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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning. it's friday, april 19, 2013. i'm anne-marie and this is the thbs thbs. well, this morning there is breaking news from the boston area. cbs news has learned that one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombing is dead and another is at large. this comes after the fbi released video of the two suspects taken just before the bombing occurred. dozens of law enforcement officials converged on a suburb shortly after an m.i.t. officer was shot and killed just hours after the fbi released photos of the two men suspected in the marathon bombings. watertowocated ten miles west of boess st.corded what ap
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to be numerousshosion. ta a liste all right. now don dahler is in watertown right now. don, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. it has been a violent night in boston. around 10:20 this evening reports are that a massachusetts institute of technology police officer was shot dead by two suspects who then fled that scene. there was a massive police search almost immediately. one report has it that these two individuals came upon someone with a car and used weapons to carjack him, took him to a location, allowed him to go free safely, but those two individuals became the subject of a massive manhunt. police from all over the area have diverged on watertown, massachusetts, which, as you said, is just west of boston across the charles river. now, you can see that there are police cordoned on this street
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here. they've been steadily moving us away from the center of this location as they continue to spread out looking for one suspect. as you said, there was a suspect who was shot and later died, pronounced dead at the hospital. the fbi has been reluctant to link the events tonight to the bombings that happened on monday, but the state police have no reservations. kin a oot-out with police was a individual seen in the fbi videape with the black hat. they're currently loong for specthsuct number 1 in the white hat in the videotapes that were only made public a few hours ago in an unprecedented fbi press conference. they showed the videos of these two suspects who were carrying bags and they also had photographs on their website. there was an enormous number of people who went to the fbi website, checked out the videos and pictures, and also the fbi is getting aot tips, both
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phoned in and left on that particular website. now police say this individual is exceedingly armed and dangerous. one eyewitness described the shoot-out these two people had with police they were at an suv. there were numerous gunshots being fired and then at least one explosive device was exploded. police are very concerned that there are other devices. in fact, the bomb units are back in there. we saw one bomb unit truck go by that had the disposal pod on it where they put any kieshnd of a suspicious item or hand grenade or explosive in it. incredibly tense. this manhunt is ongoing. it has not been resolved yet. anne-marie. >> don, you mentioned police keep pushing you back further and further and talk about how dangerous the situation is. is that what they're saying to you, that they need to keep you in a safe area? >> yes. they have us pretty far away but we can hear the canine units
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and the barking dogs who are in there that way. whenou se of the residents around here who were asked to leave a few hours ago hearing a number of gunshots while the battle was going on itself. it was a running gt. one individual was described -- one who is presumed to be the one they're still searched for was described as jumping back into the suv and driving through the police line, flooring it. we also have to report in addition to an m.i.t. officer who was shot and killed there's a transit officer seriously wounded. he's in the hospital, but he's described in serious condition. anne-marie. >> don, i know you've been pretty busy all morning long. have you had a chance to speak to any of the residents in the area at all? >> reporter: i have. i've talked to some of the students who were trying to get back to their apartment in this area. the police said that they had to leave. they forced them out here. in fact, if any of them were carrying backpacks, they were
