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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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take that honor away. >> you really have seen twitter over the last few months start to diversify. >> the tweets that rocked the tech world. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> not in time! captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's friday the 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> you said that just so well. >> yeah. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on your friday. no one loves this day more than our very own lawrence karnow. >> i'm feeling lucky today. a great day ahead clouds parting in the afternoon but gray skies to start the day. so yeah, looks like some drizzle along the coastline, as well. clouds surging well onshore again today. but as we head throughout the day we are going to see a lot of sun toward the afternoon away from the immediate coast. temperatures cooler to start out the day in the 50s and low 60s. i think by the afternoon though we'll enjoy some sunshine, still keeping these temperatures on the mild side for this time of year. about 85 degrees in livermore. about 67 degrees in san francisco. and about 82 degrees in santa
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rosa. what about the weekend? we have some changes coming too. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> on this friday the 13th at least one person is feeling unlucky the driver of this big rig now stuck in one lane of westbound 580 approaching north livermore avenue but it's got a broken-down wheel and anyway it's right there blocking one lane. there are some backups looks like they are growing behind it. the drive time is still about 16 minutes and we are beginning to see that usual slowing right now coming off the 205 out of tracy so the commute has definitely begun there. if you are heading towards the dublin interchange westbound 580 looks good even past 680 all the way towards the castro valley y. another live traffic camera we have them all over the bay area and here's another one in the south bay, this is in milpitas, the silicon valley commuters 880 and 237, no delay out towards sunnyvale. the nimitz freeway 880, 5:01 this morning, at 5:00 they were scheduled to pick up all the overnight roadwork so lanes
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should be open now heading toward oakland. no oakland. there is a any number for the suspension ban of the bay bridge the segment between san francisco and yerba buena island is now the willie l. brown, jr. bridge. but as quickly as the name was changed, it was challenged. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec has details of the dispute. >> reporter: there is a lawsuit pending as we speak but in the meantime, behold the willie l. brown, jr. bridge. the signs will go up in 2014. the state legislature made it official yesterday after a unanimous vote in the senate. it passed easily through the assembly. governor jerry brown is opposed but he can't veto the measure because it's a resolution, not a law. and the signs will be paid for through private donations. now, there is that lawsuit i mentioned filed by a former member of the san francisco ethics commission alleging the legislature disregarded its own rules like naming things after people who are dead and that the resolution must be authored
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by a politician whose district encompasses the bridge. in this case, the author is from southern california. but willie brown is not new to controversy. >> a bridge named after a black man in california is earth shaking. >> reporter: brown is the first black speaker of the assembly and former san francisco mayor. willie brown will be making an appearance on kpix 5 this morning around 6:45. >> how did lawmakers from the bay area vote on this? >> >> reporter: all our local legislators abstained, voted yes, except for jerry hill, who is from san mateo. he said that it basically is not the legislature's job to go around naming things even though they typically do. >> anne makovec live in san
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francisco, thank you. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart say they will meet again in new york this month to discuss syria's chemical weapons. cbs' susan mcginnis has the latest from this morning's meeting in geneva. reporter: >> the words of the syrian regime, in our judgment, are simply not enough. >> reporter: both kerry and lavrov said they hope to work out a deal to avoid military action against syria. but kerry made it clear, he wants immediate action by syria and that the u.s. won't allow the talks to be used as a stalling tactic. >> it has to be real. it has to be comprehensive. it has to be verifiable. it has to be credible. it has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. >> reporter: assad told russian tv that the u.s. must stop threatening syria with military action. kerry said military force might still be used if diplomacy fails. assad again blamed rebel forces for the chemical weapons attack
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on august 21st. in washington, officials say the cia has begun delivering weapons to rebel groups. in an interview to air on "60 minutes" this sunday, the former deputy director of the cia told john miller that an extended civil war in syria is not in the best interests of the united states. >> the best outcome is a negotiated settlement between the opposition and between the regime that allows for a political transition that keeps the institutions of the state intact. >> reporter: the main syrian rebel group says syria must be punished for using chemical weapons. in washington, susan mcginnis, kpix 5. in afghanistan, gunmen attacked the u.s. consulate in that rote province early this morning. the state department says militants drove up to the front gates of the compound in a truck. they started firing at afghan forces shortly after the vehicle exploded. at least 7 militants and two
