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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  August 31, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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that final dash to the fini line caltrans good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> this is exciting.
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this is kinds of -- final stretch. it's that final dash to the finish line. >> caltrans updating the progress of the work on the new bay bridge. so far everything is on schedule. and taking a live look at our clock. counting down to the opening of the new eastern span. bridge officials say things are looking good for a 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning opening if not sooner. kpix 5's bring quan webb took -- brian webb took a tour of the new span. brian? >> reporter: we're almost to the end of day three. crews are still hard at work over here on the oakland side. you can make them out doing some striping and some asphalt work back there and officials tell us unless something strange pops up like an unexpected rainstorm, by tuesday morning, the bay area will have a brand new bridge. the new bray bridge with -- bay bridge with 150 year life span is just a few days away. >> here's the construction update. construction continues on schedule. the progress has been good. >> reporter: we facebook a tour on the -- took a tour on the
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pearly white grand new bay bridge today with a camera strapped to a highway patrol car leading the way. up to the spot where 400 workers have been grinding, paving and painting their way 24 hours a day towards the finish line. >> we aren't seeing any issues coming up. s. >> this is the most dramatic part so far. the demolition. a 1,000-foot section of the old bridge is already gone so there's no turning back now. when you work on a bridge you need big equipment all the way down to the tires. these tires are called straddle terrier tires. this one is 12-foot across and weighs 2,000 pounds. a lot of the focus today is on the dark damp tar stained tunnel. fitting it with new l. e. d. lights and cleaning it with a superstrong squirt gun. >> start right now with just hot water and see what it does. if we have to add some form of a cleaning product, we will. >> reporter: chp reports with the bridge closed, traffic tie- ups have been bad but about what they expected. >> we didn't notice any
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significant incidents related to those things other than of course just the traffic and the usual incidents that come along with that. >> reporter: so the 11 year, $6.5 billion project is almost within reach. and the big deal tomorrow installing a temporary wooden bike path here on the oakland site. it will be up until a permanent one takes its place. that could be six to 12 months down the road. >> at 5:30 you said you'd update the dreaded s. curve. >> reporter: the s. curve is the thing of the path. no more -- past. no more rumble strips. we saw it today. it's a straight shot right through 50 miles an hour drivers are surely going to be happy to hear about that. >> a welcome sight. brian webb thank you. and when the new span opens it will be the largest self- anchored suspension span in the world at more than 2,000 feet. the main tower has four legs designed to move with the shaking of an earthquake. and etc. foundation is anchored by
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concrete pilings driven about 200 feet beneath the san francisco bay. in the 1930s, 28 construction workers died and there have been no fatalities on the construction of the new span. now b.a.r.t. continues to be a popular choice to get around the bay bridge closure. there are no official numbers for today yet, but b.a.r.t. tells us ridership was up this morning compared to last saturday. and yesterday, more than 457,000 people rode b.a.r.t.. it was the agency's fourth busiest day ever. but not as busy as thursday when more than 475,000 people took b.a.r.t.. okay so b.a.r.t. is certainly one option but there are others. and we have a list for you on our survival guide on our website, president obama says he is ready to take action against syria but he wants congress to authorize the use of military force. >> while i believe i have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, i know that the country will be stronger if we
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take this course. >> the white house says evidence shows syrian president assad's regime launched a chemical attack ten days ago. that attack killed more than 1400 people including 426 children. >> what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price? >> congress is on vacation and won't be able to act on the president's request until after september 9th. the united nations is also investigating what happened in syria. its report won't be completed for about three weeks. [ people chanting ] this protest in charlotte, north carolina just one of many from coast to coast opposing u.s. intervention in syria. kpix 5's anne makovec shows us the demonstrations here in the bay area. >> get your hands off syria. >> reporter: around 100 people gathered in san francisco today to protest a possible u.s.
