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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the younger brrkt dzhokar, got away from the firefight on foot, and has been the subject of a manhunt ever since. and our information now is that a homeowner noticed a tear in the tarm over his boat, looked in the boat, found what was described as a bloody mess. police responded. a shot was fired from the boat toward the police. the f.b.i. came in, and over the course of the last three hours, pulled the man from the boat, wounded but alive. we are being told now by multiple sources that this is, in fact, dzhokar tsarnaev, 19 years old. ( applause ) the man in the white cap that we saw in the video that the f.b.i. released yesterday are the two men they believe were responsible for the bombings that occurred on monday that
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there is a new tweet from the boston police department for capital letters the word "captured." followed by three exclamation marks. it goes on to say "the hunt is over, the search is done, the terror is over and justice has won." snpt custody. it's a tweet from the boston police department. suspect has been captured. don dahler has been in the neighborhood for us throughout all of this. don, what are you saying? what do you hear? >> reporter: well, just moments ago, scott, an ambulance came by with its lights flashing. it was presealeded by police officers and a number of the officers who had been driving by have been giving us the thumb's up. they are obviously just elated. but i want to tell you what happens next. depending on the severity of his injuries he will go to -- be treated in the hospital with obviously with top security around him but then he will be
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taken most likely to john moakley federal courthouse in south boston, that's where he will be arraigned having committed the crime in this area. and ironically ten years ago richard reid was arraigned in the same courthouse, you remember him as the shoe bomber on the flight. >> pelley: don, thank you very much. i want to catch the audience up on where we are now. you are watching live cbs news coverage of the capture of this remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was discovered in watertown, massachusetts, just north of boston. he was wounded. we might be able to presume that he was wounded in a ferocious fire fight that he was involved with with police last night but he was apparently discovered hiding in a boat that was behind one of the residents' homes and
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the f.b.i. and the boston police have captured him. he left the scene in an ambulance a short time ago. the suspect has been captured, wounded but alive. bob orr has been following events with his sources in washington and as we watch these live pictures, bob, i'd like to bring you in. what do you know that's new? >> reporter: well, scott, i think there's a real question now. there's no question the suspect is in custody. this is the right guy. everyone now agrees across the board. but i think the real question now becomes what is his condition? we've held back in reporting some things for a while for a couple of different reasons but i can now tell you that at the scene of the shootout last night there was the beginning of a blood trail this which told investigators pretty early on that he had been wounded or somehow injured in that melee. but the blood trail did not seem to be constant and it did not
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continue so there was some doubts about how seriously he might be injured. but then as you reported and as john as reported when the homeowner peeked in the boat there was described to me quite a bit of blood and there was blood on the ground approaching the boat. so if you think about that they believe that the suspect climbed into that boat some time in the overnight hours perhaps as long ago as 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. that's eight hours ago or so. and if he were bleeding, he could have sustained horrible wounds. they also started to wonder about his condition when they were observing him from high up. he seemed to be very lethargic. at times he would move and sometimes he would be passive but the movements seemed not very violent. so there was a real question as to whether or not at points he was conscious or not and if hect
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be. so this becomes important for the next part of the puzzle because now that he has been taken into custody and presumably still alive it becomes increasingly important for investigators to keep him alive because as john can tell us better that i can he could be the font of a lot of intelligence. he could tell us how this plot was put together, how it went down, most importantly he might be able to tell investigators are there any confederates, any other collaborators anywhere, did he have international training, schooling, or consultation and that will go and awful long way to helping us understand whether the attack on boylston street in boston was a one-off attack by a couple of brothers that decided on their own to create mayhem or that it might be part of something more nefarious. so now in the interest of government to find out whether he's able to cooperate. >> pelley: bob, thank you very much. you're watching live coverage of
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the capture of the last remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings, the police commissioner boston got on the police frequency a moment ago and radioed "it is a proud day to be a boston police officer." that's commissioner ed davis on the radio a short while ago. the fire fight with the police officers that the tsarnaev brothers were involved in last night was 20 hours ago. 20 hours ago. so if dzhokhar tsarnaev was wounded in that fire fight, his brother was killed, if he was wounded he would have had to have lost an enormous amount of blood over these 20 hours. but we understand from the boston police that he has been
