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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 27, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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[laughter] [applause] craig: geoffrey? geoff: yes, craig? craig: you know when i stand by the fire in the evening and warm my testicles? geoff: yes, yes. craig: i think i may have singed them. i need you to take me to the emergency room. i'm in a great deal of pain. geoff: well, i'll be glad to help, mr. ferguson. now begin by dropping your trousers. craig: why, if i had a nickel for every time i heard that. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news. where in the world is demetrius storm? one of the bay area's most wanted fugitives strikes again and again. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. cops say he's been all over the map, stealing cars at pretty much every stop. and he is now upping his game. >> reporter: the crime spree of the one of the bay area's most wanted men has gone on so long, it's hard to keep count. >> you are victim no. 30-something. >> reporter: troy walked out to his car this morning on huckleberry lane to find a thief had rifled through his glove box during the night, tried to steal the $700 stereo,
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but damaged it instead. >> you've got to wonder how many more people he's going to hit before they catch him. >> who knows how many more. >> reporter: they believe storm is at it again. they think he's been lurking streets of felton and boulder creek. he gets around by stealing and ditching cars. >> he's two steps ahead of us. he changes out vehicles like we would change our clothes. >> reporter: detectives say he takes random items from cars, tossing them nearby. they thought he was a sophisticated crook but now say he's more erratic and unpredictable than anything else. >> the challenge has been him moving around to other counties and cities. >> reporter: deputies say this surveillance video shows storm breaking into a truck several weeks ago. they say he returns to the santa cruz mountains because he knows the area. he has a history of mental
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problems, and if cornered by cops, they say he likely won't go down without a fight. >> we're hoping that maybe he'll -- something will trigger in his brain and he'll want to just turn himself in or give up easily. we just don't want anybody hurt. >> reporter: and part of the charm of living in the mountains is feeling safe enough to leave those doors unlocked. but deputies say make yourself less of a target and lock up. liz? >> deputies are urging anyone who spots storm to call them right away, even waiting a few minutes could give him a huge head start. well, a mom in contra costa called police to say a man tried to run off with her two- year-old daughter. police say a man in his 30's grabbed the girl in front of her house on snowflake way in pittsburg this afternoon. he got about 50 feet but dropped her when the mom started yelling. police brought in specialized dogs to track him down. he has blond hair, was last seen wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. did you know that al-qaeda
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has a magazine? it does. and that's exactly where the boston suspects apparently learned about explosives. dzhokhar tsarnaev told interrogators that he and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev followed a step-by-step bomb guide called inspire. but they say those used in the boston marathon attack were much more sophisticated than that, suggesting the bombers had additional training or expertise. meanwhile, the surviving suspect has a new home. dzhokhar has been transferred from a boston hospital to a federal prison hospital 40 miles to the west. today fbi agents searched for evidence in a landfill near the college he attended. and dzhokhar's final hiding spot, this boat, was moved from watertown to an undisclosed location, part of the investigation. a startling discovery in new york city today. part of a hijacked plane used in the 9/11 attacks. it appears to be part of the
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landing gear. work crews found it wedged between two buildings near ground zero. they are just 18 inches apart. one of those buildings is the site of a drawn-out battle over a new islamic community center. because of that, police are exploring the possibility, however slight, that the part might have been planted there. >> certainly it's possible that it was wedged down there and went directly into that alley. it depends on the angle at which it hit. also, we're looking into the possibility that it was lowered by a rope. >> the part is considered more artifact than evidence. still, police are treating the area like a crime scene on the theory that human remains could be there as well. well, it's a great night to be a warriors fan. they came out with the win tonight at home, taking the lead in the series against the nuggets, 2-1. but the competition among fans is still going strong. they are battling over where
