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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. i had two minutes to grab my wallet, phone and i was on the way. >> reporter: and thick smoke choking our air. >> we're encouraging people to stay indoors. >> tonight, firefighters work grueling overtime hours to try to tame one of the bay area's biggest wildfires in years. >> firefighters will work 24 hours shifts. >> i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we have chopper 5 live up over the mount diablo fire right now. at last check, more than 3700- acres have burned. 100 homes are threatened and several homes in clayton are
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under mandatory evacuation orders. the good news, in just the past hour, we have noticed less smoke coming from the fire zone. here's new video still pockets of -- there are still many pockets of intense flames. you can still see black smoke mixed in with the thick white smoke coming from these areas but again, it looks like crews are making some progress. >> cal fire dc-10 has joined the firefight. earlier chopper 5 spotted that plane dropping retardant made a couple of passes. cal fire using two planes and three helicopters in its aerial attack. our crews spotted one of those choppers refilling its water tank as helicopter crews making use of small lakes around the mountain to fight the flames. the fear started near morgan territory road yesterday afternoon and as we said a minute ago homes on several nearby roads are under mandatory evacuation. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is live in clayton and tells us
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crews are starting to gain some ground. ryan. reporter: there's much less smoke than earlier this afternoon but consider this. about 24 hours ago, this fire was much smaller. it's now five times the size of what it was yesterday at about this time. a couple of hours ago the smoke was coming straight up this peak like a chimney. now the wind has picked up and it's pushing smoke to the southeast. the morgan fire is growing but so is the firefighter responses. at least 500 firefighters were on the front lines today. that's double what there was yesterday. progress or not, brenda evacuated her ranch. >> hurry hurry hurry. >> reporter: she had help and already moved 10 horses to safety. she didn't want to chance it. >> you can see it's right there at our neighbor's. it comes up over that next hill, it's on our property. >> reporter: to see the fire's damage, you can just look at its trail. behind me is how the area normally looks and how it looked yesterday so that fire started in the afternoon and
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now look what's left. but fire crews are focused on what's next an aerial attack, continue to drop retardant where the fire was heading. crews even got help from this dc-10. crews tried to get water as close to the fire as they could fighting from the air being important, especially because this fire is so hard to get to. >> mount diablo is incredibly steep, very rugged terrain. access is very difficult. >> reporter: two firefighters suffered minor injuries. so far, there have not been any other injuries on the ground and no damage to houses. elizabeth? >> all right, ryan. thank you. there are also communication towers on mount diablo. flames did get close earlier today but firefighters were able to stop the fire from reaching any towers. take a look. this is another close call. a line of fire burned very close to this water tank on the mountain but again, firefighters able to stop the flames before anything was damaged. the bay area air quality management district has issued a smoke advisory for many parts
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of the bay area. this view from chopper 5 shows you why. that's not fog you're looking at. ken bastida with mobile fire near the five with more on our smoke over conditions tonight. >> reporter: hi, allen. we're over here in mount diablo state park as well on the other side of the hill from where ryan was. they have a backfire operation going in right now and a dozer line on the western side of the mountain and you can see the smoke is diminishing now from that smoke right there clear up to the top of the mountain. that's what burned last night and early this morning. crews have made good progress on knocking it down. the thing that's really bothering people is the smoke down wind. and as you mentioned, contra costa county, alameda and santa clara counties have air quality warnings. the smoke is bad for everybody. tom flanagan with the agency says especially with people with respiratory illness. >> we're lettering the public who have respiratory issues to
