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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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bottom of an elevator shaft when a counter weight came down on him. >> we have accounted for all the other workers on-site and they have relieved to go home. >> reporter: three agencies are conducting investigation, santa clara police and fire and osha. >> we want to reach out to the families. because they're the ones hurting. they lost a father, and grandfather. from our standpoint it is a family here. the effort of getting to the point where we are now. >> reporter: the stadium was on track for completion in july of next year in time for two preseason games before the regular season opening in september of 2014. the project will remain shut down tomorrow but they will go to work on wednesday. >> he was one of many, 1,200 on- site. tremendous group of workers and the quality and work schedule
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will not be affected. they have gotten us to where we are today and they are all respectfully saying that don would have wanted them to go on. >> reporter: the team said that they were deeply saddened and that the team has lost a member. three investigations resulted in serious citations in fines the last one in palo alto in 2011. a worker fell down an elevator shaft. he was seriously injured. they were fined $25,000 for that case. liz. >> all right, don, thank you. santa clara county has handed down a massive inindictment aimed at curving gun violence. the document targets members and associates of the nuestra familia prison gang. the 77 count indictment names 48 defendants and they are accused of everything from drug
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dealing to bank robbery to murder. >> now this gang organization dnf and their associates handled meth and cocaine in our neighborhoods. robbed six of our banks with guns and flake explosives. shot and stabbed a man. threatened witnesses. they even ordered the death of a man and then on our streets murdered him. >> reporter: the indictment is the largest of its kind in santa clara county history. wouldn't it be great if work stopped getting in the way of time with your family. san francisco supervisors think so too. mike sugarman with his idea of making the city more family friendly. >> reporter: you don't have to think about it much to think that there's -- a problem that san francisco is facing is not very kid friendly and one supervisor wants to change that.
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here at brownies, there's adrian, a girl, and -- -- a man. >> should be able to request of their employer as more child friendly schedule. >> reporter: her 9:00 to 5:00 schedule doesn't really need enough time to be a mom. >> an extra hour a couple of time as week with my kids would make a big difference. >> reporter: that's the idea for this city that is pretty kid unfriendly. >> any time there's a law it means it's going to cost us time and money to deal with it.
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>> reporter: kernell owns the hardware store and says he is not in -- a business owner could say no if it would cause undue harm to the busyness. >> you have the right to ask for a more flexible working schedule. >> right now it's a free country. >> you don't have a right that's protected under any law. there have been examples of retaliation and discrimination against parents who are trying to balance work and home. >> reporter: there are no real teeth. but this is what san francisco is famous for. it proposes laws that get it is country talking. nobody else in the country is doing that and i think that's what chu really hopes to get established with this. >> it'll be interesting to see if it has any real impact.
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because moms and dads are both plays. >> it's 20%. the stay at home mom 20% used to be 50% just 25 years ago. >> all right, mike, thanks. san jose city council voted less than an hour ago to pass a budget that gives a big boost to the police department. they voted 9-2 to approve a $6.2 million budget to recruit and train police officers. it also allows for more police overtime until those new officers can be sworn in. it beefs up the city's gang prevention program. san jose has seen a spike in murders this year. 23 so far. hundreds of thousands of people in the east bay could kick off the summer with larger water bills, east bay m.u.d. could vote any min now on a propose -- any minute now on a proposed $19 million hike. the average consumer would end
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up spending $3.05 a year. as of now only two boats will be competing. artimus racing is not sure they'll be ready for those early races. they are still dealing with an accident that killed a crew member. >> and so we feel the best thing we can do for our fans is to refund the money to the bleachers. >> i think the good news is the game is on. the other news is artimus has decided they'll be in on the race but adjustments have to be made for their preparation. i'm quite glad that they have put the focus on the fans first. >> reporter: organizers say fewer races for the louis vutton cup would allow the team more time for checks. fire crews found hydrogen
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chlorox in one restroom bathroom. a san francisco firefighter was injured when he fell from a deck. neighbors did help a woman escape the flames and nine others got out okay. and a fire burning in colorado. we've seen two homes burning now. many more are threatened. this fire has been burning for only three hours. it is out of the control. firefighters are having trouble pulling in resources to fight the fire. there are already two other major fires burning in that state in the record hot weather. a violent show down in
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turkey. how police in istanbul are trying to calm protesters for the 12th straight day. lawmakers dive into the immigration debate. i'm tara merginer on capital hit. where a sweeping reform bill has swept a hurdle. and we're outside in a not so breezy but comfortable afternoon in san francisco. we'll talk about how long this confy weather will stick around. google makes it official. why its latest purchase is a great get for the company.
