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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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span this morning. fortunately, a minor fender bender. normally, that could make a traffic mess, but by design the cars were able to pull over. ann macovich reports. >> reporter: this is one of those rare mornings a lot of driver were probably enjoying drivers were enjoying their commute. the worst issues were distracted driving and some even pulling over because they were taking on the view. one person did drove out to take pictures. >> to access requires crossing several construction zones. the person that did find their way there was immediately contacted by highway patrol and removed. >> this driver had a rough commute. >> heard something that sounded like some bumpiness, thought it was the new bridge. turned out, i had a tire that
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blew. >> an opening day he'll never forget. >> it was a nice view. cal tran did a nice job. >> one of the most appreciated parts of the new bridge, no s- curve, but there was a slow down eastbound. >> i'm not sure if it was because they weren't sure what to expect or if they were looking, but there was a slight slow down. after that, straight through. >> the chp is giving out mainly warnings today rather than actual tickets. thaw say they are going to give drivers a chance to know the road before they really crack. do at the toll plaza, ann macovich, exhibition 5. let's check in with lisa. how is it looking now? >> reporter: good evening, everybody. we will start it off with live pictures from chopper 5 cruising the skies over the gorgeous new bay bridge. you can see the traffic is flowing okay for that eastbound direction. heading into the city, though, expect some delays getting towards the lower deck.
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i will show you pictures of the toll plaza where it wasn't until 4:00 until traffic led up at the pay gates. it is wide open now with those metering lights on. still a little slow from university avenue approaching mcarthur. in san francisco it is stacked up solid. we have the evening commute. a lot of folks just want to check the new span. so slow from 280 onto the deck of the bay bridge. doesn't pick up until you reach the new eastern span. that's a look at the drive home. now to allen. >> lisa, thanks. bikers lined up wanting to be the first to pedal across the new bike path. the path has two starting points, one in oakland. bikers can ride about four miles before turning around because the path still isn't complete. kpix 5's mark kelly is at the starting point in oakland. how did look, mark? >> reporter: it's -- does it look, mark? >> reporter: it is kind of
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busy. you can see that the beak path -- bike path is smooth. the lanes are painted and ready to go. today we learned this bike path has been popular with the public before it even opened. >> they are calling it a milestone in the march for bike rides. cyclists rolled onto the new path and its steady stream, thrilled at what they found. >> bike path was a good idea? >> excellent idea. get my card owe and the view at the same time. >> the rubio family chose to walk instead of ride. for marrow rubio, a -- mario rubio, a civil engineer, it is a chance to pass it down his little girl. >> it is an iconic part of the bay area. i am excited to be here for a
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part of hispanics history. >> zurker plan has passed away but his seen granddaughter spoke eloquently about their grandpa. >> i would say this bridge that bear his name pays tribute to his belief that a little passion, a little hard work and perseverance, you can get anything done. >> would be very fitting to name the bike path in his honor. >> the path is officially open, but still not 100% complete. demolition on the old bridge must get done before the path can stretch all the way to treasure island. that could still be three years away. still, at this time, there is plenty to celebrate here. take, for instance, the entrances. >> to make the bike path accessible to more people, they put in two entrances. >> marvelous. plus, connecting the two, it gets you off the streets. it really is the best way to go. >> it's the end of an era. the bridge is open. the bike path is partially
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done. now, all that's left for folks to do is enjoy that bayview from two wheels instead of four. >> it's gonna be really exciting for people to experience the bay in a completely different way that i know never have had a chance to do before. >> reporter: so, as we mentioned in the piece there, by 2015, bikers hope to be able to bike to the island. but, they are going to go a step further than that. they want to be able to go all the way to san francisco. the mtc is studying that topic right now. of course, if that happens, that is many more years away. live in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> take a look at all the work that went into this bridge. this time lapse foot and collapsed 42,000 hours of construction into just 4:00 minutes. 12 cameras first started recording in 2008. earth can construction cameras captured 42 angles of the big project. you can check out the full video at
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new at 5:00, an exclusive kpix 5 survey usa poll shows bay area residents are split on whether the u.s. should take military action against syria. 29% say the u.s. should carry out air strikes to punish syria's president for the use of chemical weapons against his own people. 23% say the u.s. should take no action. 39% say the u.s. should only provide support for other countries military response. 470 people were questioned. the results have a margin of era of 4.6%. our poll also found 71% say congress should decide what response to make the. house minority leader pelosi says she is backing a military strike. >> this is the behavior outside the circle of civilized human behaviorings and we must respond. >> cbs reporter reports the president sent top cap net members to convince more skeptical lawmakers.
