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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ wife ] sorry. [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . this is kpix 5 news. a brush fire blocks drivers from a busy bay area expressway for hours. what was nearby that made fighting the flames even more challenging. a plane crashes at an air shore. the fiery and deadly scene playing out in front of spectators. and don't put away your umbrellas just yet. we have a summer storm heading our way. we are timing out the rain for you plus checking your 7-day
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forecast coming up. good evening. i'm an na derangelo. firefighters had their hands full knocking down grass fires. the flames forced them to shut down what's normally a busy. the fire started around 4:00 this afternoon. the fooifrn chully jumped east capitol expressway. kpix don knapp looks at the challenges facing crews when they were out there. >> the fast-moving fire brought traffic to a halt on busy capital expressway just west of highway 1401 in san jose. the early-shn fire seemed primed by drought. >> usually very green fuel, especially in the creek bed so for the fuels to be this dry in a creek bed in june, we're going to have an interesting july, august, september. hopefully the rains come soon. >> cal fire brought inmate crews to help knock down embers and put a line around the
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8-to-10-afker burn. a first responder, police officer told us when he got here there were flames rising above the bridge and blowing across the road and down below, propane tanks were bloeg up in a homeless encampment. another police officer told us there may be hundreds of homeless folks camping but no one is saying this fire was start by those. >> we did a search of the creek area and found that no one was injured. >> there were actually two fires, one in each side of the capital expressway bridge. it's not clear whether one fire started the other. >> then it went under and jumped the field so, again, whether it went under, over, not sure. this is really two incidents that become one. >> around 8:00 p.m., westbound lanes were reopened. meanwhile crews continued work to knock out hot spots and keep the fire from ticking up overnight. in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. >> police tell us fires at or
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near homeless encampments are an ongoing problem in san jose. also in san jose, taks a look at the charred mess left after a stolen car crashed into a gas line sparking a fire that destroyed a home and badly damaged another. a police officer spotted the car driving without headlights around midnight. when the officer tried to pull the car other, police say the teenage driver took off then lost control of the car and crashed. everyone inside the homes got out okay. the driver was arrested and taken to juvenile hal. people at an air show in ohio were stunned today after witnessing a fiery and deadly crash. cbs reporter su sashgsn mcginnis reports a stunt woman and her pilot were killed and some of the images are graphic. >> a stunt plane with a wing walker signature on the upside down aircraft crashed an at an air show near dayton, ohio. spectators screamed as the plane hit the ground and burst into flames. >> really shocked. they just lost control and crashed. i don't even know what to think.
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>> i never thought i would see anything like that. it's -- it's nothing you ever want to see, and it's instant terror. >> authorities say the stunt person and the pilot died instantly. a post on the official facebook page for the performer jane wicker states wicker and her pilot charles were killed in the crash. >> this is -- is a tragedy for what's a very small community, and, you know, obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to -- to those two individuals and their families. >> the air show was taking place at the dayton international airport. local officials say they will work with the faa to determine what caused the crash. kpix 5. >> no spectators were injured but the rest of today's events were cancelled. organizers say all tickets will be honored when the show resumes tomorrow. well, a mini van that plunged into the san francisco bay with its driver inside was pulled out of the water today more than 12 hours after it
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sung. a commercial salvage company brought the mini van to the surface. divers used sonar to find the sungen van last night but rough conditions kept them from getting to it. now, crews are trying to piece together exactly what happened. a group of sailors was nearby at the time and immediately dove into the water to help. kpix 5 ann talked to one of them about the desperate fight to save the driver. >> this home video shows the last few seconds before the van dropped below the water line. >> it's haunting. >> the men you see pounding on the back window, members of a youth sailing team who happened to be nearby. >> it was just that we had to get it out, like, we had to save this person. >> an druz and his teammates were at a fundraiser. >> we heard screaming from across the harbor, looked over, and there's this van thad just gone in the water and there's people screaming, there's people screaming. it was just like "oh my god. ". >> six members of the team immediately jumped into this boat and traveled about 1,000
