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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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flightless. >> every years millions of older egglaying hens are put to death. >> the cost of the flight is $50,000. that comes out to $43 a bird. >> alarming statistics about safety in some bay area schools. >> and i am not going to sit here and be told by you that i don't have a sense of what the judgment is. >> the u.s. is one step closer to a military strike on syria and the debate rages on. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. monday has arrived. september 9, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. syrian president bashar assad is peeking exclusively to cbs. he says his government has nothing to do with a chemical weapons attack which the u.s. government says killed 1400 people. two firefighters hurt in a fire in fremont. that fire started around 5 a.m.
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between vernon and waller avenues there. we have a live picture here as they continue to battle that fire on farwell drive. a live look at the morgan fire burning near mount diablo. this is from our dublin camera. the fire is active and covering a wide area. in fact, since last night, the fire has nearly doubled to 1500 acres. and we have live team coverage of that fire this morning. brian hackney is keeping an eye on the weather conditions in the area. elizabeth wenger is at the evacuation center in clayton. but we begin with cate caugiran, who just spoke to fire officials. cate, what's the latest. >> reporter: michelle, we understand the first air tankers will be going up in the next couple of hours because the fire right now is growing towards the summit. we can actually see it peaking right now. maybe it's just a glow but we've seen flares come up over the mountain just basically in waves as it comes up and down now. this morning, more families are waking up unsure of the safeties of their homes.
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the -- the safety of their homes. the sheriff says 23 more homes were evacuated making it 100 homes in total. the fire is up to 1500, a of the cal fire says it's 10% contained with one minor injury to a firefighter. cal fire will be bringing in more firefighters so we are expecting about 500 on the line today. this is one of cal fire's highest priorities. the morgan fire was first reported yesterday afternoon off of morgan fire territory road right around 1:30 and immediately, mandatory evacuations were issued along oak hill land or road and curry canyon road. the latest evacuations are from trail ride, russelman park, east trail, upper and lower trail roads, and cal fire says right now up to 50 and 75 buildings are threatened by the fire. now, this is one of the largest fires in the area in recent history. the last one residents remember was the fire of '77 where lightning triggered fires that burned 6,000 acres on the north
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side of mount diablo. we understand that cal fire says that yesterday's flames were fueled by temperatures in the 90s including that slight breeze which really goes to show you how weather plays a crucial role in fighting these fires and so for an update on those conditions, let's send things over to brian hackney in the weather center. brian. >> cate, i'm looking carefully at your hair of all things and i notice that you're not being blown about at all. and that's a good sign because winds are fairly calm this morning and that's really going to help firefighters out. the latest on conditions up there showing that winds are just slightly out of the northwest not much. maybe to about 10 miles an hour. the forecast is for them to gain another 50% in velocity to about 15 miles an hour. that's not much. the good news is the direction. east winds will be bad. that's a very dry direction. the forecast is for them to remain out of the northwest. that's not the moistest possible direction. that would be southweserlies but we'll take northwesterlies, not bad, and also take 15 miles per hour. the highs toward the summit 90 to 98 degrees so the temperatures are up, winds are
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down, the humidity fairly dry 20 to 30% but that's not bone dry so the firefighters are getting a little bit of an assist from the weather. the temperatures right now mild for the most part nearing 60 degrees in spots. highs in the bay area, 100 livermore, 89 vallejo, concord 96 degrees. so it's going to be a hot one today in the bay area but at least the winds will not be picking up much and that he that's the latest. dozens of homes evacuated because of the morgan fire. evacuees were told they could get help at an emergency shelter. a lot had to leave home late last night. with more on that let's check in with elizabeth wenger at one of the evacuation centers at the community library in clayton this morning. >> reporter: good morning. no one is here right now out of the 100-plus families that had to be evacuated. i talked to a red cross volunteer. they have been here on standby overnight since last night. so a lot of people obviously stayed with friends, family,
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stayed in a hotel. but they are here if they want to use it as a place for rest, use the phones. want to let you know there were some additional evacuations overnight. those include trail ride, russelman park, east trail, upper trail, lower trail road, roughly 24 homes there. since yesterday there were evacuations along oak hill lane, curry canyon road and curry point area. evacuees we talked to say the fire was close but they are hopeful still that firefighters will gain the upper hand soon. didn't see any flames, we saw a lot of smoke. we were thinking, you know, it's -- we were told it was about a quarter mile away. now, that seems a little close. if the wind changes, it could be dangerous. but, you know, we didn't feel we were in a lot of danger, actually. >> reporter: and obviously this is a country area burning so a lot of folks have animals, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, you name it.
