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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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trolley. it shook the bus and rattled their american -- rattled their nerves. >> we were scared. >> so scare when they called me that that happened. >> it was a little bit chaotic initially. >> reporter: this is no high- speed crash but instead something unexpected. when they heard the crash -- >> the streetcar, trolley car, wasn't that far behind but he wasn't going fast. >> i'm hearing it was less than 10 miles per hour. but it was a good jolt for anyone on the bus, that's for sure. >> reporter: it was a muni slow speed fender-bender but san francisco's fire department did not take any chances. they treated it as a, quote, mass casualt incident. it injured 15 in all, all injuries minor including six students headed to learn about public transportation. >> they were on the baseball to the cable car museum for the field trip. >> reporter: they were in the bus the trolley rear-ended. the reaction they saw after
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surprised him. >> i saw the little girl, she was already inside the paramedic van, and she was screaming for her mom and dad. [ pause ] [ voice breaking ] >> reporter: what was that like emotionally? >> i have a daughter, granddaughter that's 4 years old and she reminded me so much of her. >> we'll work to find out exactly what happens. >> reporter: the investigation will follow. officials know little and are releasing even less. for dave, today reminded him not much is routine. that's something the students' parents also learned. mta is investigating, the checking of the brakes and on board dash cab. >> a less for everybody in public transportation today. is muni talking about the two drivers, what's happened to them, ryan? >> reporter: sure. they had minor injuries. they are expected to recover. right now, they are not going to be driving until the investigation is over. depending on what that
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investigation finds out, then they can come back and start driving again. >> they are not saying who might be at fault at this point? >> no. no one -- i asked that question specifically. no one claimed responsibility or anything like that. one of the buses was stopped, and the other one rear-ended it. >> thank you, ryan. look at this incredible video. an out-of-control driver speeding backwards down a sidewalk in san rafael barely milled a guide dog and its trainers. they told kpix 5's sue kwon the dog may still be learning but the video proves he's already doing a great job. >> reporter: guide dog instructor danielle alvarado is feeling especially connected to her student o'neil after the two survived a potentially deadly accident all while she was blindfolded. this surveillance video captured the moment when a 93- year-old woman inadvertently jumped the curb and barreled
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down a san rafael sidewalk in reverse. >> sounds like a movie set going on behind me. there's just crashing and then it gets closer and closer and i can hear the debris coming off and being blindfolded. you don't know where you are in the environment. i'm thinking in my head as it gets closer, i don't know if we are tea going to make it. i felt him look behind me through the harness. >> if you see the video, he's looking, then i look. so he probably heard the car actually come up on the sidewalk and then the pop. and i heard the pop. so i think that's mainly what happened. >> reporter: supervisor todd then pushed danielle around the nearby corner with the 18-month- old yellow lab not missing a step. >> thank god the corner was close enough because i did not know if i was just going to have to squeeze along the building line and hope the car would miss up but the corner was there so we were lucky enough to round it.
