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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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feature filmmaker ryan kugler. he is an oakland native. it has star power behind it. forrest whitaker produced it, octavia spencer plays oscar grant's mother. this film has already received buzz in the film circuit. it won awards two of them, the audience award and the grand jury award at sundance this year. it made waves at cannes a couple of weeks ago. kugler tried to stay true to the story including scrapes he had with the law but this movie recounts the hours leading up to his shooting at the hands of a bart police officer in 2009 at the fruitvale bart station. grant's family actually consulted on this film and we hear his mother will make a cameo appearance at one point in the film. we have had a chance to hear what the family thinks of the film so far and so far, they have had some positive reactions. >> officer mehserle the one who shot oscar grant, they are not
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using his name, is that right? >> reporter: that's correct. there are some names that have been changed in the movie. johannes mehserle's name is one of them. and apparently, it was just a filmmaker's attempt at exercising some sensitivity to what was obviously a very controversial shooting and what could be a controversial film, as well. >> thank you. a bitter legal battle brewing between governor brown and three federal judges over how to handle california's growing prison population. first today a federal court ordered the state to release 10,000 inmates by the end of the year. a short time later the governor fired back announcing he plans to appeal the ruling to the u.s. supreme court. governor brown has been fighting court ordered plans to reduce prison overcrowding and improve inmate healthcare. the feud has grown so bitter, the judges threatened to cite the governor with contempt if he doesn't comply with their
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latest order. the rivalry between the biggest social media sites is heating up. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us the newest feature for the latest facebook feature and asked how crucial it is to come up with the next big thing constantly. >> reporter: instagram isn't just about photos anymore. the popular photo sharing company announced its millions of users can now shoot and share 15 second videos and color rise them for dreamy or dramatic effect but the biggest inconsistent no vegas is cinema which takes the shake out of your shots. this is the normal video and this is cinema. gorgeous stabilized video for your iphone. this is the original. this is with instra gram. it's completely mind-blowing. >> reporter: facebook which recently bought instagram for
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$1 billion covered its iconic "like" symbol and hinted something big is coming. it needs a hit. twitter already has a new app called vine which lets users upload six-second video clips. >> facebook definitely wanted to make sure it had a hold on its competition so it needed to play catch-up with at which timer in a lot of ways. thanks to the popularity of vine they had to one-up their competition. >> reporter: the battle for eyeballs and mind share in social media has always been intense but now things are nuclear. that's due to the explosion of mobile devices. >> it just depends on what your friends are using i think. >> reporter: everyone is on the move and updating status all at once. >> favorite social media of the moment? >> facebook. >> i think vine is still pretty up and coming. >> my favorite is probably twitter. >> reporter: they are all fighting for users and advertising dollars. >> facebook might have been a little late. >> reporter: even though facebook's instagram wasn't first to the video party, it might not matter if users like the innovations better. >> that's the way it works. a company comes out with one
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thing, another company copies. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> instagram said today that user videos are not going to be used for promotional purposes or advertising. ride bart you may soon need to find alternate transportation. bart workers are threatening to strike. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from oakland's macarthur station where workers are getting their message out. what are they asking for? >> what else? more money. in one for or another. they are passing out these leaflets right here. you can see some workers here from the seiu. they are far enough apart that mediators are at the negotiating table now. you hear the workers keep saying 10 days, 10 days, that's the countdown clock they have. on these flyers they are asking for stronger safety plans and warning that the strike could be as soon as july 1. overall we're talking about three sticking points. bart wants workers to pay more for healthcare costs. bart says it's trying to revamp
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overtime and overtime rules they say a fraction of workers abuse. and third is a fight over pensions and whether workers should start paying in. >> so right now, bart employees pay nothing towards their pensions. that's unheard of. even state employees pay for their pension. it's zero. but that's it. zero dollars. it's called the employee share and they are not paying any of it. so we are asking them, let's begin to start paying into your pension. >> what the public doesn't realize is that the bart employee even though the district pays for half of our retirement, the bart employee as a whole negotiated away in mid-'80s pay raises so that the district would pay for that share. so it's not like we are getting the district to pay our share. >> reporter: you see those stack of flyers right there? they focus on the safety of the workers to trudge through. bart contends that safety should not be a part of the negotiations that they are talking with the unions about that on the side and should not be part of these talks, liz. >> they are asking for a lot of
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things. what's the possibility that there actually be a strike? because the impact could be tremendous. >> reporter: i asked both sides that. obviously, since the mediator is in, then it's -- we should consider it serious. but there's still 10 days and just because that july 1 mark comes and goes doesn't necessarily mean that there will be a strike. they will vote on authorizing a strike next tuesday. they have some backup plans just in case. >> thank you, ryan takeo. other bay area headlines. a construction crew ruptured a 2" gas line in pleasant hill this morning. that shut down lanes between monument and hookston road for almost two hours. police are looking for four suspects who robbed a passenger waiting at a bus stop in san francisco. it happened in front of a 76 gas station between bayshore and silver terrace. the passenger was not hurt.