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so the contra costa county fairgrounds is being used as an evacuation site. they are capable of holding large and small animals. we were there a little earlier this morning and so far, they haven't received any animals but again they are on standby for that later this morning in case that's needed. heather farms in walnut creek has been taking a lot of horses. frank, back to you. >> and we're hearing stories, liz, of people being very generous with their time lending a helping hand to some of these folks that are now out of their homes. >> reporter: i know. don't you love it? we love hearing these kind of stories in times of crisis. yeah, volunteers were right there when the fire started burning yesterday. they were there with their horse trailers trying to transport stranded animals to other sites and obviously, with no one here, at this evacuation center at clayton community library, a lot of folks are finding other places with friends and family and neighbors to stay. >> absolutely. okay, elizabeth wenger live in clayton, thank you. and new this morning, multiple fire crews are responding to a two-alarm house fire in fremont. you can still see smoke coming
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from that area there above the fire trucks. it broke out on farwell between vernon and waller avenues. three people rescued from the fire and during the rescue the fremont fire captain tells us two firefighters were injured. minor injuries, though. no word on a cause of the fire. power lines are down at the moment though at more than 2,000 pg&e customers are without power in that fremont area. let's check in with liza battalones to see if that's affecting the morning commute. >> it is slowing down some traffic through the area primarily residential. we just want to remind folks if you are from the fremont area and you proven a blacked out intersection because of the power outage, remember to treat that as a four-way stop. as we once again talk about the morgan fire fire burning in the clayton area affecting so many drivers in the back roads communities of blackhawk, brentwood, pleasanton and danville. currently marsh creek road closed in both directions between camino diablo and regency. morgan territory road closed to highland road in alameda county. you can see some of the sensors there along highway 4 it's
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going to be a slow drive leaving antioch bound for the pittsburg area. bay bridge commute backups started early. the metering lights were switched on and traffic delays on the 880 overcrossing and right here you're looking at a map of a new accident which just cropped up in san jose. north 101 before the guadalupe parkway, it's got traffic backed up from the 280-680 interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and a long backup. i-80 is already slow in the westbound direction from university avenue approaching the maze. that's a look at your morning commute. now to frank. thank you, liza. there has been an accidental death at a 49ers game at candlestick park. a man died after fell from the jamestown pedestrian walkway outside the stadium. it happened shortly after the game began against the packers and 9ers. witnesses told police the man appeared to be intoxicated before he fell. apparently he was walking with his brother at the time. the victim was a man in his 30s. president obama is taking his plans for syria to the
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people. he will address the nation tomorrow. meanwhile, syrian president bashar assad is speaking exclusively to cbs. here's what he said to cbs' charlie rose about a possible military strike against his government. >> do you expect an air strike? >> if the united states doesn't obey the international law and tramples over the charter of the united nations we have to worry that any administration not only this one would do anything. but according to the lie that is we have been hearing for the last two weeks, some high ranking officials in this administration, we have to expect the worst. >> president assad also told charlie rose syria will retaliate if the u.s. attacks. and you can see more of that interview on "cbs this morning" starting at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. getting congressional support for the syrian air strike is no easy task for the obama administration evenly within the democratic -- even
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within the democratic party. nancy pelosi sent five letters to democrats in an effort to build support but many in congress remain staunchly opposed to an attack. bay area congressman eric swalwell tells our phil matier he is going to vote with his constituents' views in mind. >> my constituents across the board it's a firm solid no. why now? how is this in america's best interests? i think force should be the last option after you exhaust all other remedies. >> according to a new cnn poll, 59% of americans do not want congress to authorize a military strike against syria. even though 8 in 10 americans think his government used chemical weapons. time now 6:10. college tuition is expensive. how trade schools are measuring up to their costs. >> and libraries are supposed to be a place of solace. what else is happen at san francisco public libraries coming up. >> we have been slaving over a hot weather computer all morning to bring you a pretty
