plan. >> it's a positive step and a good step forward for police. >> reporter: in the age of social media, anyone can be a crime fighter. how regular citizens are piecing together countless photos in hopes of catching the boston bomber. >> the initial investigation pointed towards white supremacists. tonight a bizarre twist in the murders of two texas district attorney's. >> still breezy this afternoon for many of you but temperatures are milder and we're sunny to the coast. a live look outside at ocean beach and at the bay bridge. we have mainly sunny skies. we have 80s in the forecast. find out when they begin and where they will be coming up. >> plus, a coordinated act of sabotage in the south bay. the target, power and communications. if you remember 2009, you might be thinking, this isn't the first time. br ,,,,,,
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suspected ricin- tainted les sent to president obama and tainted letters sent to president obama and a u-s senator: breaking news in the case
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of suspected ricin tainted letters sent to president obama and a u.s. senator. law enforcement have taken a person into custody in tupelo, mississippi. letters are signed ikc and i approve this message. one was addressed to the president and the other to mississippi senator roger wicker. the letters were intercepted tuesday before they could reach their intended targets. senate mail delivery is suspended for two days as a precaution. it may have been one of the more photographed crimes in history. immediately boston police turned to social media for clues about the bombings. but that effort has not stopped with police. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us the work of the new armchair investigators. reporter: more cell videos and pictures, maybe hundreds of thousands now on the web, one who goes by 4 chan think tank now han 1.2 million hits and that's doubled in just three
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hours. it has detailed photos of several people with backpacks in and around the marathon finish line. this is a whole new world of police work not involving police. >> definitely social media has changed police work. >> reporter: sfpd officers say all you have to do is go back to the world series celebration last year when a muni bus was torched. people sent in all kinds of video and pictures. >> subsequently they were identified and arrested and are held responsible for the crimes that they committed. >> reporter: because of that, police ted a website known as the line-up which features video of crimes sent in by the public and it's already resulted in arrests. >> it's a positive step and a good step forward for police. >> reporter: a digital rights group in washington sued when cell phone service was shut down during a bart protest last year. police using cell video? okay, he says. but there are concerns.
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>> we need to be very careful about protecting people's privacy and protecting our respect for the law and due process and not setting what could be some really bad precedent. >> reporter: police were asking to copy people's memory cards at the boston airport before leaving town. they didn't have to. could they feel compelled? could video not posted on the web be subpoenaed? could people be suspects when they are not? it's a brave new world being sorted out. mike sugerman kpix 5. a person has been charged in connection with the murder of two district attorney's. kim williams has been charged with capital murder held on a $10 million bond. her husband, eric williams, was also arrested last week. authorities have been recovering threatening emails and several weapons from a
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storage locker rented by mr. williams. he was accused of stealing county computers last year and authorities say the victims were involved in his prosecution. they went for your electric and phone lines. they almost succeeded on both counts. the latest on south bay sabotage and why investigators are looking at a similar case a few years ago. >> as we await word on the whether the bay bridge will open on time, new information on how those bad bolts were installed without the proper testing. ,,
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(male announcer) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit utility equipment in sheriff's investigators say there are still no suspects in an apparent case of sabotage on utility equipment in south santa clara county. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us at&t's offering a big reward in hopes of finding whoever did it. len. reporter: it is a big reward, allen. $250,000 now being offered by at&t for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for what now appears to be a very well planned coordinated attack. >> i think anytime you try to take out a critical infrastructure, i would say that's sabotage. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff lori smith says two attacks again power and telecom
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utilities yesterday were almost certainly done by the same person or persons. >> i think it was an intentional act. i think someone went to a lot of work to do it. so i don't know what kind of sabotage, but certainly it was an attempt to take down phones, data and power. >> reporter: it started after 1 a.m. when someone climbed down a manhole and cut fiber optic cables under monterey highway near san jose. then a high-powered rifle was used to shoot up transformers near the metcalf substation a half mile from the first incident. the suspects were gone and the damage was done. >> it initially impacted the 911 system. >> reporter: the city of gilroy lost its 911 system for the whole day but continued service on a backup system. in morgan hill, you couldn't make a phone call. >> phone service was disrupted or completely not available for many of the morgan hill residents. >> tried to call my wife. she couldn't answer the phone. >> reporter: thousands of at&t and verizon cell phone