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secretary of state john kerry led tuesday's effort on capital hill to get lawmakers to supportt a military strike against syria. >> the regime and only undeniably the hassad regime unleashed an out ragous chemical attack against its own citizens. >> kerry, along with defense secretary chuck haze l giant chief chairman dempsey faced hecklers. >> a part of it stems from where this is going to go. >> thed a -- administration is trying to change minds. >> the president said he is open to modifying the resolution authorizing the strike. >> i would not be going to congress if i wasn't serious about consultation. >> the president won the support of the top republican in congress. >> this is something that the united states as a country needs to do. >> still, the house speaker
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says passing a resolution to use military force will be an uphill battle. >> president obama is on his way to the g 20 summit where he will try to build international support. i am len ramirez in san jose where it will not be business as usual for police officers when they stop and detain people on the street. just ahead, the new information they'll be collecting from people and who wants to see it. >> we're being questioned, you know, every where we go. was that really the service dog. four-legged phonies. the sneaky way some canines pose as service dogs to get in where they don't belong. very comfortable outside. 84 in cam b. 72 in berkeley, but we will soon have highs approaching 100 degrees. find out when the heat will be on, coming up.
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the teenager killed in a car crash in danville last week. was laid to rest today. how a new sky scraper is to blame for melting a man's car. ,,,,,,,,
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mourners gathered at saint of arc parish in san ramon afternoon... for robert orlando' the teenager killed in a car crash in danville last week was laid to rest today. mourners gathered for robert orlando's funeral. the 17-year-old was returning from a fishing trip last week when the car in which he was a passenger went off the road and hit a tree. orlando was due to start his senior year. the san jose police department has a new policy they hope will curb complaints of racial profiling. patrol officers now have to document every time they detain someone on the street. kpix 5's len ramirez with the information officers will now need to record. >> for the first time everrings san jose police officers are recording the exact details of each instance when they stop, detain or handcuff someone on the street without arresting them.
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>> did they use a limited detention? what was the reason for the stop? all that information will be quickly entered into a computer just using an alphanumeric. that information will be record and saved. >> it's part of a new policy prompted by complaints from black and latinos that officers ordered them to do limited detentions more than whites who are usually allowed to stand in the same situations. >> people are saying why do i have to sit on the curb when it is a trafficstop stop when it's clear i'm not armed. >> the lieutenant recommended policy changes in the report to the city council. >> there is a humiliation associated with that. >> community activist called the new police practice a step in the right direction to solve what has been arbiter issue. >> it finally allows us to step forward beyond a battle of debates of anecdotes where some people say this happened to me. other people say that's not a
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wide-spread issue. >> it has been san jose's version of stop and frisk, but the problem was there was no paper trail to follow if the stop did not result in an arrest. now there will be. >> whether you're the police department. whether a police audit or concerned community, really you're trying to solve this problem. you're trying to get to a place of resolution. the best way to do it is to identify practices, identify patterns, see the scale of the issue, and then know who you have to target to get rid of it. >> reporter: officers have been collecting the information since last sunday. they say that in the end it will prove that they're out here doing a tough job in a professional way. but just to make surings community group and even some city council people say they have access and they want to see that information just to make sure. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez kpix 5. cute, furry, phony. >> pet owners are passing off thunder shower canine
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companions as service dogs, and it's surprisingly easy to pull off. plus, what could be the final fight for businesses that some say the harming the environment. ,,
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ people just can't leave home without them. and that's a real problem f pe ice dogs." sue when it comes to doggings some people just can't leave home without them. >> that's a real problem for
