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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. >> what a day. but now what? tonight the new new reality and we ask a question about gay marriage opponents. good evening. i am elizabeth cook. >> i am ken. there has been a big
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celebration all day long. and into the evening after the two big supreme court decisions came down. gay marriage will resume in california, after the justices decision on prop 8. they were split 5-4 but not in the way most people expected. she descented and two consistent conservatives sided with the majority. for the couple that challenged prop able it was a thrilling victory. >> today we could go back to california and say to our own children, your family is just as good as everybody else's family. we love you as much as anybody else's parents love their kids and we will be equal. >> kpix's joe vazquez has some perspective. joe? >> reporter: the organizers
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declared the party over but it is still bustling today tonight. a crowd of thousands here, some talking about the many defeats along the way. [ music playing ] >> one moment i want to cry. one moment i want to laugh. incredible. >> i am over joyed. i can't believe we are here for this historic moment and it means the world for us. can't wait to get married. >> reporter: when? >> as soon as we can. >> absolutely. >> 2008 prop 8 was voted in. five years it was a different mood. >> interesting how quickly the mood changes. >> what do you think made the difference? >> being open and honest. how is anybody going to say i don't have -- brothers -- gay
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brothers, friends. >> after prop 8 -- it was defeat. >> things have changed. telling the truth of their lives. we have been together for 26 days. today his father sent an e-mail out as soon as he heard the news to all the cousins, brothers, sisters, everybody, and it said we won. we won. >> reporter: there were many stories in the crowds tonight. you were out here earlier. some of the folks lived here for generations and some said they have been treated like second class citizens. >> amazing turn around when you think back to 2008. a lot of optimism in the air.
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thank you joe. statewide californians are as split as the supreme court. our poll found half agree with the ruling. 39% disagree. >> when will same-sex marriages resume in california? first the 9th circuit court of appeals has to get the decision. california attorney general kamala harris wants it all sped up. >> we cannot delay or deny individuals their civil rights. and for that reason again i urge the 9th circuit court of appeals to lift the stay as quickly as possible. >> normally the waiting peeryard is -- period is 25 days. that would be july 21. she doesn't want to wait that long but she may have no choice. >> today the governor told all california counties be ready to issue marriage licenses to same-
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sex couple as soon as the court lifts the stay. president obama is with his family but from air force one he called to congratulate the couples who fought prop 8 saying we are proud of you guys. one couple invited the president to their second wedding. the other decision, more of a national impact, doma, defense of marriage act. they are allowing same-sex couple spouses to receive benefits. 5 justices for the repeal. 4 against. kpix's linda yee on how they came to their decision and the impact has t has on -- it has on duchess of on -- on gay
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couples. >> reporter: a stigma upon all who enter same-sex marriages made lawful by the authority of the state. it tells couples and the world that their valid marriages are unworthy of federal recognition. that distinction violate constitutional guarantees of liberty, equality ask dignity. -- and dignity. it has consequences. more than 1,000 federal statutes and regulations are effected. other laws regulating bankruptcy, housing and social security. even veteran's benefits. same-sex couple will get the same benefits as heterosexual couples. she challenged the law after her partner of 40 years died and she was hit with $363,000
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in federal estate taxes. >> children born today will grow up in a world without doma and they will be free to love and get married as we did but with the same benefits, protections and dignity as everyone else. >> reporter: today's ruling does not mean that state laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. but in a separate decent she said the majority is signaling it will reach that point at some point. linda yee, kpix 5. >> there are many people unhappy. the supreme court over turned the will of california voters. >> every child needs a mother and a father. >> the state has no right
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taredefine marriage -- to redefine marriage. >> this may hit a nerve, 1950s and 1960s back then americans talked about whether it was okay tatreat blacks differently. imagine -- to treat blacks differently. imagine that tonight. tonight if you are not in favor of same-sex marriage do you feel like an outcast in this society? >> reporter: while supporters celebrated in the streets today the reaction from opponents was fast and furious. >> twin victories for the homosexual movement brought shame to america. >> is this the new this? >> and i say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. >> at some point in the shadow of the 1964 supreme court
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ruling that outlawed segregation journalist stopped asking questions like this. >> how do you feel about integrated passengers? >> reporter: after today are gay marriage opponents obsolete? >> we are not at the point when the supreme court outlaud segregation and we stopped -- out lawed segregation and we stopped. >> reporter: she says it is the job of the media to continue to give vice gay marriage opponents after all the supreme court did not outlaw gay marriage bans like it outlawed segregation. >> we are leaving it to the
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state, media have an obligation to obluigation -- obligation to cover it. >> reporter: 7 million voters voted for prop 8. >> we should continue to do that and shouldn't fear we are somehow offending the popular view. >> reporter: california's initiative process means we could see more prop 8 ballot style measures down had -- down the road. >> this is not a universal thought that goes through america. there is still 30 plus states that have anti-same-sex marriage on their books. it is a divided nation. we live in a place, california, the bay area, there is a more
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liberal view point. can you equate civil rights with gay rights? >> it is controversial. a lot of african americans are torn on whether that is legitimate to make that comparison. i would say we definitely know there is this -- this has become a civil rights issue. unclear if there is a direct comparison. >> we have norms that change all the time. >> absolutely. >> thank you. 5 days from now bart could come to a halt. why you could be in trouble even if you come up with a plan b. >> a woman bleeding and calling for help identifies her killer with her dying breath. >> how an afternoon of drinking beer led to a man hunt for one of the bay area's most wanted.
