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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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way. temperatures starting to heat up. starting today we're going to see some much hotter temperatures, some places near 100 degrees over the weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and checking your road forecast right now so far, so good over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we finally saw fewer cars behind the pay gates yesterday a little later in the morning commute so give you a breakdown of your travel times and get a check of mass transit on this friday. >> it is friday. all right, liz, thank you. we begin with some new video this morning. we're hearing reports of an explosion in a burning commercial building on pacheco boulevard in martinez across the street from that shell station. the fire started around 3:00 in a building near peach street about a quarter mile from the shell refinery. no word on what started the fire early this morning. a city of san francisco maintenance worker is accused of running over and killing a mother at a park in bernal heights. it happened at holly park. witnesses say the driver kept going after hitting the woman.
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kpix 5's linda yee shows us how it happened. >> reporter: police picked through the blankets where the woman and her 11-month-old baby girl were lying on the grass. a park maintenance worker was driving on a path when he turned on the grass and headed straight towards the family. one witness yelled for him to stop. they're not sure if he heard them because the worker kept going driving right over the woman killing her. the baby was unhurt. >> he did leave the scene. the description was put out in the area. >> reporter: one witness tried to chase him but lost him in traffic. he was found in his truck in a playground not far from holly park. investigators haven't released his name but he has been arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run. a rec and park spokesman said he had worked with the department since 2006. regular park-goers say he is the gardener here. >> he drives a little bit too fast in the park. >> reporter: peggy said she had
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a close call with him. >> i had to holler at him because he actually almost hit my service dog. >> reporter: this is a neighborhood park popular with families with young children and many have complained for years about the workers driving dangerously. >> when they come around the park, they cut through the grass to make the turn to go off. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> the people who go to the park say they believe the woman who was killed moved to san francisco recently with her family from europe. happening today, pg&e facing fines for bad pipeline reports. the utility was forced to reveal all of its safety records following the san bruno disaster back in september of 2010. the utility had claimed the paperwork for the san carlos area and the milpitas and san francisco lines were all good but two years later pg&e record those were inaccurate reports. today the california public utilities commission will hold a hearing in san francisco to consider penalizing the utility. south bay drivers are being
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warned about traffic changes starting next week. it's to make way for construction on the new bart extension into san jose. the first changes will come next week. some of the lanes will be closed between lundy and flicker avenues in san jose. there will also be disruptions on the montague expressway and capitol avenue. here we go again. we are a month way from the next bart strike deadline. the cooling-off period ends october 10. but from what our christin ayers is hearing, the two sides are going nowhere fast. >> we haven't seen the union agreements or proposals what we feel is a reasonable amount of money for settlement. >> reporter: that was the charge from the bart board of directors today a clear sign that the cooling-off period ordered by the governor has become a deep freeze. bart management blamed the unions for not responding to their most recent offer. >> we have been trying to meet with the districts since august 12. they are refusing to meet with
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us. >> reporter: the unions have tried repeatedly to meet with bart over the past three weeks. they showed me emails requesting that bart get back to the bargaining table. but an august 16 response from bart's chief negotiator says face-to-face meetings would not be fruitful. bart management claimed in its press conference today it has been flexible offering workers raises up to 10%. >> i think the feeling on the board's part is that we have moved a lot that we have made a good-faith effort. >> reporter: but the unions say the numbers are misleading. >> when you take the contribution into retirement, when you take in the contribution into medical, the raise equals to 1% raise over the next four years. >> reporter: another sign the unions claim that bart managers are twisting the truth. >> they hope that lies will win them the support from the public. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> well, the two sides are supposed to get back to negotiations a week from yesterday. that will leave them with less
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than a month before the cooling- off period expires. the president is in russia for the last day of the g20 summit. syria of course still a major issue. the international community appears split on whether or not to take military action. and as cbs reporter susan mcginnis reports, so are u.s. lawmakers. reporter: president obama continues to meet with world leaders at the g20 summit in st. petersburg russia trying to gain support for military action against bashar assad's government. >> the use of chemical weapons in syria is not only a tragedy, but also a violation of international laws that must be addressed. >> reporter: the president wants to use targeted strikes against assad and is considering training syrian rebels. but this new video could complicate that effort. the "new york times" says it shows rebels in april moments before they executed syrian government soldiers. retaliation is a concern. the "wall street journal" reports the u.s. intercepted an order from an iranian official
