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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 24, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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blood.. " the guy who broke the boston bombing case wide open... irst time, . this is kpix 5 news. tonight's look in the boat over here, on the floor, and i see blood. >> the guy who broke the boston marathon case wide open, tonight for the first time, we're hearing from the boat owner who found the surviving suspect. good evening. i'm in for liz. >> i'm ken. we are also learning more about how the bombs were built and when. kpix 5's allen martin shows us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6th, ten weeks before d marathon bombings, tam lan sarn ef walked into the store and bought two lock and load mortar kits. each kit cost about 2 hundred
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tlrs and contained 24 pyrotech nick shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the exemployees ef in the pressure cooker bombs. sarn ef's name was reported in the store computer system at the time of sale. . >> i do remember first him having the ak cent and then asking for the biggest, loudest stuff. i sew showed him one other proukt product, behe definitely strezed he wanted the biggest loudest stuff. >> the photos taken from inside a house overlooshging the scene of a gunfight seem to show the brothers crouched in front of a mercedes suv they had carjacked. one of the brothers appears to be holding gun with both hands in front of his body a. second body belonging to the suspect can also be seen with a
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passenger door open. witness say during the shootout, the brothers seemed to retrieve ammunition and explosives from that video to use in the ongoing battle. investigators believe they may have launched the attack in retribution for the killing of of tripes in afghanistan. today her attorneys issued a statement saying, "she is doing everything she can to assist in the ongoing investigation," adding, "the reports of her husband's involvement in the attack came as an absolute shock ot family." how did they pay for the sdpiefrlsz that under the radar? allen martin, kpix 5. the mother of the saernev brothers say there is no way her sons were involved. in an interview with britain's channel 4 news, claims her shons
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were set up. >> what's happened sa terrible thing, but i know that my kids have nothing to do with this. i know it. i am mother. i have -- i -- you know, i -- i know my kids. i know my kids. i am -- real lishgs my kids would never get involved into anything. >> russia fraged the elder tsaernev as a possible rad dal back in 2011. the fbi questioned him but found nothing out of the ordinary. we're also hearing from the man who ended the man hunt, taifd heneberry owns the bolt where 19-year-old was hiding. he described the moment he realized america's most wanted man was right in his own backyard. >> i look in the boat over here on the floor, and i see blood, a good amount of blood, and my eyes went to the other side of the engine box.
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there was a body. >> what were you thinking at that moment. oh my god. this hits you more after wards where you think my fwod probably slept last night. this guy could -- that -- i don't know. it's just -- it's sur real. >> says that he is just glad that he was able to help, and he feels lucky to be alive. so what does an exploding pressure cooker look like and how much damage can it really do? a graphic demonstration coming up in less than ten minutes shths there's a new twist in the rye sin letters invest. the justice the president dropped the charges of the initial suspect. now, they other after another guy. paul kevin curtis was arrested last week and clarjed with sending poison letters to president obama and two other officials. today the charges were dropped oof fbi couldn't find any indication of ricin or other
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evidence in his home. >> when you've been charged with something and you never heard. i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >> now, the fbi is searching the home of another mississippi man looking for evidence. they say the new suspect knows curtis and holds grudge gensz him so may have tried to frame him. take a looks at this. police released this process sketch of what shane ennis would look like today at age 32. this is what he looked like at 22. he was last scene in the arch stroen apartment complex in mrez santon hours before he was tu in court for a tui charge. all warrants for his arrest have since been dropped. police say this is an active missing person investigation. meanwhile there they be new lead for one of the bay area's most wanted men. investigators think 42-year-old dimitri storm picked up a woman
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hitchhiking in san mateo county yesterday. that woman noticed the driver had a knife so she got out in palo alto. she called police and when officers arrived, they found the car, which had been stolen, but no sight of storms. he's accused in a string of break ins and car thefts stretching from sonoma to santa cruz. photographic evidence of the power of the boston bombs. >> can travel a thousand, 2,000 teet a second. >> a second, that's faster than sound. >> right. a demonstration in the desert and wait till you see it in slow mo. and the skies in the bay area today soring like a modern day. why this tail of flight has a happen per ending. the radar image is not foing to change. we are straying try, but temperatures absolutely will. temperatures absolutely will. say good-bye to 80s and 90s.
