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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the front yard of a home on paseo padre. the impact was so hard, a toddler still strapped to a car seat was thrown on the lawn. >> a toddler who was ejected and did not survive. >> reporter: police investigators suspect the driver was speeding when he lost control of the car and hit a tree. he too was ejected. >> he was sitting in the roadway. he is a male, appears to be in his 30s. >> reporter: a female passenger sitting in the front was trapped and had to be cut out of the wreckage by fire rescue crews. >> the front passenger female has major critical injuries. she was transported once she was removed from the vehicle to a trauma center with life- threatening injuries. >> reporter: the driver was also injured with major injuries although not life- threatening. he too was taken to a trauma center. now, police say they expect the paseo padre parkway to be closed at least through the entire commute hours. so any drivers in the area may
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want to take alternate routes. the investigation is ongoing. the witness who came here say it was a horrific scene. one witness was riding his bicycle along this paseo padre parkway when he said that the driver sped past him at he estimated speeds from 90 to 100 miles an hour. he saw them hit the tree and cry out for help asking where the baby was. that witness said he did try to find that baby, did find the baby under a fence but the baby had already died. we'll be hearing more from them in my report at 6:00. reporting live in fremont, linda yee, kpix 5. a red light runner apparently caused this crash involving a san francisco police car. now, police are telling us that a tesla smashed into that cruiser after missing the light at 8th and bryant this afternoon. the cruiser then hit a third car. three officers were taken to the hospital to be checked. no one in any of the other cars was seriously hurt. oakland police headquarters
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forced to close their doors today because of a broken bathroom pipe. caution tape cones and mops filled the lobby area around 3 a.m. this morning. an employee noticed about an inch of water flooding the third floor. authorities say it was from a toilet pipe that burst. the public wasn't allowed access today as maintenance trues cried to clean up the mess -- crews tried to clean up the mess. >> as far as externally, it could still be potentially dangerous for the public because we do still have standing water and there's additional water that still working its way down from the third to the first floor. >> police say it was clean water that flooded the building. tomorrow they will reassess when they can open to the public again. work crews will be there to ventilate the building all week to prevent mold. 50 misdemeanors, according to a new audit that's what pg&e would have spent on safety upgrades, $50 million, but didn't in the decades before the san bruno blast. we sent slug should go to ask
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in san bruno could things have turned out differently? >> reporter: the grays are coming back finally the sign says and san bruno is come back, too. 2.5 years later people have moved back into the crestmoor neighborhood -- well, not everyone. this explosion september 9, 2010, killed eight peoplers destroyed dozens of homes, and now an audit says a safety fund of $50 million pg&e collected didn't go for safety. maybe it wasn't even spent. $50million! boy, that sounds like a lot of money. meant for safety and they didn't spend it? does that mean san bruno might have been prevented? >> i think everyone wants to know what would have happened had that money been spent. >> reporter: kelly teaches business at san francisco state and she wouldn't teach her students to hold funds mandated for safety ever. but especially a public utility. >> if you want to know that the money that has been earmarked for a particular use is being spent for that use, especially when it's something as important in the $50 million
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case. >> reporter: she says other audits show the company had trouble knowing where money was going for other purposes too. >> pg&e has strongly disagrees with the findings. >> reporter: the company's spokesman says the safety money the report investigated was meant for a different type of gas line than blew up in san bruno. critics say it shows how poorly past management worked. >> new leadership in place who encourages the safety culture. >> reporter: although the report also said the utility hasn't changed enough since san bruno to make up for the bad job it did before then. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> now, that audit also found pg&e profits exceeded authorized levels by about 12% during that same time frame. there's some new surveillance video of april's armed assault on a pg&e substation in san jose. if you watch closely, you can see sparks flying as somebody fires through the fence around the facility on metcalf road. the high-powered rifle shots knocked out five transformers. there you saw the flash.
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investigators still don't know who did it or why. palo alto police released a sketch of a suspect who they say stalked and attacked a jogger over the weekend. the man is described as 20 years old with black buzzed hair. he is about 5'8" tall and wore large clear studs in both ears. the woman running along the baylands trail says the suspect assaulted her on gang road by the golf course sunday morning. police say the victim noticed the man was following her. she stopped twice hoping he would pass. instead, he jumped on her from behind. but she fought back and got away. women who use the same trail are now on high alert. >> she was able to he create distance between her and the suspect. as i was going on, two cyclists came on behind her and helped her. >> i usually run with my husband or mother-in-law. sometimes you just want to go out. but it is kind of scary. >> investigators want to talk to the two cyclists who helped the victim and hope they will come forward.