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taken. his under arrest, he has been wounded in some way. he left the scene in an ambulance and we are not quite sure where he is headed at this point. but it is over. one of the suspects is dead, the other is now in police custody. john miller, what are you hearing from your sources about how all this went down? >> we are told that a man who had been in lockdown all day when the lockdown was lifted came out to take a walk around, his first walk around on a beautiful spring day of the lockdown. >> pelley: the city was locked down, the governor of massachusetts told everybody stay in your homes, don't go to work, don't go to school, lock your doors, don't leave. all day long today. >> and he followed those instructions so he had cabin fever. so as he's walking to the back of the house there's a small building back there and he said i noticed a tear in the tarp that covers the boat so i
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climbed up, i looked inside and what he said in the 911 call is "there's a bloody mess there there." and three boston police officers responded and they climbed up and looked in there and they said they saw somebody and they saw somebody moving and there was blood there then they backed away from the boat to call for tactical teams. they said something popped up out of the tear and opened fire and they returned fire. that there was this exchange of gunfire but they heard all those shots being fired, they called for tactical teams. the incident commander said cease-fire, get a perimeter around that boat they set up a tight perimeter. the f.b.i.'s hostage rescue team-- hrt-- arrived. the f.b.i. took tactical control of that scene. bomb techs cleared a path to the boat to make sure it wasn't a
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booby trapped or that there was anything waiting for them. the f.b.i. hostage rescue teams made an entry to the boat, was able to observe the suspect still moving and pull him out of there and they confirm he was wounded, there was a lot of blood, but as you pointed out, that wound appears to have occurred before. >> perhaps. there was shots fired, we were told when the man shortly after the man was encountered in the boat but also he was involved in a big gun battle with police 20 hours ago, a gun battle that killed his brother, the other suspect in the marathon bombings and so we don't know whether tsarnaev was in wounded. that's tsarnaev on the right. this was the 19-year-old on the right who has just been captured in boston. that was his older brother on the left, was killed in a gun battle with police last night in these last few minutes you can
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still hear the crowd cheering the younger brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, has been arrested, wounded, he is in an ambulance and being taken away from the scene. now lou young lou, you're with some of the residents there who have been locked in their homes all day until now. >> reporter: yes, scott, telling me for the first time in a week they have a reason to smile. i'm with mary and margie apple balm. they live in watertown. in your opinion boston for the marathon. tell me what this is like to have this resolution now tonight and see that ambulance drive by. >> i wasn't directly at the marathon, i was at work and i work on huntington avenue at the new england conservatory and the ambulances were going up and down the street, going in, coming out plus all the police cars is so it was sirens for a couple of hours.
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>> reporter: and this last night. >> and this last night. it was like okay, why is this in my town. i've been up since 9:00 in the morning because we could hear cars going up and down the street. they were i guess mobilizing and pretty quietly, actually, on our street, we live on kind of a secondary main road so -- we were hearing this, it woke us up we turn on news, oh, my god, what's going on, oh, my god, they here in watertown. >> pelley: you heard the shots. >> at the end. at the end. sff. >> reporter: at the end what was it like? >> we laughed, we cried, we've been on social media all afternoon. >> why laugh? >> >> i think we were just -- not when we heard the shot bus when we heard they had him in custody and that he was alive, that's the best-case scenario.
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state police, all the first responders, we just say thank you to them. they did their job amazingly well. >> reporter: i can see how relieved you are. >> just being down here and cheering these guys. they're -- i was upset the red sox weren't going to play tonight but cheering these guys on is -- these are real heroes. >> reporter: and you see more vehicles coming through. >> thank you! (cheers and applause) yes! >> reporter: it's a bit like celebration and i know that's difficult on this very difficult week to even consider but for the first time in a while people do have a reason to smile. what do you want to happen next? >> well i think the words of the young boy who died people need to stop hurting people and peace [no audio].
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>> pelley: thank you very much. the boy that she was describing had put together a poster at one point and the president of the united states mentioned it in his remarks in boston yesterday and the poster said that people should stop hurting people and enjoy peace. 170 other people were wounded when those two bombs exploded on glorious monday afternoon, patriots' day in boston. the day the boston marathon is run each year. catching the audience up on where we are now the last
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suspect has been captured alive by f.b.i. agents assisted by the boston police department a big cheer went up in this part of watertown, massachusetts, the northern suburbs of boston. a tremendous manhunt all day for this. some of the bomb fragments were later found embedded in the police cars that were involveed the elder tsarnaev, tamerlan tsarnaev also believed to be one of the bombers was killed in that fire fight.
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his younger brother dzhokhar fled on foot. and has in the last half hour been found wounded, was captured is now in the ambulance and this it's all over from the boston pd tweet that went out a short time ago "captured" in all capital letters with three exclamation marks. the rest of the tweet goes like this. "the hunt is over, the search is done, the terror is over and justice has won." suspect in custody. you see it right there. the second tweet down. that from the boston police. confirmation that this week-long manhunt for the perpetrators of the boston marathon bombings has finally come to an end.
