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air force base. because this is a military ordnance, that they don't know a lot about, they want military experts to explode it. so we are waiting for that bomb squad to get here to explode it on site. nobody wants to handle it. the reason they have to be careful, all the crews here get training in unexploded ordnance so that they know when they dig around here this is a former military base, that there could be these types of artifacts out here. >> have to be so careful. linda, thank you. more explosives were detonated today in front of a house in san jose. neighbors were evacuated while the bomb squad blew up three world war ii era grenades. people cleaning out a house where the homeowner died found the grenades this morning in a box. the bomb squad determined they were too unstable to move. so a sand bunker was built in the front yard where the grenades and several old
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shotgun shells were detonated. no one was injured. and crews are working to put out this fire in san ramon. you can see the roof on at least two homes have been completely gutted. the fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon in the 100 block of rush creek court. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. new developments on that looming bart strike. the transit agency is sweetening the deal to keep workers from walking off the job. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is in oakland, where both sides are still talking. ryan. >> reporter: if there is a strike monday, union reps say they will try to let the public know by tomorrow but there are no promises. >> waiting for counterproposals and conversations. >> reporter: as talks continue behind these doors, let us remember the talk this week has been heated on both sides. >> the district is totally ignoring us. >> the safety issues i'll repeat what's been said before are a smoke screen to not talk about a 23.2% raise increase request. >> reporter: today bart started
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to change its tune offering a package it says moves towards the union's stance on pension, benefits and salaries and includes two safety concessions. remember that smoke screen bart said it would not talk about in. >> two days ago it was, we're not talking safety. we're not going to bring those into these negotiations. yet it seems like they caved on that. >> none of this is a cave. none of this can be classified as a cave. we are trying to get conversation going in the right path. >> reporter: these are test negotiations. union members gave the go-ahead to strike if necessary. if a strike were to happen, union negotiators told me they would like to give riders a 72- hour heads up. but it's not a promise. >> i can't imagine how long it's going to take me to get -- to go. >> figure out your alternatives. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission suggests you get a backup plan. but the biggest part of their backup plan, ac transit has a contract ending sunday. the same day as bart. it's not clear if their workers might strike too. >> we'll be at the table as
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long as we have somebody to negotiate with. >> reporter: the uncertainty ahead is fueling the planning now because not many know what's going on privately behind these doors. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about one backup option. carpooling. in fact, casual carpooling. and i took a ride from the east bay today. we'll let you know how that went. live in oakland, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. right now, the unions don't have an official position on the new offer. both sides are taking a quick break from the contract talks. they will resume at 7:00 tonight. talks are also scheduled for tomorrow and throughout the weekend. two killings in east oakland in a four-hour span. the latest victim, a 34-year- old man who was beaten to death on macarthur boulevard this morning just hours earlier, a young father was gunned down while riding eye bike at 5:30 on "a" street near international boulevard. more than a dozen shots were fired. the 24-year-old kyle porter, his father spoke to kpix 5
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after he learned of his son's death. >> daddy, you know this and that about his son. and i would tell him. you need to spend time with him. now that's been taken away, man. you know, i mean you can't really explain -- i don't understand why it happened. >> no arrests in either shooting, which brings oakland's murder rate now to 45 this year. new details in the murder investigation involving former nfl star aaron hernandez. hernandez was formally charged today in the killing of his friend odin lloyd last week. now the ex-patriots player is being questioned for a double murder that happened last year. the drive-by shooting happened after a fight at any boston nightclub. investigators -- -- after a fight at a nightclub in boston. he may have had information about a double murder. more than half of the 30 counts against 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev could bring
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life in prison or the death penalty. he has been indicted by eye grand jury. he is charged with using a weapons of mass destruction to kill and injure people on april 16. his older brother tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police days after. new at 5:00, sweeping immigration reform. the senate passed historic legislation that will clear the way for millions of undocumented immigrants to gain american citizenship. the bipartisan bill passed 68- 32. in addition to providing a path to citizen ship, it could add 20,000 new border patrol agents and 700 miles fencing along the u.s./mexico border. house republicans concerned about amnesty warned the legislation may be dead on arrival. >> the house is going to take up and vote on whatever the senate passes. >> the white house already says it backs the senate bill.