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afghan soldiers were killed. no americans were hurt. 5:05 now. calls went out in the middle of the night for thousands of people to move to higher ground because of the flash flooding in colorado. some places had a foot of rain yesterday. a foot of rain! it just keeps on falling. at least three people are dead and others are missing. several towns have been isolated because of the floodwaters. president obama signed an emergency declaration last night to pave the way for some federal help there. a massive fire destroyed a new jersey boardwalk that was still rebuilding after hurricane sandy. blocks after blocks were ravaged by the flames. dozens of businesses were burned. these are live pictures as you can see they are still putting out some hot spots. this fire was yesterday. it took firefighters six hours to bring the six-alarm fire under control. cbs reporter vinita nair shows us the damage and how the firefighters kept it from getting much worse. reporter: plumes of thick, black smoke swallowed a stretch of boardwalk real estate in
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seaside park, new jersey. flames broke out in koh rs ice cream shop and spread for blocks. it came on "fast & furious." >> it was smoke coming up from under the boards. nobody saw any flames. >> reporter: spectators watched in dismay taking photos and videos with their smartphones. they gasped when this building came down. >> there it goes. >> oh!! >> reporter: firefighters tried to reach the blaze from cherry pickers but ocean winds and tar roofs fueled the flames pushing the fire north to neighboring see side heights. that's the same area where superstorm sandy ravaged the boardwalk and recreation center last year. thrusting a popular roller coaster into the ocean. governor chris christie is promising state help. >> "this is us" so we'll, you know, as soon as this is over we'll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back to work. >> reporter: crews removed a section of recently replaced boardwalk to create a fireline. >> it wasn't even finished
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being rebuilt and again it's gone. it's heartbreaking for a lot of people. >> reporter: several firefighters and residents were treated for smoke inhalation. it's not yet clear what sparked the blaze. vinita nair, kpix 5. >> and we'll get a much better picture of exactly how many businesses were lost as investigators go through the area today. it looks like the san jose earthquakes will have to wait a little longer to play soccer in the new stadium. the team plans to make an announcement about the stadium on monday. but the "mercury news" reports another construction delay means the stadium near mineta international airport won't be ready until the 2015 season. until then, the quakes will keep playing at santa clara university buckshaw stadium. happening today, fremont honoring one of its beloved citizens. robert wasserman died in 2011 at the age of 79. he spent most of his life giving back to the city. he was the police chief, city councilman and then mayor. during a rededication ceremony today at 4:00 the city will
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rename its police station after wasserman. [ bell tolls ] and the bell at the winchester mystery house in san jose will toll at 1:00 today. it will ring 13 times in honor of sarah winchester. 13 times because it's friday the 13th today. the lady of the house heir to the winchester rifle fortune continued building the mansion for 36 years. she was afraid if construction was completed, spirits would kill her. she died september 5, 1922 at the age of 85. >> good place to visit on friday the 13th. an early victory for richmond. the judge told big banks he won't stop the city's plan to use eminent domain to take over homes with underwater mortgages. less than 24 hours after the city council approved the eminent domain plan, wells fargo and deutsche bank asked a federal judge for an immediate injunction. but the judge indicated yesterday that the request was premature since richmond's plan is not finalized yet. 5:09. a sign that the housing market is pretty good if the silicon valley these days. still to come, a look at how
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potential buyers are being treated to luxury. >> and for most people it's a delicious ingredient. but it's suddenly deadly for sea creatures off the coast of hawaii. >> thick fog around the bay area today, a lot of drizzle toward the coastline. what about the weekend? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and we are checking the ride on highway 4. pretty good so far coming off of the antioch bridge. we'll have your latest travel times and check mass transit. that's all coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good news for minimum wage workers in california. your paychecks are about to get bigger. the senate and assembly passed a bill to raise it to $92,014 and $10 by 2015 -- race it to $9 by 21stcentury and $10 an hour by 2016. trending: >> ray dolby raised right here in san francisco. trouble spots on the road so far so so good.