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one dead, the other wounded but alive and now in the custody of the f.b.i. john miller, we don't know how severely wounded the suspect may be he was slovled with the police 20 hours ago. but shots were also fired around the time he was discovered in the boat. so no telling what his condition is. what would you expect to happen next as the f.b.i. continues this case and proceeds toward a prosecution? >> well, you've got a bunch of things that have to happen at once. he's going to be transported to a hospital and then at that time an f.b.i. agent is going to have to assume custody of him right now in that ambulance and they have to start really talking to him. he's going to have to be on a miranda warning then they're
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going start to have the process of getting some preliminary statements from him. one thing they may do in a case like this is to get a public safety statement. sometimes that can be done beforehand to say the we need to know about what danger might be out there. is there a bomb in the boat? are there any other explosives hidden somewhere else? is there anything that creates a hazard. at that point he'll get his medical treatment at the hospital to determine how viable he is to be questioned. and then d on his condition maybe presented for a hearing in federal court where they'll start the outline of what he is charged with. in the meantime that has to do with the suspect.
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that boat is a grand new crime scene. that means that they will have to process that. the bomb squad will have to go in it, go over it and make sure there's no devices, explosives or anything or weapons inside and then ert, the evidence response team, will have to process that boat for evidence. >> pelley: we do know that the suspect has been captured and wounded. his brother, the other suspect in the bombings is dead, killed in a fire fight with police last night. we are expecting to get more details from all of this from public officials including the governor of massachusetts in a news conference and don daaler is down there in the neighborhood and has some details on that for us. don? >> reporter: all right, i'm getting some late information here. i can answer your question about his condition. a police spokesman told us that he is in serious if not critical condition. we are expecting a press conference and they're going to update us on the latest information on how it transpired. that press conference will be held by the u.s. a the
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governor is expected to be here, the police commissioner of boston and a member of the f.b.i. they're expecting that between five and ten minutes. we'll bring it to you as soon as they come. scott, back to you. >> pelley: don, thank you very much. the flash bangs that don just mentioned. it's a kind of grenade that the police often use. it creates a tremendous noise and a blinding flash but there's no shrapnel involved. it's not capable of wounding anyone but they frequently use them in dangerous situations like thistor stun, disorient the suspect before they go to try to capture him. as the police assaulted this
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boat. don was telling us that he may be in fairly bad shape. we don't have official word on how seriously wounded he is but one of the likely times that he might have been wounded was 20 hours ago in that fire fight in president northern suburbs of boston he was involved in with his brother. his brother was killed in that fire fight with police. a police officer was gravely wounded and dzhokhar tsarnaev, the 19-year-old has just been arrested, he escaped that fire fight on foot. f he was wounded then, he's been bleeding for 20 hours. the man who owns the boat apparently told police in a 911 call that will what he saw in his boat was "a bloody mess" and apparently officers found anymore the boat. john? >> reporter: so what i'm getting
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now from sources who have seen him in custody is that he's got a wound in the leg and a wound in the neck. now, either one of those could be not that serious or very serious and both of those -- both places have major arteries that go through them and what the neighbor described or the homeowner described was the loss of a lot of blood. >> pelley: this is bulletin material at this moment. your sources are telling you that the suspect has two wounds. one in the leg and one in the neck. >> right. >> pelley: your understanding is that these are gunshot wounds? >> right. and that he's being cpted to the hospital. that's what's visible and that's what they can see. there may be other injuries. but that would certainly explain the amount of blood they found and as you have pointed out, that was most likely from the huge fire fight he engaged in last night with police and then there was another gun battle
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apparently at the boat. so it was clear from the amount of blood that the homeowner saw he was already wounded before that but it did not eliminate the possibility he could have been wounded again. >> thank you very much. i want to remind everyone at home that you're watching live cbs news coverage of the capture of the second suspect in the boston marathon. there has been a dragnet all day long in boston looking for this suspect. he is 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. last night he and his elder brother were involved in a fire fight with police the elder brother, tamerlan, also a suspect in the bombings was killed by the police and a police officer was wounded. the younger brother escaped on foot. he has been the target of a remarkableanhunt tt locked
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down the city of boston all day today. he was captured about 45 minutes ago, discovered hiding under a tarp in a boat behind a house in watertown, massachusetts, apparently wounded. john miller's sources have just told him that he suffered two gunshot wounds, perhaps from that fire fight 20 hours ago, perhaps from something else more recent. shots were fired around the boat but the suspect was arrested and placed in an ambulance and taken out of there just about 45 minutes ago. it is over. both suspects in monday's bombing have been dealt with by the police: one killed, the other wounded and now in custody. we are expecting a news conference shortly in maybe another five or ten minutes or so in which the authorities will tell us more but it has been a
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remarkable 27 hours in america. it was 27 hours ago that the f.b.i. released video of the two suspects before the bombing. video that had been captured and here it is again. that suspect number one as they describe him, in the black hat and backpack followed by suspect number two also with a backpack. the f.b.i. said that these were the men that they believe were involved in the bombing. backpacks matched the debris that was found and the f.b.i. told us that they had video but they didn't show it to us of one of the suspects leaving one of the backpacks at the location of one of the bombs. those bombs went off about 3:00 in the afternoon on monday, three people were killed, 170 were wounded. but once the f.b.i. have
