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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: but now. >> it's more calm. a little more calm. you can feel comfortable being down here now. >> on the street is better, cleaner. >> reporter: want a more professional opinion? just ask a real estate broker. >> this is it. i think this is going to happen. it is happening. the rest is really just infill. >> reporter: while twitter's massive office space has grabbed the headlines, a short walk from union square to van ness reveals a larger story. san francisco's booming economy is driving astronomical demand for real estate. so the central part of town despite its represent to facing for tilt and decay was just waiting to explode despite its reputation for filth and decay. >> this is the hotel a recent acquisition. there is a big demand from investors for well located real estate in the city and i think it's tough to beat market street. >> reporter: there are still vacant storefronts but for every one of them, the writing is on the wall. usually in the form of a construction permit or a real
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estate advertisement. >> i think ultimately midmarket will possibly be a little more attractive place to be than lower market because of its proximity to residential, proximity to night life. >> reporter: and that's something else you'll notice in the midmarket sidewalks. >> instead of getting older getting younger. >> they said the hippies are coming, the hippies are coming. now the technos are coming. >> whole lot of change going on and change is always good. >> what gets gobbled up after mid market? they are buying into the tenderloin. the overall bay area housing market is finally starting to cool off. research firm dataquick found the median home price slipped to $540,000 last month, down $22,000 from july. however, it's still 32% higher than last year. home sales are also down slightly. undocumented immigrants will soon be able to get
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driver's licenses in california. the state assembly passed legislation today and dave lopez spoke with some who are happy about the change. >> it's just the beginning and we are going to continue to monitor this bill. >> reporter: it will now be the law of california. immigrants here illegally will now be allowed to drive a car legally. >> now i'm going to to apply for insurance. >> reporter: she has been driving in this country for years illegally. by the state estimate, there are 2.1 million undocumented immigrants who are doing the same thing. >> thank you. >> reporter: the mexican consul- general said this is long overdue. >> from the beginning long time ago we were very much interested in our people having a driver's license because for us it is a working instrument. >> reporter: it has been a ten- year struggle to get this bill
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passed through the legislature. gil sedillo a city councilman, not present today because of a death in the family, six times while in sacramento tried to get a bill passed and failed. >> i have been driving without a license for 10 years. >> reporter: the illegal immigrants will have on their licenses clearly marked driving privileges only not a driver's license and there will be a notation that will make it clear that this is not a document that establishing eligibility for employment or public benefits. >> the california legislature seems to spend most of its time and energy dreaming up new ways of giving benefits and rewards on illegal immigrants. >> reporter: this man from seattle says california politicians for whatever reason think they have to cater to the illegal. >> they don't vote. but, you know, nevertheless they consider these people to be their constituents. they are hoping that in the future there will be some sort of amnesty and that down the road, these folks will become voters. >> reporter: ten years ago at the height of the recall
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movement against him, then governor gray davis signed into law a bill that granted driver's licenses to the undocumented. it created such a controversy, the state legislature rescinded that bill before it could go into effect. that's not expected to happen this time. from downtown los angeles, dave lopez, kpix 5. >> governor brown says he will sign the bill into law. other bills include one that would create an earthquake warning system. it would use an array of sensors that detect the very start of a quake giving people about 60 seconds warning to prepare. but that system would cost $80 million. another bill would require sellers of ammo to be licensed and for buyers to show id. the bill would also ban the manufacture, sale or import of devices that would enable guns to fire more than 10 rounds at a time. >> another would broaden the state's ban on talking and texting while driving for people under 18. it would prohibit them from using any wireless device
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behind the wheel even if it's hands-free. governor brown is expected to approve raising the state's minimum wage. the senate and assembly approved a bill that would raise the minimum pay to $9 an hour by 2014 and $10 by 2016. of course, the minimum wage in most bay area cities is already more than 8 bucks an hour. but kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us that's not the case everywhere. >> reporter: veronica is a mother of two just trying to keep up with the bills. >> the diapers, wipes, bills, you know, gas going up a lot. >> reporter: she works at this fast-food restaurant in hayward. she is trying to support her family on minimum wage. >> i try hard to work hard here and then minimum wage like oh, you know, it doesn't really help you a lot. >> reporter: she will be one of the 2.4 million californians who could be getting a bump in their paychecks starting next year. the wage hike is estimated to add $4,000 each year to
