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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 29, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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twister outbreak. reported tornadoes and severe storms touch down across the midwest, and the threat of more dangerous weather continues today. whoa! oh -- >> dangerous derailment. a train carrying toxic chemicals hits a truck, goes off the tracks and catches fire, all within yards of dozens of homes. disneyland blast. evacuations and the bomb squad called in to investigate after an explosion rocks part of the california theme park. and daredevil descent. a russian adventurer launches himself off the world's tallest peak with nowhere to go but down. this is "the cbs morning news" for wednesday, may 29,
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2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with weather, and conditions are setting up for another day of severe weather in the country's heartland. the greatest threat is for the central and southern plains with the possibility of damaging winds and tornadoes stretching all the way to pennsylvania. late yesterday at least three tornadoes touched down in northern kansas. this large twister was reported near bennington, kansas. to the east, another storm caused serious damage at at least one farm. our affiliate from wipw reports. >> reporter: thenoise was deafening. >> like a train. >> reporter: the damage devastating. >> we lost three sheds. i came out first. kids stayed down there. there's glass everywhere. came up and saw the grain bin on our living room, and it just -- there's no words. >> reporter: the beckers lived
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in the home 12 years and remodeled a year ago. as the tornado threat became a reality, it was time to take cover. >> we had the five kids in the basement and the shower. we stood there taking pictures for a little bit. my husband was taping and said, get down there now. we were under there. had a blanket over our head and stuff and prayed. it was as loud as they say it is. >> reporter: when monica came up from the basement she realized she'd be left picking up the pieces but not without the help of the entire community. >> it's a tight knit community. if it happened to anybody, we can rely on the neighbors coming out and helping us. it's just the way we are in the rural community. >> amazing. they want to help right now. >> reporter: for cbs news, corning, kansas. well, there's already been one tornado spotted in north west pennsylvania. this storm touched down in erie county.
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"the pittsburgh post-gazette" reports in injuries, but buildings damaged. a tornado reportedly touched down in central michigan. weather consultant david bernard is tracking the severe weather. >> looks like a perfect setup for storms, particularly across the plains. a large area of pressure, strong upper level low in the atmosphere coming out of the rockies into the plain states, and setting up really prime conditions for tornadoes just like we saw yesterday. now, today's outlook indicates much of the same areas under the gun. again, our highest chances for strong tornadoes will be across oklahoma and kansas, with a rick of severe weather extending from minnesota and iowa as far south as portions of west and central texas. we also run the chance of seeing some severe weather in the northeast during the afternoon with some very strong storms in that location as well. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. now a different type of storm. a blinding dust storm causing
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problems in southern california. for several hours yesterday, there was near zero visibility in langcaster, just north of los angeles. the dust storm caused several accidents including a ten vehicle pileup, but no serious injuries. a small explosion at disneyland appears to have been the result of dry ice in a bottle. the "los angeles times" reports there have been similar dry ice explosions in anaheim neighborhoods in recent months. the explosion was reported yesterday afternoon in the toontown area of disneyland. the bottle was left in a trash can. witnesses say there was a sudden blast, but the park music never stopped playing. >> just a big boom and, you know, the trash can exploding. the lid coming up and then just people kind of in a standstill. >> i thought it was popcorn exploding, but also i thought it might have been, like, a fake gun show. >> all of a sudden you hear this
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huge pop, and you see some stuff fly out of the trash can. >> the area was evacuated for about two hours, but visitors were allowed to return last night. the national transportation safety board investigators are on the scene of a train derailment outside baltimore this morning. 15 cars jumped the tracks which is which a freight train crashed into a truck at a crossing in rosedale. at least one of the train cars carried sodium chloride, a hazardous material. in rosedale, tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anne-marie. yes, very scary moments. this was a massive blast that both witnesses and officials say could be seen and heard from several miles away. this morning crews are here on the scene trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. >> whoa! oh -- >> reporter: an explosion rocked a baltimore suburb after a train collided with a trash truck. [ explosion ] >> back up. >> reporter: the force of the blast could be felt at least a half mile away.
