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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the boom times are back. >> reporter: sal ventura is talk about the biggest building boom the region has seen in 12 years. besides the 49ers project, over 6 million square feet of new office space is under construction or planned between san francisco and san jose, besides reviving jobs in the building trades which had been on life support it's more work than 2800 local electricians can handle. >> in terms of jobs it means going from a 30% unemployment to full employment and having extra help coming from around the country to help us with our projects in santa clara county. >> reporter: the growth is led by high-tech companies like google which is expanding in mountain view and other software makers. many smaller companies have moved into existing office space in san francisco, palo alto and downtown san jose where crowds of workers fill the sidewalks at noon leading to speculators coming back into the market putting up multibuilding campuses that don't have tenants yet. >> very exciting. there's jobs available every, single day. nobody has to worry about not working. >> reporter: joanna and barbara cox both endured months of
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little or no work during the recession. they will now help rebuild the valley and their own bank accounts. >> construction is cyclical and that cycle is on the way up and that's a really, really good thing because it was pretty brutal. >> reporter: all good boom times must end but in silicon valley that won't be for a while thanks to major construction projects just getting under way like the san jose earthquake soccer stadium. it should ensure that the economy and jobs will be alive and kicking here well into the year 2016. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> a new report says some 6 million square feet of new office space is planned in silicon valley and san francisco. those figures certainly help explain that ripple effect in rising rent prices around the bay area including places you might not expect. kpix 5's john ramos reports. >> reporter: built in 1926, the parkview apartment building in oakland had amazing views of downtown and lake merritt and the detail inside harkens back
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to a bygone era, as well. but the rent being charged for these one bedroom. flats is a modern-day phenomenon. >> 1450 and now it rents for $1,700. >> reporter: angie who works for the building's property manager says $1,700 for a one- bedroom apartment is becoming all too common in oakland these days. and a check of the online real estate tracker zillow confirms it. oakland rents are going through the roof. >> it's really tough if you are looking for a place. we have basically zero turnover time, zero vacancy. we have our pick of applications. it's great for landlords but for a tenant it can be stressful and i know the city is really stressful but i think oakland is also pretty competitive at this time. >> i'm paying three times for my rent in oakland that i was paying when i lived in arcadia up the coast. it's sticker shock. >> reporter: the demand is coming from young professionals moving over from san francisco to get more space and enjoy oakland's growing restaurant
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and club scene. but that's driving up rents everywhere as rochelle brown found when she looked into relocating from west oakland. >> for what i pay now, it will cost me about $500 more a month than what i currently pay. and so i figure maybe i should just stay where i am, otherwise identify have to move out of the area altogether -- i'd have to every move out of the area altogether. >> reporter: rent control restricts increases to 3% per year as long as renters stay put. once someone moves out the landlord can charge full market value and apartments built after 1983 are exempt from the ordinance altogether. things are hot now. but david woolridge says if crime gets worse it may discourage people from moving here. >> because of that, it's going to bring the rent prices down to attract them because that's just some -- >> reporter: are you finding a silver lining to crime here now? >> it's unfortunate, yeah, but -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: those who rent these apartments say there's no sign that's happening now as the crazy bay area housing
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market marches on. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> now, the landlords aren't the only ones benefitting. the city of oakland took in an extra $7.6 million in license fees last year because of the hot rental market. a field trip to the san francisco cable car museum was derailed after a muni bus taking the children was smacked by a trolley. several of the students and a handful of adults were taken to the hospital to get checked out. it happened at about 11:00 this morning at 6th and market streets in san francisco not far from u.n. plaza. kpix 5's ryan takeo is in san francisco with an update on the injuries and the investigation into what happened. >> reporter: the crash injured 15. muni amended that this afternoon including six students. the muni bus was here at this stop when a trolley rear-ended it. >> it was a little bit chaotic initially. >> reporter: it's easy to see
