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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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what's best for himself and for his family. however, as mayor, we know we'll have to continue to move forward. i have a chance to speak to a lot of the command staff today. we're on the verge of implementing some fairly substantial reorganizations, moving a lot more of the policing for the community level. >> reporter: that was mayor jean quan just a few minutes ago trying to put the best face they could have on the chief's decision to what he called difficult but necessary put in for medical retirement. now, the chief's reason for medical retirement wasn't explained. but it comes after months of a roller coaster ride that includes massive police layoffs and trying to get a grip on the city's growing crime problem plus questions about the department's handling of the "occupy" protests a few years back. [ pause ] >> reporter: but really the big question, apparently, was the federal questions about the reform that is they had been asking for in the wake of a
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more than decade old police brutality case. they have been told to reform the department but according to a federal monitor's latest report, they still, quote, had serious dismay with the department's stagnation in its progress toward effective, just and constitutional policing. the department and the city have stifled and sidetracked this effort for far too long." now, these federal regulators had the power to remove jordan, and that may have been on his mind when he decided possibly to make the first move. whatever the case, the big question is, where does the city go from here? here's the city administrator deanna santana. >> with any other absence from the department, assistant chief teribio is in charge of day-to- day operations. we have been in contact with the compliance director and the federal monitor. they are aware of these set of events. we are working closely with them on the next steps towards seating a permanent police
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chief including a national search. >> reporter: this doesn't come at a good time for the department. >> no, it really doesn't. so it's caught all of us by surprise. >> reporter: that might be the understatement of the day. as a matter of fact, mayor quan spent most of the morning at a metropolitan transportation commission meeting on the bay bolt problem. clearly, she did not have a heads up that this was coming. liz? >> phil, thank you. much more on this developing story still ahead at 6:00. and howard jordan joins a list of police chiefs who have served short terms over the last 10 years. jordan served a little more than a year before stepping down today. before him, anthony batts served as chief for two years, wayne tucker had the job the longest serving 4 years until 2009. he left the job in an angry rant saying he had no faith in the city council as to solve oakland's crime problem. developing now in hayward, police have cornered off a neighborhood near downtown in
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search of a suspect with a gun. at around 2:00 this afternoon, a bart train operator told police he stopped someone with a weapon. officers tracked a young man to the dmv parking lot on jackson street. during the chase, police say the suspect turned around with the gun, prompting an officer to shoot. it's not clear if he was hit. officers are still looking for him. well, finally some answers about those busted bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. today, caltrans laid out how it's going about repairing the 32 rods that snapped and the price tag for that fix. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is on treasure island with the big question still up in the air: will it open on time over labor day weekend? ann? >> reporter: bottom line, weigh don't know if it's going to open on time for labor day weekend. it still might. but it's going to cost a bundle to fix these bolts. and for the next few months, all of us are going to be
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talking about saddles. reporter: >> basically, it goes through into the pier, wraps around and there are many, many, many of these that come down and it hog it is down. >> reporter: caltrans engineer brian more roney demonstrated how the new steel saddles will work. the fix, which is shown in purple on this graphic, will repair the east pier where the giants bolts or rods snapped in march. those 32 bolts which became brittle because of hydrogen exposure will be left alone. >> most of that installation will be really external to the concrete so we are wrapping those elements around the concrete cap. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority learned today the saddles will cost 5 to $10 million which is cheaper than another recommended fix. but the question still nagging many is, how did the bay bridge project end up in this mess? caltrans admits it should have done more rigorous testing these rods before installing them and will do that testing on the replacement parts.