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stay indoors and to take precautions by closing windows, setting the air conditioning units to recirculate so that any particulate matter that might be outdoors because of the fire wouldn't be pulled indoors and therefore affect their health. >> reporter: you can see as that canyon winds down there it empties out into the valley on the other side on the way to stockton but winds around into san ramon and dublin and parts of alamo and that's where that thick smoke is kind of sitting tonight. the school districts especially the dublin school districts kept their kids in today for lunch kind of their rainy day recess except that's no rain in the forecast. because that smoke is so unhealthy, a lot of kids with asthma are being told to stay inside at least for the next couple of days. the hope is that this fire will be not producing as much smoke and hopefully have containment sometime on saturday. reporting live from mount diablo, i'm ken bastida, kpix
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5. >> thank you. firefighters putting out the wildfire are facing wind challenges and our bay area heat wave. >> fuel is dry, no humidity, wind, heat, definitely makes for some serious firefighting conditions. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno has more on the triple- digit temperatures. paul? >> that's the key right there triple-digit temperatures. look at these numbers. fourth straight day with temperatures at or above 100 degrees in places like walnut creek, even moraga 100, antioch 104 a couple of days ago still at 100 and san ramon 98. as the temperature increases, the relative humidity decreases to 20 to 30% today, up on the mountain 10 or 15%. that's a problem. but imagine the 700 firefighters out there doing this job to put out this fire, number one key for them is to make sure they stay hydrated in this heat. >> hydration is critical. the safety of all our
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firefighters is very critical. every morning and at every briefing all firefighters receive a safety message and that's definitely one of the messages that they hear on a daily basis. >> okay. fires cause smoke. the big key is where is this smoke going to go? right now, the winds are coming from the northwest blowing the smoke to the southeast. this will continue for tonight and tomorrow and the next several days which means places like livermore and the san ramon valley as ken mentioned. that will be where most of the smoke goes. the good news is, temperatures will begin to decrease tomorrow. that's going to bring the humidity level back up. we'll talk more about the cooldown and end to our heat wave coming up in 10 minutes. >> paul, thank you. we'll have much more on the morgan fire throughout this newscast and you can see more images of the fires on our website, we're talking 10 new megaoffice towers in the silicon valley but still a mystery is who is moving in. the development would take up more than 20 acres at first and
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brokaw avenue near 101. kpix 5's len ramirez talked to a real estate expert who says, this is pretty rare. >> reporter: silicon valley is the land of the megadeal but this would be one for the record books. >> supposed to be the biggest office project ever built in san jose. >> reporter: san jose mayor chuck reed is talking about plans to build 10 new office towers at the corner of brokaw road and highway 101. each building would be 7 stories high, the total development just over 2 million square feet. that's about the same size as the empire state building or about 14 costcos. >> the construction costs and value of a project like this is into the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: commercial real estate expert says deals like this don't come around very often. >> it could employ over 8,000 people. this is a bonanza. >> reporter: the developer submitted preliminary plans to the city last week. they have told the city they have a tenant but aren't saying who. >> it is a big mystery. i don't know when we are going
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to find out who the prospective tenant might be. >> reporter: the mayor says it's probably off a short list of who's who in high-tech. >> companies like microsoft and google and facebook and linkedin all growing, apple of course has another project under way in cupertino. but who knows if that's big enough for them. >> reporter: whoever it is will have to be in for the long haul. design review and planning is just starting and groundbreaking could be months or years away. there are very few big and vacant tracts of land that are left in silicon valley that would also be suitable for an office building. this deal could represent one of the last big megacomplexes ever to come along. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and the project would likely be built in two phases. the second phase would cover ground currently occupied by bay 101 casino which is set to move across highway 101 in 2017. >> we're hissed about this. >> they are so upset they want
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to split from the state. we sent one of our reporters to a california county taking steps to create its own new state. >> plus the compromise to ease prison overcrowding. >> they're part of the family. [ crying ] >> coming up at 6:30, why the mount diablo wildfire is bringing animal lovers to tears.
