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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with that, history is made. the new bay bridge is open. when we've all come together, isn't it beautiful. >> it opened at 10:15 last night. it's been a lengthy costly trail. >> i'm not going to sit around and wait for people to design the taj mahal. >> $6 billion and 20 years later it's a beautiful spot. it's a much safer drive than before. this animation shows how the bridge is supposed to ride out the next earth quake. we're making history this morning. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone, it's
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a big tuesday, september 3rd. i'm frank. >> and i'm michelle at the bay bridge toll plaza. frank, of course the bridge is open for business. it opened last night just after 10:00. you can see the cars are starting to lineup at the toll plaza. all the fan fare aside tbay bridge is open for business. you can imagine hundreds or thousands of people that use the bay bridge daily are happy that it's finally opened. let's checkout this view of mobile 5 using the new bridge. traffic is moving on there. it's starting to back up a little bit on the commute. you can see mobile 5 heading on the new bay bridge. obviously, a very different view when you're on there
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because it's open now. no longer the upper and lower decks. we have team coverage this morning of the new bridge's first day on the job. we have ann who is standing by live with the opening. let's get a check with the morning commute and what the roads are looking like with elizabeth. >> the reviews are in and so far it's pretty positive. traffic has been moving fine since the bridge opened last night. we do have a delay and the metering lights were turned on. they turned them on a little early this morning at 5:41. we notice they've been cycling through them relatively slowly. they're trying to limit the amount of cars traveling on the new upper deck -- well on the
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new span, there is no longer an upper deck. it's jamming up toward the other crossing. about 15 minutes to get you on the span. we've had no big accidents or stalls. we have ann this morning. how is it looking from your vantage point? >> reporter: it's looking absolutely gorgeous. it's sure real to see the first morning commute on the new bay bridge. the opening ceremony yesterday happened late afternoon and was relatively low key. that is lt. governor new some pinch hitting for govenor jerry brown who is on vacation. the first car carrying bay area
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politicians who were grateful to see the project come together. >> i think people are going to see it for what its use is and the iconic style that it has. i think generations are going to appreciate this. we have to remind ourselves it will be the safest bring. >> reporter: now this celebration was a far cry from what was originally plans fireworks, concert and a half marathon but it was a momentous event. a lot of drivers took their first trip over last night as well. >> chopper 5 is live now over the breath taking eastern span of the bay bridge. cars are piling on as people head into san francisco for
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work. let's talk about the cost of this bridge. it took 23 years 10 months and 16 days which is about 24 years to get this bridge open at a cost of more than $6 billion t.california yans, we ticked up nearly the entire tab. 70% of the money came from tolls, nearly $5 billion. 25% came from the state and about 5% came from the feds. it's warming up out here as the cars are piling up on the bridge. it's a little muggy out here lawrence. my hair is doing crazy things. >> i think we should have you live out everyday, michelle. >> i like that idea. >> very good. you can be our special weather barometer. we have some patchy fog out
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today. what a beautiful sight tawses sun is coming up. we're going to see plenty of sunshine in most spots. it's a little muggy outside and that will improve along with michelle's hair. 50s into the north bay. as you look toward the afternoon the temperatures are going to be nice. about 85 degrees in >issemore, concordat about 84 degrees and 83 in santa rosa. we have a big warm-up on the way. 6:06. obama administration is moving forward trying to convince congress they need to strike syria to prevent more chemical weapon attacks. the president plans to meet with leader today. >> reporter: the president is make agriculture pick to pass
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the resolution authorizing a military strike on syria. today he's meeting with leaders, john kerry and physical exam loess side-by- side. >> yesterday it was senators lindsay graham and john mccann visiting the white house. >> hey they're hoping to get behind the policy. >> we need to know what the consequences are going to be in the region (what we're trying to work through is what will happen. i'm very concerned. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid is expected to bring it up for debate when they return from their recess next week. >> it's going to take a lot of
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war time. >> reporter: there will be a series of hearings on capitol hill. >> some in congress say they want to limit the amount of power the president has to take action in syria. the white house is willing to work with congressional leaders. folks here around the bay area have mixed reaction. >> i think we should take limited military action. >> we took a big loss in the last war in iraq so i think it's just, you know, we should just stay out of it. >> the russian news agency says putin hopes to send a delegation of lawmakers to the us to discuss this with congress. the fire is still burning on the western edge of yosemite is 70% contained.
