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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 28, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's true. >> you are always asking me how to spell things. >> i need help out here. >> have a good one. ♪ good morning to viewers in the west. tuesday, may 28 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." america's defense system attacked by chinese hackers. what the chinese got. new cruise ship crisis. smoke and flames on board. new video from inside a tornado. more wild weather for millions today. hear from a man who stopped a passenger from opening an airline door, while flying over the northwest. and tom hanks here in studio studio. >> first, a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> when they started lowering
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the boats, our mouths dropped. we're not broken down we're on fire in the middle of the ocean. >> a nightmare at sea. >> everyone on aboard "grandeur of the seas" awaken in the middle of night and told to put on lifejackets. >> more than 2,200 passengers will be flown from the bahamas back to baltimore. and a while fire burning near santa barbara, california. >> over 6,000 campers evacuated. and one storm near the kansas border damaged homes and downed trees. three storms in nebraska. a surprise stop by john mccain in syria. he is the highest ranking official to visit since the civil war began. a passenger on an alaska airlines tried to open the door. >> somebody yelled tank him down
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take him down. president obama on the jersey shore to see how the region is recovering. governor cristie will join him again. >> sticking out of a toilet. >> cops have not yet found the mother. is he expected to survive. and he makes the play! he took a home run away from daniel murphy. >> and san antonio spurs are going back to the nba finals. >> we love you! going to the championship! >> and all that matters. >> according to a new report the u.s. only advanced nation that doesn't require employers to provide paid vacation time. >> on "cbs this morning". >> jay leno gets a day off. i probably shouldn't joke about that, because he might end up hosting my show. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning norah. >> good morning, charlie. >> bad weather, but monday
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fantastic. >> monday beautiful and we start tuesday with a lot of news. serious questions from washington. new allegations this morning of a serious breach of american military secrets. >> a confidential report first obtained by out of washington post" says chinese cyber spies gained access to the design for dozens of major u.s. weapons systems. david martin in washington. good morning. how serious is it? >> it's very serious. the report put together by the science defense board is a veritable who's who of the weapons involved in president obama's so-called pacific pivot, where you take the weight of the u.s. military away from the wars of the past decade and move them into the pacific, where, of course, the main competitor is china. and the report says that the chinese hackers have gained access to data on a number of
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weapons systems, including three missile defense systems. one high-altitude defense system. one low-altitude defense system and a ship-based defense system. a new navy ship that just deployed to singapore. the marines' osprey aircraft was also compromised. that is just now being deployed in japan, and there was the navy's primary aircraft carrier. these are not just any weapons, these are weapons that all have a very specific role in the pacific pivot and would be particular interest to china in coming up with ways to counter them. >> dave martin thank you. a reunion in the jersey shore in about onebama and chrissie
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are meeting. >> they will look at the rebuilding seven months after hurricane sandy. major garrett at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie, the president will be leaving the white house to see federally financed repairs on the jersey shore. he sees them as a welcome contrast to irs bungling and justice department snooping. the president needs governor chris chris christie's endorsement. president obama wants the country to see federal dollars at work. few better places than the jersey shore. things are not as they were but billions in aid, the garden state will receive upward of 25$25 billion overall, has the shore economy on the mend and republican governor chris
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christie just as welcoming as he was after the storm struck. today's trip could also inject life to president obama's push for beltway bipartisanship. christie running for re-election on a platform of results, may reap short-term statewide games but suffer long-term national headaches. >> spending cuts. >> reporter: the christie re-election campaign plays to his get things done mystique. >> stick to your principles compromise is not a dirty word. >> reporter: he is looking to a 2016 white house campaign. some recoiled about his chuminess with the first lady and president obama. this makes any photo-op risky. >> i endorsed mitt romney because i think he's the best guy for the job.
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but it doesn't mean that i can't turn to the president of the united states and say, thank you, sir for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey. >> reporter: the political reality for chris christie, he has to sharpen criticism of president obama to win over skeptical republicans, he can wait until after the victory laps, but not much longer. significant development regarding syria. the european union voted to end arms embargoes, and country are free to choose the rebels if they choose to. the news after the surprise visit to syria by arizona senator john mccain. collar united states ward clarissa ward, good morning. what did john mccain do inside syria. what did he do there? >> he went there to talk with
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armed rebel commanders inside syria. we spoke to an activist who organized and participated in the trip on the ground for about an hour met with rebel commanders, and most prominently, he met with the leader of the free syrian army general salim madris. they discussed a whole host of issues, from the growing problem of extremism, and both reportedly agreed that best way to deal with extremism would be to try to unit the rebels your honor the command of the general who is a moderate and arm general madris. >> how hard for him to get in? >> not as difficult as it once was. he went through a border crossing between southern turkey and syria. that is controlled by rebels and the turkish do allow syrians to cross through it. it's dangerous endeavor traveling with members of the
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syrian emergency task force, an activist group and two private security guards only stayed inside about an hour. >> clarissa charlie here. what will be the impact of the eu decision, coupled with the russians hoping for a peace conference because of a conversation with secretary kerry and assaad said he is prepared to go to that conversation? >> well, charlie, the russians have voiced their irritation about this eu sort of change in policy. they said it's not productive and already said that even trying to make these talks happen is a very "tall order," what they called it. fragile talks, the syrian government agreed to attend the opposition hasn't said whether it will tennessee the talks, russians clearly upset this move could throw everything into doubt. >> clarissa ward thanks. the supreme court will not hear a case involving planned parenthood. indiana passed a law stripping
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medicaid to the group because it produced abortions. more than a dozen states have laws or are considering them that are similar. the disturbing images this morning from a fire that burned for two hours aboard a royal caribbean cruise the ship off the florida coast, headed for the bahamas when fire broke out yesterday morning. "grandeur of the seas" departed from baltimore, where chip readeid is. >> "grannure ure"grandeur of the seas" began service earlier this month after a $48 million renovation. the fire began at the rear of the ship monday morning, guests roused from their cabins by a captain's announcement. attendants knocked on doors and insisted this was not a drill. >> our faces were just in utter disbelief.