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vote was counted. the governor signed a bill y set up next time you mail in your ballot you'll be able to confirm if your vote was counted. the governor signed a bill today requiring county registrars to set up systems for voters to verify their votes. it could be a simple email. this bill was created because many mail-in voters don't know if their vote was actually county. it was a frenchman who once said every nation gets the government it deserves but some
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californians say they don't deserve what they are getting. siskiyou county, john ramos has the story of what may be a revolutionary movement. reporter: sitting in the shadow of mount shasta, siskiyou county is an endless display of some of california's most unspoiled natural beauty but a lot of people who live up here would like to change that. not the beauty, the part about california. >> this enormous bureaucracy of unelected officials that are making decisions and regulating us. >> reporter: at their meeting county supervisors fired at shot heard round the state when they voted to declare their independence from california. the people here don't like being deck today the to by sacramento and would like -- dictated to by the sacramento and would like to form a new state called the state of jefferson. it's not a new idea. back in 1941, the area was all set to declare a separation and request a vote in congress. but then the japanese bombed pearl harbor and the movement
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ground to a halt. but the dream of a new state never died and now it's back. >> you know, it's easy to laugh this off as a goofy scheme dreamed up by nutty people. but then you come up here and talk to folks and you get a civilians of how desperate they really feel. -- you get a sense of how desperate they really feel. >> we're mad. >> he we don't have a voice in the decisions made about our county. >> reporter: the jefferson proponents say the timber industry is eliminated to protect the spotted owl. four dams that produce electricity and drinking water may be torn down to help the coho salmon. farmers and ranchers say they can't get the water they need. and they feel it's all being pushed on them by political interests from the heavily populated urban areas. >> people are passing laws that don't affect them. they affect us terribly and we don't have any representation. >> okay, state of jefferson, okay, good, sounds to say it. let's secede from the state of
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california and form our own state. well, good luck. you know? money-wise. >> reporter: it does seem unlikely that an already depressed area would be able to afford all the services that a state has to provide. but jefferson backers say businesses would return to the area once they cut out a lot of the regulations. and finally, the biggest obstacle of all, by law, the separation would have to be approved by sacramento and congress, the very entities that the jeffersonians are rebelling against. >> we are exercising our rights. if we get squashed, at least we are doing the right thing. >> what are our choices? fight or die. those are our two choices. and we're not going to go quietly into the night. we're going to try to find government that represents us. >> reporter: siskiyou is hoping other disillusioned counties would join them in the new state. and while it may seem like a long shot, for a ragtag group
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of independent dreamers to overcome such a powerful authority, they like to remind us, it's happened before. in siskiyou county, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and the separation movement might be gaining momentum. modot county has a vote scheduled on the 25th and humboldt is considering it, as well. here's another live look at the morgan fire on mount diablo. we are waiting to hear the latest official numbers from cal fire but here's what we know right now. at least 3700 acres have burned and the fire is 20% contained. 10 homes are still threatened. evacuees can go to the clayton community library but we are told many people have been staying with other friends or family instead. 100 homes are still threatened. we have been getting pictures. morgan fire from kpix 5 viewers all over the bay area. chris from clayton caught it air drop. we also received some shots of the fire and the moon from last night. and here's another incredible one of flames lighting up the night sky. you can upload your breaking
6:17 pm
news pictures on our website, >> paul, just pointing out kind of looks like a volcano. >> take a trip to hawaii and see those. that's the view you get from a distance. it looks very ominous, especially earlier today when we saw the smoke. >> right. >> now it's laid down a little bit. winds are still a factor. >> absolutely. but the wind is bringing in some more humid and not as warm air and that's critical to get the fire danger down a little bit. earlier today from kpix 5, that's no low cloud cover. that's smoke off in the distance. and you see the sun rising through that smoke. beautiful shot from earlier today but certainly not beautiful if you live anywhere close to that fire. now let's look at the live picture. and really folks, this is a vast improvement. so thank you to those several hundred firefighters who were out there doing their thing and risking their lives to make sure clayton and other communities stay safe. another live vantage point you see smoke in the middle, from our dublin cam toward mount diablo. this is a vast improvement over what we saw earlier and this is