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hot forecast, temperatures nearing but not quite at record highs again. coming up. >> and we have delays already at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. we also have problems in san jose along 101. i'll have details with traffic in just a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,
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arsenio hall returns to late night tv after almost two decades. the arsenio h wake up, bay area. it's arsenio. let's get busy. >> the man who made that fist pump hi8s tag line is back on late night television. in the early '90s. he interviewed a wide range of guests. tonight arsenio hall show debuts at 11:00 over on kbcw, cw 44/cable 12. trending cowboys and giants, tell a girl she is
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beautiful day. don't forget to follow what's on twitter at cbssf. >> you're beautiful, michelle and liza. >> i'm filling in on the right delay. delay north 101 approaching 87 on the approach to the guadalupe parkway. expect slow traffic from the 280 interchange. and highway 4 another tough morning with that westbound traffic down to 11 miles per hour. back up from "a" street stays heavy into pittsburg but no delays down willow pass and the bay bridge commute. we have a car fire burning in the maze. so bridge crews are checking on that. toll plaza backed up beyond the 880 crossing with metering lights on. line of traffic i-80 westbound from berkeley to emeryville. the san mateo bridge is trouble- free. westbound traffic still looking okay approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza. as with the golden gate southbound traffic leaving southern marin heading into the city is fine no problems either
6:16 am
leaving san francisco approaching the span. and in the south bay the 880/237 interchange has been trouble-free. still no big delays yet. that southbound drive on 880 looking good approaching and passing auto mall parkway. and we did a check on local transit. our first bart trains left the yard on schedule. no problems reported for san francisco's muni, caltrain or ace. that's a look at the drive into work. now to brian. >> boy, liza, look at how the skyline of san francisco has changed early this morning as we look from the camera on top of our roof at the intersection of battery and broadway to the suspension span of the bay bridge. look at the plume of smoke coming off that mount diablo fire this morning in the atmosphere and then the layering of clouds from the fire owe night. you can see the red clouds all over the bay area but, boy, that's an impressive looking plume coming from the fire which has now consumed 1500 acres and continues to burn
6:17 am
this morning. mild start inland will change as the day goes along. fog at the shoreline and bay. afternoon sunshine for most. it will stay hot inland but finally we will get a cooling trend for the bay area beginning tomorrow. but today's hot. this high pressure out in the eastern pacific just offshore continues to stay in place. that's going to keep temperatures warm, stagnant air and the fire won't help. that means a hazy day around the bay area today. 102 in sacramento, 103 fresno and 81 at lake tahoe. back in the bay area, going to be warm as well down in the south bay san jose will top out today at 90. 95 at morgan hill. and in los altos 89 degrees. come over to the shoreline though and half moon bay is just 69. so the shoreline promises relief but the east bay no dies. we have temperatures of 100 degrees at livermore today. in pleasant hill 95 degrees.
6:18 am
up at benicia a little cooler in the carquinez strait. 92 santa rosa. extended forecast still 100 in the warmest spots inland but as the week goes on, the good news is the low clouds will influence a cooling trend. we'll be back into the upper 80s the latter half of the week. all week long in the bay the temperatures will be in the 70s. look ahead to next weekend going to be nice about where we should be upper 80s inland 70s in the bay. latest on the weather. now the latest from michelle. brian, thanks so much. san francisco libraries are going back and forth between whether to hire permanent security workers. library administrators and employees say more guards are necessary to provide a satisfactory level of security. right now, the system employs 14 guards to patrol all 28 branches. but two are part time and four are temp workers. some library employees believe the use of temporary guards with less experience is compromising safety. the state and federal governments are moving to demand better results for for profit colleges. tuition at the most expensive
6:19 am
trade schools can exceed $20,000 a year. the "contra costa times" reports that they graduate fewer than half their students and have high rates of loan defaults. president obama wants to link grants and loans to each school's affordability and performance. it's called a gift from the referees. how the 49ers got a replay that led to a touchdown. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. could the raiders pull off the biggest upset in week one? things got chippie in the 49ers final home opener at the stick. we'll have sports coming up.