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you could see smoke and a little bit of flames. when they started lowering the boats, like our mouths just dropped. we're not broken down we're on fire in the middle of ocean. >> within two hours, crews extinguished the fire but there was significant damage. royal caribbean canceled the remainder of the cruise. the ship was able to dock safely in the bahamas on monday afternoon and did not lose power. all 2,224 guests and a crew of 800 are accounted for. compared to the fire on the carnival "triumph" that left people adrift at sea, a nightmare. the cruiseline promised each passenger a full refund and a certificate for a future voyage. the cause of the fire is unknown. the coast guard and the national transportation safety board are investigating. the cruiseline has arced about a
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dozen charter flights to fly passengers back to baltimore today. charlie and norah, raining all morning in baltimore, so some passengers might want to think about using that refund money to spend a few days in the bahamas. >> i thought you might say baltimore. >> the other, "b," bob. >> chip reid thank you. dramatic video to show you. a storm chasing team caught in a powerful tornado this happened yesterday afternoon in northern kansas. the crew believes those winds hit 175 miles per hour. >> and another tornado touched down in southern nebraska last night, no one hurt there. in iowa days of heavy rain led to major flooding. more wet weather on the way. we have jeff beradelli of wor. where is the threat as we speak? >> worst threat is probably the plains states. fairly quiet on radar, i'm about
7:13 am
to show you here. a stormy morning commute in chicago. the most severe weather has ended, at least for now. later today, showers and thunderstorms fire up again with the heating of the day, especially across some of the same areas that happened yesterday, that's the texas panhandle, northward into western parts of oklahoma kansas, nebraska notice that threat does extent east all the way into the great lakes, that is the story of the day today. it started out as a very inactive storm season, this tornado season however, things are about to chaung,nge big time this week. it will wake up for lost time. a lot of energy in the rockies and a strong jet stream. little impulses of energy will rye the jet stream and it looks like we'll see on and off severe weather throughout the rest of the week, and into the weekend as well. >> jeff, thank you. in southern california, fast-moving wildfire forced
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6,000 people out of mountains in santa barbara. burning in loss padres national forest. holiday camper has to leave as it burned 1 1/2 square miles. no homes have been burned. the new director of rutgers university is not backing down and nearly is her school. julie hermann is facing calls for her to step down. >> good morning, charlie. ulie hermann trying to become the first female athletic director. spoke to a small group of reporters yesterday, responding to allegations she was mentally and verbally abusive to players when she was a volleyball coach at university of tennessee. next athletic director at this time disputing the allegations. i'm absolutely an intense coach.
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this was not an abusive environment for these women. former players disagree. >> calling us retarded or looking retarded. a ton of screaming, yelling, veins popping out. and just getting through practice. and just dealing with whatever she had to say. >> reporter: yesterday, richard codey, the former acting governor of new jersey called for her outster. >> give me a break. she's a liar as well. time for her to pack her bags and the president to get her to head on out. >> hermann said she was sorry that people were disappointed in her tenure of coach. but her experience made her a good fit for the rutgers job. i have tried to learn from each mistake, including the lessons i have learned as a young coach. i have become a stroinger leader educateor as a result. the president of rutgers stood by the decision to hire her.
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>> julie was one of 63 individuals considered and swiftly stood out as a leading candidate. a search firm did not identify her as a top 40 contend every. >> how did she get in the mix, why did she get in the mix, why was she not properly vetted? >> the president barcci should also lose his job. this after the men's basketball coach was shown hitting, man handling players and calling them expletives. the coach and athletic director lost their jobs which was why julie hermann was hired in the first place. a week after the did he ever stating tornado in moore, oklahoma, an overwhelming cleanup operation. getting some help from those who know exactly what they are going through. people from other states and other disasters are reaching
7:17 am
out. >> reporter: the people of moore are cleaning, rubble to move pictures to salvage and volunteers are just one step behind them. >> we've been very fortunate to have the people here to help. >> reporter: why did you come? >> i just go where i'm needed. >> reporter: tricia ivan a physician's assistant who came from tulsa, oklahoma with her family. she knew the survivors would need medical attention. >> we have been cleaning wounds people are getting cut, stepping on a lot of nails, a lot of lacerations on hands from working in the metal. >> reporter: on the emotional level what is lying ahead? >> i treated several people at the clinic who are just hysterical andball bawling, come couldn't to terms. >> tomei mayberry knows the feelings first hand. he drove in from joplin maze
7:18 am
rather than celebrating his 35th anniversary. he has heard a lot of thank yous but he says it's unnecessary. >> when you get this pile done, you go to somebody else that's needing help. a good feeling. >> reporter: do you feel how long a hero? >> no. no. no. i don't. >> reporter: from a friendly meal -- >> cornbread. >> to a relaxing massage, these volunteers are making sure the city will bounce back. >> thank you so much y'all. appreciate it. >> reporter: it will take time and hard work after all, moore wasn't built in a day. for cbs this morning, vaninita nair. the los angeles times looks at new evidence that the catholic church hid sex abuse. they hid secret files. only came to light after being subpoenaed and included a confession from the priest.
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baghdad rocked by deadly car bombs. 11 exploded yesterday, and 66 people killed. the bombs thought to be part of sectarian violence between shia and sunni muslims. many colleges are boosting budgets. florida lawmakers are green lighting $314 million for higher education. "the sacramento bee" said california officials playing catchup when it comes to driverless cars. would a blind person be allowed to drive, or child? the rain coming to an end. still a lot of clouds around the bay area. drizzle towards the coastline and true fog out there as well. as we head throughout the day today the clouds are going to part. sunshine this morning starting out mild. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s in the south bay now.
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by the afternoon sunshine and a few clouds and 60s and 70s inside the bay. mid 70s the warmest shots and breezy towards the coast. next couple days heating up especially on friday and saturday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by jcpenney. quality, style and values you deserve. international controversy surrounding the mayor of toronto.
