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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> last week? >> yeah, coming to a close. monday wasn't bad enough . we have fog out there right now. and thick fog and drizzle. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. more on the forecast coming up. >> golden gate bridge camera. you can see the fog this morning coming in to san francisco from marin county. accident southbound 101 at lucky drive. updated travel times coming up. >> thanks so much. >> we begin with developing news as you wake up this morning. taxi hit a man walking across broadway in san francisco. happened just before midnight as the man was trying to cross the street. it appeared afterward, the paramedics were trying to help him breath. the man was rush to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> more rain and floods are hampering rescue efforts in colorado. crews have managed to rescue 2,000 people. many by helicopter. it's one of the
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biggest aerial rescue operations since hurricane katrina. >> officials are preparing for massive air rescue. entire communities are still isolated because of washed out roads. >> they are ready to be evacuated out of there. >> with helicopters grounded sunday, the national guard went into devastated areas looking for victims. kristy and her daughter were evacuated. >> walked sxarnd realized we're some of the only ones left. >> evacuees left messages for people still unaccounted for. one read call mom. and cots for sleeping, food to be eaten and hugs to be shared. >> 1500 homes destroyed. more than 17,000 damaged . rescuers are shaken. but say the recovery has already begun. >> the question i had was how can we recover from this? i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by community
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they are taken this stuff back. >> not everything can be rebuilt. four people are confirmed dead including wesley and his girlfriend. dozens attended a memorial service for the couple. >> they treated everybody the same. everybody was their best friend. everybody was their best friend. >> the 19-year-olds were killed thursday when flood waters overturned their car. cbs news, boulder, colorado. >> two more people are reported missing and presumed dead and still trying to account for 1200 people. american red cross workers are in colorado helping with relief efforts. >> two women got airlifted with their dog yesterday out of a town that's water locked at this point. and they needed to evacuate because the water treatment facility was damaged and there's no electricity or
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cell service. >> the rescue efforts are continuing around the clock. >> it is 4:33 now. encouraging news regarding the wildfires here in california. crews have contained the clover fire that killed one man and destroyed 68 homes. burned almost 13 square miles. expected to reopen today now that the fire is fully contained. crews spent much of the weekend patches up trails. the wildfire burned more than 3,000 acres. investigators say target shooting sparked that fire. >> autopsies will be performed today on three women who died while trying to escape their burning home. the victims, believed to be sisters were found dead inside the pittsburg yesterday. two were in the kitchen. the other was found feet from the backdoor. found smoke detectors inside but did not have batteries.
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>> three smoke alarms $15 were probably the difference between life and death. >> still unclear what sparked the fire but does not appear to be arson. >> a san jose woman is expected in court tomorrow accused of killing her two children. 42-year-old marilyn edge lived in san jose for much of the mid to late $90. her current address is in scottsdale, arizona. she was arrested for murder saturday. find the bodies of her 13-year-old and 10 year old daughter at the hampton inn in santa ana. >> happening today after months of back and forth bickering, bart and unions will resume talks in an effort to reach a deal before the cooling off period ends october 10th. today's session will focus on the main sticking points. >> reporter: if bart goes on strike, a few hundred thousand
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bay area commuters will have to find another way to work. >> i don't think they should get no more money. all they doing is sitting on their [bleep] driving the train tracks. >> bart officials say they are offering a 10% raise over four years and point out most workers pay less than $100 a month for healthcare and nothing into their pensions. >> they do a great job and work hard but their pay is high and benefits are extremely high. >> officials say not so fast. workers gave big concessions during the downturn and trying to get back to what they consider a living wage. >> we're asking for a living wage, decent healthcare and a pension we can retire on and live in the bay area where we work. >> it's back to the bay area to talk. commuters will have to negotiate a new way home. >> as long as i get to where i'm going, they can have whatever. >> if there is another strike,