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workers' paychecks. >> people have a little more money in their pockets be able to save a little more and definitely makes an impact as far as being able to handle their bills and things and definitely, you know, they can get things they really need. >> reporter: but business leaders say this bill will hurt minimum wage workers more than helping. the california restaurant association predicts state eateries will cut back employee hours and hiring because restaurants won't be able to afford the cost. >> when you add a 25% increase in labor costs, that is a brutal punch for an industry. >> reporter: once the governor signs this bill, california will have the highest minimum wage in the country with $10 an hour in 2016. currently california has the 8th highest washington state is the first. in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. you can find more on the bills that survived the legislature
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this year on our website, progress pretty slow going in the effort to prevent another bart strike. but tonight, there is an idea to keep the trains rolling should that strike happen. about three weeks remain in the 60-day cooling-off period ordered by the governor. kpix 5's da lin on the plan to keep trains moving and why the unions are livid! da? >> reporter: allen, if there is a bart strike, managers might have to run those trains. and today, the two largest bart unions held a press conference here to speak out against that plan, calling it unsafe and reckless. both sides are so far apart in their negotiations that bart's management believes there's a big likelihood workers will go on strike october 11. >> and that it's not just a matter of bart not running on october 11 but that that strike could last for weeks or months. >> reporter: management is considering training managers to run skeletal bart service
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during the strike. bart has about 200 managers. some were former train operators. >> it would be a lifeline service for people who had no other alternatives in the event of a strike. >> reporter: the problem is, it takes 16 weeks to take someone from classroom to hands on- train operation. the hands-on training can only begin once the strike is under way according to the contract. bart won't say whether the classroom training is already happening. >> safety is what we are all about. safety always has been always will be our number one priority. >> reporter: but the union says bart is playing with people's lives and that the managers don't have the proper experience to operate a train. >> have trains run by people that are not certified is dangerous and a safety hazard as well as irresponsible. >> it doesn't just take train operators to move trains. it take support staff of technicians and mechanics that
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they have yet to think about. >> reporter: the union says management is missing the point. >> instead of trying to prepare, they should be sitting at the table with us bargaining to get a contract. >> reporter: bart officials say they are not throwing in the towel. but they do have to have backup plans. ultimately, the bart board of directors would have to approve the plan to allow managers to run trains. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> as far as negotiations, bart management says it cannot offer any more than what's on the table, which is a 10% wage increase. the union wants 2 1.5%. both sides resume the negotiations on monday. governor brown and a high ranking chinese climate negotiator met in san francisco today to make an impact on climate change. under a landmark agreement, china and california will work together to improve new low carbon technologies and clean energy. >> we noticed in washington outside the executive branch
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there's a fair amount of paralysis in dealing with climate change. so it becomes incumbent upon the state of california and whatever allies it can find to stimulate actions in this particular field. >> the two-year commitment is the first climate agreement between china's national development and reform commission and a subnational government. the san jose earthquakes stadium won't open for the 2014 soccer season. construction crews had to deal with debris at the site near the airport and now with water and sewer issues. the team will play at buckshaw stadium in santa clara until the new stadium is ready. a high-speed chase ends with a crash in san rafael this morning. officers tried to pull over a buick for speeding on 101. but the car sped off. the driver lost control, drove through a fence and finally came to a stop just feet away from a house are. the driver was arrested for driving under the influence and
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evading officers. no one was hurt. that's my ultimate goal to make more apprehension, help people. >> coming up, how a tablet and talented artist are new tools for bay area police to catch more crooks. >> why the america's cup races could be over in just a couple of days. >> we have lots of blue sky right now throughout all of the bay area heading toward the weekend. we'll talk about the nice weather on saturday and sunday and one day in the extended forecast has a chance of rain. find out which one coming up. >> leads to reproductive harm, neurotoxic harm, cancer. some of them breast cancer specifically. and disrupting our hormones. >> how suppliers are being forced to come clean about harmful chemicals in cosmetics.
