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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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bolts on the new eastern spf the bay bridge snapping as were tightened into place. engineers are trying to fi good evening. we already know about the bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge snapping as
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they were tight tightended into place. but now there is another problem. 1200 bolts, playing vital roles in secure the the span, ones nearly identical have been banned on the use of bridges because they can crack. so far they have not snapped but questions are raised about the future of the other bolts. >> it is a big and beautiful new bridge. but lately it is making headlines for nothing but bad bolts. >> they are being tested, pulled out, cut, they are being stressed to breakage. looked at with a microscopes. >> public affairs director for the metro transportation on the 32 long bolts that snapped on the bridge in march and the one92 that haven't, at least not yet. >> reporter: the difference is -- 1. >> that haven't, at least not yet. >> the difference is that the others were not stressed.
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>> reporter: the bridge has more than 1200 bolts made from galvanized steel that is like the others that were banned for bridge use because it can crack over time. >> the question is, over time, 10 years, 20 years, as we monitor the bridge, are we going to replace them? it is too early to tell right now. >> reporter: those unknowns are leaving people wondering what else might go wrong. a question posed at a meeting last week. >> what does that is a about quality control in terms of what we had in place that allowed for the hydrogen to get to this point. >> and who is to blame? bad bolts, manufacturing or bad decision-making by bridge builders. >> we don't know if they are bad or, or if the specification was part of the question. but, that question is going to
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be answered but not answered today. >> as of now the new span is scheduled to be opened to drivers on labor day weekend. that may change. a final decision is expected on may 8th. on treasure island, back to you. the bay area toll authority has not decided how they will fix the bridge compromised by the broken bolts that will be made may 8th. the sequester has a direct impact here in the bay area, ordered to reduce fuel consumption so the coast guard stopped their patrols of potential terrorist threats. those include the golden gate and bay bridges and b.a.r.t transmit 2. they are concentrating on search and rescue missions. the budget cuts are also about to hit thousands of people in california. starting today they will see their unemployment benefits reduced by 18%.
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the cuts apply only to federal benefits that kick in after someone has used up to 26 weeks of state benefits. tell reduce the maximum benefit of $450 by about $79. a manhunt under way. the the police are searching for a man -- the police are searching for a man who fatally shot another person. officers found two men critically injured by gunshots, one of them later identified as 21-year-old jose diaz died at the hospital. the other man is in stable condition. so far the police have no suspects and no motive. well you have not heard of last of the gun control debate. u.s. senator joe mansion says he will reintroduce a measure requiring background checks for buyers at gun shows and online. the west virginia democrat insists if lawmakers read the
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bill they will support it. >> i truly believe that if we have time to sell the bill and people will read the bill and i am willing to go anywhere in the country, debate anybody on this issue, read the bill and you tell me what you don't like. we stopped registration from the standpoint of the felony with 15 years of imprisonment. >> the senator says he thinks the previous bill failed because of confusion among lawmakers. polls showed overwhelming public support for expanding background checks. the overall unemployment rate is improving but college graduates are not getting much of a break. businesses are higher fewer new grads than last year. we have more on where students are turning for help. >> there is potluck grand waeugz party. >> reporter: this is for co-op students that is the place to celebrate at berkeley but a bittersweet occasion. >> it is a diconamist feeling about trying to make an impact
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in the real world but nervous. >> >> reporter: a association of college and employees surveys businesses only plan to hire 2% more from the class of 2013. making this year's search particularly challenging. >> for some i secured interviews but right now the company is not looking to expand or looking to hire and or the job process is so competitive. >> the economy, it is still recovering. not as easy to get a job as it was 15 years ago. the climate calls for new tactics like using online resource called asking recruiters for advice how to nail an interview and how to get in a cool environment. >> reporter: the number of people being hired has decrease inside recent months. that could be because businees are being selective or they are waiting for this
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crop of graduates. back to you. a bay area jefferson award winner, what this man has done had him honored by the oakland a's
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old girl. the authorities in a rural county east of stockton is trying to find out who stabbed to death an 8-year-old girl. now the search is on for her killer. it happened in the county town of valley springs around noon yesterday. the police have identified the victim as 8-year-old lala don knapp has more, don? >> reporter: igats many law agencies have been working this case straight for 30 hours now. they have two things in mind. one they are looking here in valley springs for a vaguely u look down the hillhere you can see vehicles on the road. those are vehicles of the crime agencies looking hard at the