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nurses from around the country protested against the keystone pipeline by marching from the golden gate bridge today. the demonstrators demanding the obama administration put the brakes on the pipeline deal because of health and climate concerns. the u.s. supreme court did not hand down a ruling today on prop 8. monday is the next chance for justices to issue their ruling on california's same-sex marriage ban. it is likely we'll get a ruling the same day on the federal "defense of marriage act." as we reported yesterday, our exclusive kpix 5 poll shows growing support for gay marriage in california, especially among catholics. you can find the full results of that poll on our website, really it's hard to find any good news anywhere at this moment. >> coming up you might feel a little sick to your stomach if you check your 401(k). what's blamed for the dow's 354- point freefall today and the effect on the silicon valley
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stock index. >> used car buyers, beware! why odometer readings might be completely wrong and a sign you've been scammed. >> and wall-to-wall sunshine, the story today, although windy out there. will we see more of the same for the first day of summer? i have your forecast for tomorrow and a little rain in the extended forecast coming up after the break. >> regardless of what's going on in my mind and many tasks i have to complete on a daily base, i'm smiling. >> coming up at 6:30, how the latest overhaul of a bay area police department comes complete with, say cheese! ,,,,
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points. it fell more than 5 points in the past 2-days. kpix five's linda yee... wi why so wall street suffered its worst trading day this year. today the dow plunged 353 points falling more than 550
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points in the past two days. linda yee with why so many investors seem to be running scared. >> reporter: pretty jittery day. that 2.3% slide was the largest for the dow since november november 2011. it comes a few weeks after there was an all-time high. hang on, that roller coaster is not over yet. it was the stock market 's worst day of trading all year. and the silicon valley stock index sunk too. >> tech stocks got hammered all the way around. they are dealing with problems in europe, we're seeing more issues in china with weakening manufacturing. still like other companies the tech firms in silicon valley are struggling now. apple fell about 1.5% today. hp down almost 3%. really it's hard to find any good news anywhere at this moment. >> reporter: this comes a day after the federal reserve says it will scale back from its bond buying program later this year if the economy continues to improve. the sell-off wiped out almost
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two months of gains and is making some investors nervous. >> my heart sunk and i'm retired and i have my money left in that and i'm going, oh, please don't let me have to get a job in retirement because my money is gone. >> reporter: analysts say the feds pulling back is no surprise. they have to, or risk rising inflation. but it's a tricky dance. >> when we see the stock market pull back our 401(k) accounts don't look good in the next month, perhaps we won't make the consumer purchases we have been making, it may make people think twice about buying homes as interest and mortgage rates go up. it's a delicate balance. that's what the fed is trying to do right now. >> reporter: more volatility is expected ahead. still, some investors look at it as a time to buy stocks. >> as usual, these are the opportunities usually for the people who might have missed out on some of the rallies, not jumping in with both feet but stay rational and look to put your money to work. >> i will be buying soon when it's stabilizing. >> reporter: so you're not
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worried that there are more bumps ahead? >> there are probably bumps ahead but there's always buying opportunities when this happens. >> reporter: despite the plunge, the market is still 10% higher than it was a year ago. live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> thank you the mortgage rates have reached their highest levels in more than a year. and wall street is watching. . hundreds of people who recently bought used cars in northern california might be in for an unpleasant surprise. dmv investigators say they have broken up an unlicensed car sales ring that operated out of this house in fresno. officials say over the past two years, that operation sold at least 200 hondas and toyotas with altered odometers. >> they take a different odometer with a different mileage, remove the old one and replace it with a new one so it