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military attack on syria. >> we are here to condemn any, any, any type of military assault, any bombing against the people of syria. >> reporter: protestors said what's happening today is reminiscent of the buildup to the iraq war. >> it's again the u.s. government sending out a political line, saying that there's a country that we should be afraid of. when in reality ten years later we see the disaster that iraq was. >> world peace. >> reporter: people also gathered at a protest outside of city hall in san jose, many urging leaders to allow the united nations to continue investigating bashar al-assad's regime. [ people chanting ] demonstrations went on simultaneously across the country from a handful of anti- war protesters at the texas capital of austin to a much larger event in boston, massachusetts. >> we're used to -- consciousness and bringing the message to the people. >> reporter: a message saying the u.s. should spend its money here at home and stop playing police to the world. >> these interventions are
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extremely selective. it's based on power and wealth and the interest of empires. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> one of the largest international protests against u.s. intervention was in london. earlier this week, parliament voted down prime minister david cameron's plan to join a u.s. military strike in syria. it's something the auto industry has never seen. even since the first cars rolled off the assembly lines in the '20s. why this weekend could be historic for dealerships. >> if at first you don't succeed, try try again. for the fifth time, this endurance swimmer is trying to go from cuba to florida, her biggest challenge outside of fatigue. ,,
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humans because there was no lightning in the area. more than 219,000 acres have burned and the fire is 35% contained as of this morning. but for the first time, the smoke is drifting into yosemite valley obscuring the views for tourists and also grounded fire fighting aircraft because of low visibility. you see them everywhere. labor day sales everything from clothes to furniture. labor day is also a busy time for car dealerships. kpix 5's john ramos tells us this year, a number of factors are coming together that could make this weekend the mother of all car sales. >> reporter: the streamers are flying at the nissan in concord. but things look kind of quiet. the same is true at future ford. so where are all the customers? >> you know they'll have all their shopping done. they might have already been to our store. and they're just waiting for that moment. >> reporter: that moment is labor day weekend. when car companies offer incentives to boost sales and this month's sales nothing
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short of epic. jd power estimates that in august alone, americans will spend nearly $36 billion for new cars. making this the highest grossing month ever. >> there was a lot of weight in sea going on for a few years and even after the economy's recovered and people are back to work more, there is still a little bit of a conservative view. >> reporter: that new frugality means people are holding on to olds cars longer testimony average car on the road is now estimated to be 11.4 years old and those cars are starting to wear out. >> we had a lady come? . her car was on the last leg and she was ready for a new car: she drove it and it died and it barely made it in here. i have to get to work tomorrow. and get me in something and that worked. >> not a lot of salesmanship on that one. >> not at all. >> reporter: there are other factors as well. prices are up. the average car now costs over
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$31,000. but consumer credit is easing. meaning more people can buy. even the calendar is helping out. providing five full weekends this month for new car shoppers. >> for a long time, people were a little bit more downtrodden. people are a little sick and tired of being sick and tired and they want to go out there and enjoy the fruits of their labor. >> reporter: all things considered it's a good month to be a car dealer. >> are you optimistic about the future? >> i am. yeah. definitely. >> reporter: are you optimistic about this weekend? >> this weekend is going to be fantastic, no question. >> reporter: in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and dealers say their best incentives will be offered this weekend but they may not be goods a few years ago when inventories were high and the people were not buying. say it isn't so. oh yes it is. we have thunderstorms back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as the news continues right her on kpix 5 -- here on kpix 5.
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nyad jumped into the waters havana, cuba today... for fifth try at there she goes again. endurance swimmer diana nyad jumped into the waters off havana, cuba today for her fifth try at the 103-mile swim to key west, florida. the 64-year-old has failed in four previous attempts. jellyfish stings were the pull
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pretty. this time, she's wearing a -- culprit. this time she's wearing a mask for protection. if she completes the trip she will hold the record for the longest unassisted open ocean swim. i'm going to swim. i do two miles a week at the lake. and it was a couple of other guys and we always say we're going to swim four miles and the end of the lake and back. and we still have not done it yet. >> you have about 100 to catch up to. >> i know right? hey some interesting doings going on. my son michael attends the university of oklahoma and today was the very first big football game. 55,000 students and look what happened. 109-degree heat there in norman, oklahoma. he reported to me that kids were just collapsing due to heat exhaustion. they're at the football game. and so mom said it's time for you to leave. and he mindfully did leave. all right. let's bring you back closer to home and update you on the sooners and the conditions of the students as well.
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now 60s 70s and 80s across the board. did you see the beautiful clouds behind me here from dublin to mount diablo? they are all associated with tropical moisture moving in. these clouds and the form of some patchy fog and low clouds rolling into ocean beach at this hour where the temperatures now drop to 58 degrees. factor in a west wind at 20. gusts up to 25. downright chilly at the coasts on this labor day holiday. becoming cloudy tonight for everybody overnight. tomorrow morning we wake up gray and then end up with partly sunny conditions. and then we have the probability and possibility of thunderstorms right here in the forecast. today's high 63-degrees in pacifica. to 92 degrees. a piece in napa and also at the delta. fairfield at 92 degrees and 80 in san jose which is spot on for this time of the year. 50s and 60s for overnight lows tonight and the winds begin to dial back. this is interesting, watch the futurecast and watch the clouds because this is important. if you have outdoor activity plans, notice during the day we'll have increasing cloud
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cover. here's your 8:00 and 9:00. a stray shower acceptly possible sr -- certainly possible east bay. also across the south bay for labor day morning when you wake up and during the day it looks like for the inpourings and the southern portion of the bay area, we have that threat of a stray shower and that possibility of a thunderstorm. it's all associated with this right here. that, subtropical moisture. that again is lifting up in a northerly direction through the desert southwest and once it does so it bangs up against a ridge of high pressure and knocks its back and result is, we have a little fight going on here. sure still have some warm numbers but we have some muggy conditions and that chance of a stray shower. so this is how i'm playing out your day for sunday. 60s at the beaches and 70s and 80s and partly sunny conditions at the peninsula. 7 #s to the mid and high 80s across the valley drifting south. east of the bay we'll go all the way up to 88 degrees the brentwood and increasing cloud cover and north of the bridge temperatures from the 60s at the beach through the 70s, 8 #s upstream 88 degrees in clear lake. the seven day forecast, a
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chance of a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow night. beginning roughly about 8:00. then a chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm throughout your labor day. hot day on friday. oh big doings tomorrow. >> oh right. >> alameda county fairgrounds, it was gridlock there today. i actually went running by the fairgrounds. >> a fun event. >> yeah lots of fun. >> all right. >> what's wrong with that? i love it. that's lots of fun. >> thank you so much. >> and speaking of skirts -- >> i have -- i have worn a kilt. i've tossed a kaber. >> i also believe in comfort. >> he's wearing shorts. >> all right but a suit and tie up here. i look like a pro this way don't i? here's what i have. nfl cutdown day, who made it and who didn't? and a long good-bye for one 49er mainstay. don't move. nnouncer 't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does.