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house, the crime scene itself. >> reporter: they do not think of sckton t arniter le eeast that an 8-year-old girl was killed at a house just down the road he was taking precautions. >> i got up and looked under the house. it is 3 story in the back. he could have been under the news when did you do that? >> this morning. i went and made sure the doors were not opened or jarred. >> reporter: a 12-year-old boyepterred the house in valley springs to check on his 8-year- old sister according to the police. as he entered an intruder ran out and then the boy found his sifter. >> she was suffering from severe injuries. >> reporter: stabbed and apparently bleeding. she did not survive. in an afternoon news conference they are taking a hard -- news conference they are taking a hard look at the evidence. >> they executed a search
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warrant at the home. this is the home where the homicide occurred. >> reporter: the police say the intruder is described as 6 foot tall with a muscular build. by some reports he was seen by at least one neighbor. >> the description of the suspect was described as a white or hispanic male adult. the age was not clear. however, the clothing described was blue jeans and a black or dark shirt. >> reporter: the police officers and sheriff deputies from several agencies combed the hills. >> we are doing a house to house search and in some cases we are searching, you know, extensively in attics and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search. rural, remote. >> reporter: this neighbor can only thing of the grandchildren that often stay with him and his wife. >> my wife and i were sitting here with our doors open and stuff like this. if the grandkids were here we would of found out more of what was going on and made them come home and watch cartoons. >> reporter: the police say they collected a substantial amount of evidence from the house. that collected fingerprints
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and what they believe to be dna. >> hopefully that is helpful. the authorities rue -- teenly look at family members -- routinely look at the family members are the police looking at if her brother was involved? >> reporter: they are saying nobody was ruled out and talking about the suspect in vague terms and dna. we can leave it to you to draw conclusion but nobody is specifically saying the brother is involved. >> don knapp, thank you. for the first time ever "60 minutes" interviews a serial killer. >> do you consider yourself a serial killer? >> i mean i guess it depends upon a person's definition. if it is more than one and it is a pattern then yes. >> reporter: charles cullan, a critical care nurse admits to killing as many as 40 people. some suspect the number is more likely in the hundreds. hear his interview and how he
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murders at 7:00 immediately following this newscast right here on kpix5. the coast is clear. good evening, everyone, from the kpix weather center we have clear skies now and warm conditions but, the day the heat will be on right there, as the news continues right here on kpix5. ,, medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really?
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majors today. the a's honored him by having him throw out the first pih in a game with baltimore. he has been coaching the a's of tampa rosa west side league for 40 years he pays for the uniforms and maintains the field himself. he is scheduled to coach his 1,000th game next month. a neat honor for a great guy and a great day for a's baseball. >> what a role model. >> it was thrilled for everybody. >> yes it looked like they had their number but no. >> now, go ahead and go outside right now. it was difficult to come indoors after glorious conditions like right there. the 46th annual cherry blossom festival. 225,000 people in attendance at
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the coast people are saying what heat wave are you guys talking about? there today, highs topped out at 68, half-moon bay. ocean beach, 65. currently is 65 in san francisco. san jose currently in the middle 70s. it is 86 at this hour in santa rosa and dublin as we take a look where we expect high fire danger midweek. they are blowing at 9 miles an hour. here is what you need to know as we wrap up this month of april. first day of may on wednesday. some starry skies tonight. monday, hazy and hot in some locations and warm through the extended period. today's high, 62 in pacifica. middle 70s across the bay, middle 70ss and 80s across the peninsula. 91 degrees outside numbers today and little more and gill row, 87 degrees in santa rosa. pollen count was off of the starts today. again, expect the same thing with a bit of a breeze. dry conditions, blame it on the
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grasses and the trees that continue to blossom. high pressure continues to expand. as it does so keep a tight shield on our temperatures. tomorrow's temperatures will be similar to today. but the warmest are still to come. we will have the forecast. 87 degrees, water temperature of 52, don't forget the sun block with those off shore winds. statewide, low 90s, sacramento, stockton, modesto, middle 90s, fresno. low 70s in the high sierra. sunny skies, upper 60s. now, tonight, 40s and 50s across the board. the winds will be slight, the skies will be clear. tomorrow's day time highs, checking in like this. middle 60s at the coast. low 70s from san francisco to oakland. the temperature typically should be at 66 this time of the year. 71 at livermore and instead, 20 degrees above normal. 98, your extended forecast calls for a trend downward on
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tuesday, wednesday due to a southerly search to the south of us. but, then, rebound under the enforcement, reenforcement, actually, high pressure on thursday. dodger comes to town on friday against the giants. that will be a great night for baseball with the warm conditions continuing all of the way th weekend. >> all right, thank you. all right, dennis o'donell is has more on the warriors nuggets game is getting underway. >> reporter: ann, one of these days you would do this job for free if you had to. watched 9 innis of the a's and now the warriors underway. a doubleheader of sorts. ,,,,
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welcome back everybody to will coliseum. what a day to be a sports fan. the a's came in having lost 8 of the their last 9 games. one major piece to the puzzle that was missing. the slugger activated off of the dl today. now, colon allowed 5 runs in 6 innings. bottom of the 7th. a's down, hammering, left handed pitching, 2-run shot to tie it at 6. his third home run of the year. taking back the lead.