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released that video asking for the help of the public things really began to unwind for those two suspects. we do not know what triggered these events but last night a few hours after the video was released police tell us that the suspects killed a police officer who was on the force of the massachusetts institute of technology, a campus police officer was shot to death in his police cruiser, his name is sean collier, 26 years old. he joined the force only in 2012. he was new at m.i.t. in terms of being a police officer there. he was found dead in his police car. to get back to the narrative of last night, a car was carjacked, a man thrown out of the c
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called police and said that he believed that the marathon bombers had just taken his car. police found the car, began a chase, bombs were thrown from the car at the police officers. there was a running gun battle. the car stopped. there was a gun battle in which 200 rounds of ammunition were fired and bombs again were thrown at the police officers. in that fire fight 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. a police officer was gravely wounded. from last night, that is one officer dead, another wounded. weer to told that the wounded officer is in critical but stable condition in the hospital after surgery tonight.
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tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. his brother, the 19-year-old, fled on foot and has been since then the target of a massive manhunt in boston, the entire city is locked down. people were told do not go to work, do not go to school, stay in your homes, lock the doors and do not open your door for anyone who isn't a uniformed police officer: a city of two million people and the suburbs around. since then all day long we have been watching the f.b.i. and boston police and even the national guard going house to house searching for this suspect and it was about three and a half hours ago the homeowner called the police and said "there is a bleeding man hiding in a boat behind my house." the f.b.i., boston police, this is a picture of the house taken at another time but presumably the same boat that the man was describing. the tarp on the boat had been torn. the man went to look toee
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that was abou 6:00 or so this evening, found a bleeding unanimous the boat, called the police. the police responded, found the man inside, shots were fired and in the last 45 minutes the f.b.i. hostage rescue team pulled the man from the boat, took him away in an ambulance and we are told that indeed this is dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old, the last suspect in the boston bombings. there have been celebration in the streets of watertown. these are people who have been locked in their homes all day long in fear that this suspect was in their neighborhood which, of course, he was, and they were watching, peering out of their windows as armored vehicles and swat teams moved up and down the blocks house by house by house. you areloinnowt what will
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be a news conference. the man with his back turned toward us is the governor of massachusetts, deval patrick. he's been the governor of massachusetts since 2007. he has been a spokesman for the police activity and you're watching the live picture now as the city of boston celebrates and the governor shakes the hands of the state police officers standing there. we are told that the news conference will begin in just a moment. at the moment that it does, we will switch live to the news conference to hear the answers to all the questions that we have had all day long. these are the people in watertown, massachusetts, just north of the charles river, a suburb of boston, been locked in their homes all day, out in the street celebrating the capture of the last remaining suspect i.
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the news conference will begin any moment. you can see the people applauding as the police officers pull out. it was about three and a half hours ago that the search was described by officials essentially as a failure. they came out around 6:00 eastern time and said "we've lost him." and we are calling on him to give himself up and please be assured that we're going to find him sometime. and not 30 minutes later came the call from the man who owned the boat and all of this began to happen right before our eyes as we watch this live picture. these the people of water twhoun have come out essentially to see what's happening and to applaud the police oicers and the
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f.b.i. agents as they now clear the scene after the suspect was rescued. john miller? >> for the search teams the job is over. for the investigative teams it's just beginning. i had been talking a couple minutes ago about they could give him a miranda warning and skip that for now and vote for public safety which is they've got to interview things about that might involve danger to the public, explosive devices and so on. on the scene is the hig-- the high value detainee investigation interrogation group. this is a group that is made up of f.b.i. agents, intelligence agency people, whoever in the law enforcement and intelligence community has the most knowledge about the person they want to interrogate. these are expert interrogators. >> pelley: now, this man 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev,
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this is the mayor of boston, tom menino has been the mayor boston. in july he will have the mayor of boston for 20 years. he's in a wheelchair because he had an accident and broke his leg in the last few days. let's listen in. this is the colonel of the state police, timothy alben. >> for those families that lost loved ones with injuries they have to live with for the rest of their lives, for a police officer, a young man starting a career at m.i.t. and a police officer with the m.b.t.a. who almost lost his life and for neighborhoods that lived in fear for the entire day we are eternally grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody. i want to thank all of the partners who work tirelessly
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over the last four days, including the f.b.i., the transit police, our brothers with the boston police department, the u.s. attorney's office and the support that we've gotten from our governor over the last four days e. we're exhausted, folks, but we have a victory here tonight. but let's not forget those people along the way. thanks very much. governor? >> thank you, colonel. well, on behalf of crystal and martin and lindsay, on behalf of the m.i.t. officer who was last last night and the transit police officer who was injured, on behalf of the hundreds of people who were hurt by the explosions at the marathon i want to say how grateful i am to the colonel, to the special agent in charge rick deslauriers to all of the law enforcement who worked so well and so hard together, together, to bring us
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to tonight's conclusion. it was a very, very complicated case, a very challenging case and there are still some questions remaining to be answered. but as the colonel said, because of the extraordinary collaboration and cooperation by all of these law enforcement resources and assets and more to the point people professionals who brought their "a" game we have a suspect in custody tonight. i want to also just thank all of the members of the public for their extraordinary patience. their participation there this investigation by reviewing photographs of their own and others that were through the media and we thank you for that and helping us narrow in on these suspects. they were helpful and patient and we are grateful far as well. it's a night where i think we're all going to rest easy.
