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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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bart has about 200 managers. some were former train operators. >> it would be a lifeline service for people that have no other alternatives in the event of a strike. >> reporter: the problem is it takes 16 weeks to take someone from classroom to hands-on train operations. the hands-on training only begins once the strike is under way according to the contract. bart won't say whether the classroom training is already happening. >> safety is what we are all about. safety has always been and will be our number one priority. >> reporter: but the union says bart is playing with people's lives and that the managers don't have the proper experience to operate a train. >> have trains run by people that are not certified is not only a danger and a safety has ar, it's irresponsible. >> it doesn't just take train operators to move trains. it takes technicians and mechanics that they have yet to think about. >> reporter: the union says management is missing the point. >> instead of trying to
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prepare, they should be sitting at the table with us bargaining to get a contract. >> reporter: management is offering 10% wage increase, they say bart unions want 2 1.5%. now, allen, so they are still very far apart. >> yeah. da, i understand the training time that's needed but who can say the bart managers can do this, ultimately? >> reporter: it will be the bart board of directors. those directors would have to vote and give bart the authority to allow managers to operate the trains. >> and that vote is still to come. da, thank you. thousands of unemployed californians are learning it could be a while before they get their benefit check. the state unemployment development department is switching to a new computer system. we're told the process is holding up payments to about 20,000 people. the state says it's working on it but for people waiting for a check, the fix can't come fast
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enough. >> got a claim number even but never got a check. and so my unemployment was for two months. never got a check for the full amount so for those two months it would have been $3,600 and so i'm still trying to follow up and get the cash and my logic is like, you know, i paid into the system so i think i'm owed for the unemployment i paid for. >> the holdup may have skewed the latest national jobless numbers. they were better than expected but because of the computer switchover california was one of three states that couldn't submit a full claims report. the final rush is over at the state legislature. and here are the bills awaiting the governor's signature. a proposal to raise the state minimum wage to $10 an hour within three years. a bill for sellers of ammunition to be licensed and for purchasers to show id. it would also ban the manufacture, sale or import of devices enabling guns to fire more than 10 rounds. and a bill requiring the development of an earthquake
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early warning system. another bill awaiting the governor's signature, one that would allow undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses. those licenses would have a special designation stating the license is for driving purposes only and not to be used as federal identification. backers say applicants would have to take a driver's test and get insurance. therefore, california roads would be safer. >> even if undocumented people are driving and that's the reason it is important because now we can have our streets to be safer to make sure that we know who is driving our streets. >> the governor says he will sign the bill into law. a 61-year-old man was using the computer at san francisco's public library when out of nowhere he was attacked. kpix 5's mark kelly with the brazen assault and why it's part of a bigger safety issue. mark. >> reporter: well, liz, some say it's safe here, others say it's not. but one thing is certain, this place is busy. the public library seats 7 million visitors a year and
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sometimes some of them just don't get along. middle of the day you can hear a pin drop in the san francisco public library. the way libraries are meant to be. but it was also in the middle of the day just this week a violent incident happened at these computers. staff say one library patron hit another library patron with a chair, leaving behind this trail of blood. an arrest was made. library spokesman michelle jeffers says this violence is unusual. >> it's rare that incidents like this happen. i don't want people to be falsely or unjustly alarmed about coming to the library. >> reporter: let the numbers tell the story. last fiscal year, there were 3600 incidents in the library. the year before that, even more. 4500. sounds high. but staff says an incident runs the gamut of violation as minuscule as talking too loud to as serious as a verbal fight. security patrol anytime the
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library is open and they are adding a police officer next week to boost security. >> i'm enjoying myself here. >> reporter: paul weber is waiting outside to pick up his brother from work. even with people sprawled on the ground right outside the library doors, he and his brother feel safe here. >> he hasn't, you know, said anything to me that would alarm me. >> reporter: we call a woman returning her book. her critique, she would like the bathrooms cleaned up and library patrons on their best behavior. >> people don't listen. and i think that's why they have a little -- other people that do listen have a little angst when they come. >> reporter: the public library is the foundation of our democracy. with doors wide open to every citizen. and many hope it stays that way. >> volunteer at a homeless shelter and i asked where do you go during the day because, you know, the shelter is closed during the day and one of them said she hangs out at the library and i thought that was a good idea.