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telling militants to attack american interests in baghdad if a strike is launched in syria. the white house wants the u.n. to punish assad but russia is blocking the efforts. >> russia continues to hold the council hostage and shirk its international responsibility. >> reporter: the president is pushing congress to authorize the use of force. >> we will not participate! >> reporter: but lawmakers are getting pushback from their constituents. a recent poll shows most americans oppose military strikes in syria. many lawmakers are still not sure how they will vote. in new york, susan mcginnis, kpix 5. >> if the president fails to win congressional support, he could decide to go ahead with military strikes anyway. and the president does have some key players in the senate on his side including california senator dianne feinstein. >> there's no question what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. there's no question about that. but, you see, then they don't
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know what i know. they haven't heard what i heard. >> senator barbara boxer along with other members of the senate foreign relations committee have already approved a resolution calling for military strikes. the full senate is likely to vote next week. 4:37 on this friday now. the hunter allegedly responsible for causing that "rim" fire could face criminal charges or perhaps even jail time. officers are still investigating before they make an arrest though. u.s. forest service says he set an illegal campfire that touched off the devastating "rim" fire in and around yosemite national park and that fire now only 80% contained some three weeks later. it burned 371 square miles and has cost $81 million to fight. let's get a check on the weather in the bay area. it's the weekend, lawrence. >> yeah. i think we're ready for a little heat, right? i know a couple of people complained they don't want the hot stuff but some temperatures will be near 100 degrees in parts of the bay area on the weekend but a lot of folks will enjoy it. haven't had many days like this
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as we look toward the summer. how about it? we've got just some patchy fog out there right now. otherwise mostly clear skies out over the bay bridge at this hour. the temperatures running in the 50s and the 60s right now and i think by the afternoon even today will be much warmer outside. let's plan on some 90s showing up in some of the valleys as high as 94 in livermore, about 90 in napa, 88 in santa rosa. even about 76 degrees in san francisco. and getting hotter this weekend. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have breaking news. out in martinez a large fire. firefighters are still working to control it. they are doing some traffic control in the area at pacheco boulevard and peach street. again, it's in martinez about a quarter mile from the shell refinery so we'll continue to keep you updated there. in the meantime, we are checking some of our bay area bridges and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay. it is "friday light." usually is at any time of the day -- anytime at this time of
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the hour and right now looking good all the way across the upper deck and here's one more live look at the nimitz freeway, where there is some roadwork by the way as you approach those downtown oakland exits. that is traffic. back to you. 4:39 now. bay area school districts are adopting a new strategy to prepare for a shooter on campus. duck and cover is out. ryan takeo says the new motto is run, hide, fight. >> reporter: sometimes tragedy leads to change. now months after sandy hook, some bay area school districts are rethinking active shooter situations. fema already has a plan to address active shooter situations in the workplace. and now with training for adults, it's being recommended for schoolchildren. >> there are three things you can do that make a difference: run, hide, fight. >> reporter: run, hide and fight is similar to another privately run school plan called alice. it's short for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.
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al list is what tony shaw student service director at castro valley schools is contemplating. >> the aspect of alice that we have not adopted is the counter such as having students throw books at the intruder. >> reporter: if students were to confront an active shooter they are taught to use books or pens to distract or fight back. an alice instructor explains students should have more options in a lockdown situation. if castro valley chooses to go with alice, it would not be alone. there are several bay area school districts that have used the training. >> what if you can't run and hide? what are you going to do? you need tomorrow power these kids. >> reporter: nicole hirschberg is a mother of three. while no one likes to think of the worst-case scenario, she's glad someone is thinking ahead. >> you know, it's scary to think that we have to bring this up and think about how our kids are going to be safe. i don't like to think about it but i'm glad people are talking about it. >> reporter: in castro valley, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> if castro valley chooses the alice approach it would only implement it at its middle
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schools and high schools. a decision should be made in the next couple of months after feedback from parents. time now is 4:40. tonight's mission to the moon based in the bay area. the role our scientists will play in nasa's launch. >> and from the package to the sink to the roasting pan, the big mistake we're making when we cook chicken, according to safety experts. ,, ,,,,,, [z
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headed to new orleans today. he's hoping to win the grand prize at the "just for men and mustache say hello to tyler templeton from san francisco and that mighty beard of his is headed to new orleans today. he is hoping to written the grand prize at the just for men national beard and moustache championship. he has been growing that baby for about a year and a half now. it looks like it. 24-year-old is competing in the full beard category but there are plenty of facial hair competitions. by the way, it all kicks off tonight in the big easy. everything happens in new orleans. >> what do you think? it kind of looks like lawrence if he had facial hair. >> i was thinking the same thing. that might be a nice addition. >> i think lawrence should try it. >> when he is doing weather. >> let's talk google.