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we are checking the main travel times for the east bay and so far they are all in the clear including for the altamont pass and livermore valley usually one of the first spots to start to stack up. checking mass transit as well on this friday morning. bart so far systemwide on time. 25 or more trains all on schedule. muni, caltrain, ace train number one got a great start out of the central valley. this is one of our problem spots out there. westbound 580 approaching livermore avenue. the driver of a big rig got stuck so they are still blocking one lane and the usual delays we see out of tracy are now tipping with the brake lights that we're seeing with that stall: so now it's just one long line of yellow sensor but the drive time is still about 16 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's traffic. for your latest forecast, we want to know what the weekend has in store, here's lawrence. >> we have some changes coming up this weekend to start out the day. we have some low clouds and fog, very thick, and we are seeing some heavy drizzle along the coastline this morning so the roads going to be very damp there. as you head inside the bay, you will find a cloudy start to the
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day temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside now. by the afternoon, we should find a whole lot of sunshine on this friday the 13th. 80s inland. and 70s a little breezy inside the bay and 60s with clouds lingering out toward the coastline. weak ridge of high pressure trying to build in is going to hold on for one more day but we have a low off the coastline that's going to drop in to bring some changes especially into the latter part of the weekend. as we head into sunday more clouds on the way and cooler temperatures. how about this? pretty cloudy start early on today. it's going to peel back pulling through the bay back toward the coastline. and lots of sunshine by the afternoon. these temperatures may even be slightly warmer than what we had yesterday. numbers expected to be into the 70s in the south bay maybe some 80s in toward morgan hill and gilroy. about 80 degrees in palo alto. 78 in redwood city. and about 67 in half moon bay. east bay temperatures up in the 70s and the 80s in fact topping out about 87 degrees in brentwood about 85 in livermore and as you get inside the bay you will find sunshine 72 degrees in oakland, 67 and
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breezy into san francisco. and about 79 degrees into novato. looking out over the next couple of days, well, saturday going to be very similar but then we'll cool down on sunday. trough of low pressure drops in the bay area, cooler and clouds next thursday. by the way, we got a big game this weekend! can't forget about this. we have the raiders and the jaguars. this game has sold out! that means it's going to be right here on cbs! you can check it out. should be a great day at the game, too, sunny, mild, 72 degrees and go, raiders! they need a victory. >> you hit the baritone on that one. >> did i? i'm excited about it! >> ohio state and cal too. >> that's a big one, too. absolutely. >> big weekend. business is booming for realtors in the bay area especially in cities like palo alto where wealthy foreign buyers are snatching up hot properties. >> oh, to be a seller down there right now. kpix 5's len ramirez explains how their high-end house hunting experience comes complete with a luxury limo service. reporter: when it comes to selling real estate in palo
5:17 am
alto -- [ non-english language ] >> reporter: -- it now pays to speak chinese. from shanghai to hong kong interest in palo alto's priciest neighborhoods is soaring and that has real estate brokers doubling down on new ways to capitalize. at deleon realty it's all aboard what could be a master marketing stroke mercedes-benz style. >> we are riding in a new limo bus. >> reporter: they invested $100,000 into the luxury bus specifically to drive around and show properties to wealthy foreigners four and five families at a time. >> people who are used to the finer things in life are not going to want to go out in a chief refurbished school bus. >> reporter: they take reservations for weekend selling excursions to weekend neighborhoods. >> it's prime palo alto. >> reporter: where the buyers don't blink at the bottom line. >> homes like this would be typically about $5 million. >> reporter: michael says half to two-thirds of the deals are now coming from chinese buyers.
5:18 am
>> we are seeing a lot of cash offers. >> reporter: and compared to real estate prices in hong kong? >> it still seems like a bargain. >> reporter: he says the bus is practical for the way deals are done now. >> a lot of foreigners know about palo alto. they don't know about the nuances from neighborhood to neighborhood. >> reporter: and the chinese marketing efforts don't stop at the curb. realty companies now stage houses with the kind of decor that makes it obvious who the target customers are. >> we always try to make sure we have a little bit of an asian flair. >> reporter: but there has been a backlash from american buyers who complain they have been priced out of the market. but american sellers aren't complaining. >> we're not going to not market to a certain group simply because they pay too much for homes. >> reporter: the foreign buying boom is having enough effect, a slow but steady shortage of properties. unlike most investors who buy and sell, deleon says chinese investors like to buy and hold which could drive up prices for homes that do come on the market even more. in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and it's all helped to may deleon one of the top firms in
5:19 am
the country selling $275 million worth of real estate in 2011. can you say, commission? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. thousands of fish and marine life are dying in the waters off hawaii. >> that's because 1400 tons of molasses leaked into the honolulu harbor. a faulty pipeline used to load molasses on to ships spilled about 7 railcars worth of the sugary liquid. marine biologists says it's causing an explosion of harmful bacteria and algae. the hawaii health department warns people to stay out of the water since dead fish attracts sharks. how much it's supposed to make football a safer sport but a rare case where one may have had the opposite effect. i'm dennis o'donnell. the a's try to extend their lead in the west as they head into texas today. and the captain wired in, he had water coming in. the good ship in oracle is in trouble. more coming up. and what's cool about your school? we want to know.
