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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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put on lockdown as well as the national hispanic university. there were reverse 911 calls warning people to stay inside. >> nothing like this has happened in the neighborhood. i have children. sorry. [ crying ] >> reporter: the emotion shows on this resident's face. she cannot believe all of this is occurring right across the street. >> it is very scary. you don't feel safe with so many crimes happening. it's not safe anymore. >> reporter: now, right now the key unanswered question is motive. did these suspects and these victims know each other in any way or was it random? deputies don't know the answer right now. but it's a top priority to answer it. >> how many guns are we talking about here? >> reporter: the victims say for sure they saw two. and sheriff's deputies say they have recovered one of those two so there's one outstanding gun. they believe it could be with that fifth person that they are
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currently looking for or perhaps he discarded it somewhere. but there is one gun that's loose and they are obviously very concerned about the neighborhood. >> thank you, mark. the bay area's latest bank bandit should be easy to spot. his disguise pretty flashy. 6 feet tall, 200 pounds and wearing a moomoo and combat boots at the west bank in benicia. he didn't show a gun ran off in the boots with an undisclosed amount of cash. twitter made a big announcement today in a tweet. the company filed for its highly anticipated initial public offering. sue kwon reports, new at 5:00, the company is keeping its book a secret for now. >> reporter: their books will only be open to the sec as it prepares for the ipo but they wanted everybody to know about the secret filing. in 137 characters, twitter said we have confidentially submitted an s-1 to the sec for a planned ipo. this does not constitute an
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offer for any securities for sale. now, this lays the groundwork for the eventual ipo of the microblogging giant based in san francisco. twitter is taking advantage of a new law that lets companies with less than $1 billion in revenue go public without having to show anyone their books except sec regulators. the 7-year-old company has been taking its time with this step. it's valued at more than $10 billion on target to hit revenue well above 550 million in 2013 alone and boasts 200 million active users sending 240 million tweets a day. this step signals big changes for twitter. >> this means that they now feel confident about their ability to make money in the future. and you really have seen twitter over the last few months start to diversify and do a little more than than just those 140 character texts and tweets. they are getting into the tv business. they are getting into mobile advertising in a big way. they really want to take on google and facebook.
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they are getting into multimedia with video products like vine. >> reporter: inside the headquarters it's likely the 1300 employees are celebrating and so is the bank underwriting the ipo. goldman sachs stands to make $50 million just by handling the deal. don't plan to buy twitter shares anytime soon. no price range has been set for the stocks. cnet's molly wood said that could take several months. remember the mishandled facebook ipo with a lot of problems at the start? the shares have recovered from the initial plunge and ceo mark zuckerberg yesterday said hey going public isn't that bad. making the timing of this announcement kind of interesting. kind of uncanny. in the newsroom, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> while a twitter ipo creates a slew of new millionaires, it's bad news for some workers at trader joe's stores. kpix 5's ryan takeo on the employees losing their health benefits. reporter: trader joe's has no problem bringing in customers or part-time workers. that's because of its reputation for generous
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healthcare benefits at a reasonable cost. it's no wonder eleanor snyder finds happy workers here. >> they are very accommodating. they're very cheerful. >> reporter: but now the company is telling part-timers they have to buy their own coverage under obamacare. >> people have to take what comes. >> things change. then you just have to adapt. >> reporter: shoppers at this walnut creek store were split. >> we think it's too bad. >> it's up to individual companies what they are going to do. >> reporter: they are not alone. early this year universal theme park is dropping coverage for its 500 part-time workers. darden restaurants which owns olive garden and red lobster is moving more workers to part time to cut could see and walmart is limiting health coverage it new workers. starbucks recently promised not to slash hours or cut benefits. to ease the sting, trader joe's is cutting part-timers a check. the ceo wrote, with the $500 from trader joe's and tax credits under the affordable care act, many of you should be able to obtain healthcare coverage at very little if any
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net cost to you. this healthcare expert agrees. >> i think people are going to end up having better options and more options and i think we'll have a healthier workplace. >> reporter: amy bach isn't surprised some companies have been scared into making some changes but she says in some cases workers will have better healthcare options. >> people have to have a positive approach and be willing to do their homework and not assume that the options are going to be worse than they have now. >> reporter: if that's the case, maybe trader joe's' workers will keep on smiling. in walnut creek, kpix 5, ryan takeo. >> starting the first of next month people will be able to shop through insurance through the "covered california" exchange. strong headlines from the job market today may be too good to be true. i'll explain. new jobless claims plunged by 31,000 last week. it's the lowest level in seven years. however, two states were not able to report complete results because they are making changes to their computer systems. so when next week's report comes out, we could see an actual increase. there is good news on the