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the cover is blown for a burlingame boutique. investigators found they have been selling fake designer merchandise as the real thing. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon has detailses of the raid. >> reporter: jewelry, handbags, sunglasses from labels like prada and gucci, these are photos of high-end brand name look-alikes more than 400 fakes seized during a raid of mickey's european fashion in burlingame. >> there are four men taking a lot of boxes out. apparently they were fake gucci, purr, rolex watches, purses. >> reporter: those men were private investigators working on behalf of fashion brands. they teamed with burlingame police in a four-month investigation. >> over the four months, yeah, the purchase was made. they took a look at the items. they verified it. they had us follow up on it. it was just kind of a timely process. >> reporter: the shop first sparked interest because the high-end items weren't
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displayed in a luxury setting. the man who works across the street says they never have customers. >> it's been here over 10 years. it's always closed, by appointment only. >> reporter: which makes you think? >> it's a storefront for something. but we don't know what. >> please leave your name and number with your message. >> reporter: the owner didn't answer the appointment line. the d.a. takes the investigation from here. fake fashion makes up the largest share of counterfeit goods worldwide. >> it converts, opens up really large for traveling. i just like the style. >> reporter: is it real, do you know? >> no. it's not. >> maybe if something is replicated exactly like a real one, and you're selling it, you know, taking business away from the company, i'm sure that's why they don't like it. >> reporter: lorraine's friend bought her that counterfeit purse for about $60. normal price, $300. now, it is not illegal to own fake fashion goods. but it is illegal to sell or
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distribute. and burlingame police will now send their case to the d.a.'s office. in burlingame, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> if charges are filed the owners of the store could be prosecuted for intentional sales of counterfeit goods. the bottles of booze, they were just the beginning. what else the chp says was wrong about this party bus on prom night. >> oh, my god. >> it's worse than we first thought. how that deadly tornado in oklahoma will go down in the record books. >> no records set around here today. as a matter of fact, temperatures for the second straight day were below normal despite the sunshine away from the water. but as we look live outside, that marine layer still hanging out behind san francisco. we'll talk about when we will warm up and perhaps set a few records in the seven-day forecast. >> well, your sunscreen can't protect you -- can protect you from more than just uv rays. how it can help in the battle
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against time. ,,,,,,ol on a steep street in the bayview district. a loud crash-- was the next
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thing the home owner heard. checking other bay area headlines an suv loses control on a steep street in the bayview district. a loud crash was the next thing that the homeowner heard. the car crashed into the garage. the driver was taken to the hospital. no one else was injured. the fbi is on the hunt for a trio of serial bank bandits. they are wanted for two armed takeover style heists yesterday. one in millbrae, one in san francisco along with a similar hit on another san francisco bank back in april. the fbi has released these surveillance videos -- or photos of the men. they may be driving a light- colored older model sedan possibly a ford taurus. voters in santa clara county are going to the polls today to choose a replacement for former supervisor george shirakawa. but it may be a while before we know who wins. there are 7 candidates for the district 2 seat and if no one gets more than half the votes, there will be a runoff next month. shirakawa is facing jail time
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for misuse of public funds. kpix 5's ken bastida with mobile5 near sfo where a transportation startup has been slammed with a lawsuit. ken? >> reporter: yeah. it's kind of an interesting story, allen. it may not be the last time you see something like this. this is a good example of a startup company with a great idea that might be breaking the law. case in point flight car. it's a lot here in burlingame where people bring their cars and then they are allowed to leave their cars here in lieu of parking at sfo. and people come down here and rent their cars so they can actually make a little money while their car is sitting here if they are on a trip. the san francisco city attorney's office has filed a lawsuit against flight car accusing it of being an off- airport car rental business operating without proper permits which include 20% -- or actually $20 per rental and 10% of the gross profits of the
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company. that's supposed to go to the city and county of san francisco. i spoke with a man from sfo and he tells me that the company is marketing most of its business towards people who use the airport and are subject to those airport fees. then i got on the phone with flight car's ceo hotels me that they are not really a car company even though if you look at their website, it talks about renting cars and how you do it and takes you through the steps. he says they are more of a mix between ride sharing and off airport parking and they actually use a third party car to pick up and drop off people. not only at the airport, they also go to bart and to caltrain, as well. so they claim that they should be exempt from all this. in fact, you can see the limo behind me there waiting to take somebody to the airport. the city says, hey, look, this is an unfair business practice and there are three other off
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site car rental companies playing by the rules and it's unfair to them, start paying your fees or go out of business. flight car has until july 1 to answer that lawsuit. reporting live from burlingame, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. to the left -- >> why the irs spend tens of thousands of dollars on videos like that? that's the big question from lawmakers this week. ,, look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else,
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dangerous? consumerwatch reporter julie a party bus it's a springtime ritual. kids going to senior prom. but what if their designated ride to the dance is dangerous? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on a party bus nightmare. the chp says never should have happened. reporter: senior prom should be a night to remember. but for derek and 50 friends there are some things they would like to forget. >> there was holes in the seats. it smelled like urine. >> reporter: they rented a party bus to take them to prom in san francisco and when it showed up an hour late cell phone video shows it was dirty and cramped. >> does anybody see a -- >> reporter: without enough seats for the teens some were pulled off by nervous parents while others were forced to stand for the ride into the city. also on the bus? >> beer, hard liquor.