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appears the vehicle has lower mileage than it does. >> two brothers accused of running the operation are under arrest. they are still looking for a third. most of the vehicles being sold were on craigslist. officials say the scheme started unraveling when a victim tried to register a vehicle with considerably lower mileage than what showed up on the dmv's records. julie, first full day of summer tomorrow. but we have a little bit of activity in our forecast. even a little rain. >> we do. we are starting off with warmer temperatures, winds, finishing off with a summer shower. let's go ahead and take a look outside right now and talk about what's coming. current temperatures out there ranging anywhere from the upper 70s to low 80s. but our weather headlines show this is just the beginning of a little warmup coming our way. breeziy tonight with patchy fog late and sunshine for everyone tonight. we are going to increase those temperatures a couple of degrees tomorrow. warmer saturday. and then some big changes on
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the way. winds are the big story right now -- winds are -- winds is -- winds are the big story. one of those. either way, they are pretty high. 14-mile-per-hour winds in mountain view. 32 at sfo right now. 24 san francisco. 18 novato. so certainly windy to breezy. we are going to keep the breeze around for a couple of days in part because of this, the pressure gradient between that low pressure to our north, high pressure building offshore. but as it builds in over the next couple of days, temperatures will increase. again, peaking saturday before a big weather change. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. pinpoint forecast shows temperatures topping out in the low 80s for the south bay, mid- to upper 80s for the east bay. we'll keep temperatures around 70 right by the bay. 64 stinson beach. 62 daly city. 81 san rafael and 83 in sonoma. and now for the big weather story. the next five days, huge changes. keep in mind summer starts tonight at 10:04. by tomorrow first full day of summer bumping temperatures up to summer like weather topping
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you out into the mid- to upper 80s. sunday we have a double- digit drop for some folks from 90s to upper 70s. we are going to throw in a chance of showers beginning sunday through tuesday. temperatures really staying cool, not a major rainout. not everyone will see rain. best chance from san francisco to the north. but i do suspect we'll see a couple of stray showers farther south, as well. don't worry, if you are waiting for summer weather, it will return by midweek next week, more seasonal weather. upper 80s to near 90 wednesday into next weekend. >> just so you know you can predict the weather but we have the office pool as to when the baby is due. i'm thinking monday. she is going to give you the weekend off and give you monday. >> she has been dancing around. >> i'm doing weather hopefully sunday night. [ laughter ] >> so we'll see. >> hopefully we'll make it through sunday. >> she may have other plans. we have been telling you
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the bay area real estate market is hot. but we were surprised when we stumbled upon a home sale in the east bay today. kpix 5's john ramos on the buyer who took over bidding to a whole new level. >> reporter: there's something very unusual in this picture. can yo see it? a for sale sign. the elmwood district in berkeley has always been popular. the claremont hotel is a neighbor. it's hard to find homes here to buy anyway but one recent sale has realtors shaking their heads. >> we received seven offers. five were all cash. >> reporter: this house on piedmont avenue just sold for $2.4 million. but liz rush with mcgwire real estate says the house was only listed for 1.7 million. that means the buyers offered an additional $700,000, or 43% more than the asking price. >> i think it's a reflection of our current spring market. it's people desperate for a
6:18 pm
home not enough houses to choose from. and they are just willing to pay a lot for it. >> reporter: it's the same story all over the bay area. and the country in general. there aren't a lot of houses for sale. and buyers are having to compete with investment firms to get them. lately the fed has indicated they might raise interest rates and there are those who think that will scare some buyers off making the market less competitive but liz rush has her doubts. >> i don't think going up a point or two should alarm anybody. >> reporter: or price anybody out of the market? >> no, not really. >> reporter: besides, with so many all cash offers, the buyer relying on a mortgage is at a disadvantage anyway. rush thinks the market will slow down in the fall when homeowners who were previously underwater begin selling their houses. but this house in berkeley is proof that nobody really knows what to expect. does that mean we really don't actually know what the value of a house is anymore? >> we don't. not this spring we don't.