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>> reporter: the library spokesman says this place is open and welcome to everyone. you don't have to own a home in order to walk through these doors. live at the san francisco public library, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the library also has a social worker on staff to work with some of the patrons. the bay area's red-hot housing mark may finally be cooling off. research firm dataquick found the median home price slid to $540,000 in august. that's down by $22,000 from july. sales were also sluggish around the region. the san jose earthquakes' new stadium won't be open for the 2014 soccer season at all. construction crews had to deal with debris at the site near the airport. now they are dealing with water and sewer issues. so the team will keep playing at santa clara's buckshaw stadium through next season. it costs more than $4.5 million to put out that big fire on mount diablo. the 3100-acre fire is now contained, but it took about
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450 firefighters to do it. investigators determined a target shooter started the fire on sunday. but so far, it's unclear whether that person actually did anything wrong. first i was kind of like worried that there were people working in there. >> high drama above the financial district. how this one ton window washing rig ended up dangling more than 40 stories up. >> now our lives have been turned upside-down. it's hard to take. >> thieves pull off a heartless crime on a pair of bay area retirees. the treasured possession they desperately want back. >> boulder, colorado has had twice as much rainfall this week than san francisco has had for the entire year. i know those numbers are crazy. but there is a rain chance coming to the bay area. a widespread rain chance. find out when it will get here, that's coming up next. >> when the old bay bridge comes down, where will it all go? a bay area entrepreneur thinks it could be a great place for people to live.
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after falling from a helico. at the time, he was workinga marijuana grow site. a man devoted to cleaning up california trails and forests died after falling from a helicopter. at the time he was working on a marijuana grow site. it happened this morning above a remote site in the sequoia national forest near visalia. 57-year-old shane croghan was supposed to be lowered from the helicopter in a harness. he fell about 50 feet. authorities still investigating but croghan being remembered for his passion for the environment. the workweek ended on a real cliffhanger in san francisco's financial district. police and firefighters scrambled to block off the intersection of battery and clay. anne makovec shows us the timing that had them so worried was more than 40 stories above the street. reporter: that is a 2,000 pound window-washing rig dangling 41 stories above the financial district. teaming up to secure it, the fire department rescue squad and that window washer who rappelled down the side of
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embarcadero one. >> i talked to the guy who was actually the engineer in charge of it, and, you know, asked him, hey, is this thing in danger of falling? the look on his face, i could just tell we better get up there. >> reporter: the platform rig slipped at around 7 a.m. as window washers were preparing to get in. luckily, it was empty at the time. >> i think there was a -- some kind of latch or something that was supposed to be engaged when the guys were going to lower the thing over the side and they didn't engage it. >> reporter: for 2.5 hours, three floors of the building were evacuated. the ones around the section of the building that juts out. the company that owns the rig and firefighters used special ropes and pulleys to hoist the platform back over the top. surrounding streets were shut down as passersby craned their necks. >> it's amazing, incredible, wow. >> first i was kind of, like, worried that there was people working in there. >> reporter: osha will now do a full investigation into exactly what went wrong. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. coming up, it's like the
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"do not call" list for the internet. >> at some point, it's gotten a bit much. >> how a bay area entrepreneur says he can make all those annoying online ads disappear. and no more no shows. southwest airlines made a major change. it could cost you.