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exactly what you want to see to end this heat wave and bring up the humidity. it's a lot of fog already at the golden gate spilling into the bay. decreasing that humidity, we will see a big decrease in temperature coming up over the next 24 hours away from the water because it was hot today, livermore hit 102, napa 90. san jose 88. fremont 85 for the high. oakland 79. and san francisco with a little bit more of that marine layer 68 was your high today. look at livermore, 83 degrees last thursday you shot it up on friday and you have been in triple digits for three days peaking today with that 102 degrees. but we have high pressure offshore. and as it gets closer to us, that high pressure dome is going to give us a light-to- moderate onshore flow. it's near the bay today. it will be everywhere tomorrow. that high pressure dome is going to be key to getting that town and humidity up. as we look at that high pressure dome moving inland now, it's not george bush to be cold. this is not a pat -- it's not going to be cold. it's not going to be a pattern that will get rid of the heat. low pressure will enhance the
6:19 pm
flow from the ocean so temperatures go down montgomery goes up, good news for the fire danger and good news if you're tired of the heat which we have had for the past couple of days days. widespread fog near the bay. highs tomorrow near the fire. concord close to average. 68 in the city tomorrow. 82 in redwood city tuesday. once we get back to normal that's where we're going to stay. 70s near the bay all the way through the weekend and sunny and not as hot inland. everybody likes the sunshine and warm but when you have a fire of this size and magnitude we could use that onshore flow to help things out. >> need it. >> yes. >> okay, thanks. still ahead, how bay area congressional delegates feel about taking action in syria. and we ask if any have changed their minds on the issue. . ♪[ music ] .
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the mountain looking more la o days with keeping an eye on the mount diablo fire, we sped up these images of the flames, a mountain looking more like a volcano over the past few days with flames and smoke right at the summit. more from the firelines in just a minute. it's been three years since the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. on this anniversary the state announced pg&e will not face criminal charges. the massive pipeline explosion destroyed 38 homes, killed eight people. pg&e recently admitted to falsely reporting the safety of its pipelines across san francisco and the peninsula. federal prosecutors still have two years to file criminal charges against the utility. other bay area headlines, seven people were hurt as a
6:23 pm
house went up in flames in fremont overnight. two firefighters and two police officers were treated for minor injuries. three other people who were trapped in the burning home are hospitalized after being rescued. no other houses in the neighborhood were damaged. and no word on what sparked the fire. san jose state university police investigating a homicide on campus. a man found dead inside a parked car yesterday morning was on humboldt street. investigators are calling it a homicide but cause of death has not been released. this is san jose's 37th homicide this year. oakland's mayor and police chief field the questions about this helicopter about taking flight once again. the police chopper was grounded back in 2009 because of budget cuts. but earlier this year, a nonprofit group called fueling california donated $10,000 to help buy gas to put it back in the air. governor brown is up against an end of year deadline to reduce california's prison population. today he made a play for more
6:24 pm
time. brown struck a deal with legislative leaders to invest millions on inmate rehab programs. that is, if a federal court grants the state more time. the governor says the state has already implemented the most extensive prison reform in the country's history. >> 43,000 fewer people are in prison. that's huge! that's monumental! and for the most part, people act as though it never happened. well, it did happen and we can build on that but not in a month or a year. >> if the judges do not agree, lawmakers say they will go along with the governor's original plan. that is to send inmates to private prisons and county jails. the iconic car dealer who became a pop culture figure has died. cal worthington passed away yesterday after watching a football game at his ranch in northern california. the 92-year-old was the general manager of cal worthington
6:25 pm
ford. all the animals in his ads were called his dog spot. it was all in the interest of selling cars. >> if you need a better car did see cal! he is the greatest one by far, go see cal ♪ >> nagging, drag, go so cal, go so cal, go so cal, go see cal. >> in the 1960s cal ran an empire of dealerships from san diego to anchorage-alaska. firefighters are getting help on the morgan fire. we'll let you know how many crews stepped in to help from around the state. >> where will it end? >> kpix 5 polls the bay area's congressional delegation to see how they feel about taking action in syria. >> why the western span of the bay bridge could have a whole new name in just a few days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪[ music ] ,, threatened. and tonight, the wildfire torching mount dia is nowhere close to contain. now at 6:30, thousands of acres burned, 100 homes threatened, and tonight the wildfire torching mount diablo is nowhere close to containment. here's a live look from above, chopper 5 has been flying over the fire all day. it is more than doubled in size since noon. more than 3700 acres have burned so far.