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why the students were scared and for that matter, the parents too. >> i was so scared when they call me say that happened. oh, my god, what happened. >> i'm hearing it was less than 10 miles per hour but it was a good jolt for anyone on the bus, that's for sure. >> reporter: it was unexpected. the witness didn't expect to feel emotionally connected to perfect strangers. >> i saw the little girl, she was already inside the paramedic van, and she was screaming for her mom and dad. [ pause ] [ voice breaking ] >> reporter: what was that like emotionally? >> i have a daughter, granddaughter that's 4 years old and she reminded me so much of her. >> reporter: san francisco fire treated it as a, quote, mass casualty incident. in all the crash injured 15. those injuries were all minor including 6 students headed to learn about public transportation. >> they were on the way to the cable car museum today for the field trip. >> reporter: the students were
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in the bus up ahead, the one the trolley rear-ended. the investigation will soon follow. officials know little and are releasing even less. >> we'll work to find out exactly what happens. >> reporter: if you know what it's like to get that frantic call, now what these parents faced -- you know what these parents faced, the unexpected. are you relieved to have them and know they're safe? >> yes, i am. and everything was okay. the staff handled it very well. >> reporter: mta is investigating the crash. they are going to be checking the brakes and whether or not the trolley driver actually used the brakes. they are also going to be checking the camera on board the bus, liz. >> now, ryan, what is muni actually saying about the two drivers in the accident? >> so it might seem at face value that it's the trolley driver's fault because it rear- ended the bus but actually both drivers are not going to be on the road until the investigation is over. >> ryan takeo, thank you. san francisco giants fan bryan stow is out of the rehab
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hospital and at home but not by choice. a new youtube video shows bryan stow at home for the first time since 2011. stow was severely beaten causing permanent brain damage. it was outside l.a.'s dodger stadium more than two years ago. his family says they were forced to move bryan out of rehab in bakersfield because his insurance company stopped paying for his treatment. stow's in-home nursing care is being paid for out of pocket. other bay area headlines. san francisco police are looking for two men who robbed a hostel on sutter street this morning. the suspect held 6 people at gunpoint while they stole electronics. cops tried to unsuccessfully use the phone's gps to track the suspects down. so far no arrests. in berkeley, police still searching for a man who allegedly assaulted a young child inside a public bathroom in the marina yesterday. so far, officers have been checking possible hiding spots and inspecting every car leaving the area. but no sign of the suspect yet. and in benicia a group of
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firefighters spent the day training for open water rescues. this was the second day of the course. firefighters practiced for rescue scenarios onshore and on the water. safeway is selling its grocery operations north of the border to a canadian food retailer. the sales to canada's second largest grocery chain includes 213 safeway stores and 62 gas stations in western canada. that deal said to be worth almost $6 billion. it's going to leave the pleasanton-based safeway with 1400 supermarkets in the u.s. but it still faces growing competition from big box retailers, drugstore chains, even the dollar stores. there's no reason we shouldn't be driving across the new span of the bay bridge by labor day weekend. that's according to expert opinion. seismic engineers looking into the construction holdup say the bolt problems are minuscule compared to the overall safety of the bridge. transportation authorities are still a month away from
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completing tests that will drive the final decision on when to open the new span. experts say even without the bolt repairs, the new span is still the saves option. being blindfolded, you don't know where you are in the environment. >> coming up how a runaway car turned a training session into a life-or-death situation on a bay area sidewalk. >> in many ways, this is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. >> a bay area traveler can pay a flat fee and fly all he wants. >> right now, away from the water you can tan all you want. you can see the breeze, also plenty of blue sky. find out how long our forecast will stay sunny. coming up next. >> i was really depressed. i couldn't get out of bed. >> gun violence claimed the lives of her closest loved ones. tonight the remarkable turnaround for a bay area student. how her path to success started with an act of faith. ,,,,,,,,,, goodnight.