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>> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. >> the video the public hasn't seen causing an uproar. >> an airline passenger called a hero after stopping a man from opening a door mid flight. >> he looked at me strange. i said what are you looking at? he said i'm looking into your soul. >> and mothers in china are going to extremes to keep their babies formula safe. you'll see why they're now breaking the law. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by --
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> hi, everyone. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated obey area headlines. san francisco police have three suspects for early morning shooting arrested now. they were caught in the bay view and two guns found inside their car. the shooting happened before 4:00 this morning in the mission district. three people were wounded. one have life threatening injuries. police were still trying to figure out a motive. 25-year-old paul diaz surrounded to police six hours after he was accused of running away from a fatal traffic accident. three people in his car were killed about 24 hours ago. sharks and kings tonight. it's game 7. the winner moves on. the loser is coming home. and also your weather and
7:27 am
traffic right after the break. stay right there.
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good morning. let's go out towards 880. flew out over southbound 880. all lanes are back open. unfortunately we're still seeing slight delays southbound. even in the northbound direction a few brake lights. let's go to the bay bridge. metering lights turned on. you are stacked up through the maze. for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. >> left over moisture from the weak system sliding through. drizzle being reported toward the coastline. and a little gray out towards the beaches. temperatures in 50s and 60s. partial clearing. 60s and 70s inside the bay. and 50s and 60s cool toward the coast. much warmer weather on the way. hot toward friday and saturday. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a
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the annual cheese rolling competition in england was won by a colorado man this year. he's seen in the stars and stripes outfit tumbled down a steep hill chasing after the cheese. >> he got it. >> he's only 27 years old. this may be a crowning achievement of his life. >> he's only 27. >> he says the race has always been on his bucket list and he practiced for three days. he dedicated his win to veterans for memorial day. i don't know about the judgment about rolling down that hill but the fact that he dedicated to this veterans on memorial day says a lot about him. >> very good move. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, we're hearing from a hero aboard an alaskan airways flight stopping a man trying to open
7:31 am
the emergency exit mid air and a teenager accused of plotting to build up his high school. investigators found homemade bombs. john miller looks at what else they came across. that's ahead. a scandal swirling around mayor rob ford. he's accused of smoking cocaine. jim axelrod shows us why the controversy is shaking his office to the core. >> reporter: it was just days ago that toronto mayor rob ford flat out denied the charges. two media outlets insist they have seen video that proves otherwise. >> we heard there was video of mayor ford smoking crack, is it grainy crystal clear on an iphone shot from five to seven feet away? >> reporter: cbs news has not seen the alleged video, reporters for the toronto star
7:32 am
and online gawker the clip shows ford smoking cocaine. >> the man we believe is rob ford is sitting on a chair facing the camera. you can see a third of the frame. he's holding a pipe. a crack pipe. >> reporter: ford has been toronto's mayor for more than two years. his has often made headlines but in the wake of this latest scandal, he fired his chief of staff who reportedly urged him to seek help. two top aides also quit monday. >> when people think of toronto they think of mayor ford the same way that mayor bloomberg has become synonymous with new york. he's a big, national figure. everybody knows who he is. >> reporter: the story quickly went global becoming an international punchline. >> maybe he's cleaning up the city by smoking all of the crack in it. you're next prostitution ring. >> reporter: ford long insisted the toronto star has a vendetta
7:33 am
against him. >> the allegations are ridiculous. it's another story with respect to the tornado star going after me. >> reporter: he and his brother had harsh words for the media on sunday. >> 80% of them are nasty son of guns. >> reporter: as for the alleged cell phone clip it's not been made public or authenticated. gawker raised more than $200,000 online in hopes of buying video but says it lost contact with the seller. for "cbs this morning," i'm jim axelrod in new york. >> a 17-year-old student accused of plotting to blow up his high school will be in court today. he's being charged as an adult. floorboards
7:34 am
of his room. this is something he's been putting together for a while. he's also got written plans. operational plans on how this attack think the motive is? was he bullied? was he trying to hurt someone in particular. >> we don't know what the motive was. in written plans it wasn't clear. why this is news today is he is coming up. he's got six bombs. he's got a drano bomb. he's got a molotov cocktail.
7:35 am
he's got other we're seeing here kind of a good side if you will of a familiar phenomenon now which is in his case as we see in 80% to 90% of these cases what our former profiler calls leakage. he had been telling friends he had been learning to make bombs and making bombs at home and wanted to blow stuff up and told a number of those people who didn't come forward but one of them did and that's what led police to the search which brought them to the plan for the bombs and the weapons and so on. >> can you make a case that troubling thing about all of this is that people somehow believe it's a way to define themselves by making a bomb? >> i think what you're seeing charlie, here and we're in the analytical part here is when you have an incident like the boston bombing, then you have people like this who aren't spurred on by that. they are already thinking of doing something but that moves them forward in their plans and accelerates their plans and
7:36 am
accelerates their leakage or their talking about it to other people even in some guarded terms and the good thing is that people have gotten the idea -- the old model of this was he was an odd kid and he said things. he said weird things. we didn't think much of it. some of his friends actually said that. the model that's developing is people are actually coming forward so instead of doing the story about the terror at west albany high school, we're doing a story about how that was stopped because people listened to something that they might have ignored and came forward. >> the old see something, say something. terrifying moments aboard an alaskan airlines flight heading from anchorage to portland oregon, but minutes before landing a man tried to open the plane's emergency exit. john blackstone shows us why a man is being called a hero. >> reporter: when alaskan airlines landed in portland
7:37 am
oregon, police arrested 23-year-old michael herrera. passengers said he tried to open an emergency exit in flight. ryan oelrich was one of the passengers on board. >> a loud hissing noise and lots of people screaming. >> reporter: henry and his son were sitting four rows back. >> what i saw was my dad came rushing out of the seat grabbed this man. >> something clicked and i just said -- i said i have my son, my 10-year-old son on the plane. >> the man just kept saying why are you doing this to me? why are you trying to hurt me? >> we were nose to nose. he looked at me with this strange -- i said what are you looking at? he said i'm looking into your soul. >> reporter: alaskan airlines said the exit remained locked and the cabin never lost