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it covers 360 square miles, bigger than new york city. 4500 homes have been damaged. the burn area covers more than 235,000 acres in the national forest t.rim fire is the 4th largest in state history. a proposed law in san francisco will close all city parks overnight. legislation has been introduced to close the parks to curb crime. it could also cut down on the number of homeless sleeps in golden gate park. stan michael mans says he was watch agriculture group perform at the golden gate theatre when a ball flew into
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the audience, extended his arm and suffered shock and injuries to his nervous system. medical expenseness were more than $40,000. there is speculation about how much it's going to cost to park at the games this year. parking price could be around 40 to $50 range. parking is currently about 30 to $35 in the muddy lot around candle stick park. the department's consulting department created blue line and will off erasersers to share information through video and video conferencing. that was the police chief in la. >> it is 6:10.
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wine lovers may be drinks some of the last zinfandel from california t.big dispute that could put them in jeopardy. the first commute is well underway. the bridge is a beauty but more importantly, it's state. coming up, how the bridge is expect today handle the next earthquake splurge. >> much warmer weather on the way. the old bay bridge s-curve in the dark. what's lit up is the brand new eastern span. it's backing up and we'll update you on the latest bay bridge commute, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. will vote on two bills aime giving drivers certain cars perks ane. the happening today, state lawmakers will vote on two
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bills aimed at giving drivers certain perks. it would grant a five year extension for hybrids to be in the hov lanes with one person in the car. a news conference is planned for later this morning. it is a big night for the san francisco symphony. soprano awe drank mcdonald will be featured. there will be a reception afterwards. proceeds go to the city wide music program. people who live in ha is a rabelais area say the vineyards are straining the water supply. the area covered by wine grapes has tripled in the last 15
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years. wine growers are backing to get supplement water elsewhere. >> i hear there is a bridge opening somewhere. did you hear that. >> i did hear that. it looks like the new toll plaza. once again, they have actually been cycling through the meter lights slowly. they're trying to limit the amount of traffic heading on. we have not seen any big accidents or stalls. they do have the shoulder to ease the crunch. it's about a 20 minute wait to get on the bay bridge. one lane blocked coming from 280. one accident in antioch. west bound highway 4 there is a
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back-up. it is back to work after the long labor day weekend. west bound 580 pretty backed up starts to clear past his bell. let's get back out to michelle. are you still hear the horns honking? >> we are. i just heard two. people are in pretty good moods today and i think it's the excitement of going over the new bay bridge for the first time. this is a long time in the making. we finally have a seismic cliche' bridge. that quake was 6.1 magnitude and collapsed two 50-foot sections of the eastern span in 1989. they decided to build a new
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span instead of retrofit the old one. this animation, take a look, it shows how the bridge is suppose today ride out the next big one. the length beam on the suspension is one that absorbs energy from the future earthquakes. the road banks are connected and allows them to sway during next big earthquake. none of us want to feel it but the bridge is ready. you know it's coming at some point and we hope it's ready to handle such a big earthquake. we have patchy fog and drizzle out along the coast line. looks like the sub tropical moisture is headed out of town. it will be less muggy and more sunshine on the way. temperatures start to get hot as we head toward the weekend.
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if you're stepping outside today, low pressure off the coast line kicking the moisture east ward. more sunshine today, near seasonal temperatures, mild to warm around the bay area. 18 degrees in treasure no, 90 in sacramento. about 61 and sun knit in the monterray bay. temperatures around here 70s to 80s, 60s out toward the coast line. inside the bay we're planning on 60s an 70s. looking out over the next few days we'll see the temperatures holding down a little bit. come thursday and friday we'll start to warm things up and by the weekend some of these temperatures are going to get hot in spots. many places moving up to the 90s and around 70s along the coast line.
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summer making its way in. >> summer in september. >> thank you, lawrence. apparently, 5th time was a charm. diana nyad made the swim and how she's recovering. raider nation, we have your new starting quarterback. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new bay bridge eastern span. the metering lights were turned on early but it's been a problem free ride across the
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bay bridge. we'll have much more on the historic morning commute coming up. raider head coach dennis allen has kept mum on the starting quarterback for this sunday. according to reports the decision has been made. carol pryor got the nod over matt flynn that.'s the second straight year plane has been passed up. rangers up a game before the match today with the a's. back away, gone to the 5th. this one so close had to be reviewed. turns out, career best, 17 home run. a's took the lead 4-2. runners in scoring position. a's win it by the 4-2 score. over to the giants, barry zito's day in that uniform, is
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it coming to an end. era at 10. roger fedderrer over. braid do took him down and advances to the quarter finals. first time since 20002 that fedderrer has fail today appear in a grand slam. play of the day, swimmer diana nyad did it. she became the first person to swipe from cuba to florida without a shark cage. this was her 5th attempt and it took 53 hours. >> my whole mantra was find a way. you can't get in negative spaces. >> she found a way all right.