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it has been a land mark day for same-sex couples across the country and san francisco is still celebrating tonight. here is a live look at city
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hall. the spot when then mayor gavin newsom put the debate into over drive in 2004 when he orders clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. lawsuits resulting from the decision prompted the supreme court to over turn california's marriage laws. the battle has been raging ever since and today he had this to say. >> i feel proud for all of the lives that have been affirmed and families whose lives are better today. >> it is unclear when weddings will resume. clerks are bracing for the rush. some are even taking reservations. the latest on the bart strike. big bay area business group is
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warning it could be a disaster if it goes off. unions, contracts are set to expire sunday. meaning a strike could happen monday morning. transit authorities are encouraging bay area businesses to work with their employees, find alternative ways to get around now before it is too late. transit buses, ferries. >> half hour trip will take twice that and it will cost me 20 buck as day. i won't be able to sustain it. >> i have been through strikes, delays are horrible. 15, 20 minutes at a time. it will inconvenience my job schedule. >> ridership is way up. 400,000 people ride bart every day. the last strike was in 1997. to make matters worse ac
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transit workers could also go on strike if bart goes on strike. their contract runs out on sunday just like bart's. tonight police are searching for a killer and they know who they are looking for because the victim told them before she died. a guy opened the door of his house and discovered a woman covered in blood. police say lorena martinez had been stabbed multiple times. >> she was saying somebody help me, please. trying to kill me. >> she was layed out here. >> with her last breath lorena martinez named her friend and neighborhood victor mejia as her attacker. he stole his friend's car and dumped it. tonight they don't know where she. a spotlight on one of the bay area's most wanted men. he has been on the run for two years after his drinking buddy
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wound up dead. >> reporter: the blood tells the story. >> it was beyond rage. he was angry. he was upset. he was in a fit of not in control of himself. talking multiple stab wounds. >> reporter: in 2011 the victim and the suspect were drinking beer in the suspect's garage. by 2:00 a.m. they began arguing. police say he pulled a knife. he tried to run but he caught up to him and stabbed him 15 times. >> we have stab wounds in the finger. which is indicative of him trying to defend himself. he didn't stop after one wound he continued on and on and on. >> reporter: he lost blood,
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getting weak. he collapsed on the grass and died in the shadows. a jogger found him but by them he had a five hour head start. >> he called his family claiming he was taking a bus to mexico and then he ditched his cell phone. >> he might be in his home region. all deep inside the territory of drug cartels. his mother likely knows where he is but won't give him up. >> it is frustrating. we just want justice. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> he tried to talk to the family but police believe they moved out of the area. and how are you tonight on this wednesday night? on the verge of a heat wave. the numbers warm. 70 degrees at concord. mostly clear except long the
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shorelines. step outside and see the moon. it is in the consolation aquarius and it is just rising. have a look. beautiful sight. and it is about the only thing that will be waning for the next week because we have a heat wave. we will warm up, san francisco tomorrow, 67 degrees is average. concord 85 is average. but we will begin to get above average for tomorrow. temperatures from 2-7 degrees warm up. temperatures climb. highs near 100 degrees inland friday. hot weekend ahead all because of high pressure is nudging over the bay area and it will stay warm right through tuesday. tomorrow looks warm as well. 74 in the city. 85 in san jose. 89 concord. south bay, in the 80s. we will bump them up a couple degrees a day. east bay 91. 91 brentwood. north bay upper 80s.
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getting warm up there. lake port 97. clear lake 95. near 100 degrees on friday and once we get there we will stay there. weekend looks hot inland. the beach stays on the mild side with readings in the 70s. the weather is hot. the giant are not. dennis has the details after a break. ,, ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival.
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dennis, what is up with the giants? >> they are going this way and the dodgers are going this way. the dodgers have been in the division seller all season. vince scally started calling games in 1950. tim lincecum was on his game till the 6th. los angeles scores three runs to take a 4-2 lead. 9th inning, clayton kershaw was pulled. good move. he strikes out hunter pence. then the panda. and then brandon belts pops out to end the game.
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nice play. clayton kershaw is 10-4 against san francisco. giants are swept. a's and reds. he belts his 12 home run of the year. three run shot. a's 3-0. plenty of support for that man a.j. griffin. tossed a two hit shut out. went all 9 innings for the first time in his career and complete the sweep. aaron hernandez was one of the best young tight ends in the nfl, tonight he is in a jail cell. he was arrested today and pled not guilty to first degree murder charges of his friend odin lloyd. he was held without bail and released by the patriots who gave him a $40 million contract just last summer. we will be right back with tonight's top 5. barehands
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number two, group of fans ran out on the field at the college world series last night. number one, another shocker, wimbledon champion roger federer beaten by 116th rank in four sets in the second round. roger federer and rafael nadal are both out. blame the media. >> you hyped it up so much and we are both out. there is a let down clearly. disrespectful to the other opponents. really. sends a message to you guys as well. maybe you shouldn't do that. >> that's right. >> blame the media. roger federer and out, rafael nadal is out, blame the media. >> thank you. [ talking at the same time ] >> i will take the heat on this one. thank you. we will be right back.
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kpix 5 news is sponsored by mazda. david letterman is next with jamie jamie foxx. >> it is going to get hot tomorrow. >> giants will win?
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>> they will not play and they will not lose. >> that is a win. >> good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, america's sweetheart, david letterman! (cheers and applause)


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