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control driver speeding backwards down a sidewalk -- barely missing a guide dog d its trai some incredible video out of the north bay an out-of- control driver speeding backwards down the sidewalk barely missing that guide dog and its trainers. they told sue kwon the dog may still be learning but he is already doing a great job >> reporter: guide dog instructor danielle alvarado is feeling especially connected to her student o'neil after the two survived a potentially deadly accident all while she was blindfolded. this surveillance video captured the moment when a 93- year-old woman inadvertently jumped the curb and barreled down a san rafael sidewalk in reverse. >> sounds like a movie set going on behind me. there's just crashing and then it gets closer and closer and i can hear the debris coming off and being blindfolded. you don't know where you are in the environment. i'm thinking in my head as it
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gets closer, i don't know if we are going to make it. i felt him look behind me through the harness. >> if you see the video, he's looking, then i look. so he probably heard the car actually come up on the sidewalk and then the pop. and i heard the pop. so i think that's mainly what happened. >> reporter: supervisor todd then pushed danielle around the nearby corner with the 18-month- old yellow lab not missing a step. >> thank god the corner was close enough because i did not know if i was just going to have to squeeze along the building line and hope the car would miss us but the corner happened to be there so we were lucky enough to round it. if you see the video i think you see my foot just leaving around the corner when the car is passing by. >> new jersey i knewas soon as i knew we were safe, i sat on the ground. and i just loved him up a little bit. owe just came right into my lap
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and licking my face, and he just sat right on my lap and we watched the whole thing together. >> reporter: the video made o'neil a local celebrity. he got a peanut butter kong as an award. don't send flowers. make donations in his name at sue kwon, kpix 5. >> peanut butter is the best part. the elderly driver won't face charges but will have to retake the driving test. the inaugural flight for a new airline landed in silicon valley today making the commute to los angeles seem a lot shorter. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how the country's first all you can fly airline is giving its passengers a high-flying experience. reporter: commercial air travel is so last month because today, surf air took to the skies. >> surfers and all you can fly subscription airline. >> reporter: the inaugural flight between silicon valley and l.a., san carlos and burbank to be exact, arrived with great expectations.
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>> everyone we talked to seems to really be enamored by the idea. >> reporter: the idea is this. for a monthly fee about $1,350, you can jump on any of surf air's 8 flights a day on one of its three pc-12s. >> we have had 4500 people who apply and want to get in and use the service. and in many ways this is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. the worst thing you can do is run out of food. >> reporter: or in this case seats so they have taken on only 150 so far as members. hey, 99 percenter, no need to apply. but in the crazy world of 1% it seems to make financial sense. >> if it's unlimited flights and use it once a week or twice a month you can easily surpass the cost i'm paying already with traditional airlines. >> reporter: the owner of a tech research firm is on the waiting list. >> the seat swivels out and you get a table. >> it's a pain to go through all the lines and getting to the airports and then you're on the flight and they're a lot quicker.
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saves 2 to 3 hours down to l.a. >> reporter: this ceo says average income in the first wing of members, $300,000. >> aspirational, they are driving an audi or tesla, not a rolls royce. they're staying at a westin and marriott, not the four seasons, right? >> reporter: they don't have their own plane until now. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the airlines' founding members will also be receiving unlimited complementary guest passes. >> ♪ fly me to the moon it's clear enough out there. makes you want to sing, the weather is so good. >> it will be a gorgeous crescent moon tonight. blue skies up and down the coast. california known for its sunshine. we get a lot of it around here. now, really this pattern is going to be pleasant. i'm here to tell you what's coming up. i'm here to tell you that if
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you enjoyed today i think you will be a very happy individual at the end of this forecast. we have a lot more weather like this which includes sunshine even at the coast. ocean beach there our cliff house camera. chilly at the coast, 60s, even san francisco hit 66. fremont 71 close to average. livermore and concord 83, close to average. same story for gilroy and napa. this is average weather and average is good this time of year. kpix 5 hi-def doppler nothing on it, nothing heading our way. there are lots of areas of high and low pressure dancing around the atmosphere but for us, it's all about the sunshine. the only change that you will see over the next several days will be a temperature change and even at that will be about 5 degrees here or there, that's it. see we have a chess game, high pressure and low pressure moving. it's all set up perfectly for a light to moderate onshore flow and more northerly than westerly wind. that means less of an onshore flow. the next couple of days it will be a couple of degrees milder. friday in the mid-80s away from the water, 70s near the bay. another change over the weekend will be the same sunshine you enjoyed today and we'll have