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the warriors will end up. christin ayers has the tug-of- war from oakland tonight. christin? >> reporter: that's right. and you can see the fans are so pumped up right now. very excited. i mean, it truly was an exciting game. a dog fight all the way to the end. an certainly a tug-of-war amongst the fans over which city san francisco or oakland. play-off game 3. and the real rivally was happening off court. >> it is a competition. it's back and forth, back and forth. >> reporter: a battle over which city the warriors will call home. oakland, which legally has the team until at least 2017, or -- >> san francisco. definitely. >> reporter: which according to warriors, with the promise of a spectacular waterfront stadium. it's a debate that is coming between friends. >> san francisco. that's where they were from. that's where they need to be. >> so this is like dividing
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your friendship? >> it's all right. then it's gotta be that. >> reporter: and putting the mayors of oakland and san francisco at odds. the whole san francisco bay stands beside the warriors. oakland mayor quan says oakland has the best fans around. >> this year for the warriors was the second-highest attendance of the warriors that we've ever had since they've been here in oakland. >> reporter: brian has doubts san francisco can pull off a pricey waterfront stadium. >> it's definitely not a done deal in san francisco. >> reporter: but san franciscans are optimistic. tonight a group calling itself warriors on the waterfront hosted half a dozen parties, tellingly, on the san francisco side of the bay. >> we're seeing a great amount of support for the warriors coming to this world-class city on the waterfront. and in a new world-class arena. >> reporter: a sign that the war over the warriors is just
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beginning. >> and if you saw the game, you know it was a nail-biter all the way to the end. but these fans are going to have to wait another five years to see if san francisco or oakland becomes the hometown game. more highlights coming up in just a bit. reporting live at the oakland coliseum, christin ayers, kpix 5 news. >> well, mayor ed lee made good on his super bowl bet today since the 49ers lost -- we don't talk about that -- the mayor went to baltimore and spent a day working in the community. he renovated a station and then got a little crabby. >> this is the blue crab here. this is a delight. >> baltimore's mayor gave lee a lesson in picking crabs and making crab cakes. well, everyone saw this in
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"pulp fiction." but director tarantino hasn't seen that classic chevy malibu since. it was stolen, right after the movie came out. but nearly 20 years later, susan says it's just turned up, and of all places, oakland. >> i mean, don't [ bleep ] another man's vehicle. it's just against the rules. >> reporter: someone didn't just break the rules. he broke the law. 19 years ago. stealing the 1965 red chevy from quinton tarantino's drive way, same one featured in "pulp fiction." >> let's get a steak. >> you can get a steak here, daddy o. >> after you, kitty cat. >> reporter: cops arrested a victorville man, after he was caught stripping a car with a vin that matched another car up in oakland, which turned out to be the "pulp fiction" chevy.
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>> getting it back after 17 years, that's amazing. >> when you lose something like that, it's like losing a family member. so it's pretty great to recover that. >> reporter: the chevy owners at the classic car show remember the car from that 1994 film. >> the front end looks almost the name. >> reporter: johnny prides himself on having a chevy similar to tarantino's and says the chance of getting back a stolen car like that, one in a million. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: the guy who was driving the "pulp fiction" won't be charged. he's believed to be the victim of fraud. in fact, no one will probably be arrested, because the statute of limitations on auto theft has long since run out. >> beautiful car. coming up, did a california newspaper cross the line? you be the judge. the backlash over a cartoon that uses that huge explosion to bash texas. when stoned drivers are puto the test.