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it's very difficult to gauge that. >> reporter: and even more difficult to afford it. in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> real estate professionals say this is not another bubble. most of these buyers aren't locals. they are globetrotters from the biotech and tech industries. still ahead, it's the most unusual aspect of a sweeping overhaul. how a bay area police department is ordered to bring you service with a smile. >> and i'm ken bastida in san francisco. there's a killer running loose in golden gate park. we'll show you the damage that he or she has left behind when we come back. of our members. u we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things.
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. "vanda e vandals are on the rampage in golden gate park. ken bastida on why the crimes
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are insulting. >> reporter: it makes no sense. in 140 years golden gate park has been here they have never seen anything like this specifically trees that are being cut down and damaged, branches broken off by they believe vandals. the real reason they are doing it? nobody seems to know. >> it's sacred ground. reporter: at the western end of golden gate park right beside the soccer fields, you will find one of the killing fields. >> it's something that just kind of puzzles us. >> reporter: tree saplings hundreds of them slaughtered. >> there is a person or persons that walk around and actually break branches off and do damage to the base of the tree. >> reporter: this is hardly the first time. in the summer of 2010, someone butchered more than a dozen elm trees in the music concourse. >> about two months ago we had a tree that was set on fire in sharon meadow. we plant about 1,000 new trees a year in golden gate park. and in the last nine months, we have probably had about 200
6:23 pm
instances of vandalism of trees in the park. that's about a 20% rate. >> reporter: now, for the question you're probably asking, who would do this? >> we have some idea of who is doing this and we're working very closely with san francisco police department. but for those, you know, watching, if --keep your eyes open in golden gate park. if you see someone abusing a tree, you know, call 311 or even 911 and let us know. >> reporter: it's a little like the graffiti people. you look at what they're doing and why is that going on? and also, they are very, very hard to catch. this is a big park. it's over 1,000 acres. but police are hoping that there are enough visitors here every day to help them catch whoever is responsible. i especially like the email that we got from one person who said, when they do catch the
6:24 pm
person responsible for this, they should require them to dig a hole and plant a tree for every tree that they have damaged in the park. i think that would be just punish, allen. what about you? >> i think it's two for one. but anyway, i'm sure a lot of people would think, look, you know what, this isn't old growth redwood. these are just saplings. but that's the future of the park and it's also expensive. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. it costs the city, the taxpayers money to reforest the park and this is something that, you know, people might not notice as they drive by, the park looks healthy but in actuality trees have to be renovated and areas have to be replanted and the real sad part of that is, those are the saplings. that's the future of golden gate park. whoever has done this has done it for years. so they are hoping to catch him. >> replacing two for well and then make them mow the grass. >> reporter: i'm all for that. >> thank you, ken bastida. a couple of famous phase will stand guard in a new
6:25 pm
downtown park in san anselmo. within the past hour filmmaker george lucas unveiled statues of indiana jones an yoda the two famous characters appropriate since lucas donated the land for the park and paid to have the park built. >> and they are sprucing up streets around san francisco's fisherman's wharf. city officials held a ribbon- cutting ceremony opening new sidewalks along jefferson street. the upgrade also includes new crosswalk lighting and as we recently reported, the six- month construction project was tough on some nearby businesses which missed out on foot traffic. but just in time for tourism season and the upcoming america's cup races. coming up in our next half hour, a consumerwatch investigation. >> you can shut off the camera. >> why thousands are filing complaints against a company that promises a better deal than pg&e. >> the growing tributes for "the sopranos" star began
6:26 pm