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foreclosure front. the number of new filings just hit its lowest level in eight years. according to the online marketer realtytrac, there are about 56,000 foreclosure filings in august. we have not seen numbers that low since october 2005. a final decision comes monday but it looks like a federal judge won't block the city of richmond's plan to use eminent domain to seize underwater mortgages. two banks are asking for an immediate injunction. but the judge indicated the request was premature since richmond's plan is not yet in place. banks call it unconstitutional. but leaving court today the mayor had a message for the banks. >> please! cooperate with the city of richmond! we're offering you cash!! we're offering you fair market value for these mortgages! the investors benefit! >> both sides were instructed to file additional briefs for the judge, who could make a ruling on monday. in other parts of the bay
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area, home values are surging. relentlessly in the option direction. >> with so many wealthy buyers to show around, one realtor bought a bus, a really nice bus. >> this is a stunning -- stunning to you, completely stunning. >> torrential flooding in colorado washes away roads, cars, even people. >> pretty crazy weather around the country including colorado. for us, just morning cloud cover. sunshine this afternoon warmed us up to the mid-80s in pleasanton, saratoga 79, burlingame 71. clouds are already coming back. find out what the weekend looks like weather-wise next. >> i'm ken bastida in san francisco. willie l brown, jr., the man and the bridge. coming up. ,,,,,,
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area realtors. palo alto is especially attractive.. to wealthy foreign buyers. len ramirez show businesses is booming for many bay area realtors. palo alto is especially attractive to wealthy foreign buyers. len ramirez shows us their high- end house hunting experience
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comes complete with luxury limo service. reporter: when it comes to selling real estate in palo alto it now pays to speak chinese. from shanghai to hong kong, interest in palo alto's priciest neighborhoods is soaring and that has real estate brokers doubling down on new ways to capitalize. here it's all aboard what could be a marketing master stroke mercedes-benzes style. he invested $100,000 into the luxury bus specifically to drive around and show properties to wealthy foreigners four and five families at a time. >> people who are used to the finer things in life so they are not going to want to go out in a cheap refurbished toolbox. >> reporter: the company takes reservations for weekend selling excursions to exclusive neighborhoods. >> it's about as prime as palo alto gets. >> reporter: where the buyers don't blink at the bottom line. >> $5 million range.
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>> reporter: he says half to two-thirds of the deals they do are now coming from chinese buyers. >> we are seeing a lot of cash offers. >> reporter: and compared to real estate prices in hong kong? >> it's still seems like a relative bargain. >> reporter: he says the bus is practical for the way deals are done now. >> a lot of foreigners know about palo alto. they don't know about the nuances from neighborhood to neighborhood. >> reporter: and the chinese marketing efforts don't stop at the curb. realty companies now stage houses with the kind of decor that makes it obvious who the target customers are. >> we always make sure we have an asian flair. >> reporter: but there's a backlash from traditional american buyers who complain they have been priced out of the market but sellers aren't complaining. >> we are not going to not market to a certain group simply because they pay too much for homes. >> reporter: the foreign buying boom is having another effect a slow but steady shortage of properties. unlike most investors to buy and sell, deleon says chinese investors like to buy and hold which could drive up prices for homes that come on the market
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even more. in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> it made them one of the top firms in the country selling $275 million worth of real estate in 2011. >> wow. well, a frenzy of die-hard shoppers lined up today in anticipation of a bay area store's grand opening. >> i don't even know. i didn't even think about it yet. >> well, that lucky woman won $1,000 shopping spree at the new nordstrom rack in pleasant hill's sun valley mall. special deals and prizes were handed out to early birds. the mayor even came out for the big event hopeful the grand opening could open more doors for the city. >> it means the stimulus to bring more people from out of the area into pleasant hill so enjoy all that we have to offer to fine astronauts, the shopping, the amenities. this is just a terrific day for us. >> now, as for the neighbors concerned about the traffic, well, mall management says it's reconfiguring traffic flow through parking lots and surrounding streets. a bay area sailor cut from
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the america's cup. why oracle team usa says their top tactical guy steered them wrong. >> first superstorm sandy. now this. a massive fire rips across one of new jersey's iconic beach boardwalks. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. waters... was booted from b. a viewer sending us these ps
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as fire crews battle a grass fire in san anselmo. t we are following breaking news. this is out of the north bay. a viewer sending us these photos a grass fire in san anselmo near memorial park. it's in a grove of eucalyptus trees near the red hill shopping center. that's in an area that is known as the hub. right now, well, there are homes in the area but we are told that no homes are threatened. we'll keep an eye on it for you. a bay area native who grew up sailing the san francisco waters was booted from oracle's racing crew. authorities say that the man was dropped from oracle team usa team usa after making mistakes. a four time olympic gold medallest replaced him in the races today. so how did it work out for them? we'll tell you coming up in the 6:00 hour. something else new about the bay bridge. lawmakers approved a plan to name the western span after former san francisco mayor and assembly speaker willie brown.