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today, a federal appeals cot upheld former giants slugger
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barry bond major league baseball king of home runs isn't scoring too big in the courts. today a federal appeals court upheld former giants slugger barry bonds conviction. he was found guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation of the use of performance-enhancing drugs. the court ruled his testimony before a grand jury was evasive and misleading. bonds could appeal before having to serve one month of home confinement and 250 hours of community service. one bay area police officer is using his artistic passion to take down the bad guys. our len ramirez shows us with a little technology and a lot of talent, he is creating suspect sketches that are leaving people speechless. >> reporter: looking like they belong more in and art gallery, these police sketches are adding a new dramatic look to one of law enforcement's time tested tools. >> they describe ascertain eye, and i'll draw the eye they describe. >> reporter: mountain view police sketch artest kevin nguyen is talking about how he
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works with crime victims and witnesses to create sketches of wanted criminals that september to jump off the page. >> quite often the victims is moved to tears. it brings back a memory that most times they are trying to avoid. they're trying to forget and having seen this face of this perpetrator in front of them again, i think it is disturbing to them. >> reporter: disturbing but effective. >> we're definitely seeing identifications. >> reporter: time after time, nguyen's sketches have helped in the capture of suspects and you can see from actual mugshot photos taken after their arrests, how accurate the artist really was. >> in over 28 years of police work i have seen everything from some very good pencil sketch artists to very bad kind of kit mr. potato head sketches. when you see one of kevin's sketches, you see something at a whole new level. >> reporter: as a classically trained artist who joined the force the color and shading
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come to him but are revolutionary in the world of police work. >> they are left speechless. >> reporter: unlike most who use pencil and paper, nguyen does his on a tablet using technology to create a sketch in two hours but having the visual quality of a classic oil painting. there's now a growing demand for his work outside of mountain view. >> so unique, different and new that i think people may actually spend more time looking athe it. >> reporter: it's art, it's technology but ultimately it is police work and that is officer nguyen's true inspiration. >> that's my ultimate goal to make more apprehensions, help people with my sketches with my drawings and paintings. >> reporter: in mountain view, len learn, kpix 5. >> incredibly talented. officer nguyen usually completes two sketches a week. when he isn't drawing he is assigned to patrol duties in mountain view. if you bought a ticket from united airlines yesterday, it's your lucky day today because united accidentally listed airline tickets on its website yesterday for free.
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the airline spokesman said there was an error in filing the fares but they said today, they are going to honor those tickets. so those lucky flyers who snagged the tickets actually only paid about $5 to $10 to cover the september 11 security fee. >> wow. america's largest retailer made a surprise announcement. walmart is phasing out 10 harmful chemicals found in- house hold and beauty products. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon explains what it means for consumers who buy everything from soap to lipstick. >> reporter: at walmart, marcus could not find the ingredient list on his detergent. and it was also missing from jesus's dishwashing liquid. do you want to know what's in there? >> yes. >> reporter: walmart thinks so, too. it announced a new policy requiring suppliers of household and beauty products to reduce or eliminate 10 potentially harmful chemicals over the next five years.
