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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. and here we go again. more bolt trouble on the new bay bridge. the new problem that caltrans painted over. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. this time the problem is something a little different. we learn tonight many of the bolts that hold the railing on the new bike path together broke. apparently it was a welding mistake. hundreds of bolts had to be
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replaced. kpix 5's kristen ayers found out the fix involved a can of paint. >> beneath the new bay bridge, a mad dash is onto throw out three dozen bolts that cracked catastrophicly in late march leaving the new opening a bit up in the air. >> we thought we'd be really over the last big hurdle at this point. >> instead, caltrans is scrambling to patch up a fundamental flaw. >> once we realized that we couldn't trust the 2008 bolts, once you had 32 of 96 broke and we just realize thad you just couldn't rely on them. >> tonight kpix 5 was one of the first to get a close look at the massive replacement effort that construction workers had built over the past month. >> here directly under the suspension portion of the new eastern span, you can actually see the busted bolts up close. they're the ones that have a visible gap right there. workers are currently looking at clearing out all of the bolts
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and moving onto plan b. >> well, come upright to the space, come over the top of the -- of the bearing plate and basically shuck it down nice and tight. >> engineer william casey tells us the giant steel saddle that will now do the job that the bolts were supposed stood still being designed. hundreds of steel cables will hold the saddle in place. what casey does not know is when it will all be ready. >> everyone asks that question, but it's awfully hard to tell you right now. >> we are not going to open the bridge until we are 100% certain that it is safe. >> now, bridge spoeksman told me just a short time ago that the problem with the bolts on the bike path is a minor one. he says it's one that engineers picked up on about a year ago, and he says the problem was that there were shom protective caps that were over some of those bolts in the bridge. they were welded on too tightly, and that caused some of those bolts to bust; however, they have now been replaced and painted over with protective painting so they're telling us that that should fix the
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problem. now, as far as those bigger bolts underneath the bridge, well, authorities are still testing those, and we will find out over the next several weeks whether those will actually hold up over the course of the bridge's existence. liz. >> that is the million-dollar question. all right christin, thank you. now, the big question, of course, will the bridge open on time, labor day? learned that final decision is at least a month away. well, an explosion at disney land today has some police wondering if they have a serial troublemaker on their hands. this afternoon authorities evacwait toon town after what witness said was a blast louder than a gunshot. the initial investigation revealed dry ice in a plastic bottle that blew up inside a trash can. >> thought it was popcorn exploding, but also i thought it might have been, like, a fake gun show. >> all of a sudden you hear this huge pop, and you see some stuff
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fly out of the trash can. >> nobody was injured, and the music never stopped playing as police checked it out. two hours later, guests were all allowed to return. police say that the dry ice device looks similar to others that have exploded in anaheim recently. real estate prices are skyrocketing. all of a sudden, that's good news if you're trying to sell your home. not what you want to hear if you're trying to buy one. let's take a look at what's happening in oakland. the median home price has shot up almost 125% in just a year. in san francisco, the market has gotten even crazier. linda yee says wait till you hear what some people have to do to seal the deal. >> so kitchen is remodels. >> the solis family has been looking for a condo or a small home in san francisco for months. >> feel like you're on a battlefield. every day you go in. >> a battle because they've
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looked at dozens of properties, made five offers and still can't seal the deal. >> the last one was, like, 35% over. >> you're still not getting it. >> and we're still not getting them, no. the one we went 105 over asking on we didn't even come out in the running. there were 40 offers on that property. >> it's market and the home prices are jumping. hoechl prices in the city have reached the highest since 2010. according to the san francisco association of realtors, the median price jumped 31% for a single home it's now $1 million. the median price for a condo, $850,000, and they're getting scooped up within weeks of getting on the market. >> lots of people essentially the tech industry down in silicon valley come up here to the city. >> homes are getting sold thousands of dollars over asking. >> should be anywhere between 7 and 20% over.