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now, the 0-2 bitch. now, with thcloser unavailable the a's called on maddi is. now, extra innings now, letting off of the 10 with the base hit, now, adam, drops down the bunt. and it goes into center field on the throw from pedro. everybody is safe. next up, crisp. he drops down a bunch. he tried to get the add 3rd. threw it down the left field line. he screamed at him to get up and go and finally he runs and beats the throw home to score the winning run. the a's rally back 3 different to avoid a 4-game sweep. >> go through that final play and what were you thinking? >> you know, i knew it was going to abi close play at third. i was going head in first to do
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my best to beat it. it was so loud. i was trying to read the crowd to understand if he caught it or i was safe or he was out and i saw gags and he was waving me and i looked back and saw the ball and went home. >> he did not catch you off guard in the post game did he? >> a little bit. [ laughter ] >> he has you. >> i figured it was coming but i did not know when. definitely a good feeling, though. >> the giants usually feel comfortable when they go down to san diego to play the padres. half of their fan base comes with them. but, today, the giants were trying to avoid their first 3- game swede. you stand at attention when there is a chance to sweep them. earned run average over 5. this did not help. hitting the shot of the building to make it 3-1 san diego. then, in the 4th, alex pumps one. out to right. that is another 2-1 shot. but, that ball would not have
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gone out last year because they brought the fences in. it allowed 5 earned runs in 6 innings. he tried to let him off of hook. buster, over the new role in right. he almost brought it back. making it 6-4 san diego. his third home run of the season. two runners in scoring position, his lineuper to right is caught. if that ball drops the game is probably tied. the padres hold on to win 6-4 and they sweep the giants. kobe joining the lakers on the bench for the first time since tearing his achilles. an injection after getting two technical fouls, san antonio made quick work. tony parker, leading with 23 points, they won to sweep the series and they will await the winner of the warriors/nuggets series. kg and the celtics looking to
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avoid the sweep. all boston early. drills it to 3. they led by 21. yes, at the half. pierce led the celtics with 29 points. the knicks would erase a deficit. hitting the long 3 at the end of the 3rd. he had 27. newyork, rallying all of the way back. forcing overtime. but, the veteran celtics would not let their season end. jason scored boston's final 9 points in overtime. they win 97-90 to send the series back to new york. a little bit of golf. bad weather plagued the finish of the classic near new orleans after a 15 minute delay. billy had this from 27 feet for bird tow win the turn skp-plt it goes on. holding off the points for the 1st career win. he gets the payday over $1 million. once again the warriors are underway against the denver nuggets. if they win this game, ann,
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they will take a 3-1 series back to denver. they will be in the driver's seat to upset the denver nuggets. ann? >> that is at 11:35, thank you, dennis. another failure of america's commitment to veterans. >> i don't know, people don't care. >> the women who go to war and come home to face more battles. the complication many face in the fight for benefits that fail to materialize. we will see you tonight at 11:00. good night. ,, [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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♪ captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> kroft: in 45 years of "60 minutes," we have never interviewed a serial killer until now. do you consider yourself a serial killer? >> i mean, i guess it depends upon a person's definition. if it's more than one and it's a pattern, i guess then, yes. >> kroft: not only is he a serial killer, he is one of the most prolific serial killers in u.s. history. charles cullen admits to as many as 40 murders, though some suspect it's a lot more. they took place over 16 years in seven different hospitals where


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