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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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has been found d . this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. the monster who made three women his sex slaves holding them captive for years has been found dead. >> get right to joe vasquez in our news room tonight. joe. >> ken, arielle castro of cleveland, ohio was in prison on suicide watch. still he apparently managed to find a way to take his own life. >> just a little more than a month since he was sentenced to more than a thousand years in prison, tonight a prison guard found ariel castro hanging in his cell. they rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. castro was sentenced august 1st after pleading guilty to kidnapping three girls, amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus. according to a statement from ohio prison officials sent to
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our cbs affiliate in cleveland, castro was housed in protective custody, which means he was in a cell by himself. guards were required to make rounds every 30 minutes at staggered intervals. >> allegations about being forceful on them, that is totally wrong. >> the women were rescued back in mae. the house later demolishes, replaced by a memorial. people in that neighborhood tonight can't believe it. >> i think he did those girls a favor by taking his own life because he took theirs. >> what was your reaction. >> well, my personal reaction was shock because, i mean, in this neighborhood, you really shocked to hear something like that happen, and, you know, to finally come to the conclusion that it actually happened right here where all of this, you know, this memorial is actually placed is just, you know, amazing. >> the kidnap victims released a
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video. here's michelle knight commenting on the monster who kept them captive. >> i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. we have been hurt by people, but we need to rely on god as being the judge. >> and their ordeal continues tonight as questions continue. it's still not clear what he used to commit suicide and how did he get that material. ken, prison officials are investigating right now, but as you know, suicide watch, they're watching over them. they're literally walking into their room every few minutes, and how did he get materials to hang himself. >> yeah. joe, i understand that he was being watched at least every 30 minutes, there was somebody going by. >> yeah. somehow, some way either he did it himself or perhaps they're going to investigate whether someone helped him. >> all right. joe vasquez with the latest as we know it tonight.
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thanks, joe. >> 53-year-old castro fathered a child way man da berry while she was in captivity at his home. that girl is now six years old. we learned late tonight that a doctor at a big bay area medical center has been charged with taking money meant for cancer research and using it to pay his own bills. kiet do tells us how he got caught. >> the staff at valley medical center knew something was wrong when reimbursement checks just started showing up in the mail. the da's office says they were addressed directly to dr. min do, who had just quit. normally checks are made out to the hospital. investigators say the american college of radiology had been sending dr. do checks for cancer research for the past year. prosecutors say he pocketed more than $46,000, and they have evidence he used the stolen money to pay verizon cell phone bills, visa and chase credit cards and his parents' mortgage. the doctor turned himself in last week and was chargeed with felony and misappropriation of public fund sgls back here live
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at valley medical center where the research would have benefitted some of the patients here at the cancer center. by the way, we looked up his salary. last year base pay was $293,000. on top of that he got a lump sum payment, a cash out for his vacation and sick leave worth $93,000. the doctor's arraignment is set for september 13th. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and if convicted, he faces four years in prison. new bay bridge been opened for just over 24 hours, now traffic has been moving pretty smoothly all day. got a live look at the new span tonight. we're still getting used to this beautiful view. it changes the whole skyline off the east bay so were a lot of drivers going to work today? the toll plaza was backed up for most of the day. a lot of people showing up to get their first look and slowing down to do that. there's already been at least one accident, a minor fender bender this morning. normally something like that would tie traffic up for awhile,
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but by design, the cars were able to pull over on the new shoulder and get out of the way. in 28 days, you isle be able to start shopping for healthcare on covered california, part of the affordable healthcare act. online enrollment starts october 1st, but most people are still trying to figure out what this all means. christin ayers was with some tonight trying to get answers. >> tonight, close to 200 people packed congressman mike honda's town hal meeting in fremont to try to wrap their minds around obama care. >> we're so confused. >> dave was one of them. nearly four years after obama care passed, the cupertino resident still has doubt. >> when this act in particular has some very unexplained components to it. >> honda has heard that a lot. it's the reason he held this town hal. >> why are people still so confused when we're 28 days out? is that a failure of the got or is it complicate sdmrd no.
