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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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arsenal they could use if they found a suspect who was willing to talk. >> pelley: thank you for that. what we do know about dzhokar tsarnaev was he was involved in a ferocious firefight with the police last night. his brother was killed in that firefight. what we have not been able to determine what, the police apparently do not know themselves is whether dzhokar might have been wounded in that firefight. we have no idea, but when you listen to the firefight that was. >> reporter:ed on videotape, when you hear police officials tell you 200 rowns were exchanged and the brother was killed, if dzhokar tsarnaev was not wounded in that firefierkt it would be a very surprising thing. but, again, we do not have solid information on that. the police themselves paecial do not know.
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he escaped on foot in the night while that firefight was under way. a police officer was gravely wounded, shot in that firefight, and dzhokar's brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, was killed. so we want to bring you up on date on where we are right now and what you're seeing. this is a neighborhood in watertown, massachusetts, north of the charles river from boston. this has been the area that police have been searching intensively all day long with armored vehicles and swat teams, house by house, block by block, all day, looking for what they believe is the last remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings which occurred on monday. those bombings, as you recall, killed three people and wounded 170. one of those who was killed was an eight-year-old child. last night, shortly after the
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f.b.i. released videotape of the suspects that was recorded just before the bombing by surveillance cameras, after that videotape-- this is the videotape that was released yesterday evening. that was subject number 1 in the black hat followed by subject number 2 in the white hat, carrying backpacks police had connected to the bombing itself from the debris that was picked up after the bombing. they released those pictures. they did not know who those men were, did not have their identities. but within several hours-- and we do not know why these events were touched off in the middle of the night-- but within several hours of those pictures being release to the public, two men murdered a police officer working for the police department at the massachusetts
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institute of technology, young police officer, 26 years old, had been with the department about a year, sean collier was his name. he was murdered in his police car. it was shortly after that, that a car was hijack on the road by armed men. the driver was thrown from the car, was not injured by the men who had taken the car. he called police and said he believed he'd been hijacked by the boston marathon bombing suspects. a police chase ensued. the people driving the hijacked car began throwing bombs at the pursuing police officers. at a certain point, that car stopped and a firefight began. we were told later today, late today, by the authorities that 200 rounds were exchanged in that firefight. john miller's sources have told
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him that a bomb of similar design to the ones use on monday at the race, one tho bombs was thrown at the police officers engaged in this firefight. it exploded. it apparently malfunctioned. it did not explode with the same intensity as the bombs on monday. but part of the bomb was found later embedded in one of the police cars. in this firefight, tamerlan tsarnaev, 26 years old, was killed. a police officer was shot and gravely wounded. but dzhokar tsarnaev, 19 years old, fled on foot. they've been looking for him ever since. about two and a half hours ago, a news conference was held which essentially said we've lost him. people in boston and its northern suburbs who had been told to stay in their homes and lock their doors, they were told it's essentially safe to come out as long as they were vigilant, and there was a vow
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that the suspect would be caught at that point. but it was only 20 or 30 minutes later that a report of a man in the same area that had been searched was found around a boat, perhaps in a boat, at this address, 67 franklin in watertown. that's the house that you see there in a still photograph on the left, and as you can see, there is a boat there. there was a report of a man in the boat. shots were fired. we have multiple witnesses that told us that. we watched a couple of hours ago as police cars, ambulances and fire vehicles raced into this neighborhood, and that's where it stands today. we do not know if the man who was spotted is, indeed, the suspect they're looking for, but this is a massive police presence here, and as john miller was telling us earlier,
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police tactics in a situation like this would be to slow things down, try to talk to the suspect, try to prevent further violence, take control of the timeline of these events. john, the f.b.i. team is there leading this investigation. you're a former assistant director of the f.b.i. what would be standard procedure in a situation like this? >> reporter: well, you've got all your tools there. so you've got luxury of having slowed the incident down and apply those tools. we can't tell what's going on from here, but standard procedure will be, first i'd want to look around that boat, and i would want to look around that boat with somebody who couldn't get hurt, so i would elect my robot. i would have the bomb robot or a tactical robot go down there and look around with his camera wits lights. some of those robots can talk.