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customers as well as banks and other institutions had no service. >> take out banks, take out the 911 numbers, it's horrible. >> reporter: the disruptions were similar to an incident in 2009, when suspects entered a manhole to cut fiber optic lines in south san jose. no suspects were arrested. >> very close with san jose on this also to see if there may be a relationship. >> reporter: in that 2009 case, and the case yesterday, investigators said that whoever did it, allen, had some inside knowledge of how these systems worked because there's a lot of cables underground. they knew which ones to get as well as with the transformers, they were very targeted at specific pieces of equipment so that reward is out, $250,000, might be looking for somebody who has that kind of inside knowledge. >> should tell them something. thank you, len. oakland police have arrested five teenaged boys in connection with the slaying of a san jose paramedic. the juveniles were reportedly cutting class when they
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approached quinn boyer in the oakland hills midday on april 2nd and shot him in the head. police say the teens, ages 14 to 16, randomly targeted him. hundreds of friends, family and city leaders, including oakland mayor jean quan, showed up at a memorial service for boyer in oakland yesterday. caltrans did not conduct tests that could have revealed problems with the bolts that failed on the new eastern span last month. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the tests were originally ordered in 2008 but were never done. caltrans also had quality concerns with the maker of the bolts dyson corporation out of ohio. experts believe the bolts failed because they weren't coated properly. that allowed hydrogen to get in, making the bolts brittle. well, at the very least, it's bigger than ever. but it's more than that. the world-renowned san francisco exploratorium is open. today's grand opening or pier 15 started as an idea on pier
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15. $300million in renovations later it is three times the size of the old building which is enough room for 150 new exhibits for visitors of all ages to touch, play and invent. >> a good field trip. >> i have a great idea. i just need $300 million. >> all right. if you got in the sun and avoided the wind, you were fine. but it was chilly in the shade. we'll see the wind go away and the 80s come back for some of you as soon as tomorrow. mild temperatures now, not complaint territory but with the breeze doesn't feel like 67 in san jose. doesn't feel like 72 in santa rosa. oakland you're at 70, concord currently 69 degrees, downtown san francisco 63. radar clear for the next seven days, the skies all the way to the coastline will be clear all day long for the next seven days. this is a massive ridge of high
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pressure moving in. temperatures tonight a lot milder than this morning. vallejo 48. fremont 46. mountain view tomorrow morning 47. san francisco down to 51. let's talk about this ridge. it is now finally moving in. remember that area of low pressure that moved through a couple of days ago causing a big snowstorm in denver? their snowiest month is april because things like this happens. low pressure moving out, high pressure moving in. winds will relax. the 25 miles per hour will be a comfortable 5-mile-an-hour breeze tomorrow. so the offshore wind begins to take shape tomorrow. that's key to us because when the wind is not coming from the cold pacific ocean, it can get very mild around here. tomorrow that will begin. then high pressure drops anchor right offshore not going to move for at least a week perhaps as long as two weeks. what that means for you, widespread temperatures five to 10 degrees above average and full sunshine from start to finish even at the coastline. so no morning fog, no morning low cloud cover. temperatures warming up tomorrow, slow but steady all the way into next week and even
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at the coast next week we'll have highs into the 70s. widespread upper 70s close to 80 tomorrow. san jose 77. oakland 77. 78 for los gatos. los altos 78. hayward 74. looking well into the 70s for san rafael, novato, alameda, san leandro. downtown san francisco getting close to 70 degrees tomorrow. friday sunshine, saturday sunshine. sunday sunshine. 80s inland. close to 80 near the bay. and close to 70 along the coast. next week, if anything, it gets warmer. widespread mid-80s away from the water and at the coast we will likely be in the low 70s. despite the fact that we have nothing but sunshine in the forecast, there are also showers in the forecast. roberta gonzales is live with the mobile weather lab to tell us all about it. >> reporter: yes, today we took mobile weather into the hills of oakland. there you have it right there. we are parked at chabot space
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and science center where currently, it's 63 degrees. the winds have finally settled down so it's feeling good. joining me i have some future astronomers. and the last time i was joined with this cast and crew here was back in january we were talking about a meteor shower show that really never happened that well because we had a lot of clouds and cold overnight temperatures for viewing. but now we have another meteor shower show that started last night and will be happening through the weekend. so coming up at 6:00, we have a local astronomer from chabot space and science center. he will be telling us what night the meteor shower will peak and what part of the sky you should be looking at. we'll be talking about the weather conditions for that viewing party. spring is in the air so it's going to be a better condition for viewing of the meteor shower. reporting from chabot space and science center with my buddies here the future astronomers, roberta gonzales for mobile weather and kpix 5.
