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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the street jumped out of a car with a big black gun and started blasting rounds at all of our cars and the buildings and the bus maybe like 10 rounds. he jumped back in the car and went on the left, took off. >> reporter: many of the students were in the library studying for finals at the time and they heard the gunshots. >> an alarm went off. and then immediately i heard a shotgun blast and like at least 8 probably handgun blasts. so i said everybody, let's get out of the library. everybody started racing. >> reporter: a person of interest was taken into cuss i did. police searched the campus for a possible second gunman. a person of interest was taken into custody. officers interviewed students at the scene. >> when i look at him, he looked at me and he panned over with his gun and i jumped out of the way and he shot at me. >> reporter: just blocks from the college campus, two men were found dead in a house fire. it's not clear yet how the two incidents may be connected.
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the college campus is located just three miles from where president obama was attending a fundraiser. the secret service says the shooting had no impact on the president's event. teresa garcia, cbs news, santa monica. >> so to recap for you this evening, six people dead in a series of shootings across santa monica. the gunman killed by police in a shootout inside the santa monica college library. and we will bring you any important updates as we get them. we are following another developing story in the south bay. a murder mystery inside one of the bay area's busiest malls. kpix 5's mark sayre is at the great mall in milpitas. what can you tell us? >> reporter: juliette, the detectives from milpitas police are continuing their work now. police say they received a call of a fight involving a weapon here at the sports authority behind us just around 11 a.m. police say that the first detectives arrived here within seconds. they took the suspect into custody without incident, and that's when a victim was also discovered inside the store
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pronounced dead here on the scene. police say the confrontation occurred in the sporting goods area of the store. but police are releasing few other details, including the type of weapon involved, whether the victim or suspect were employees, customers or if they even knew each other. >> the patrons and employees were sequestered in the business until we could identify them and ask them for a statement, obtain statements from them. and once they were obtained, they were released. >> reporter: back to a live picture now, milpitas police say they will remain here until their investigation is concluded. they are also reviewing a security video to see if any or all of this crime was caught on camera. the remainder of the great mall is open even though the sports authority behind us obviously is closed. again, one person dead inside, police still investigating. back to you. >> hopefully that surveillance video will glean some answers. mark sayre, thank you. well, the satanic serial killer notoriously known as the night stalker is dead. richard ramirez died today of natural causes. he has been awaiting execution
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at san quentin for a murderous crime spree that terrorized california. in 1989, ramirez was convicted of 13 murders, five attempted murders, and 11 sexual assaults. 20 years later, dna evidence linked him to the 1984 rape and murder of a 9-year-old san francisco girl. >> there was just something about him. and i mean, i have been around plenty of scary people. but if you looked up evil in the dictionary i think there might be a picture of richard ramirez there. >> ramirez had been taken from san quentin's death row to a hospital where he died this morning of liver failure. he was 53. and you can see the complete interview with the chief about the night stalker on our website at president obama in the palm springs area tonight for two more days of talks with the president of china. economic issues and cyber security will be among the main topics of this mini summit. the white house has accused
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china of using hackers to steal u.s. weapons secrets. that's a claim that china denies. meanwhile, the u.s. is facing heavy criticism over its own internet and phone surveillance programs. the president found himself talking more about that than anything else today during the comments at the fairmont hotel in san jose this morning. his prepared speech on healthcare was overshadowed by follow-up questions on the top secret programs. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us the president staunchly defended the spy program, saying they're there for our own good. len? >> reporter: that's right. the president had a lot of concerned questions from the news media about in national security program that apparently took data from people's phone conversations. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that's not what this program is about. >> reporter: president obama defended the national security practices that mined the data from millions of americans'
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telephone calls from providers like verizon. >> what the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls. they are not looking at people's names and they're not looking at content. but by sifting through the so- called metadata, they may identify potential leads with respect to folks who might engage in terrorism. >> reporter: the president was forced to explain after details of the secret program code named prism were leaked to the news media. it was also revealed that the government was spying on the internet usage of foreigners who logged on to american providers like google or microsoft. >> you can't have 100% security
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and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. we're going to have to make some choices as a society. >> reporter: the practice is instantly raising privacy and constitutional questions. >> whether or not this is legal is not the issue. it's, do you want your government using this type of power that has such incredible ramifications on invading people's privacy? >> reporter: the law professor of santa clara university says prism opens the door for citizens to challenge post-9/11 security measures in a way they couldn't before because now they could have proof of an unreasonable search and seizure. >> i think it's fairly easy in 2013 to match a phone number to match an address to a person. and that will maybe then mean that the courts are going to have the litigant in a case that they will have to reach the merits of the fourth amendment. >> reporter: and we talked to a lot of telephone subscribers today, ken. they are not concerned because they say they have nothing to hide. their big concern is the potential for abuse.
