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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 1, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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in just about 34 hours -- or maybe sooner -- cars will start rolling across the new eastn span of the bay bridge. look at the good evening. in just about 34 hours or maybe sooner cars will start rolling across the new eastern span of the bay bridge.
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look at the progress in this view going into the tunnel. there are now stripes marking traffic lanes. kpix5 brian webb shows us, it is so close you can feel the excitement. >> reporter: yes, less than 20% of the work left to be done on this end of the project. some of it happening behind me. the lanes and the barriers lined up. tomorrow looks like it will be a day of ceremony and shaking handing and by tuesday morning, if all goes well, the bridge will be open. >> are we there yet? >> reporter: 11 years and $6.5 billion behind us, the bridge countdown turns from days to hours. >> i think everyone is just very excited, relieved to be at this point. >> 16,000 tons of asphalt packed on the pavement, a dirty tunnel cleaned to look like new and shiny toll booth station complete with a new fast lane
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with everything in its place. >> a lot of things at the end for the roadway sweepers, you know, making sure there are not odd bits of metal in the roadway, that kind of thing. >> reporter: a bike path was so important to this project a temporary path was built out of wood only meant to last 6-12 months until a permanent path replaces it. chp reports even with the new bridge almost ready to open, some drivers are still trying to use the old bridge. >> we do see people who are coming to the chosure unexpectedly. sometimes they don't know what to do when they come in the cone areas. >> reporter: but as the heavy lifting turns into work on the lighter touches, it is a sure sign, yes, we are almost there. and the faulty bolts we have been hearing about. the officials tell us there is a temporary solution in place right now and a permanent solution should be done by december. >> brian let me ask you about the old bridge. they started some of the demolition, how long do you think it will take to tear down
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the eastern span? >> reporter: they tell us awhile. three years, they want to do it showily, piece by piece. three years down the road. >> all right, thank you. it is more than just the bridge itself. the bridge is about the people who built it. tonight, b.a.r.t is doing the fair share. they recorded a quarter of a million trips yesterday. it makes it b.a.r.t's highest on a saturday. the record was broken october 6th last year when we were heading into fleet week, cal game and a justin bieber concert. 300,000 took b.a.r.t that day. here say look at the traffic conditions around the bay area right now. this is the san mateo bridge. cars going away from us are heading west. no problems have been reported all day. and on the golden gate bridge, traffic is sluggish at times but for the most part it is
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moving along just fine. the next commute will cost more for thousands of people, though. increasing parking fees starting today. commuters who park at stations will now pay $5 a day up from $4. monthly passes are available. they will cost $50. the agency says parking in the cal train lot is similar to parking in similar lots that could cost $20 a day. >> it is still $5 more. it adds up a lot. >> ridership rose for higher demand for parking in stations. the board approved theip crease in an effort to maintain a parking lot. the agency raised parking fees several times in the past. the last time n2011. corrosion in the steering shaft. that is what is forcing ford to recall 370,000 cars. the problem could result in loss of steering that could cause crashes. including model years 2005 to
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2011 crown victoria, mercury grand prix and town cars, check with your dealer and they will inspect the cars and make any repairs that are needed. the rim fire is now the 4th largest fire in california state history. it has been burning for two weeks and the firecrews now have it 40% contained. the fire has burned about 350 square miles, that is about the size of dallas. a high-level of humidity is expected to slow the flames down, though, and give the firefighters a chance to strengthen the lines around the fire. it burned over 100 structures. firefighters expect to have it surrounded sometime near the end of this month. red bull youth americaa cup kicked off along san francisco's waterfront. 10 teams from 8 countries are represented in the competition. sanfrancisco's own team, the force, is parit teuspateing.
