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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i had about two minutes to grabbing my clothes, wallet and phone and i was on my way. >> firefighters are working overtime to tame one of the bay area's biggest wildfires in years. this fire on mount diablo has already burned almost 4,000 acres. >> the air quality district issued a smoke advisory, the pollution levels considered moderate. >> nerve-wracking, nervous what's going to happen next. >> thousands of bay area workers could soon be out of a job due to a measure to improve safety at refineries. >> it's threatening all of us with his firearm. >> george zimmerman found himself in the back of a police car again after his estranged wife called 911. >> turn over ever single bit of his chemical weapons. >> it's a possible solution to avoid military action between syria and the u.s. >> rafael nadal is the new
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men's u.s. open tennis champion. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is tuesday, september 10. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:01. we are just hours away from a big announcement from apple. the company is expected to announce two new models of its iphone. >> and an early-morning fire berkeley prompted evacuation. the two-alarm fire happened on oregon and telegraph streets at an apartment building. >> the morgan hill fire on mount diablo is still burning. the fire is 20% contained this morning. mount diablo state park is still closed because of the fire. kpix 5's cate caugiran is with the firefighters at their base camp in dublin this morning. cate. >> reporter: michelle, we can see that the new round of firefighters are getting ready for the day actually getting their breakfast right now for the morning before that 7:00 briefing that they are going to
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have here at the base camp. so we know that they are going to go through that briefing. after that they will head over to mount diablo. and then they are going to relieve the firefighters that have been there overnight. the morgan hill has now tripled in size. it's burned more than 3700 acres. it's about 20% contained. cal fire says they are throwing as many resources at that fire as they can. floor 700 firefighters on the line trying to keep the flames at bay. yesterday they deployed four air tankers and 11 helicopters to try and douse these flames. no more evacuations for residents have been issued the threat to homes has not increased but there are still 100 families who don't know when they can go home. >> it's a downer. you come up to a nice quiet town, try to get away from things, and next thing you know, you know, my home might be burning. that's awful. >> reporter: the good news is
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that fire officials say they are optimistic about being able to contain the fire sooner than they thought. cal fine told me this morning last night they made significant progress and that the fire has not grown since yesterday afternoon. they say part of that had to do with the winds that were going on in the area. they actually helped them -- worked in their favor pushing the fire back. the question this morning is, will these weather conditions work in their favor today? and for that let's send things over to lawrence karnow in the weather center. lawrence. >> good morning, cate. i think we have a couple of days here to really get a good handle on this fire. the weather conditions going to improve for fighting the fire. in fact, the winds have switched directions. that's some good news. this is more of a moist wind that's coming off the coastline carrying with it some higher humidity and some cooler temperatures. that fire continuing to burn at mount diablo but the wind switching to a southwesterly direction about 15 to 20 miles per hour. yesterday, up in the 90s in some spots. today back into the 80s. and the humidity upwards of about 35 to 45% so improving conditions for the firefighters
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there. and maybe even a little better by tomorrow. now, around the rest of the bay area this morning, we are looking at 50s and some 60s early on. by the afternoon, we'll find a whole lot of sunshine. the cooling trend continuing across the board. yesterday it was 102 degrees in livermore. today, well, much cooler still hot at 93 but much more comfortable and 88 degrees in concord where yesterday it was 97. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> when it rains it pours in traffic. suddenly we got a number of different accidents and we got two in fact multi-vehicle crashes both on the nimitz freeway one just a little south of the other so the first one is in hayward southbound 880 by 92. the middle lanes are blocked because of a crash again a multi-vehicle crash and then just a little farther south as a make your way closer towards union city southbound 880 approaching alvarado niles. another crash also blocking lanes also involving multiple cars so suddenly we're seeing big backups up and down that freeway. we have a traffic alert in effect now the.
