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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our over 400 sleep number stores nationwide. griego. frank is on assignment. for the second time this spring... a fire breaks bay area limou good afternoon everyone. frank is on assignment. for the second time this spring a fire breaks out in bay area limousine with passengers inside but this time the results are far less tragic. kpix 5 sue is in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: a group of women many in their 90s escaped a
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deadly situation. he thinks it was sparked by a defect in the electrical wiring. these are photos of the charred stretched limousine. a group of eight women most in their 90s were seated in the idling limo. one of their care givers along for the ride smelled smoke in the 2009 lincoln town car and started evacuating the elderly passengers. the owner said his driver was also able to help. with new safety training he initiated immediately after a limo fire killed a new bride and four of her friends. a problem with the electrical wiring is suspected of sparking that fire and also believed to be the source in sunday's incident. in this case the limousine's owner said the vehicle was less than four years old and
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regularly maintained at this garage in san mateo. he places blame on the shop that built the limo in sacramento. claiming it had to be a manufacturing defect. limousines are often taken out of service every three to four years. this one was in great working condition. it's also worth noting the reservation was made eight which was the passenger limit but there are reports that there were ten women inside. >> thank you. and a developing story in san francisco where an early morning fire turns into a crime scene and a search is on for a pair of urban pot farmers in the outer region. smoke was thick and coming from the garage but once inside firefighters realized the flames were further back. coming from a covert room built on the backside of the house. inside multiple pot plants. three to four feet tall. the marijuana and all of the
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equipment it took to grow it created an obstacle course for firefighters trying to knock down the flames. >> we discovered quite a bit of pot plants and a lot of wiring and electrical hookups. in the back of the garage. >> reporter: in about an hour the smoke cleared and the narcotics task force and police evidence techs came to haul away the stash. one investigator says a hot cup of tea was left in the upstairs living room indicating someone left in a hurry. and a neighbor says the place was rented to two people but noticed nothing unusual about the people coming and going. >> the house is on 35th avenue near geary. police are looking for the renters. the oakland police headquarters is open to the public again. a broken water pipe flooded the
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building a week ago and forced the city to shut it down. the damage was extensive to the first three floors. crews worked all week to dry and air the building out but this morning it was back in business. jury selection is under way in florida. george zimmerman is on trial for the death of trayvon martin. molly hall joins us. >> reporter: michelle, the first day of jury selection is well under way here at the criminal justice center in sanford. people on both sides of the case are gearing up for a lengthy trial. >> reporter: moments before george simmer entered the courtroom trayvon martin made a statement. >> we ask that the community continue to stay peaceful. >> reporter: zimmerman's brother also spoke to reporters. >> as a family we are very confident in the outcome of the case. >> reporter: zimmerman a neighborhood watch volunteer claims he shot and killed -- the jury has to decide whether
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the killing was self-defense or murder. zimmerman's attorney tried to delay jury selection today saying prosecutors have not provided all their evidence but the judge rejected that request. a pool of 100 possible jurors are being screened today. police set up bare kids to contain demonstrators. so far the protests have been peaceful. about a dozen demonstrators showed their support for trayvon martin. declaring today national hoody day. he was wearing a sweatshirt when zimmerman gunned him down. they say zimmerman racially profiled martin because he was african american. >> what is at stake in this trial if it's okay to treat every black and latino youth as a criminal. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorneys will try to paint martin as a troubled teen who played with guns and took drugs. and the entire trial could go
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on for as many as six weeks. >> thank you. and later today in honor of trayvon martin demonstrators are planned where participates will wear hoodies like the one worn by the teenager. one will be held at the oakland fruitvale bart station. another high profile trial gets under way this week in boston. james whitey bulger is facing federal extortion and gambling charges and playing the role in 19 murders. he was on the run for 16 years until he was captured in santa monica in 2011. checking bay area headlines long lines outside of san francisco's most cone any center where thousands gathered before dawn to get in the sap l worldwide developers conference. one of the announcers a new digital radio service called i-
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radio which will compete with pandour yeah. and a new mac book air. police are looking into the first homicide of the year. a man was shot and killed just after 1:00 yesterday morning outside the peacock lounge. the mercury news reports the victim was the bar's security guard. police say a second person suffered minor injuries. a hearing is set this afternoon for the man accused of a deadly shooting spree hat an oakland trade school. the judge is expected to get an update on juan goes mental confidence. go is charged with killing seven people attacks university in april last year. they will be able to get their personal items they left behind when they ran from the shooter 23-year-old john