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bart has a back-up plan. they will run skeletal service with managers driving the trains. the unions say that's a bad idea. >> many say they are struggling because the state unemployment checks have been delayed. a glitch in the new system is causing the backlog and people should expect to wait as long as ten days for their money to arrive. this is a one time problem and hopes to have everything fixed up in the next couple weeks. the edd cannot give a definite answer as to when the problem will be solved. >> let's get a check on the weather. the last week of summer. >> can you believe it? >> already? >> it's a cool summer. looks like it is winding down and getting ready for much cooler weather. maybe a couple sprinkles. outside right now thick fog over the bay. and that dense fog producing drizzle. the temperatures staying rather mild this
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morning. we have 50s, even mid 60s right now and 64 in livermore. 62 in oakland. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. some 80s showing up well inland. a lot of 70 s. 60s into san francisco and 60s out toward the coastline. big changes coming our way. right now check out the roads with elizabeth. >> everything is off to a pretty good start at 4:37 on this monday back to work drive. here is a live look at the nimmits freeway. farther south than where we usually see it. the road work northbound 880 between washington and marina. they have lanes closed until 5:00. another 20 minutes and all the lanes should reopen. we have a lot of dense fog across the golden gate bridge. the earlier crash southbound 101 at lucky drive. everything is off to the right hand shoulder. emergency crews are still working to clear it. all lanes are now open.
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southbound 101. pretty quick trip from saus saucalito. eastbound drive times are all in the clear. and bart is running all trains on time. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you . oaklanders have been saying it for years, property crime just won't quit. according to police records, the city's seen a 33% increase in auto theft. 40% jump in burglaries and 54% rise in robberies since 2011. this coincides with drastic reduction in police force. some neighborhoods are hiring private security. oakland mayor dean quan joined residents for a walk yesterday. they started at casa jimenez and touring local shops. >> oakland has this amazing
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diverse sense of those languages, cultures and neighborhoods. there's 57 succinct neighborhoods. >> this is the first of what mayor will be monthly neighborhood walks to meet with people and learn more about the city's communities. >> 4:39. it's a dirty problem but somebody's got to tackle it. trash is all over the highway in marin county. two women decided to take matters into their own hands. created a group called marin clean highways. hired a contractor to pick up the litter. >> the fact it never gets picked up or rarely gets picked up by our government. it piles and you happen it's huge. most of it is blowing around out of trash cans and out of the back of pick-up trucks. >> the women used their own money and money as well as contributions to clean the road
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up highway 101. they'll continue to pick up the slack until the funds run out. >> 4:40. apple's new iphone fingerprint scanner promises to make your life easier. but is it secure? the steps apple is taking to make it secure. >> how a school system is media activity when we come back.
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the wreckage of a cruise sh. th capsized right now crews off the coast of italy are removing the wreckage of a cruise ship. this is a live picture out there right now. the coasta concordia capsized. and been on the side ever since. crews are using pulleys and counter weights. engineers are saying they detached it from the reef. this kind of operation has never been
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attempted on a boat this large. began three hours late because of the stormy weather. looks like they are making progress. >> they built a shelf and eventually have to move it away. it's going to take a while and cost a lot of money. country will comply with international deal to get rid of the country's chemical weapons. government will honor an agreement by the united states and russia and claims a list of weapons is already being piled. john kerry warns the u.s. will act if syria doesn't follow through. >> the threat of force is real. and the outside regime and all those taking part need to understand president obama and the united states are committed to achieve this goal. >> the united nation's chief weapon's inspector turned over his report yesterday. un
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secretary general is scheduled to brief a closed session of security council on the fighting later today. >> two women are recovering from gunshot wounds after they caught got in a police shooting in new york city. >> oh, my god. go, go, go, go, go. >> officers were trying to subdue an agitated man about a block away from times square. they ended up hitting the two women instead. the suspect was threatening them. >> he continued to allude the officers. and at some time reached into his pocket, took out his hand and simulated as if he was shooting at them. >> the women are expected to be okay. >> federal reserve could have a female chair for the first time and she has bay area ties. janet ellen is professor at school of business. and current vice chair. she became a