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no sooner than it was announced, well, ken bastida can tell us there's already a lawsuit to block it. ken. >> reporter: yeah. it's true, allen. actually, i caught up with willie this afternoon he laughed about that. he said, yeah, that's pretty much par for the course. somebody is always going to be criticizing him. the naacp put this forth at the state level. and the state senate picked up the ball and got to rolling and there was that 68-0 unanimous vote by the assembly. so that bridge right there that we're looking at is no longer called the bay bridge. it's now the willie l. brown, jr. bridge that resolution passed today and it took effect immediately. and i caught up to willie brown this afternoon and he says, this is an unbelievable honor am. >> an iconic place like the bridge named after an african
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america is really earth shaking shaking. while i might joke about it, i really know how important it really is. >> you have your critics. people who, you know, don't like you, don't like decisions you've made, frankly didn't want this bridge named for willie brown. what do you say to those people? >> the democratic process works in strange ways. they didn't win the fight. so they ought to join obama and hook up with putin and find a diplomatic way to apologize. >> reporter: there are a number of supervisors former san francisco supervisors kopp among them who hated the idea. even governor brown didn't like it. he said he would not vote to approve it. it doesn't matter. it's just a resolution, doesn't require the governor's signature. a lot of you are probably asking, you know, how much is there going to cost us to name this bridge? it's not going to cost anybody anything because all of the
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signs are done through private donations. willie told me this afternoon that he -- maybe he will throw a party for that because it will make up for the party we didn't have on the eastern side of the bridge. at the embarcadero, ken bastida, kpix 5. bart and its unions are talking again. they met for the first time since the governor issued a 60- day cooling-off period last month. the unions continue to press safety issues like lighting in the continues, issues of pay and healthcare to be taken up next week. on october 11, no deal, we could see another strike. american and russian diplomats are working on a plan for syria to turn over its chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russian's foreign minister met in switzerland to talk about how the plan would work and more importantly, when it would be put in place. president obama still wants the threat of a u.s. military strike on the table.
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but he is hopeful about a diplomatic solution. >> i know that he is going to be working hard over the next several days to see what the possibilities are there. >> it has to be credible. it has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. >> yes, the timing of all of this could be the sticking point. syria says it would be more than a month before it could disclose information on its chemical weapons. that is not acceptable to the united states. a huge fire is take over a beach boardwalk in new jersey's seaside park. it's the same boardwalk that was damaged by superstorm sandy. the fire has already burned several buildings and some people are being treated for smoke inhalation. but there are no reports of injuries. it's believed that the fire started in or near a boardwalk custard shop. flash floods killed at least three people in colorado and while people seek for help as roads turn into rivers, cbs reporter rick sallinger tells us some towns have been cut off from rescue crews. reporter: driving through
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the flooded streets of aurora, colorado, was more like shooting the rapids. a woman's car got stuck, but a fire truck was able to get to her. a firefighter got her to the roof of the car, then lifted her to safety. three drivers near boulder, colorado had to be rescued after floodwaters washed out the road. >> they rescued two people. >> reporter: cbs station kcnc aired the dramatic rescue live. rescue workers used an inflatable raft to get to one of the men trapped inside his car that was upside-down and partially submerged. finally, the crews were able to get the door open and drag him to land. all three drivers are okay. as severe as this storm was, the full extent of the damage was not immediately known. impassable roads cut off rescue crews from some of the hardest- hit areas. more than half a foot of rain flooded the area overnight. now trucks normally used for snow were needed to clear mud and other debris.