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>> we have put more testing requirements on the replacements. >> reporter: the original bolts didn't even meet caltrain specifications which prompted the supervisors to question why. >> the question i ask, if this kind of mistake was made with respect that these bolts, how do we make sure that no similar mistake was made with respect to other parts of the bridge? >> reporter: the answer may be unsettling. >> it's fairly common to deviate from specifications when you build structures. when you build an innovative structure like this it's even more so. >> reporter: there are 192 similar rods that haven't failed but are also being inspected. after that, 2400 smaller bolts not as critical but still potentially flawed and you have what's being called the wild card. >> whether there are other bolts that we think it's prudent to replace before we open the structure. >> reporter: so caltrans is working with its contractor to see if they can open for the labor day weekend but there's no estimated date yet. another possibility, allen, is
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that they will open the bridge on time but then they will still start -- or continue fixing those bolts even as traffic is driving overhead. >> sort of a work as you go. okay, ann, thank you. now, over by the golden gate bridge, the presidio parkway project is springing back to life. crews are now dismantling the old elevated viaduct coming down piece by piece. and work has begun digging the next set of tunnels. you can expect road closures in the presidio next week from about midnight to 4 a.m. as the old viaduct is pulled down. kpix 5's ken bastida is with mobile5 the levi's headquarters in san francisco where employees were surprised to hear about the biggest ever naming rights deal. now, ken, it involves the new 49ers stadium. >> reporter: yeah. well, we started kind of to hear a little something last night, but it wasn't made official until today, elizabeth. we're outside the world headquarters here. they just got done with a big
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party. we'll talk about that in just a minute. 20 years, $220 million naming rights agreement and we got a little look today at how the levis signs are going to go up at the new stadium that the 49ers are building in santa clara. a lot of people caught by surprise. the employees were out doing community day today. that's where they do community service. they were picking up garbage up at coit tower. they were helping built skateboards and that kind of community work. they came back to a party they thought was just going to be a community day party and that's when the announcement was made by the ceo, chip berg, who said this all makes sense. >> this partnership makes sense for a lot of reasons. santa clara and levi strauss & company are both 160 years old this year. our founder levi strauss created the original bluejean 140 years ago for the needs of the original 49ers of the gold
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rush era. >> reporter: how's that for a perfect tie-in, right? so they had a big party today at levis plaza. the employees were drinking and eating. they even had a stadium takeout there. i got a little taste of that. it was quite good. 49er red and gold. ibby clifford who works in the pr department said they are absolutely overjoyed at this. >> all we can say is the best fit. it really is the most perfect fit. >> reporter: so, you know, with a big stadium like this, and the naming rights, there always have to be nicknames. right, guys? so i have heard today field of jeans. i've heard the big fly. i have had the big rivet. so yeah, as far as i know, the store is open -- speaking of store, i also heard today that the 49ers may have the staff at the stadium the workers there outfitted in levi's clothing. so a lot of cross-promotion and
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frankly, in the fashion world that's so fickle these days, it's probably a great move for levis to reestablish themselves as a world leader once again. outside levis plaza, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> thank you. the parents of the bride killed in that limo fire on the san mateo bridge were preparing to celebrate her wedding. now they are preparing for her buria [ crying ] >> the mother of 31-year-old neriza fojas cried when she heard the news. her daughter recently married. she and eight friends were headed to a party to celebrate when their limo caught fire saturday. fojas was planning a second ceremony in june in the philippines with her family. meanwhile one of the women who survived the fire is going home. jasmine deguia was released today from santa clara medical center. the final survivor amalia
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loyola is still there but listed in fair condition. well, three women home at last after being held against their will for 10 years. the gruesome new details emerging from the house of horrors. >> energy bars recalled. what was in it that made a young boy violently ill and sent him to the hospital? >> started off very cloudy this morning. took some time but we finally got some sunshine. temperatures though held down. coming up, find out how long this morning cloud cover pattern will stick around and find out the forecast still looking awesome for mother's day. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,
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crowds greeting gina dejesu she's back home with family. days after police rescued h and two other women after ty excitement and relief from crowds greeting gina dejesus. she is back home with family days after police rescued her and two other women after they spent almost 10 years in captivity inside a cleveland home. it has been a day of fast-
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moving developments in this story. cbs reporter ines ferre has new information on what went on inside what they are calling the house of horrors. >> reporter: cleveland prosecutors announced formal charges against accused kidnapper ariel castro. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with 4 counts of kidnappings and three counts of rape. >> reporter: castro will be arraigned in the morning for the kidnapping of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight as well as berry's 6- year-old daughter. castro's two brothers will not be charged. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: neighbors cheered as gina dejesus arrived home today. she hid under a yellow hood as she entered her house for the first time in nearly a decade. >> i saw my daughter. the only thing i did was grab her and hug her. i didn't want to let go. >> the last decade, they have only known themselves to be outside the home on two separate occasions. and that was only briefly. >> reporter: we have also learned that later in their captivity the women were allowed to watch tv and move