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ooh, how you doin'? rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. listen to this: oodside got rid . homeowners beware. if you don't think your town means business about trees, listen to this. a man in wood side got rid of some trees on his own property, then he got a fine, a huge fine. kit doe is there when the man went to plead his case with the city tonight. how'd it go. >> not so good for him. some drama here at the wood side town council meeting. the council members said they have a duty to protect what makes this town special. that is the trees, and they did that tonight.
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>> came to the town council asking for leniency. what he got was a lecture and bad news. back in tes, contractors at his home cut down six trees without a permit. he now faces a fine of $52,500. >> i'm appealing to your good nature because it wasn't intentional. >> the law was passed in 2010 to stop wealthy home buyers from clear cutting lots and building manages. he's appealing the fine saying only bay laurel threes were cut because they were unhealthy sxen dangered the oaks and said his tree trimmer assured him bay laurels were okay to chop down without the $50 permit. >> it was mistake. i tlond people that i thought knew what they were talking about, and i was trying to protect these trues. >> however, the town delivers not one but two warning letters and even came by and posted a stop work notice, but the trees were cut down anyway. neighbors spoke out on both sides of reducing the fine. >> if we don't and continue to
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back down and not enforce the code then why have the code? if you don't enforce it, who will. >> i would vote absolutely to not fine this man $52,000.i think anybody that would is untit to govern the free society. >> in the end, the council voted to reduce the fine by half. to $26,250. >> and the mayor at the end of that meeting chastised that homeowner saying he was neglecting the property and could have ban lot more attentive and done his home work when he hired that tree trimmer. >> what about the contractor, can he be held responsible. >> the town can't do anything about that, but that's between the homeowner and the tree trimmer himself. he'll have to work that out from possibly in small claims court. >> wow. pricey lesson. all right. thanks. the victims who tied in monday's boston marathon bombings may never veven noeven what hit them. reporter david went to the new
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mexico desert for a chilling demonstration of how pressure cooker bombs work. >> this is a pressure cooker bomb similar to the bombs in boston and we're about to set it off. >> going to do the count down. >> in the wrong hands, we already know how tedly this bomb can be, and we're not taking any chances. for safety reasons, we've had to retreat to this mountain top here. we are now other a yarter of a mile away from where we left that pressure cooker, but that's still not far enough to avoid flying slab slap nel sho we're watching from inside a bunker. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> wow! . >> that white smoke looks just like what we saw in boston. >> i could feel it all the way up here. >> oh, yeah. that shock wave will tlavl all the way. >> but down below is the real shock. >> at this point, we're looking for fragments. >> one pom turned into thousands of weapons scattered more than a hundred yards.
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this was part of the pressure cooker, now mangled and razor sharp. >> no wonder so many people not hurt. >> instead of nails, we filled the pot with nults from a hardware store, shot out like bullets, they pierced plywood, some even melted from the heat. >> look at the back of it. how nas were these things moving when they went out there. >> they can travel a thousand, 2,#50 00 teet a second. >> a second, that's faster than sound. >> they'll move faster than speed of sound. these things will get in front of the shock wave and hit you before the pressure wave. >> you're hit before you even hear it. >> that's right. . >> here's what the blast looks like using a high-speed camera. an intense ball of fire less than 20 teet across but watch the white rings on the desert floor. that's the shock wave. engineers studtying this blast say there's a lesson in here for first responders. let's say i'm a first responder. what to i need to be aware of when i come up on a scene like
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this. >> there's a lot of shrapnel around. you could easily cut yourself. there could be unexploded parts of the bomb that are still left over that at no time explode when it was suppose today explode. that could go off at any time. >> but for potential bystanders, there are only words of caution. by the time you hear the boom, you could already be hit. awareness of your surroundings could be the only te fence. cnn, new mexico. >> turns out building a pressure cooker bomb is just as cheap and easy as it looks. it's all done with about $75 worth of common household ingredients. governor brown has a neighbor to thank. sacramento police say a man tried to break into the fwovrner's locked building sunday night. a neighbor saw him on brown's balcony and called 911. police arrested him on suspicion of prowling. the governor told the story today in a rally for crime victim's rights saying he intends to make the state safer. >> i know the feeling.