6:29 pm
cal fire says the blaze is now 20% contained. now no homes have burned but the flames are still threatening at least 100 nearby. several roads are under mandatory evacuation orders. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in clayton where he says conditions have recently changed. ryan. >> reporter: liz, that's right. in the last couple of hours, there's been a lot less smoke than normal but that has to do with the changing wind direction. at least there was no wind just a couple of hours ago. i'll show you just the top of the peak right there and now you can see it's heading a logical southeast. it's also cooled off in the last couple of hours which is good for fire crews but the wind picks up still a light wind but it picks up every once in a while. at 3:00, the top of mount diablo looked like a chimney. it was heading straight up but now that smoke is heading southeast. the morgan fire is growing but so is the response. crews from all over the state are helping. there are at least 500
6:30 pm
firefighters. that's double what there was yesterday. add to that the aerial assault including help from a dc-10. the air attack is vital here because crews have to hike if they want to fight the fire. >> mount diablo is incredibly steep very rugged terrain, access is very difficult. >> we are hopeful with the additional firefighters that a- - firefighters that arrived today that some progress will be made. >> reporter: there is one plane right there just dropped some retardant while the soundbyte was going on. but every once in a while, every five minutes or so, a couple of planes come and drop that where they think the fire is going to head. two firefighters suffered minor injuries but no other injuries on the ground and no damage to any houses. >> thank you, ryan. it is not just people and homes affected. horses, other livestock have been evacuated from that fire
6:31 pm
area. kpix 5 reporter elizabeth wenger on the evacuation centers keeping the animals safe. >> reporter: as black snow billows from mount diablo, these horses eat their breakfast unaware of the danger threatening their homes. they are here and happy having a spa day. [ laughter ] >> this is bigger than they are used to. >> reporter: owners board their horses near the fireline. a half dozen horses were brought here to heather farms equestrian center in walnut creek. >> we are, you know, ready for quite a few more if the need arises so hopefully it doesn't. >> reporter: and in crisis comes generosity. volunteers say this is a very tight-knit horse community around here. so when there was trouble, many stepped in to help offering their horse trailers and horse arenas. sharon says it was frightening as the flames and smoke got closer. what do those horses mean to you? >> oh, -- sorry. [ pause ]
6:32 pm
>> uhm, they're part of the family. [ crying ] >> reporter: a horse owner himself, bob beck volunteered to spend a night in the trailer outside the horse stables just in case someone sought safer ground for their animals. >> people want to help. they feel this is something they can do to give back. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: elizabeth wenger, kpix 5. >> heather farms says it will keep the horses safe for as long as needed. the contra costa county fairgrounds in antioch is also offering to board horses and other livestock. find other information on the fire and more video on our website, president obama today sat down with "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley about the crisis in syria. he said syria's talk of ditching chemical weapons is a potential breakthrough. but he remains skeptical it will actually happen. he also reacted to syria's threat to retaliate.
6:33 pm
>> assad essentially put you on notice today in the interview with charlie rose, he said of the united states, if you strike somewhere, you have to expect the repercussions somewhere else in a different form in a way that you don't expect. do you take that as a threat? >> well, i mean, i think it was intended as a threat. i don't take it as a credible threat in the sense that mr. assad doesn't have the capacity to strike us in a significant way. >> meantime, syrian president bashar assad tells "cbs this morning" anchor charlie rose he knew nothing about a chemical attack. >> what happened in your judgment? >> we are not in the area where the chemical attack happened. we're not sure that anything happened. >> even at this date you are not sure that chemical weapons even though you have seen the videotape, even though you've seen the bodies, even though -- >> no -- >> your own officials. >> i haven't finished.