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my food was going by as the vehicle went by. >> he came right into my lap and licking my face and he just sat right on my lap and we watched the whole thing together. >> reporter: the video made o'neil a local celebrity. he got a peanut butter kong as an award. don't send flowers. make donations in his name at sue kwon, kpix 5. >> adorable dog. the elderly driver won't face charges but will have to retake the driving test. san francisco giants fan bryan stow is out of the rehab hospital and at home. but not by choice. a new youtube video shows bryan stow at home for the first time since 2011. stow was severely beaten causing permanent brain damage outside l.a. dodger stadium more than two years ago. his family says they were
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forced to move bryan out of rehab in bakersfield because his insurance company stopped paying for his treatment. his in-home nursing care is being paid for out of pocket. we are learning about an unusual fight over property taxes. in a twist, a bay area assessor is under fire for keeping rates too low. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on who is complaining. >> reporter: about the only good thing about declining property values during the recession was people paid less property taxes. but that's starting to change. >> as a whole, property values in contra costa county, this year, are going to go up about 7% maybe a little more for those people who have their property taxes reduced over the past few years. >> reporter: the west contra costa county school district wants a piece of that. they accuse the county assessor gust kramer of keeping property values artificially low which means the schools get less tax money. it's costing this district
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billions each year? >> he cannot give you any evidence or statistical analysis or data of why he is retaining property values at this level. it's guesswork. >> reporter: the district argues the law also says reductions in property values should be temporary. >> not supposed to go down. it's supposed to be set at the price they paid at and that's just the law. prop 13 governs and everybody has to comply. >> reporter: the district will hear our report tonight from a media campaign company about how it plans to evaluate the housing market and make the case to the county and perhaps even the courts that home values should be raised. >> the school district is asking me to reassess property values more aggressively than i feel is correct to do. >> reporter: kramer says the housing market is still unstable and there could be another slump. one homeowner summed up what i heard over and over again today. she said i'm sorry the schools need money but i need the
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money, too. is west contra costaist whatting their time and money trying -- wasting their time and money trying to get you to change your evaluation? >> yes. >> reporter: people say they want to pay more property taxes. they are invited to weigh in next week at a public hearing in. richmond, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> that public hearing is set for next wednesday, june 19. and by the way, school officials say property values in the district declined 19% during a two-year period. i'm ken bastida in san francisco. it's an abandoned business now. the new owner wants to come in and create jobs and opportunities. why some in the neighborhood say, thanks but no thanks. >> and they are the hot new way to kick the habit. but these cigarette users may have to butt out of certain places if they use ecigarettes. >> temperatures close to normal beautiful shot from mount vaca. another great shot with the sunshine at ocean beach. find out how long we'll keep
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these mild temperatures and i'll have your weekend forecast coming up too. >> and bay area frequent flyers are lining up to surf the friendly skies. the new service that makes hopping a flight to l.a. easier than hailing a cab. ,,,,,,
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on the verge of an epic san francisco taco war. ken? ken bastida in mobile5 live on market street. >> ken, is it true we could be on the verge of an epic san francisco taco war? >> reporter: you know, we are on the corner of market and church here in san francisco. if you were going to open up a restaurant, you probably couldn't find a better location in san francisco right now. you have vehicle traffic. you have buses. you have people walking by. well, that's exactly what the folks at chipotle were thinking they wanted to open up a restaurant in this old abandoned building and that's exactly what the chain is going to do. the only problem is, this chain is going to create a huge change for a lot of people.
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if you are in the market for a burrito, church and market isn't a bad place to be. you've got taqueria el castalito and casa mexicana. but you may soon have another option. >> first thing i said is we don't need chipotle here. >> there's tons of taquerias that are mom and pop-owned. we don't need a chain on church and market. >> because that opens the door for another large-scale company. >> reporter: the pushback doesn't end with the taquerias. sweet anticipation is just up the street. >> as you come up to the castro, it would be highly visible and sort of brand the neighborhood further as a formula retail strip mall sort of zone. >> reporter: it's important to note, this isn't about having no formula retail in this area, because there's three of these and plenty of those. this is about chain math. >> i think that's how the city is approaching it now. 20% formula retail to 80%
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locally owned within this area. >> reporter: perhaps the most important ingredient in this mix, concrete and steel. this stretch of market street is a postcard for san francisco's building boom. more condos, more people, more money. and a bigger lure for bigger business. >> the landlords are looking at, oh, i could get a formula retailer in here who would pay me so much more and effectively the chipotle is not direct competition with me could put me out of business, as well. >> reporter: we reached out to the folks at chipotle and they say they get it, they get the neighborhood. they knew there was going to be some opposition and they sort of welcomed the dialogue asking people to go to their web, email arrest, the planning commission will be holding a meeting on june 20th. so show up and tell them. live from market street, ken
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angeles just got a lot easi. kpix five's mike sugerman ow the country's first, all-you-can- fly airline is giving it's passengers a perience... for jet setters commuting between silicon valley and los angeles just got a little easier. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how the country's first all you can fly airline is giving its passengers a high-flying experience for a price. reporter: commercial air travel is so last month because today, surf air took to the skies. >> surfers and all you can fly subscription airline. >> reporter: the inaugural flight between silicon valley and l.a., san carlos and burbank to be exact, arrived with great expectations. >> everyone we talked to seems to really be enamored by the idea. >> reporter: the idea is this. for a monthly fee about $1,350, you can jump on any of surf air's 8 flights a day on one of its flee p c-12s. >> we have had 45 people apply
