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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  September 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, the fed chairman is out. >> former treasury secretary larry summers withdraws his name from consideration. bill plante at the white house has late details. >> no relief for colorado as more rain hits the flood zone and more commissions trying to complications trying to rescue those stranded, adriana diaz is there. >> the effort to right the capsized costa concordia begins tomorrow, mark phillips explains the monumental task ahead. >> glor: and game changer, the school that goes against the grain by putting sports at the center of its program. >> you feel better about yourself? >> of course. >> i feel perfect about myself. >> perfect about yourself? >> yes. >> captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" >> glor: good evening, everyone, i am jeff glor with a west coast ed kiss of the broadcast, the next leader of the federal reserve will help answer some big questions, chief among them, when will the government stop pumping billions into the u.s. economy? we now know the person with the answers will not be the man many expected, larry summers has withdrawn his name from consideration. >> tonight, we begin with bill plante. >> as chair of the national economic counsel at the beginning of the president's first term lawrence summers was widely believed to be obama's first choice for the federal reserve job. but critics faulted summers for an overbearing attitude, bad decisions on the economy, and sensitivity to women, today, in a letter to mr. obama he said reluctantly i have concluded any possible affirmation process for me would be acrimonious and would not serve the interests of the federal reserve, the administration or ultimately the interests to nation's ongoing economic recovery.
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the president in a statement called summers a critical member of his team during the economic crisis, and said it was in no small part because of his expertise, wisdom and leadership that we wrestled the economy back to growth and made the kind of progress we are seeing today. summers's withdrawal opens the possibility that the federal reserve could have a female chair for the first time. the current vice chair, janet yellin is among those being considered for the position and it ends an acrimonious battle between the opponents of the two candidates. >> ben bernanke leaves his position at the end of january. jeff. >> glor: bill plante at the white house, thank you. colorado it seems just can't catch a break, powerful floodwaters already have left hundreds of people stranded, and now today still more rain making the job of rescuers even more difficult. adriana diaz is in the flood zone tonight. >> >> reporter: like a the lot of residents in boulder, patricia
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birdsong was pumping water out of her house today. >> it was with such force it blew our basement window out and almost immediately it filled up with about five feet of water. >> the rain kept coming down, so much so rescue helicopterers couldn't get off the ground, but rescuers continued by land in trapped mountain side communities. the national guard has evacuated more than 2000 people, including kristie crawford-peake and her family from lyons. >> down in the neighborhood today we felt like we were the only ones left. >> bradley fled for this church shelter 12 miles away. >> i walked out and the river was going through the highway, cars, kitchens were washing down the street. >> this bulletin board was filled with messages one said call mom. >> bernard morrison sandra sharp registered their names with officials. >> we didn't want to put people at risk. >> they left their riverside mobile home in lyons just before
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floodwaters crested. >> the worst we can think of is the water goes up high enough to wash the house off its foundation, foundation we have a lot of personal effects that are right at dirt level we know are ruined. >> a am among those who died in the flooding were wesley quinlan and wiyanna nelson. >> they were swept away after leaving their trapped vehicles. >> more showers are expected overnight, but dry weather does return tomorrow, jeff, which is very welcome news for the more than 1,000 people believed to be still stranded. >> glor: adriana diaz, thank you. joined now by meteorologist david bernard from our miami station, wfor, from what you are seeing what is next in colorado. >> it is certainly not better today and it is not going to get better tonight but there is hope for the rest of this week. let's look at our water vapor and this tells us how much moisture is in the area and this area of low pressure has been the culprit all along that is
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moving east and dryer air is moving in for tomorrow and the rest of the week and that is going to mean a huge improvement. now, through tonight and early tomorrow, locally three inches or more will be possible, anywhere in the foothills or along the urban corridor from denver and colorado springs to pueblo and also in new mexico heavy rain through tomorrow, particularly east of santa fe and albuquerque spreading out into the plains as we go into monday and news but the good news is, the worst is going to be behind us in the next 24 hours. >> glor: david bernard, thank you. a syrian cab bet ministers called the u.s. russian agreement chemical weapons agreement a victory for the assad regime, in a stopover in israel, secretary kerry said zero, the threat to use force remains in effect, he said we cannot have hollow words. we are joined now from sacramento from i tim mccarthy,a former u.n. inspector that