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>> that leads to reproductive harm, neurotoxic harm, cancer, some of them breast cancer specifically, and disrupting our hormones. >> reporter: connie with the campaign for safe cosmetics is anxious for walmart to announce what ten chemicals are on the hit lits. she shows us their video. >> each product containing a dozen or more chemicals. >> reporter: describing hoe prevalent chemicals are in the products we put on every day. >> specially concerned about things like triclosan, dep is in fragrance. it's not on the label usually because it's hidden under the word fragrance. we hope walmart will take that out and then chemicals like ethylene oxide which is is a carcinogen. >> if the chemical is in there it should be labeled warning. >> it's a good thing for people to know what's in the products. >> reporter: as a consumer due pay attention? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: it's 10 chemicals, but the list is expected to grow. and with walmart's 11,000 stores, the pressure for
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product manufacturers to make their lotions and potions safer could spread to other retailers. >> i think it absolutely will spread beyond walmart. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> by 2016, walmart will issue a public report on its progress and how suppliers are complying. for weekend fun, just add sunshine. >> we will. this is perhaps going to be one of the best weekends because everybody gets to share on it. it's not going hot even inland or cold near the bay. it's going to be really nice. we have a change in the forecast but not for the weekend. the only change is you don't have to work. that marine layer is moving back in and beautiful shot from our transamerica cam is quickly turning into white nothingness because here comes the onshore flow. it will be cloudy to start tomorrow. even inland. that's our dub land cam looking toward the diablo range and the
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dublin cam. lots of blue sky. afternoon skies inland sunny. concord sunshine and 86 perfect. morgan hill 84. redwood city you hit 78 today. san jose your high today 74. fremont you hit 72. a little cooler in the city of san francisco, only 64 degrees today. watch out for showers and thunderstorms interstate 80 between sacramento and reno through the sierra. widespread thunderstorms tonight they will be gone for the weekend. speaking of the weekend, lots to do in the city. chinatown, the autumn moon festival mid- to upper 60s with sunshine in the afternoon. and the castro valley fall festival. 77 degrees for you this weekend. sunny and warm. beautiful weather for anything outside. the onshore flow and that marine layer will be with us for the next several days. low pressure parked to our north and west, that's feeding in the onshore flow. so you'll get morning clouds every day for the next several but also the afternoon sunshine. i think you're going to enjoy the temperatures. what you get over the weekend is what you get for much of next week until friday when low pressure gets stronger and moves closer to us. some of the rain that will
6:21 pm
impact the pacific northwest will make it here. widespread rainfall coming up next friday. so what to expect? mornings foggy and cloudy but lots of afternoon sunshine with those comfortable temperatures and we'll stay rain-free until this time next week. concord 82. san jose 78. into the city 67. vallejo your high tomorrow 77 degrees. look at this consistency. all the way through thursday of next week, 80s inland, 70s near the bay, afternoon sunshine just about everywhere. then friday sticks out like a sore thumb, rainfall. we may see widespread rainfall. and summer starts a week from sunday. coming up after -- fall starts a week from sunday. coming up after the hype, why the america's cup competition could be over this weekend. >> at first i was worried there were people working in there. >> what's believed to have caused this window washing rig to be left hanging precariously from a bay area high-rise.
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fork out a lot more cash ify want to fly on their private jets. the discount they were getting on jet fuel is going aw they will have to pay more if they want to fly in their private jets? >> the discount they were getting on jet fuel is going away since the google fleet was based at moffett field they were getting the pentagon rate. that deal is off. the america's cup races could be over this weekend. the kiwis have won more than
6:25 pm
half the races and it's doubtful oracle team usa can turn the tide. when it's over there will be a lot of second-guessing about the boats. the blame game is already started. kpix 5 reporter don ford report. >> there's nothing like in the history of the america's cup and sailing. >> reporter: and many folks believe these unique boats too are going to be history just as soon as the america's cup is over. >> the boats are extremely fragile. they are carbon throughout. >> reporter: the ac-72 catamarans built with rigid wings have been controversial from day one. too big. too complicated. and too expensive. ian percy drove the ac72 for artemis racing recently eliminated. >> for me it would be as much fun in a shorter boat. more cost-effective which is also another big consideration. obviously there's not been many teams here because it's been too expensive. >> reporter: now even one of
6:26 pm
the principal naval architects has reservations. >> maybe we went too far. maybe a similar concept scaled back a little bit would be a great concept for the next america's cup. >> reporter: using extremely high-tech boats started at the last america's cup. oracle won sailing a huge trimaran. it too had a monstrous cost. now the giant sits outside an industrial warehouse. mostly likely never to see water again. the winner of the america's cup gets to pick the next boat and new zealand's general manager says the general sentiment is -- >> no matter who wins never see these boats again. this is the concorde going in a shed. >> reporter: if new zealand clinches the cup it could be the last time the ac72s will ever compete in competition. at the america's cup, don ford, kpix 5. >> winner also gets to pick where they race. so those two teams are going to race again tomorrow and sunday. coming up in our next half
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hour, the random attack inside a bay area public library. how the peak safety concerns in a place that sees thousands of incidents each year. >> what firefighters think caused this window washing rig to dang the dangerously from a bay area high-rise. >> now our lives have been turned upside-down. it's hard to take. >> how this bay area couple was robbed of their aloha spirit. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there?