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you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,
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how about this weekend the autumn moon festival. very beautiful and colorful.
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of course lots of great food, too. and san francisco chinatown, sunny and mild! >> all right. and look at mobile5. we have mobile5 cruising around this morning and it looks like they are just coming off of the new eastern span. they are heading into oakland right now down the decline section of the new bridge. so everything looks pretty good right now if you are heading towards the macarthur maze. we'll get a check. other direction in the commute direction heading into san francisco in just a bit. more "timesaver traffic" in about 10 minutes. good morning, everybody. the a's head to texas tonight for a series that could all but wrap up the american league west race if the a's sweep but first the green and gold had to wrap up their series in oakland. aj griffin had eight strikeouts in 7 innings as he won his fourth straight start his 14th win of the season. 6th inning josh reddick in his first start since coming off the disabled list. his 11th homer of the year. the a's win 8-2 and lead by
5:24 am
3.5. i still can't get used to this sight. 2-2 bottom of the 10th, gonzalez past a brandon crawford. angel pagan is coming home. here comes crawford. the throw, he is safe. dodgers win 3-2. the crowd on the bay hoping for a miracle comeback by oracle in the america's cup. but new zealand took control in the third leg. they turned a 12-second deficit into a 44-second advantage. then they go on to win the second race as well, extending their lead in the series now to 6 wins to a negative one in the best of 17 series. the kiwis need three more wins to win the cup. they will be two races tomorrow and then a race on sunday. it could be over this weekend. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. football faux pas for the for the play of the day. utah football broke a tackle. his helmet gets twisted around
5:25 am
180 degrees in the process. no problem as you see he just keeps on running. watch it spin around. i'm just going to keep going. he got five yards and i'm sure he is very happy this morning because he is our play of the day. 5:25. a name change for the bay bridge or at least part of it. still to come, the controversy that is sparking legal action. >> a possible solution to ease overcrowding in california's prison. >> reporter: california minimum wage could see a boost for the first time in five years. why one industry says it will hurt instead of help workers.
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what to do about the syrian government? the latest on the intense talks between the united states and russian on the crisis. >> what's in a name? there's a new one for part of the bay bridge and some folks are so upset, they are taking it to court. >> cloudy, gray and a little bit wet outside. but lots of sunshine coming your way. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and checking the ride over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks great so far coming into san francisco. more coming up. top of the morning to you! a little bit of irish on this friday, september 13. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:30. developing news, taliban militants stormed the united states consulate in afghanistan's herat province this morning. at least 7 of those attackers were killed along with two afghan soldiers. the state department says militants drove up to the front gates of the compound in a truck. they started firing at afghan forces shortly after that entire vehicle exploded.