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the amendment to beef up border security has a $30 billion price tag. with just a week to go before the america's cup summer of racing kicks off, organizers gave as you a sneak peek today. you are looking at the america's cup park facilities at piers 27 and 29. the crews are putting the finishing touches on everything from hospitality suites to spectator areas. >> will this show go on as planned? kpix 5's don knapp joins us live with the status update. >> reporter: these elite racing teams spent up to $160 million each, about a half billion dollars so far to win the america's cup so they are looking for every advantage whether it means changing the rules or fighting to keep those rules from being changed. >> reporter: luna rosa's racing crew was practicing on the bay today with just a week before the start of preliminary rounds in the america's cup. but a spokesman for the italian
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team says it will file a protest for the cup's international jury. the protest centers on a rules change requiring a rudder modification. rules negotiators battled for weeks over a list of safety recommendations prompted by the may capsizing of the artemis boat that killed olympic sailor andrew simpson. force most part the 37 recommendations are not controversial. >> it's like having a defibrillator in the chase boat having a guy rigged up with a scuba suit ready to go, having automated crew locators, but the one sticking point as far as we can tell is the new zealanders are hung up about the issue of rudder elevators. >> reporter: as well as the italian. they say it violates class rules and requires unanimous approval. neither team approves. >> whether it be a boat or airplane, they steer through the rudders and big rudders steering well. >> reporter: the required
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modification adds fins on the rudder under water to hold the stern down when the boat is sailing over the waves. >> if your rudder comes out of the water you have no way to control the boat. >> reporter: but the larger under water rudder surface may alter performance. >> now the teams are look at it purely for competitive reasons. some teams like it, some teams don't. >> reporter: steven barkley says the race will go on no matter what happens with that protest again with the international jury. and, of course, the rudder issue is at the base of this protest. so whatever happens with that may be an advantage or disadvantage to some of the teams the race will go on, the mercury will go up. get ready for five straight days of heat coming our way. mobile weather showing us a look from twin peaks beautiful shot of the city. we're talking triple digits in some parts of the bay area. brian hackney is in for paul tonight. >> we have started to get hot today and it's going to be with us for at least the next five
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days. right now, concord has 91. livermore is at 93. santa rosa is at 90 degrees. there's excessive heat advisories that will be posted this weekend for inland bay area. highs this weekend from 75 to 108 degrees in the warmest protected inland valleys so be sure to keep an eye on kids and on pets, on the elderly. and once it gets hot it's going to stay there. we'll have the extended forecast in a few minutes and you will see it's going to stay smoking right through tuesday. we'll have the forecast coming up. it's a wild party to begin with. but after the prop 8 decision pride weekend is going to be bigger than ever. how bay area businesses are cashing in. atms in space? how the silicon valley getting serious about the future of space travel. >> i am quite concerned about it. >> a three-parent baby. britain could be on the verge
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of allowing a controversial technique. the heated debate over this groundbreaking treatment. ,, ,,,,,,
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just wait. the excitement if you thought the celebration in the castro last night over the same-sex marriage ruling was big, just wait. the excitement for gay pride festivities this weekend is building even more now. local hotels say bookings for this weekend shot up since the supreme court news. and people are planning to stay even longer. >> kpix 5's john ramos talked to some business owners who expect standing room only. >> reporter: it seems kind of silly to talk about the pride celebration being raucous and crowded. it's always that way. but no one quite knows what to expect from the party the supreme court is throwing this weekend. >> probably another quarter million maybe people. that's what i'm hearing. >> reporter: a quarter million more people all trying to jam into a three-block stretch of
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castro street anticipating an off the hook party. at louie's barbershop that means one thing. >> all the people in town, they come to see us, they want to look fabulous. >> fabulous, exactly. >> court rulings yesterday, it's just good to get them extra vibrancy into the celebration of pride. >> reporter: they got a little taste of that last evening when thousands of people showed up to celebrate. since no one knew exactly when the decision was coming down, a lot of businesses were caught off guard. >> last night was more celebratory, more people than there have been. >> reporter: what do you think saturday is going to be like? >> i think it's going to be a party. >> reporter: so businesses are gearing up for the perfect storm of cha-ching weekends. at the castro coffee company, ken curry sells, well, coffee. but he is no fool. he also holds a beer and wine license that he hauls out for these occasions. >> we'll have to get them loaded up and the next day they