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immediately suspect and their backpacks were searched. >> don dahler in watertown, massachusetts, thank you very much for getting us up to speed. now let's go to homeland security correspondent bob orr in washington. bob, what can you tell us about the current situation? >> i think don wrapped it up pretty well for us, anne-marie. but here's the deal. there's no doubt in officials' minds that as he reported, that one of the bombing suspects is dead. he was seen in the videotape. he was the guy in the darker hat right there at the front of the picture there with his jacket unzipped in the dark hat and the backpack. he has been shot apparently and killed. the man right behind him there about ten paces behind him with the white hat on backward and on the right of your screen here, he is still on the loose. we don't know a great deal about who these guys are. the fbi is still trying to pin down their exact names. the reason i say exact is because they've been looking through a lot of names, potential aliases and other
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things, and it's been a little confusing. and until we have the names pulled together, we won't know exactly where these guys are from or what their background might be. there are some indications -- and i just want to say we have to be a little careful here. there are some indications in the evidence that they've uncovered, and i'm not sure where it is that these guys may have foreign connections and they might have come to this country relatively recently. but that's not been confirmed. it's another one of the factors that will go a long way toward telling us whether or not this was a home grown plot of some sort, whether it was an international plot of some sort, or whether, more likely, frankly, it's some kind of hybrid, that it has tentacles in all places. this is a big development nevertheless because when the fbi kind of made that reluctant decision to go forward and put that video out there, it ran the risk of spooking the suspects .nd they would just disappea
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it had the opposite ef fect, seems. it got a tremendous amount of response from the public, a record number of calls and e-mails. and within a few hours after the tape came out, they had enough of a lead that they flooded the zone there around m.i.t. and the watertown area. they flooded the zone with police and agents. well, we know now how that unfolded. tragically it ended up with an officer being kill and a lot of people being unnerved. it's still a very dangerous situation as don dahler reported. this suspect who's on the loose and they don't know where he is has proven the ability to kill and maim. he clearly has the desire if, in fact, he is one of the marathon bombers -- and the fbi believes he is -- he has proven he'll go to all ends to take whatever violent action he can, so obviously everyone needs to be very, very careful here. >> bob, you mentioned that officers were in the area. we had report thad the m.i.t. officer was responding to a disturbance call. do you know if they were zeroing in on the suspects or if this
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was an odd coincidence that the officer showed up to a disturbance call? >> we don't have all the details sorted out. i'm sorry. i'm getting a little feedback here. we don't have all the details sorted out, so there's some speculation here, but let me tell you what happened. after the fbi put out these pictures last night, they teamed up agents with boston police officers and other area law foement folks and they kind of flooded the zone. they went to areas where they thought there may be some kind of connections. and cell phones and tracking of phones may have something to do with this. so i don't believe in coincidences in this case. i think when the heavy police presence arrived, it's very, very likely that that played some kind of role in sparking what came next. i mean these were suspects who were anonymous, off the radar. they had complete operational security until yesterday. and when these pictures were published all over the world,
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you know, at that point they became a little more desperate probably. and what that can do is that can sometimes cause mistakes. so something that was meticulously planned. and we have to say again if these are the bombers, and the fbi believes they are, so meticulously planned and they were able to buy the materials and carry it out and essentially escape the scene without being detected and not showing up at any of the intel chains, that's impressive. so once they became i guess we could presume a bit unnerve, then they became catchable, and that's where we are right now. >> bob orr in washington. thanks so much bob. we'll continue the story throughout this morning. this is the "cbs morning news." yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i uld never, ever leave it anywhere.
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nurses to talk to for you. visit ♪ we are following developments in the boston marathon bombing case. authorities say this morning one man the fbi calls a suspect is dead and another one is on the loose.