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tomorrow and friday but over the weekend as the onshore flow gets stronger wrapping around a new area of low pressure, temperatures will drop a little bit. so it's all about the air temperature. sunshine you get to keep but temperatures will fluctuate a little bit over the next several days. highs tomorrow really pleasant, oakland 3 degrees above average, san jose 3 degrees below average. 77 for you. and livermore exactly where you should be which is a high of 82. other highs for you, chilly still at the coast 62 for pacifica. downtown san francisco a degree milder at 67. fairfield 84. napa 80. san jose 77. and fremont 73 degrees. really pleasant. the warmest day is going to be friday. then after friday we'll pick up the onshore flow a bit. temperatures will fall into the 70s inland, 60s near the bay but we'll just keep pushing that repeat button through next week. we could get gloom june or hot, but this is right in between. >> thank you. all right. still ahead, how a bay area school district wants its neighbors to pay the price for
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being in the community. >> i want to feel like i drop out of high school. >> but then someone gave her a chance to succeed. how a bay area student who suffered so much pain made the most of a rare opportunity. ,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show.
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intense lobbying... immigra authorites cancelled the deporation for woman is mar cancelled the deporation foa woman married to a u-s serve member. san francisco's karla garel was scheduled to be deporte the phil city, after some intense lob -- after some intense lobbying today, a woman was not deported married to a u.s. service member. she was scheduled to be deported to the philippines on sunday because she is here illegally. immigration and customs enforcements authorities pressured her into signing a voluntary deportation, she says. she is married to a u.s. army specialist. they have a 9-month-old son. >> i have been in the states for a the past few weeks i ask
6:22 pm
you to let me and other immigrants [ indiscernible ] spend father's day with their families. then put me on a plane. >> she will now have the opportunity to pursue a green card. this morning, members of the house of representatives asked for deportations to be stopped while immigration reforms move through congress. a one-of-a-kind college prep program in east oakland is producing a one-of-a-kind relative humidity. 100% of its students head to college. as kpix 5's da lin reports, the program is helping one young woman accomplish a goal u fleeing to her family. clears cheers >> reporter: -- [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: an emotional outburst. these students survived the tough streets of east oakland to step on to the biggest stage, it's a moment to reflect and celebrate their accomplishments. >> i'm nervous and excited because it's like we're finally doing it together. >> reporter: this 18-year-old is so far the only one of 6 to
6:23 pm
graduate from high school a day she thought wouldn't happen. >> i lost it. i wanted to feel like drop out of high school. >> reporter: gun violence has taken loved ones from her life twice. in the beginning of her senior year, at mandela high school, someone shot her half-brother. >> i was really depressed. i couldn't get out of bed. i was like really, really like failing my classes. the classes that i had as. >> reporter: she couldn't focus and she couldn't turn to her mother a grieving single parent raising six children. the killing of her brother came two years after a close friend was killed in an east oakland parking lot. >> you feel internally there's so much stuff going on and you want to scream and you want to yell. >> reporter: a concerned friend at mandela academy encouraged earsy to join stems to college. >> every page that you turn -- >> reporter: the director made an exception by taking her in her in her senior year. >> no matter how great a young
6:24 pm
person, if you insert them midstream it alters the dynamic so we rolled the dice and it's been great for her. it's been great for us. >> they are like family to me. honestly that's like a second family away from home. >> reporter: er who students embraced earsy. she spent six to eight hours after school every day at the program's downtown office doing homework. grades picked up. outlook changed. and graduations became reality. >> i'm sad because my brother served as an example to me but then i'm happy because i serve as an example to my little brothers and sisters. i broke that cycle. >> earsy hawkins. >> reporter: earsy will be attend saint mary's with two scholarships. >> congratulations. >> reporter: her plan is to one day return to east oakland and teach. >> it's really exciting because now life is beginning. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> that graduation was louder than a pep rally and much more
6:25 pm