5:30 am
the gun battle continued. one of the attackers detonated a bomb on his vest. the taliban claimed responsibility in the attack. no americans were injured. talks continue today in an effort to get syria to give up its chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russian's foreign minister have been talking about the possibility of renewing efforts to bring syria's warring parties together at a peace conference. but both say the prospects [ indiscernible ] about how to secure and ultimately dismantle assad's chemical weapons. the diplomats plan to meet this month in new york. it's going to be a tough day at the famous jersey shore boardwalk. this morning, people are seeing firsthand the devastation left behind by a massive fire. let's take a live look now from seaside heights. huge flames ripped through seaside park yesterday afternoon. you can see the smoke still down there. within hours the strong winds swept the flames to the famous
5:31 am
boardwalk in neighboring seaside heights. so far 20 bins along six-month were destroyed. -- so far 20 businesses along six blocks were destroyed the same area that was destroyed by hurricane sandy. the new suspension span has a name the willie l. brown, jr., bridge. people are not happy about it. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco with the efforts to block that name change. >> reporter: good morning. i don't want to block the view from the willie l. brown, jr., bridge here in san francisco. the western span. we are going to see signs up in 2014. it's official yesterday. it passed through the assembly and senate. governor brown is opposed to this but can't veto it because it's not a law. the signs will be paid for by private donations. there is a lawsuit pending. it was filed yesterday right away by a former member of the san francisco ethics commission
5:32 am
alleging the legislature disregarded its own rules like naming things after people who are already dead. the resolution must be authored by a politician whose district encompasses the bridge. >> at some point people have to say, no, to all the private special interests activities the legislature engages in. >> reporter: brown is 79 years old. the first african-american speaker of the assembly, and former san francisco mayor himself. and mr. brown is going to be making an appearance here on kpix 5 coming up at around 6:45. he is going to be speaking with phil matier, my sunday coanchor and phil says that when he talked to willie about this a few weeks ago, willie said opponents should be glad because they will have a chance to drive over him every day. >> sounds like willie. >> it does sound like him. so when does the lawsuit go to court? >> reporter: that is supposed to go to court maybe this february? but they are hoping that the
5:33 am
signs are going to be up and this is all going to be really official in name as well by black history month, which is february. >> anne makovec, live in san francisco, thank you. >> willie coming up in an hour and 15 minutes here, as well. 5:33 we are more than halfway through a 60-day cooling-off period before yet another possible bart strike and contract talks just got back on track. yesterday bart and union workers met for the first time since the governor stepped in last month. but they didn't discuss key issues of pay and healthcare. those are set to be taken up next week. they have until october 11 to hammer out a deal or the bay area could see another strike. >> reporter: it's pretty much a done deal. california's minimum wage workers are getting a raise. the senate and assembly approved a bill to push the minimum pay to $9 an hour by 2014 and then $10 by 2016. but that's not making everyone happy. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran has more on that.
5:34 am
cate. >> reporter: michelle, labor unions are rejoicing as ab10 heads to governor jerry brown's desk. meanwhile business groups are calling this bill a job killer. the california chamber of commerce cautions higher pay could raise the unemployment rate and jeopardize the state's economic recovery. and that's because some industries wouldn't be able to afford it. now, leaders at the california restaurant association predict the state's eateries cut back employees hours and cut back on hiring. the governor and supporters of the bill say minimum wage has not kept up with rising costs. >> especially how things are now, just the minimum wage $8 an hour is absolutely way too low for what expenses are nowadays. >> we eventually are going to have to pass that on to the customers. we'll try not to for a long time because that's our way of running the place. but it will increase our payroll by a lot. >> reporter: the 25% increase would be the first minimum wage hike in the state in five
5:35 am
years. and the boost will help an estimated 2.4 million californians. right now, california has the 8th highest minimum wage in the country. washington state has the highest at 9.19 an hour. >> this isn't the only thing state lawmakers approved yesterday. >> reporter: no. it wasn't. in the final rush of debates and negotiations, here's another one to keep an eye on. another measure that was passed illegal immigrants would be able to get california drivers licenses and we are sure this is a measure that will spark a little bit of controversy. >> all right. cate caugiran, thank you. 5:35. san jose earthquakes will probably have to wait longer to play soccer at their new stadium being built. they plan to make an announcement about the stadium on monday but the "mercury news" reports another construction delay means the stadium right near mineta international airport won't be ready for the team until the 2015 season. until then the quakes will keep playing at santa clara university's buckshaw stadium. 5:35. let's check the weather. it's friday the 13th.