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somebody can pick up a microphone on the other end of it and talk through a speaker. i might try and start that dialogue right then. so i would like to look at it remotely. once i learned what the surroundings were remotely, i might consider how to approach that, either with swat people or bomb people or a combination of the two. but first i'd like to get some visual and odd yeah intelligence. and then after that, it depends on what the response is. do you have a visual engagement with somebody? do they talk back to you through your remote ability with the robot? do you use a bullhorn? do you use a throw phone, where you throw a phone in and say pick it up and talk to me. or if you get no response, then you have to decide the number of different ways you can use to approach swerrin entering that . at this moment, because you have to consider elity t
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suhas cess to media, smartphone, something. i won't go through those options but they know what they are, and there's a few. >> pelley: john, let's remind the viewers of one of the things that happened today was the police raided the home of the bomb suspects. a lot was fowbdz there. a lot was found there that informs why they're being so cautious now. remind us what was found by the bomb squad. >> reporter: they found some explosive materials and they found was appeared to be some completed improvised explosive devices. nothing terribly exotic or even as interesting from a bomb maker's perspective as the pressure cooker bomb, but you did have a number of pipe bombs with internal threads capped off with fuses right there. so it suggests-- it certainly forces the question what were those devices for? what was to come next? was this-- was this to be saved
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as offensive devices in some engagement with the police? or was there another target for these devices that they were waiting for, which might explain why no one claimed responsibility for the marathon bomb. that location offered a number of hazards and opened a number of questions. >> pelley: we were told today that the bomb squad was able to take the explosive material-- the bombs-- out of the house, and secure all of that so it is no longer a threat. as we continue to watch this live event unfold before our eyes, let me bring bob orr back in to the conversation. bob, you have some new information. >> reporter: well, scott, we're going to do a little housekeeping here and clean up some reports that are out there. today, just to give you an example, as we wait for this situation to play out there in watertown, to give you an example of how far the investigation reached. there were some search warrants
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served at umass dartmouth in new bedford, mass, and what i'm told-- and a number of places reported this-- they reported three people have been taken into custody in connection with the bombing investigation. now, here's what actually went on, according to an official i talked to. he said, look, there was a reason to believe that the suspect that they're still looking for, the suspect who we now think might be in that boat, may be, of at this location, a home in new bedford, massachusetts, because there were some associates there and friends and suitemates. he went to school there for a mile. so people were kind of separated. they were detained. but here's the key-- they were not arrested, and as far as we know, there is no connection with these folks and the bombing investigation. but this has been such a chaotic and changeable situation. and it's been such fast-moving events on so many different fronts. i just wanted to make sure we
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got that out there on the record that as far as we know even now, the only two men which-- who officials believe were directly linked to bombing were the two brothers, the two chechen brothers. woe, as we reported is drkd the other, we think now, is the subject of a manhunt, maybe at the location of the boat on franklin street. scott. >> pelley: bob, thank you. dzhokar tsarnaev, the one on the right, the 19-year-old the police are looking for, is a student at that university, the university of massachusetts dartmouth campus. and anthony mason spoke with someone there today. a fellow student who said that tsarnaev was there yesterday, was-- ( applause ) >> pelley: something's happening. let's listen in. ( applause )
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>> pelley: the crowd is applauding. we have no idea why. ( cheers ) ( applause ) >> pelley: there has been some traffic on the police radio frequency that a suspect is in custody, and a cheer went up. none of this is verified. but it explains why the crowd there sent up that cheer a moment ago. you're watching live coverage of the manhunt for the boston marathon bomber. it's a live picture. it seems some of the personnel there are apparently leaving. there has been communication on
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the police radio that the suspect is in custody, a cheer went up. but we have not been able to confirm yet that the suspect they're talking about is dzhokar tsarnaev, the 19-year-old who has been the subject of a search all day long. lou young is a reporter for wcbs. he has been in that neighborhood for some time. lou, as we watch these live events unfold, what are you seeing from your position? >> reporter: well, what we're seeing is a lot of people who are listening to that same radio frequency that you were talking about, but we have no confirmation. the ambulance is on the way down there. they've called for that. and i can tell bu40 minutes ago they asked for a fire truck, to
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clear this barricade and she the fire truck is now standing at the head of the street there, waiting to move in. we also saw a number of what we call federal law enforcement assets that we wouldn't want to characterize move in, but they were not moving very fast. they were taking their time, and it seems to be a very methodical operation here. we don't know if anything has broken but we do see some movement in the back there now as some of the vehicle vehiclese beginning to move around. >> pelley: so we're watching this live picture, this ambulance has moved up toward the house that has been surrounded by police over the last three hours or so. john miller? >> reporter: what we're told from the scene is-- and they're still being very careful. they're not saying it was the suspect, but they're saying whoever was on that boat, they have called for an ambulance. so this could be a step that tells us they're getting somebody off of that boat. >> pelley: and to remind the folks at home, it was about three hours ago there was a report of a man hiding in a boat
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behind a house. police converged on that area. shots were fired. and then we have been watching and waiting. this is a photograph of that address that had been taken at an earlier time, but there you see there is, indeed, a boat behind the house. the police, the f.b.i., national guard have been searching this part of watertown, massachusetts, all day long, intensively, house by house by house. they had essentially given up that search about three hours ago. they had a news conference and said that they had lost the suspect. and that people could go about their business as they normally do. they were lifting the lockdown. but about half an hour after that, we heard the report of the man in the boat, shots fired, and we've been watching the scene live ever since. is this the moment that the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing has been captured? we do not know yet.