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there was a stalled out bus for a while. it's causing a traffic alert because it's blocking the ramp from 12 to westbound 80. so heads up in that area not sure how much longer it's going to be there. but you can use red top road as an alternate in the meantime. over to the bay bridge toll plaza now, they did turn the metering lights on shortly before 6:00 so now we're left with backups, unfortunately, especially in the middle lanes. the fastrak lanes quickly building towards the overcrossings. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a coroner is at the scene of a fire -- an apartment fire in berkeley on oregon street. it broke out about 1:40 this morning on the building's top floor forcing evacuations. it went to two alarms. the firefighters needed about a half hour to control it. we know at least one person was injured and the coroner's presence points to a fatality. developing news regarding the syrian crisis. the syrian government announced it accepted russia's proposal to place its chemical weapons under international control
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coming hours before the president addresses the nation later tonight. mr. obama has been planning to make the case for the military strike to stop the syrian government from using chemical weapons. yesterday, the president spoke with cbs news' scott pelley expressing cautious optimism about the plan for syria to surrender all of its chemical weapons. >> it is a potentially positive development. i don't think that we would have gotten to the point where they put something out there publicly had it not been and if it doesn't continue to be a credible military threat. >> we'll need to see how fast we can do this. >> as for the president's address you can see it live here on kpix 5 at 6:00 tonight. and by the way, senate majority leader harry reid has delayed a procedural vote on military action with growing opposition in both parties. a new bill aimed at improving safety at california oil refineries could force thousands of bay area workers out of a job. following last year's fire at
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chevron in richmond, senator lonnie hancock of berkeley has proposed adding qualifications for contract workers. the bill says 60% of contract workers hired at refineries must be certified by a state approved apprenticeship program. the union that represents the current worker says it's risky to replace them. >> what you would have is now someone coming in who may maybe works that library one day on a high-rise the next and on oil refineries the next. refineries are powder kegs. there's no do-overs. >> supporters of the bill say it would keep refineries from hiring out of state workers on the cheap and current contract employees can still apply for the new training. police in florida say george zimmerman's estranged wife has changed her story so they will not be filing domestic violence charges against him. shelley zimmerman called 911 accusing george of punching her father. >> no, he is in his car.
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lake mary, florida yesterda they briefly detained he is threatening all of us. >> police showed up to the home in lake mary, florida, yesterday. they briefly detained george zimmerman for questioning. hours later shellie later changed her story saying she never saw a gun. zimmerman's attorney says the fight was a result of the couple's ongoing divorce. bay area news now on this tuesday morning. a new state law aims to put tighter controls on who can be on school campuses. the law was authored by state senator jim bell out of san jose. it prevents schools from letting sex offenders on campus unless the parents of all the students have been notified before. the bill follows an incident that happened last year at a school in san jose. no children were harmed in the case. more than 600 san francisco police officers have been given smartphones with a new safety app that's called justice mobile. attorney general kamala harris calls the new technology transformative. it allows officers on the streets immediate access to any information on potential
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suspects right from their phones instead of calling or radioing back to their stations. plenty of hoopla today in the silicon valley where apple is about to make their next big announcement. sue kwon has the latest. she is live from apple headquarters in cupertino where people i would imagine are kind of excited. huh? ro. >> reporter: yes. they are promising to brighten our day as you can see from the hint there with the very colorful welcoming sign. we are all here hoping for a big surprise. apple is expected to release two new iphone models one the iphone 5s champagne color and lower cost as well 5cs in very colorful plastic shells with more memory and battery life. do you know what? us geeks are hoping for a preview of the new operating surge, the ios-7 and new features including boosted double speed video capture and even a fingerprint sensor. >> the fingerprint sensor is one of the iffy-est rumors. the big expectation for what a fingerprint scanner will do is
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to let you unlock your phone without having to use a pass code. >> and that's the thing. that would definitely help with the privacy issue. at all of these types of apple events even when you have leaked information they always throw in one surprise so it's either the fingerprint sensor or an expensive possibly even free phone. these items will go on sale september 20th and in about 4 hours, we'll be actually seeing the phones here in cupertino. reporting live here i'm sue kwon, kpix 5. >> time to get in line, sue. thanks. it is 6:10. miley cyrus back in the headlines again but there's one front page she won't be featured on. the magazine pulling miley off it. >> the wildfire near yosemite national park is still burning. how much it cost so far. >> temperatures cooling down around the bay area. that should help firefighters locally and around the state. how long will that continue? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and we're watching two separate multi-vehicle crashes on the nimitz.