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what will the government do with the information? how could it be misconstrued? how can an innocent telephone call somehow be made a little bit more sinister? that's the main concern of a lot of people tonight. >> yeah. understandably, len. you know, when does the government draw the line? and how many people do they think are affected by this? >> reporter: well, verizon has about 70 million wireless subscribers. and they are also talking about land lines subscribers and business services. so we're talking about a company with a deep reach throughout the country so it could be a lot of people. >> verizon's there, then why not at&t and sprint and on and on and on? well, all right. len ramirez in san jose, thank you, lenny. grocery shoppers compromised. how personal information has gotten into the wrong hands. >> he talks cell phone privacy but the real reason for the president's visit, getting everyone on board with obamacare. what is critical in the plan to
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keeping health costs down? >> if you found yourself today away from the water, you probably were sweating. we had highs in the 100s, lakeport 103. pleasanton 102. walnut creek 101. what's in store for the weekend? i have your forecast coming up. >> and a major bay area thoroughfare about to be shut down. the work that's likely to cause confusion and traffic tie-ups. ,,,,,,,,
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where a stretch of market st is set to shut down in lessn 2 hours. market will be mobile5 is in downtown san francisco where a stretch of market street is set to shut down in less than two hours. market will be repaved from van ness to 6th street. the city wants to make the pothole-riddled street safer for cyclists and vehicles. >> market street hasn't been paved in about 30 years. so this is just a little sprucing up to make a smooth ride. >> the closure is expected to
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take 48 hours. other sections of market will be paved at the end of this summer. a 16-month long battle over san onofre's nuclear power plant has finally ended. it will not reopen. today's announcement comes after uncertainty about what to do with the nuke plant. the twin reactors in southern california were turned off last year because of a small radiation leak. that led to the discovery of more damage inside the plant. state power authorities think they can make it through the hot summer without the plant. the latest jobs report is slightly better than expected. the labor department says employers hired 175,000 workers last month. more unemployed americans who had given up on the job search are again looking for work. that caused the unemployment rate to tick up from 7.5% to 7.6%. wall street reacted positively to the better-than- expected jobs report. the dow soared more than 200
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points. and a problem with oakland's nationally acclaimed first friday and it's not violent. why organizers are scrambling to save the popular street festival. >> meadowlark dairy in pleasanton where people are lining up for ice cream but also getting ready to drive through because this is a triple-digit day. we'll tell you about the hottest act in town coming up as the news continues on kpix 5. ,, for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages...
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it effects their bel air anb hill stores. they say hackers may have gotten a hd raley's is warning customers about a possible security breach. it affects their bel air and nob hill stores. they say hackers may have got especially ahold of customers' credit or debit card numbers in a cyber attack. they are not sure but they are warning shoppers to check their accounts anyway. we had security measures in place and cyber security is a never-ending battle. cyber criminals are sophisticated. >> makes me nervous but, sadly, there's breaches almost everywhere. >> they are posting updates on their website and have a hotline for customers to call in. other bay area headlines. form santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa pleaded not guilty to
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impersonating a political candidate. prosecutors say shirakawa impersonated city council candidate magdalena carrasco in 2010 by sending out a fake campaign mailer meant to discredit her. a new court date is set for july 19. and oakland's popular monthly street festival is in trouble. tonight, the last night the city will help fund first fridays. oakland has already spent half a million dollars subsidizing the festival for seven years and now they are scrambling to line up money and volunteers. organizers hope an online fundraising campaign will avoid having to charge street vendors. and swedish team artemis racing says they are back on board for america's cup despite last month's tragic capsize that killed a team member. the racing team says they will miss the opening races of the challenger series while they do safety tests on their new boat. we mentioned a little earlier that president obama came to the bay area to raise some cash.