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as we continue to follow this breaking news, we're going to go live to the coverage of our boston affiliate wbz. >> locate and apprehend this particular individual. he should be considered armed and dangerous and he's a threat to anybody that might approach him, so, please, use extreme caution and stay in your homes. if you hear something, if you see something unusual, we'd like you to call 911. now i'm going to ask chief devoe of the watertown police department to briefly describe the area and the neighborhoods and streets up there so everyone is clear on that. >> wait a minute. >> can you identify yourself first? >> we're calling on the watertown community to be calm during this time. we're talking about the east wat watertown, dexter street. remain in your homes. as the colonel said, we're going to be doing a search. please stay in your homes. do not come out. if you get a knock on your door,
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make sure -- we'll have uniformed officers there to assist as we go through these neighborhoods. again, watch out. you've all been veryd. we ask for your cooperation again as you assist us during this difficult time. >> is there going to be a controlled blast over in watertown? >> no. there's no controlled blast of any sort planned at this time. there are explosive ordinance teams that have been up there that are in the process of recovering anything that was discharged in those vehicles, so we're making those safe at this point. some went off. some we believe did not. >> can you identify the name? >> what is the condition of -- >> we're not prepared to talk about identification. that was one of the reasons that those videos were released yesterday. >> where was he shot? >> i'm not going to give you the specifics of that. >> reporter: is he alive? >> reporter: is he alive? >> we don't have the names that point. >> reporter: is he alive? >> this is an ongoing investigation. we can't get into details on the description of the suspects or the names. we're trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their
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homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. there's a 20-block perimeter around the location that chief devoe has just talked about. we're concerned about securing that area and making sure that this individual is taken into custody. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody. one thing that i just want to say is that there have been two police officers, one killed and one badly injured tonight. our sympathies go out to chief mcmillan who has a severely injured officer in the hospital and to the chief of the m.i.t. police and the families of those officers. this is a terrible tragedy. we don't want to increase it. we want to be very careful here. >> folks, we've got to get back. we'll be back in about an hour to brief you again. >> that is coverage from our boston affiliate wbz. you heard police officers urging people in the town of watertown to stay calm and stay in their
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homes. watertown is a suburb of boston. we're going to continue following this story throughout the morning for the search for the suspect. this is the "cbs morning news." bs morning news." [ male announcer ] if paula ebert had her way, she would help her child. go! goooo! [ male announcer ] with everything. but instead she gives him capri sun super-v. with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. capri sun super-v.
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now, once again we're following developments in the boston marathon bombing case. authorities say this morning that one man the fbi called a suspect is dead. another one is on the loose. as we continue to follow this breaking news, we're going to go live to the live coverage of our boston affiliate wbz. >> reporter: i'm not sure if we're going to be able to capture them with our camera, but what you can see them doing is going back and forth down the streets into the yards with flashlights, looking for evidence, i presume looking for the suspect, making sure that he's not hiding anywhere and making sure that none of these dangerous explosives or weapons are in any of the yards of this very dense residential neighborhood. and to give you a sense of really what has been incredible is he's been able to hide given how many police officers there are now. you see the yellow crime tape. that's on just about every street in the 20-block radius of
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watertown. we've been trying to drive around. throughout the night this perimeter gets larger and larger and larger as police seek out this suspect who thus far has been able to elude them. but residents here who we talk to are telling us they're anxious for him to be captured. they dot 'do not like the idea of the people responsible for this horrific act, the marathon bombing, hiding out in their neighborhood. they don't like the idea that they were throwing explosives on the street out of a car putting people in jeopardy. and here as you're talking to police, they're not offering a lot of information here on the scene. you know, they are at the edge of the perimeter, keeping us away from the areas that are very dangerous. and i have throughout the night stumbled on areas where i have been told by officers get back, get back, it's not safe to be here, but these officers are here trying to keep residents safe, asking residents to do their part and stay in the house tonigh
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e street behind me is dexter strer mayb avedeere.s correct but dexter street is place where a lot of activity has happened, dexter street and streets directly off of it. that's where residents heard a lot of gunshots and a lot of explosives, and back in those areas is where police are taking some serious steps trying to keep people away so they can try and track down this suspect. kate? >> all right. lauren leamanczyk. >> that was coverage from our boston affiliate wbz. to recap, one suspect they called from the boston bombing is dead. the other is at large. the fbi released video of the two suspects on thursday. authorities say the man wearing the white baseball hat, the man known as suspect number 2, is the one who is still at large. we will continue to cover this story as it develops. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news."