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[ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ at this bay area >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald now at 6:30, new safety concerns at this bay area public library after a visitor is smashed in the head with a chair. a 61-year-old man was randomly attacked inside the main branch of the san francisco library. in the middle of the day. kpix 5's mark kelly with why the assault raising a bigger safety issue. >> reporter: allen, some here feel it's safe at the library. others not so much. but one thing is certain, this library is busy. they see 7 million visitors every year. and with that many people, there's bound to be some incidents. >> reporter: middle of the day you can hear a pin drop in the san francisco public library.
6:31 pm
the way libraries are meant to be. but it was also in the middle of the day just this week a violent incident happened at these computers. staff say one library patron hit another library patron with a chair leaving behind this trail of blood. an arrest was made. library spokesperson michelle jeffers tells us this violence is unusual. >> it's rare that incidents like this happen. i don't want people to be falsely or unjustly alarmed about coming to the library. >> reporter: let the numbers tell the story: last fiscal year, there were 3600 incidents in the library, the year before that even more, 4500. sounds high. but staff says an incident runs the gamut of violations as small as talking to loud to as serious as a verbal fight. security patrol anytime the library is open and they are adding a police officer next week to boost security. >> i'm enjoying myself here. >> reporter: paul webber is waiting outside the library to
6:32 pm
pick up his brother from work. even with people sprawled on the ground right outside the library doors, he and his brother feel safe here. >> he has not said anything to me that would alarm me. >> reporter: we caught delfina returning her book. her critique, she would like cleaner bathrooms and patrons on their best behavior. >> people don't listen. and i think that's why they have a little -- other people that do listen have a little angst when they come. >> reporter: the public library is the foundation of our democracy with doors wide open to every citizen. and many hope it stays that way. >> volunteer at a homeless shelter and i asked them, where do you go during the day? the shelter is closed during the day and one of them said she hangs out at the library and i thought that was a good idea. >> reporter: the library spokesman says this place is open and welcome to everyone and added you don't have to own a home in order to walk through
6:33 pm
the doors. live at the san francisco public library, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the library also has a social worker on staff. a real cliffhanger in downtown san francisco. a 2,000-pound window washing rig dangled 41 stories above the financial district. it slipped just after 7 a.m. as window washers were preparing to get in it. no one was in the rig at the time. >> i think there was some kind of latch or something that was supposed to be engaged when they were going to lower it over the side and they didn't engage it. >> amazing, incredible, wow. >> first i was worried there was people working in there. >> firefighters used ropes and pulleys to hoist the flat form back to the top of the embarcadero one. osha will investigate to find out what went wrong. parents of children with autism are celebrating a victory tonight. randy paige shows us why state public employees and low-income
6:34 pm
families are getting new support for their children. >> he cried almost all the time. he couldn't be in most public settings. he was not a happy kid. >> reporter: kate is describing her son as a young child imprisoned by his autism unable to communicate with the outside world. >> now this is a kid who loves the supermarket, loves to go to concerts, loves crowds. >> reporter: she says the dramatic change is due in part to a therapy called applied behavioral analysis which she says helped aiden learn to follow directions allowing him to safely explore the world. >> life with aba has given him his freedom. >> reporter: she spent years fighting with health insurance companies to pay for the therapy and finally won the fight with other families thanks to a state law that requires private insurers to include the therapy in their health coverage. until now, families with public