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but before he left, he tried to raise awareness about another hot topic, obamacare. kpix 5 reporter sharon chin explains. reporter: from the fairmont hotel in san jose president obama first hit the stage. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: and then made the pitch. >> to take advantage of these marketplaces, folks are going to need to sign up. >> reporter: mr. obama is urging eligible americans to enroll in the new health insurance exchanges or marketplaces set up under obamacare. in california, it's called "covered california." beginning october 1, anyone who doesn't get health insurance through work, medicare or medi- cal can go online or call and buy a private plan. coverage begins january 1st. obama insists the program is already working. >> we're seeing some good news. competition and choice are pushing down the costs. >> reporter: some conservatives dispute the president saying california goosed the data.
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but betsy from consumer union says that's nonsense. she says the proposed rates for our state is competitive and lower than expected. >> we have seen them at $200 a month to $400, something in that range. and yet if you get subsidies, it takes it much, much, much lower even down to zero in some cases. >> reporter: getting young peoplen to role is critical in keeping costs down -- people to enroll is critical in keeping costs down. they are healthier and less likely to require expensive medical care. during the first year enrollment will extend through march 2014. >> so there are six months in which people can apply for affordable coverage. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> the biggest insurance market in the country is california and the first under obamacare to create a health exchange. if you get health insurance at work, medicare or medi-cal, you won't use the exchange. you will stick with your curren plan. >> after rain, winds and
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tornadoes in florida, tropical storm andrea is moving quickly up the atlantic coast. the first tropical storm of the season passed powerful winds and heavy rains along georgia and the carolinas as it continues to barrel northeast. flood watches are in effect from the mid-atlantic states to new england. just weird looking at rain. >> there are parts of pennsylvania that will get more rainfall tonight and tomorrow than we have had for the calendar year. >> oh, my goodness. hard to believe. >> i didn't recognize it. >> pennsylvania under water looks different than pennsylvania sunny. >> and here it's a heat wave. >> triple digits widespread away from the water. live outside to our dublin cam. you had a buck one today. power is out to 7700 customers in around san ramon and blackhawk, not the best day because you probably want air- conditioning. look at a live picture of the golden gate. couldn't be any more different with current temperatures there around 60. downtown san francisco 64. contrast that with 100 right
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now in livermore and 96 in concord. we have a summer-like pattern in full effect right now. very warm night tonigh -- chance are your ac will be running overnight. an extraordinarily warm night on tap setting the stage for another warm day not everywhere. much like today cloud cover and cooler weather will persist along the coast in the city and on the peninsula because high pressure wasn't strong enough to send that offshore flow and all of that warm air, the hot, a all the way to the coastline. -- all the way to the coastline. so we have high pressure to the north and west, low pressure to the south and east. high pressure is bigger and stronger and will win out tomorrow with sunny warm weather. on sunday a low kicks the high pressure out. inland 20 degrees cooler coming up on sunday. there's a slight chance of a late day or evening thunderstorm coming up on sunday and monday. so one more hot day inland tomorrow. much cooler weather moving in on sunday. and the fire danger got to
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watch out for that because most of these thunderstorms would be dry thunderstorms. we don't get the rain but we may see some lightning. we'll keep an eye on that for you sunday and monday. pretty toasty day tomorrow. concord 93. san jose 89. low to mid-90s for morgan hill, los gatos, gilroy, mid-80s for palo alto, redwood city and fremont we are close to 100 for san ramon, pleasant hill, livermore, pleasanton. highs in the low 90s for petaluma and novato. san francisco warm but not hot. your high tomorrow 71 degrees. markedly cooler on sunday and that's where we're going to stay highs around 80 inland for about 6 straight days and highs around 70 near the bay with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. all in all, a pleasant forecast after a hot one tomorrow. mobile weather lab in pleasanton with the concert in the park. roberta gonzales reports. >> reporter: mobile weather reports 105 degrees, seriously. it's been in the triple digits for two hours. what is your name?