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thousands of protestors are making a defiant stand in a public square in istanbul. sounds of fireworks, bombs. protestors hurled molotov cocktails and fireworks... d riot police responded with tear gas and water cannons.s is the 12th day of demonstrations. what started out as a peaceful protest to protect a local
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has turned into a full-blown politicalt againstt this is the 12th day of demonstrations. it's turned into a full political riot against the prime minister. >> they're just trying to show that our residences are pointless. >> these incidents have turn into a series of violence and you cannot consider them as a democratic demand. >> more than 5,000 people have been injured and the prime minister plans to meet with protest organizers tomorrow. a key vote on capitol hill today the senate voted to allow debate on a major immigration reform bill. a cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, the system is broken but how it should be fixed is where the debate really starts. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly three decades the
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senate is tackling immigration reform. lawmakers took to the floor in both spanish and english to call for sweeping changes to broken immigration laws. >> the motion is agreed to. >> reporter: senators voted tuesday to move ahead with debates on a bill four democrats and four republicans put together. only after border improvements are made. florida senator marco rubio is a member of the gang of eight. >> the majority of my colleagues are willing to support immigration reform. if we make sure we secure the border and make sure this never ever happens again. >> reporter: several republicans are concerned the borders won't be secured. and say it rewards those who ignore the law. >> this is legislation that is
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a fraud legislation. fatally flawed and it should not become law. >> reporter: insuring the bill does pass as a top priority for president obama. he gathered senators to try to convince those the law has teeth. >> this would be the biggest commitment to border security in our nation's history. >> reporter: the president is pushing congress to have the bill on his desk by december. tara mergener, capitol hill. >> the senate majority leader wants to get the bill through the senate before july 4th. two bay area guys swim more than a mile from alcatraz to aquatic park for the 1,000th time. thanks to google latest get, you will not have a hard time getting around anymore. how google is trying to extend its reach over apple.
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dominance in traffic. it's expected to help google add social features to its own mapping tool. you sent a package from the local ups store and the clerk might ask you if you want insurance. it's not exactly insurance. and if you make a claim it may not pay off. >> reporter: it's a common question at ups stores. >> you want insurance? >> you want insurance on your package. >> reporter: when this man said yes, -- it's ups maximum liability if the item is lost or broken. with out without it you're covered up to 1,000 bucks.
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>> with the claim, you have to prove that it was lost or broken by their fault. >> reporter: packages must be packed to ups standards for customers to collect. >> we have heard from many consumers that have heard from ups because allegedly the packaging was not sufficient that ups would not pay the claim. >> reporter: that's the reason ji was given for his denial. >> i don't know how much better i could have packed it. >> reporter: he still wondered why he was offered insurance if it's something that ups does not sell. an employer said, there's times when an employee see it easier to offer it as insurance. as for yee he may be stuck with a broken head light but he will never get stuck with paying
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insurance that isn't really insurance again. >> reporter: we're told ups employees are now being reminded to call it declared value coverage. ups stores are independent companies. if you have a problem give us a call. >> you read all 42 pages. >> all 42 pages. that's consumer watch working for you. >> you're paid the big bucks. >> exactly. >> thank you, julie. chief meteorologist pat diano live on top of our roof at the studios overlooking the bay with a look at weather across the area. >> why not bring it outside on a beautiful day like this. temperatures running very close to normal. man do we have hot over the weekend. man do we have stormy and chilly. now things have leveled off in the happy place. very close to normal. normal is not a bad place since we are in june. the sky looking very similar to what we have here. that's giving up filtered
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sunshine and should provide for one beautiful sunset later on today. high def doppler, it's a good thing for a couple of guys. can you believe this, 1,000 time they swam from alcatraz back to the city. they did it today for a special reason. it's the 55th anniversary of two escaped convict that is made it out of alcatraz. and the two said they don't need a wet suit. they did it in a regular old swim suit. let's talk about what's going on in the atmosphere. we do have low pressure to our north and that will induce that light to moderate on shore flow. we call it mother nature's air- conditioning. everyone with the sunshine. as we roll through time here that low pressure moves out. but a stronger one moves in. it will trend a little cooler by the weekend but still staying very close to what is average for this time of year.