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>> this community shook like it was never shook before. >> reporter: windows were shattered, and even the wall of a nearby factory destroyed. >> when it went, i mean, it knocked me down and my two other co-workers. just pushed us back and we fell down. >> reporter: people in the area were warned to stay away because of the thick, black smoke. >> they didn't want to be here because the smoke would gag you. >> reporter: hazardous materials uncolliding ones used to make plastics were onboard the train, but officials never issued an evacuation order, because they say there were no toxic inhalents. a team of 15 investigators from the national transportation safety board is here on-scene, but because the train burned into the night, they won't have access to it until early this morning. >> while we haven't been up close and personal to the wreckage, we have been still collecting information, securing information. >> reporter: that information includes a forward-looking camera mounted on the front of the locomotive. >> it should be able to provide us real good information as far as what the
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train crew saw as that train went down the track. >> reporter: the railroad crossing where the accident took place did have a stop sign, but no cross arms or bells to warm warn drivers of oncoming trains warn drivers of oncoming trains warn drivers of oncoming trains warn drivers of oncoming trains warn drivers of oncoming trains. >> and, again, crews are here on the scene this morning trying to figure out what exactly happened that led to both the crash and the explosion. there was at least one injury. the truck driver is reportedly a baltimore county firefighter, and was last listed in serious condition. anne-marie? >> tara mergener in rosedale, maryland. thank you, tara. congresswoman michele bachmann says she will not seek re-election in 2014. the minnesota republican made the announcement this morning in a video posted online. she says eight years in congress is enough, and she added that a recent investigation of her presidential campaign has nothing to do with her decision. bachmann narrowly won re-election to min's sixth district seat in 2012.
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cbs news has learned that attorney general eric holder is being investigated by the house. lawmakers want to know if holder lied under oath when he testified about the administration's decision to secretly monitor journalists. when asked about the decision to seize phone records from the associated press, holder said it was something he was not involved in or heard of, but a justice department statement released after holder's testimony indicates he was involved in a separate case approving a search warrant for the records of fox news reporter james rosen. coming up on the "morning news," cyber spying. security concerns after chinese hackers steal the designs of dozens of major u.s. weapons systems. and jumping from the top of the world. a daredevil flies into the record books with a leap from the tallest peak. this is "the cbs morning news." news." [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪
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took base jumping to new heights this month. larry launched himself off mount everest wearing a wing suit jumping at a record break more than 23,000 feet hitting speeds of more narn 120 miles an hour. this video of the jump was released one day before the 160th anniversary of edmund hillary being the first to summit everest. on the cbs "moneywatch," the housing market turns a corner pbusted.jor money operation is erica has more. >> good morning. home prices surge as more and more buyers bid on a tight supply of houses. prices jumped nearly 11% in march compared to a year ago. that's the biggest increase since 2008. of the 20 cities surveyed by the standard & poor's case shillers home price index, phoenix saw the biggest leap. 22.5%. new york came in last with a
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growth of 2.6%. the housing recovery and a report showing consumer confidence hit a five-year high, rallied wall street. the dow jumped 106 points. the nasdaq climbed nearly 30. some asian markets got a boost from last week's rally. wall street's nikkei added a fraction. nikkei lost 7%. seven people indicted in a $6 billion international money laundering scheme. police arrested them in spain, costa rica and new york accused of returning an online underground bank in costa rica called liberty reserve allowing 1 million users to transfer money anonymously. prosecutors say the clients included drug dealers, child pornographers, identity thieves and more. more working moms are bringing home the bacon than ever before. the pew research center found that in 2011, 40% of women either earned more than their better half or were the only one in the household to work.
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it's a big difference from 1960 when that was true for just 11% of families. nike is cutting ties with lance armstrong's livestrong cancer charity following admission he used performance-enhancing drugs. nike ended its sponsorship of the athlete last year and is now ending the nine-year relationship it has with armstrong's foundation. and new york's top court is hearing a dispute over starbuck's tip sharing policy. starbucks defended the policy saying its shift supervisors divvy up the tips. the suit aims to clear up a new york state labor law that prohibits managers from sharing in tips. anne mary? >> erica ferrari here in new york. thank you, erica. and pushing an nfl team to make a name exchange. and justin bieber gets flagged for driving habits by a former nfl star. this is "the cbs morning news."