gandolfini. >> i think you're going to see a different opd. >> and attitude adjustment for a bay area police department. how you're going to notice the difference on the officers' faces. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at least a chief giving you a quota on how many times you have to smile when you talk to somebody but i think you will see a different opd. >> the newest component of the overhaul at a bay area police department. serving it up with a dose of, say cheese. because today the oakland police department said it is ordering its officers, adjust your attitude. kpix 5's da lin tells us that means oaklanders can expect service with a smile. >> captain rick -- >> reporter: at a press conference today, oakland police leaders emphasized on the department's new attitude, friendlier and more approachable officers. >> regardless of what's going on in my mind and many tasks that i have to complete on a daily basis, that i'm smiling. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the question is can the simple act help fight crime? oakland police think so. >> it's the connections, the interpersonal connection that we make on the simple act of smiling at a person. >> i'm already smiling but i'm saying my smile is not very gooded looking. >> reporter: police believe my
6:30 pm
making people around them more comfortable that it would be easier to build relationships and trust. it all goes back to community policing partnering with neighbors to prevent and fight crime. most people like opd's new attitude. they say cops can look intimidating. >> they look scary and intimidating to me. >> i'm going to make it easier for people to be comfortable to have a more human approach. >> reporter: aside from asking officers to smile, the chief introduced the five district commanders and talked about new strategies. officers will spend less time in their cars and more time walking and riding bicycles. they even showed off this new mobile command center. and whether it's a smile or just some good old-fashioned police work, district 4 in east oakland is already seeing a reduction in violent crime down 11% comparing june to may. but some people aren't convinced about the smile. >> it's going to take more than smiling. a lot more. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
6:31 pm
>> now, the city of oakland also set up a website residents can type in their address and find out more information about their district captain. we put a link on you can click on "links and numbers" to get there. tributes are pouring in for james gandolfini "the sopranos" star who died of a heart attack in rome. his acclaimed hbo series was shot in new jersey. that's where adriana diaz filed this report. >> reporter: friends, family and fans are mourning the death of actor james gandolfini who created one of television's most iconic roles mob boss tony soprano. >> a light has gone out in the world. this guy was so compassionate, such a genuine person. >> reporter: the 51-year-old gandolfini died of an apparent heart attack while on vacation in rome. a family member found him in his hotel bathroom yesterday.
6:32 pm
>> it's a strategy. >> reporter: the new jersey native won three emmy awards for his portrayal of the conflicted mobster, at times murderous, other times vulnerable. edie falco who played his wife carmella called him a man of tremendous depth and sensitivity with a kindness and generosity beyond words. at the new jersey mansion that was tony soprano's fictional home, fans left candles, flowers and even pasta. those who have come to this famous house to pay their respects say it's a huge loss for new jersey. >> you think of sopranos, you think of new jersey, think of this house. >> i grew up here in west caldwell and i just, you know, he was a big impact on everybody. >> reporter: at the gentleman's club known in the show as the badabing, a portrait of gandolfini sits on the chair he used during the filming. >> it's like losing a member of the family. >> reporter: at the ice cream shop where the final scene was shot a table was reserved in his memory. that scene sudden ending left fans in shock just like the
6:33 pm
news of the actor's sudden passing. adriana diaz, cbs news, north caldwell, new jersey. >> gandolfini also enjoyed a successful career in film and theater usually in smaller roles. he is survived by his wife and two children. it's no secret, realtors are cashing in on our hot housing market but there can be costly consequences if they attract the wrong crowds. how a growing problem is causing more realtors to dig into their pockets. >> you could turn the camera off. >> a consumerwatch investigation. why thousands of people are filing complaints against the company that promises a better deal than pg&e. >> but first, here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. comes to dealing with an embarrassing problem: squat. mbi brown on the real estate agents are stepping up their game when it comes to dealing with an embarrassing problem, squatters. kpix 5's [ indiscernible ] on the alarming new trend and the trick to keeping home invaders out. >> this door has been tampered with. >> reporter: it's a good sign there might be squatters inside a consistent problem at this house. do you live here? >> uhm, [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: just a few feet into the home, a sign that someone has been living inside. >> what's your name? >> reporter: one of the squatters even attempts to hide from us in the kitchen.