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she was brought to a hospital after the swim for a treatment of dehydration and sun burn. doctors say she will not need a lot of time to recover despite 3 days in salt water. cal state is open the door for students to take courses online. the new bay bridge opened last night and drivers flocked to be the first to drive it. we'll hear from some of them coming up next. ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. was voted product of the year, finish quantum better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and it has the good housekeeping seal. giving it more honors than ever before. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you. this is kpix 5 news. well, the wait finally over. drivers are now use the new bay
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bridge this morning. how that first commute is going. i'm michelle at the bay bridge toll plaza where we're looking at the morning commute here. cars are starting to back up. nearly a quarter of a century after the earthquake tbridge is finally open for business. tropical moisture headed out of town and we're cranking up the heat. >> the new bridge is a beauty but the commute is get agriculture little ugly. how far it's backed up, we'll let you know. good morning everyone. it's tuesday september 3rd. >> i'm michelle live out here at the toll plaza. you can see behind me all of the cars. anyone passing by us, a lot of people are honking and cheering. i don't think they mind too much being stuck in the traffic as they make their way on the
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new eastern span of the bay bridge for the first time. chopper 5 is above the bridge right now. drivers are probably more excited than angry this morning because it's their first time on the bridge. not everybody could be the first driver on the new bridge but certainly a lot of people tried. kpix 5 ann is on the island. >> reporter: even if you didn't get out here when it opened last night, you could be part of the first morning commute. it is gorgeous behind me as the sun comes up. last night people were lined up. drivers couldn't wait to get their new chance on the bridge. once word got out that the bridge was opening early, several hours earlier, several came out to give it a spin,
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many with personal motivation. >> beautiful view, beautiful ride. >> it was great. we're going to do it again. we're going to do it again. >> engineering marvel. >> reporter: reviews, as you can hear, were very positive. many posted about their experience on social media we'll see a lot more of that over the next 24 hours, i'm sure. people couldn't resist but chp wants to remind us not to gawk. keep your eyes on the road and speed limit at 50. >> it's very difficult not to gawk at the bridge when you're going over it or take your camera out for pictures. you have a wonderful view of the bridge. have you seen a lot of people
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there taking pictures? >> reporter: about a half a dozen people have come out to get the sunrise shots. let check in with elizabeth to get the latest on what you can expect heading out here. >> reporter: once you get on the deck it looks okay past the tunnel. everything is looking aok. let's check on some of the centers. i want to show you where all the delays are. it's behind the bay bridge toll gate. they turned on the metering lights early this morning. there are no accidents, no stalls. they do have the new shoulders to clear them quicker. the merge on 880 is take the
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brunt. it's backed up into alba any. 580 is jammed from west bound 24. here is another look behind the bay bridge toll plaza. about 25 minutes to get you on the bridge. once there the new span looks problem free. that's the latest from the time xavier traffic center. just some patchy fog around the area to start off the day. we have a mix of patchy fog and the sub tropical moisture is headed out of town. temperatures starting out in the 60s, 50s into the north bay. by the afternoon, sunshine and nice weather. you'll see 70s and 80s around morgan hill. east bay temperatures warming up nicely, well into the 81s by this afternoon. 68 degrees becoming mostly
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sunny in san francisco and about 75-degrees in oakland. we have a big time warm- upcoming our direction. for the first time,cal state students will be able to take courses online. kpix 5 reporter kate is with us. >> reporter: officials want to increase the graduating for students. cal state university students can choose from 33 different online courses. it's under a program called intrasystems. anyone without academic probation can take part in the program system will monitor what classes to offer and where. the online classes allow universities to enroll thousands of more students.
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success rates can be low. here in the bay area, san jose suspended their collaboration with uh dos time opportunity after more than half the students fail tornado online classes. >> a lot of online education you're see the video of the professor, taking multiple choice test that.'s the most boring part of the experience. >> reporter: one of the professors decide today work with novo ed. students select their courses, watch recorded classes and team up on group projects. once they complete the class they receive a certificate that can be add today their resume' and online profiles. 6:36. the new bay bridge has been open one night and the tribute to the old bay bridge
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continues. what this smart watch can do beyond telling time. frank cooley is in the house when we come back.