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it's a complicated procedure. >> at 2700 pages, experts joked it's the size of a harry potter novel. that's why covered california, a market where you'll be able to shop for health coverage, is trying to make it simple. >> on the covered california web site, you punch in the number of people in your family and your household income, and the program spits out your options and monthly out-of-pocket cost. >> people who came to tonight's meeting said that helped a little, but many of them walked out with still more questions. >> it did not ease my mind. it answered some specific questions, but it didn't make me feel anymore comfortable with the process. >> and a march 31st deadline to enroll looming. >> it's pretty self-evident tonight that there's a lot of questions and a lot of things that we need to negotiate, understand better. >> in fremont, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> if you don't already have insurance and don't sign up, you
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could be penalized. uninsured families could pay up to $285 next year or 1% of their income. penalties income every year after that. get the republican and democratic leaders in the house to agree on something. in this case, they say yes, the u.s. should attack. allen martin tells u most bay area members of congress are saying let's wait a minute. >> from the white house. >> it does not involve boots on the ground. >> to the hills. >> it did happen. >> the obama administration is urging congress to give the president the go ahead to unleash a military strike sgens against targets in syria saying the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. >> this is something that the united states, as a country, needs to do. >> we must respond. >> but as for the rankin file democrats in the bay area,
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they're not so convinced. >> i think there are more questions than answers at this point. >> congresswoman of san jose coauthored a public letter with fellow lawmaker of palo alto. the letter addressed to national security advisor susan rice includes a series of questions they say must be answered before they can make any decision, including. >> what if there is retaliation against turkey or israel, what would the u.s. be required to do in that case. >> are not alone. other bay area democrats want to know more of the facts and any alternatives. >> i think it's not a slam dunk. >> professor henry is dean of the school of public policy in uc berkeley. he says in the last few months thanks to nsa surveillance, drone strikes and now syria, lawmakers on both the right and left are pushing back. >> it's an extraordinary coalition. >> as for the letter, brady says it's good for public policy. >> you are asking very good questions, and they are doing
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what elective representatives should do, which is to ask the hard questions of the administration. >> questions he says the administration should answer. allen martin, kpix 5. >> our exclusive kpix 5 survey usa poll shows 73% of people in the bay area believe that syria is guilty of that chemical attack but only 29% are in favor of the air strikes. 23% say the u.s. should take no action. 39% say that we should offer support only. the president and senator mccain are getting called out tonight but not because of syria. mccain was caught playing poker on his iphone, yes, during today's hearing on syria. oops, the washington post snapped this photo, which went viral very quickly. >> as much as i like -- am always listen in rapt attention constantly with remarks of my colleagues over a three-and-a-half hour period, occasionally i get a little
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bored and so i resortd, but the worst thing about it is i lost thousands of dollars in this game. >> okay. well, it's all play money, and the president is getting some flak for this shot of him with his foot on his desk during a call with the house speaker. he's not the first president to put his feet on the furniture, and he probably won't be the last. all right. the bridge is open so now what. >> next big bay area construction project that's even more expensive. also, there's a new way to neuter your dog, and it doesn't require surgery. >> yeah. well, see how scientists escaped an erupting volcano just in the nick of time. all right. so far the entire calendar year includes summertime, the city of saven fran officially has not hit 80 degrees, the warmest day july 1st, 79. that is going to change. find out which day will be in the 80s. have you ever wondered why the new bay bridge is white and not another color? i have the answer for you coming up next.
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from shellmound street in and grand avenue . the bay bridge bike path is officially open. there are two ways to get on it
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and grand avenue in west oakland, but the path isn't finished yet. it won't be complete until crews demolish the s curve on the old bridge, but that's not holding back big groups from walking or krosing the new bridge. many people told us they're excited to see the view. >> this is a structure that the bay area is going to use for decades, and it's going to be an iconic part of the bay area. i'm just excited that we're here for a moment in history. >> it's amazing. just looking at the two bridges, like, converge at the very top where the bike path ended, it was really nice, and also look back towards the east bay was amazing. >> the bike path is named after alexander zuckerman. he was an avid cyclist in the bay area and a fighter for biking rights. new bay bridge costs more than $6 billion to build, but it is not the most expensive people-moving project in the pipeline, not by a long shot.