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police radio frequencies a moment ago described someone in custody at this scene. there was a cheer that went up from the crowd. but we do not have confirmation that the man who is? custody, the man who was seen around the boat, is in fact 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev, the last remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings. his brother, as you may know, was killed last night when the two brothers were involved in a ferocious nooir fight with police officers. bombs were thrown. 200 rounds of ammunition was fired in that firefight. his older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed. a police officer was gravely wounded, and the search has been on for the 19-year-old younger brother ever since.
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boston police, apparently, have tweeted, "suspect in custody. custody." we want to be very careful about this. it's a tweet that we understand came from the boston p.d., "suspect in custody." it is the same thing that we have heard on the police scann scanner. the question is who's the suspect? is this, indeed, the man that they have been looking for since the bombings on monday? it certainly looks like from this enormous police action that we're seeing unfold before our eyes that it may, indeed, be that suspect. john miller. >> reporter: we're told from people on the scene whoever was on the boat is off the boat and headed to that ambulance. if that ambulance comes out the
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way it came in, we may see it and this person inside it when it goes by. >> pelley: there's a fuller statement from the boston police. "suspect in custody. police sweeping the area. stand by for further information." so we do not have an official confirmation. but all signs at this moment are pointing toward an arrest of one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombing. there you see his picture. he's 19 years old. dzhokar tsarnaev. last night he and his brother, according to authorities, were involved in a firefight with police. the brother was killed. dzhokar tsarnaev has been the subject of one of the most intense manhunts in modern american history. don dahler is in the neighborhood now. and, don, what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> reporter: seeing a lot of movement down at the end of the street, scott.
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a lot of these investigation that were down there with their lights flashing are moving out in different directions. i heard the same audio that you did was cheer that came up with that word came out on the scanner. and of course, just as you said, have of we have confirmed from a law enforcement source that the person on the boat is in custody, but they have not identified that person. i have to tell you, i was thinking about the people in this neighborhood as we were watching this happen, how many people must be terrified sitting in their house all day long, while the lockdown was under way. and how relieved they would be if this was a resolution to that. when we were covering some of the grievously injured people earlier in the week from the bombings itself that happened on monday the doctors kept talking about their concerns for p.t.s.d., posttraumatic stress syndrome, but not just the victims, but the people who witnessed it, the people who helped at that time, and the family member member to endure. and i wonder.
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how people have been suffering through this whole week in this neighborhood and this city waiting for some kind of sign of safety that this person who was so willing to kill innocent people of captured. >> pelley: thank you very much. we're going to continue to watch that live picture of these events as they are breaking. a thereb number of fire vehicler to be leaving the scene. the boston police tweeted a message not long ago that said, "suspect in custody. police sweeping the area. stand by for more information." this is a look at that tweet that went out a short time ago. "stand by for further info." now, the question is, is that suspect indeed 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev, searching forl die long, the suspect in the boston marathon bombing? it would appear from everything that we're seeing and the police radio traffic that we've been hearing, that, that may, indeed,
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be the case, that the man has been arrested after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. in the boston suburbs. but we do not have final confirmation of that. all of this began, this scene that you're watching now, began about three hours ago. of when there was a report of a man apparently hiding in a boat that was parked behind a house. shots were fired. the police came in, en masse. we've been watching this ever since, and now after about three hours, we received this tweet from the boston p.d. that said, "suspect in custody. of all we're wait for is confirmation that the suspect is, indeed, tsarnaev. these are live pictures. ( cheers ) a cheer went up. another cheer is going up. a cheer went up earlier when there was traffic on the police radio frequency that an arrest had been made.