5:36 am
are you feeling lucky? >> i feel lucky today. what about you? >> feeling good? >> i'm feeling good! it's friday! >> we are right there on the cusp of the weekend. looks like we are going to see some nice weather ahead but this morning we have a lot of low clouds and even heavy drizzle out along the coastline. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s early on this morning. i think by the afternoon though we'll see a lot of sunshine and, well, some lucky 80s showing up in the south bay 70s elsewhere and then in the east bay 80s. plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. maybe even a little warmer than yesterday. inside the bay, a little breezy into san francisco, about 67 degrees and about 72 degrees in oakland. we'll have more on that weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and we will start you off once again with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. in the last few minutes cars filling in the cash-fastrak lanes so you see a little wait there. but in the middle the fastrak- only lanes still looks good. no metering lights yet and carpool is always a great option, as well. westbound 580 is a little slug,
5:37 am
coming through the altamont pass. you had that one stalled big rig. we called chp all lanes are clear but delays through livermore valley. westbound 4 a few taps of the brake lights past "a" street but nothing unusual there. and 880. nimitz freeway all your overnight roadwork is picked up. so it's looking good past the coliseum and oakland airport. mass transit also on time. rain keeps falling over colorado and the threat of flooding is prompting emergency officials to issue evacuation calls to thousands more homes. at least three people are dead and another is missing. cbs reporter adriana diaz has the latest from colorado. reporter: a 30-foot surge of water is rushing down a creek in boulder, colorado carrying mud, rocks and debris. about 4,000 residents living along boulder creek have been ordered to evacuate. rain falling down mountains scarred from wildfires proved to be a deadly mix. >> one of the fatalities actually occurred really close to my house.
5:38 am
a woman was struck by a rolling boulder and killed. >> reporter: the downpour was too much for rescue crews trying to reach people cut off from safety because of heavy flooding. >> not that we don't have the equipment or the manpower. it's just the conditions haven't permitted it. we couldn't get the up the valleys. >> reporter: the national guard planned to work you through the night to rescue 60 people stranded in their homes in lyons, colorado. >> the national guard is here to go 24/7. >> reporter: first responders in lafayette county rushed to save three drivers who plunged into this creek when the road washed away. there was also a battle to save homes. >> as you can see, everybody is busy building up because they are expecting more rain. >> reporter: and business owners resorted to plastic trash cans to bail water. >> i don't know if we have flood insurance. [ crying ] >> so we're going to do it, we're going to save it. [ crying ] >> so we're going to --[ crying
5:39 am
>> reporter: buckets will likely be needed again today with more rain in the forecast. adriana diaz, cbs news, broomfield, colorado. >> the police chief says things are looking better at this hour. he toured the city earlier today to assess the flood damage and says the creek has dropped from its peak flow. 5:39 now. it's been a problem in california for years. too many prisoners, not enough room to keep them. the latest effort now to solve the dilemma coming up. and the huge wildfire that scarred mount diablo. why the effects are not all bad.
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dow and nasdaq futures are slightly higher as the market prepares to open in 4045 minutes and soon you'll be able to buy stock in a san francisco company. wendy gillette from joins us on this friday the 13th. >> reporter: twitter is going public. not surprisingly, the company announced the news in a tweet saying twitter has, quote, confidentially submitted an s1 to the sec for a planned ipo. more than 200 million people use twitter. the company was founded in 2006 and makes its money from advertising estimated at almost $600 million this year. it was a losing day
5:43 am
yesterday on wall street snapping a seven-day rally, the dow drops 26 points and the nasdaq fell 9. there's confirmation this morning that president obama will appoint former acting budget chief jeffrey scenes as his top economic advisor. the man who currently holes the john, gene spurling, will still down in a few months. the minimum wage is going up in california. it will go from $8 to $10 an hour in the next three years, the highest rate in the nation. right now washington has $9.19 an hour. >> wendy we are hearing a famous singer's estate is going for big money. >> reporter: yes. if you are a wayne newton fan, perhaps you can consider buying his former estate. you will only need $70 million. newton sold the las vegas property in 2010 for 19.5 million dollars. the current owners say it's not overpriced because it's fit for royalty. they have upgraded the property
5:44 am
by adding a 14 car garage and remodeling the horse stables. there's a main mansion, four other homes, even an exercise pool for horses because we all know our horses need exercise pools, right? >> in that video looks like it's off a busy street. >> i know. 50million when it sold a couple of years ago and they put $50 million of remodeling into it? i don't know. >> reporter: it's a little high. >> if you are talking those numbers, whatever. >> all right. wendy gillette,, have a great weekend. >> reporter: thank you, you, too. it is 5:44. back here in the bay let's check the roads on hopefully a "friday light" situation out there. >> reporter: we can't say that anymore. suddenly now we have a couple of new problems bubbling up. so first we'll go to fremont. northbound 880 by mission boulevard first reports of a five- to six-car accident. it has been transferred to fremont police because it's on city streets now at mission boulevard warm springs off-ramp