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carmen? >> good evening. >> pelley: this is the u.s. attorney. >> i'm united states attorney carmen ortiz and i have to say that both the governor and the colonel have put it tremendously well. tonight we feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and relief. the ordeal that this community, especially this neighborhood, has endured over the last 24 hours tonight we can sleep a bit easier and to all of the unpredictable, horrific and yet hero wick acts that have occurred over the last several days starting with the terrible bombing attacks that occurred on monday, here we are and not forgetting the victims of the crimes that have occurred over the last several days. the victims of the bombings, as the governor said, martin, lindsay, crystal, two officers have been hurt, one who lost his
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life, sean collier, richard donahue was fighting for his life. our thoughts and prayers are with their families. tonight you're going to have many questions but i want to say as i have said the last several days, this has been a very active and ongoing investigation and although for some of you opportunity is a closure, for me journey continues. and so this will continue to be an ongoing and active investigation as we sought all the details, continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence and file formal charges. but i will say this: i have never been prouder to stand with a tremendous group of law enforcement here. from the colonel to the commissioner to my federal colleague rick deslauriers with the f.b.i. all of the federal agencies, the state and local departments that have worked so hard, so hard
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since the attacks on monday, so committed and putting their lives on the line as we fought the last 24 hours to try to get a suspect into custody. and so my journey and my officers' journey begin and this investigation will continue so we will not be able to provide the details that you may want at this time but as the days continue you will get answers to those questions. thank you. mayor menino? >> thank you. i just want to say very briefly thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you to the law enforcement officials who work together, state police, boston police, f.b.i., all of them working together. that's when government works the best. i want to thank also the citizens out there. for the last weekfy know it was complicated out there because of the bombing. but today because of the hd
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work of so many individuals, my boston police working together with the state police we have an inclusion and we're satisfied. we also want to remember the folks who lost their lives this past week. we'll struggle on, we're a better city than what happened this past week, we'll get better. thank you for the support you gave us this past week. it wasn't easy, some days you said to us "why?" well, they were working hard, i spent a lot of time with the law enforcement officials. they worked so hard this week to come to the conclusion tonight. tonight we say thank you to them for the work they did tracing every one of those leads and i'm so glad we came to the end of this case today. and carmen ortiz, it's her job to be in the federal court and i tell you, i feel so good about this. i'm so happy as the people of our greater boston area will be
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able to sleep tonight because of the work of these individuals. >> good evening. my name is rick deslauriers, i'm the special agent in charge of the f.b.i. boston. it seems like many months since monday april 15 the day the boston marathon bombings, if it has been nearly five days since the tragic explosions that took three lives, critically injured over 180 spectators and instilled terror and fear on the citizens of the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts and elsewhere. today the city of boston, the city of cambridge, and the city of watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators who caused so much pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our personal safety and to our communities. together with the action and support of our joint tsmtns, maf
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which are on the stage with me this evening, the f.b.i. and our partners remain vigilant and continue to follow through thousands of leads and sift through hundreds of tips, through thousands of man hours to reach this moment. this was truly an absolutely intense investigation and i do emphasize a truly intense investigation. as a result of that justice is being served for the victims of these terrible crimes. i want to personally express the f.b.i.'s profound thanks to each of our partners for bringing us to this moment here this evening. no one agency alone accomplished this critically important task of keeping the city of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts safe. thank you very much and i support you. i thank you for your support of our media campaign which publicized the photos. i thank you very, very much for the media helping us with that and i thank you for everyone on that. thank you.