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i know the anxiety, and i want to do nothing more than make this place safe, but i got to make it actually happen. >> the governor says something similar happened about a year ago. he says three men tried to break into his house in oakland while his wife was home alone. according to brown, the men claimed they were looking to buy real estate in the neighborhood so police let them go. well, you may have seen it in the skies today around the bay area, that weird flying machine. it's a swiss-made solar plane. it took a 16-hour test flight around san francisco, the folden fwaet bridge and the bay bridge today. it powered by the sun, not by any gas lean engines. we sent joe vasquez to find it tonight. when he got back, he told us it looked like a big seagull. >> with remarkably long wings and a determination to make history, the solar impulse took off this morning just after sun vise and spent the day flying over the bay area.
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the solar impulse crossed the golden gate bridge around 2:00 this afternoon, then slowly zigzagged near the bay bridge all through the evening hours, top speed 43 miles per hour. it's not carrying any passengers, but the swiss scientists who built the solar impulse say it's carrying an important message about saving energy. >> were used everywhere in the world, the world would divide by its energy consumption and produce half of its neesd with renewable sources sgli think that would be fwraet for everybody because if we all run on solar power then we'll save the oil. we won't have all these problems overseas with everything else, all our war. >> the sun is going down, i'm concerned for them. >> yeah, i hope they have enough battery power. >> actually, that shouldn't be a concern because it turns out the solar impulse can charge its batteries all day, enough so that it can then fly all night thus in theory it could fly
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indefinitely. >> that's the theory. but, in fact, today's daul all-day flight over the bay area is a technical test run. they're preparing for a cross-country flight early next month and in 2015, the plan is to fly around the world relying solely on energy from the sun. >> the solar impulse weighs only 3500 pounds roughly the weight of a normal car. it has one pilot, more than 11,600 solar cells, which concert sunlight into battery power. that's why joe was saying it can go indefinitely. get the sun during the day, runs on batteries during the night. >> you sate, didn't you. >> i saw it about 7:30 tonight. kind of cool. not moving terribly fast but certainly fwans your attention. maybe it'll be new tech nothing for our kids when they fly. here's a peek outside tonight. not much in the way of sun right now, of course, it's 11:00 at night, but tomorrow morning you're going to wake up cloudy
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on the peninsula. it is now pushing inland. there's a live look over san francisco where the clouds are lurking just off to the west. lows right around 50 tonight. vallejo 50, oakland 51, redwood city 52. look at this temperature drop. san ramon, you were up near 90 greece yesterday, mid 80s today, mid 70s tomorrow and high of only 71 with morning fog for you coming up on thursday so something has changed. what changed? well, high pressure decided want to take off for a couple days and move off to the west opening the door for that marine lier, the cloud cover and area of low pressure to work its way up. that will be with us tomorrow but really with us on thursday. no rain, but temperatures will drop. then high pressure decides i want to come back, and it will starting on friday. that will te crease the flow off the ocean, which will increase our temperatures back so it's a two-day blip. weir dropping temperatures were wednesday and thursday before they climb back up fwining
1:58 am
friday and into the weekend. the fog is back and the coast tonight likely the city, as well. tomorrow nobody hits 80. we had 90s yesterday. nobody even makes 80 tomorrow and the coolest and foggiest day of this little pattern we're having will be on thursday. tomorrow, wednesday, highs in the 70s away from the water. concord 77, san jose 74, which is still above average but somewhat cooler than we have been recently. los altos 75, fremont 71. sunny day in walnut creek with high of 78. look at the temperatures on the peninsula near the bay berkeley 66, richmond 68 and daly stha only 62 frees. extended forecast temperatures bottom out on thursday then go back up. not hot, but nice. upper 70s on saturday and sunday upper 70s on saturday and sunday away from the water, low to mid,