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what to expect? we will have that familiar coverage. plenty of afternoon sunshine. temperatures will be staying very close to normal every day for the next seven days. the warmest day in case you're curious that will be friday. tomorrow wednesday here are your highs. and san francisco 64, let's go region by region for you. south bay we're looking at 78 for campbell. we're looking at 80 for benecia. extended forecast calling for very normal weather. low 80s inland. low 70s near the bay. trending a couple of degrees cooler as we head toward the weekend. that is it weather wise getting a bit windy. if you love normal you will love the forecast for the next few days. back to you. >> we like that, normal is good. thank you paul. >> thanks paul. as paul mentioned the june pattern. that means we're coming on the
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best pattern of the year. >> reporter: san francisco bay known for its fog, it's romanticized all over the world. unless you're a barge pilot, so they installed new equipment. it did cost a lot of money but will make a lot of difference for those going past the bay. you will remember the cosco busan. the oversees rimar, the vessel that scuffed up against the bridge earlier this year. both of those accidents a contributing factor, the fog. this new equipment is allowed to design mariner to judge the fog better. the coast guard help set it up. coast guard commander jason tom explains how it works.
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>> we're really excited to partner with the port of oakland and the san francisco bar pilots in developing this technology. of course noaa. this information will go into their nationwide weather system. and it's available whether you're a barge pilot or kayaker. >> reporter: what he was supposed to say is how this works. an infrared beam gets shot out into the bay. and what they can do is determine the thickness of the fog and send that information to barge pilots and everyone else. hopefully it will result in much more safe navigation out on the bay. this is only being employed in
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one other place. mobile alabama and they are reporting much fewer accidents and a lot better navigation as a result. reporting live from the port of oak -- oakland, i'm ken bastida. >> thank you, ken, and we'll be right back. before deciding on the signature tower for the new span, donald mcdonald tried 10 different designs he and his team also experimented with 10 different cable systems. four profiles for the road deck and various configurations for lighting. the final concept won a decision competition in 1998. >> sponsored by at&t u verse. we think possible. before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip!
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one of the top things that people dislike about the area was the overcrowding. >> there will soon be more walking room near fisherman's
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wharf. one side of jefferson street sidewalk has been closed for half a year under construction. businesses there can't wait until the cone zone is gone. >> as ryan takeo shows us, it's a surprise some stores are still open. >> reporter: with the bayonette's backyard. >> it's really frustrating. >> reporter: it's safe harbor give welcome mat that's bad for business. >> i see this every day and it's just hardball. >> reporter: crews started work back in january. just ask mary gallig. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: she has time to talk because she's not seeing many customers. >> reporter: this is what normally happens here on jefferson. people get to this point and then they just cross the street. it's no surprise people are funneled across the street and that people don't even know that safe harbor gifts is open. >> you can look over there right now and there's nobody over there. >> there's not a lot of people on this side. >> reporter: it's shocking this store is still open. how would you like it if you expected a dollar and got a
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dime instead. >> we're only making 10% of the business. >> wow. >> that's surprising to you? >> that's a huge surprise to me. i've never heard that number reported at all. >> reporter: area leaders explain the temporary pain will soon turn into monetary gain. >> we're a couple of weeks away from having the street completed. >> i'll take it for as long as it goes. >> reporter: that's not good news for juan. who has had people cross the street and straight into his business. >> we're hoping after this construction, we will benefit. >> reporter: you will probably also hear a sigh of relief from the stores affected. at fisherman east wharf, ron takeo. >> we want to welcome ryan to the team. he said major construction is set to be complete on friday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by radio problems: critics say it's time to make the sh to a reliable system. but the city disagrees new at 6:00 tonight, as oakland police are plagued by radio problems people say it's time to make the switch to a reliability system but the city disagrees. how it wants to pony up thousands of dollars to give their system another shot. >> the evening news with scott pelley is next. >> latest news always
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see you. >> pelley: tonight, what secrets did edward snowden steal? investigators are trying to measure the damage to u.s. intelligence. bob orr is on the story. it's not just government snooping. wyatt andrews reports google and other internet companies are scanning personal emails too. and they don't need a warrant. could wally funk have been the first woman astronaut? >> there's just so much to do up there. >> pelley: michelle miller on little known research in the 1960s to put women in space. daring women. >> take your hands off the wheel. ews" with scott pelley. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. rmine what >> pelley: good evening. the obama adminiti


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