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the pacers roy hibbert scores 23 points and grabs 12 rebounds, and lebron james fouls out of a playoff game for just the second time in his career as miami faums to indiana 99-92. the series is all tied up at two games apiece. in baseball, an interleague bay area battle. aaron hearn throwing out the first pitch in oakland. against the as. he was injured in the boston marathon bombing. in the eighth inning, oakland's adam rosales breaks out of an 0-24 slump with a homer and the as win it 6-3. ten members of congress are urging the washington redskins to change their name. the bipartisan group of representatives says the team's nickname is offensive to native americans. they sent letters expressing their opinion to redskins' owner daniel snyder as well as the
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other 31 teams and the league office and fedex. one of the redskins sponsors. snyder vowed never to change the name. justin bieber's driving habits have apparently drawn the ire of a former nfl star. the los angeles county sheriff's department is investigating the pop star for reckless driving. according to authorities, keyshawn johnson spotted bieber speeding near his home monday morning. johnson followed bieber to his home and confronted him about his driving. the former wide receiver even stopped bieber's garage door from closing so he could have a word. deputies were called to the home, but bieber wouldn't talk to them. you know, if your neighbor is a big, burly nfl football player, former you might want to be a little more neighborly. when we return, you've heard of "angry birds," right? check out this. an angry goat. taking no prisoners attacking everything in this path. can acne cleansers be tough on breakouts and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf
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careening off the track in a baltimore suburb. what may have caused the accident. and a thief targeting bay aa mail trucks. his loot and the award for his arrest. and a tea party favorite maa decision about her political future. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's wednesday, ,,,, here's a look at today's forecast in cities around the
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country. washington, d.c. a high of 90 drips and sunny. sunny in atlanta and st. louis as well but thunderstorms in denver and showers in seattle with a high of 63. china announced today it will conduct its first digital tehnology military exercise next month. the exercise will test new combat units that use digital technology. meantime, there are fresh concerns of cyber espionage. a report says china gained access to the designs of dozens of u.s. weapons systems. david martin reports. >> reporter: there are 29 weapons systems on the list ranging from the newest jet fighter -- to missile defense systems protecting u.s. bases in asia. plus, another 29 technologies still under development from invisible laser beams that can destroy aircraft through an electromagnetic gun that fires a projectile at eight times the speed of sound. the report by the defense
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science board says the pentagon has sustained staggering losses of information, incourting years of combat knowledge and experience. it doesn't openly accuse china but privately officials say that's who did it. many of the systems like the navy's newest combat ship and the marines osprey are part of the obama administration military buildup in the pacific. designed information would help china develop their own versions of those weapons or come up with ways to defeat them. the report goes far beyond the compromise of secrets warning that virtually all military operations in the u.s. depend on networks vulnerable to cyber attacks. playing the role with programs downloaded from the internet have been able to disrupt u.s. military exercises. if this level of damage can be done by a few smart people using tools available to everyone, imagine what a determined sophisticated adversary could do? u.s. guns, missiles and bombs may not fire, or may be directed
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against our own troops. despite this report by its own scientific board the pentagon issued a statement insisting, we maintain full confidence in our weapons platforms. suggestions of cyber intrusions have somehow led to the erosion of our capabilities or technological edge are incorrect. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. the international space station welcomed three new guests. american karen nyberg and an italian and russian cosmonaut hitched a ride on a soyuz spacecraft blasting off from kazakhstan yesterday. the three new crew members will spend the next six months aboard the space station. and goat in brazil has a real attitude problem shooting him to internet stardom. the goat hangs out in front of a prison and some of the bad behaviors must have rubbed off on him. he doesn't like anyone coming near. he doesn't discriminate. even women aren't off limits knocking one to the ground. a youtube video has been watched more than 2 million times.
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president obama and new jersey governor chris christie toured the jersey shore yesterday visiting businesses that recovered since super storm sandy hit seven months ago. they two also hit the boardwalk and played a football arcade game. the president went 0-5 but christie scored on his first try. oceanside residents hit hard by sandy are searching for ways to prevent their home from getting damaged by the next big storm. michelle miller talks to people in one town fighting over a rebuilding plan. >> reporter: in the jersey shore town of mantoloking, progress is measured one boulder at a time.
4:26 am
>> reporter: it's an investment. >> i think it's worth it. >> reporter: mike becker is repairing his home and building a rock wall to protect it from future storms. it's costing him more than $100,000. >> it's worth it. it's going to save my house, and my family will be using this house for generations. >> reporter: at the same time, the town is fighting other homeowners over property lines. right now residents own the land from their homes to the shoreline. the army corps of engineers wants to fill in and extend the beach 150 feet into the ocean. residents would not own that small strip of new land. all 127 beach front residents have the to agree to the plan and a handful of refusing. that's upsetting to mantoloking town council president steve gillingham. >> are you surprised people are holding out? >> yeah. to me it's incredible they would not see the value of the project to their own property. >> reporter: but residents holding out told us their property values would drop, and the army corps cannot guarantee surge protection.
4:27 am
>> we don't have any guarantee, but we have evidence from places all over the state where the kind of replenishment that they're planning has been done, and has worked. >> reporter: if those residents don't come onboard, they plan to go to court to invoke imminent domain saying the extension is for the good of all. the replenishment project could take up to three years. how much do these rocks weigh? >> 5,000 to 8,000 pounds each, maybe. >> reporter: either way, mike becker continues to build his wall to be ready for this hurricane season. the next town council meeting is set for june 10th. gillingham says if all residents haven't agreed to the plan by then he'll likely offer a plan to proceed with eminent domain claiming private property for public use. michelle miller, cbs news, mantoloking, new jersey. coming up after your local news on "cbs morning news,"
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on "cbs this morning," attorney general eric holder under fire. we'll look at the latest controversy involving the crackdown on leaks to reporters. plus, new details on the two american officials wounded in a strip club in venezuela. the latest from the state department. and the best tech gadgets for every budget. that's "the cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. nm. have a great day. . have a great day. ,,,,
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