6:37 pm
>> what are you doing in this home? >> reporter: seeing the camera, the two are quick to leave. >> usually i don't come by myself. i come with a group of people. >> reporter: real estate agent zach battles this problem all the time. as we go through the house, he even asks us if he wants us to get his nightstick out of the car. >> to protect myself. >> reporter: and the property. he has been finding new ways to keep squatters out. >> sometimes we have security guards that sit outside of the house and patrol cars at night so nobody breaks in. >> reporter: not something they are doing at this em who. it's a big expense so real estate agents weigh the value of the home against the extra cost of security. >> we have an alarm servicer that helps us with temporary alarms. >> reporter: john franks has been homeless for more than a year. we spot him in the backyard with a loofah and some soap. >> i won't come inside the
6:38 pm
property. >> reporter: he just wanted to use the faucet and wash up and avoids going inside so he won't get in trouble. as we leave, zach locks up the property although it probably doesn't matter. >> they are going to get in. >> reporter: candy brown for kpix 5. >> unbelievable, isn't it? >> yeah, geez. still ahead our consumerwatch investigation. >> okay. you can turn the camera off. >> why thousands of people are filing complaints against the company that promises a better deal than pg&e. >> but first, your forecast. we have a lot to talk about. warm and windy, warmer temperatures on the way for the first full day of summer. a live look outside at san jose shows windy conditions right now. will they remain? and when will you see some rain? all that coming up after the break. hey, ahead, the as go undisciplined. and why it cost them. the sharks sign an absolute must. and with a nascar week in the bay area, we honor one of the
6:39 pm
sports heavyweights. >> they were kind of cowboys in their own right. >> this guy doesn't even drive. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first reports of a muni acct on masonic avenue between o and we have some breaking news to report out of san francisco. first reports are of a muni accident. this is at masonic between oak and fell in the city's panhandle neighborhood. we are being told that several people have been hurt. here's a map of that area. masonic between oak and fell. we have reports that people are hurt. we have a crew headed there. we'll get you more details as soon as we get them. a burbank man is suing costco and townsend berries of maker of a frozen berry mix he says gave him hepatitis "a." greg paterson's lawsuit is the fifth filed in california against the store chain and the oregon-based berry company. last month costco voluntarily pulled the berries from store shelves after dozens of people were sickened. paterson says he has lost 20 pounds and missed a month of work. >> your liver swells up and
6:43 pm
it's hard to breathe. you can't eat. you can't drink water. >> the berry mix is linked to more than 100 cases in eight states. no deaths have been reported. who wouldn't want to save money on their home energy bill? it's what an alternative energy company that's just come to the bay area promises pg&e customers. julie watts says thousands of people are complaining that they wound up paying more. >> okay. you can turn the camera off. >> reporter: not a warm well tomorrow com from the manager of a multi-- not a warm welcome from the manager of a multi- million dollar corporation. she says she was duped by a salesman for that company who recently came knocking at her door. >> they wanted to know if we qualified for one of the pg&e discount programs. >> reporter: after looking at her pg&e bill, he told her -- >> yeah, you qualify. >> reporter: only later did she realize -- >> actually aren't affiliated with pg&e. >> reporter: turns out she had unknowingly signed up with a
6:44 pm
completely different company an alternate energy supplier called commerce energy. >> what they are doing is buying gas for their customers getting it to us and then we safely deliver it. >> reporter: but pg&e says unlike pg&e, the alternate suppliers are not regulated in california. >> we do see a lot of these customer complaints. >> reporter: commerce energy is new to the bay area. but its parent company, canadian-based just energy, doesn't have a great track record. there have been tens of thousands of complaints from across the u.s. from consumers who say they were misled into signing up and instead of saving money their bills went up. the complaints led to a consumer fraud lawsuit by the state of illinois and investigations in new york, homeowner and canada. just energy settled all of them by paying large fines and promising to change its sales practices. but this former employee says here in the bay area, that's not happening. >> the sales practices were completely unethical. >> reporter: ernest white briefly worked for commerce energy's local office.