5:45 am
so heads up, the main lines of the freeway are not affected. city streets in the area are. over to the bay bridge toll plaza now, toll lane number 12 is actually closed because they are watching an accident there. we just saw a chp car drive through traffic so that's why we were seeing those unusual delays in the far right lanes because again one lane is blocked. not sure how serious the accident is. sounds like they are working to clear it now. so it should be out of here shortly. in the meantime, no metering lights. so the fastrak lanes, the middle lanes are still getting by just fine and so are carpool lanes, as well. if you are heading towards the dublin interchange, this is a live look all those headlights, that's westbound in the commute direction. as you can see, no brake lights as you head towards the castro valley y. it's behind it. it's farther east heading through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. that's where the delays are, 22 minutes between the wind turbines and 680. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." with more on your forecast, we're mild. is that the word of the day? >> i think mild. you're excited it's friday the
5:46 am
13th. >> i know. we have to do something special. what should we do? >> it's going to be a great day ahead, enjoy it, folks. clouds and drizzle at the coastline making roads slick early on. 50s and 60s if you are headed out the door. i think by the afternoon skies will be mostly sunny away from the code. breezy and mild inside the bay a lot of 70s, plenty of 80s in the interior valleys and 60s clouds at the coastline. a weak ridge of high pressure still in place and going to hold on for at least one more day but you can already see this low off the coastline. that will be dropping in over the weekend. so we have some changes especially as we head in towards sunday. some much cooler air and more clouds on the way. speaking of clouds, likely to see some arrival delays at sfo this morning due to the cloud cover. by the afternoon that will clear out. temperatures into the 70s. around the u.s., a hot 100 degrees partly cloudy into houston. watch out for the possibility of more thunderstorms into denver. that could cause some delays about 77 degrees partly cloudy in new york. temperatures will be in the 70s
5:47 am
and 80s inland. you will see 60s toward the coastline. next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures cooling off into sunday and monday. in fact next week it looks like the better part of the week will be well below average. time for your school forecast for today. morning bell, yeah, a little cloudy to start with, solano middle school in vallejo, by lunch recess, did you guys trade food at lunch? >> yes. >> i know they have made that illegal in some schools now but i thought that was kind of nifty that you could do that but you know what temperatures near 70 degrees there and some 80s when you get out and folks, if you would like to try to get your school forecast, go to and we would love to put it on the air. >> my mom always packed dessert, never traded that. >> you bring in pb & j. >> nobody would trade with me. >> we're too smart. [ laughter ] >> lawrence, thanks. 5:47 now on your friday. governor jerry brown has signed a bill aimed at easing prison overcrowding here in the state less than 4 months before the
5:48 am
state has to reduce its prison population by nearly 10,000 inmates. the bill allows the state to spend more than $300 million to relocate inmates to private prisons, county jails and some other facilities. the governor is asking a panel of federal judges for more time to expand rehab programs before the prisoners are eventually released. the woman accused of attacking blues musician lester chambers is due back in court today. dinalynn andrews potter is charged with felony assault and felony elder abuse. she is expected to appear at the hayward hall of justice this afternoon for her arraignment. now, police say andrews potter jumped on this stage and attacked 73-year-old singer last july at the hayward music festival. she is jailed on $85,000 bail. chambers is now suing the city of hayward for $5 million. he sustained a bruised rib muscle and nerve damage during the alleged attack. richmond is taking on big banks and so far it seems to be
5:49 am
winning. a judge says he won't stop the city's plan to use eminent domain to take over homes with underwater mortgages. less than 24 hours after the city council approved the plan, wells fargo and deutsche bank asked a federal judge for an immediate injunction. but the judge indicated the request was premature since richmond's plan is not finalized yet. the audio and engineering legend behind dolby laboratories has dialed. ray dolby founded the company back in 1965. he has died. his surround sound widely used in films and the music industry. ray dolby was an alum out of stanford university raised in san francisco. his company says he had suffered from alzheimer's disease in recent years and was diagnosed with leukemia back in july. ray dolby died at 80. time now 5:49. some good has come out of this week's wildfire on mount diablo. just ahead, why some long-term effects are actually positive. >> and on the surface it looks like a photo of a rocket launch but look very closely and see
5:50 am
if you can spot something kind of strange. we'll explain coming up. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. we run errands. we run to the grocery store.