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>> i don't know, but they're at least star. >> perfect weather for star gazing. >> good job, guys. >> i don't think she is talking to us. >> they did do a good job. >> they did. all right. your kids may love them. you may have shelled out money for concert tickets. several reasons you might want to say no if your kids want the justin bieber debit card. >> don't be a believer. >> no. ,,
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debit card being marketed to young people is getting a lf celebrity endorsements are nothing new but a new partnership and relationship between a teen idol and prepaid debit card being marketed to youngsters is getting attention. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts takes a look at whether it's a good deal. reporter: when justin bieber sings, kids listen. but will they also listen when he snacks. >> when i was a kid we didn't
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have a lot of money. >> reporter: he is behind the new prepaid debit card targeted toward teenagers. >> cool guy. music really good. >> it draws kids in because they have that famous name behind it. >> reporter: it's called spendsmart. michelle dunn of consumers union isn't necessarily a believer. >> it's a mixed bag. >> reporter: she says the card has some nice features like sending users and parents instant alerts anytime the card is used. and it lets parents block purchases from certain stores and websites they choose. but like every prepaid debit card there are fees. >> they aren't necessarily high. they aren't necessarily super low. >> reporter: for example, an atm withdrawing cost $1.50. a replacement card almost $8. and if you don't use the card for more than 30 days, you'll pay another $3. but her biggestern? >> prepaid cards do not have federal protection against fraud and loss. >> reporter: for that you need a traditional debit card from a bank or credit union which
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usually have fewer fees. another drawback, prepaid cards don't help you establish a credit history or relationship with a bank that could come in handy later on which could make the card a tough sell to anyone not a bieber fan. >> i wouldn't listen to him in million years again. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for cheaper alternatives and more federal protections, consumer reports recommends young people get a bank account with a debit card or even a joint account with parents, a joint credit card to build credit. justin bieber stands to make at least $4 million from this campaign. >> oh, wow. >> so it's not like a gift card per se. >> reporter: no. it's not like you go buy that $100 visa card. it's a debit card that you can load money on to. >> he's not done. >> no. >> he's so done. thank you. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the face of so many crime concerns: why the city of oakland finall new at 6:00 tonight, in the face of so many crime concerns, why the city of oakland finally has hope to put scores of new police officers on the streets. >> plus -- >> we want people to be able to get around more affordably in a more healthy and greenway. >> how the road to change for the bay area's busiest street could start with numbers posted right in front of your face. that and more at 6. thanks for watching at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the f.b.i. zeros in on a picture from the boston bombing. one security camera caught a person who is now the subject of a manhunt, and we know more about the marathon bombs from the parts found in the wreckage. bob orr, john miller and elaine quijano on the investigation. the senate has decided the fate of national gun control. >> so, all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> pelley: chip reid has the results. a threat to the president was intercepted before it reached the white house. wyatt andrews has the story. there's a break in the case of the murdered prosecutors in texas. manuel bojorquez is there. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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