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>>. >> pelley: ed davis, police commissioner of boston. >> four days ago my city was ruthlessly attacked. there's no explaining the savagery involved here. there's no explanation for it. i spent the last several days looking at hundreds of hours of videotape. i got to see how brutal that attack was over and over and over again. more importantly, i got see what the boston police officers who responded to that scene along with the medical personnel and the other first responders did to put people back together tourniquets, stemming the bleeding with their hands, putting a man who is on fire out with their hands. these are the kind of things that came out of this savagery. it makes me proud to be a boston police officer. it makes me proud to be a part of this team. rick deslauriers from the f.b.i. could not bt more cooperative. we've sat together almost hour for hour for the last four days cheering every single bit of
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information. colonel albens the same way. carmen ortiz with us all the time. and then to bring the governor and the mayor together leading the city of boston in responding to this. i finally just want to say that the citizens of this city have been incredible. they've been patient with us. they've endured an enormous amount of heartache and agri-separation over the last four days but we're very happy to try to put this back together. thank you. >> watertown police chief devoe. >> as the police chief of watertown i can't be prouder of my community and the men and women of the watertown police department. what they've been through and what we've been through the last 24 hours i wouldn't want to see another police department go through. the support that we've had from all the different agencies mentioned tonight over the last 24 hours has been incredible. to see so many patientsys work together two the governor, with the mayor of boston and our
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officials in watertown has been great. i've spoken to the people in watertown before but i can't thank you enough. the community stood strong and it was the call from a resident in watertown who we asked to remain vigilant and you did. we got that call and you got the guy. i can't thank you enough. i've done everything and more that we've asked. extremely proud of law enforcement today and what we've accomplished. thank you. >> reporter: chief, did you have the communication with the suspect? >> we're not done. chief mcmillan from the m.b.t.a. >> i just want to thank all those who sent their thoughts and prayers to officer donahue and his family. please know that it was deeply appreciated. thank you. and i also want to commend all of the law enforcement agencies who took part in this. this is truly dedication and commitment at its best and i'm
6:44 pm
prd thank you. >> special agent in charge of the a.t.f.. >> my name is joseph fatterumo, special agent in charge. >> stand right here. >> today the entire world witnessed this law enforcement's community commitment to apprehending these offenders. make no doubt this combined effort will never cease in its protection of every city, every town, and every neighborhood in our nation. the prayers from every a.t.f. employee will continue to go out to the victims as they deal from this senseless act of violence. may god bless the citizens. >> suffolk county district attorney dan connolly. >> thank you very much. i was listening to the police action all afternoon on the radio and i'd like to join my voice, add my voice to those who came before many to say what an extraordinary police operation across all jurisdictions that i was able to listen to and
6:45 pm
witness today. i was at the scene early on and our business, carmen, myself, it's about accountability and i can't say how happy i am, how pleased i am that the sect subject was taken alive. this will really ensure accountability for the victims and their families. so congratulations to all law enforcement for a job well done and now the task ahead for accountability. thank you. >> questions? >> reporter: how did the events transpire on the boat? >> there was a call that came into the watertown police. three boston police officers along with state troopers and f.b.i. agents responded to franklin street. a man had gone out of his house after being inside the house all day abiding by our requests to stay inside. he walked outside and he saw blood on our boat in the backyard. he then opened the tarp on the top of the boat and he looked in and saw a man covered with blood. he retreated and called us. perd
6:46 pm
that boat and over the course of the next hour or so we exchanged gunfire with the suspect who was inside the boat and ultimately the hostage rescue team of the f.b.i. made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect who was still alive in the vote. >> reporter: can you talk about the imperative of taking him alive? >> we always want to take all of our suspects alive. >> reporter: i understand that, sir, but did you talk about the context of this particular individuals out there? we talk about accountability. is we talk about why he wanted to -- >> we want to take somebody alive so we can find out what happened, why it happened and we can bring them to justice. >> reporter: (inaudible) >> the hostage rescue team actually did work in trying to negotiate the him out of that boat. they tried to talk him out but from one what i understand he was not communicative.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: (inaudible) >> there's been -- actually i don't have that information. >> reporter: commissioner davis can you talk about the suspects -- >> reporter: are there any other suspects out there? are you sure you've got your guys? that this is it? >> i think based upon our investigation at this point in time the citizens of the city of boston and this area can be comfort that the threat has been removed. ii how do you know these are the suspects you're looking for. they didn't rob the 7-eleven so how did you know that they were there at the same time. >> the suspects came to our attention at a vicious assassination of a police officer at m.i.t. and the subsequent robbery that occurred where we got videotape from a gas station. the robbery actually was a carjacking. the car was taken from the scene