7:38 am
pressure. the aircraft carried 137 passengers but henry says he acted for just one person. >> i was scared for my son. i mean, he's my life. >> all i know is he did something very good. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone san francisco. >> it's interesting. they're on a flight and someone is trying to open up the exit door. do something. saved a lot of lives there. in china, there's a new breed of smugglers trying to bring in baby formula. some of them are mothers getting arrested twice as often as drug dealers. we'll show you what makes this baby formula so valuable. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," a pair of sisters who survived the boston marathon bombing. their photo was seen around the world and now they're telling
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fear over food safety is running high in china. in march thousands of dead pigs were found floating in shanghai river. a crime ring was busted for selling well over a million dollars worth of lamb that was actually rat meat. now chinese parents are scared about baby formula. seth doane is in beijing this morning. seth good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, norah. fears over the safety of chinese brand milk formula have been mounting for years. recently one brand was recalled after traces of mercury were found it. those who can afford to are turning abroad. making sure there's enough milk formula for her 11-month-old isn't as easy as running to the
7:44 am
corner store. >> your friends and colleagues bring these boxes of milk back in their luggage. >> yeah. >> 29-year-old yu zhang works in china and works for a danish company. her colleagues overseas business trips double as mill runs. why do you perceive the milk formula from denmark is safe than here in china. >> i cannot trust the milk here. >> reporter: trust in chinese milk formula has been eroding since 2008 when six infants died drinking contaminated milk. after the scandal, food safety regulations were revised but we met another mother who bought the milk brands contaminated back in 2008. today she's not taking any chances with her 2-month-old. this is where you keep all of
7:45 am
the formula in here? >> reporter: she spent $1,800 when in the u.s. to buy enough milk to last a year and a half. >> when you were bringing 18 milk cases in china, what were people in america at the airport saying? >> translator: i heard the americans checking my luggage she told us. they were whispering why are chinese also crazy? but she says she's not crazy. and points to beijing's polluted skies as proof. when i was traveling in the u.s., she said i saw some cows living under blue skies, breathing clean air and eating clean grass. milk from cows like this may be healthier than my own milk. foreign milk brands cost more than double the chinese equivalent and in hong kong where prices are lower, there's a foreign milk formula shortage. so in february officials placed an export limit on baby milk. since the limits were put in
7:46 am
place, more than 1,000 people have been arrested for smuggling milk, that's more than double the number arrested for smuggling drugs in all of last year. china dairy industry association conducted tests and assure chinese that the quality of domestic baby milk powder is stable and reliable. but that hasn't eased her fears. >> in china you only have one child and it's really important for us and we just want to give him the better. >> reporter: give him the best quality milk you can get. >> not only milk but all of the other things we try to give him the best way. >> reporter: for these chinese mothers, that means avoiding chinese milk. now, those foreign brands off milk formula are available for sale here in mainland china in stores but even those foreign brands are often sourced or manufactured here so many of the
7:47 am
families we spoke with said they would not feel comfortable buying those foreign brands here in china. a a. >> you must be loving china. a thousand stories every day. >> i we've got clearing skies toward the afternoon. gray right now in many spots. left over moisture from the weak system yesterday. still drizzle toward the coastline. can't find it there in the clouds. but we will be the afternoon, 50s and 60 h 60s now. afternoon hours, 70s in the valleys. 60s and 70s around the bay. and 50s and 60s toward the coast. improving weather and less fog, more sunshine getting hot by friday and saturday. tom hanks is one of the most popular actors on the planet. he's here this morning in studio 57. we'll talk to him about his
7:48 am
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7:56 am
three suspects in custody, good morning everyone. it's 7:56. police have three suspects in custody for an early morning shooting in san francisco. investigators say two guns were found in their car. the shooting happened just before 4:00 this morning. three people were wounded. including one with life- threatening injuries the. motive is still unclear. well, it comes down to this in a battle between northern and southern california's biggest cities. the san jose sharks and los angeles in the seventh and deciding game of the play-off series. the puck drops at 6:00 this evening in la. the winner advances to the western conference finals. stay with us, traffic and weather in a moment.
7:57 am
♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. good morning. slow going right now, northbound 280, there's a crash
7:58 am
blocking one lane approaching. toward the bay bridge toll plaza. they are cycling through the lights slowly. there's a big wait. and they turned on the metering lights before 6:00 this morning. so jam solid through the maze. and a traffic alert has been cleared, canceled on southbound 880 by 16th. all lanes now back open. have been. and just a little sluggish northbound past the coliseum. a lot of clouds this morning. temperatures mild if you're headed out the door but clouds thick in spots. in fact, trying to break up right now. still drizzle toward the immediate coastline. and temperatures holding in the 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon, running up into the 60s and 70s in the bays. 70s in the valleys. cool by the coast, little bit of the breeze. temperatures getting hot by the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." both major political parties say the new health car law has problems. why don't they fix them? john dickerson explains the deadlock on capitol hill. passengers get ready to jump in the lifeboats and now they are heading home by plane. plus, tom hanks is here in studio 57. love him. the lucky guy is a tony nominated actor for his broadway debut. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> these are not just any weapons.
8:01 am
these weapons of particular interest to china. >> new allegations this morning of a serious breach of american military secrets. >> confidential report first obtained by "the washington post" says chinese cyberspies gained access to the design for dozens of major u.s. weapons systems. >> in jursz a few minutes, the president will be leaving the white house to see federally financed repairs on the jury jersey shore. he needs republican governor chris christie's endorsement. whether christie needs the same is the political question. >> he was on the ground for an hour. met with rebel commanders. most prominently, he met with the leader of the free syrian army. the cause of the fire is unknown but coast guard and national transportation safety board are investigating. international controversy surrounding the mayor of toronto. >> when we initially heard this video of mayor ford smoking crack, is it grainy or crystal clear, on an iphone. instead of doing the story about the terror at west albany high school, we're doing a story about how that was stopped because people listened to something that they might have ignored and came forward.