6:34 pm
our soldiers in another area were attacked chemically. our soldiers. they went to the hospital as casualties because of chemical weapons. but in the area where they said the government used chemical weapons, we only had video and we only have pictures and allegations. >> you can see part 2 of charlie rose's interview with al-assad tomorrow morning beginning at 7 a.m. here on kpix 5. >> as president obama makes his case for an attack on syria, he is facing an uphill battle not only in congress but also with the american people. they aren't convinced bombing the country is the answer. kpix 5's phil matier measures the pulse of the bay area. >> i don't think we should get involved at all. >> no way. >> no. not hard, impossible. >> i'm open. definitely kind of interested to see what he does. >> reporter: so is the bay area congressional delegation which we found to be decidedly skeptical on president obama's call for military action against syria when we polled them today. senators dianne feinstein and
6:35 pm
barbara boxer back the president. but it's a much more complicated picture in the house with three bay area representatives firmly in the no camp, two leaning towards no, six still undecided, and only house leader nancy pelosi of san francisco ready to vote for a strike. >> the leaders are on board because they are inside washington kinds of folks. for them, a strong presidency is important especially a strong obama because they are democrats. well, the bay area congressional delegation has been leading the way asking questions about what the heck is going on here and do we have an exit strategy? >> reporter: that's what you hear on the streets, as well. >> how will we get out? where will it end? >> i don't know if the country is ready for another military conflict. >> reporter: it's going to be a hard sell? >> i think so. >> he has to clarify the situation and he has to clarify the policies and so people are really concerned that we are going to end up with troops on the ground and we are going to end one a long-term war with lots of casualties. >> reporter: that's what makes these latest developments so interesting. is there a chance that both
6:36 pm
sides could back off? could syria surrender its chemical weapons as they have proposed ? >> could? >> could the united states and the president then say, we got a partial victory or a victory? it remains to be seen. but if you look at the votes and the way the public opinion is, the president has a problem. >> i saw the heat that john mccain took at a town hall meeting with his constituents. they're not convinced. >> reporter: and when the congressional people were back here on break they got an earful, as well. it was surprising because a number of those people that we put as undecided when you talk to them one on one, they are decided. they are just waiting to let the president have his say and he will. in the next couple of days we'll be hearing a lot from the president. >> thank you, phil. tomorrow the president meets with senators on capitol hill to ask for support for the attack. he will then speak to the nation and you can see that speech right here on kpix 5 tomorrow night at 6:00. do you have the right to wear your religious garb? coming up a ruling from a
6:37 pm
judge. >> forget about the new bay bridge. why the western span could have a new name in a few days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
against zimmerman can't ste clear of the cops. an emotional shellie zimmerman called 9-1 this afternoon... accusing r es it seems george zimmerman can't steer clear of the police. an emotional shelley zimmerman called 911 this afternoon accusing her estranged husband of punching her father and threatening family members. >> no, he is in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps say, step closesser, he is just threatening all of us. >> step closer and what. >> to fire on. >> now, officers showed up to the home in lake mary, florida and briefly detained george for questioning. shelley, his wife, who filed for divorce last week, later changed her story saying she never saw a gun. authorities say she doesn't plan on pressing charges. george zimmerman was acquitted in july in the deadly shooting
6:40 pm
of trayvon martin. a federal judge ruled against abercrombie & fitch in a discrimination case. now, the judge said that the trendy retailer wrongly fired a muslim worker who wore a head scarf. the woman worked at the company's hollister branch in san mateo. abercrombie claimed the employee violated its dress code policy. the western span of the bay bridge is take the spotlight with a controversial proposal to get a new name. cbs 5 reporter mark kelly with why the western span could soon be called the willie brown bridge. >> reporter: the new bay bridge is just a few weeks old and the spotlight has already turned to that other stretch of the bay bridge, the western span. resolution 65 out of the assembly would name this portion of the bridge the willie l. brown, jr., bridge after former speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown. it has its supporters like senator roderick wright. >> the first speaker of color and being the longest serving speaker, at least we can do is