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will have to come for coffee. >> reporter: at this bar they are stocked up for the weekend. this place will be standing room only. >> every hotel is packed. they are spending money in the restaurants. so from an economic viewpoint, it's a win-win for san francisco. it's a pride win for the gay community. and for small businesses it's a bonanza. >> reporter: in fact, could you say it's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. on castro street, john ramos, kpix 5. >> san francisco pride celebration is the largest in the nation with more than 200 parade participants, 300 vendors and more than 20 stages and music venues. clorox cleaning up a pr mess. >> how a humorous post about new dads made some fathers furious. >> plus, breaking down the doma benefits for same-sex couples. the big changes on how to take advantage of the tax relief. ,,
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titled "six mistakes new da clorox is in hot water over an online post depicting first- time fathers as dumb. six mistakes dads make, dressing them backward, eating off the floor, watching reality tv, taking them to casinos and
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pool halls. >> what's wrong with that? >> clorox removed the post saying it was meant to be lighthearted. a silicon valley company is going where no business has gone before. paypal announced its galactic initiative to handle payments for transactions in outer space. no joke. paypal says it's, quote, dead serious about getting into the expanding field of space tourism. le. >> the time is now. as space tourism as commercial space investment really kicks off, it's true we are going to need a way to think sort of beyond the confines of the earth about currency. >> the company joins a growing number of silicon valley businesses investing in space tourism. >> u.s. mortgage rates have hit the highest level in two years. the average rate on a 0 year fixed loan -- 30-year fixed loan is nearly 4.5% up fro 3.93 just last week. according to freddie mac that's
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the biggest weekly jump in the 30-year rate since 1987. double dose of good news added up to a sunny day on wall street. word that consumer spending is up, jobless claims are down, sent the dow surging. the index added 11 for its third straight triple-digit gain. nasdaq and s&p were also up. it's a whole new world for same-sex couples in the wake of yesterday's supreme court rulings. christin ayers on some of the bottom line impact. >> reporter: same-sex couples will soon see changes as soon as they say i do. >> their lives will change in terms of their relationship to the federal government. >> reporter: and david of santa clara university school of law says the biggest change will be how they are treated as taxpayers. federal laws can seem more advantageous to couples where one partner earns more than the other. yesterday's ruling means couples can go back and amend their tax returns for up to
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three years. >> three years is generally the period of time during which either you or the government can go back and reopen a return. >> reporter: that same three- year amendment period also applies to inheritance taxes something at the heart of yesterday's supreme court ruling. so same-sex couples who were forced to pay inheritance taxes can now try to recoup some of those costs. another huge change, social security. same-sex married couples will get the same benefits now enjoyed by heterosexual married couples. >> that is a big thing that is a benefit. it's a large benefit. >> reporter: another benefit, healthcare. married gay partners will not have to pay taxes on benefits extended to their spouse. big changes experts say will mean more money for most same- sex married couples but not all. >> there are certain little pockets of situations where someone could be worse off because of being married but on the whole, it's a win. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> another important perk same-
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sex married partners should be able to get coverage on their spouse's health insurance plans immediately instead of having to wait for an open enrollment period. brian hackney in for paul tonight. it's heating up out there. >> there's a lot going on so we'll dispense with the happy badinage. temperatures are soaring over the bay area. we pull back from the bridge, the old back-to-back suspension span, and reveal the city as you look down market street, looks pretty night. but it's going to get warm this weekend. 91 in concord, livermore 93. san jose 84. santa rosa 90. if you are going out to take in a game tonight the as are playing the cardinals and at 7:05 p.m. should be clear and war. alameda county fair the temperature will be 100 degrees and that's not stop fair-goers from enjoying the alameda county fair. it offers a handful of rides
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and attractions. they have a hypnotist, possibly to train you not to worry about the warm weather. horseracing out there and fireworks and, of course, the deep fried food it's all happening this weekend at the alameda county fair. they expect the temperature of 100 degrees. also the san francisco pride this weekend at the civic center, that's probably going to drawing a big crowd about 79 degrees. what happens next? temperatures at 100 degrees inland. beaches remain in the 70s so if you need to cool off, the westerlies will kick in in the afternoon. they have today. we have westerly winds to about 20 miles per hour. we'll still have hot temperatures through tuesday and high pressure builds from the desert southwest moves over the pacific, as a result it will be hot right through tuesday especially inland. the beaches don't look like they are going to get much above the 70s though. weekend highs on the average at this time of year are in the mid-80s. but in some spots we'll be as much as 17 degrees warmer than average with livermore on saturday at 101. if you are heading out getting ready for a holiday weekend, the numbers will be in the 100s