8:02 am
the annual cheese rolling competition in england was won by a colorado man this year. he's only 27 years old. this may be the crowning achievement of his life. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president obama is headed back to the jersey shore this morning. he's going to check on the recovery from superstorm sandy. >> for the president and his host, governor christie, another example of bipartisanship, but this trip is also about money and politics. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. politics is everywhere. of course, president obama is not running for another office, but that doesn't mean he's immune from basic political calculations. controversies at the irs and the justice department have slowed the president's push for bipartisan breakthroughs on capitol hill. and he's eager to see federal tax dollars at work on the new jersey shore. now, there are political calculations for the republican
8:03 am
governor, chris christie of new jersey. this year. he may seek the white house in 2016. christie enjoys his relationship with president obama and has always said the politics of storm relief should be considered distinct and separate from any other kind of politics. but the fact is conservatives criticized christie back in 2012 for being close to president obama and are likely to criticize this presidential trip to new jersey as well. christie says that's something his re-election campaign will deal with in 2016, if he decides to run. conservatives may be left less skeptical by the photo-op on a
8:04 am
rebuilt and reemerging jersey shore. back to you. >> thank you. taxpayers and businesses are asking new questions about president obama's health care law. a new poll shows 54% of americans oppose the affordable care act. >> republicans and democrats think the law has problems, but officials say there is no rush to fix them. cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. what's the takeaway from the poll? >> that poll, that big number if you look at peole who oppose the law, that's about where it was in 2010. what's important to do is look inside that poll and not everybody opposes the president's health care law for the same reason. 35% say it's too liberal. 16% say it's not liberal enough. so the different shape of the opposition is important. why is it important now? because we're about to head into the third election where this will be an issue. in 2010 and 2012, we didn't know what the law was going to look like. in 2014, the law will start to be implemented and there will be actual facts that people can look at. >> how is the health care policy going to play in the republican strategy for 2014? >> well, for republicans, the affordable care act is the gift that keeps on giving. for conservatives, it's the perfect example of government run totally haywire.
8:05 am
it's huge, it's complicated. it affects you in a way that really gets at your daily life. and so republicans will be going back at that and talking about how it will ruin this thing you love. but there is a small downside for republicans, which is that the party is looking to try to give a positive message to voters. and to the extent they are against the affordable care act, that gets in the way of that. the possible upside for democrats is that there will be millions of new americans who are covered under this law. the problem though for democrats is a lot of those americans who will be covered are voters that are difficult to get out to the polls. the conservatives that don't like the affordable care act are just jumping to get at the polls. >> what about this "washington post" report over the weekend that a top policy aide of obama met with a number of health care investment firms? >> if you look at the story, it's hard to see what those investment firms got that wasn't already publicly available. everybody says that it was just information that anyone else could get.
8:06 am
but it shows one of the important things about this law in all of its complexities. everybody is trying to get an angle on what it's going to look like. we've had three years really of guesses about what this law is going to look like and what regulations will look like. it stacks up to many, many feet of complexity in this law. a lot of companies that can make business decisions based on this or trade based on health care companies are trying to get every little piece of new information they can get. >> that was my sense about that story, too, is there are many not just investment firms, but businesses that have no idea how the law is going to be implemented so they are just looking for information. >> that's right. and each little tiny piece of incremental information you can get about how this will roll out could be something that you can bank on or make an investment on that would give you an advantage over your competitors. >> this meeting is a regular course of business in terms of this kind of mammoth legislation? >> we don't know. we haven't had mammoth
8:07 am
legislation like this in a while. and both sides say nothing was conveyed that was not already publicly available. so in the sense, we have to take their word for it on that. but, yes, it is an enormous piece of legislation in which people are trying to get a basic handle on the basic fact. there's a lot of information exchange that wouldn't necessarily have to be sinister. >> all right. we thank you. vacation is over for more than 2,000 royal caribbean cruise passengers. a fire damaged the "grandeur of the seas" yesterday. today, passengers are being flown to baltimore where that cruise began. witnesses say they were kept up all night wearing lifejackets. royal caribbean says it is "deeply sorry for this unexpected development." passengers are now getting full refunds and gift certificates for a free cruisatater time. >> a gift certificate to come on back. a new study says america is the only rich country where workers are not guaranteed a paid vacation.
8:08 am
the report is from the center for economic policy and research. that liberal think tank compares the u.s. to other countries. in france and great britain, they are required to be given five weeks off with pay. in japan, guaranteed two weeks of paid vacation. americans get nothing unless their employer gives it to them. >> huh. i didn't know that. i thought we were supposed to get vacation. it is now 8:08. >> where have yo
8:09 am
the fishing industry is in big trouble. thousands of workers are losing their jobs. can we save the world's oceans and eat well? we'll look at some solutions ahead on "cbs this morning." you told us you love it, really, really love it, and we listened. that's why jcpenney is the only place to find st. john's bay. we know you want clothes that fit your style, and fit -- you. and since we've made every piece 30% off, now it even fits your budget. st. john's bay... timeless style that fits you perfectly. you found it. now go live your life in it. come by jcpenney for the st. john's bay sale. [ male announcer ] zzzquil™ sleep-aid. it's not for colds. it's not for pain. it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ ♪ zzzquil™. the non-habit forming sleep-aid
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8:13 am
♪ in 2011 the murder in 2011, the murder of a police officer saddened new york city. officer pete figoski was gunned down in brooklin. >> a new six-part series on cbs examines the case and many others and here's a preview. >> homicides of police officers generally happen for the stupidest reasons, where no one is expecting it and it comes as a complete surprise. it is like losing a member of the family because we're used to working with officers. >> my name is ken taub.