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>> reporter: and these photos show it was all accessible to the teens. >> both a red flag. >> reporter: monica heads the motor carrier unit for the chp. she says while overloading the bus and allowing minors access to alcohol, they weren't legally authorized to transport the teens to begin with. >> if children are being transported to or from a school or school-related activity the law indicates if the parent contracts with the motor carrier that service can only be done in a vehicle up to 25 passengers capacity. >> reporter: she explains bus companies can only contract with the school itself to transport more than 25 kids to any school-related event. derek's mom signed the contract for this bus. even to transport more than 10 kids to prom, a limo or party bus company must have a special certification. this one does not. so this party bus company is breaking the law. >> yes in a couple of different ways. >> reporter: the owner of starlight party bus which operates a variety of companies under various names tells us in spite of the formal attire, he
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didn't know the students were going to prom but his website clearly advertises buses for school-related events even though he is not certified to transport students. >> the number one area of concern would be that a driver is properly trained and has background in fingerprint checks. >> reporter: this video shows the starlight driver talk on the phone while crossing the bay bridge just one of the safety concerns for derek and his friends. >> talking on the phone and driving. >> reporter: derek says while he did research star lighted he didn't know about the required certification. he hopes his story saves others from a similarity fate or worse. >> i don't want someone else' night to be ruined. >> reporter: as for the alcohol, the bus company says it was an oversight and missed it when cleaning after the previous renters. the company contends there were enough seats. to find out if your limo or bus company is certified to transport your teens, go to now, we have gathered a list of numbers from the chp's various motor carrier safety units. they are the only ones with records on these certifications. >> it would be kind of hard to
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miss liquor bottles when you're cleaning out a bus. >> reporter: they were stashed behind the seats and bar and kids can find anything. the internal revenue service is under fire again today from tea party testimony to a new inspector-general's report the tax agency has a lot to explain. six leaders of conservative groups testified on capitol hill today detailing how the irs unfairly singled them out for their political beliefs. she says the irs asked her alabama tea party group for copies of all speeches, emails and donor lists. >> i'm a born-free american woman, wife, mother and citizen. and i'm telling my government that you forgotten your place. >> no american should be targeted by the government for their personal views. >> and yet another black mark for the tax agency. a brand-new inspector-general's
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report revealed how the irs spent taxpayer dollars on lavish employee conferences. a 2010 conference in california cost more than $4 million. the tornado that ripped apart el reno oklahoma last week was a record-breaker. the national weather service says at 2.6 miles wide it was the widest u.s. twister ever. it also left a path of destruction 16 miles long. >> oh, my god! >> friday's storm destroyed homes downed trees, power lines, flattened entire neighborhoods. at least 19 people died as a result of that storm. >> unbelievable how destructive that was. it was remarkable to watch again. >> 2.5 miles is the width from yerba buena island back to the oakland touchdown. that's an insane amount of destruction there. really rough weather back in the midwest that we are going to show you with flooding. but outside here first you a
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lot of you did not clear out today. the onshore flow and low cloud cover prevalent everywhere, everybody below normal temperature-wise but at the golden gate nary a peak of sunshine currently. these are your current temperatures outside. we have 67 degrees in concord. very few of you are in the 70s. san jose and livermore two of the spots. santa rosa 65. with that cloud cover san francisco only 60 degrees. we showed you that tornado damage in oklahoma. let's take you to west alton, missouri, where we had some video to show you of widespread flooding on the mississippi river which takes a long time to get going but then takes twice as long to get rid of. that's the high point of the highway there. everywhere else is floodedded. a levee broke. we had a lot of rough weather in the midwest when it comes to flooding. for us, calmer, cooler low 50s. oakland 53. san rafael 51. mountain view overnight tonight 54 degrees. let's talk about this onshore flow. look at the cloud cover just sitting offshore and unlike yesterday, today just hung out at the coastline. it didn't pull off and move out to the west so a lot of you along the coast and on the