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people who rely on service dogs. sue quan in the sudden spike of dogs going where they don't belong. >> there you go. good girl. >> her name is angel, and amputee michelle lewis says that's exactly what she is. >> she's always ready to help. >> the service dog had been making her life easier for the past year, but she says dog owners who try to pass their service dog off as assistance dogs are making it harder. california law bans all animals except service dogs from places that sell food. yet, again and again we found dogs that don't fit the legal description of service dogs. >> kind of started reaching critical. >> an organization that trains service dogs says part of the problem is that it's just too
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easy for pet owners to buy vest that identify an animal as a service dog. >> it's very easy, unfortunately, to get a service dog vest online. you google it, and they will send it right to you. >> it's true. we bought this vest online for $40 without having to provide any proof it was for an actual service dog. >> the dogs can get distracted. many of our graduates have stories about others bark their dogs and distracting them from the work they do. >> so canine companion has started a restriction to restrict the sell of service dogs vest only to those whose animals are entitled to wear them. so far, it's got about 10,000 signatures. >> the americans with disacts act defines a service dog as one that hazzans gone training and performs a specific task for the individual it's with.
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therapy dogs, comfort dogs and emotional anxiety dogs are not service dogs. sue quan, consumer watch. >> if you have a consumer issue or complaint call our hot line at 1-888-5-help you. check out the colorful imsite to apple's big event. the multicolored polka dot hint at the newest colors of the latest iphone. apologizedling didn't elaborate, but the new iphone is widely expected to unvail at the company's head quarter esiason september 10th. strange things started happening when london's new sky scraper got finishing touches. this tall building reflecting dangerous rays of sunlight count street. in fact, last thursday the heat melted parts of of a park affidavit jaguar. the own found panels fried beyond repair. he said he was only in the sun for an hour. rays from also burned a bicycle seat and a restaurant chair.
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a major legal setback for drake's bay oyster pen. today a federal appeals court ruled against the company. the company pseudo after losing its lease on park service land at the point rays national seashore. the interior department wants the area returned to wilderness. the oyster company will have to shut. do its lawyers now deciding whether to appeal that decision. all right. paul is movement wish we could order up another day like today, by think it's going to get a little hotter. >> reporter: yeah. big changes coming, but great weather today. if you like this kind ouverte, i implore you -- of weather, i implore you to get out before thursday. we have a change coming. new bay bridge, not much traffic heading to the city. cloud cover towards emeryville and berkeley hills. another beautiful, sunny afternoon. look at that shot from the pyramid looking south over the bit. really comfortable outside. 77 for san jose, livermore and
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concord. oakland 74. santa rosa 79. downtown san francisco 68 degrees, not that windy. showers in freemont. we do not have anything on the radar today. kpix 5 high def doppler is dry. oakland's high today in the mid 70s where you have been for the past several days. prepare for ant 85 degrees in oakland coming up this weekend. temperatures going up from 10 to 20 degrees compared to where you were today. tonight, 59 for oakland. san jose 58. nappa you will start off your wednesday at 55. the low pressure area that gave us the rainfall yesterday hasn't moved one bit, but what is absence today is that tropical moisture. it is western oregon western washington getting the rainfall, not us. the rain is done for awhile. so, i'm watching this low. not going to happen until thursday hen it moves out. if you don't like it hot, get out over the next couple days. because once that low moves out, big dome of high pressure
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comes in. it will get hoot. saturday will likely be the warm else we have had all summer long. so if you might hot, your weather is friday through the weekend. highs near normal. then here comes that big warmup 10 to 15 degrees above average starting saturday. san jose 78. livermore 83. sunnyvale, you will hit i 76. union city 72. walnut creek tomorrow 84 comfortable d. kentfield 80. downtown san francisco 69 degrees. here is your extended forecast. friday, mid 90s. inland, 80. near the bit. i'veen think san francisco will make it to the 80s for the first time all year. that's coming up saturday. >> wow. >> reporter: getting toasty starting friday. >> this is the season. >> thanks. >> we are still measuring the water quality on every hour basis. the monster rim fire threatens san francisco's water and power supply. a new update on the damage, and why crews are already looking ahead to a new threat.