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they called for an ambulance. ( applause ) the ambulance went in, in front of the house. we have not seen what happened with that ambulance since. we have not seen it leave. a. ( cheers ) presumably the suspect has been injured in some way. you're watching live coverage of the boston police and f.b.i. operation that has been going on all day in order to attempt to capture the second suspect in
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the boston marathon bombing. ( cheers ). >> pelley: we keep hearing cheevers from the crowd. police radio traffic indicated a suspect has been arrested. an blant was called to the house that they surrounded. presumably, the suspect what had been arrested is injured. we do not have official confirmation yet, however, that the suspect is, in fact, the 19-year-old that the police and the f.b.i. have been searching for. we will stay with this as these events unfold. lou young, wcbs reporter, has been right there at the neighborhood from the moment this all began. lou, what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> reporter: a lot of cheering. a lot of congratulations. kudos over the radio. and police officers coming back, thumbs up. it's all good. it's over. it's done. so that seems to seal the deal from tight-lipped police
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officers who haven't said anything to us since the beginning of this, that they have the person they were looking for. you see the situation down here. this crowd is very jubilant-- >> pelley: lou, can i just interrupt you for a moment? >> reporter: yeah, go ahead. >> pelley: mayor me19 oh, the mayor of boston has just tweeted, "we got him." this would appear to be confirmation of what we have suspected all along, to bring the audience up to speed on what is happening. it appears that the last remaining suspect from the boston marathon bombings has been arrested. it seems he has been taken alive. an ambulance has been called, so it is likely that he has been injured in some way. there has been an intense manhunt for this man all day long in the area there in the northern suburbs of boston. but about three hours ago, a report came to that it
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someone had discovered a man hiding in a boat. police converged on it. we believe this is the ambulance that is carrying the suspect away. police converged on the boat. shots were fired. we waited about three hours. now we have heard from the boston police and from the mayor of boston that the suspect has been captured, apparently captured alive. now, the ambulance did not seem to be in a great hurry in departing. we have no idea what the condition of the suspect is, but the ambulance, clearly, did note appear to be in great hurry as it was leaving. john miller has more information on this breaking news story. >> reporter: now that the tactical piece is over and we don't have the risk of endangering everybody, let's walk you through everybody p everything that happened here. what we have is the lockdown was all day, and as it's lifted, one of these people, the gentleman who owns that house on frank lip, for the first time--
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because he's been locked in all day-- decides he's going to go outside and check on things. he walks to the back of the house and he sees what appears to be a tear in the farp covering his boat. so he gets a ladder and climbs up to see what the rip is about, and he lifted it up, and inside i see a bloody mess. he goes back into the house. he dials 911. the first three people there are three boston police officers. billy evans, who is related to paul evans, the police commissioner from several years ago. robert americaner and lieutenant paul oconer, and they take a look at the tear in the tarp, climb up to look in the boat, and something pokes up, and then thraiand thenthere is a shot fi. this is unfolding quickly so it is fairly preliminary-- there appears to be a gun battle that then occurs between the police and the suspect.
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at that point, they're ordered by the incident commander to stop firing. and there's a lull in the action. and that's when we talk about that reset where they're going to slow this down. >> pelley: we are watching live coverage of the arrest of the remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings. there have been cheers from from this crowd. an ambulance was called to this location. john miller's information was a homeowner-- and we have a photograph of that home if we can bring that into part of the frame-- a photograph of that home. there is a boat behind the home. john miller's information was that this this homeowner came out, saw a rip in the tarp over the boat, looked inside, saw blood, called the police. and, john, the boston police responded. they saw the man inside, and then that's what the tactical situation we've been watching for three hours began. >> reporter: and what we're told is a shot came from the
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boat. there were shots exchanged -- and this is political-- between the police and the suspect on the boat dispp then the incident commander said cease-fire. and set up a perimeter. so they set up a very tight perimeter around this location. and then at that point, the f.b.i.'s elite hostage rescue team-- because the f.b.i. is the lead agency here and that is their top swat team-- respond to the scene and took over tactical command of that scene and once the bomb techs cleared the pathway to make sure there were no booby traps, the h.r.t. operators approached the boat, god a look inside, and pulled the suspect out. they had some help from the helicopter up there saying we can see movement inside the boat. so they knew they were dealing with someone who was likely still alive at that point. and he was taken in to custody. >> pelley: so to tell the audience at this moment,
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headline of the moment, the suspect in the boston marathon bombing, dzhokar tsarnaev, 19 years old, has been captured. he's been captured alive, but he's been wound. how seriously we conot know. the police found him in a boat behind the house in the same area they have been searching all day. now you can hear the crowd cheering as the police officers leave the scene. we saun ambulance leave a moment ago which we were told contained the suspect, tsarnaev. tsarnaev and his older brother, also a suspect in monday's bombings, were involved in a ferocious firefight with police and f.b.i. agents overnight last night. the older brother, tamerlan, was killed.
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the younger brrkt dzhokar, got away from the firefight on foot, and has been the subject of a manhunt ever since. and our information now is that a homeowner noticed a tear in the tarm over his boat, looked in the boat, found what was described as a bloody mess. police responded. a shot was fired from the boat toward the police. the f.b.i. came in, and over the course of the last three hours, pulled the man from the boat, wounded but alive. we are being told now by multiple sources that this is, in fact, dzhokar tsarnaev, 19 years old. ( applause ) the man in the white cap that we saw in the video that the f.b.i. released yesterday are the two men they believe were responsible for the bombings that occurred on monday that


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