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how about this for something fun to do this weekend? ghirardelli and chocolate on the weekend? a perfect combination! temperatures too about 68 degrees, partly cloudy skies. >> they cleared that accident over at the bay bridge toll plaza. unfortunately we have delays especially in the far right cash lanes backing up toward the overcrossings but if you have a fast track it is a great morning to use it because the metering lights haven't been on yet and there's no delay in those center lanes. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. cal fire now says someone's target practice caused the wildfire on mount diablo. the 3100-acre fire is now 95% contained. the wildfire charred 20% of mount diablo and did a lot of
5:53 am
damage to the natural environment. but it's not all bad news. kpix 5's john ramos explains. reporter: after any large wildfire, there is always that moment when the most deafening sound is silence. [ silence ] >> reporter: this what 3,000 acres of mount diablo look like today. they are calling it the moonscape. 20-foot-high chaparral has been reduced to black dust. and as the buzzards circle overhead, some of the images are heartbreaking. but those who live on the mountain say, they knew one day fire would come. >> it's one of those things. we all knew it was going to happen. but just a matter of when, not if. >> one property via the north peak is right a part of what was burned. >> reporter: save mount diablo is an organization that buys up property for conservation. their land that used to look like this, now looks like this. some of the larger animals would have fled the flames, but some smaller threatened species like the alameda whipsnake and
5:54 am
the wren tip undoubtedly perished in the fire. no one has seen this kind of devastation since the last big blaze in 1977. and as tragic as these events may feel, the people here understand this is all part of a natural process. >> a lot of species on mount diablo have evolved with fire and even need fire. and we're going to see spectacular wildflower displays since spring none seen since the 1977 fire. >> reporter: species like the fire poppy and golden eardrop will carpet the landscape from seeds that have been buried for decades. pine cones opened by fire will soon begin to sprout new seedlings and they say within a year here, new growth will become food and habitat for wildlife that migrate back to the area.
5:55 am
>> this area will become ecologically more and more diverse over the next few years, with the areas that have been opened up by the fire. >> reporter: the biggest concern now is erosion, that could hit the area hard when the rains come. but that's a temporary problem that only man worries about. the mountain has survived thousands of fires in its lifetime and as sterile as it all seems if you look closely, you can already see life moving back in. on mount diablo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> pretty incredible. this photo of a nasa launch in virginia is made even more amazing by a photo bomber. >> a little stowaway. still camera was captured the photo of nasa's ladee launch. a frog is there. they think the frog was resting into pool of water under the launch pad. no one knows if it survived but he had the ride of his life. a farm in the midwest is
5:56 am
honoring a former green bay parker in a corny way. moyer farm in wisconsin is dedicating their corn maze to former packers wide receiver donald driver. the farm's owner says he earned the honor for his success on field and his commitment to the community. the maze expands across 10 acres. cool. >> that is cool. it is 5:56. new jersey can't catch a break. fire ripping through the boardwalk rebuilding after superstorm sandy. governor chris christie's reaction after what he saw in the area. >> reporter: the controversial new name for the western span of the bay bridge. coming up we'll tell you about the lawsuit and what willie brown has to say to his haters. ♪
5:57 am
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cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® american and russian ditch -- diplomats work on a plan for syria to turn over its chemical weapons. >> this is not a game. >> black smoke rising after a
6:00 am
bold attack on the u.s. consulate in afghanistan. >> flash floods in colorado wash away roads, cars, even people. >> catastrophic. never seen anything like it. >> target practice triggered the massive wildfire on mount diablo. >> a lot of species on mount diablo have evolved with fire and even need fire. >> it's official: check out the new willie l. brown, jr. bridge. >> an iconic place like the bridge named after an african- american in the state of california, it's really earth- shaking. >> why critics are fighting to take that honor away. >> you really have seen twitter over the last few months start to diversify. >> the tweets that rocked the tech world. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> not in time! captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. friday is here, it's friday, september 13. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. developing out of afghann


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