8:14 am
i'm chief of the homicide bureau in the brooklyn district attorney's office. i've been in the d.a.'s office -- this is my 33rd year. i will say this, it is the one job in law where you get paid to do the right thing all the time. hold on a second. hold on a minute. hello? my responsibilities are to ensure that every case we take in is appropriately handled. i'm going to do my best to do that. i will let you know how i make out. in addition to making the decisions about whether to try a case, whether to arrest a case, whether to plead it out or not, the contact with the family is probably what i do more than anything else. in the case of pete figoski, i was on call -- i want to say some time around 4:00 in morning or so, maybe later than that, indicated there had been this
8:15 am
police officer shot and was likely to die at the time that i got the call. pete sacrificed a good deal to work steady midnights so he would be home to raise his daughters. in this case, obviously, when you hear a police officer has been shot, that wakes you up 100%. and unfortunately, i'm used to it. >> i'm sure coming out that night he had no expectation that this would be the night where he would meet his death. i don't think any of these guys do. >> just a normal -- just a normal dad. he did everything for his children. he was always there for us whenever we needed him. >> he was like our best friend. >> it's still unreal. you can't imagine -- like, we talked to him that night and then all of a sudden, he's gone. it just blows my mind that that can happen. >> when you have an interested
8:16 am
family and you realize the impact of the victim's loss to his family members, it does motivate you for sure. >> you can see the premiere of "brooklyn d.a.," that's at 10:00, 9:00 central. he said it well. when you see families left behind, it motivates you. tom hanks is one lucky guy. and we're lucky to have him here. he's won oscars, emmys and golden globes. a tony could be next. hi there, tom hanks. he's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. matter. capella university, matter. employees are being forced to do more with less. and the need for capable leaders is greater than ever. when you see these problems do you take a step back, or do you want to dive right in? with a degree in business from capella university, you'll have
8:17 am
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8:19 am
>> can we save the world's oceans and eat well?
8:20 am
andy sharpless thinks so. he lays out his plan in a new book. the book is called "the perfect protein a guide to saving the ocean and feeding the world. >> good morning. how big of a problem is this overfishing? >> it's a huge problem. we have a billion hungry people on the planet and we're headed to 2 billion more. we need the ocean to feed as many of those people as possible and unfortunately right now they're headed in the wrong direction. >> what's the wrong direction? >> they are collapsing. fish catches around the world have been coming down from a peak in the late 1980s. you want the ocean to feed billions of people. we're catching fewer and fewer fish despite trying everything we can. >> aren't we supposed to eat the fish? i'm going to go with you, eric. you have one of the best fish restaurants where i'm told we have to cut back on swordfish
8:21 am
and cut back on shrimp and aren't we supposed to eat the fish? >> of course we're supposed to eight eat it. seafood is very good for us. you have to make the right choice. >> why are those the wrong choices? >> they have been overfished. the stock collapse. also you don't have to go so far. in america sharks are becoming endanger endangered. bluefin tuna is an endangered species. you have other options. >> concentrate on that. it's almost like save the fish so we can eat the fish. >> it's a funny idea to save them we want to save these animals so we can eat them but in a way it seems strange because they're the last wild animal that we all eat a lot of. when you save money in your bank account, you're not saving it so
8:22 am
that you don't use it some day. you're saving it to have more interest to spend in the future. that's what we're talking about. >> the problems with the ocean is individuals are eating sea bass or that massive ships that are hauling fish that do a lot of in asia and other places. >> the problem with ocean collapse is overfishing in a word. that comes down to three things. >> the opportunity -- here's the good news. we know what to do to make the oceans come back. it's the stop of overfishing. if we give fish help they are the most abundant and fertile parts of nature. we've seen them be in abundant numbers in the ocean in five to ten years. >> there are no laws to prevent in some area of of the world this type of overfishing. >> this is really good news. nine countries plus the european union manage two-thirds of the world's oceans fish. if we get nine countries to do
8:23 am
the right thing, stop overfishing. we're seeing success.
8:24 am
8:25 am
are under arrest after a triple this morning in s good morning. it's 8:25. time for news headlines. three suspects are under arrest after a triple shooting this morning in san francisco. police say three people were shot near the 16th street bart station in the mission. one victim has life-threatening wounds. officers tracked down a suspect's vehicle during the chase. a police car was involved in a crash with no major injuries. a daily city driver is facing charges this morning after a deadly crash. three passengers in a mustang died when the car they were riding in was cut in half and they were ejected. the driver left the scene and turned himself in about six hours later. and we could learn tomorrow whether the bay bridge will
8:26 am
open as planned on labor day weekend. today and on wednesday, the toll authority will meet to review recent stet backs. the chief among them, a flawed batch of bolts. so far, it's not clear how long it will take to fix that problem. stay with us, traffic and weather coming up. [muffled] i am sir can-a-lot. i am sir can-a-lot here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (woman) hmmm... that's actually a good idea. [nervous giggle] (male announcer) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit join us at
8:27 am
good morning. a new accident in san francisco. coming into san francisco. it's southbound doyle drive by the turn off. so traffic is backing up
8:28 am
towards parker. but looks slow southbound across the golden gate bridge. and visibility is an issue as well across the span. to the maps now, northbound 280, this accident finalfully the clearing stages coming in. unfortunately, traffic is still backed up from downtown san jose. that is traffic for the forecast. a lot of clouds starting out the day. and the temperatures mild this morning. i think as we head toward the afternoon, sunshine going to break through. and trying to right now as we look out, more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. as we head toward the afternoon hours, these temperatures warming up nicely, 60s and 70est inside the bay with sunshine. and breezy toward the coastline and cool 70s inland. next couple day, less fog, going to get hot with off-shore winds by friday and saturday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour tom hanks calls himself the luckiest guy in the world maybe it's because he still has a great head of hair or that mustache or maybe it's because he's killing it on broadway right now he's talking to john miller in the green room. tom hanks is here in studio 57. >> and at 86 years old, tony bennett is in the prime of his career saying he's coming out with music that has not been heard in 50 years. he tells us why he's getting back together with that lady with the green hair, laidady gaga. that's ahead. "the los angeles times" says the postal service is bleeding so much money, it's on its last
8:31 am
legs and congress isn't allowing the changes it needs to survive. e postal service lost billions last year and loses $25 million every day and reached a daily borrowing limit. "usa today" says aarp is coaching baby boomers online. it launched a new website this morning called life it's free and offers goal setting advice for careers, health and relationships. 21% of americans civilian workforce is 55 years or older. >> "the new york times" looks at the city's new bike sharing program. 6,000 bicycles are on the streets but already there are hiccups. tourists didn't know you have to subscribe to the program and one bike was stolen on sunday. it was found yesterday. i think that's not the sign the program is a mess. there were these beautiful -- you could see the beautiful bikes outside penn station yesterday. >> i saw people using them. >> it's working in other cities
8:32 am
very well. >> it's a good idea. needs time. tom hanks has made the most memorable moments in movie history. he's about to join us but first let's take a look back. >> here we go. you don't have to worry about anything. >> houston, we have a problem. ♪ >> my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. ♪ >> because there's no crying in baseball. there's no crying in baseball! >> some people think you have an attitude problem, beckett. >> really?