6:45 pm
>> from the get-go they tried to give the impression that they're with pg&e and if you question it, that their supplier -- they are still a supplier of pg&e. >> reporter: he says his manager taught him tricks to get his foot in the door. >> one that this is a petition to lower prices. the other was that this is something that obama personally was backing. >> reporter: and he says, the pressure to sell was intense with quotas and incentives like free trips to hawaii. after calls to commerce energy went nowhere we went to the local office to get answers about the allegations. so when your employees go out do, they first ask for a pg&e bill? >> i don't do field training. >> reporter: are you aware of the complaints and lawsuits filed in numerous states at least three different states and canada? >> i'm not aware that any company -- > are you a reporter? >> reporter: but before this manager could say more, a second manager called security and we were asked to leave.
6:46 pm
later, just energy sent us a statement saying, quote, we take the issues you present very seriously and are anxious to identify the independent contractor involved. the company also sent us a picture of a button they say salespeople are supposed to wear that reads, we are not the utility. but ernest white says he never got one. and carla said her salesman didn't have one either. she was able to cancel her contract. but she wants to warn others. be cautious next time you get a knock on the door. now, just energy says it has made changes in its sales practices. and as a result, the company says complaints are way down. we have posted the company's complete statement at >> just be careful. >> certainly. today might have been the day to go solar ar wind power. >> certainly wind power for sure. >> you know, we're lucky though. today, tonight, marks the beginning of summer and really not feeling those horribly warm
6:47 pm
summertime temperatures. nice and mild today and certainly the wind helping to keep things feeling cooler than it is. let's take a live look outside, shall we? you're looking at blue skies over the bay bridge and pretty mull wall-to-wall sunshine no matter where you look this evening. 78 degrees your current temperature in concord. 76 in livermore. and 82 in santa rosa. warmest locations warming up into the low 80s today. warmer still as we move into tomorrow the first full day of summer. summer begins at 10:04 this evening. wind speeds comes the big story now, north-northwest in san jose at 17 miles per hour. 32-mile-per-hour winds at sfo right now. 24 in the city. 10 novato. 14 napa. 17 miles per hour out of the west in vallejo. it's this onshore flow that's keeping things relatively comfortable for us. and it's this right here the pressure gradient between that low pressure to our north, high pressure offshore, that's kicking up those winds. but as high pressure builds in over the next couple of days we'll warm things up for you a
6:48 pm
little bit. certainly warmer tomorrow and warmer still on saturday. but take a look at the winds. so here's where we're at right now as we advance on overnight into tomorrow. winds calm down but then begin to pick back up tomorrow. not quite as high tomorrow but breezy so keep that in mind with your outdoor plans. pinpoint forecast shows warm spots inland talking in the mid- to upper 80s for the east bay locations. and then flirting with the low 80s for the south bay. 60s along the coast. 70s by the bay. here's a look at that pinpoint forecast. again farther south 83 and morgan hill. inland mid- to upper 80s for places like pittsburg, antioch, brentwood, napa 83. 65 bodega bay. 62 daly city. 80 in novato tomorrow. and your seven-day forecast shows, well, a few different weather stories here. again, warming for the next couple of days, topping out near 90 for the warmest spots on saturday. and then we're looking at double-digit temperature drops
6:49 pm
for some locations saturday into sunday. we increase our chance of showers most likely from san francisco to the north. but sunday, monday, tuesday we are throwing in some shower chances. not a lot of rain not consistent. but certainly could make for some slick roads out there. so keep that in mind. a little late season storm system moving in. but it is short-lived. by midweek next week we warm up dry it out and all in all looking summer-like. we'll have more coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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this the prettiest game... what have you got up your sleeve on this us? >> if they only knew what we talked about during the commercial break. >> that's in-house. baseball up top. i wouldn't call this the prettiest game. the as and rangers afternoon tilt was a thriller. nonetheless where everybody is beg in texas, even the hot dogs! aj griffin was no dog. two runs in 5 and a third and neither was josh reddick. here he went low to make the grab. 3-2 oakland in the 7th. bases juice the for rangers kinsler. fellow delivered a two-out shot