6:35 pm
health insurance include police, firefighters and low- income families, have been denied because they did not fall under the legislation. but not anymore. thanks to a ruling issued this week by the california court of appeals. >> it was really important decision. >> reporter: they brought the case to the court of appeal. >> the court of appeal said unequivocally that this treatment and the way it is delivered is what these kids no matter who they are need and should get. >> i just hate that people had to suffer through waiting and had to be denied. >> reporter: kate says all families dealing with autism should have access to the therapy that she believes has changed her son's life. >> he is a very happy child. he's an unusual child. and he's a very, very beautiful soul thanks to autism i think and thanks to him. but aba has been, i think, the key to that. >> reporter: a key that will now be available to other autistic children like aden
6:36 pm
with the hope it can set them free. in highland park, randy paige. but just want this one back. >> still ahead how this bay area couple has been robbed of a treasured token of their love affair with hawaii. >> i'm roberta gonzales in union city with weather for friday night light. mobile weather takes you there as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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missing some very important memories. a thief stole their decades-old musical instrume a vallejo couple says they are missing some very important memories, a thief stole their decades old musical instruments. now kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo tells us the world is out of tune. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: no matter how sweet this sounds, it's tough
6:39 pm
for kathy howe to hear. her favorite ukelele and guitar were stolen from her house last week. >> and i don't know if i'll get them back. that bites. >> reporter: howe had the guitar for more than 50 years. the stickers on the case show where the two traveled and the baritone ukelele was specially made by a hawaiian craftsman. >> he has offered to make me a new baritone. [ pause ] >> but i would like to have this one back. [ crying ] >> reporter: but this is a story of loss and love. >> we are as you would say darling companions who have gotten together in our later years. >> reporter: her partner can't stand that this happened. >> now our lives have been turned upside-down. it's hard to take. >> reporter: if that sounds a bit dramatic, you have to understand this couple's love for hawaiian culture. >> it's not just an instrument anymore. it's an instrument with this history of aloha. >> reporter: so thomas has been posting flyers across vallejo and has been checking in with
6:40 pm
pawn shops and music stores. but no luck. >> so i've lost one of my music partners, thank heavens not the live one but one of my music partners. >> a cool morning dew ♪ >> reporter: the couple will continue to search for their instruments with their familiar sounds and will keep singing. even if it might sound bittersweet. in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] aloha ♪ >> well, a neighbor did see the instruments in a nearby pickup, but when police found the truck they realized it was stolen too and the instruments were gone. still ahead, how these bay area mystery -- how "the" bay area mystery house rang in this day. >> and the forecast for the next seven days will soon no longer be a mystery because i have the forecast for you. lots of blue sky out there right now. lots of blue sky in the south bay. but hey! we got a rain chance in the
6:41 pm
seven-day forecast. find out when coming up. straight ahead in sports, mwa! kaepernicking! a chap with the 49er quarterback who created it. one nfl player is lighter in the wallet. another's wallet got fat. also, eye-popping feat in golf and the man who pulled it off. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the winchester mystery house, that means the annual ringing of the bell tower. the bell was rung 13 times, in honor of sarah winchester...who used 13 did you realize it's friday the 13th? that's annual ringing of the bell and the bell tower. the bell was running 13 times in honor of sarah winchester who used 13 extensively throughout that house. she wanted to avoid bad luck. >> look out for black cats and ladders. >> watch out for scavengers. >> what a nice weekend.