8:33 am
who thinks that? >> you know finding him so he can go home if that earns me right to bet back to my wife then that's my mission. >> you're going to have to catch me. >> right. right. you have to trust me on this. these people have been embarrassed. they're angry. you rob their banks. i told you this is what would happen. there was no other way for it to end. ♪ >> now tom hanks has made his broadway debut in "lucky guy" he earned a tony nomination for best actor. tom hanks joins us at the table. >> i look at myself on a
8:34 am
monitor. i'll give a slight -- there's a saying we have in theater. above the chin loses ten. can we come up a little bit there. just raise up a little bit moore. there. there. and boom. i look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. above the chin loses ten. >> i was thinking when i look at the face it's the most trusted person in america. you saw the poll. >> that's a sad poll. >> you were the most trusted person in america. >> trusted with what? your wallet? your first? your kids? the keys to your car? i wouldn't trust me as far as you could throw me. >> are you as excited to be here as we are to have you? it was the buzz of the building. >> is that right? i'm very excited to be here. i understand i get to take the coffee cup with me. >> a couple of them. >> when tom walked into the studio we were playing your work, there's my greatest hits. if you're at a hotel flipping through, what movie do you stop to look at again of yours?
8:35 am
>> none. none. >> and what one do you say what the heck was i thinking? >> we don't have time. if it's "turner and hooch" i watch it because of the sweet puppy and if it's the robert series, i looktry to figure it out. it's a legendary one around our house. >> now you're on broadway tom hanks. i think, listen i was there opening night. it was such a touching thing at the end when norah's picture came up at the end of the play. did you feel self-imposed pressure or burden to be really really great in this because you knew what it meant to her? >> it stretched out over the six-month period. we started rehearsals on the 7th and we close on the 3rd of july. the long haul process of it is
8:36 am
you have to hit a degree of concentrated excellence every night starting at 8:00 or 7:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. the desire always was to play well the part. it goes back to -- when i was in high school, we joined an organization thesbians after the first actor who stepped forward before the chorus and say a line all onto himself. the motto is play well your part for glory lines. that sounds like hokey. it's one of those lessons that you learn when you're a young man and you think what do i want to do with my life? i thought even that i think there might be some nobility to that. doing something that in some ways is ripped right out of yesterday's headlines as is "lucky guy" is the desire to be
8:37 am
as truthful to what norah saw as the task of the journalist. >> what did norah want to know about mike? >> he was a complicated man that despite the fact that he had probably as many admirers as he did loathers and i met quite a few people that said without a doubt, i hated mike. >> you and john miller were in the green room yakking away. >> we were covering notes about those days. i was intrigued about how delighted he was to be covering the dapper dawn at the time. norah wanted to capture the aspect of what being a journalist is which is to weave that combination of fact and story so that it actually does capture the essence of what happened. and the essence of what needs to be remembered from it. we are talking about a day when columnist could for 24 or 48 or 72 hours literally own the story and be the singular voice of
8:38 am
authority on whatever happened and he was able to do that. >> and trajectory on life. ambitious and then had to answer and then a pulitzer prize. >> it seemed to come out of nowhere but also right out of his strength right in his wheel house of bad cops doing bad things and maybe some good cops coming to the rescue at the time. mike wanted to be one thing and one thing only. as he said on "the charlie rose show" he wanted to be a columnist in new york city because everything else was second place. i can understand that degree of desire. you want to be number one. >> were you worried about broadway? >> i was worried about -- look i've done a lot of films. god bless america. >> what a country. >> i was worried about the
8:39 am
physiology of it. it's a physical and emotional battle. i did not know if i had the tools or if i was in shape and luckily under george wolfe and loving ensemble more than you could ask for, we all work together and in spring training we did the right stretches and got ourselves into the shape that was required. >> you're spilling coffee on the table. are remakewe making you nervous? >> it's the bad "cbs this morning" coffee cups. >> can you bring him a towel? >> a copy of today's "the new york times." it's a very serious newspaper which we would say never mind that. >> this is the thing i want people to know about you. you have such a great sense of humor. everybody that meets you decent likable person. i mean this with no kidding aside. you have something i found very strange online today. >> what did i do? >> you are walking around taking pictures of random gloves.