6:48 pm
and officers eaged that car from the watertown police department with other officers and we were able to put the case together. >> reporter: did the suspect get shot when you were apprehending him in the boat? was he shot by the police officers? >> the man who found him at the boat said he was covered with blood. we assumed that those injuries occurred the evening before. there was an exchange of gunfire at the boat. i don't know if he was struck. >> reporter: do you think the suspect was trying to create another bomb? >> there was a house in new bedford that the hostage rescue team went into for the f.b.i. because we felt that it was important to the investigation but the suspect was not found. >> reporter: give than he was still out there and armed -- >> i'm orly. >> reporter: can you tell us a little bit more about the (inaudible) what do you know about him? >> my assessment of that particular incident is that he was assassinated in his cruiser. >> reporter: do you know what he was doing there? >> responding to a call for a disturbance. >> reporter: give than he was
6:49 pm
t there sllarme was a mistake to give the all clear and let people go outside. would they have been at risk? >> we certainly did not give an all-clear. we made it clear that people-- and colonel albens spoke eloquently to this. this was a serious situation. we had no information that the suspect was still holed up in this particular area. he managed to elude us by being just slightly outside of the perimeter that we set up. but in truth we told everybody that this was a dangerous situation and they should be cautious. this is a very dangerous time in the world. we have to use caution. that's what we ask people to do. thankfully this man who's found the suspect did the right thing. got on 911 and was able to take care of the situation. >> reporter: (inaudible) >> there was no report of explosives with him captured. but i have to tell you, i was at the scene last night after this incident occurred. there was an exchange of over 200 rounds of gun fire. there were die dies improvised
6:50 pm
explosive devices and hand made grenades thrown at the scene. in an urban police department this is almost unheard of. so these officers acts heroically, courageously, they protected the community and they protected each other when they were responding to the scene. i'm so proud of the actions of the watertown police, state police, boston police. it's been an incredible team. >> reporter: (inaudible) sglrpl he did. you know what? i can't say -- i was told that there was an exchange of gunfire. i was not there when he was taken out of the boat. >> reporter: the miranda warning can you explain that for us? >> the united states attorney or the f.b.i. may want to explain that. it's a federal issue. >> just a minute, let him finish the question. what was the question? >> reporter: the report are this that there was no miranda warning given, that they re
6:51 pm
claimingublic safety exemption. can we get an explanation? >> there was a public safety exemption in cases of national security and potential charges involving acts of terrorism so the governor has that opportunity right now though i believe that the suspect has been taken to a hospital. thank you. i'm sorry? >> reporter: will he face a federal death panel? >> what i indicated earlier that this is still an active and ongoing investigation. we're going to be reviewing all of the evidence. before that kind of a decision is made in terms of whether or not to seek the death penalty you review all of the evidence and it's a very thoughtful long process that is engaged and it's the attorney general of the department of justice that makes that final decision. i'm sorry. >> reporter: can you talk to us a little bit whaenedou were on .
6:52 pm
was he moving around? how did you know it was finally a chance to take him into custody? >> we know hen't go straight to the boat. when we set up the perimeter with the best intentions with a lot of information. we found blood in the car he abandoned. we found blood behind a house inside the perimeter so we had no information that he had gotten outside a perimeter. as we said, it was very chaotic early this morning. we had a-to-aid a police officer that was shot, bleeding. so there was a lot of things going on. we were about one block away. we thought we had the perimeter solid but he had to be moving a little bit after. he was behind the house for a period of time. >> reporter: when you got there, though, was he moving -- how did you know you could take him into custody? had he been moving around? were you able to watch him? >> the reason that we knew this is our helicopter had actually detected the subject in the boat
6:53 pm
we have what's called a forward-looking infrared device on that helicopter that picked up the heat signature of the individual even though he was underneath what appeared to be the cover on the boat itself and there was movement from that point on and the helicopter was able to detect the technical teams over in that area. >> reporter: have the police searched the boat? >> reporter: (inaudible) >> it was outside the perimeter during the day. this was the act of a citizen that went out and discovered this individual in the boat and ultimately called the watertown police department and resulted in this -- our response. >> reporter: (inaudible). >> reporter: is there a chance the suspect won't make it and won't live to tell what happened? >> sorry? >> reporter: is there a chance the suspect won't make it? >> i don't know. i do not see him when he was taken into custody. i know he's in serious custody but i don't know to what extent.