6:45 pm
>> weave great weather coming up this weekend and we have a significant pattern change in the seven-day forecast. let's get through the friday night first. look at all of that sunshine. san jose highs in the mid-70s. a fine evening. you will have a cloudy start tomorrow morning in the forecast. mount vaca clear, as well. look at these friday evening temperatures. a lot of you out and about to a football game live report from roberta coming up in a second at one of those games. concord 78. san francisco down to 59. getting breezy as that marine layer, that low cloud cover, that fog moves back in. look at these rainfall totals before i show you video from colorado. boulder, colorado has had twice as much rainfall this week than san francisco has had for the entire calendar year. this is the result. 8" of rain inboulder, colorado in the last couple of days with widespread severe flooding. this is a 500-year flood in
6:46 pm
portions of colorado. tiny creeks have become raging rivers. a lot of folks have had to be rescued from this water and no mercy to colorado because more thunderstorms are in the forecast tonight, saturday and sunday. for us, much calmer weather. when you wake up tomorrow morning, sunrise at 6:50. lows will be in the upper 50s for san rafael in the city redwood city. low 60s for concord, livermore and vallejo, san jose, dropping down to 60 degrees. speaking of san jose, here's your weekend forecast. microclimate forecast for you. morning fog afternoon sunshine nice day 78 tomorrow. sunday one degree milder with that afternoon sunshine continuing. that's going to be a theme. we'll have cloud cover just about everywhere all morning long and then in the afternoon, we get that sunshine. if you ever drive through the caldecott tunnel down 24 and see the cloud cover sitting offshore toward the city, this is what you're looking at. it moves in at night and west during the day and sits right along the coastline and that's not going to change for the next several days. we'll have that onshore flow. and we'll have the morning cloud cover. but you will have very pleasant very mild afternoons but then
6:47 pm
things change. toward this time next week, low pressure gets stronger it will drag a front down with it and that green coloring i did for rain in the northwest is going to make it down to the bay area. we likely will see a widespread rainfall perhaps a tenth or quarter inch of rain this time next week. next several days dry and pleasant. but watch out for pattern change next friday. comfy afternoon temperatures with that sunshine. but mornings when you wake up it will be foggy or cloudy or you'll get the blue sky soon enough in the pattern change one week from today. livermore tomorrow 83. san jose in the upper 70s looking at highs around 80 tomorrow for los altos. hayward 71. cooler at the coast pacifica 63. walnut creek 83. antioch tomorrow 82. pleasanton 83 degrees. sausalito will top out at 6 8. sonoma 81. ukiah high in mendocino county 93 degrees. consistency through the mill of next week 80s inland, low 70s near the bay and there's that change. next friday, we are calling for a widespread light to moderate rain event with highs only in the 70s rain coming a week from
6:48 pm
today. mobile weather tonight on the road. roberta gonzales in union city with the temperatures dropping but football is about to be played. >> reporter: yes, i got to tell you, the official sundown right here is at 6:48 and we have the bank of low clouds and fog rolling in and as soon as that sun goes down and the clouds role in the temperature has been dropping. currently in the low 60s right here in union city the winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. it's an onshore flow. and i thought i would bring mobile weather to union city so we could combine it with friday night lights. we are here at james logan high school here with amy mcnamara the principal. how long have you been here. >> five years. >> reporter: what makes this school so special? >> we are the biggest high school in northern california. we have a fabulous music program. you can see our band kids coming in many of them and great athletics program and forensics program. >> reporter: someone blow your horn. go ahead. you won't get in trouble. okay. your principal says you can!