reason to celebrate, too. hey, tomorrow at 6:00, da lin will introduce us to the man who created the step to college program. coming up in our next half hour, the nsa director defends the collection of phone records. >> i would rather take a public beating and people think i'm hiding something than to jeopardize the security of this country. >> allow he says the top secret -- how he says the top secret surveillance has helped prevent terror attacks. >> the school district is asking me to reassess property taxes more aggressively than i feel is correct to do. >> why that district is behind a very unusual complaint over those property taxes. >> we don't need chipotle here. >> there's done of taquerias -- tons of taqueria. >> how a burrito battle in a bay area neighborhood could mark the start of a chain reaction. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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school district says: it not supposed to go down. it's supposed to be set at the price they paid at. >> now at 6:30, the bay area school district says its neighbors have had a break long enough. now it's time for them to pay up. homeowners in richmond whose property values took a deep hit
6:29 pm
during the economic downturn could soon go back to the good old days. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on what's going on in west contra costa counties. >> reporter: about the only good thing about declining property values during the recession was people paid less property taxes. but that's starting to change. >> as a whole, property values in contra costa county, this year, are going to go up about 7% maybe a little more for those people who have their property taxes reduced over the past few years. >> reporter: the west contra costa county school district wants a piece of that. they accuse the county assessor gives kramer, of keeping property values artificially low, which means the schools get less tax money. it's costing this district billions of dollars each year. >> he cannot give you any evidence or statistical analysis or data of why he is retaining property values at this level. it's guesswork. >> reporter: kramer says he is bound by state law to treat
6:30 pm
property owners fairly but the district argues the law also says reductions in property values should be temporary. >> not supposed to go down. it's supposed to be set at the price they paid at and that's just the law. prop 13 governs and everybody has to comply. >> reporter: the district will hear our report tonight from a media campaign company about how it plans to evaluate the housing market and make the case to the county and perhaps even the courts that home values should be raised. >> the school district is asking me to reassess property values more aggressively than i feel is correct to do. >> reporter: kramer says the housing market is still unstable and there could be another slump. one homeowner summed up what i heard over and over again today. she said i'm sorry the schools need money but i need the money, too. is west contra costa county wasting their time and energy trying to get you to change your evaluation? >> yes. >> reporter: kramer says there are people who told him in the past they want to pay more property taxes. those people wills are invited to weigh in next week at -- those people are also invited
6:31 pm
to weigh in next week at a public hearing. in richmond, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> that public hearing a week from today. school administrators say the property values in the district declined 19% over two years. the head of the nsa is speaking for the first time in the wake of the spying scandal. general keith alexander testified in front of a senate committee today saying the controversial program has helped stop dozens of terrorist plots. even so lawmakers from both sides of the aisle want to see some parts of these surveillance program declassified. >> over the next week, it would be our intent to get those figures out. i have talked to the intel committee on that yesterday. i want the american people to know that we're trying to be transparent here, protect civil liberties and privacy but also the security of this country. >> meanwhile, the former nsa contractor behind the leaks isic thatting.
6:32 pm
edward snowden said i am into the here to hide justice, i'm here to reveal criminality. he is believed to be in hong kong. aaa calls is a public safety crisis. namely, dashboard technology that allows drivers to text and email using voice commands. a new study by the group finds that technology is actually more distracting than talking on a cell phone. aaa says when people are distracted doing something else, they get inattention blindness meaning they don't see what is in front of them. like tunnel vision. around 9 million cars have voice recognition systems. more than 90 homes in colorado have been destroyed by wildfires and firefighters say winds, hot temperatures and dry forests are not helping the situation. 7,000 people have been evacuated near colorado springs after several fires broke out yesterday. the largest of the state's wildfires the black forest fire has burned 8500 acres. still ahead, why a food
6:33 pm
fight is brewing in this bay area neighborhood and how this could mark the start of a chain reaction. >> i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather outside of coliseum tonight where inside the coliseum mlb history will be made. we have all the details as the news continues on kpix 5. >> but first, here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell
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to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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four taquerias - in just two blocks? great if you love mexican food... but lio many things in san francisc it's not that simple. ken bastida explains. four taquerias in just two blocks? great if you love mexican food but like so many things in san francisco, it's just not that simple. ken bastida explains.