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how much pot is too much to drive? see what happens when stoned drivers are put to the test. and we'll take you to the gun buying capital of california, a place where people even give weapons to babies. why they're the test case for federal gun laws. roller coaster temperature ride in san francisco over the past couple of days. four straight days in the 70's and 80's followed by three straight days, including today, only in the 50's. ,,
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he a about an edito a newspaper columnist in texas has found another reason to, quote, despise california. he and some other texans are a bit upset about a cartoon. you check it out. you decide what you think. >> reporter: it's sacramento dollar daily, now getting red in texas, where flags are flying at half-staff following last week's deadly fertilizer explosion. >> how could you do something like that when you know people are hurting? >> reporter: it shows governor rick perry boasting that business is booming in texas, in front of a picture of a massive blast. governor perry responded to the bee with this statement. it was with extreme disappoint i viewed your recent cartoon. while i will always welcome healthy debate, i won't stand
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for this. the paper is standing by cartoonist jack omen, who wrote on the paper's website, i am not really trying to be tasteless. i am not. what i am trying to do is get readers to think about an issue in a striking way. perry has been promoting texas as having a better business climate than california with fewer regulations. sacramento constitutional attorney jeff kravetz called the cartoon good journalism. >> this is a serious and important issue. this cartoon used a shocking method to bring people's attention to it. that's what his job is. >> reporter: a stinging commentary. now it's the bee in the headlines. and this cartoon debate isn't over yet. i am told the editorial team is preparing a response to governor perry that will be published in tomorrow's
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edition. in sacramento, kpix 5. >> and tonight governor perry is demanding an apology. the cartoonist says he would draw it again without thinking twice. a new survey finds that today's teens don't think it's a big deal to drive while stoned. 34% think weed makes them better drivers. and 41% say pot has no effect at all. but joe vazquez tells us, legally speaking, in california it's a bit hazy. >> this is a strain called blueberry train wreck. >> reporter: how much pot do you have to smoke before you have trouble driving? our cbs station in seattle recently conducted a test where three drivers got high and then drove on a controlled track. turns out, all of them slowed down significantly. when this driver measured seven times washington's legal limit for marijuana, she hit a cone. but the instructor said, actually he's still okay.
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>> yeah. >> well, you do drive slower. >> reporter: these teenagers had mixed feelings about the subject but they do believe alcohol is way more dangerous. >> there's a famous saying. it says a stoned driver will stop at a stop sign and wait till it turns drink. a drunk driver will just run that stop sign. and this is the stop sign. it doesn't turn green. >> it has very little effect on the cause of accidents. >> reporter: clint warner is the author of marijuana, gateway to hell. >> some data seems to suggest if people compensate and they're more thoughtful when driving while they're high, then they're driving better. >> one time you get to do this. you should do it! ha ha! yeah! >> reporter: by the end of the test in washington state -- >> oh. i'll do it again. >> reporter: the drivers that
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smoked 9/10 of a gram of weed, about two full joints -- >> i am stoned. definitely shouldn't be driving. >> reporter: and they're driving was clearly affected. >> i would say that all three would have been arrested for driving under the influence. >> reporter: i talked to some law enforcement folks tonight who said, you know what? they believe marijuana does slow down your reflexes, so liz, this debate, it's not a new one. it rages on. >> right. it's a big argument here, not one we haven't heard before. how do we settle it? >> reporter: well, there have been studies out there. we'll let the viewers check those out. but we were trying to compare dui's with alcohol with dui's with marijuana. we found something very interesting. prosecutors rarely bring dui's with just marijuana to trial, so it's -- you know, it's very difficult to compare them. >> thank you, joe. well, currently there are what the new york times describe as quiet talks underway in washington to
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revive gun-control legislation on the federal level. meanwhile, california already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. so to see how state gun laws really work in practice, we sent christin ayers to the county that's the gun buying capital of california. >> reporter: three hours north of san francisco, and you might as well be a world away. this is shasta county, california, a place where pickup trucks outnumber prius. >> we don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle and somebody yelling in our ears or why we have george w. bush bumper stickers on our bumper five years after the election. >> reporter: shasta county is gun country, a place where longtime gun instructor sissy says it's never too early to buy a kid his first gun. >> i bought a shotgun for this baby before he was even born as
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a baby shower gift. >> reporter: shasta county has the highest number of gun sales per 1,000 people in the state. it's a place where gun control and gun ownership coexist, though not quite peacefully. >> i don't think we need any more restrictions. >> reporter: that's the consensus here in the old west, where young and old come to talk pistols and politics. jude smith has a 22 caliber rifle, knowing full well she won't walk out of the store with it. >> you knew you were going to have to wait ten days to come back and pick it one? how do you feel about that? >> do you want bother -- doesn't bother me at all. >> reporter: what does bother here is a whole host of other restrictions. >> you'd have to answer these 23 questions correctly. once that was done, you fill out a federal form. when you finish that form, i'll go back and start your state
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paperwork. >> reporter: they are steps that don't exist in states like texas or idaho. shasta county is something of a gun-control guinea pig, a glimpse of the impact that new federal gun-control laws could have on gun-loving states nationwide. but the laws have done nothing to dampen a passion for firearms. >> we had about 2300 concealed carry licenses or permits in shasta county in 2006. right now we have about 43-, 4400. >> it's a 22 caliber. >> reporter: at the public firing range, an instructor eagerly gave me my first shooting lesson. >> perfect! >> reporter: gun sales are booming at old west, up more than 50% since december, with a raft of new state gun-control laws pending. it's a sign that gun culture can still thrive in the face of gun control, even as fears linger in this gun capital that firearm freedoms are being chipped away.
