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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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preparing for the funerals r the victims of the boston marathon bombings. meanwhile... pol good evening. people in and around boston are preparing for the funerals of the victims of the boston marathon bombings. meanwhile the police believe this may have been a second
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attack planned. we go to boston where the search for answers continues. >> reporter: the building behind me is the emergency room where thspect was brought to and he remains here in serious condition. >> investigators are collecting evidence at crime scenes in boston and watertown, massachusetts. he will likely be charged with connection to the boston marathon bombings. they realized the terror was not over after the shootout that killed the older brother tamerlan on friday. >> based on the unexploded unexploded items and the firepower there was going to be another attack. dzhokhar had serious injuries
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to his leg and neck and may have tried to kill himself. a special interrogation team is ready to question him when his condition improves. investigators are combing through the brother's lives to try to determine a motive. in 2011 the fbi questioned tamerlan was nkto islam. chairman of the house committee. he says tamerlan may of traveled overseas using an alias before the attack. >> that might be where he got the final radcasion of commitment to commit violence. >> reporter: people gathered to pray. cardinals shawn o'malley says they need to keep boston spirit alive. >> we must be people of reconciliation not revenge. >> reporter: hundreds attended gathering for spiritual guidance as boston prepares to reopen the area around the marathon bombings. as boston getting back to normal the officials say the street, where the finish line
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was, may reopen in the next two days. live in boston, back to you. >> they are waiting to question dzhokhar but any word who might represent m? >>he massachusetts attorneys agreed to represent him but they are waiting for chargees to be brought. it could happen as early as tomorrow. >> thank you. well, three days after the deadly explosion in a fertilizer plant in west, texas, are being allowed to return home. it killed 14 people and injured two unand levels homes. residents will have limited utilities and a curfew while they work to determine what caused the explosion. >> our priority today is the line of duty investigation for the firefighters and first responders who lost their lives in this incident. >> at least one congressman are
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calling into question if west fertilizer may have ignored safety regulations. they are investigating allegations the t may have been storing dangerous amounts of pneumonia nitrate. flight delays, air traffic controller furloughs kicked in today. we have more on how that might effect the bay area. >> reporter: so far today sfo is having its typical very busy sunday afternoon as folks leave for the week but no flight delays. the test comes tomorrow when flight controllers nationwide, will be laid off to meet preplanned budget cuts. >> if you fly you will know, if you don't already, air traffic controllers have been furloughed. delays are going to be 10 minutes to an hour delays. that is likely at lax. chicago's o'hare, the delays 50 minutes but reach maximum of 1
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1/2 hours. sanfrancisco had a runway closure and minor delays. even if they escape furloughs does not mean they will not feel the pink. >> because other airports, atlanta, chicago, washington, new york will be effected. the big hubs will be effected f. they cough we catch cold. >> reporter: analysts are saying what is happening is political game manship. >> when the faa was shutdown a few years ago flights not effected. it seems to me there is a request or directive out there to take it so passengers will be inconveniences and they will call their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: even the secretary of transportation says the furloughs of air traffic controller says dumb idea saying it is a meat axe approach to budgeting. now might be a good time to download an airline flight app to your sphort phone. tell not take much to make a mess. >> all it takes is one bad storm and it will ruin
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everything. last week a bad storm in tkh-g and that airport came to a near close. and that is with everybody in their jobs. >> reporter: it seems like everybody in government is saying it is not my fault and nobody is making an effort to do anything about it. >> typical. so, we know the airlines are fighting back. trying to stop the furloughs, but what exactly are they doing, do you know? >> reporter: well, one thing we know is they filed a federal lawsuit at a washington, d.c. federal court asking that the furloughs be stopped. they said it will be dangerous to the industry and expensive to the economy. but, we will see how far that goes. >> don, thank you. more bay area headlines, families welcomed home the crew of the coast guard. covering 18,000 miles in the waters off of southern california. during that time they rescued two people on a sailboat and seized a boat carrying more than 2tons of marijuana. a walk tonight hunger