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where? we'll let you know. your morning commute after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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miley cyrus. she made headlines with her twerking performance at the v-m-a's o weeks ago. but not everyone was pleased with the displa. according to yahoo cyrus was ured in vogue' pop sensation miley cyrus made headlines with her vulgar performance at the vmas. not everyone was pleased with it. according to yahoo cyrus was going to be featured in vogue's december issue due to the performance the story has been canceled. the pop star also just released a clip of her new music video wrecking ball and she bares all in the new video. >> shocked? >> no. trending this morning behind her, apple of course, ahead of its reveal, george zimmerman, syria and hashtag obama was responsible for. there are a couple of responses after that. one was absolutely nothing. and another, his birth
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certificate. don't forget to follow us on twitter @cbssf. >> i bet there were more responses. >> just a few. okay, traffic time liz it's a tuesday. how are we looking? >> tweeting away about a lot of different traffic incidents. unfortunately, suddenly we started to see a lot of accidents just one right after other. not sure why that happens. highway 4 unusually heavy because of the fire closures. streets are closed and so people will have to find alternate ways around including marsh creek and deer valley road. morgan territory road is closed by marsh creek and they have issued that travel advisory for mount diablo state park, northgate, south gate and summit are closed while fire crews are out there. two separate crashes both on the nimitz freeway 880 just right there close to each other one in hayward southbound 880 by 92 causing some delays towards san lorenzo. southbound 880 by alvarado niles we have another backup so
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almost one long line of traffic now from san lorenzo down towards union city. didn't take long for things to jam up. also that ramp closure has caused a traffic alert in fairfield that. ramp from westbound 12 to westbound 80 shut down now, no etos. it's a stalled transit bus. they are working to clear it so expect delays. find alternates. the metering lights were turned on, on the bay bridge typical before 6:00. 5:53 was the start time this morning. now the delays are beginning especially in the right and the middle lanes, left lanes still look okay and backed up toward the overcrossing. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast we are cooling down here's lawrence. >> temperatures down around the bay area today. low clouds and fog thickening up and surging back onshore even dense fog along the coastline. man, it looks like that fog will be a factor in the next couple of days as we'll watch temperatures dropping off over the next few and then looks like by the afternoon, though, sunshine for most. not as hot around the bay area, still going to be toasty in the interior valleys and then brief
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cooling and then we are going to start to warm things up once again. but for now, high pressure weakening somewhat that's allowing for a stronger sea breeze to kick in and that's carrying with it more low. that's good news for the firefighters, the morgan fire at mount diablo. they will get a better chance over the next couple of days. 101 fresno. 95 sacramento. 71 monterey. 97 degrees in ukiah. around the bay today we'll see temperatures moving up into the 80s in the south bay even low 90s into morgan hill. about 81 in san mateo. and 76 degrees in hayward. east bay temperatures up in the 80s and some 90s in places like brentwood about 94 degrees. that will be one of the hot spots. 90 fairfield. inside the bay 60s and 70s. looks like the next couple of days these temperatures are dropping off a few degrees as we head through tomorrow and then we'll start to slowly warm things up into thursday and friday and probably the first part of the weekend before some cooling weather returns on sunday into monday but the good news is they are seeing higher
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humidity, they are seeing less wind, winds coming out of a different direction which helps the firefighters hopefully get a handle on the fire. >> did you say weekend? >> yes. >> is it legal to say that? >> it's tuesday already? [ laughter ] san jose's alum rock park will be closed today because of extreme fire danger. the largest park is typically shut down a few days each year when weather is hot, dry and windy. rugged terrain in parts of the park would make evacuation difficult in the event of a wildfire. city officials will decide later today whether to keep alum rock park closed tomorrow, as well. massive wildfire in and around yosemite national park is now burning for its 25th day. the cost of fighting that fire has passed $100 million. the "rim" fire has burned more than a quarter million acres third largest wildfire on record here in the state. it's destroyed 11 homes and about 100 outbuildings. containment is at 80%. we have dramatic new video
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from the newest wildfire in northern california. at least 20 buildings are destroyed by the clover fire. hundreds of other buildings are threatened. it started around noon yesterday in the happy valley area south of redding. already it's burned nearly 7,000 acres and the fire is only 5% contained. new video from down under a brush fire emergency is in effect in and around sydney, australia. fires have destroyed homes and forced evacuations from schools. the flames are jumping from tree to tree and from house to house. this is all happening at the start of brush fire season. rural fire crews have gotten a section 44 warning essentially meaning a state of emergency. rafael nadal is the new men's u.s. open tennis champion. it wasn't easy. the long volley before one game changing point. >> i'm dennis o'donnell why pistol pete sampras is about to have some company and eagles take a page out of the 49ers playbook coming up.