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zawahri. a fifth victim has died from her wounds. 26-year-old college student marcela franco died yesterday. her father carlos was also killed. and a woman injured in the shooting spree is now telling her story. debra fine was driving home from a singing lesson when she came aupon zawahri when he targeted someone else. that is when he turned his attention to her. >> i saw his eyes i saw him point and then i knew. i knew he was really going to shoot. and when i heard the explosion and the glass flying and i felt something threw me to the side i knew it was a bullet. >> a vigil for all the victims tonight will be held in front of the school's building. no apologies from the man that turned a spotlight on
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government phone snooping. why the former contractor exposed the program and how he could end up facing charges in the u.s.. and overnight light show where people were seeing sights like this. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. hundreds of lightning strikes around the bay area today. are we all done? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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former south african president nelson mandela is spending a third day in the hospital being treated for a reoccurring lung infection. this morning the daughter and the ex-wife visited him in the
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hospital. mandela has been in serious but stable condition since he was admitted friday. he developed tuberculosis for the f27 years he was in prison. seven taliban fighters are dead after they used guns and explosives today in an attack at a nato facility in kabul. police killed five of the taliban fighters and two others dedicated suicide vests. elsewhere in afghanistan police killed seven militants anoased two others after two separate bomb attacks on government facilities. the man who blew the lid off of the two classified surveillance proms says he did it to protect the american way of life. cbs reporter tara mergener on how the whistle blower may find himself in the cross hair of federal prosecutors. >> reporter: he's the one that leaked classified information to the press. >> any analyst at any time can target anyone. >> reporter: he told the
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guardian newspapers glen and laura he worked as a contractor for the national security agency in hawaii. >> sitting at my desk i had the authority to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge or even the president. >> reporter: that is different from what the white house has revealed about the phone and internet monitoring program. the obama administration says the government only collects data and does not target u.s. citizens. the white house insists the surveillance is designed to protect against terrorists threats and the president says the programs are under strict judicial supervision. several members of congress say they are concerned about government ease dropping and want to know more. >> the investigations will be very serious. obviously we will be dealing with a balance between national security and safeguarding our civil liberties. >> reporter: he fled hawaii last month annuliing this a hong kong hotel room. but he believes the government is coming after him. >> if they want to get you, they will get you.
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>> reporter: the nsa has asked the justice department to launch a criminal investigation. tara mergener. >> he told the guardian newspaper he was in the u.s. army and worked as assistant engineer for the cia. a crane operator is being held without bail in connection with that deadly building collapse. he was on the crew tearing down a vacant four-story building when a wall collapsed on to a thrift store killing six people and injuring 13. he had marijuana in his system. he now faces numerous charges including six counts of involuntary manslaughter. and environmental activists aaron brockovich is accused of operating a boat while drunk. she was arrested friday at lake mead nevada. she gained national attention in 1993 when she built a legal case against pg&e claiming the utility contaminated drinking water in the southern
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california town of hinge reily. a few years later the case became a teached film entitled erin brockovich. it could be germany, hungry, austria, or the czech repuck lick. they could see a lot of rain. weeks of heavy springtime rain has spent many rivers over the banks. so is far 22 people have died and tens of thousands of people in germany have been moved to higher ground. quite a light show this morning. thunder and lightning from the bay area to the central valley. this is a look from our sister station's tower cam in west sacramento. and this picture was taken from vacaville. a lightning strike sparked a grass fire there overnight. and a lightning strike sent in from reno. and there was a light show in the skies above livermore as well. take a look. a few flashes of lightning
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lighting up the sky. you enjoy the light shows. >> lightning is what got me into the business of weather. you've got to be careful though you know. especially since it's been so dry. so far not too much in that category be and it looks like this system is beginning to wind down some what. i think as we head into the afternoon we will see things settle down. quite a bit more. you see the area of low pressure spinning around and wrapping that moisture back into the bay area. it's beginning to weaken somewhat but you can see it fall apart. i think as we head toward the afternoon this will begin to lift to the north and east. you will see the showers sliding up. in the meantime our high depth doppler radar is showing you the heavier amounts. there were hundreds of lightning strikes. things begin to settle down there. still a few scattered showers in the south bay. other than that i think things starting to begin to settle down. so it's going to quiet down. we will see the skies parting just a bit. a little more sunshine. still the temperatures will stay down.