6:41 pm
the bridge. >> reporter: the resolution to rename the bridge sits with the senate transportation committee. in a 6-1 vote that committee allowed the resolution to move forward but only by waiving key senate rules. one obvious rule, people are usually dead before a bridge is named in their honor. >> there are a number of things named after people who are dead so i'm certainly not advocating we kill willie to name the bridge after him. >> reporter: but outside the capital some want the entire resolution killed. senator darrell steinberg received a letter from three former san francisco supervisors. aaron peskin, matt gonzalez and quinton kopp all don't want the bridge named after brown saying it does not reflect community consensus even calling brown a controversial figure. but we have just days before legislators go on recess and that could mean just days before this bridge gets a whole new name. >> if the resolution passes the transportation committee, then it's on to the senate floor for
6:42 pm
a final vote. it's expect this week. >> reporter: in sacramento, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the committee currently looking at the resolution could vote as soon as tonight. if passed it will end up before the senate for a full vote. well, those days of, you know, swiping and entering your p.i.n. number on your phone thing of the past maybe. still ahead how you might be able to get on to your smartphone with a simple fingerprint. >> over my left shoulder is a building marine layer. it's about to move inland and it's about to end our heat wave. so how low do temperatures go now that the peak is done? i have the answer in your forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. jim harbaugh fires back at the green bay packers. >> knuckles, you know, not open slap. >> a former 49er coach fires back at a reporter. >> would you take your butt out of here? >> an nadal fires back at djokovic. get fired up for sports coming up. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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only have rumors to go off . it's expected the will relea the wait is almost over. apple is expected to unveil its new iphone. until then, we only have rumors to go off of. it's expected that the tech giant will release two new phones, the 5s and a cheaper plastic version called the 5c. the low cost iphone is also
6:46 pm
expected to come in different colors. that's a rumor confirmed by the event invitation displaying color options. there's one rumor that's harder to pin down, though. >> the fingerprints insert is one of the iffiest rumors. the big expectation for what it will do is unlock your phone without a pass code. >> all these rumors will be confirmed or not confirmed at 10 a.m. tomorrow. here's what i can confirm on the morgan fire burning on mount diablo. the fire tripled in size during the day today. it is now burning more than 3700 acres. it's 20% contained. 100 homes are still threatened and the people who live in those homes have been evacuated. more than 700 firefighters are involved in the firefight. the response includes two air tankers, one you see here, three helicopters. the last major fire on mount diablo was august of 1977. a lightning strike started a fire that burned 6,000 acres. paul, sounds like the weather is indeed helping firefighters fight this fire,
6:47 pm
the higher humidity and the low winds. >> absolutely. if this would have happened friday leading into the heat wave it would have been worse. best-case scenario would be rainfall. not going to get that but next best thing is have the winds not be too strong and have humidity start coming up. that is going to happen. here's a live look outside. what a beautiful shot from the top of the pyramided the transamerica tower. here comes that rush, that river of air spilling in from the pacific sotion. this will make it all the way inland tonight and temperatures out toward mount diablo will be much cooler coming up tomorrow. already spilling into san francisco bay. the view from our rooftop toward the bay bridge obscured by the low cloud cover and there's that marine layer off in the distance. concord you're still hot. you hit 100 today. you're still 91. livermore 91 degrees. tougher firefighting conditions for those men and women out there doing the thing. oakland 73. santa rosa 76. you're cooler. look at the city. down to 62 off of a high of 68 degrees. here's where we go tonight. lows in the 60s inland, vallejo 62, concord 64. upper 50s on the water and the
6:48 pm