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>> so what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination just go to our website, and we might come out and feature your school on the morning show. stay with us:
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good morning, everybody. former pac-12 coaches seem to thrive in the nfl these days. jim harbaugh is the king with the 49ers. pete carroll is building something in seattle and now it's chip kelly's turn with the eagles. the former oregon coach bringing up tempo style to philadelphia and the team that turns the redskins defense into knots michael vick in the 2nd quarter, 26-7 eagles. philly rushes for 263 yards. 184 coming from that man! mccoy! eagles win 33-27 in kelly's debut as a pro football coach. tennis, u.s. open finals between rafael nadal and novak djokovic. it was the 37th time they faced each other in their careers. nadal wins in four sets. 13 major championships overall
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just one behind pete sampras for second all time. giants down 2-1 in the 8th against colorado. brandon belt tied the game and then won the game. brandon belt drives in two and the giants win 3-2. rangers against the pirates. yu darvish gave up the only run on an rbi double by pedro alvarez. the pirates clinch their first winning season since 1992. the a's though more importantly have a two-game lead in the american league west. and if you are looking for something to do, don't forget america's cup two more races today right here in the bay. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll see you tonight. thank you, dennis. our play of the day, more tennis. second set between nadal and djokovic a number of long volleys 54 strokes in the longest. djokovic got angry for letting nadal get a break. his coach had to settle him down a little bit after that. djokovic went on to win the set 6-3 but nadal of course won the match in four sets, 13 majors.
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some new rankings are out now on the nation's top colleges and uc-berkeley by the way is in the top 20. >> of course. u.s. news & world report ranks cal as the best public university and 20th overall. >> princeton number one, followed by harvard and yale. stanford comes in at number 5. u.s. news has change its methodology placing more emphasis on graduation rates but the top 20 list stayed the same. nothing so far. not a single thing. >> "cbs this morning's" charlie rose reveals more of his interview with syrian president bashar assad. next. the morgan fire burning on t diablo has exploded in size sending smoke in the air all night. >> reporter: the morgan fire has ripped through nearly 4,000 acres. we'll tell you what all that smoke it doing to the air quality in the area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald morgan fire burning on mount diablo has exploded in size sending smoke in the air all night long. how the smoke is now affecting communities miles away. >> the deadline to reduce california's prisoner population is near. what will make or break a deal to invest millions in inmate rehab programs. >> low clouds and fog surging back onshore. temperatures cooling down. how long will that last is this we'll talk about it coming up. >> and a six-car pile-up in union city has finally been cleared out of lanes. is it causing delays? we'll let you know coming up. hi, everybody. good morning. september the 10th. good to have you with us.
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i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we begin with breaking news in the east bay in berkeley. we now know that a man was killed this morning in this apartment fire up. the victim is 56-year-old andrew james goodwin. the fire on oregon street broke out about 1:40 this morning on the building's top floor forcing evacuations of a number of people. it went to two alarms and firefighters needed about a half hour to finally get it under control. in addition to the confirmed death, we know at least another person was injured, as well. if you can't get into mount diablo state park this morning, it's closed right now because of fire. hundreds of firefighters are on the job. flames have now reached the peak of the mountain. it's 20% contain. 100 families in clayton are evacuated. the fire started sunday afternoon on morgan territory road southeast of mount diablo state park. a cal fire dc-10 joined the
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firefighting efforts. chopper 5 spotted the plane dropping retardant in a couple of passes. three other air tankers and helicopters are pouring water on the flames. our crews spotted some of them refilling water tanks. helicopter crews made use of small lakes around the mountains to fight the flames. kpix 5's cate caugiran has the latest from firefighters at the base camp in dublin this morning. cate. reporter: firefighters are optimistic this morning that they will be able to contain this fire basically sooner than they expected. but neighbors in the area aren't in the clear yet because all of this smoke has really had an effect on the air quality in this area. the smoke from the fire has been drifting southeast of mount diablo. it's forced some people to stay indoors and in some cases schools have canceled all outdoor activities. the air quality district issued a smoke advisory, the pollution levels considered moderate. that was enough for the dublin
6:32 am
school district to cancel p.e. and lunch outdoors. >> personally i have asthma so it was getting to me a little bit. but as the day was progressing, it just faded. >> reporter: cal fire says so far the fire has burned more than 3700 acres despite a few flare-ups last night it hasn't really grown since yesterday. he winds pushed the fire back -- the winds pushed the fire back working in the firefighters' favor. >> cate, are you hearing any more about evacuations? >> reporter: no more issued yesterday which is a good indication that the fire threat isn't moving closer to homes but we are still not out of the woods. there's still a lot of work to be done. >> cate caugiran in dublin, thank you. developing news out of syria this morning.