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the competitors are filling the same catamarans the force, is participating: the competitors are filling the same catamarans. they are paying their way through the whole race with their own money. thousands fled to the streets of downtown oakland to celebrate how this party differs from the sell is pwraeugz fist -- celebration. cute photos, how the mother of the this panda is treating her
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g-b-t people that's world famous. but when oakland th it own pride party --- the is somewhat different. kpix-5's john ramos shows us why. san francisco's pride weekend. lgp people that is world famous. when they throw their own pride party the vibe is different. >> reporter: oakland is described as a blue collar city. but, today, some folks showed off their true colors at the city's pride festival. >> celebrating the diversity. and, you know, as everyone
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knows we do things differently in oakland. >> reporter: this 4th pride festival has a different feel than the celebration across the bay. it is smaller, just four blocks long, and mellower with a popular kid's zone where nobody is bothered if your painting has two mommies in it. >> people in general feel they can be more out in san francisco, more who they are. but, you know, what i have seen is oakland community, oakland's diversity really embraced us here. >> reporter: but the city has a reputation of being more tense about gay issues. some here is a the process takes time my think oakland is just new. we are just still trying to figure out how to mingle and get to know each recollect without ugliness. >> reporter: what was ugly was the commute to get here through san francisco. but they were not going to let bridge closure stop him. >> must have been a trek to get
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here. >> it was. really was. very difficult. >> reporter: finally, joe and michael came here from pepbs peps to meet -- from pennsylvania to meet their new granddaughter. >> and then they decided to get married you. >> want the rights just not the taxes. >> how about it. >> like i said, the process takes time. in oakland, kpix5. >> last year the pride fest drew 38,000 people. organizers are hoping for 50,000 this year. but nobody knows yet how the bridge closure may of effected the numbers. >> have you seen it tonight? the sky across the bay area putting on quite a show. all those clouds and what they mean for your labor day holiday, the answer as the news continues with your pinpoint forecast right here on kpix5
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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not too bad, at least for n. here's a look at the average price for a gallon of regul unleaded, in the three local metro areas... according to "gasbuddy dot com." it's the cost of gasoline not bad right now. unleaded in the 3 local areas according to $three .78 in san jose $3.79 in oakland and $3.90 in san francisco. these prices are 12 cents lower than a month ago and 35 cents a gallon less than this time last year. well, some of the most dramatic photographs of the old bay bridge show workers risking
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live and limb constructing it. now, there say new bridge. we talked to a photographer who spent years documenting the workers who made it a reality. >> reporter: the photographs capture soring views from near the top of the new bridge across san francisco bay. but, more often the photographer focused his lens on the workers building the bridge. joe plum, now 72 is documenting the construction for 15 years. >> i was joking with the young men. >> reporter: his age never got in his way as he maneuvered on cat walks and cables. hundreds of feet in the air. >> he took photographs as workers hammered bolts and wrestled with iron to create the elegant bridge from a single tower. but, as impressive as the structure is, it is the workers
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that he wants us to see. >> the engineers get credit. designers and architects know how to get in front of the camera and talk about themselves, they do not at all. they are the ones taking the plan, the designs, the prints, and turning it into a living structure. steel and concrete. >> john blackstone tells us that plum's work is truly a labor of love. nobody paid him to do the work. you can see him work, though, at the san francisco arts commission gallery at city hall. the photos will be on display through september 27th. all right, the latest bundle of joy appears to be in good health. video keepers say the 1-month- old panda cub got its first physical exam. mama panda is doing a great job keeping the baby healthy. it made its first debut to the media yesterday. they can can not confirm the sex of the baby for a year but they are guessing it is a girl.
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>> why is that? >> that was pretty cute. >> where are they getting it is a girl? not being too much of a big fuss? hey, it is a really interesting day. seeing pictures via facebook and twit stkper e-mails. people are asking what are these things in the sky that look like flying saucers? we showed them to you last night and we got more photos again today. take a look at this. this was sent to us by eric from concord. looks like a ufo, right? >> yes. paula in san jose sent us photos as well. this is in the book, looks like a ufo. a lenticular cloud. there is a live look at the weather camera looking at the clouds out there. and when the moist air condenses it forms that kind of
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cloud. it is have dramatic this evening. we are seeing the moisture, now, it moves into the bay area from the south. livermore 78 degrees. sanfrancisco, in the middle 60s, currently in the middle 70s from northern santa rosa. here sa s another live picture. now, there is coit tower under -- here is another live picture. now there is coit tower under the clouds. it say breezy evening in the bay. sunset, 39, cloudy overnight, areas of patchy fog. we, too, have a chance of showers for your holiday. that is all associateiated with the subtropical moisture. warm upcoming. we will get to that. today we warm from the 60s at the beaches, middle 70s to central bay. middle 80s in the inland areas. 1 degree warmer than yesterday. 50s and 60s for overnight lows. meanwhile, here is how we are playing out your labor day. notice the increasing cloud cover. the chances of rain especially
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going towards the sacramento valley. partly cloudy conditions tomorrow during the afternoon hours. we will keep that chance of an isolated shower in the forecast before we have high pressure building in on tuesday. that 7 day forecast is coming up. meanwhile, that subtropical moisture to the south, lifting to the north. we want sunny breaks, heading out to the a's game make sure you grab the sun block even though we have sunshine, 74 degrees, go a's. an important series. 60s tomorrow, at the coast, 70s, 80s, the peninsula, jumping up to the middle 80s. today's high were at 88 and 89 degrees. winds, 10-20 during the afternoon hours east of the bay. pretty much 80 to 86 degrees. central bay into the sicks and the 70s. meanwhile, north of the golden gate bridge through the 60s and 70s to the low and middle 80s. sa nome a83 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast. -- in sonoma at 83 degrees.