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>> the next big project on the list is the bart extension from fremont to san jose, eclipsing even the cost of the new bay bridge. >> that project actually will knock the bay bridge off the top position as the most expensive thing because i think it's about $7 billion to get that one done. >> next in line for commuters, the opening of the fourth of the caldecott tunnel, which could happen by the end of this month. >> caldecott, we were a little bit nervous that if we had delayed the opening of the bay bridge, they'd beat us to it so they'll be opening in the next several weeks. >> yeah. those people in the east bay happy about that. then, of course, there is high peed rail from here to los angeles that will leave everything else in the dust. the estimated cost of that project, up to $80 billion. reigning america's cup championships oracle is being punished for cheeth.
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fined the team $256,000 for illegal modifications to boats used in warmup. in addition four key sailors are banned from competing and must forfeit two races in saturday's final against team new zealand. another courtroom defeat for the oyster company. today a federal appeals court agreeed with the lower-court ruling to shut the business down. drake's bay has been fighting to stay open after the federal government decided not to extend its lease at the point reyes national seashore. there's a new option for the tens of thousands of dogs neutered every year and adriana winegold shows us it doesn't require surgery. >> in the operating room, veterinarians work to neuter a german shepherd puppy. . >> it's a chemical sterilization of in-tact male dogs. >> the chemical is injected into the male dog's reproductive organs, making him sterile, but research shows it's only 99%
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effective, and some vets say it doesn't help with the behavioral issues like aggression that surgical castration tends to tame. >> the dogs could still climb fences seeking out females in heat. some of the sexually-oriented aggression aspects of -- of the animal still could be found in -- in those that have had. >> at the humane society, chief of staff amy rains says the procedure is not invasive. dogs are lightly sedated but not put under general anesthesia. >> the reason we started using it here and aufrg it to clients is for those clients who like the cosmetic appearance of an in-tact male dog. >> whether you choose sooutserring or surgical neutering, all pets should be fixed to help cut down on the number of strays on the street. >> and it costs about the same as surgery. everything is on camera these days, right? well, cameras were rolling when
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this volcano erupted spewing a giant cloud of ash into the sky. scientists captured this dramatic video before running for cover. it's the first time in four years that volcano has erupted. scientists say it is active now. brilliant. because a record snowfall got into the crater. no one was in any immediate danger. is it active or not? i call it weather. >> what they call it for how many years for that one. >> clear here for us. thank goodness. >> oh, what a beautiful day we had, and we're going to have a couple really nice days, not hot, not cold, then kind of turn it up to hot. it's going to get toasty out here as we head toward the weengd. live outside, we've got the low cloud cover moving in. that's a sign we 're not going to get hot yet. want to show you beautiful live picture from emeryville toward the new eastern span of the bay bridge. talk about why that bridge is white, not another color. well, back in the day they had a design process and they had a
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couple different models that were sitting out, obviously the one that was built was the one chosen. fast forward a couple years, somebody said, okay, what color do you want to paint it? they said, we already chose that. we chose white. they're like, no, the model was never painted because we didn't know the color yet. i think most of us would agree. beautiful color and it'll show the rust if there is any rust quickly because it'll contrast with that gorgeous white color. that's why the new bay bridge is whiefrjts here's a look at the radar. we're coming up klein here, the green sweep. kpix 5 high def doppler unlike last night is showing nothing on the doppler. beautiful spot. beautiful wert. mostly sunny, tomorrow 82. sunshine comfortable on thursday 84. mill valley, you will be in the 90s for about four straight days starting friday. let's talk about what's happening now, what will be happening the next 48 hours. low pressure spinning same place it was yesterday. no rain fall. that is gone, the clouds for the most part are gone. any rain chance i don't see it
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for a long time. low pressure not proving the next couple days. we keep the on shore flow. after that, low is gone we say hello to this area of high pressure. once that moves in, it's going to get strong, closer to us. we are going to get toasty. inland you're going to be in the 90s on friday, close to 100 on saturday and sunday and even the city for the first time all yearlong, san francisco will likely eclipse 80 degrees. that big warmup starts on friday. temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average saturday through monday. san jose tomorrow, 78 degrees. morgan hill 86. palo alto you'll hit 75. walnut creek, pittsburgh 84. san ramon 82. mill valley tomorrow 82. downtown san francisco in the upper 60s. getting warmer a little bit on thursday. a lot more on friday. here come the 90s, close to 100 over the weengd away from the water and widespread 8 #50s near the bay. toasty stuff. tis the season. it's september. this is when we get warm. this just in. we're going to get warm.