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today the syrian foreign ministry says the country has accepted a russian proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control. for dismantling. "cbs this morning's" charlie rose asked president bashar assad whether he would give up chemical arms to avoid a strike. while not acknowledging he had such weapons he said this. >> for us in syria we have principles. we'll do anything to prevent the region from another crazy war. >> you will do anything to prevent the region from having another crazy war? >> yes. >> you recognize the consequences for you if there is a strike? >> it's not about me. it's about the region. >> more on that interview can be seen on "cbs this morning" which begins at 7 a.m. right after our newscast. president obama is set to address america in a nationally broadcast speech later tonight. the intent has been to build public support for military strikes against syria. it's not clear yet whether the address will be altered now by
6:34 am
the new plan to have the syrian government surrender chemical weapons. the address can be seen live here on kpix 5 starting tonight at 6:00. president obama still wants congress to authorize the use of force but the public is against him. a new cbs news/new york times poll shows 61% of americans oppose the idea of a military strike. only 30% are in favor. happening today, negotiations between bart and its two largest unions are scheduled to continue today and tomorrow in oakland. talks resumed yesterday. today is the halfway point of the 60-day cooling-off period that governor brown ordered to avoid another strike. the transit system shut down for 4.5 days in july when workers walked out. this afternoon, in washington there's a hearing called "conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws" before the senate judiciary committee. it cops on the heels of a justice department directive for federal officials too ease up on anti-pot efforts in states that allow its use.
6:35 am
meanwhile a marijuana advocacy group says it will work to end prohibition in california and nine other states by 2017. governor brown is up against an end of year deadline to reduce california's prison population. this week he made a play for more time. brown struck a deal with legislative leaders to invest millions on inmate rehab programs. that is if a federal court grants the state more time. the governor says the state has already implemented the most extensive prison reform in the country's history. >> 43,000 fewer people are in prison. that's huge! that's monumental! and for the most part, people act as though it never happened. it did happen and we can build on it but not in a month or year. >> if the judges don't say, the lawmakers say they will go along with the governor's original plan to send inmates to prison and private jails. a court ordered sanctity evaluation for suspected colorado theater shooter james
6:36 am
homes is complete. the prosecution and defense are studying the sanity findings in a 128-page report. holmes is accused of killing people in aurora, colorado, in a theater. he pled not guilty by reason of insanity. a low rate of recidivism for inmates released since california's "three strikes" law was eased after prop 36 passed last fall. more than 1,000 inmates were all set free and only 2% have been charged with a new crime since. the report from the stanford three strikes project cites this as evidence that strikers sentenced to life for nonviolent claims can safely be released -- crimes can safely be released a plan who hand out condoms in state prison is almost law now. the senate approved the proposal yesterday and sent it to the state assembly. the goal is to cut the spread of aids, hepatitis and other diseases in prison even though sex in prison is prohibited. it would require distribution
6:37 am
of condoms in five prisons by 2015 in all 33 prison buys 2020. abercrombie & fitch lost a discrimination case involving a young woman fired for wearing a religious head scarf. she was fired from her stockroom job at the hollister store inside the hillsdale mall. the parent company said it violated their look policy but yesterday, a judge ruled that abercrombie failed to show any evidence that wearing a head scarf hurt business. >> time and again having the courts find that that head scarves should be accommodated in the workplace should send a message that this won't be tolerated and that people are willing to challenge it. >> this month a jury will decide how much abercrombie will pay in damages and what changes it will have to make to corporate policy. 6:37. it's only tuesday. we can't say weekend yet, can we? >> why not! >> i just got off one. i'm ready for another one. we have good news for the firefighters that are fighting the fire in the east bay. looks like we are seeing higher
6:38 am
humidity today and looks like cooler temperatures are on the way. temperatures coming the down in the next couple of days across the board. winds coming out of the southwest about 15 to 20 miles per hour. and that's generally a more moist wind flow that will raise humidity. right now at 80% and highs will be cooler out of the upper 90s probably in the 80s there so some improving weather conditions not only today but probably into tomorrow, as well. around the bay we are seeing a lot of low clouds and fog even drizzle at the coastline some dense fog early on. these temperatures will be cooler across the board today. livermore 102 yesterday. well, they will be dropping off about 9 degrees to 93 about 88 degrees near the fire in concord. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and it's a pretty typical commute so far over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been
6:39 am