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new beautiful bridge is goio north korea... to visit kim jong un. this is video of h earlier, catching a connectg ina. the two former basketball star dennis rod man has arrived in north korea to visit with kim zhong un. they formed an unusual friendship back in february. this is an attempt to winfrey dom for kenneth who was sentence today 15 years. christian gray and an it's ya steel are coming to life. dakota johnson will be an
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station ya. she's the daughter op don johnson and melanie griffith. some people are rem nicing about the old bay bridge. some say this t-shirt depict the old bridge is flying off the shelves. you can buy it online for $28 a piece michelle is standing by at the toll plaza where there is yelling and horn honks. >> a lot of people are excite today cross the bridge this morning and they should be. this is their first time across the new eastern span across the bay bridge. it's an exciting day. let's take a look. this is the same scene as last night. it was like rush how were late last night. so many drivers were eager to
6:42 am
be among the first to drive across the bay area's new landmark. chopper 5 was above as they lined up. cars lined up on both sides of the bridge to get across the span. it was bumper to bumper. no one was complaining though about all the traffic. people were honking and excited to drive on the bridge that has been 24 years in the making. we're seeing that same excitement this morning as the commuters are making their way on to the toll plaza. to talk more about the commute this morning and what's going on is officer sam morgan with the chp. i have height on you this morning. >> i still may have you but you're looking good. >> so the first morning along the span. you guys are busy today.
6:43 am
>> so far we have not had an increase in calls for service. we had someone stop yesterday for taking pictures and one arrested for droving under the influence at 2:00 this morning. we have teams out and we'll be out to make sure motorists are use the bridge in a safe manner. >> the bridge was designed for seismic issues. how important are the shoulders in. >> they're very important to us for a couple of reasons. hopefully if they're stranded they can make it on to the shoulder and not block the roadway. if chp needs to get on they should be able to use that lane. that's going to bold well for
6:44 am
us. >> how much of a pain was it for you guys the last five days with the road closure? >> it wasn't bad. we had our guys at the hard closure points. we assisted with shutting down the lanes and last night we assisted caltrain in reopening the lanes. it was a normal procedure we're trained to do. we have a plan and we deployed the plan. >> i was going into work about 2:00 this morning and i saw many officers along the road to see if everything was going smoothly? >> that was for the visual presence to assist as needed, to enforce the laws as needed. the speed limit is still 50 miles an hour on the structure. we want them to drive as safely as possible. we have a saying, drive to
6:45 am
arrive a live. that's what we want individuals to do. my recommendation is to access the bike path and get your pictures and don't worry about being on the roadway and being told to move on (don't take the pictures as you're driving. thank you officer sam morgan. let's check in with liz. >> the commute, the wait behind the toll plaza is worse than on a normal morning. they've been cycling through the metering lights slower than normal to watch the amount of drivers on the new span. this is the first morning commute. they could be slowing down a little on the new deck to checkout all the new views. it is 50 miles per hour end to
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end on both spance. let's get a chance with the road centers and show you the back-up. it's west bound 80 approach. it looks like san pablo and growing. they turned on the metering lights early this morning, about 5:41. west bound 580 is jammed back on to 24. we've had no major accidents or stalls. we've had a relatively problem free commute. if you want to take the photos, try the a.p transit. they're reporting no delays and bart is on time this morning. weather looking nice around the bay area today. more sunshine as we head toward the afternoon. sub tropical moisture starting to head out of town. coast side we're see
6:47 am
agriculture little drizzle. more sunshine this afternoon staying mild to warm. it's going to get hot in spots as we head toward the weekend. a lot of the sub trapcal moisture is kicked east ward so we'll start to see less muggy and more sunshine. we have patchy morning fog and no delays reported yet. 72 degrees around the country. 100-degrees in houston, 81 showers and thunderstorms possible in new york. around the bay we'll see temperatures under sunny skies. couple of linearing clouds out toward the coast. we start to warm things up on thursday and friday and by this weekend summer make a return gets hot in spots. kpix school spot, reid elle men
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tray. 70 around lunch time recess and 80 at the final bell. we'd love to get you online too. 6:48. big diddings in the tech world. microsoft did some shop and it's about a smart watch. >> reporter: microsoft by knock ya. they've been quiet. >> nokia don't think about it has watches because they're known for their flip phones. $5billion is to buy the phone. nokia is getting out of the phone business. the $.2 billion is to buy up the patent.