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>> i've heard anywhere up to 100, 200,000 dollars over asking. >> for some properties, abs. >> that's not a guarantee you'll get it. >> not a guarantee. >> improving economy and low interest rates are driving the buyers, but there are not enough homes for sale. >> we're competing with buyers who are all cash, sometimes investors, but i still tell my buyers who are getting the, quote, normal loan, 20% down, go for it. >> and as crazy as the housing market seems, experts say it's not even where it was at its peak back in 2006. that's still good news for the economy. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. here's more proof. the dow was up as much as 218 points today. it gave about half that back but still close at another record high. it was do or die tonight, and we're sorry to have to say -- well, see for yourself. >> los angeles advances to the
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western conference finals. >> the sharks lost game 7 of the western conference semifinals in la tonight, and that means sharks fans across the bay area are crying in their margaritas. yes. one bar in los gatos served at a wash party. >> disappointing. . >> lucky color nail polish there. later in sports with dennis we'll hear from sharks players about what they thought went wrong. well, tonight much better news for another bay area team, a team of little guys in richmond who got some help from some big names. kpix 5 juliette goodrich shows us thanks to an event on the other side of the bay, they will play ball again. >> hi, ken. yes, their equipment was stolen and so tonight, the big hitters really step up to the plate to raise money and save the
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richmond little league here in burlington and locally just how much money was raised in just a few hours. the broadway grill in burr lgame rolled out the red carpet to raise money for richmond's little league, a league already scraping to get by. >> we don't have the tools for the kids and our cultures. >> thieves have stolen the thunder out of a richmond little league team this weekend. >> so when grill owner nick and founder of lucky od oul's kids foundation saw our story about vandals stealing the league's equipment he immediately stepped up to the plate and sent the team $1,500 and then something else happened. >> after we helped them, our congresswoman in this area saw us on tv and said that's a really great thing you did. >> so we got into a conversation about it, and here we are. >> the heavy hitter tonight. >> the heavy hitters. hopefully there are a lot of heavy hitters. we want to raise a lot of money
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for them. >> a fundraiser put together in a matter of days. the proceeds to help build a better and safer field for these kids, and you bet they're appreciative. >> thank you. >> in richmond, baseball is more than a game. it gets 291 kids in the city off the streets five days a week. >> with us, it's not all about baseball. the kids love baseball. i love teaching baseball but it's more a part about teaching life skills and being able to keep them off the streets. >> something near and dear to heart. >> you would be so proud of this moment tonight because he loved kids, was always there for kids, wanted to do everything for kids. >> the fundraiser ended just awhile ago. three hours, ken, and more than $20,000 was raised. that money will go towards building a new baseball field, an improved one, a safer one, also to get more equipment and to help these little guys pay some of their tuition they
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really can't afford to play ball. >> i think it's really cool that somebody on the peninsula, somebody with means, you know, put this together to help somebody else in another part of the bay area. that's what makes this place so great. >> absolutely. you know, they came up with some great auction items sdwrous name a few like a boxing glove that went for $2,000 and jerseys and all of that accumulated in a couple of days. pretty cool to see. >> yeah. good news. thanks. coming up, hackers steal the designs to many of america's most-advanced weapons. you got to wonder how they were able to pull it off. would you pay good money for this? the art installation bay area city leader calls the silliest thing they've ever done. and for their own good. the bay area's. temperatures below normal including oakland 67 degrees today. sunny but chully but wait till
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light. . the feds are on the hunt for a bay area guy so bold he ripped off a mail truck at a red light. take a look at this.