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very important memories. thr trouble started when a thief stole their very special mul five's ryan more than had music a vallejo couple says they are missing some important memories. their trouble started when a thief stole their very special musical instrument. kpix 5's ryan takeo has the story. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: no matter how sweet this sounds, it's tough for her to hear. her favor ukelele and guitar were stolen from her house last week. >> i don't know if i'll get them back. [ pause ] >> that bites. >> reporter: she had the guitar for more than 50 years. the stickers show where they traveled and the baritone ukelele was made by a special craft man. >> i want this one back. >> reporter: this is the story
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of loss and love. >> we are as you would say darling companions who have gotten together in our later years. >> reporter: her "partner" can't stand that this happened. >> now our lives are turned upside-down. it's hard to take. >> reporter: if that sounds a bit dramatic, you have to understand this couple's love for hawaiian culture. >> it's not just an instrument anymore. it's an instrument with this history of aloha. >> reporter: so thomas has been posting flyers across vallejo and his been checking in with pawn shops and music stores. but no luck. >> so i've lost one of my music partners. thank heavens not the live one but one of my music partner ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the couple will continue to search for their instruments with their familiar sounds and will keep singing. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: even if it might sound bittersweet. in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. ♪ aloha >> a neighbor saw the instruments in a nearby pickup but when cops found the truck,
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they realized it was stolen too. and the instruments were gone. online ads may help keep the internet afloat but they can also be annoying. dan simon met a palo alto entrepreneur who says for $139 he can make them all disappear. >> reporter: the early days of the internet, dial-up, slow connections, simple graphics, chad russell says in many ways things were better. >> with page, text and pictures and that's it. >> reporter: in other words, no ads. today, they are everywhere. inescapable and sometimes annoying. of course, they pay for many of the great services we get for free, but russell has basically declared war on them. >> at some point it's gotten a bit much. >> reporter: and now this 31- year-old high school dropout may be on the verge of shaking up the entire internet advertising industry. >> and this is ad trap. >> reporter: the idea kicked off with a video on the
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phrasing website kickstarter where russell showed off his invention called ad trapp that connects between your modem and router and blocks every ad on a website. i have one of the first units right here. it's pretty easy to set up. now let's give it a try. >> hi, welcome to my kitchen. >> reporter: check out the video on the top without the ad trap. you get an ad. on the bottom, with the device connected, straight to the video. and the company says it works on any device. >> there's no software to configure or settings. it's really one of the goals of the project is to make it easy for people. >> reporter: he wanted to raise 150ed now. he wound up with -- $150,000. he wound up with well over $200,000. ad trap costs $139. based on early orders, demand is incredibly high. >> i think the success of this product is really showing you how the general public feels right now about the state of advertising. >> as for potential lawsuits from advertisers or the tech giants who depend on ad
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revenue, he is ready for that. russell has already retained a prominent silicon valley law firm. a bay area man wants to preserve history by keeping a chunk of the old eastern span of the bay bridge and building ecofriendly housing with it. the span is coming down piece by piece over the next three years. caltrans intends to sell the scraps to a china company but the brisbane man wants to cope it in america. he thinks the metal could be the makings of a great multi- use building with lofts. he is holding a contest for architectural students who believe they can create a winning design. i bet you could build a neat building with that. >> i think paul is taking notes as to the address. >> why not. that would be cool. where do i live? inside the bay bridge. >> cool. we are going to have a spectacular weekend. >> good. >> it's not going to be hot anywhere. it's not really going to be cold anywhere. maybe a couple of degrees cooler than normal but prepare yourselves for an awesome weekend to get outside. great shot of the golden gate. you know things are looking up
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when you have no clouds at 5:20 in the evening. looking live at the golden gate breezy and chilly but gorgeous. also gorgeous at the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge in oakland. upper 60s, lower 60s in san francisco. san jose a little cooler than average but nice. 71. santa rosa at 76. the 80s inland. concord currently 82. and livermore 80 degrees. want to tell you about some thunderstorms. if you or some of your family are heading to tahoe or reno for the weekend there will be widespread thunderstorms this evening likely impacting that drive up into the sierra. but those storms will be gone for tomorrow and sunday. great weather maybe ahead of the tahoe in september stay away from the crowds do it. sunny pleasant tomorrow 77 degrees. sunny and breezy but still nice on sunday with a high of 74. here's the deal today. widespread cloud cover once again burning off earlier no. we have kept the clouds along the san mateo coastline and the city out toward golden gate park and portions of marin county out by bodega bay. but all in all a very pleasant day with painly sunny skies just about everywhere. if you like today, you're going
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to lovette next several days because low pressure is not moving. the onshore flow will not strengthen or weaken. we'll keep the morning cloud cover but also the afternoon sunshine and rain stays to the north but here's the setup. about one week from now, low pressure will get stronger move a little closer to us, and that likely will bring the rain-no rain line down to the bay area and we may see our first widespread rainfall in about three months one week from today. it is next friday when i expect the pattern to change cooler cloudier chance of rain. between now and then really nice. morning foggy cloudy but comfortable with afternoon sunshine for the next several days including your saturday. livermore tomorrow 73. san jose 78 for a high. sunnyvale 75. lower 70s for union city and san mateo. lower 80s comfortable for pittsburg, pleasant hill, napa, san ramon. vallejo 77. heading into the city tomorrow, expect upper 60s with afternoon sunshine. san rafael 79. berkeley 70. lake county low 90s for lakeport and also clearlake. here's your extended forecast