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around. sources tell cbs affiliate woio that michelle knight was pregnant at least once during her captivity and lost her baby due to beatings and starvation. her mother spoke to a tv crew near the crime scene today. she said when michelle disappeared in 2002, her family thought she ran away. she hoped her daughter knew she was missed. ines ferre for cbs news, cleveland. and we have learned that while the women were held captive, they were mostly confined to the basement or an upstairs bedroom where they were sometimes chained or tied up. i think it's exciting. >> it could be the answer to the serious dilemma to treat or not to treat prostate cancer. how a new test can take the guesswork out of deciding on the best treatment. >> and they are supposed to be dairy-free but what does that really mean? coming up in the consumerwatch, how confusion over a candy bar label made a 6-year-old very sick. ,, ,,
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story we're following in oakland. police are investigating the discovery human head found at a recycling a gruesome story we're following in oakland. police are investigating the discovery of a human head found at a recycling center. workers at california waste solutions made the discovery
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this morning at the facility at 10th an -- 10th and pine in west oakland. investigators have been on scene looking for other clues. an old time landmark will be closed after being heavily damage in a fire. flames erupted in the merritt bakery and restaurant on east 18th street around 3:00 this morning. much of the building including the kitchen area was destroyed. the fire was contained in less than an hour, but flames shooting out windows on both levels of the building made it very difficult for firefighters. one customer was disappointed when he arrived at the bakery to pick up an order. >> my wife, she ordered cakes for an event she is having for high schoolers going on to college, and she already paid for the cake and we are trying to figure out how we are going to either pick up the cakes or get the money back. >> merritt bakery has been a staple in the city since the early 1950s. no word on the cause of the fir
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or the extent of the damage. a bay area mother's complaint is being credited with a nationwide voluntary recall of candy bars. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains why labels are so important. >> there are so many things that he can't have. reporter: tyler and his mom thought go max go vegan candy bars would be a safe snack. tyler is allergic to milk and the label on the front of the bar claims to be dairy-free as the term vegan would also imply but tyler became violently ill after a couple of bites. >> threw up and my lips were swollen. >> reporter: leading the mother to believe the vegan bar contained much more dairy than the trace amounts indicated on the back of its packaging. >> as a mother i feel like it's my job to protect him. >> reporter: so she contacted the company and go max go insisted the candy bars were dairy-free. but less than three months later, it has now issued a voluntary recall stating its dairy-free label may lead to
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confusion for people with allergies as the bars are manufactured in shared facilities with trace amounts of dairy. >> there are many, many problems with the way our food is currently labeled. >> reporter: ucsf researcher dr. robert lud vig says terms can be confusing for manufacturers and consumers because the fda has not defined them. as a result, labels often don't distinguish between the ingredients someone prefers not to eat and something that could cause a serious reaction. >> no one wants to see a kid get an anaphylactic reaction and have to go to the emergency room or die. but at the same time, the biggest question is why is this happening? >> reporter: he believes the fda needs to set definitions and labeling guidelines for terms like vegan and even whole wheat. but in the absence of a definition, the fda tells consumerwatch, quote, we consider the term dairy-free to mean zero dairy and that food labeled vegan would not be, quote, formulated with any animal products or by-products. >> if i can't trust this label, it makes me question other
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labels. >> reporter: go max go says it will be removing the term dairy- free from its vegan labels but that's no consolation to tyler. >> really scary. >> reporter: now, canada has stricter labeling guidelines and the canadian government issued a mandatory recall for these candy bars last year stating they may contain milk and could cause a life- threatening reaction. go max go's u.s. recall was voluntary. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call 1-888- 5-helps-u. >> the shared manufacturing facilities can cause a lot of problems. >> reporter: certainly can and so can labeling confusion. >> absolutely. julie, thank you. well, paul, a lot of us going to be going outside and enjoying the wonderful weather on mother's day it sounds like. >> the pendulum has to swing to the hot then to the chilly side and settle right in the middle. that's what we'll have coming up just in time. perfect timing for mother's day. all you moms out there you're welcome in advance from mother nature. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. we have to get there first. let's talk about your forecast for this evening. a lie look outside still have some low cloud cover over