6:36 pm
if you are in the market for a burrito, church and market isn't a bad place to be. you've got taqueria el castalito and casa mexicana. but you may soon have another option. >> first thing i said is we don't need chipotle here. >> there's tons of taquerias that are mom and pop-owned. we don't need a chain on church and market. >> because that opens the door for another large-scale company. >> reporter: the pushback doesn't end with the taquerias. sweet anticipation is just up the street. >> as you come up to the castro, it would be highly visible and sort of brand the neighborhood further as a formula retail strip mall sort of zone. >> reporter: it's important to note, this isn't about having no formula retail in this area, because there's three of these and plenty of those. this is about chain math. >> i think that's how the city is approaching it now. 20% formula retail to 80% locally owned within this area. >> reporter: perhaps the most important ingredient in this mix, concrete and steel. this stretch of market street is a postcard for san francisco's building boom. more condos, more people, more money.
6:37 pm
and a bigger lure for bigger business. >> the landlords are looking at, oh, i could get a formula retailer in here who would pay me so much more and effectively the chipotle is not direct competition with me could put me out of business, as well. >> reporter: if you were going to open up a new restaurant in san francisco, it would be tough to find a better location with foot and vehicle traffic than church and market. that's what chipotle thinks. the city of san francisco wants to know what you think and they are holding a public hearing on june 20. in san francisco, ken bastida, kpix 5. we spoke with chipotle this afternoon and they say they knew they would probably face this kind of opposition. they are asking people to join the discussion and learn more about their business and just wanted a fair hearing with the planning commission. >> i think the vote in the
6:38 pm
newsroom food from anywhere is great. tacos, burritos for everybody. most kids when they come into foster care only have the clothes on their back. >> what this bay area woman is doing to get the foster children the essentials and make them feel loved at the same time. >> you can tell something is changing weather-wise when we look toward the berkeley and oakland hills in the evening and don't see one single cloud. i'll tell you what's changing weather-wise and the impact it will have on your weekend weather coming up next. ahead in sports, jason kidd is coming out of retirement. but it's not to play. >> kind of move it over with my wife. >> why a honey move trip to vegas is paying off for one of the spurs. >> and how bad is marco scutaro's pinky finger? plus it's a tradition unlike any other. but it's not the masters. the kpix 5 u.s. open picks are coming up.
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challenges. as kate kelly reports, marin foster families get what they need thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. reporter: >> you're going fast, eddie. >> reporter: linda gregory and her husband became foster parents to little eddie when he was just 10 months old. >> it's just a great experience to be able to be a parent and to love a child and help them through their hardest times. >> reporter: one of the first steps linda took was to join the marin foster parent association, a grassroots volunteer group that offers support services to foster families and caregivers. but more importantly it offers community. >> there's a lot of support. it's not easy all the time. and all these kids have experienced trauma in their lives. >> reporter: that was four years ago. since joining, she has adopted eddie and she has thrown herself into volunteering for the association. just ask barbara who fostered 10 children over the years. >> she just makes it a point of
6:43 pm
knowing every member of the association. and i think that's a big part of the support that people come to the association looking forces. >> reporter: for the last flee years, linda has been president of the marin foster parent association volunteering her time 7 days a week to help children in need. >> fantastic! >> reporter: much of her spare time is spent in what looks like a closet in san rafael surrounded by racks of donated clothing. it's the association's new distribution center. a project linda proudly points to as a great collaborative success. >> we've got clothing for all ages. >> reporter: all of it is new. >> most kids when they come into foster care really have nothing. they only have the clothes on their back and so having clothing to be able to get some toys, stuffed animal, just really makes them feel loved and safe and cared for. >> reporter: the small distribution center serves 25 to 40 families a month. debbie moss is with marin
6:44 pm
county children and family services. >> it's easily accessible for the caregivers and for the social workers and it makes such a big difference for our families. it really does. >> reporter: under linda's leadership, this tiny dedicated group raised money for tutoring, after-school programs and a new internship for youth to get job skills and mentoring from people who care. >> there are so many amazing people out there taking in kids and doing such great work. >> reporter: so for volunteering her time to give foster families the support they need to thrive, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to linda gregory. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the logo at the top of the page and down to jefferson awards and find the email nomination formed. paul we keep saying it the weather is gorgeous.