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here is your seven-day forecast. now, drier air mas taking up the chance of showers and then by friday, middle 90s, wow! >> yes. >> what a change. >> great weather for the a's game. >> yes. this you go. giving a shout out for the a's. >> maybe by friday. the a's will be in for the american league west. you like the way i think, don't you. >> >> the a's, a chance to see more on texas, could they do it? giants playing in the desert, sports is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nd a's...gaining on ya... on breast cancer awareness 0 was baseball up top. texas rangers, you can hear that? oakland a's, gaining on you. supporting breast cancer today. over $61,000 raised. cocoa crisp. he is dialed in. lead off home run. he is hot at the right time. 16th of the year. aj griffin, a home-run giving mood. james, got to him. griffin leading the majors in home run offering at 33. tied it at 1 in the 2nd. the a's up 2-1. jennings, base hit to the left. textbook. donaldson, both, now he is gone. take another look. as he mises it. then he comes back. yes. you have seen it. >> now, bottom of the 7th.
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insurance run time. off of bat here. a's going to win it 5-1. they sweep the rays. they bring the rangers in tomorrow. rangers taking in the twins in arlington. big curveball. >> texas leading by 1. hitting the double to the left. thomas comes into score. tieing it up. the twins will put a few more on the board. they win it final of 4-2. the a's victory and the loss, the a's gained a game on the rangers and sitting 1 game back in the west. so, the stage is set, folks, they extended the lead to the tampa bay for the top spot in the wild card race, giants, diamondbacks, because you waited long enough. d-backs, the game winner, patrick on the hill. prado, get it, bubble to the center. you want to play the play. got one. adam, going to come all of the
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way from 1st. he is safe. diamondbacks up 1 early. tied game in the 4th. 2 on for hector sanchez. smacked one. found a whole. coming in to score. giants take the lead. and they were not done there. because, next inning, hunter, it was time. tacked on the lead with the opposite field blow. 17th home run of the year. guy agents up 5-1. that is all they would need. now, here it is. trying to hit it. struck out 10 diamondbacks, on the 2nd win in 3 starts since being brought into the rotation from the bend. the giants win it final of 8-2. nfl, oakland fans, lean forward. with interest. rookie quarterback tyler wilson, two preseason games
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throwing under 100 yards. just did not work out for the 4th round pick. but a bit of a surprise when they cut ties with chris cloey: they decided to go with the younger performance model. that would be king. they have a feeling that his phone will ring, soon. round 3 of the bank open. shot of the day. steve striker. 8th hole. and, there it goes. oh, all of the way to the hole. watch this, baby. yeah! >> oh, man. >> wow. >> an edge for an stphaoepblg how much -- an edge for an edge? oh, wow, how long can you hold it out. the approach shot. that is butter. captain. for his birdie.
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he is your leader at 19 under par. stevens vs williams, u.s. open. top 2 american women in tennis. the far court, hitting it right there. no chance of beating her like she did at the australian open. williams did it volley. now, just like that. [ applause ] >> even the younger stevens had to marvel at that one. had to applaud. although she was holding a racket. stevens would hang on from there. that is a hit. winning the first round match 6- 4. it is on to the semifinals. the u.s. open on cbs. >> all right. absolutely. yes. tomorrow afternoon. all right, you are hosting "gameday" tonight and your favorite. >> ultmat fighting. a guilty pleasure of hers, i am sure. >> no. really? >> in the studio here. all for your viewing pleasure. [ laughter ]
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>> i will be tuning in. thank you. >> all right. >> how about this, a candy store an arcade, bike repair shop. all in a day's work when you work at facebook. these are some of the posh perks they are luring to get top people away from the competition. a look inside of the minicity tonight at 11:00 right here on cbs 5, kpix5. "60 minutes" is next. good night ,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> stahl: the "costa concordia" is a resting carcass sitting precariously on two underwater mountain peaks, the swimming pools and jacuzzis where passengers sunbathed and sipped cocktails, now empty and askew. and below, ghostly vestiges of the contents litter the floor on what italian authorities have designated an official crime scene. 30 people died, two are still missing. so, how are they going to raise it? that's our story tonight.


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