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water the bay area's water d power supply from that firer yosemite. we are getting a better idea of the damage done to the bay area's water and power supply from the fire near yosemite. flames burned right up to the edge. san francisco's main water supply. it also damaged two power stations which are still down, but anyone living in san francisco hasn't noticed a thing, and as ann no tear found outed to, you won't. >> white turbulent waves feeding into clear, blue water as they should to provide water and electricity to san francisco. >> we're still measuring the water quality on an every hour basis to make sure that water quality never gets compromised. >> san francisco's intricate water and powder supply starts at yosemite where the massive rim fire threatens the city. it is a six hour trip, courtesy
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of gravity. although the region's nationality rain has been unkind to firefighters, moccasin was left unscathed in every way. >> our water quality is the same as it was before the fire. >> as a precaution, thefpuc has already sent more water than usual tabarets voyeurs in case it was polluted by ash. that didn't has been and the forecast for spring run offis good. >> only about 2% was actually impacted by the fire. so, we're not really, really concerned about our water supply. >> but the fire knocked out two thirds of san francisco's power supply, damaging two power houses. customers didn't notice it, though, because the city bought power at a cost of 860,000 dollars. >> and hopefully next week we will be able to generate enough power to meet our supply. >> they can't say yet when the other power houses will be fully repaired or how much it will cost, although they do expect it to run t in the millions, but they're already
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looking ahead. california can move from fire season to the rainy season with lightning speed. they now need to restore the forest and wetlands to prevent landslides that can once again jeopardize san francisco's water and power supply. in moccasin, ann no mar kpix 5. rate payers are not expected to see an increase because the city expects to collect on a billion dollar policy. the commander of the rim fire says they believe they have contained it. containment is now up to 75%. the cause is still unknown, but investigators suspect it was started by illegal pot throwers. san bruno's mayor give us rebuilding efforts. he says the city needs stricter safety regulations and is looking to the california public utilities commission to enforce them. >> it's been almost three years. the discovery of so much
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information and misinformation over this time is actually disgusting. >> this friday, the cpuc will hold a hearing regarding pge. that's after state leaders found the utility company used fake documents to show two peninsula pipes were safe. the city will push for a maximum fine and penalty to pge and an independent monitor. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly is in new york. scott. >> great to be with you in the bay area. the president's battle plan for syria got a surprising endorsement today as the republican leader joined in. we'll have a report from capital i. john blackstone opens the new san francisco bay bridge for us with the man who captured the feat of american craftsman. wait until you see the pictures. that's tonight on the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix news. some things won't last 25 years.
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ah! woof! some things will. ,,
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. now that the new span of thy bridge, is finally open to drivers, we ask: what's the flu at 6: -- now at 6:00 tonight, now that the new bay bridge is finally open the drivers, we asked what's the next big thing for the area. the construction project and the massive transit task underway that is even more expensive than the bridge. plus. >> had a great month laps month and sold them all out. why bay area car does he recall ships are running out of cars. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> all right. we have the cbs evening news with scott pelly coming up. >> remember t latest news and
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weather always on exhibition -- kpix doing -- see you at 6:00. on syria. the administration still faces doubts. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. liz beth palmer is in damascus as it braces for an american airstrike. the prosecutors in the jerry sandusky case speak for the first time. armen keteyian breaks the news. >> do you believe the coach paterno was a part of the conspiracy to conceal? >> pelley: after diana nyad's record breaking swim across the florida strait she sat down. with elaine quijano. >> it was like >> pelley: and on opening day for california's new super bridge, john blackstone with the man who captured the toil, sweat and triumph of american craftsmen.


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