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in the great valley, 83 yosemite. san francisco tomorrow 74. concord 97. san jose 89. 80s in the south bay tomorrow with 89 at san jose, morgan hill though up to 98 degrees. half moon bay nice at 70. 98 for san ramon. 98 at livermore. 101 in brentwood. 85 at mill valley. in the far north, santa rosa reaches 93. clearlake at 95. extended forecast, we begin to hit 100 tomorrow and we are going to stay there right through tuesday in the warmest spots so we have an excessive heat advisory that's posted. we get relief wednesday and thursday. looks like it. but there's some divergence on the models. we'll see. >> i know it's tough for some people especially the elderly and those with medical conditions but i love it when it gets hot. >> it is nice. but there are those who despise it so the beach will be a good place to go. a baby with dna from three different parents. britain calls it a medical breakthrough. but is the world really ready for this controversial technique? ,,
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baby to be born. the hospit where former president nels
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mandela is in critical condition. the 94-year old anti-aparthd spitalized since site africans have been singing -- south africans have been singing and lighting candles outside the hospital where nelson mandela is in critical condition. he has been hospitalized since june 8 with a severe lung infection. president obama is getting updates on mandela's health as he begins a six-day tour of africa. tonight the world is one step closer to allowing a new kind of baby to be born. this baby will be created with dna from not two but three parents. while all eyes are on the royal baby-to-be, it's another baby brewing in england that's now raising a ruckus. >> i am quite concerned about it. >> reporter: the chief medical officer for her majesty's government has endorsed a controversial technique. the technology puts one woman's healthy dna into another woman's donated egg and then fertilizing it with a man's sperm. the intent, to help a very small number of couples avoid
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passing on a rare genetic disease. but some believe it crosses a line. >> this one really isn't about sick babies. >> reporter: marcy is the executive director at the center for genetics and society in berkeley. she says if britain takes this step, not only will it violate dozens of international treaties, it will open the floodgates to future designer babies. >> we could be looking at wealthy parents who try to change their children, their future children, biologically to have traits that would give them another leg up in the world. and that's where we think we could be setting off a kind of a rat race of designer babies. >> reporter: not only that, she says the safety of the technique is in doubt. its usefulness is questionable and the government's claims of public support misleading at best. parliament is expected to debate the final guidelines for this procedure next year. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening
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news." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, liz and ken. great to be with you in the bay area. a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. that is just one of the major provisions that passed overwhelmingly today in the united states senate. part of immigration reform. we're going to tell you what it means. also, we will have a follow-up to yesterday's decisions on gay marriage from the united states supreme court. that will be coming to you from one of our correspondents in california. and a former fbi agent has testified today that he took payoffs from boston mobster whitey bulger and bulger had a few choice words in his own trial today. details on those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,
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supreme court: thanks. but no thanks. plus: new at 6:00 tonight, why some gay couples in the bay area are sending a message to the u.s. supreme court. thanks but no thanks. >> plus -- >> i couldn't stop smiling. tired smiling at the end of the day. >> how one of yesterday's rulings means this couple won't have to say good-bye to each other. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. a new approach to immigration has passed the senate with bipartisan support. nancy cordes on what this means. a former f.b.i. agent testifies that he took bribes from boston mobster james "whitey" bulger. bulger had a few choice words of his own. don dahler was in the courthouse. major garrett breaks news with the president in the hunt for the man revealing america's secrets. >> reporter: mr. president, will you use u.s. military assets to in any way intercept mr. snowden? >> pelley: and paul lopez put his life on hold to fight for his country. carter evans reports 69 years later he's gone back in time to live his dream. captioning sponsored by captioning sponsored by cbs with scott p this is the "cbs evening news"


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