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the showers coming to an end. and in the end patchy fog will make a return into the bay and slow warming with dry weather ahead. all right. here's the low that is finally beginning to slide its way eastward but not before bringing the thunderstorms early on. that will make its way out of town. but there will be a trough that will carve itself out across the west coast. that will keep the temperatures down pretty well. all right planning about 72- degrees in sacramento. in the high country this is one of the days you have to watch out for the electrical storms up there. you get a little afternoon heating in the moisture. all right around the bay area clouds beginning to clear out into the afternoon and overnight tonight we will surge back on shore. and some of the valleys. so it looks like a return to a normal pattern outside. today we will keep the temperatures down. east bay temperatures running up in the 70s and maybe mid 70s the warmest spots. and get inside the bay you will see 66 in oakland.
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64 in kentfield. 66 in santa rosa. next couple of days will warm things up. it looks like calm weather returning to the middle of the week. as we look toward the weekend another low drops in bringing low clouds and cooler temperatures. so much for that hot weather we had. >> i know. we need the moisture. we need that cooler weather. >> yeah but not the lightning strikes. >> thanks. you said it before girls just want to have fun. you know all about that. why cindy had a lot of fun at the tony's. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call now for a new low price.
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"and now we're bigger, bett, so let's create the biggest spectacle we know" that's neil patrick harris on broadway we don't need extreme closeups to show we are singing live. [ cheering and applause ] we sing live eight shows a week. check it. >> so awesome. neil patrick harris at the tony awards show with his opening song and dance number. and the feel good musical kingy boots was victorious. >> girl, you're going to have
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fun tonight. >> he was surprised pop star won a toneny not for singing but writing the song for the show. among the winners were systole tyson. kourtney vance won best actor in a play. con garagelations to all of them. different kind of weight loss drug is expected to hit the market tomorrow. it tricks a person's brain into thinking the stomach is full. bevie was approved by the fda last year but they delayed the launch of the drug because of logistical hurdles. we have a reminder from your mother. eat your veggies. >> they are wonderful. they got 50% less acidy or more than regular bunchier race and the flavors are out of this
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world. but you have to take care of them otherwise they will bruise. when you buy them the more of the scholar they have the better they will be with the yellow and light red and dark red. make sure the stem is attached to it. if it's not the cherries will start to break apart and decay. store them in the refrigerator right away and don't move them around too much. they bruise so easily. enjoy them in two or three days. and that sit. you can eat a whole bag of these without getting a stomach ache. i'm going to try right now. >> they are so good. a very special delivery for an ohio mom. here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge as we count down to the opening. ,,,, goodnight.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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say things quickly got out a small graduation get together turned into a project party in santa cruz county. how authorities say things quickly got out of hand. that story and more at 5:00. and filially we love this story. it was a one in a million birth. literally. she gave birth to not one baby and not just one set of twins but two sets of identical
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twins. >> they're all doing good. two of them are trying bottles, wearing clothes, and the other two are just like right behind them growing and getting big. >> really a blessing. i wouldn't have it any other way. >> lindsey says she didn't use fertility drugs and odds of giving birth to two sets of identical twins one in a million chance. >> they are winners. >> they are. ,,
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>> katie: brooke, what is it? what do you want to tell us?! >> brooke: [ breathing heavily ] >> katie: oh, my god! what is it?! >> bill: she's hyperventilating. >> brooke: i have to -- >> bill: brooke, you need to calm down. >> brooke: i have to -- >> bill: no. no, you don't. you don't have to, not if it's this upsetting for you. >> brooke: [ gasping ] >> bill: brooke! >> katie: brooke! oh, my god. brooke! wake up. brooke. >> taylor: hey! i hope i'm not interrupting. >> liam: no, no, not at all. >> taylor: i just wanted to stop by real quick on my way home and see how you're doing. >> liam: yeah, no problem. i was just finishing...what might pass for moo shu pork.


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