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feet to where the van was sinking into the bay. >> while i was driving they were already stripping down. >> three other men armed with a screwdriver and their bear fist tried to break the back window as the woman inside yelled for help. >> just pounding the window as hard as they could. they got it to crack but couldn't get it to shatter as the van went down sgleven at that point they didn't give up hope marking the spot for emergency rushers rushing the scene. as the night went on it became clear there would rnt be a happy ending. >> it's going to be hard to think about that every time we sail in and out of there. it's one of those things we'll have to live with. >> the young men will seek grief counseling as they try to shake the nightmare they couldn't stop from coming true. >> the young men who attempted the rescue are all part of the american youth sailing force, a team that's competing in the america's cup races this fall. the rainbow flag of gay pride is flying at richmond city
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hal but not everyone approves. richmond's mayor ordered the flag be flown because june is guy frad month but some city employees objected sending out mass e-mails saying it was inappropriate. some city council members say they should have been consulted before the mayor approved flying the flag. the mayor stands by her decision. quality control problems may be to blame for those bad bolts and steel rods on the new bay braj. that's according to recently-released caltran documents. for example, hundreds of rods and bolts had been improperly treated with brake cleaner. they were supposed to be blasted with grit to avoid hydrogen contamination, which makes rods brittle. caltran says the vast majority of the bolts are safe. >> public safety continues to be the driving force of this project, and we want to make sure that this bridge is safe when it opens. that's why we're going through all this extra length to take oo look at these bolts. >> caltran says the documents are only part of what officials
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will look at in determining if the bridge is safe and that additional testing is also going on. crews appear to be on track with a project to approve lower market street in san francisco. repaving a market between fourth and fremont streets is finished and striping. the work is part of a summer project to repave all of market street's east avenues. all right. clear skies over much of the bay area tonight but by this time tomorrow some spots may be getting wet. elizabeth is here with changes on the way. >> thanks. here's a live look what it looks like right now across the golden gate bridge. it was gorgeous today. besaw a lot of people walk across the bridge. overnight tonight we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies. really the rainmaker starts tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon, early evening out in the north bay because of a low-pressure system heading our way and going to bring a good chance of rain sunday all the way into tuesday. for tomorrow, the biggest difference most folks will notice is a lot more clouds and
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much cooler temperatures. we're om only going to reach in the mid-to-upper 70s in our warmest inland spots. the rain is coming late tomorrow starth in north bay and slowly spreading south. we'll tyke it out for you, have the full weather forecast coming up in just a little bit. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. a sky diver is lucky to be alive after being knocked unconscious during a jump. it happened at sky dance sky diving in davis. brian was knocked out in a mid-air collision as he fell from 13,000 feet during a group sky diving jump. his reserve chute saved his life scompl it's designed if we become unconscious and something like that happens and we're not awake or aware to pull a handle then that device at a certain altitude fires off his reserve. >> well, the owner of sky dance sky dive says he is grateful haymond sur viefed. he points out that mid-air collisions are rare. the white house is telling
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chinese officials failing to turn over whistle blower edward snowden could damage relations. snowden faces three criminal charges in the u.s., two of them under the espion age act. he's believed to be hiding out in hong kong but getting chinese officials to extradite snowden may be easier said than done. the extradition treaty between hong kong and the u.s. carries an exception for political offenses and snowden may argue the espionage charges are political. the third-largest city in canada is under water. unprecedented flooding in calgary and alberta has not killed three people and driven 175 thousand others from their home. it all started thursday when record rain fall and melting snow funneled down a canadian rockies. some 30,000 residents remain without power. getting exercise and some life lessons, too.
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>> ain't no sitting down. jordan, get up. >> coming up, the measures this coach takes to keep his players in line and why the kids and their parents are all on board. and pushing past physical limitations, how this dad and daughter team are both training for a triathlon. ,,,,,,
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love. :05 "ain't no sittin down - . a youth football program in berkeley combines the love of the game with a dose of tough love. >> ain't no sitting down. hurry up, jordan. get up. >> coach todd walker's saturday afternoon football camp targetss at-risk kids. walker who works in a mor chair wants to keep the boys off the streets and on a path to success. he sometimes goes to extreme lengths to teach hisless tons. >> the they're kind of a little bit older, i'll bring a body bag, a few items from the mortuary to show them it's either this or that. >> the bays say they're actually glad when coach walker is hard on them because he cares about them and wants him to succeed. a sacramento girl with cerebral palsy is determined to finish an up coming try at lon with a little help from her dad.