8:40 am
why is that? >> these are actual -- i think these are fascinating slices of life. some people -- >> and then you put captions on them. >> i do. give me five is one. >> here's what i think. it is freezing cold outside. it's no fun to have a bare hand when it's freezing cold but someone lost a glove. that means half of their life disappeared from the course of the day. since they are prettied knitted gloves. >> why gloves? >> what is a better metaphor for the loneliness of the city. that one was naturally posed as if the fingers were walking. i don't touch the objects. i capture them as they're found and i think somewhere out there someone says there's my glove. >> tom hanks is a grandfather. >> i will be a second grandfather. >> what's your granddaughter call you? >> the greek version of granddad. >> did you ever think, tom, it would be so much fun being a
8:41 am
grandfather? you light up. >> my dad used to say that being a parent was a disaster for him but being a granddad was a championship. there is something about not carrying -- just being the entertained by whatever the kid is doing. screaming. playing with a water bucket. pooping. whatever they do. there's entertainment to be had by it. >> can i just ask you quickly, you won your second oscar you thinked ed thanked your wife. you credited her with teaching you about love. >> you know, i felt as though -- my family was divorced. my parents pioneered the marriage dissolution laws for the state of california and they did a great job. they really wrote the books. and so the idea of a family was this thing that was -- i will
8:42 am
say it was torn asunder. we never suffered horrible abuses or mental shenanigans but we were not together. the greek family was this table where everybody was always welcome and a family that puts up with how pissed of they are at each other in a good way. that is a degree of love that is unconditional and i had yet to be part of somewhere where that was the given as opposed to the -- >> smart and funny and pretty and what is she doing with you? >> she's the gayle king of greek people. >> we love her around here. tom, thanks. >> let's put that on the front of the building. pro-love. >> i predict a win for you. >> god bless you. thank you. good to be here. >> "lucky guy" is playing
8:43 am
through july 3rd. from one superstar to another, tony bennett like you have never heard him before. wow. have you ever been the opening act fo we are looking at sunshine toward the afternoon. right now still a lot of clouds. a lot of left over moisture from the weak system that moved through yesterday. still clouds over san francisco. trying to breakup now. more sun into the afternoon. high pressure will be building in. breezy coast side but storm clouds headed eastward. start to dry things out nicely. 70s in the valleys. 50s and 60s toward the coast. warmer weather the next couple days.
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ in 1962 music greats tony bennett and dave brubeck released a recording. >> they were at the top of their careers in the early 1960s. their unrehearsed collaboration only existed in the memories of those who crowded the white house lawn some 50 years ago. that is until the recordings were discovered late last year following the death of brubeck. we talked to bennett about how
8:46 am
little it has changed. >> this used to be the home of jazz. >> 62 ronda street was it. that's where everything was at. >> before office towers took over, new york swing street small jazz clubs lined both sides of the block, providing both school and playground to tony bennett. >> did you go to a lot of jazz clubs? >> i went to every one of them. i'd come out and the sun was out. i couldn't believe it. we'd actually play all night long. >> you'd play all night long. >> reporter: bennett brings us back with his new album of jazz standards recorded 50 years ago with the late dave brubeck. it was 1962 when he released the seminal jazz hit ♪ i left my heart ♪ ♪ >> bennett's rendition of "i
8:47 am
left my heart in san francisco" was all over the radio. it was also the yeerar they played together for the first time. >> we haven't rehearsed it. so lots of luck folks. >> what did that mean to you? >> it was wonderful. ♪ come on and listen to the lullaby of broadway ♪ >> anyone who loves jazz adores dave brubeck. >> you remember it? >> yes i do. the whole spirit was great. >> reporter: the concert for summer interns at the kennedy white house was recorded but the tape went missing until this past december. >> a catalog of columbia records. >> what did you think when you heard it? >> it's good. one thing about jazz artists, the records never sound dated. they are not old-fashioned.
8:48 am
♪ because of you ♪ >> bennett has proven that theory every decade since signing his first record contract with columbia records in 1950. but his first album to top the charts duets ii was released two years ago when he was 85. >> how did that feel? >> it felt great. it even feels better now. >> so you're not thinking about retiring, are you? >> not at all. i have a lot to learn. when i was young, i thought i knew everything. at my age now, i realize, i've got so much more to learn. ♪ it had to be you ♪ >> reporter: bennett has been teaching a lot, too. by keeping jazz relevant to the fans of each generation's most popular artist. he'll collaborate again with
8:49 am
lady gaga who sang with him on duets ii for the next album. >> i can't wait to do the album, because a lot of people are going to be very surprised as to how wonderful she is on that album. >> you're really looking forward to it? >> i am. i like her audience. she has a real young, young audience that doesn't even know what rock is. so they are going to hear jazz. they love anything lady gaga does, they are for it. this is from the new yorker magazine. this is the famous club tony onyx club. >> reporter: bennett doesn't spend much time strolling down memory lane these days. the man frank sinatra called the best in the business is too
8:50 am
busy. >> i'm 86 and still. >> what happened? >> it worked. >> that duets album sold 2 million copies. >> what's it about, the relationship between the two of them? it's introduced him to lots of new music. >> first of all, they met at a benefit and this whole thing started. here is how effective it is. my 14-year-old daughter went to a movie premier. we were outside the door trying to spot celebrities. out walks tony bennett and she goes -- i said how do you know tony bennett? she said he's the guy that sings with lady today gaga. >> did you know you're on "vanity fair." known for spectacles and sharp suit
8:51 am
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with kpix 5 headlines. police in san francisco have three suspects in custody after a triple shooting. the gunfire injured three people near the 16th street bart station in the mission just before 4:00. one victim has life threatening wounds. officers chased a get away car and police cruiser crashed. how however, no maiming or injuries. three teens shot to death on sunday. friends and family gathered at a memorial. the victims were 17-year-old johnson kular and 15-year-old christian kumulan. a wildfire is burning out
8:56 am
of control. it started yesterday afternoon in the santa ynez recreation area and now grown to three square miles. it's just 10% contained and threatening about 50 homes. thousands of campers have evacuated along with residents. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> high pressure beginning to build in. more sunshine toward the afternoon. outside right now still a lot of longering clouds over the city of san francisco. but traffic ridge will be building in over the next couple days. breezy for today and cool toward the coastline. highs in the 50s and 60s. 60s and 70s. a lot of sunshine inside the bay. next couple days will be warming things up. less fog. off shore winds by friday and saturday. check out time-saver traffic coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. earlier crash southbound 680 is now cleared. but we are still seeing brake lights across the bridge in that southbound direction. let's take you outside now. over at the bay bridge, still seeing a rough commute into san francisco. metering lights turned on early. and cycling through them slowly. backed up towards the foot of the maze. the golden gate bridge, the accident southbound doyle drive is now clear. stacking up traffic to presidio and on to the bridge.
8:59 am
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