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searched iraq after the ouster of saddam hussein, i know you were there in iraq three times between '03 and '04, you were on the ground then, in your estimation is this deal a good one for the u.s.? >> with to the amount of information and detail that we have, it is very difficult to assess, jeff, but this is a tall order. >> what is the tallest order? what is the biggest issue in your estimation right now? >> who, in fact, will be on the teams? who will lead the teams most importantly, we have really no idea what is going to happen, when we get to a crisis point in these inspections and there will be a crisis point somewhere down the road. >> glor: tim, how do you dispose of chemical weapons? >> simply put there is burning, there is adding water. it is a difficult lull tenant. blowing it up, more effectively dumping it into the ground. >> glor: from what you have heard so far, will this work? >> if you turn to, tomorrow as a
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professional inspector and say go do this, i could not, there is simply not enough detail in the document. >> glor: all right, tim mccarthy, thank you for your perspective. appreciate it. >> sure. >> glor: 50 years ago today a bomb planted by ku klux clans men exploded outside the 16th street baptist street in birmingham, alabama, skilled four girls and changed the course of a civil rights debate. hundreds of worshippers gathered to remember. natalie tejada of our affiliate in birmingham has more. >> they came to birmingham 16th street baptist church today to reflect. >> sunday in 1963, love and forgiveness would be put to the test. a bomb planted by a white supremacist ripped through the building, 200 people were inside. 22 were injured. denise mcnair, carole robertson, addie mae collins and cynthia wesley, four little girls all
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under the age of 15 were killed. former secretary of state condoleezza rice, a birmingham native was a friend of denise mcnair. >> i said to my parents as the events were unfolding on television, why do they hate us so much? and i remember my father simply saying, they are hateful men, they are just hateful men. >> the horrific attack shocked the nation making america take a deep look at racial inequality and injustice. >> it also strengthened the civil rights movement and helped influence the passage of the landmark civil right bill of 1964. but today in birmingham, they came to remember. >> in looking forward, it is truly that we honor their sacrifice if we remember that equality and justice for all written in the constitution is actually not just a piece of paper, but something that each and every one of us must live each and every day. >> four lives cut short, four
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little girls whose untimely death helped change the course of a nation. for cbs news, natalie tejada, birmingham, alabama. >> glor: later, the bay city school that is bucking the trend when it comes to physical education. >> a shooting in new york times square injuries two bystanders, and launching the plan to set the costa concordia up right. those stories when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> glor: in an effort to up right the capsized costa concordia crew ship will go ahead tomorrow, weather permitting, it has been 20 months now since the ship smashed into the rocks off the italian island of giglio, mark phillips is there. >> it is p-day minus one, what is known as a parbuckling operation is scheduled to begin here at dawn, and there never has been another operation like it. salvage workers have been doing their last-minute checks. the technique has been used
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before, but never on a ship of this size. the costa concordia is three football fields long two, and a half times the size of the "titanic", she has been stuck on the rocky shore of the italian island of giglio for 20 months. ever since her captain took her too close to the island and struck a reef, he says, was not on the nautical charts. >> 32 people of the more than 4,000 on board died in the accident. the bodies of two of them are still missing. the manslaughter trial of the captain francesco schettino is still going on. the salvage operation involves using massive force to move the how long waterlogged structure. >> in addition to a latticework of cables, huge steel boxes have been welded to the high side of the ship and will be flooded with water to help turn the vessel up right. afterwards, the plan is to attach another series of boxes to the other side, pump the
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water out and float the ship away to be cut up for scrap. it all works in the computer models, now what will be, now it will be tested in the real world. despite all the science and at all the experience behind this salvage operation, it is still risky. the ship is like a skyscraper lying on its side, it is not designed for the kind of stress that turning it up right involves, that again, it wasn't designed to be driven on to the rocks either. the salvage people say the first part of the operation will be the trickiest, they are not sure how stuck on the rocks the ship is. they are sure, though, that once they start, they can't stop. there is no plan b. mark phillips, cbs news, giglio island. >> glor: next up north carolina police officer charged after the shooting of a former college football player.