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>> all right. we're ready. >> it's coming. >> thank you, paul. neck and neck, the a's, the rangers, it's boiling right down to the last weeks. >> yes, it is. you and i are on the board at san francisco state, right. >> yes. >> i got a call from them tonight, "hey, dennis, for all your hard work we're taking you to giant's game for retreat. ". >> very nice. >> i said is that treat or torture? . >> yeah. >> battle for last place in the national league weshgs last place, while the a's and rangers were duking it out for top spot in the american league west. we're on deck. ,, look at allllll that yummyness. two build your own chicken wraps with a side of chips. how do you put a price on that? oh, four dollars?! i guess that's how.
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trick or treat. . i had some high hopes for our a's. i'm just saying. >> me, too. >> they're right there. they're knocking on the door. >> lose one game, and you think that's it. >> well, no. but, i mean, my uncle lives in texas so weave got a long-standing rivalry here. >> let it continue tomorrow. >> okay. >> colon was looking for his first win since july 26. now, a win tonight would give the a's sole procession of first place in the american league west. former a's now working for the bad guys. you ever run a stop sign and regret it? josh donaldson can feel your pain. plowed into.
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tied at one in the fifth. colon charged with an error that opened the flood gates. a. j. one into no man's land. three runs. rangers move back into first place with a 5-to-1 win. fans in the crowd entertaining more than the giants. finally put the horse head on. madison has only one win since the all star break. it stayed that way tonight. tied at two in the 7th. unties it with a base hit off lopez. padres beat the giants and send them to the national league west. packers quarterback aaron rodgersers had the entire off season to think about the 49ers ousting him from the playoffs last year and so it begs the question. >> how disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er. >> not as disappointed as the 49ers will be that they didn't
11:27 pm
draft me. >> what are you 12. >> yeah. you have to go back to the well when you get sound bite like that. there it is. it's the barracuda count down to kickoff. tim ryan and myself will break it down including prevug the greatness of the raiders. time for the tuesday night top five. . >> good night. that is a huge fish. >> that is local marketing guru andy. he landed these babies, including a 200-pound yellow fin tuna. she got clocked by serena williams' fast ball and lost six love six love in 52 minutes. homer bailey, oh, look what i found. red cut out the cardinals one to nothing. women's soccer, they call it an international friendly, but the u.s. women were anything but. they took it to mexico seven goals including four from la rue. domination sensation from the nation's capitol. 7 nil your final usa. amazing. no.
11:28 pm
1, back to the coliseum. josh donaldson. remember he got thrown out at the plate. look at that. now, you see him, now you don't, and he held on to the baseball. josh donaldson made up for that base running mistake somewhat with that miraculous catch. but the a's will try and win that series tomorrow. they take two out of three. >> all right. >> they will be in a first --. >> a's are doing fine. >> okay. >> don't worry about the a's. >> all right. >> they're doing well. >> thanks, dennis. coming up, meet the new bay bridge troll. ,,,,
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at about the troll . with the old bay bridge closing and the new one opening, a lot of people have wondered what about the troll. >> you know. the old one was saved, and now there is a new one. caltrans tweeted this picture to us. no word yet on where the new troll will go. somewhere on the new eastern span. and take a look at all of the work that went into this bridge, this incredible time lapse footage collapses 42,000 hours of construction into four minutes. 12 cameras first started recording in 2008. earth cam construction cameras captured 42 angers of the big project, and you can check out
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rrow morning at 4-30 . thanks so much for watching. david letterman is next with
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jake gyllenhaal. >> quick explanation. the troll built by the iron workers to keep them safe on the bridge. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. now david letterman! >> and now david


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