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the two are pushing each other to do their best. >> help me up. all right. >> it's the kind of heavy lifting dad doesn't mind one bit. >> just to get you ready, all strapped up and ready to rock and roll. >> after all, this is father/daughter time that's beyond special. >> how are you doing back there. >> folsom dad and o live yeah are hitting the road to prove physical limitations are no obstacles. 8-year-old olivia has cerebral palsy. she also has a goal, finish her first triathlon. dad knows it's a reyes in which he'll be beaming with pride. >> probably better than finishing any reyes i've ever accomplished. >> toughest part other than transferring olivia during each stage of the race. >> so out of the kayak, i will carry her from the kayak up the river embankment and over the bike transition area.
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>> where olivia won't go along for the ride. she'll pedal her way for a quarter mile then shows us how her reyes will going. she'll walk across that finish line, and oh, by the way, what will she be yelling at her dad pushes and pedals. >> go, daddy, go. >> words of information for dad from a young girl whose race to inspeier others is about to take off. >> what a team. the race is next sunday in sacramento. an i love boston blanket patriots helmet and running shoes are part of a memorial laid out to the tributes of the marathon bombings. next week those items will be removed and preserved in the city archive. liz is back. all right. you're timing out this rain for us. >> we are. we are timing it all out with our future cast. in the meantime we've got another big weather story. it's up in the skies. grab your camera. we've got a supermoon going on, and i think we have live
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pictures right now. that's what it looks like over san francisco's skyline. it's a little brighter, a lit el bigger than what you normally see. it's closer to the earth than normal, as well. let's check out your weather headlines and see what else is going on because as being mentioned we got some pretty major changes heading our way, rain if you can believe it. it's summer, but we are talking rain drops still and going to last a few days. the rains are coming looks like late sunday, late sunday often into early evening but then the warm, dry weather definitely returns by later next week. once again here's that cool supermoon. won't cause any werewol vs to come out but pretty cool sight to see. 66 in the temperature in con cords. it's been a ridge of high pressure that's been keepg us so high and try the past few days. that's now out of here and leaving us with low pressure heading towards the bay area and that's what's going to bring us rain as early as late afternoon
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in the north bay and then slowly spreading farther south. the rest of the bay area monday through thuz it looks like we could see a few wet morning commutes out there definitely for the start of the workweek. again, the chance of rain tomorrow is mainly in the north bay. the rest of us are going to see a lot more clouds. the sunshine we saw today, you isle have to wait until later on next week to see it come back. the majority of the day tomorrow notice the clouds rolling in then late sunday that's when things start to gate little more unsettled north of the golden gate but slowing overnight sunday into monday morning and lasting throughout the day monday, kind of scattered on and off showers, not a huge rain out but enough to stick around through tuesday with that scattered rain. temperatures overnight tonight mainly in the 50s and then tomorrow's highs anywhere from the upper 50s along the coast and pacifica to warming up to 78 in fairfield. that's definitely one of our warmer spots. going to see upper 60s around the bay. 68 is your high tomorrow in
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oakland. checking a few numberings throughout northern california. hot in sacramento. cooler out in eureka. very pleasant day in lake tahoe. highs 74 there. here's check of your forecast. over the next several days, sunday through tuesday, scattered showers in the forecast. the heaviest rain will be in the north bay. we could see a few sprinkles in the south bay then by wednesday that's when things warm up dramatically wednesday through next weekend. we once again see a return of the 90s. so as i mentioned earlier, sunday through next saturday is completely different weather story. >> a little bit of something for everyone. >> it is. it truly is. >> thank you; all right. vern is here with a little bit of something for everybody in the sports world. >> a's and giants wrap up straight ahead and why barry zito was in uniform with a heavy heart today. ,,,,