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>> glor: a police officer in north carolina has been charged, charged with voluntarily manslaughter after shooting and killing an unarmed man saturday, it happened after jonathan ferrell, a former college football player for florida am crashed his car and sought help at a nearby house, the woman who lived there called 911, when officers responded they say ferrell ran toward him and hit him with a taser, when he kept coming police say officer randall kerrick opened fire multiple times. police say he has been charged because an investigation showed he used excessive force. we have cellphone video tonight of that bizarre shooting in new york's time square neighborhood last night. police officers there opened
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fire on a man who was walking in the middle of the street, apparently looking to get hit by a car. police say he raised his hands faking he was carrying a weapon, they fired at him but hit two bystanders instead. their injuries were not life threatening. the suspect 35 years old has been arrested. in japan, the country's only operating nuclear reactor was taken off-line for maintenance today with no timetable for a restart. the shutdown of the ohi plant leaves japan nuclear power free for the second time since the meltdown at fuck chicag fukushin 2011 the government has been under intense pressure to tighten safety standard. >> still ahead the washington redskins playing defense off the field. >>
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jai. >> glor: the washington redskins lost to green bay this afternoon, they are off to an 0 and 2 start this season, off the field things aren't much better as the redskins remain mired in a legal controversy over their name. here is jeff pegues. >> reporter: this week the united indian nation released this ad. >> the dictionary defines as offensive term for native indians. >> one of the most storied franchises will they change their name? >> it is the latest effort in a battle working its way through the legal system for two decades. >> for us, the r word is the n word. >> native american activist suzan shown-harjo believe redskins is a racial sure. >> the word itself is the worst thing that native people can be
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called in the english language. >> the team got its name when it played in boston in the 1930s. originally known as the braves, the team owner at the time changed it to redskins, it was an honor for the coach who was a native american. >> but what began as an honor became for some an out right offense. so far the team has blocked legal efforts to force them to drop the name, but pending legislation in congress the trademark lawsuit and a renewed media blitz is putting pressure on the organization. >> we do not deserve to be called redskins, we deserve to be treated as what we are, americans. >> but snyder has vowed the team will never change the name. and an nfl spokesman tells cbs news we respect that reasonable people may have differing views, the name from its origin has always intended to be positive and has always has been used by the team in a highly respectful manner. fan and blogger anthony brown grecian. >> >> agrees. >> i never heard that term used as anything other than the
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washington redskins football team. >> certainly i am not laughing at anyone about it or deriding native american people. >> because they use that term. >> many of the nation's high schools and colleges have changed their names in recent years, but professional teams like the atlanta braves and cleveland indians have not. >> critics of washington's team say that this time they will prevail in court. >> jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. >> glor: coming up, a school giving kids a sporting chance. >> .
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>> glor: tomorrow is a sort of week two in year two at one of the most interesting schools you will ever find. it is called the urban dove team charter school. and it is a school that goes entirely against the grain. >> when you first told people you wanted to start a school. >> yeah.
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>> based around sports. >> you are crazy. >> physical activity, the reaction you got? >> you are crazy, what are you doing? why would you do that? >> starting a school is an extremely difficult proposition. >> maybe even more difficult jai nanda decided to launched it in the bedford styvesant brooklyn, one of the neediest communities in new york city. >> you are in a church for now. >> for now. >> the kids come here from all over the city. >> 93 percent live below the poverty line. >> many never showed up for class at their old schools, but nanda actively recruits kids that other kids have given up on. >> so when you say give us your worst students their reaction is. >> awesome, great and educate, not we don't like them, but someone else can educate them and get them to be successful, great. we can't do it. >> nanda's approach was to flip the whole idea of school on its
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head. at a time when only six states requires physical education in nine grades and nine states require recess he decided to make sports the cornerstone of his program when students here arrive at school they don't sit behind a desk. >> they intend the first three hours of every day with their team and coaches. they play basketball. lift weights. jump rope, use punching bags, ride bikes and do yoga. >> we need to recognize that a full education requires that kids are active. >> what is it about sports? >> it is fun, kids enjoy doing it. i think there is something special about being on a team. kids look at a coach differently. they are willing to share, their willing to listen. hey, what is going on? what's the problem? why are you angry, why are you upset? it is me, coach. after you have conversation -- >> and maybe what is most, that may be what is most unique about the program.
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when kids go to social studies, english and math the coaches go with them, sitting in class, helping with homework and sorting out problems. >> keep it moving. >> deron rippey is the head coach and guidance counselor. >> i am going to contact your mother. >> he keeps family on speed dials and spends a lot of time disciplining kids, including 15-year-old gill let hood. who is battling anger issued. >> we were there when he returned to school with his grandmother after a week's suspension. >> she was furious. >> i want you to picture me in your face before you get in trouble. okay. picture grandma. what i am going to give you when you get back home. >> if you had been in another school, police would have been involved. >> i promise to do better, i guess. i mean, i know -- >> lots of students at urban dove are still struggling, like gill let. >> but he is grateful to have a second chance. and he is trying to turn things
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around. >> you have lost 65 pounds? since you have been here? >> yeah. >> do you feel better about yourself? >> of course i do. i feel perfect about myself. >> perfect about yourself? >> yes. >> urban dover welcomes 85 new students this fall, nearly doubling the school in size. jai nanda is renting space right now and he hopes to be able to build his own facility. that is the cbs evening news tonight, later on tonight, 60 minutes. i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will return tomorrow. good night. >>
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sitting on the kitchen coun it took awhile -- but fans e now warming up to the amer's cup. we'll show you the excitement down on the pier. paula, paula, paula, paula. in hiding it took awhile but fans are warming up to the america's cup. we will tell you about the excitement down on the pier. and after months in hiding after a scandal. celebrity chef paula deen makes her return. kpix5 news is next ,,,,,,,,
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