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toward the oakland hills and we're sunny inland but temperatures lagging behind because of the onshore flow. santa rosa 66. oakland down to 59 in down san francisco. 50s all day long. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is dry. drizzle on the peninsula but no official rainfall in the bay area. overnight tonight upper 40s santa rosa napa, low 50s oakland. big story cloud cover returns for all of us. now, inland you will get the sunshine in the afternoon. but we just kind of have a mishmash of an onshore flow and lots of cloud cover left over from the low pressure system from a few days ago. bottom line, tomorrow we'll start off just like today. we are going to be cloudy throughout the entire bay area and temperatures will be held down because of a moderate onshore flow wrapping around an area of high pressure that's still far away. by friday, the high moves closer to us. the onshore flow goes from moderate to light. and over the weekend, especially mother's day, which now looks like the warm he was day of the pattern -- the
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warmest day of the pattern, the onshore flow will be just prevalent enough to give us temperatures that are warm but not hot. beautiful sunshine on mother's day. tomorrow chilly, oakland 67, concord 73. san jose 73. a couple degrees below average. low 70s with morning cloud cover for mountain view, redwood city. upper 60s for hayward and union city. 72 for benicia. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, 74 for walnut creek and livermore. 69 degrees tomorrow for san rafael, another chilly day on the peninsula. san francisco downtown only 62 degrees. but here comes the sunshine on friday. mother's day weekend, mid-80s inland. mid- to upper 70s near the bay. lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. and a little bit cloudier couple of degrees cooler for the first half of next week but we'll remain mainly dry. roberta gonzales has mobile weather out tonight in san jose this evening. >> reporter: good evening, everyone. yes, mobile weather here in the south bay and santa clara. it's currently 68 degrees. we are here at buckshaw stadium the home of the san jose
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earthquakes who tonight are playing host to toronto at 7:30. in a half hour this fan fun zone is going to be crowded with kids. we are expecting about 10,000 people here tonight. the stadium is over there. this is the last year that the earthquakes will be playing at this stadium. they too are building their own stadium. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to the president of the earthquakes. he will tell us about their brand-new stadium. reporting with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. it could mean a better chance at a quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> the new test that may help some men decide not to get treatment at all. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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diagnosed with prostate canr have a remarkable new test their disposal. this is a genetic test that tonight thousands of men diagnosed are prostate cancer have a remarkable new test at their disposal a genetic test that looks at a individual tumor that can help a man
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decide if he needs treatment or not. reporter: 14 years ago, stan rosenfeld of fairfax was diagnosed with prostate cancer. it had already spread. >> i knew there was no question i needed treatment. but there are so many men come to my support group who have the problem deciding whether they need treatment or not. >> reporter: that's because of a serious dilemma. >> some of the men are getting treated who don't need to and we're trying to solve that problem. >> reporter: half of all prostate cancers grow so slowly they will never threaten a man's life. but doctors have few good tools to identify which tumors will be deadly until today. >> i think it's exciting. >> reporter: a doctor headed up a study that took a look at a new genetic test. the test created by redwood city's genomic health analyzes the gene and determines its risk. >> this is the wave of the future. it tells a little bit more
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about that patient individual's tumor so it's precision medicine. >> reporter: with this test, men can make a better decision on whether to leave a tumor alone or to seek more aggressive treatment. >> knowledge is power and so the more we can find out about what's going on inside your body, the better that the doctors can make their decisions, help you decide and for you to know what to do and feel comfortable doing it. >> here's the thing. if a man can choose to manage the tumor without treatment, doctors can spare him from unnecessary side effects that can really impact quality of life. we'll be right back. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is encouraged to go to coll but turns out - higher educn might not pay off... why a new study says c new at 6:00, most everyone is encourage to go to college. but it turns out higher education might not pay off. why a new study says college can be a bad financial investment. plus -- >> it's pretty outrageous when you think about it that, you know, basically one of the chief law enforcement officers in one of the largest offices in northern california says to his top supervisors, i'm going to do something that people may view as illegal. >> this bay area attorney says he is feeling the backlash for blowing the whistle. how he says he is being punished for doing the right thing. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. well, thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, homecoming in cleveland. two kidnap victims are reunited with their families. >> the only thing i did was grab her and hug her! i didn't want to let go. >> pelley: what we've learned about the decade they spent in the house of horrors. reports from dean reynolds and bob orr. could the pentagon have saved a u.s. ambassador and three other meshes in libya? today we heard for the first time from the diplomat who called for help. >> i told them to go bring our people home. >> reporter: sharyl attkisson and david martin are on the story. a secret service supervisor caught up in the prostitution scandal tells his story to our john miller. and david martin with a hero getting the lift he needed to take his life back. >> it's going to be a new josh himan for sure. captioning sponsored by cbs thisth


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