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♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you.
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[ no audio ] [ please stand by ] good morning, everybody. all that tough talk leading up to the packers-49ers games where green bay would take liberties on colin kaepernick if he went outside the pocket and that promise was delivered. even a late hit out of bounds from clay matthews could not slow down the 49ers starting quarterback. the capper had a rating of 129.4. three touchdowns and over 400 yards passing about half to antuan boldin with 13 receptions 280 receiving yards. 9ers win the opener 34-28.
6:24 am
raiders down late, 4th quarter but terrelle pryor throws an interception at the worst time. they say there are no moral victories? this was a pretty close football game. but the colts beat the raiders 21-17. seth smith hit his 8th homer of the year part of a 7- run 3rd inning. a's win 7-2 to stay a game and a half up on the rangers. giants angel pagan hit one to left. they beat the d-backs 3-2 in 11 innings. >> and serena williams continues to roll. she beats victoria azarenka for her fifth u.s. open title and 17th grand slam title. getting ready for the men's final today. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. time for the play of the day. we are going to revisit that 9er game. that gift from the referees happened before the score in the 2nd quarter. green bay linebacker clay matthews decked colin kaepernick out of bounds right there. they drew a flag for the hit.
6:25 am
staley comes up and retaliates and gets in his grill. he draws a flag for that. after offsetting penalties the 9ers why allowed to replay third down leading to a touchdown but it really should have been fourth and two and because the penalties occurred after the play was over the 9ers got a free down and there you go it was a touchdown instead of a field goal so thank you very much, referees. our play of the day courtesy of the referee. maybe they would have gone for it anyway. >> possibly. a ucla football player has been killed in san clemente. a 20-year-old wide receiver was walking home from a friend's house when a car hit him early yesterday morning. the driver stayed at the scene and tried to help the victim. the accident is still under investigation. 6:25. the debate over what to do in syria continues. the american people are weighing in now. what's the latest survey, what this shows coming up. >> and the morgan fire burning near mount diablo, take a look.
6:26 am
it's nearly doubled overnight. we'll give you the latest on the firefighting efforts when we return. ,,,,
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for $199 a month. ♪ unwanted overnight. we have live team coverage on the fe fight a huge fire burning right now on mount diablo. er it's grown overnight. we have live team coverage of the firefight. >> the unwanted guests invading northern if you hear buzzing in your ear. >> near record high in the bay area that's not going to help the plume from the fire on mount diablo. we'll have the forecast for you in just a minute. >> we're looking at big problems now for the bay bridge commute.
6:30 am
delays at the toll plaza and in san francisco a new accident delaying traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge. details in a few minutes. good morning, it's monday, it is a busy monday. september 9th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. developing in the east bay, chopper 5 is over the morgan fire. you can see the flames 1500 acres have now been torched near mount diablo. and more people were forced out of their homes, as well. we have team coverage of the fire this morning. brian hackney will have the latest on the fire conditions but we begin with cate caugiran who spoke to fire officials just a short while ago. cate, what's the latest? >> reporter: we understand michelle that this fire is actually making a push towards the summit and that's something we have seen all this morning. but i want to show you work at this plume of smoke, this impressive calm as it continues to rise as this fire climbs toward the peak of mount diablo. as far as evacuations go, the sheriff's office says 24 more
6:31 am
homes were evacuated in the area. the first round of evacuations were started at morgan territory road 1:30 yesterday afternoon so so far, approximately 100 families are waking up unsure of when they can go home. today more firefighters are expected to come towards this area so we can see or expect to see 500 on the line today. the first air tankers will be up in an hour and a half and cal fire says now the biggest challenge as this fire grows as that rugged and steep terrain combined with hot weather, cal fire says yesterday's hot temperatures and winds causedded this fire to spread quickly -- caused this fire to spread quickly. >> california is experiencing one of the driest years in history now so the fuels on the mountain all over california are extremely dry. this fire has very little wind on it so it's being driven by the dry fuels and the
6:32 am