city 58 and pacifica down to 57. san jose you will drop down to 62. that beautiful little community of clayton which is right next to mount diablo, you're going to be cooling off, still above average, sunny, warm, down to the mid-80s with mainly sunny skies coming up on wednesday. so the change typically when you get a heat wave ending we see it offshore first and right along the coastline. that's where the marine layer begins to hit the coast. there's monterey bay, san francisco bay and certainly the cloud cover is there. then we get that shove from mother nature the onshore flow taking that marine layer transporting it inland. then we say good-bye to 100- degree temperatures which we will tomorrow. light onshore flow is back because of this big ridge of high pressure giving us that clockwise flow around it. that's going to bring back the onshore flow dropping our temperatures down and it's a rule of nature as temperature drops, we see relative humidity increase. that's great news for the firefighting effort and as high pressure slides to our east the other side of the bay area, an area of low pressure will develop to our south that will enhance the onshore flow and make sure that no more heat waves come back. we'll be warm but not going to
6:49 pm
be hot anymore. heat wave is done after four days. the hottest weather now over. we'll be down to the 80s away from the water from tomorrow onward and fog is back widespread fog near the bay every morning for the next several, you will get afternoon sunshine but your temperatures dropping, as well. livermore above average by 4 degrees. you will be 12 degrees cooler than today with a high of 90. san jose topping out at 84. los altos 83. fremont you're back to the 70s. 78 for you. san mateo also 78. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. walnut creek down to 89. san ramon 88. antioch down to 90. you hit the triple digits today. in the city upper 60s, berkeley 73. sonoma 83. santa rosa 81. still pretty toasty up toward mendocino county. ukiah your high tomorrow 97 degrees. so we're back to normal and that's where we stay. no more heat waves coming. sunny inland 80s all the way through the weekend. afternoon sunshine near the bay 70s for you. and 60s at the coast. that is a very normal looking forecast which is a big change from what we just went through for the past four days. that is weather for you.
6:50 pm
we have sports and dennis coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the cadillac ats --
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after the 49ers thrilling victory great victory yesterday but coach dealing with the aftermath. >> you have to like jim harbaugh. he will throw it back at you because he knows his team and
6:53 pm
he can back it up and the salvos continue one day after the 49ers thrilling victory over green bay, it was packers linebacker clay matthews threw colin kaepernick to the turf with an illegal hit. >> intimidation is your game plan, i hope you have a better one. >> colin kaepernick was unfazed after the late hit by clay matthews. he went on to throw for a career-high 412 yards. but the part of the play that bothered jim harbaugh was the scuffle between matthews and joe staley for which staley was issued a personal foul. >> i looked at it which my observe eyes i could see, you know, two punches thrown, you know, to joe's head and one punch and one open slap which, uhm, you know, that was just a -- if you are going to go to the face, come with a -- [ laughter ] >> come with some knuckles not an open slap. so i think that -- that young man works very hard on being a tough guy.
6:54 pm
he will have some -- he will have some repairing to do to his image after the slap. >> ouch! [ laughter ] >> it was actually anquan boldin who slapped the packers defense silly to the tune of 13 catches for 208 yards proving why it took jim harbaugh only 38 seconds to agree to the off- season trade with the ravens. >> there's nobody here that didn't want anquan back. so, you know, he plays for another time now, i happen to have a rooting interest in that team i guess in a way. >> we did give up a draft choice for him. and, you know, paying him a lot of money. but definitely think he's worth every penny. [ laughter ] >> sixth round pick. that's what i call brother love. >> no kidding. >> sixth round pick for one of the best receivers in the
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
complete control in the fourth... winning 6-1... djokovic hits into the net on match point. the 27-year old nadal is now third all time with thirteen grand slams and is now four of roger federer's record dirk whitsitt pulled in a 2- pound halibut in alaska... opted to keep the fish instd of
6:57 pm
releasing it in exchange for another free day of fishing valued at 250-dollars thanks. for news throughout the evening, the latest is alwan kpix dot-com. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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