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started in the east bay. week-long, one00 mile walk to end hunger. the vice president of the humanitarian aid agency will travel from napa to san jose primarily by foot. she will visit local agencies supported by the bay area hunger walk along the way. 11 other bay area held similar but shorter hunger walks this weekend. next, tackling cybersnooping. how to prevent your own computer from tracking your every search. >> it is cultural heart and soul, character of pleasant hill. the end of an era for a beloved movie theater in the east bay. the development plans forcing the dome to close. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on-line is private??? well, think again. a lot of companies are payio know what you buy, sell, an on the interne think what you research and buy on-line is private? well, think again. a lot of companies are paying to know what you buy, sell and do on the internet. consumer watch reporter explains, the government is now trying to put the brakes on that practice. >> reporter: a vacation by the sea or a pair of pajamas,
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search for something on the internet and they say it will probably come back to haunt you. >> the web site broadcasts where you have been and what you are looking at. >> reporter: along where you are located and your ip address. it is information tracking use. th use at information to determine what kinds of ads to show you next. >> reporter: that is why you may of noticed once you look at a product on-line, ads for the item follow you around the internet for days. >> creepy. >> reporter: but privacy researcher warns there is an even more serious consequence. >> data brokers that partner with companies that collect more information about you than you realize. >> reporter: very personal online research like searches for medication or illnesses. the federal trade commission calls for the remedy. a way to make it known they don't want their activities monitors for marketing purposes. for now, the software say good
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place to start. a few broad browsers give them options to block information. most users need an ad on like this program called do not track me. >> it is all unobtrusive. lives on your tool parbar. >> reporter: it prevents your computer from passing along information about your browsing activities and lets you know who wants to track you. don't expect all of the ads to go away. back to you. >> yes. that is because you will likely see different ads from companies that are not tracking you. for a link to the do not track me program, go to watch. roller disco moves, -- disco moves set to a junkie setting on wheels. wasn't today amaze something hopefully you got out and soaked in that vitamin d. the temperatures are on the
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mild side. a live look at your seven-day forecast coming up right after this ,,,,
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development is set to repla it. but as k-p-i-x 5's patrk sedillo shows us: for some "dome" supporters, the fight isn't over yet. the iconic dome movie theater is going to be closed. for some dome supporters the fight is not over yet. >> pleasant hills go-to movie house fades to black today. the dome is chosing its doors for good. >> we lived out here for 35 years. we have been coming here for 35 years. >> reporter: there is a permit
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to demolish the theater and it has locals fuming. they have until mayrd to remove the seats, popcorn machines and screens and projectors. >> i think pleasant hill it is a real cultural heart, soul, you know, character of pleasant hill. we really -- when they take this down there will be nothing else left. >> when people think of the dome they think of the history here. consider people's first dates, i was here a couple of months ago and here is what people had to say about their experiences here. >> "jaws." [music] >> you are going to need a bigger boat. >> "star wars." >> my wife and i came to our first movie here "god father." >> reporter: now the dome is facing the wrecking ball to make way for a dick's sporting good store. >> we have enough sporting good stores around the area. we don't need another one. >> supporters have not given up the fight just yet.
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they even have a facebook page with 1351 likes. still, today marks the end of an era for pleasant hill. >> i may have to save this, i don't know. >> reporting from pleasant hill, kpix5. >> playing tonight 2001 "a spac films screened at the dome and now also the last one. a beautiful day to be outside, though. for many, it translates into fun on wheels. [music] >> the roller skating disco festival is an annual tradition. skaters showcased their roller disco moves. it was not showcasing the best skaters it is about anyone and what they can do at the park. >> yes. i feel like those people are pretty good. >> yes. i was not there. >> no. i have been roller skating
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since my 6th grade birthday party. >> yes. lovely outside. >> seriously we want to box it up and put it back out. it looks like we exactly close to that tomorrow. we got her nice y in store. bu y lk at how some ople eoyedule of the weather today. a look in san francisco. cherry blossom festival and parade, it was the last day today. skies were so blue. the temperatures well above average. in fact, the temperatures are still warm outside. i would consider 84 hot, in concord, the temperature is 84 degrees. oakland coming in around 78. 68 in san francisco. but, 84 is the current temperature right now in santa rose a. you can see we are still not seeing a cloud in the sky. just gorgeous weather outside today. like i said, continuation of what we saw today, tomorrow. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, around the coast we will see generally low 70s. once again, reaching into the upper 80s, close to 90. in some of the inland spots. around the bay. oakland, san francisco, 60ss