6:49 pm
all right. so tell me about your athletic program. >> it is awesome. tonight we take on san ramon and we are hoping the win is in the forecast for us. we are one and one so far. we have played them the last few years and it's been back and forth win and loss. so we are excited tonight. >> reporter: we saw the jay v game earlier. >> varsity ticks off at 7:15 and it's $5 to get in. we are hoping for an attendance of over 1,000. >> reporter: that is awesome! and i have to tell you, it's starting to feel like football weather right here at james logan high school in union city. thank you for hosting us. >> thank you, go colts! >> reporter: if you want to know more about james logan high school and their football and music programs, we made it simple. just visit us online at reporting from union city with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. most physically dominant tes in seahawks better not be thinking about late hicks on kaepernick. >> i have been waiting for this since forever! 49ers and the seahawks it's almost here. two of the most physically
6:53 pm
dominant teams in the nfl. division rivalry game! seahawks a slight favorite in front of a national audience sunday night. >> man versus man. videogame man versus videogame man. >> cornerbacks russell wilson and colin kaepernick did a videogame commercial in the off season. big build-up for the matchup and in the end wilson caught kaepernicking and he asked the creator of that that about that yesterday. >> he tried to do it. did he get it right? >> he got it right. hopefully, we won't see any of that from him on sunday. >> it's original. got to say that. you got to say that. but there's not a lot of movement into it. you know? i think there's been, you know, jerry rice used to spike it and do the cabbage patch. victor cruz has the salsa. i like the bicep kiss, though. if we're rating the top 10, i put him maybe 10, the back end
6:54 pm
of the top 10. but, you know, if he put something with it, if he did a bicep kiss and put some extra on it, he could move up. >> well! remember this, folks? packers linebacker clay matthews has been fined $15,000 for that late hit on kaepernick last sunday. 49ers linebacker ahmad brooks also fined $12,000 for a late hit on aaron rodgers. the raiders! make sure it's fullback marcel reece stayed happy. they gave him a three-year contract extension worth reported $13 million little over $7 million of that guaranteed. get this. it's the largest contract ever given to a fullback. quarterback terrelle pryor gets another shot after almost pulling off a win at the colts. the raiders are 5.5-point favorites when they host the jaguars sunday. last year they rolled up 112 yards on the ground and he has
6:55 pm
it "all in the family." his aunt for pearls of wisdom moving forward. >> she said that you have a basket, right? and see tom brady put something that you like about tom brady in the basket. she says michael vick, kaepernick, rj3, any of them guys, any one, just keep putting in the basket and he keep on adding trying to get better and try to emulate that someone and add it on to your skill you're only going to get better. >> it's the silver and black home opener here on kpix 5 at 1:00. stay tuned for the fifth quarter after the game. i'll be outside of the raiders locker room with full reaction and i'm expecting faces going up instead of frowns going down. history made in chicago at the bmw championship today. jim furyk went sub-60! he shot a 59 in round 2. this
6:56 pm
eagle here on 15 helped. great shot. his last hole finished up strong with a birdie. furyk tied the pga record for the lowest round in history. he became the 6th player in pga history to shoot a 59. nothing lasts forever. this weekend, will this be the end of fly mayweather when he actual -- floyd mayweather when he actually loses a prize fight? despite momentum behind an unbeaten challenger, money mayweather remains the favorite saturday night in vegas. just ask him. >> a guy 42-0, he hasn't faced 42 floyd mayweather because he would be 0-42. so i don't really worry about who he has face -- whatever any fighter can do good i can do great. i'm the facing boxing. september 14 just a stepping stone just another appointment to me but he know he facing floyd mayweather.
6:57 pm
i'm facing just another appointment. >> that's right! >> the voice of mayweather. >> spot on. >> just wish i had the bank account just like him. >> mayweather is 36. at some point, he has to lose. this kid is 23 years old. but we'll see. >> don't count him out. >> saturday night in the adult playground the oasis of paradise. >> but sunday night i have been waiting forever. >> for the seahawks and the 49ers. >> forever. >> eight years ago. >> that's going to be the year. >> i'll be sitting there standing right here on this set talking about it. >> a lot of great games this weekend. >> all right. thanks, vern. all right. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all for coming. ha ha! thank you very much. ha ha! thank y'all for coming. hey, welcome to "family fefeud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey and we got another good one for you today. returning for the third day with the total, $20,680, all the way from rowlett, texas, it's the holcomb family. [cheering and applause] and from berlin, pennsylvania, it's the mckenzie family. [cheering and applause] well, folks, these families are here trying to win a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car


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