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this guy robbed a u.s. postal truck stopped at 36th and market at oakland. the feds say he made off with a load of mail underneath his clothes right as the truck drove off. it happened mae 13th. the post office wants to catch this guy so badly their spoeksman drove a copy of the video to our news room about 25 minutes ago. the spoeksman hopes a $10,000 reward will help and, yes, this is a federal offense. the designs for dozens of america's most-advanced weapons systems are now in the hands of cyber sxies david martin tels us all signs are pointing to china. >> there are 29 weapons systems on the list ranging from the newest jet fighter to missile defense systems protecting u.s. bases in asia, plus another 29 technologies still under development from invisible laser beams that can destroy aircraft to an electromagnetic gun that fires a projectile at eight
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times the speed of sound. the report by the defense science board says the pentagon has sustained staggering losses of information incorporating years of combat knowledge and experience. it doesn't openly accuse china, but privately officials say that's who did it. many of the systems like the navy's newest combat ship and marine's are part of the obama administration's military buildup in the pacific. design information would help china develop their own versions of those weapons or come up with ways to defeat them. the report goes far beyond the compromise of secrets to warn that virtually all u.s. military operations depend on computer networks vulnerable to cyber attack. pentagon teams playing the role of cyber attackers with programs downloaded from the internet have been able to disrupt u.s. military exercises. if this level of damage can be done by a few smart people using tools available to everyone, imagine what a determined
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sophisticated adversary could do. u.s. guns, missiles and bombs may not fire or may be directed against our own troops. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> well, despite that, d department of defense report the pentagon suggest cyber intrusions somehow led to the erosion of capabilities or teshg no logical edge are incorrect. with that expression beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well, what do you think of this: the art installation got a lot of attention when it went up in mountain view's shore line park. even some city leaders had second thoughts. kit. >> well, liz, love it or hate it, you won't be seeing public displays like this any time soon at any trail heads here in mountain view. that is because a majority of the city council said parks like this are fine just the way they are. >> when it comes to public art, every taxpayer is a critic. >> i think it's wonderful that
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they took money and spent it on that. why not. >> the sculptture is at the shore line park trail head inspeiered by the flocks of egrets, herons and sand pipers. . >> to put artificial birds in a -- one of the best bird sank chu wares in the bay area, i don't understand it. >> from senior centers today care facilities, mountain view requires public projects over a million dollars to devote 1% of the budget towards public art. the visual art committee proposed to extend that 1% law to hiking trails but the council voted it down 4 to 3. council member mike was disappointed. >> i think we need to take those opportunities to enhance what we have, and that was an opportunity to do so, and i think it was a lost opportunity. >> seagull said mother nature doesn't need our help. >> when you go on trails, you're basically in nature. to try to improve on that is, like, why are we here. >> everyone we spoke with said
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art can enhance the outdoor experience. >> i happen to like it. you know, uong it's that silly. i mean, most art is a little bit abstract, and it fits the surroundings so why -- why would this be anymore silly than anything else. >> i think it -- it does something for -- for bringing people here. i mean, it's an interest, and it -- it says something about what this place is all about. >> and just to be clear, that 1% art law is still in effect for other public projects in the city of mountain view and who knows, this issue could come back up again once new city council members come on board. liz. >> right. you know, as the hikers say, they kind of like it. kind of works. >> you know, it's, you know, whatever. >> yeah. >> it's public art. you're not going to make everybody happy. >> exactly. in the eye of the beholder, as we said. all right, kit, thank you. thewet ser kind of like that. >> absolutely. >> you get up in the morning and it's a little cloudy and maybe a
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little drizzley. it's all in the eyes of the beholder. >> the good thing here you drive about 20 miles you can pick your climate. >> well, if you like the heat, ken, i got that for you. if you like the chilly stuff, get outside tomorrow because after that you heat lovers are going to be very very happy. peak outside. we've got the memorial tower. little bit of high, thin cloud cover behind it because we have a storm system passing by to the north. kpix 5 high def doppler is dry. mendocino county seeing couple showers. overnight tonight and early tomorrow, otherwise, not about the rab father and mother. it's all about the temperature. they'll be climbing tomorrow up 67 for hayward our microclimate stop for tonight. much milder on thursday, 70s and by friday, you and hayward will likely be into the low 80s. changes coming but one more area of low pressure to pass by first. this one will pass by farther to the north than the last one. gave us some showers last night. this one will give most of the rain fall to the pacific northwest but in its wake once again tomorrow we'll have that
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on shore flow keeping temperatures down. after that, though, high pressure builds in. going to be a big ridge of high pressure strong. going to be very close to us. we will be back to the heat starting friday. some of you away from the water will go from the 60s for a high yesterday to the 90s for a high coming up on friday and that's where you're going to stay for awhile. a couple sprinkles tomorrow morning otherwise see sunshine in the afternoon. big warmup starts thursday. it's going to be a hot weengd. that will also increase the fire danger. highs tomorrow, milder than today by still not back to normal. nieven days in a row below normal. san francisco 63, san jose 73. sunnyvale your high tomorrow 71, union city 69 degrees. you'll get afternoon sunshine in walnut creek and pittsburgh. petaluma 71. berkeley 65, daly city tomorrow 62 degrees. extended forecast, we're getting warm on thursday. 80s away from the water. hello 90s friday, saturday and sunday, even 80s right on the bay, and we will stay sunny, we will stay mild, we will stay dry well into next week. be right back. look at 'em.