6:45 pm
what else is there to say? it's beautiful, clear, gorgeous. >> is it possible to get tired of this? >> no. >> tornadoes and wildfires in other parts of the country, we have this. >> a lot of places are stuck with bad weather. for us this is perfect. really the weather pattern is stuck and it's going to stay this way for a while. not a problem for us. san jose beautiful and sunshine. you can get sunny hot weather so easily in california. we are close to the equator relative to the rest of the country but we get the onshore flow and get that air- conditioning turned on like today look at these temperatures, concord 78, san francisco 63 and oakland 71. everybody close to normal, look how the week has transpired in downtown san francisco. the average high 66. no more than 4 degrees away from that average for the past several days and we will stay very close for the next several
6:46 pm
days. san francisco tonight 52. sunrise early 5:47 a.m. napa dropping down to 50. vallejo 52 and fremont the lone spot dropping into the upper 40s. our microclimate forecast every day i take you to a new microclimate this one in vallejo where you will have sunshine tomorrow. you will bump it up to 80 degrees. the mildest day of the week will be friday with a high of 82. very comfortable weather for vallejo and just about all the bay area. the setup in atmosphere is this. not too much of an onshore flow, june gloom, cloudy most of the day and temperatures below normal. we get an offshore wind remember last saturday how warm it was away from the water, right in between, and it's tough to achieve this because everything has to come together. we have low pressure to the north, high pressure to the west giving us just enough of the onshore flow where we'll have minimal cloud cover, a whole lot of sunshine. things will change a bit toward the weekend. low pressure moves in a new one will move in, this one stronger. it increases the wind and in this case the wind is coming from the ocean so the on shore flow will be stronger and temperatures will drop but
6:47 pm
still staying within five degrees of average every day for the next week. so we're warming up the next couple of days then when that low gets here we'll drop things off several degrees for the weekend and next week but all in all we're staying dry and sunny and we are a staying close to normal -- we're staying close to normal. san francisco degree one degree above average as well as concord. san jose with 77, three degrees below average. sunnyvale tomorrow 75. sunshine and redwood city 76. antioch your high 82. vallejo in the low 80s. pleasanton 82. petaluma tomorrow 77 for you. berkeley 71 and daly city 65 degrees. some of the warmer weather we find in the north bay away from the water, cloverdale 78 and clearlake tomorrow 80 degrees. extended forecast, there's your warmest day friday. then we cool off starting saturday and once we get down a couple of degrees below normal we'll stay there through the middle of next week but notice no rainfall and it's all about the sunshine. every afternoon for each of the
6:48 pm
next seven days. oakland as they are getting ready for a game against the yankees they will witness major legal baseball history tonight. roberta gonzales with the mobile weather lab at the coliseum. >> reporter: yes, mobile weather crashed another tailgating party here outside of coliseum. we have a number of as fans here, right? >> whoo! yeah! >> go as. >> reporter: what is your name? >> uhm -- >> reporter: we'll think about that, won't we? i think we even have one lonely yankees fan over there, right? >> whoo! >> reporter: and the rest of my buddies, where are you from? >> santa cruz. >> reporter: they came for this important series as the as host the yankees. do you know what's going on inside? >> no, what's going on? >> it's history being made for the first pitch. let me tell you a story. it's about nick la grade. he is 13 years old from kansas city. and he suffered from this horrible disease called aplastic anemia it's basically his immune system just shut down so he can't be around a
6:49 pm