6:49 am
motorola, google, apple, your competitors is patenting them. we've seen battles in court over patent claims. >> nokia is a finland company. >> yeah, making rubber boots. this is a big commitment for microsoft. it's call tornado look ya 1020. it's looking like a camera with a phone on the other side. they emphasize photography. >> we all use the smartphones and we're use today this. now we're going to be doing this. >> exactly. the smart watch is going to get hot and samsung is having an announcement to introduce samsung galaxy gear. 3-inch watch.
6:50 am
so a big kuhn ky sort of a watch. you can also expect it to have more of a smartphone add-on roll than being a dick tracy watch. you'll mostly need a smartphone to use this. it will not have everything in it a phone has but it will have camera, bluetooth, wifi. it will also have activelies monitoring so it will help you monitor your fitness. >> do i need one of these? >> reporter: we pull these things out so much, power it on. if it's on your wrist and you get your alerts, you may not pull it out so much. it's about a 3-inch case. within that is a slightly smaller screen. >> is it expensive? >> we'll get the price tomorrow. >> thank you brian. time now for a look at what's
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coming up later on cbs this morning. nora joins us live in new york. good morning. >> i am. good morning to you frank. we're talking to big players in the us force in syria. senator robert me then dez will join us before his briefing with the president. we'll ask senator john mccain why he's more optimistic about the action in syria. patriots will be here. we'll talk to robert craft about the stormy off season. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you nora. cbs this morning starts at 7:00. have a great show. it's the first morning commute on the bay bridge. we'll tell you about the first 24 hours when history was made.
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>> the traffic is backing up. drivers are still in good sperrys spirits as they make their way across the bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. meets with the l here are the five things you need to know. president obama meets with leaders of congressional committees. both republican senators mccain and gram hey agree that we should respond to the syrian chemical weapons. bashar al-assad is warning the us against an attack. he said will is a risk of a
6:56 am
wider regional war. diana nyad is in the record books. she became the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. the journey of more than 100 miles took her 53 hours. it was her 5th attempt that came 35 years after her first attempt. a high school football player was swimming in florida when a shark bit his shoulder. he should be back on the field in as little as 7 days. >> i'm live at the new bay bridge for the first morning commute. the bridge opened last night at about 1015, 7 hours before the scheduled opening. the cars are really piling up. still, all the commuters are
6:57 am
taking it in stride and our very own ann has a great view. >> reporter: a great view for a momentous occasion. it is the first morning commute and it looks like it's running smoothly once you get on the bridge. all of these drivers are now officially a part of history. last night, once word got out that the bridge was opening early, people came out to be among the first to cross. >> my father walked across the golden gate bridge the day it opened. >> this is is a 1938 harley davidson so almost as old as bridge they tore down. i'm just excite today checkout the new bridge. >> there was the opening ceremony yesterday. lt. governor knew some was pinch hitting for governor jerry brown who is on vacation.
6:58 am
everybody was grateful to see the 24 year project come to a close. don't slow down once you're on the bridge. resist the temptation to pull out the cell phone to take pictures and video. right now, if you're about to head toward the new bay bridge, it's the frequent way approach that's backing up. this is a live look at the grid lock through richmond. this continues down into emory ville time is at the bottom of your screen snearly double of what we normally see at this time in the morning. the only real reason we have not seen big accidents is they've been cycling through the metering lights slower than usual. once you get on to the bay
6:59 am
bridge things move fine all the way into san francisco. >> we have patchy fog out there this morning. the temperatures running mainly in the 50s and the 60s. not as muggy this morning. that will improve over the next couple of days. lots of sunshine, 08s inland, 60s toward the coast. the temperatures will stay down but hotter as we head into saturday and sunday. >> we've all been a part of history this morning. this is the first morning commute for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the commuters are talking the back-up all the stride. it is 2 tonight 2 miles long. 280,000 people everyday on this bridge. back to you guys.
7:00 am
>> one more. you have to come back. enjoy your commute out there folks. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday september 3rd, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama makes a personal pitch to lawmakers for a strike on syria. we'll add two key senators and where they stand. >> she spends 53 hours in the water swimming 110 miles. we'll talk to long distance swimmer diana nyad about finally making history. >> only on "cbs this morning" new england patriots only bob kraft on nfl and concan you gos rngs hernandez and tim tebow. >> we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> it's going to be a tough sell. m


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