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and 70s there. so, satellite and radar showing the track is staying away from the bay area. maybe a few rain clouds throughout in portland. bay area, we are under high pressure. keeping us so high. the temperatures way above average for this time of the year. and we are looking out for the long range forecast and still not seeing a raindrop in sight. the overnight lows, will feel mild. the overnight low, 61 degrees. we are expecting clear skies for the most part. and, again, reaching into the fairly low 60s. and then tomorrow, painting a lot of orange. orange mean ace lot of 80s -- means a lot of 80s. sanfrancisco, 66. oakland should reach into the middle to upper 70s tomorrow. and then checking pacifica, they are reaching a high of 72. like i said, we are seeing sunshine, dry weather. it is because of the ridge of high pressure. we will see a gradual cooling
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trend. beginning on tuesday. 50s and 60s. >> beautiful inland. >> yes. >> thank you for that forecast. >> all right, thank you. dennis is here. giants and a's involve inside sweeps but on opposite ends. >> yes. it is finally happening. he bat awakens and the latest on david lee and the rally without their all-star i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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warriors suffered not one, t two devastating losses yesty in denver... golden state wl now have to try and fight t way back in the series witht turns out the warriors suffered not one but two losses yesterday in denver. golden state will not have to t right flexor. this is awful break for lee who waited 8 years to finally get in the playoffs. now will have to watch the rest of the series from the sidelines. >> very, very disappointed. i am pretty good at putting up a front that everything is good. you know, last night was almost a feeling of disbelief. i waited so long, so excited. saw me pregame going into the game. we had a good chance to win last night as well as i think a good chance for the series.
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all-star power forward. incredible year. we have guys on our bench that can do some things to cover up his absence but we can not replace david lee. >> game 2 tuesday night in denver. starting 14 shutout ins, berry zito, the worst start of his career. be bounce back day wasdouble trouble. hoping to see the giants sweep the padres. angel, there is a double off of the 2-run. it is 2-0 giants. same inning, posting one up the middle for a base hit. comes n3-0 san francisco, the panda leads the giants with 17 runs batted in. 19 games into the year. buster posey has not hit one until today. bright spot for san diego was on the defensive side, aries thought he had extra bases but look at this.
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crashes into the wall and holds on to the baseball. that was it for san diego because of that man. zito rebounds. 4 strike outs. retires 13 of the final 16 batters, 7th inning, 3rd victory. they sweep the padres, 5-0 is the final there. joe madden hired a magician before the game. he is so good he made the offense disappear. tommy did not get much help from his friend. struggles at the plate. might effect his glove. he gives tampa the win. he hits rodriguez to force in another run. 2-0 tampa the rays scored 3 in the frame. then, in the 2nd. scoring it deep. first home run for the season. now, he allows four earned runs on 8 hits and took his first loss of the season. the a's could not get anything going off of hernandez who last won in the big leagues in 2011
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when he pitched for the indians using the false identity of corvona. so, he her hernandez, whoever. he gets the win. rays sweep. kobe out, dwight howard is the face of the lakers. game one, san antonio. now, 18 points off of the bench, parker, duncan, ginoblie. >> kobe was stuck at home watching from his tv. he took to twitter. what would i say if i were there now? pau get your butt off of the block and don't move until you get it. >> he is a fan right now. you know, he is a fan, you guys put more importance on that kind of fan but he is a fan and he gets excited and i am sure
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you know he will -- he wants to be part of t. i don't blame him. >> the roll of the eyes said more than the sound bite. bucks agreed to a 6 year 90 million deal that will make him the highest back in history. how about nascar, danica finished 25th. yet to crack the top 10 in five races this season. of course she had that nice finish at the daytona 500. joey longono was in the mood for m&ms takes a bite out of kyle bush. matt kenseth able to block kasey kahne and hangs on. what a great move there. by the way, jimmie johnson is the overall leader in the sprint cup standings. winning the pga heritage in a play off. >> all right, thank you very much.
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>>meday"tonight. breaking down the absence of david lee and why a local writer buildings no big deal. >> all right. >> i don't know about that. yes. thanks again. all right, one of hollywood sweethearts under arrest. why reese whitherspoon was taken into police custody. that story and more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 right here on kpix5. >> it got dennis 'attention. >> -- dennis'attention. that will do it "60 minutes" is next. good night ,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> this is your city. you're enormously proud of it, and these people have done this on patriots day. >> it certainly made me resolve to find these people quickly and to hold them accountable. >> you were going to get them? >> yeah, i was. >> tonight, the story of how they got them and what we've learned about the suspects since. >> he was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used for the american government to... as an excuse to invade other countries. >> nothing can detect a bomb better than the nose of a


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