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that . the shopkeeper in chicago who took a baseball hat to a gun battle and won is back at work. >> that's right. security cameras were rolling as two armed robbers attacked him a
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couple weeks ago. fired ten shots. one of the bullets found his leg but he didn't even notice until after he fought the men off. >> it was all over, a lot of blood, you know. >> blood all over the floor. >> yeah, on the floor. >> where did you find the courage to fight them with a bat when they had a gun. >> yeah. well, the first thing that come in my mind, you know, i didn't expect. >> he holds no grudge against the men. he thinks they were probably just desperate for money, food or drugs. can the a's break a four-game slide? can brandon save the jientds once again? golden state warriors in the playoffs tipoff at 10:00. . and kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we're koubting down the days till the,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warriors break that streak,r me . the denver nuggets were 38 and 3 at home including a 24-game win streak. the warriors praek that streak come home down 0-2 in the playoffs. david lee injures saturday night, a spectator tonight. steph curry with 7 of 20 in game one. he fouls it tonight. he and clay thompson combined for 51 points. off the feed from harrison barns nails the corner three. curry had 15 of riz 30 in the second quarter. warriors up by 8 at the half.
2:05 am
curry also had 13 assists. they were up 13 in the third. curry's ankle turned when he planted. he would come out of the game, but he did return. david lee averaged nearly 20 points per game and harrison barns filled that void tonight. nasty reverse dunk and exclamation point on a 131-1417 win. barns had a career high 24. the warriors shot a franchise playoff record 65%. the series is tied at one. >> share the ball well tonight. everyone got off and, you know, we waurl playing for each other. we had to step up since all star david lee went down. >> clay thompson and steph curry, in my opinion, they're the fwraetest shooting back court in the history of game. i wouldn't put reggie miller and my in there, but i held them down. >> looked like two different ball clubs in my personal opinion even though we gave ourself a chance to win game one. i thought we played much more aggressively, assertive and like i said i thought we hit first. >> on the ice the sharks needed
2:06 am
a point to clinch playoff. they were down 2 to 1 against the stars. under 16 to go, joe ties the game and then 30 seconds later, scores again to fwif the sharks a 3-2 lead. san jose is officially going to the playoffs. baseball, the giants were looking to win their first game of the season with matt cane on the hill. the giants was sporting average over 7 before tonight's game against arizona. there fwoes giant, a 2-roughen shot, four to nothing arizona. cane gave up three runs in six innings but brandon bell strikes again. last night 's hero launches one into the arcade and the game is tied at four. they played till the 11th inning and after error, threw it in the dirt. buster posey couldn't block it and scores the go ahead run and the diamondbacks win 6 to 4. they snapped the giants
2:07 am
four-game wing streak. pitched 7 innings of three hits shut out baseball for the a's. boston was a complete mess. he allowed six runs in the third inning on three w a two balls plus covering first and brandon moss scored from second base. a's were up 13 to nothing as it started the eighth inning when the rains came. i think it was a merciful decision to call that baseball game. oakland snaps a four-game losing streak. i only have time for the no. 14 play of the night, but, man, is this worth it. look at this, you guys. perez of the double got the added second base. the affiliate of the detroit tigers and perez just got everybody's attention ton major league. fwif him a ticket to the big leagues fast. >> absolutely. >> did they try to turn a double. >> try today turn a double play. did not get the out at first base but a fantastic play. >> wow. >> so we get the,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. bc-us--fatal lion atta .,,


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