6:54 pm
i thweta enough questions for now. thank you. >> pelley: so there we have the end of a news conference by police officials and public officials about the capture of the suspect, the remaining suspect wanted in connection with the bombing of the boston marathon. this is the brother of of the suspect who was killed in the shootout last night with police that involved a massive gun battle and explosives. his brother was killed at the scene. that's tamerlan. this man, dzhokhar, fled the scene in an automobile and then jumped out of the car and ran across yards and hid and for the past 28 hours there has been a hunt going on for him which ended dramatically in a backyard in a boat. scott? >> pelley: john, we're expecting that we're going to hear something from the white house a little bit later this evening. not very far from now.
6:55 pm
they're waiting for that news conference to end, this is a live picture of the white house briefing room. we may see the president come out tonight to have a few words about this end to this long five days in the boston area. major garrett, our chief white house correspondent the in the briefing room right now. major, what are you expecting? >> scott, we're expecting the president at the podium behind me just a matter of moments and what i can tell you that the president from the residence was watching all the coverage of the unfolding and dramatic events in watertown, massachusetts. he saw the reports that the second suspect possibly had been captured. he walked from the residence to the oval office. upon arrivaling in the oval office he received a telephone call from f.b.i. director robert mueller informing him positively and unequivocally that the second bombing suspect was, in fact, in custody and was alive and being transported to
6:56 pm
hospital one thing that is clear is that they had an intense operational curiosity about what was going nonwatertown but no operational control. the white house doesn't run manhunts, the president of the united states wanted all the things that happen to happen successfully but all he could do all day long is receive briefings, give the federal mandate to cooperate and provide every resource imaginable and wait for the details. he received them tonight in the oval office from the f.b.i. director. >> pelley: major, we have a picture that the white house sent to us early today a picture of the president and the vice president in the white house situation room here's that photograph. this was earlier today. that's robert mueller, the f.b.i. director briefing the president, the vice president there on the right. we also see the attorney general and we see the president's chief advisor on counterterrorism. so they activated the situation room and were briefing the president early this morning because of all of the events that had transpired. now we also showed you earlier
6:57 pm
tonight a wanted poster that the f.b.i. had put together and had put up on its web site, a wanted poster seeking this man they have now arrested. you'll have a look at the wanted poster now. it has just been resubmitted to the web site and you can see the words "captured" written across the photographs of dzhokhar tsarnaev who was captured about an hour ago wounded but alive, found a boat in watertown, massachusetts and is now presumably either en route or in a hospital. the authorities were asked how seriously wounded he was, they weren't entirely sure. they're describing him as being in serious condition. john miller's sources told us earlier that he had a gunshot wound to the leg and a gunshot
6:58 pm
wound to the neck but as john told us that could either be very serious or not as serious depending on precisely where those wounds are. if he was wounded in the fire fight that killed his brother last night that was more than 20 hours ago. so he might have been in this boat or at least bleeding from that fire fight for 20 hours. there was shots fired once he was discovered in the boat as well, possibility he was wounded at that time but we do not know that. this is the house wrch the police found him in the backyard as you can see, this is a photograph that was taken some time ago. but you can see in the backyard there is the boat covered up, a homeowner noticed at the end of the day today that that cover was torn and when he looked inside he discovered a man who was bleeding and called the police, the boston police
6:59 pm
arrived, there were shots fired, the hostage rescue team of the f.b.i. came in at that point and as you heard the boston police commissioner, they put see the signature of a man lying in the boat. they could see that he was moving. and the f.b.i. moved in, pulled him out of there. it was about an hour ago at this point that they put him in an ambulance, took him away. the boston police announced that the suspect was in custody. john, what did you hear from the news conference over these last few minutes that was new to you or gives you any insight in to how this all went down? >> well, basically they verified the account that we have been giving as the incident unfolded and that you just repeated. i thought one thing was interesting that came up at the end of the news conference where the u.s. attorney was asked, was he given the miranda warning. we understand there's a public safety exception.
7:00 pm
is a new wrinkle in counterterrorism operations. you know, for years law enforcement officers have been told the minute you arrest someone, the first thing do you before you ask them anything is read them their miranda rights. everyone who watched a mystery show can recite them. in this case, amid the controversy of whether they should be enemy combatants and held by the military because they're terrorists or whether they should be handled through the criminal justice system, they have adjusted that slightly to say when you have a terrorist in custody, you skip the miranda warning in the beginning on the public safety exception. you get to any questions that have to do with is there any danger right now? are there explosives devices? hazardous material? some plot you can tell us abouts this still unfolding against another target? when you have gotten through the exigent part of the public safety piece, then you revert back to all right, now we're going to go on other thing. tough right to remain, you have the right to remind silent and soo that was first don


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