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49ers...the longest tenured niner, is let go.... nfl cutdown day. rosters had to be trimmed from 75 to 53. and the case of the 49ers, the longest tenured niner is let go. brian jennings, the long snapper with the team since 2000 was cut by the 49ers today in favor of rookie kevin mcdermott. and now jennings two-time pro bowler shared the team record with 208 consecutive games played. his first niners' coach, steve mariucci. here's the business part of it
6:53 pm
folks. jennings also earned about a half million more per season than the rookie. so 21 players in total didn't make the 53 man roster including -- y the way, qb seneca wallace he has not retired, contrary to who lad an impressive last couple of games by the way -- quarterback wallace has not retired contrary to what jim harbaugh had stated. raiders parting ways with a former 49er as part of their cutdown day. andre carter remember him with the 49ers and earlier with cal? he was with the raiders since mid-way of last season. but he just didn't show enough to the coaches. to stay on. and so he was let go. also let go today was linebacker omar gaither -- qb tim tebow is av interesting to note that the
6:54 pm
raiders will keep four quarterbacks on their roster. speaking of quarterbacks, tim tebow, he's available. for the second time in the preseason, he has been cut. this time by the patriots. tebow remains one of the most polarizing figures in the league. tebow sent out a tweet thanking the entire organization. in the preseason he threw for two touchdowns and two interceptions. all right, we're about a half hour away from the beginning of the sunny dikes keeping era at -- coaching era at cal. no cupcakes on the schedule. three of the first four games are against ranked opponents, ohio state and oregon later in september and tonight number 22 northwestern. these bears not afraid of the tough teams. >> i mean our kids like to compete. you know they want -- they like the challenge of playing a tough schedule. and we're going to know where we are. i mean that's the good thing about this schedule. we're not going to play three games out of conference play and still wonder you know where
6:55 pm
do we need to improve and how good of a team is this? we're going to know after week one. and hey the oregon ducks -- not exactly playing topnotch competition to open it up. hosting nichols state. it was ducks all day. they piled it on. won by a final of 66-3. switching gears to golf. tiger woods and filmic ellison in the same pairing again -- phil mickelson in the same pairing again. deutsche bank round two. mickelson into the rough from the junk. he is five strokes back after an even round. tiger woods five birdies on the afternoon. 4 under for the day. good enough to put him sixth strokes back of the leader sergio garcia. 7 under 64 here an eagle on 18. he's got a one stroke lead career of the field -- clear of the field. outside of boston. hey, kids, this is something you don't' every day. -- see every day.
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over in redwood city, it was an afternoon of boxing. as i continue to wax poe etically until the rest of the control room tries to roll the videotape. what i was -- vamping for was a little boxing for this afternoon. it was called beautiful brawlers. 17 bouts, all females. in fact we'll show a little smidgen of it coming up -- right here. yeah. there it is. they're at the sportshouse. the woman in white. maggie butcher. how's that for a boxing name? against matty bannen. again all 17 scheduled bouts, the beautiful brawlers and there's the 2012 olympian. queen underwood. >> i think it's on the rise right now with the whole big break of it coming out in the london games in 2012. i think a lot of people are getting more aware of women boxing and putting on shows and
6:57 pm
events like this can help bring out the sport of women's boxing and give it more exposure. and i'm just happy to be a part of it. >> yeah, the london games of 2012 and that was the first olympics that they had women's boxing. so she says hey. we're going to rio de janeiro and dominate again. >> all righty. that's it for us, we'll see you again at 11:00. good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born >> dr. bill magee: why should any child anywhere on this planet have to live a life of misery? >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed.
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just imagine a life alone that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and then die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life. >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: hello, i'm roma downey. about thirteen years ago when i was filming "touched by an angel," we did a story about an organization called operation smile. i saw children who had been born with facial deformities. the doctors and nurses, all volunteers,


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