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enough homes. large litters are coming in
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. well, there is a furry frenzy in one east bay animal shelter. >> too many kitty cats with not enough homes. large litters are coming in all at once. you can blame it on the cold weather, they say. east county animal shelter in dublin got three litters in just 45 minutes last week. in order to avoid oout niezing these animals, the shelter is looking for noser parents. dennis, elizabeth, paul. trivalley animal rescue will provide food, supplies and veterinary care. to learn more about fostering, you can go to a rookie pitcher makes his giants debut and the reaction inside the sharks locker room. what went wrong next. nnis} . and as of now, the count down to labor day still on. we'll keep you posted new bay bridge. ,, goodnight.
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really mean??? in six gamese sharks and kings didn't losa home . game 7. we are hoping for the best. >> it was a great season. >> yeah. >> i've been to your crib, and i know you know there's no place like home. what does home ice advantage really mean? in six games the sharks and kings didn't lose a gament. tonight decisive game 7 was in los angeles. tom cruze and david beckham for game 7. kings on the power play. shot goes wide but justin williams stuffs the puck past. one to nothing los angeles. remember the team that scored first in this series won every game. later in the period, sharks caught on a bad line change and anje kopitar to justin williams again. two goals for that man. two to nothing kings.
11:30 pm
sharks still had some bites. third period, dan boil with puck at the point, finds the back of the net. two to one los angeles. in the end, though, this series was about great goal tending. jonathan quick was better. point-blank range but kings win game 7, 2 to 1, the sharks season is over. >> not ease circumstances man. i mean, we got a good team in here, just couldn't score. >> got to find a way, you got to will it up over the glove and didn't do that. he was -- he was great goalie. >> off to marathon survivor aaron hern threw out the first pitch tonight. maybe he should have started for the giants. making his major league debut tonight against the a's. watch how quick this got out. it would only get worse. we go to the third.
11:31 pm
watches an rbi single gave up four runs two and a third in the words of don henley, kick them when you're up, kick them when you're down. jim harbaugh goes to judge judy's show then drove the pace car in the indy 500. how fast? here's your toup 5. >> it was a hundred and then -- then the last two turns got to 118. of course, by next week when i retell the story it might be up to 138. no. 4, former giant showing there is life after san francisco after all. the game rained out. does the play count? here's the fan play of the year in my book. is this strong or what? billy, though, wins the game 3 to 1. no. 2, another rip off. with a brilliant double play but the cardinals beat the royals.
11:32 pm
. brewers -- carlos gomez thought he had a home run but look at aaron hicks leaps at the wall and takes the home run away. sometimes you just got to tit your tat. we'll be right back. >> gallagher is third. >> oh, really. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. letterman is next with paris hilton. >> good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, never admits to a pedicure, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( cheers and applause )


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