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"we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this e a man who came here to kill people." now - a massive search for e second - the man in the whi hat. ":24--:29 we are asking.. f the time being" it follows a fatal shootingf an m-i-t officer and a gunf in watertown. an m-i-t officer and a gunf in watertown. join us for kpix 5 news this morning.,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., some thunderstorms. atlanta thunderstorms as well. st. louis cloudy. cloudy in denver. and expect rain in seattle. now we're going to continue with our coverage of our breaking news this morning. an intense manhunt under way just outside the city of boston in the town of watertown, and that is where don dahler is. right now, don, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: well, anne-marie, as you said, the manhunt continues for the man that the fbi identified as suspect number 1. he's seen in the white hat in those videos that they released earlier today. the other suspect, the one in the black cap, is believed to be the person who was killed during a shoot-out with police. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. this all started at 10:20 this evening when an m.i.t. officer was shot dead. anne-marie. >> don, thank you.
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now, once again we're following developments in the boston marathon bombing case. authorities say this morning that one man the fbi called a suspect is dead. another man is on the loose. as we continue to follow this breaking news, we're going to take you live to coverage from our boston affiliate wbz. >> to try and help them. >> being an urban med can center, did you go look out the window at all? look outside? >> so i did go and look out the window. i did not see anything other than the police cars rushing into watertown. >> being an urban medical center you see police cars all the time. was there anything different in the emergency room? more police officersan tn hing
4:26 am
this is rather serious what's going on here? >> so there was a large police presence when the patient arrived, more so than typical. >> were they able to talk to the patient at all or glean anything from him? >> so i don't know what the police were -- i can't speak to that. >> the police commissioner said there was a suspect that was killed. can you confirm the suspect was here? >> no, we can't confirm at all. all we can say is the parent was brought in. we don't have any more information than that. in fact, you probably have more information than we do, sir. >> cause of death, sir? >> this was a trauma arrest. multiple injuries. we believe a combination of blasts, gunshot wounds. >> how many? >> unable to count. >> multiple gunshots? >> yes. >> and i'm sorry. i didn't hear the rest of it. >> probably a blast injury as well. >> a blast? >> explosive device, possibly shrapnel. >> where at? pretty much throughout the trunk. it was multiple wounds.
4:27 am
>> would it be consistent -- >> unclear. i think the medical examiner will be able to conclusively say that, that there were signs of more than just gunshot wounds. >> incendiary to the trunk. >> yes. >> and multiple gunshots. >> we're going to take maybe two or three more questions, but that's about all we can take. >> did he lose a lot of blood? >> i can't say. >> do you know -- >> all we know is he arrived at arrest here. we don't know what happened at the scene. >> so he was in arrest before he got to the emergency room? >> that's correct. >> and you worked on him for about 10 or 15 minutes or so? >> that's correct. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: at about 5:30 right now, beth israel officials updating the situation. they received the other suspect, not the one seen on your screen. what they're telling us is he arrived with multiple injuries in traumatic arrest. they tried to resuscitate him. they were unable to -- there were signs he had more than gunshot wounds.
4:28 am
he arrived with more than gunshot wounds, in traumatic arrest and they were unable to save him. >> again, one man the fbi called a suspect in the boston marathon bombing case is dead. another man is at large. stay with cbs news for the very latest on this developing story. we'll have coverage from boston coming up on "cbs this morning." i'm anne-marie green. have a good morning. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. >> some breaking news from boston overnight. police say one suspect linked to the marathon bombing is dead. the second, his brother, is still on the loose.
4:30 am
good morning, it's been a very busy overnight. it's friday, april 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 4:30. one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombings was killed by police overnight. he is identified as a 19-year- old from cambridge, massachusetts. >> and there is now a massive manhunt now for the second suspect in a boston suburb not far from cambridge, watertown. the latest photo of the dead suspect came from a convenience store in cambridge. the boston police commissioner says they believe to a cbs news has confirmed the suspects are brothers from a region of russia near chechnya. the suspect was killed early this morning in a shootout with poliin the suburb of watertown. police say the suspects threw explosives from their car as they led police on a chase into watertown from cambridge. now, earlier, they are believed to have ambushed and killed a police officer on the m.i.t. campus and then staged a carjacking. that happened hours after the


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