topography up there. >> reporter: overnight the fire grew to about 1500 acres and is still burning. the fire is about 10% contained. we know of the one firefighter who sustained minor injuries and an out building has been damaged. now this is again a live look at the fire as it's growing towards the summit of mount diablo. more firefighters are on the way. as the fire continues to grow we can expect to see more evacuations and support to come through and right now, they have no idea when this fire will be contained. live in clayton, cate caugiran, kpix 5. let's join brian hackney with the forecast. >> mother nature is not doing everything she can this morning. the winds are not that bad but they're not that good and certainly temperatures are near record highs. that's not good news. here's how it looks now for the latest on the fire and the conditions. winds right now are at 15 miles per hour. the forecast right where they should be, with high forecast
6:33 am
to be between 90 and 98 degrees. so it's hot. low humidity from 20 to 30%. the winds out of the northwest not bad but what's really going to hamper this is the gusts at this hour up to 25 miles per hour can drive flames no matter what direction it's coming from. so we have another warm day. you can see the plume from the roof cam from 32 miles away from the center of the fire so you can see the clouds lifting and getting blown by the northwesterlies down south and that's going to be a feature on the skyline for the next 24 hours at least. right now concord has 59 degrees. san francisco at 54. and we have another warm day in the bay area, 100 degrees at livermore and 96 at concord. that's the latest on the weather. now let's get the latest on what's happening this morning, gang. >> thank you, brian. a fire in sonoma county sent up flames and a plume of smoke as well that started yesterday afternoon. it's a fire in a ditch and it
6:34 am
started to burn a pallet factory as you can see. this happened between broadway and 8th in sonoma. sparks came from a tow truck although it's not clear what started the fire. more than 40 acres have burned. this is cell phone video shot by a firefighter that shows a propane tank that exploded as they were battling the flames. [ censored ] >> once it got into the pallets, it was an intensive firefight that was quite difficult. we had over 30 commercial trailers involved. >> highway 121 and 116 shut down as crews worked to keep the fire under control. six structures were burned. the firefighters managed to save 10 other structures in the area. nobody was hurt. in other headlines around the bay on this monday, berkeley police are investigating the city's fourth murder of the year. reports of several shots being fired near the intersection of 8th and page streets came in shortly before 6:00 last night. officers found a man suffering
6:35 am
from multiple gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. the victim's name hasn't been released. and so far no suspects have been identified. new details this morning on the discovery of a body at san jose state university. the victim was found dead in a parked car on humboldt street just before 10 a.m. yesterday. city and university police consider the death a homicide although they have not released any information on the cause of death. the killing is the 37th homicide in san jose this year. but only the fourth ever investigated by school authorities. later this morning, two east bay lawmakers will be at an oakland church seeking public support for their gun control proposals. assembly members nancy skinner of berkeley and rob obento a are sponsoring a bill about gun control. they will hold a meeting at 10 amount at the bebe cathedral. majority of americans do
6:36 am
not want a military strike against syria. the cnn poll shows 59% do not want congress to pass a resolution authorizing the attack. but eight in ten of those surveyed believe the syrian government was behind the chemical attack that killed more than 1,000 people and sparked the debate. all this dry warm weather is bringing a hoard of unwanted guests to northern california. officials are reporting an increase in european paper wasps between the san francisco and south lake tahoe region. they emigrated to the area about 20 years ago. el dorado county is getting 10 complaints a day. vector control removed 345 what ises nests last month 50% more than augustof last year of wasp nests. >> the roads busy now. we have road closures in place because of the morgan fire fire burning at mount diablo. remember, marsh creek road still shut down both ways
6:37 am
between camino diablo and regency drive. morgan territory road should in alameda counted. we have reports now of a major injury accident involving a downed motorcyclist southbound 242 just beyond that highway 4 interchange. we know that at least one lane is shut down so expect heavy traffic through there. also, a new crash in petaluma is not in the commute direction but watch out for this problem north 101 at petaluma boulevard that has at least one lane of traffic shut down. on the golden gate southbound traffic fine getting into the city so no delays there. at the bay bridge toll plaza still backed up from the foot of the maze. good news though chp has cleared up an earlier car fire that was burning at the maze westbound 80 approaching 580. that's a look at the monday drive. time now 6:37. the warriors want to build a new arena. how a new bill could affect its location. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago on this monday morning. take a quick peek at the early
6:38 am
numbers on wall street. and so far it looks like a great day. everything is up. crunch the numbers much more with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,