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and that want to get in and use the service. and in many ways this is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. the worst thing you can do is run out of food. >> reporter: or in this case seats so they have taken on only 150 so far as members out of 4500 applying. hey, 99 percenter, no need to apply. but in the crazy world of 1% it seems to make financial sense. >> if it's unlimited flights and use it once a week or twice a month you can easily surpass the cost i'm paying already with traditional airlines. >> reporter: the owner of a tech research firm is on the waiting list. >> the seat swivels out and you get a table. >> it's a pain to go through all the lines and getting to the airports and then you're on the flight and they're a lot quicker. saves 2 to 3 hours down to l.a. >> reporter: this ceo says average income in the first wing of members, $300,000. >> aspirational, they are driving an audi or tesla, not a
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rolls royce. >> reporter: they don't have their own plane until now. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the airlines' founding members will also be receiving unlimited complementary guest passes. well, ecigarettes are being touted as the solution for people wanting to kick the habit. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports critics have their concerns and they want electronic cigarettes regulated just like the real thing. reporter: >> marlboro 100s in the big gold pack. >> reporter: the marketing seems eerily familiar. >> rise from the ashes. >> reporter: while ecigarettes have only been around for the last decade, the devices are quickly cultivating a certain cachet. >> now what the most amazing thing about this cigarette is? >> reporter: you get your nicotine through vapor instead of smoke. sean parker just announced he is part of a $75 million deal to help jump-start this esig brand. all the brands are flying off
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the shelves in hayward. open less than a year this store is a raging success helping they say hundreds of smokers kick the habit. >> this is a miracle for me. it really, really is. >> reporter: addicted to cigarettes for more than 40 years she says she is weeks away from being cigarette free. but california lawmakers say ecigarettes are still uncharted technological territory and while the vapor they emit is believed to be healthier than smoke it's what's in the vapor is that a concern for many. >> they can contain cancer- causing elements and elements that cause birth defects and there is research that shows this. >> reporter: as a result, the new bill in the state senate would treat them like regular cigarettes prohibiting what's known as vap'ing in public in enclosed areas. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: back at vapor 5 they are concerned this law
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might lead to a ban of e cigarettes which they believe is safe and in some cases a life saver. >> these are not fake tears. she saved my live. >> reporter: various laws and regulations have been passed across the country varying from state to state and county to county ranging from limiting sales to minors and smoking them in public places. >> usually there's no odor unless they are flavored? >> reporter: varies from brand to brand and flavor to flavor. some have more of an odor but for the most part the vapors don't have the odor that smoke would have. not much to complain about weather-wise. it was gorgeous today. >> if you were to look up perfect weather, this would qualify for it. we were in two degrees of average for mid-june. it was perfect today. if you liked today but are
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stuck in the office because it's wednesday, we have more coming up even for your weekend. santa rosa 82. livermore 78. concord 81. your average is 80 so you're close. oakland your average is 70. guess where you are right now. right there 70 degrees. very close to what's normal. san francisco is straddling normal over the past several days, saturday, sunday, 62. hit a peak of 67 on monday and then yesterday and today 65 degrees the average of 66. we are amazingly astonishingly normal over the past several days and will continue that. tonight redwood city 51, san jose and fremont around 50. we have very little cloud cover no weather makers coming toward us but there are areas of high pressure and low pressure out there. what they are doing is they are teaming up to give us the perfect combination. it's a very delicate combination. but we have low pressure off to our north, high pressure off to the west and in between a light onshore flow. if anything it gets lighter over the next couple of days, temperatures bumping up about
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one or two degrees between now and friday but then over the weekend temperatures will drop as a stronger area of low pressure comes down from the gulf of alaska. it strengthens the onshore flow and temperatures fall a few degrees. all of these changes are nothing more than a degree or two here or there. temperatures will be very close to normal every day for the next week. so we'll warm up a bit through friday, cooling off ever the weekend but all in all, if you like normal, you will love this extended forecast. highs for tomorrow through thursday first, san jose 70s. 76 for cupertino. fremont 73. redwood city 76. burlingame, san mateo low 70s. low 80s for san ramon and the tri-valley. livermore 82. brentwood warmer at 87. 78 for novato and san rafael. 67 for sausalito. oakland 73 degrees in the oakland hills tomorrow. friday the warmest day mid-80s inland, mid-70s near the bay. cooling off over the weekend
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down to the 70s inland, 60s near the bay but close to normal with a whole lot of afternoon sunshine every day through next wednesday. oakland as fans enjoying the mild weather tonight at the coliseum. another sold out game. they are playing the yankees. mobile5's roberta gonzales hanging out with the pumped up fans tonight. >> reporter: yes. mobile weather outside coliseum where it is a mild 69 degrees, winds up to 10 miles per hour blowing all these wonderful hamburger fumes my way. we are tailgating here tonight because it is as paul was mentioning the as playing host to the new york yankees very important game. as right now tied for first place with the texas rangers in the american league west. you have the yankees two games back from the red sox in the american league east. look what i found here! i found myself some oakland as fans and yankees fans. let me talk to this gentleman because i notice whenever we go to tailgating there's always one person who is doing all the cooking. we have anthony williams.