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peninsula had mainly cloudy skies for much of the day. likely you will again tomorrow because high pressure has not moved that much. it's far away from us inducing that light-to-moderate onshore flow so any heat now is going to stay away until thursday. tomorrow will be another relatively cool day. thursday we get warmer and then by friday, pretty abrupt transition, by friday we're hot and the reason why? we are going to get that offshore wind. it likely will be stronger than what we had last weekend which means you thought it was hot last saturday? it will be hot they are friday and this saturday. so two hot days coming up they are friday and saturday. cooler weather does move in for the second half of the weekend so enjoy the relative cool we'll have tomorrow. san jose tomorrow 77 degrees. warmer but a couple of degrees below average. fremont 71. san mateo 69. 80 tomorrow for walnut creek and pleasanton. vallejo 76. some late-day sunshine for novato 74. downtown san francisco, 62. friday and saturday 100 degrees coming up on saturday but also, look at the big change on sunday. we will be much cooler but still sunny for the second half
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of the weekend. >> wow. >> kind of going like this. >> it's a roller coaster ride and we're on the way up after tomorrow. >> wardrobe changes. >> yes. >> short sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves. >> thank you. the secret to younger looking skin may not be in those high dollar creams and treatments. could be as easy as a product you probably already have at home. >> but first, we bring you another live look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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youthful apearance. americans spend billions of dollars on expensive skin creams and treatments every year just trying to keep their youthful appearance. before you pay hard-earned cash, the number one wrinkle cream is not only inexpensive; chances are you already own it. reporter: sunscreen, it's not just kids stuff. if you want to look more youthful, slather it on every day. there's proof. >> the study is terrific. i think it really makes everyone pay attention to the fact that aging is in our
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control. >> reporter: in sunny australia, scientists tracked more than 900 people under the age of 55. at the end of four years, those who used sunscreen the most three to four times a week looked the best. they had 24% less skin aging with fewer wrinkles and sagging skin even in middle age. >> you look really good. >> reporter: that pleases this dermatologist. >> after all the damage is done people would just give up but now we know that the skin over time will repair itself. and that's terrific. >> reporter: participants used sunscreen with an spf of at least 15. dr. fields says to get the benefit, reapply every two hours. every hour if you are active and especially if you use a cell phone. >> remember, your cell phone is wearing more sun protection than you are. it's all over the screen and not on your face. >> reporter: dr. fields, who is 55, wears sunscreen daily. so too does her client, 56-year- old sarah stinson. >> i wouldn't walk out of my door without it. >> reporter: stinson credits
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her doctor with encouraging her to get in the habit. >> yes. i guess i was in fact a little bit ahead of the curve. >> reporter: if you need further proof -- >> how do you know you're sun aging? look at your skin. this is the soft dewy youthful side. flip it over and it's all dry roasted. >> as for the price, sunscreens can vary but consumer reports tested close to 2 dozen and gave the top honors to cheap he was. target's up and coming sports continuous. a two bottle pack costs under $10. >> i didn't like that dry roasted comment. >> roasted? whoa. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, the nation's top military officers were hauled into congress today to explain sexual assault in the ranks. we'll tell you what they had to say tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30, right after kpix 5 news.
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it seems like it'd make sen, to do everything possible to tame the fire danger. why new at 6:00 tonight with the hottest day of the year coming up, seems like it makes sense to do everything possible to tame the fire danger. why one particular tactic has the bay area talking about a toxic consequence. >> it's futuristic technology. >> and the future is now in the bay area. how you can get easy access to 3-d printers. that and more at 6. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight dressing down the chiefs. >> not every single commander can distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape. >> pelley: the nation's top officers are hauled in to explain sexual assault in the ranks. david martin on what happened next. friday's oklahoma tornado was the biggest of all time. anna werner on the super twister. can parents of a mentally ill child prevent another newtown? seth doane speaks to a couple who made an agonizing decision. >> my first thought was, what have i done? i've just destroyed my son's life. and people would come up to me and say, no, you saved our lives. >> pelley: and an anniversary fit for a queen. elizabeth palmer on the coronation celebration. captioning sponsored by cbs


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