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to leave their homes becaus the morgan fire. it's at the ty library on there is an evacuation center now available for people who had to leave their homes because of the morgan fire at the clayton community library on clayton road. they are ready to help evacuees but so far no one needed the assistance. there was also an evacuation center for livestock at the contra costa county fairgrounds but no one has used that, either. some have taken their animals to walnut creek and kpix 5's elizabeth wenger is live at heather farms with more on that. liz. >> reporter: good morning, frank? >> we just got here and there's about 6 horses here in the stages here at heather farms equestrian center. so these horses were part of the 100 families that were
6:42 am
evacuated. so they are still possibly waiting for more animals that could come this morning including possibly cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. this is a country area that's burning so a lot of people have large and small animals. as many as 100 homes have been evacuated because of fire and smoke. additional evacuations came overnight including trail ride russelman park, east trail, upper trail and lower trail roads. since yesterday, evacuations along oak hill lane, curry canyon road, and curry point area. so far no one has used the evacuation center at clayton library am a lot of people are staying with family, friends, finding hotels. the evacuees we talked to say the fire was close but they are hopeful firefighters will gain the upper hand soon. i was happy about that. >> reporter: what's cool about that is out of all the crisis
6:43 am
came a lot of generosity. we heard about volunteers coming with their horse trailers to transport stranded animals. that's in fact how some of these horses you see here at heather farms got here through the sheer generosity of strangers. with no one at the clayton community center library now, a lot of people are helping some of these families find other places to stay with them. frank, back to you. >> all right, liz, thanks so much. let's get a check on the traffic and on the roads in the bay area with liza battalones. >> she is ready. >> i'm always ready. we are going to talk about the concord commute where there's an accident clearing southbound 242 beyond highway 4. at least one lane of traffic is going to be shut down for you so you're going to see delays heading to and through there. also reports of a new accident affecting richmond drivers westbound 80 at mcbryde off to the shoulder but you can see some of the yellow there already very slow traffic as you make the commute out of richmond bound for berkeley and
6:44 am
emeryville. we move on to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are still on. do keep in mind very slow traffic through berkeley and emeryville. as you leave the oakland area along eastbound 80 we are getting reports of a motorcycle accident in berkeley blocking at least one middle lane of traffic. so it's been a busy commute with accidents out there. the san mateo bridge drive is fine. westbound traffic continues very light leaving hayward bound for foster city. the 880/237 interchange in the south bay good with no problems for both roads. the south bay drives have been okay with no major problems to report there. that's a look at your drive into work. now to brian. >> all righty, liza. thanks so much. we are starting out this morning with fog and low clouds that are streaming over the city. you can see it right there as a matter of fact. the push is not so strong as to bring the fog inland. so it's still going to be warm inland but boy, along the coast and the golden gate bridge, it
6:45 am
is foggy and big time. so we'll start out with very moderate temperatures along the coast. afternoon sun for most everybody even including the beach, but it will stay hot inland, cooler weather for everybody tomorrow as we have a deeper marine layer and cools everybody off. for now high pressure over the eastern pacific the past couple of days is going to continue in that spot and as a result, the numbers are going to stay warm inland so hot away from the coast, but the fog and the low clouds definitely streaming through the golden gate this morning. so you'll notice in san jose for instance temperatures 90 but over to half moon bay it's just 69. in the city today we are expecting 68 degrees. out in the east bay though we are not at record highs but plenty warm. 100 degrees at livermore. these warm temperatures will not help the firefighters on the flanks of mount diablo. concord nearby at 96 degrees. 9 napa, as well. up in the north bay the numbers will be in the 80s for the most
6:46 am
part except near the shoreline. sausalito 72. bodega bay 70. 100 in the warmest spots but look what happens as the week goes on, temperatures cool down and neck weekend we'll just be in the upper 80s inland. hey, the forecast for the man who created the secret service, abraham lincoln, on the day he died. he created the secret service earlier in the morning they named a school after him up in santa rosa. the forecast for the schoolcast, morning bell 55 degrees, lunch. time 80, and then 92 at 3:00 in the afternoon. you want to feature your own school on the schoolcast? just enter online that's all the business fit to print in the weather department. as for the rest of the business, here's michelle. thank you, brian. thanks for the history lesson. >> absolutely. we mentioned apple plans to announce something new. >> let's find out what investors are excited about. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. tomorrow i guess the big day, right? >> certainly is. good morning. big deal down in cupertino