on now for almost an hour. the right lanes filling in left lanes not too bad so far but obviously it is backing up quickly beyond the overcrossing. it's unusually heavy on the highway 4. we have seen it the past couple of days likely due to fire closures road closures including marsh creek deer valley so a lot of folks are having to use highway 4 this morning extra heavy all the way through antioch especially from loveridge out towards that hillcrest exit. hey, all lanes are open now in union city southbound 880 by alvarado niles. unfortunately, it's still backed up into san lorenzo and we are getting word of a new multi-vehicle crash in hayward also not helping the commute there. back to you. news around the bay area. van ness avenue in san francisco could be in for some major changes. the san francisco county transportation authority board could approve a plan that would involve lanes devoted to fast- moving buses on van ness. the lights would be timed for the buses.
6:40 am
"the examiner" reports the project would cost $126 million. dog lovers who frequent the golden gate national recreation area are upset about updated rules proposed by the national park service. new guidelines would reduce the number of locations where dogs can run without leashes to just 7. a public comment period runs through december 4. 6:40. we are just hours now from learning more about the next new iphones, the rumors have reached a fever pitch down in cupertino. what we know so far about the latest gadgets. brian cooley is in the house coming up next. >> the market just opened up 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far looking good. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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industrials are being chang. here now is kcbs radio's financial report one bay area company is out another is in. >> that is the word from the
6:44 am
dow industrials. their being changed. here to talk about it kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. a big shake-up for the blue chips this morning. hewlett-packard, alcoa and bank of america are being booted out of the dow and they are being replaced by foster city-based visa, along with nike and goldman sachs. the dow jones indices says the companies leaving are -- because they have low stock prices and they wanted better representations of other industrial sectors in the 30-stock index. hhp joined dow in 1997 replacing texaco. apple is key for today. just a few hours from debuting two new iphones in cupertino. lots of keys for investors. how cheap will that 5c iphone be? there will be a partnership announcement with china mobile? right now apple shares are down by 1% in the early going. overall stocks doing well for the second straight day. this on some relief and hopes
6:45 am
that syria will indeed give up its chemical weapons stockpiles in order to avoid a u.s. military strike. let's check the big board now. the dow is up 69 points. nasdaq is gaining about 14. s&p is up 7 points. hp shares down 2% on the dow shake-up. visa meanwhile is up by 2%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time now 6:45. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> and the nimitz freeway is definitely our hotspot. one, two, three crashes now all in the same area between hayward and union city. so this one is coming in southbound 880 by "a" street multiple vehicle crash just like the other two blocking lanes just like the other two. fortunately our two earlier crashes including one approaching alvarado niles has been cleared but look at that a long line of red sensors backing up from san lorenzo all the way down past union city. if you are traveling northbound, that looks okay right now. all the traffic is really just heading southbound. northbound traffic if you are
6:46 am
approaching oakland this is what it looks like near the oakland coliseum. not a bad ride towards the macarthur maze. heads up a traffic alert in effect in fairfield, a stalled transit bus, chp saying to use american canyon as your alternate. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. chp issued a dense fog advisory around midnight and you can see the reason why. dense fog causing visibility issues this morning across the span not enough to impact your drive time. 14 minutes out of san rafael. for more on your foggy forecast, here's lawrence. >> got a little fog and sun for you this morning from our mount vaca cam. you see the sun is just beginning to rise and boy, the beautiful colors through ought smoke. some of the fires burning around the state in the east bay and also in the yosemite range. so we are expecting a lot of sunshine toward the afternoon but some cooler temperatures outside as low clouds and fog have swept onshore. so not as hot around the bay
6:47 am
area today. some brief cooling over the next couple of days, and then things change as high pressure builds in. today high pressure off the coastline a stronger sea breeze this morning is carrying more low clouds and fog onshore and higher humidities helping the firefighters fight the morgan fire. looks like delays at sfo of an hour on arriving flights. by the afternoon, sunshine and mid-70s for highs. possible delays in houston and denver due to some thunderstorms. we have some showers expected in new york. chicago looks sunny and bright at 97 degrees. around the bay today, it will be cooler still hot well inland, about 93 in livermore, about 88 concord, 84 san jose, 68 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we'll cool down the temperatures. then looks like we start to warm up on thursday and on friday before cooling down the latter part of the weekend. by the way, here's your schoolcast for winton middle school in hayward. morning bell temperatures in the 50s with fog. lots of sunshine by the middle of the day and plenty of sunshine just a little breezy in the afternoon, of course if you would like to send us your
6:48 am