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where are you from? >> stockton, california. >> reporter: all you guys came from stockton? >> whoo! >> reporter: how did you end up with some as fans mingling with yankees fans? >> by marriage. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm sorry about that. and divorce is out of the question, right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: okay. you just got to live to love baseball together then. >> that's right. exactly. >> reporter: we have two in players out of the line-up. cespedes and coco crisp. but it's definitely an as win. >> who is going to win tonight, as! >> whoo! >> reporter: it's game 2 in a three-game series. for mobile weather, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beginning.. and new life for 10-year- old sarah murnaghan from pennsylvania.. (sarah) "woo!" (:24-:26) er mother today marks the start of a new beginning and new life for 10-year-old sarah murnaghan from pennsylvania.
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>> whoo! >> that's what her mother posted on facebook following a judge's decision to let sarah have a lung transplant. sarah suffers from severe cystic fibrosis and today, she received a new set of adult sized lungs. she had almost been barred from getting the lungs because of her age. >> it was a hard thing to have the courage to come out and put us in the spotlight and put sarah in the spotlight but i needed to do it to save her. >> sarah was among 1700 other americans waiting for lung transplants including about 30 children her age. doctors say the transplant could add six to seven years to her life. follow-up surgery today for a 2-year-old antioch boy who survived a double transplant last week. on june 4, doctors spent 13 hours replacing matthew ouimet's liver and kidney. today doctors checked for signs of infection. so far, matthew is showing steady signs of recovery.
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now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. high winds are feeding wildfires that are destroying dozens of homes in the west while a massive storm system is targeting tens of millions of americans from the midwest to the mid-atlantic. plus 10-year-old sarah murnaghan fought for an adult lung transplant. today she got it. and dr. john lapook will have the latest on her condition. automatic of that tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,
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secret: bay area rent prices, are through the roo especially in san franciscot why is it getting so much me new at 6:00 tonight, brush rented prices are through the roof especially -- bay area rent prices are through the roof especially in san francisco. why is it so much more expensive in sections of the east bay? how the source of rising rents is traced to silicon valley. >> plus -- >> i was really depressed. i couldn't get out of bed. i was like really, really like failing in my classes. >> gun violence claimed the lives of her closest loved ones. tonight, the remarkable turnaround for a bay area student. how her path to success started with a gutsy act of faith. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you in 30. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, danger i the air and on the ground. high winds feed wildfires destroying dozens of homes in the west. >> the flames were right there. right there. >> pelley: and a massive storm system targets tens of millions of americans from the midwest to the midatlantic. sexual assault in the military. senator kristen gillibrand loses a key battle that could have lei to more prosecutions.ñi 10-year-old sarah murnaghan or an adult lung transplant. today she got it. dr. jon lapook has the latest.ñi and 50 years after med ger evers' assassination, randall pinkston looks back at his fight for equal rights and equal time. >> if you challenged any tradition, your life was on the line.ñr on the


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