6:47 am
tomorrow. apple is going to launch their newest iphone. expected to launch two different models. the 5s which will be its premium model and the 5c which is expected to be a budget iphone especially intended for overseas customers and the "wall street journal" says that apple will strike a partnership with china mobile, that's critical because it's biggest wireless carrier in china. the other big question facing apple according to investors is the pricing on the 5c. just how cheap will it be? all things digital projects $400 to $500. some think it could be as cheap as $300 out the door. apple stock is rising. that's helping out the over at tech sector on the iphone anticipation. google is also making news this morning. it's submitting its latest proposal to european regulators to try and settle an ongoing antitrust case over its search practices. rivals claiming it
6:48 am
tends to favor its own services and products. the regulators turned down a proposal a couple of months ago. they settled a similar case in the u.s. earlier. europe a tougher foe for google. market numbers right now up 80 points. nasdaq is gaining 22. s&p moving higher by 8 points. apple shares are up by one and a quarter percent >> so far looking good. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. the warriors want to build an indiana on piers 30 and 32 here in san francisco and they want to build an arena. melissa griffin king joins us this morning. >> goo. so on friday the state senate passed a bill that was crafted by san francisco's very own assemblyman phil ting and what this bill does is it declares that the warriors arena is an appropriate use of the waterfront. now, this is why this is important. technically, the people of california own all waterfront
6:49 am
property throughout the state. and the state legislature is -- holds that waterfront property in trust. now, the san francisco port is allowed to do certain things here and there, but basically you can't build just anything on the waterfront. one of the most fundamental requirements for any kind of waterfront development is that it be water-related or maritime- related. so a cruise ship terminal would work. but hotels and condos, probably not. and the reason for that is to make sure that the public continues to have access to that waterfront property. so he said we are not going to debate. we declare that this arena is consistent with those purposes. we are going to declare that the arena is water-related so long as it does things like have parks and public access and allow boats -- some boats to berth there and has limited parking and retail space. we are not going to allow the debate to delay the development process as it goes forward. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> how does that work?! [ laughter ]
6:50 am
>> i mean, it's an arena. it could go anywhere. >> it's a stretch. they knew they would be in for a big fight. . >> they say with that $120 million price tag to fix those piers up and make them usable they are very few projects that are going to work in this space. very few things are going to pencil out that are traditional maritime uses so it would take something big like an arena for a developer to feel like it's financially in their best interests to spend that kind of money to fix those piers up so they say number one, it's not really doing anything right now, number two, this is as good as we'll get and they are requiring certain things about limited parking and retail so we have these other 16 little things in place we'll say this is appropriate use of the waterfront. >> this is just beginning. i mean, come on. is this going to get built do
6:51 am
you think with all this controversy already? >> i don't know. people are already lining up to stop it. of course, the people in the east bay, for example, representatives in the senate, assembly and east bay are very much against this in fact representative nancy skinner whose district includes richmond and berkeley, has some very choice words about whether the legislature should be weighing in on one side or the other about a project that's going to remove jobs from her district and puts them in san francisco. >> all right. you can find more of melissa griffin-caen's segments on we'll see how it plays out. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> and this will be a big slow today. norah o'donnell is standing by with the very latest. charlie had quite a weekend, didn't? >> reporter: he sure did. a significant news morning this morning. good morning to you, frank and michelle. ahead we'll have charlie rose's global exclusive with syrian president bashar al-assad. it is his only television
6:52 am
interview since president obama asked congress for approval to attack syria. so you will hear what assad means when he says expect everything if the u.s. attacks. it is a chilling warning. plus, how the syrian leader responds when charlie confronts him over the claims that he used chemical weapons to kill his own people. and assad's reaction to being called a butcher and being compared to the worst dictators in the world. you won't want to miss this un. see you at 7:00. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. thank you. we're live in clayton where the morgan fire has nearly doubled in size overnight. look at the plume of smoke. more coming up. ,, at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you.