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google is fighting for the right to snoop through your email. the company argued its case at a hearing over a class action lawsuit in san jose yesterday. the suit claims gmail users don't know their emails are being scanned to help google target advertising. google says it's legal but plaintiffs say the company is violating california privacy and wiretapping laws. google is asking the judge to dismiss the suit. no ruling was issued yesterday. on the consumerwatch today when it comes to cooking chicken apparently most of us are doing it all wrong according to a new campaign for home cooks to stop them from washing chicken before cooking it: usda says even though nine out of ten of us do it, apparently we're not supposed to because rinsing the bird sprays bacteria around the kitchen. food experts want to remind home cooks to pat it dry and cook it well. >> we kill the bacteria by
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cooking the chicken and you can measure the temperature at 165 degrees fahrenheit to know that it's thoroughly cooked. >> the usda says to use hot soapy water to wash hands, utensils, cutting boards anything else that might come in contact with raw chicken. >> i don't know. i always rinse the chicken. >> i do, too. >> so do i. then i wash the counter though. i wash everything up. >> and your hands and everything. >> that makes me kind of hungry, though. >> me, too. [ laughter ] >> i'm ready for this friday, guys. we have changes for the weekend. we have just a couple of patches of fog outside this morning but i think looking like a much hotter afternoon as the summer heat finally is making a return. we have it coming your way for the weekend. just a couple of patches of fog out there right now toward the afternoon becoming mostly sunny and the temperatures will be warmer today, going to get hot in some of the valleys and then really cranking these numbers up near 100 degrees in some of the hottest spots inland maybe even some 70s out toward the coastline over the weekend so yeah, one trough of low pressure passing by that's been
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keeping these temperatures down the last couple of days. now this ridge starting to build in. that means the temperatures going to start to heat up today. and we'll see a weak offshore wind so that means the temperatures going to be nice all the way to the coastline. 90s into the central valley for today, still the smoke from the fires in the high country, about 93 in yosemite. 79 degrees in lake tahoe. and 75 and sunny into monterey bay. patchy fog blowing away with that offshore wind as we head in toward the afternoon today and, well, probably not going to see it come back until late in the day on sunday. numbers around the bay area, 85 in san jose. 92 in morgan hill. and 69 degrees and sunshine into pacifica. 90s widespread in the east bay by the afternoon. going to be hot and getting hotter over the weekend. 82 degrees in oakland. 76 in san francisco. and 68 degrees becoming sunny in daly city. next couple of days some of these temperatures near 100 degrees inland. 70s out toward the coastline. then maybe a return of a couple of patches of fog late in the day on sunday near the coastline. cooler temperatures as we head toward the middle of next week.
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let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. everything is at the limit on the major freeways. all we are seeing is the overnight roadwork. usually in the next 15 minutes that's when they begin to pick up the cones, clear the roadwork and reopen lanes. so here is live look at the nimitz freeway. you will find a lot of it in oakland right now. southbound and northbound 880, between fifth and high street for the most part and then there is some more as you continue farther south. let's take a check of some of your bridges. san mateo bridge moving at the limit. a nice flow of traffic out of hayward right now all the way out towards the peninsula. 14 minutes taillights that is westbound 92. so if you are a silicon valley commuter this is a live look at 880/237, problem-free. we're seeing a lot of green on our sensors. this is one of the first spots we always look at around this time of the morning because we haven't seen the delays coming through tracy on 205. this will change likely in the next half hour or so but right now it's 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and we just checked in with bart. they have 21 trains. they are all on time.
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that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. taxi companies are fighting back against "rideshare" programs they say are snatching up their business. the state public utilities commission drafted new "rideshare" program regulations that will cover services like sidecar, uber and lift. but at the request of taxi drivers, the puc postponed the final vote for a couple of weeks. >> i as well as mean of my colleagues and friends have had experiences in taxis in san francisco where i frankly feel incredibly unsafe. >> for you to come up here and say you're sharing the ride with your passengers, you're not. you're charging them money. that's taxi. you should be regulated as taxis. >> the commission is set to vote on the new regulations on september 19. so imagine driving cross- country without putting a single drop of gas in your car. that's what tesla's ceo elon musk wants to do. he is taking his five sons on the ultimate road trip. he is going to drive his tesla models like this one an electric car from l.a. to new york city.
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he is going to charge it up along the way. musk is trying to promote his network of superchargers. the trip is set for the end of the year. and nasa's next mission to the moon launches tonight. kpix 5's brian webb explains how the bay area is playing a big role in this lunar operation. reporter: nasa's newest mission takes us to an old familiar place in space the moon. brian lewis designed this spacecraft a real-life rocket scientist. >> a lot is designed so it could go to the moon, to an asteroid or float around the earth. >> reporter: the unmanned robotic spacecraft named latti will orbit the moon studying dust, learn about comets and trying to answer the 40-year- old mystery of moonglow seen by astronauts on apollo 17. >> the raising up of dust from the lunar surface printer action of the sun, the solar radiation as it impacts the dust, we think that might have
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been the cause. >> reporter: there's some cool new technology being used on this mission. scientists on earth will receive information from latie by laser beam 1,000 times faster than the old radiowaves. the mission is also part of the new nasa exploring space with reusable designs on a relative shoestring budget $280 million. >> morsiens, more bang for the -- more science, more bang for the buck than doing it the old way where each mission was a one-off kind of design. >> reporter: latie's 100-day mission will end with a crash- landing into the moon, in effect becoming moon dust itself. >> so while it's a little bit sad knowing it's coming to an end, it's really awesome knowing it did what it was supposed to have done. >> reporter: nasa wants to do this before other companies and country spend more spacecraft up to the moon and kick around even more dust up there. reporting from nasa's ames research center, brian webb, kpix 5. >> blastoff is set for tonight at 8:27 our time.