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>> griffin, the manager of meadowlark dairy. >> reporter: thank you for the soft serve. you have been serving this since the early 1900s. is this your busiest day of the year so far? >> definitely nonstop since 2:00. >> reporter: how many people have been ordering ice crime today? >> almost the entire town! >> reporter: it's been driving up. this is a drive-through dairy. we also have people walking up and even though the ice cream and the hot temperatures happen to be the talk of the town today, the hottest ticket in town happens to be for a concert in the park. now, we came out here at lunchtime today. we noticed that people were already marking their territory throwing down their blankets lining up their chairs. you actually don't have to buy a ticket. it's a free concert because it's the first friday of the month. but actually every, single friday all the way through august we have concert in the park here in pleasanton. it is a suburban tradition. it happens every friday in the summertime. and people come out especially tonight when the weather is awfully toasty so we are going to be reporting from concert in
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the park which is happening across the street here from meadowlark dairy in pleasanton where currently mobile weather reports 105 degrees. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> you go 50/50? half and half? >> absolutely. the creamsicle. up next, the mistake most new parents make that prevents them from taking their newborn home from the hospital. >> but first, a live look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we are counting down to opening day. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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them. there are so many gray wolves now, the obama administration is proposing to lift federal protections on them. gray wolves were placed on the endangered species list in 1974 after coming close to extinction. since then the population has rebounded and now more than 6,000 roam the central united states. before they head home from the hospital, there is an important step that every new parent is required to take. prove that they have a proper car seat. our consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains its becoming more difficult to ensure your baby has a safe ride home. reporter: first time mom to be taylor clark is also a pediatrician at ucsf. so she knows the importance of a properly installed car seat. >> we make you show us your car seat before we let you leave the hospital with your newborn. >> reporter: she also knows how difficult they are to properly install. >> i would hope that my husband, an engineer, and me a doctor could install a car seat
5:25 pm
correctly but the data shows that car seat inspectors find problems with over 70% of car seats that they inspect. >> reporter: car accidents are the number one killer of kids over the age of 1 and improperly installed car seats a key factor. since most police and fire departments no longer perform inspections, chp is often the only game in town. >> it takes some advance planning. we got it in, in three weeks but i had heard people had to wait up to eight weeks for an appointment. >> reporter: with two weeks to the due date the clarks are cutting it close. an officer has seen parents show up from the hospital begging for inspections. >> you guys did a great job. >> reporter: he says the clarks passed step 2, as well. >> we want the child to be rear facing for two years. >> reporter: while step 3 location of the seat is also ideal, rear center and farthest away from impact, he says there's a glaring dangerous mistake with the way they secured it. >> you're not allowed to use the latch in the center. >> reporter: he said he made
5:26 pm
the same mistake as a new dad himself. in many cars the latch system is designed only for side seats. a seatbelt must be used in the center. the final step, installation. the seat shouldn't move more than an inch and should be angled between 30 and 45 degrees. an eye-opening experience for the clarks, who have some advice for other soon-to-be parents. >> make an appointment early. >> reporter: san francisco's chp is holding a car seat inspection event this weekend from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on saturday at 8th and bryant but every local chp office has a car seat inspection program. call to set up an appointment, allow may find there's a wait. we'll have more information later this evening at we'll be right back. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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least six people in santa ma on friday before police shom to death in a gun updating you on a story in southern california right now, a gunman with an assault style rifled killed at least 6 people in santa monica on friday before police shot him to death in a gunfight in the santa monica college library. we'll have the very latest coming up on this story tonight at 6:00. also coming up at 6:00, a series of violent takeovers of bay area banks and the armed suspects still haven't been caught. what police say makes these heists so unusual. >> many of the community members here believe that this was necessary to keep the city the way we like it. >> choosing the lesser of two evils, why voters in a bay area city agreeded to raise their own taxes. >> thanks for watching the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are
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always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: ton >> pelley: tonight, the secret's out. top-secret documents reveal the scope and purpose of u.s. surveillance of phone and internet traffic. the president tries to calm e's ph >> nobody's listening to the content of people's phone calls. es, and john milleartin, nancy cordes, and john miller explain ahat the programs do and why. breaking news-- a deadly shooting rampage in santa monica. we'll have the latest details from the scene. dz by rains bring flooding up the east coast. elaine quijano reports. and driving across america a stroke at a time. steve hartman is "on the road." >> reporter: it's a big country and you realize why nobody's done this. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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