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very consistent lots of sunshine inland mid-80s through most of next week. 70s near the bay. but there's that change next friday. we have a couple of showers moving in widespread showers are possible one week from today. mobile weather union city tonight where logan high school is kick off football action. >> reporter: yes, we are in union city where currently it's the mid-60s. the winds have been increasing with the onshore flow out of the west 12 miles per hour. hey, i thought i'd start a brand if you program. i want to in-- a brand-new program. i want to incorporate weather with high school football. i thought i would go to james logan high school where i could watch the fog roll in. amy the principal, how long have you been principal at this fine school? >> roberta, i have been principal here for five years. and we are the largest school in northern california. >> reporter: and very diverse? >> yes. over 4,000 students coming in our doors every day. >> reporter: what programs do you specialize in? >> we're proud of our athletic program, music, speech and
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debate and forensics. >> reporter: we are at halftime. big game coming up with the varsity team at 7:00. >> we play san ramon we're going into the game 1-1. it's a great rivalry. >> how many people do you anticipate here this evening? >> over 1,000 to see our boys play. >> reporter: i notice by walking by the concession stands there's good eats out there. >> our booster moms make a great dinner, too. >> reporter: how much if i i want to watch the colts versus the wolves? >> yes. it will only set you back $5. so come on down. >> reporter: excellent. if you come out tonight's game right here in union city, james logan high school, make sure you have a jacket the fog is rolling in, in the low 60s. reporting for mobile weather in union city, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,
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reservation... or be preparo lose your mo if you are going to be a no show on eye southwest flight, now you're going to have to
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cancel your reservation or lose money. the new policy that started today. southwest passengers who don't cancel flight bookings will lose the money they paid for the ticket. customers have until 10 minutes before the departure time to cancel! before today, passengers could automatically use the value of an unused ticket towards another flight. by now, schoolkids have already broken in the binders and started complaining about homework. now it's on to the important stuff. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon shows us the tech tools that could give the rest of the school year pretty decent grades. >> you think about laptops. you also think about tablets. >> reporter: consumerwatch gets schooled by a best buy tech expert on what's hot and what's not in the classroom. first up, lesson in logic. >> let's say you are a high school student and you need a lot of processing speed and power. probably a computer, laptop, would be more effective for you just for the simple fact that you need to do a lot of work. >> reporter: that's despite the fact that pc sales are expected
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to be 10% lower than expected for 2013. threatened by the playground bully, the tablet. and what happened when you add one tablet plus one phone? it equals a "phablet"! but you don't need math to tell you the tech device is expected to be the most popular kid on the playground by next year. >> functionality tablet, small, from 7" to 10." >> reporter: pop quiz. with apple versus pc android versus ios, what's best for students? the answer depends on the programs and apps teachers plan to incorporate into their curriculum. get their input. and before you buy, comparison shop. many retailers and college campus bookstores give discounts with student ids. >> we have cool deals for all students. if you go to deals, you can register as a student to receive a lot of free items
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with any touchscreen computer, pc, microsoft-wise. you will receive microsoft university for free which is an $80 value for being a student. >> reporter: free spells free. end of lesson. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> a pew servais found survey found only half of students own a laptop or smartphone. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we have scott pelley in new york. scott. >> hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. as you have been reporting, thousands are still being evacuated from those rising waters in colorado and new mexico. plus, dawn revealed utter devastation from that six-alarm fire in a town recovering from hurricane sandy. we'll have those stories tonight plus the latest updates on syria on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,
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being th f twitter's headquarters. but it also has a reputation - for drug deals and homeless hangouts. tonight, how this notori area neighborhood, new at 6:00 it's twitter's headquarters but it also has a reputation for drug deals and homeless hangouts. tonight how this notoriously sketchy bay area neighborhood is on the fast track to upscale transformation. plus -- >> that's my ultimate goal to make more apprehension, help people. >> how a tablet and talented artists are helping bay area police catch more crooks coming up at 6:00 tonight. >> amazing. all right. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado
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ons amid the torrent. thousands flee from the rising waters in colorado. barry petersen is there. >> water just starts pouring in like crazy. it was kind of like a scene from "titanic." >> pelley: dawn reveals utter devastation from the six-alarm fire in a town recovering from hurricane sandy. terrell brown reports. surprising developments in the syria negotiations. margaret brennan is with the secretary of state, elizabeth palmer speaks to the suffering families of damascus. and "on the road." >> i sure could use your kidney. >> pelley: steve hartman tells us whether larry swilling's crazy idea was enough to find a kidney for his wife. >> she looks after me and i look after her. looks after me and i captioning sponsored by cbs


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