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in shasta county, christin ayers, kpix 5. well, paul, we are about 40 minutes away from the weekend officially, saturday. >> yes! >> it's going to be a good one. >> it's going to be not too hot, not too cold, before we tip the scales. treasure island, back toward the city. and the city looks beautiful. but you do see that marine lair. we will see low cloud cover moving inland tomorrow morning. starting off your weekend in oakland tomorrow morning, when you wake up, 50. 49 for vallejo. 50 for san francisco. also 50 for concord and san jose. your forecast for the weekend, cupertino, clouds, 77. the temperatures are going up and the cloud cover amount will go down, because high pressure is moving back. but there's plenty of cloud
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cover sitting just offshore. the lightest onshore flow will bring it back inland. that will also happen coming up on sunday. then high pressure moves to the perfect spot to give us an offshore wind, the opposite of the onshore flow. wind coming off of land. that will warm us up. we started hot, record highs. we may get back to that point by the middle of next week. san francisco, right in downtown, will likely get to the 80-degree mark by the middle of next week. low clouds moving in tonight. temperatures climbing starting tomorrow. lasting through next week. 80's likely in the city by next wednesday. oakland tomorrow, only 69, because of that morning cloud cover. but concord, san jose, you'll hit 80. fremont, 75. low 80's up and down the 680 corridor. and 77 for novato. sonoma, 80. warmer on sunday, warmer next
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week. here comes 90's inland starting next thursday and 80's in the city starting next wednesday. that is your kpix 5 forecast. when we come back, half ,,,,,,,,
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and here's vern glenn with tonight's sports report. >> all right. is it 2007 all over again? the warriors, man! they are just not fooling around, going up 2-1 on top of denver after a thriller inside oracle arena. 19,596 jammed inside, as man, things got a little heated between these two teams! the warriors, man, they just couldn't do anything. 14 turnovers in the first half. 21 for the game. just couldn't take care of the ball. but ty lawson, what a first half. 19 points, 35 for the game. the nuggets took a 12-point lead into the half. third quarter, a different story. warriors outscored denver. curry kept it going. 29 points on the night for stephen curry. under ten seconds to go. oh! jarrett jack is called for a
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five-second violation. nuggets now with a chance to win it. ty lawson ends up losing the ball, out of bounds. two ticks left. warriors up two. nuggets, a chance to win it. and andre iguodala's offer, no, no, no! the warriors escape with a 110- 108 win. they now lead the series two games to one! >> there was a point in time where, if you did not score on the last possession, you turn it over on the five-second violation, and you panic. we got into the huddle and said this is how we win ball games on the defensive end. let's just go out and get a stop. >> we're a good basketball team. they're a good basketball team. let's go out here and do whatever it takes to win the game. >> bogut and mcgee, just a little discussion. >> you're gonna go into not liking one another and tired of seeing each other and it's going to get chippy. it's the same guy, same
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matchup. you're tired of him, you know, wrestling with each other under the basket or whatever. but those are the things that are necessary if you want to be successful. >> just two wins. they're barely halfway there. >> quickly to the giants on the road in san diego with tim lincecum. nice job by lincecum. seven innings strong. nine strikeouts. but his offense couldn't pick him up! he made a few mistakes here, one to alonso, who drives in the game-winning run. the giants have now lost three straight. 2-1, padres, the final. a's and orioles. milone, a hard luck loser. the single to pierce. that run unearned. a's blanked by the orioles, 3- 0. 0. ,, ñáçwçñ
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