forecast for your school go to and we'll get that online. all right, guys, that's the latest from here, back to you. many feel apple is in need of serious mojo and here it comes. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley joins us now. what do you think? this morning's announcement you think it's going to deliver? >> that's the thing. people are saying what has apple done lately that's really stunning? so here comes the next chance. 10:00 this morning as jason was just saying down at the apple headquarters they are going to roll out what everybody expects is a new iphone. so expect a new s as the new flagship phone. the s tells us it's not going to be a dramatic overhaul. don't expect a bigger screen, different look and feel. it should be the same phone made better. the outside rumor is maybe a fingerprint sensor. now we're looking at the 5c, the rumored 5c. an inexpensive iphone as you can see made in many colors as we saw a bunch of backs there, those would be interchangeable or choosable backs that you can decide i want a pink phone,
6:49 am
lime green, bright blue phone. sounds silly. look how many ipods they sold because they made them in different colors. they were all the same but colors. >> we love options. >> the key is it would be a cheaper phone either 350 to 399, full cost, that's before any subsidy from a carrier. carriers could bring that down to the historically cheap for an iphone if they subsidize it over 2 years or it plays to the monthly no contract market which is really popular, people who go month to month without a two-year deal. that's over a third of all cell phone carriers. >> it's cheaper. what is it missing? >> probably a little of everything. i would expect it to not have the retina display. it might be less on the processor. less on maximum storage. still a very good phone. kind of like buying a new version. 4s. >> that's so smart because when you go down you can buy a 4 and
6:50 am
get it free. >> now you feel like you're buying the new thing. psychologically works on people who say i got that cool new ipod -- or iphone that just came out just like you got a new 5s. we are both buying the cool new phone but i don't see a big mojo thing going on here. we need a surprise in apple. we are not seeing it in features and specs and that fingerprint sincer could be it but not just hardware. it has to be cool in terms of what it does. they have to build in some cool new feature a service we really want. also, we'll be getting itunes radio, which directly goes after pandora. that was already known. now it's going to be coming out in the new ios operating system. >> they had to do something. >> yeah. they needed something as big as possible because the buzz is around, whether it's fair or not, once the buzz is around, you need to counter that. that's 10 a.m. today we'll have our live coverage starting at cnet at 10 a.m. at >> we'll be watching. thank you. and remember, you can find more of brian cooley's tech watch
6:51 am
segments on >> nice purple jacket. >> thank you. wanted to match the purple iphone. >> might get your wish. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us live in new york. and what a weekend you had, my friend. good morning. >> good morning, frank and michelle. well, it's one of the more interesting weekends that i have had. we'll have more of that interview with syrian president bashar assad and we'll take a look at the potential compromise that would demand the syrian government hand over its chemical weapons. we also have in fact the president's response to me on sunday morning in damascus when i asked him would he accept that kind of deal. also joining us senator john mccain. he has been part of the debate and he will be here from washington. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> charlie, a quick question. what were your impressions of mr. assad? >> well, i thought he was remarkably calm for a man who may be facing the kind of military onslaught that he might be facing. i thought he was
6:52 am
conversational. i thought he clearly would say things and i expected that as you always do, uhm, there's always tone and definition, you know, people always say, do you believe him? well, you -- it's not necessarily believing or not if you are talking about state craft. it's always a question of trust. but verify. and especially when you're talking about weapons of mass destruction. >> how difficult was it to get the interview? was it a matter of a phone call or several weeks or how did that all work out? >> well, that's exactly right. i picked up the phone, i said bashar, this is charlie, what about me coming to damascus and let's have a chat? he said i wondered where were you? why don't you come on over? it didn't happen that way at a.m. it happened where i was in conversation with people who were part of his communications staff and i think after a lot of conversations and lots of things back and forth, we finally found a way that we could do it that made it, uhm, acceptable to me and to him,
6:53 am
which was essentially we'll do an unedited interview. we'll have an hour conversation and what we say and do in that one hour will be on the air. clearly works for me. i'm happy to do that. and it worked for them, too. so what came out of it was i think an important conversation with someone who obviously is central to what is happening in washington and in syria and affects not only syria but the rest of the middle east. >> all right, charlie. you did a great job and thank you so much. we'll be watching again. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,,,,
6:54 am
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you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. be a diplomatic breakthroug the syrian standoff. president says h president obama says there might be a diplomatic breakthrough in the syrian standoff.