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nothing to do with the chem attack which the u-s govern says killed as many as syrian president bashar assad says his government had nothing to do with the chemical attack which the u.s. government says killed as many as 1400 people. assad made the claim during an interview with cbs news' charlie rose. the white house maintains the syrian army is the only group capable of carrying out a sarin gas attack of that size. congress back to work today after a five-week summer recess. the first order of business will be a resolution authorizing the president to use force in syria. president obama is keeping the pressure on now as congress may or may not pass that resolution. state lawmakers head into the final week of this year's legislative session which could shapen environmental and business climb for years to come. they will consider changes to the california environmental quality act plus regulations for the oil and gas drilling technique known as fracking. the van gogh museum in amsterdam is showing off a
6:57 am
newly discovered painting by vincent van gogh. sunset at [ non-english language ] shows trees and skies and thick brush strokes. the museum direct says it belongs to a private collector and spent years in an attic in norway believed to be by and another artist. it's the first full size canvas by the dutch master discovered since 1928. serena williams needed a third set to defeat victoria azarenka. it was the first time in the tournament she had lost a set and she was happy. this is the second straight u.s. open title for williams. also her 17th career grand slam title. we're keeping an eye on the morgan hill fire this morning. take a look at this plume of smoke. firefighters have their work cut out for them. 500 will battle the flames. more evacuations issued overnight bringing the total to 100 homes. this is a look from our chopper 5 right now. the fire has burned 1500 acres making its push towards the
6:58 am
summit of mount diablo. we know that the first air tankers will be going up within the next hour and so far there's no estimated date for containment. live in clayton, cate caugiran, kpix 5. and it is feeding time. volunteers are here behind me feeding the horses that were brought here to heather farms in walnut creek. evacuees could bring their animals here while they sought other shelter. six horses were brought here last night. they could get even more this morning. volunteers lined up their horse trailers to transport a lot of stranded animals. it's a very close-knit horse community here in the bay area. and the contra costa county fairgrounds is also being used as an evacuation site to house other animals like cattle, horses, of course, sheep, pigs and other animals. live here in heather farms in walnut creek, i'm elizabeth wenger for kpix 5. and we're looking at big delays at westbound 80 from
6:59 am
pinole approaching berkeley an accident westbound 80 approaching university. bay bridge toll plaza delays extending to the foot of the maze with the metering lights on. and an accident in san jose delaying traffic north 101 slow from 280 approaching trimble but it's been a good morning for transit still no delays across the board. >> we are starting out with one of those extraordinary sunrises. the faint orange glow is the sunrise behind one of the towers of the bay bridge and one of the plumas of smoke rising from the mount diablo fire this morning. it's a hot one for the bay area. we are starting out with readings already in the low 60s around san jose and at livermore. today temperatures top out near 100 degrees, not record high territory but plenty hot and that is not going to help firefighters a lot. 96 at concord today. 100 at livermore, 68 in the city and in san jose 90 degrees. the look ahead, temperatures are going to cool down on wednesday. >> thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is coming up next.
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado good morning to sour viewers in the west. monday september 13. welcome to cbs this morning. charlie rose with the interview the world is ready to see. in a global exclusive, the u.s. is warned to expect everything in response to aye military zblooichlkt the use of chemical weapons claims and the message toll americans. john kerry just issued an appointed response to the words. we'll have the late oegs analysis and reaction. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> will pit be attacks


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