lot of people. but the as what they did is joined forces with google. they came up with this telerobottic arm. so nick 18 -- well, actually 18,000 -- well, no 1,800 miles away in kansas city, he is going to toss first pitch. then it's going to be mimicked by this robotic arm. the ball will be pitched and thrown to ryan a pitcher for the as at the catcher's plate. he is going to receive the ball from 1800 miles away from little nick 13 years old suffering from this disease. so this is never done before. a telerobottic arm throwing first pitch! it's a major league baseball history being made here outside and inside coliseum. so are you ready to go inside and watch that? >> yeah! >> reporter: what's your name? >> grace. >> reporter: and you? >> uhm, mattie. >> reporter: mattie and grace. i hope you get to enjoy the pitch by nick making history tonight. thank you for being here. are you enjoying the weather,
6:50 pm
everyone? >> yes! >> reporter: gorgeous. 68 degrees. the winds are dying down. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
kidd called it quits after 19-seasons in
6:53 pm
.he's jason kid sees it, says it and gets it. >> good for jason kidd. last week he retired after 19 seasons in the nba. and now he is going to be diagramming plays as the new head coach of the brooklyn nets! he just turned 40 he reportedly agreed to a three-year deal and will be introduced at a presses conference tomorrow. no stranger to the nets organization he played 7 seasons in new jersey. and he led the nets to two final appearances. marco scutaro suffered a damaged tendon in his finger after being hit by a pitch last night. the injury is expected to take six to eight weeks to heal but scutaro tough guy that he is, plans to play through it and return to the line-up later this week once the swelling goes down. giants reliever george contos on his 28th birthday
6:54 pm
today was suspended three games for throwing at pirates player andrew mccutcheon and he can't even serve it yet because he was sent down today to the minor leagues! yeah. the news keeps coming, bench coach ron filling in for bruce beach cloudy suspended bochy for one game. a pitcher gave up 8 runs tonight in pittsburg and the pirates lead this one 11-6 late in the game. the dodgers and diamondbacks will open up the 2014 season with two games in sydney, australia. don't look for the two teams to share any veg might sandwiches to celebrate. dodger zach ricky was the fit batter hit by a pitch last night and just like australian rules football a scrum ensued near the diamondbacks' dugout. it resulted in six ejections including dodgers hitting coach
6:55 pm
mark mcgwire who had to be restrained by another former bay area star diamonds backs first base coach matt williams. nba, tony parker a game- time decision for game 4 tomorrow after an mri revealed a strained hamstring. if parker can't go, san antonio would turn to gary neal who was in flago last night as the spurs won. he had six three-pointers and 24 points off the bench. his wife was right when she told him three years ago to sign for the spurs. >> the minicamp for summer league was the same time i was getting married so i had to smooth it over with my wife. we were going to atlanta for a week for our honeymoon so she decided that it would be a good thing if we went to vegas instead so i could try to make an nba push and i was able to play well enough in summer league that the spurs offered me a deal after summer league
6:56 pm
was over. >> see that? worked out. the 49ers will wrap up their off season workouts tomorrow and then it's summer vacation until late july. coach or should i say professor harbaugh so far has given his team a passing grade. ♪[ music ] >> when dorsey has done everything he could ask a man to do this off season, he paid his dues. he's poised for perfect attendance. he is showing all those things to be a true professional. i'd have to check it too but i think he's in store for a perfect attendance certificate. >> first and foremost willy davis has been an absolute stud all off season. i believe he's in line for a perfect attendance certificate. >> excellent producing. this time tomorrow night weather permitting the opening round of golf's u.s. open will be in the books.
6:57 pm
tiger woods is the odds-on favorite to win at marion golf club as he once again tries to win his first major title since the open back in 2008 and that brings us to the anchor pick. i'm going with adam scott. high ball hitter. hits it long. you have to have it. allen martin goes with matt kuchar. liz goes with tiger woods. you go with rory mcilroy shot a 79 a couple of months ago. and wayne our director goes with the smart money goes justin row the number one in total driving which is what you got to have. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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