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a river of floodwater ran through the university of colorado. surging water filled parking garages. >> the water is up to my heels. it's serious right now. >> reporter: it caused soggy conditions in dorm rooms. 400 students were evacuated, and the school was closed. more storms capable of dumping an inch of rain within half an hour were expected through thursday. as the local sheriff put it, this is not an ordinary disaster. rick sallinger, cbs news, boulder county, colorado. paul deanno with us. really, through the end of the day he mentioned but this is going on friday, saturday -- >> it's been going on for a while. when a pattern is locked in place for us that often can be an onshore flow a couple of degrees cooler than normal but this pattern is locked in place for the whole western u.s., so arizona, new mexico, nevada, colorado, more thunderstorms for the afternoons for a week. no rain for us aside for coastal morning drizzle. there is the marine layer behind the beautiful san
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francisco skyline as viewed from our oakland airport cam. south bay san jose all about the sunshine right now currently 74. couple of degrees cooler than normal but i think everybody would make a strong argument that it's pretty comfortable outside. livermore you're at 82. concord 81. santa rosa much warmer and sunnier than yesterday, 79 currently. and 66 in san francisco. where do we start tomorrow? right around 60. concord down to 61. san francisco 59. san rafael 58. losing about 2.5 minutes of daylight a day now and sunrise now pushed back all the way to 6:49. almost 7:00 for that sunrise. so we started off with a tremendous amount of cloud cover but throughout the day, the sun did its thing. and burned off the clouds except right along the marin coastline san mateo coastline and the western half of the city of san francisco. low cloud cover will rush back in overnight tonight. and you will likely have morning cloud cover every morning for the next several because the overall weather pattern is not going to change. high pressure hightails out of here earlier than we thought and now low pressure is diving
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down from th gulf of alaska. we won't see rainfall. there will be plenty of rainfall well to our north but with an ocean temperature sitting at 60.3 degrees, i checked before the newscast, that chilly flow of air will continue for a few days. morning cloud cover, but you also get comfortable afternoons with mainly sunny skies. the clouds in the morning are here to stay. afternoons though will be sunny lots of blue sky for you and temperatures hanging out near normal each day for the next several. case in point, here's your friday. livermore 85. san jose 78. in san francisco 67 tomorrow. mountain view 76. hayward 72. redwood city 78. should be a really nice afternoon for pleasant hill, san ramon, antioch, low to mid- 80s for you. vallejo hits 79. richmond tomorrow topping out at 70. if you are heading up to wine country for a three-day weekend, sonoma tomorrow 82. cloverdale 88. rohnert park your high 80 degrees tomorrow. you want consistency, basically the weather you have tomorrow is exactly what you will have for the weekend exactly what
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you'll have for all of next week this pattern is in place. 70s at the bay, 60s at the coast, 80s inland and all that rain all that stormy stuff that you see, not coming here. >> no. i got it memorized. >> yeah. >> we got it. >> remember today is also tomorrow and next day is next day. >> perfect. thank you. can you imagine a scenario where you would be happy to see a giant roach? >> our researchers think there could be. >> phobia against insects. cockroaches are our friends. >> how they could one day come to your rescue in a natural disaster. ,,,,
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choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. but rescue roaches? researchers in north caroli think it could be a creepy-crawly way to save lives in an emergen. they're outfitting madaga you haver a heard of rescued dogs. how about rescued roaches? researchers in north carolina think it could be a creepy crawly way to save lives in an emergency. they are outfitting madagascar
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hissing cockroaches with electrodes that send tiny pulses to their antennae to allow researchers to steer the insects into tight spaces. >> our ultimate goal is to use these insects especially cockroaches in the rubble after natural disasters like earthquakes to find victims. >> now, scientists think they could eventually guide the remote-controlled roaches through disaster zones carrying tiny microphones and listening for survivors. >> they still have a few bugs to work out. >> a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, syria today rushed to comply with a chemical weapons agreement but the secretary of state warned it is not enough and a u.s. air strike is possible. we'll have that plus the severe late summer weather that has caused massive flooding in colorado, waterspouts in
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wisconsin, and is fanning a massive calamitous fire in new jersey. that and more tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o.
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it would create jobs - and w link for oil to be shipped the bay area. tonight: why critics fear 'crude by will worsen pollution, and d an environmental it would create jobs and a new link for oil to be shipped to the bay area. tonight at 6:00 why critics fear crude by rail will worsen pollution and could lead to an end environmental disaster. that and more at 6. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. latest news and weather are always on
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captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, floods, fire and twisters, severe late summer weather drenches colorado, spins waterspouts in wisconsin, and fans a calamitous fire in new jersey. barry petersen starts our coverage. the president of russia lectures america on war and peace and syria. major garrett and margaret brennan have the latest developments. schools struggle to open amid layoffs and red ink. elaine quijano on the cuts in one of the biggest districts. >> i'm terrified that we're going to lose children because of these cuts. >> pelley: and greetings from planet earth. >> we have liftoff! >> pelley: for the first time, a spacecraft has left our solar system. bill whitaker on the triumph on "voyager." >> we made it! "voy captioning sponsored by cbs


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