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kaiser permanente. thrive. thier way with it by winnin9 . all right. nine straight times the giant haves dealt with the marlins roll it into at&t park and having their way with it winning nine in a row. the giants weren't fooling around today. here's familiar scenery at third and king street. giants down one nothing, one on in the fifth before gregor blanco parked it into triple allie. it did bounce over the wall. the ump did rule fan interference. good enough to award barri zito home plate to tie the game up at one. this is zito's first appearance since the death of his father and pitch k again with a heavy heart he recorded five strike outs, seven stroveng innings, allowed just the one run by the
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marlins. great number here. 6-4-3 double play to sup prt him in the sixth inning. this game went to extras, folks. marlins threatening placido po lanco. hunter pence says not today. bottom of the 11th, folks, bases loaded up for sanchez and dumped it into left field. that is your ball game. the giants win 2 to 1. the giants still three games back in the west. the a's up north battling the mariners. hello, young lady. down 2-1 in the fifth. jed lowry strikes. one of three hits for the night. the a's go up 3 to 2. they took a 5 to 2 lead into the 7th but the bullpen could close. banez. a three-run shot to tie it off of jeremy blevins. an inning later they would
11:24 pm
unravel more. nick franklin pokes one into center field. two-run score. frustrating loss for the a's as they couldn't hold on. mariners win it 7 to 5 and the a's have dropped into a first place tie in the american west. the searcher of the tigers is now 11 and 0. he became the first pitcher to do so since roger clemens in 1997 got the win tonight. detroit beat the red sox final up 10 to three. for those wondering where lolo jones is these days, how about iowa. u.s. track and field championships 100-meter hurdle finals got off to a nice start but not how you start. it's how you finish. rollins took first. jones finished fifth. lolo, by the way, part of u.s. bobsled team. now, still to come, bruins, black hawks, one team is one win away from the stanley cup. don't move. female narrator: female narrator: closed captioning brought to you by sleep train. wishing you a sparkling fourth of july. [female vo] looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress?
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. you're looking at a fellow named rus el peert son, chicago black hawks fan already has inc.ed the 2013 stanley cup tattoo on his arm. michael jordan, statute clad in the black arts sweater. jonathan check hard in second period playing against bruins.
11:28 pm
this is game 5. yeah. patrick did the heavy lifting for the black hawks. two goals for the night. black hawks win 3 to 1. they lead the series three games to two. game six in boston monday night. chicago has a chance to hoist lord stanley's cup. soccer earth kwashg in the nation's capitol. the struggles continue. chris pontius, the lone goal of the game on penalty quick. the quakes lose again. one to nothing to dc united. seven times in 17 games this season. to brazil to two soccer poirs, italy, brazil. tied at one in the second half and there goes namar. only got one name. namar kicks it bouetly into the corner of the net. brazil doubles up italy 4 to 2 to finish atop their groove. indoor football. saber cat fans got a lot to cheer about tonight.
11:29 pm
absolutely destroyed the arizona rattlers. nine touchdowns on the night. nine. that's jason willis. catches and slips over the board. catch winners over the division rivals 72 to 42. all right. now, mcmurray won the poll for tomorrow's nascar sprint cup race in sonoma. just after 1:00. the nationwide series wisconsin billy johnson too close for comfort mixes it up with pappas and pappas didn't like that on 17th place finish and let his feelings know with a slap to the side of the helmet. by the way, a. j. almen dinger took the checkered flag for the victory. that's how we put that one to bed with a nice little bow on top. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man in washington state . all he wanted for his 60th birthday was to float away. a man in washington state tied a hundred hiel yum bawl loons to a lawn chair. you know where i'm go wg this, right? his goal to fly over the cascade mountains. this is video of it. this morning he went for it taking water, long johns, oxygen, a smart phone and a radio with him. well, good thing he had that radio because he ended up getting stuck in a tree. he did stay in contact with his family and friends until he was
11:33 pm
rescued. so apparently he was in that tree for several hours, and he took a nap. >> that's a good idea. where did he want to go. >> just over the cascade mountains. he wanted to set a record. >> are you up for that when you turn 60. >> no, no. think of what it cost him to get that together. >> or what it --. >> and what it cost the rescue units. >> that's what i -- is he going to get a bill for that. >> of course he will. >> happy birthday, sir. >> it was a good effort. >> that's it for us. we'll see you tomorrow night at:30. good night. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else,
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