6:53 pm
to score two. rangers 4-2. 8th inning john jayso. great grab though. the as would not score. 4-3 in the ninth. smith got through. gent friendly fun misplayed it. josh donaldson on his horse from first. third base coach tried to stop him. here it comes! bang, bang play. ballgame. and the rangers win it! the as drop three of four in texas. and the lead on the rangers is down to a game in the al west. one of hockey's biggest agitators will remain in san jose. sharks re-signed forward and all-around tough guy raffi for rest today to a -- torres today to a reported three-year deal worth $6 million. he was acquired in a midseason tray by san jose but was suspended for an entire play- off series for a reckless hit. auto racing when the nascar tour hits sonoma you know it's the midpoint of the regular season. our research department says this is nascar's 25th weekend
6:54 pm
here. the quirks of the road course have left behind all kinds of great memories. >> 1991. >> the late davey allison leading late plowed into by ricky rudd sent him spinning. rudd crossed the finish line in the lead but was given a disqualifying black flag for rough driving. the win went to allison at 21 years later, drivers still remember it. >> i remember sitting on the couch watching it with my dad. we hope he against black flagged and he did. nascar made the right call? i have never seen that! [ laughter ] so how did a sport born by lung moonshine in the south end up in the heart of the wine country? one of the bay area's natives had a great passion and he made it happen. let's take it to sonoma. >> place was nothing like it is now. >> another series look for a new california home and found
6:55 pm
one in the beautiful napa valley. >> reporter: sonoma raceway. built in 1968, but business didn't take off until nascar pioneer ken class got involved. >> we had no major event at that time that would carry the overhead. they were going to have to have a big stock car race here to ever be able to really be successful. >> anyplace you can get a good vantage point. >> reporter: after they closed riverside raceway in southern california, he set his sights on the bay area as a replacement. >> we worked diligently to did a race in san jose. the politicians in san jose not only wouldn't learn about our sport but didn't have the vision to understand what they were letting get away from him. >> reporter: but others did. today the event draws fans from all over northern california, which paved the way for all sorts of improvements including this 50,000-seat grandstand. >> i don't know that the
6:56 pm
facility would have continued on like it has because it needed improvements. >> reporter: this week, three cars from that inaugural bank wet frozen foods race in 1989 took a few laps around the 11- turn track. ricky rudd traded paint with rusty wallace and beat him by .05 of a second. it's the closest margin of victory. >> they were cowboys in their own right. they went off in the dirt and kept going at 140 miles an hour until they got back to the pavement again and it -- it didn't deter them much. >> all right. there's some hillside property behind the track. if they built a mount rushmore, ken clapp's face would be on it. yeah. the nba season is over in hours and winning a title won't be the best payoff for spurs head coach gregg popovich. >> gregg, why will your team win tonight? >> am i in one of those morning
6:57 pm
shows? this is one of the joys of my life right here. this is great fun. [ laughter ] >> there's nothing i would rather be doing and the questions are so incisive and well thought out that how could one not enjoy the challenge of trying to find the answer? >> ouch. >> i'm going to miss him. >> yeah. >> when the season is over. got to wait until october to see comments like that yet again. >> all right. >> does not mince words. >> no. >> thank you. we want to update you on the muni crash in san francisco's panhandle neighborhood. a little more information here. photos show the bus slammed into a car there on masonic avenue. witnesses say the bus pushed that car for nearly a city block going to oak to fell. the muni driver they say either had a medical emergency, maybe lost his brakes. the driver has gone to the hospital. some other injuries minor. more at 11. captions by: caption colorado ,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
6:58 pm
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