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time now is 4:50. there's a big spike in how many children are smoking ecigarettes. why there's no way of knowing what's exactly in them. plus -- >> every decade of life there's a worsening of this ability to multitask. >> and how a special videogame developed by bay area scientists can save your brain. coming up. ,,
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here comes summer back to the bay area. san jose, the microclimate forecast. 85 degrees today. temperatures tomorrow in the 90s. >> checking your commute right now on your bay area bridges, it looks like the lanes change crews are out there right now across the golden gate. they are trying to get more commute direction lanes open southbound coming into san francisco. and we are problem-free across the bay bridge and the san mateo bridges. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. 4:53 now. more and more kids are picking up smoking but not by lighting up, ecigarettes are the new fad. they use a battery to convert
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liquid nicotine flavoring and chemicals into an inhalable vapor. new numbers show the amount of middle and high school students using ecigarettes has doubled to nearly 2 million last year. now, the concern is that they could be a gateway to other took products. >> kids' brains are highly susceptible to nicotine addiction and it may condemn them to nicotine addiction for life. >> they are unregulated so no one know what's in the vapor. in 2005 the agency found toxic chemicals in two of the leading brands. some people think videogames rot your brain but how about a game that can make your old brain act younger? kpix 5's allen martin with the bay area scientist who developed and tested one out. the results are truly a game changer. reporter: ah, to be young again especially when it comes to that stuff between our ears, the brain. >> anything you can do to
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improve your mental acuity, obviously, is something you want to stay on top of. >> reporter: well, now a team of brainiacs at ucsf may have figured out a surprising new way for older adults to strengthen their brains. it's a multitasking videogame where you swerve around a wildly winding road. >> it's very attention nally demanding to do that. the road never stays still. >> reporter: while at the same time correctly picking out select road signs. >> you have to press the button as a player as rapidly and accurately as you can only to target time like a green circle. >> reporter: a new study finds after 12 hours of playing the game over the course of a month the brains of older adults showed significant improvement. they had better short-term memory as well as long-term focus. >> that was really, really exciting for all of us. i know from my own perspective and a lot of our participants felt the same, they can actually feel the change in themselves. >> reporter: researcher and neuroscientist dr. adam gazzaley says these changes persisted for months after the
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volunteers stopped playing the game. brainwave recordings done before and after the experiment provided even more data. >> we found that a measure of activity from the front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, was deficient in older adults before they played but increased significantly after play and only in this training group. >> reporter: some volunteers in their 80s developed a neurological pattern of a 20- year-old. that's right, it's never too late. >> sounds very good. i'd like to see what they could do for that with the physical, too. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> that would be nice. this game is for research only and there's no plan to commercialize it but one company is trying to take the technology and plans to build a game for therapeutic use. 4:56. they have cooled off, maybe they've cooled off a little too much. where bart negotiations stand now just weeks before the next deadline. >> reporter: three years after the san bruno explosion, state
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regulators consider more fines against pg&e. we'll tell you about it next.
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a city worker runs over a sunbather in a park and takes off. >> we have been trying to meet with the districts since august 12. >> we are just a month away from the next bart strike deadline but both sides say they have not met face to face once. >> it's a violation of international law that must an dressed. >> president obama is trying to build broader support for military action against syria both here at home and abroad. >> it's an active shooting situation. >> there are three things you can do that make a difference. run, hide, fight. >> nasa's next mission to the moon is happening today. >> it could go to the moon, it
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could go to an asteroid it could float around the earth. >> its roots right here in the bay area. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> it goes out of the back of the end zone. >> hi, everyone. good morning. it's friday! it's finally here. it's september the 6th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:00. let's get a look at weather and traffic. lawrence? >> yeah, good morning, guys. we have some great weather coming our way as we get ready for the weekend. summer making a return am we're going to crank those temperatures up starting today. still, we do have a couple of patches of fog if you are headed out the door but not that much most every that out toward the coastline. so as we head in toward the afternoon, these temperatures really going to heat up. right now, mostly clear out over the bay bridge at this hour. the temperatures running in the 50s and a couple of 60s well inland. i think though as we head in toward the afternoon though these temperatures going to get hot in spots as high as 94 in livermore today. 90 in napa. about 85 in sa


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