6:57 am
the president says he is looking into a russian proposal now that would have syria hand over its chemical weapons to international control in exchange to avoiding u.s. military strikes. police in florida say george zimmerman's estranged wife changed her story. now officials will not be filing domestic violence charges against him. shellie zimmerman called 911 to report her husband was threatening her with a gun and had punched her father in the nose. hours later, she said she never saw a gun. zimmerman's attorney says the fight was as a result of the couple's ongoing divorce. the gang-rape of a woman on a bus in india set off protests there. the protests triggered the country to give a closer look at the treatment of women. today four men were convicted on all counts and face the possibility of hanging. all eyes are on apple today. the company is expected to announce two new models of its iphone. the iphone 5s is expected to have a faster processor and a better camera. the company may also announce a cheaper version of the iphone that could come in many colors
6:58 am
and would be made of plastic instead of aluminum. >> and rafael nadal is the new men's u.s. open tennis champ. the second ranked player in the world defeated novak djokovic the top-ranked player in the world to win the title. he did it in four sets last night. his 13th grand slam title. >> reporter: we're keeping an eye on the morgan fire this morning. i have some new numbers that show that things are looking up for firefighters. so far, the fire has burned more than 3200 acres and that's less than they originally thought. and even better news, cal fire says the fire is now 45% contained. that's a huge jump from late last night. also only 75 homes are threatened. that's down 25 from yesterday. we do know that 700 firefighters have been on the line and cal fire says the change in weather and wind helped the fire crews keep the flames at bay not to mention the vast amount of resources they have. so the hope this morning is they can continue that momentum that they have had and pretty much knock this thing out altogether. live in dublin, cate caugiran,
6:59 am
kpix 5. checking the roads, we have a couple of problems out there getting the first live pictures from fairfield of this stalled bus. it's a stalled transit bus causing some delays in fairfield. the connector ramp from westbound 80 to westbound highway 12 remains shut down. it has been shut down for at least a half hour while they work to clear it. let's get a quick check of the nimitz freeway now. we have had three separate multi-vehicle crashes and it's jammed up from san lorenzo into hayward. >> sunrise this morning a little smoke out there on mount vaca making for a beautiful looking sunrise. but not so good to breeze. we have temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. by the afternoon, it will be a cooler day ahead. still warm to hot in some spots well inland. some 80s and 90s there, a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s coastside. next couple of days we'll cool down the temperatures have higher humidities, should help the firefighters get a handle on that fire. >> that is good to hear. all right, lawrence. thank you. and thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember, your next local update is at 7:26. don't forget "cbs this morning" is coming up next.
7:00 am
more with charlie rose in his interview with bashar assad. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, september 10th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." one day after syrian president bashar al assad tells me he may or may not have chemical weapons, his country now says it is ready to surrender its stockpile. >> we'll talk to senator john mccain about the new proposal to avoid air strikes. plus, scott pelley on his interview with president obama. and a huge battle out west. californians say they're losing their water in the name of wine. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> what we're seeing has only come about because of the credible threat of u.s. military action. >> the crisis in syria takes a diplomatic detour. >>


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