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contender after the chair of economic council withdrew his name out of consideration. the federal reserve is expected to drive the market this week. it meets wednesday to decide the future of bond buying program. september has been a good month for the market. the dow is up 4% after a 75 point gain on friday. nasdaq added 6 on friday. power ball jackpot continues to grow for wednesday's drawing. nobody won the jackpot on saturday. tickets sold in south pasadena had the first five numbers but not the power ball. the jackpot has grown over $400 million. got a couple numbers, didn't you? >> yes, i sure did. and i won $4. and i'm getting a cup of coffee and enjoying every sip. >> that's why you showed up to work today. >> it took me a lot more money
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to get to the $4. around the bay area, low clouds and fog. some drizzle. thick fog approaching the coastline and some parts of the north bay. a mostly cloudy start. fog and drizzle approaching the coastline. the roadways very damp there. 50s and 60s now toward the afternoon. we'll find sunshine and breezy conditions toward the coastline. still lingering clouds there. sunny inside the bay and mild temperatures in the 70s and 80s. and plenty of sunshine in the valley. a trough of low pressure along the west coast and usher in breezy conditions. a mild start to the work week. in fact, looks like toward the end of the week, maybe sprinkles toward the bay area. 80s and 90s. 89 in yosemite. 68 in the monterey bay with a couple lingering clouds. around the bay 70s and 80s.
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east bay numbers maybe 80s. 70s in towards the delta. and 68 and breezy in san francisco. next couple days we'll cool down the temperatures and warm things up on wednesday and thursday. but on friday and saturday as we get ready for the end of summer, a cold trough in bringing clouds. maybe even sprinkles coming our way. >> starting to feel like fall. pumpkin latte's been out for a while. starbucks knows it's fall. we sent our photographer out this morning. out by the mckey exit. northbound and southbound 101 moving at the limit between san jose and santa clara. let's check our road sensors. 44, 59 miles per hour. moving at the speed limit through the tunnel and 24. this is what it looks like approaching the pay gates.
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it's a pretty quick trip all across the deck this morning. san mateo bridge. westbound 92. traffic looks good. over the high rise. if you are heading towards the inter change, this is a live look. not too much going on. not too crowded even as you head past 680 toward the valley y. no big incidents. you are looking good . just your overnight road work. highway 4 is one of the starts to see delays. so far not seeing anything. no brake lights towards 242. bart should have more than 20 trains all running on time system wise. ace train number one got a great start. that's the latest from the time saver traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. it's been a tough year for former food network start paula deen. some fans are giving her a second chance. over the weekend, she
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fought back tears as she was greeted by a supportive crowd. it was her first public appearance since june when she admitted to using the n word in the past. >> the one place that i would want to make my first step back out was texas. a part of the country where this was a norm 50 years ago. strong but it was the norm. >> i love paula deen. i think she's been really given a raw deal. i support her 100% and so do all of my friends. and i love her product. >> last month a judge dismissed the lawsuit. >> 4:49 now. when apple unveiled iphone , people had a lot of questions about the fingerprint sensor. how does apple plan to keep it safe? security researchers say apple
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has a plan for that. >> apple has thought about this because the data is not going to be stored. there isn't going to be a database of sensitive information. >> the iphone fingerprint sensor is built in the home button and supposed to simplify things like a lock and making i tune purchases. >> a southern california school district says when it comes to keeping an eye on students, facebook is fair game. schools have hired a private firm to keep track of social media activity. monitoring posts by 14,000 students for references to things like drug use, violence and bullying. the program aims to help identify problems before there's trouble. critics say it amounts to stalking. >> bike share program is taking off and now calls to make it bigger and better for riders.
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all right. let's check out your forecast. we take you in to san jose. plenty of sunshine after clouds this morning. 77 degrees. a little cooler tomorrow. >> things are looking good so far on the road. it is monday before 5:00 a.m. overall no big hot spots out there. golden gate bridge, foggy this morning. no delay across the bay. more time saver traffic coming up. >> 43:53 now -- 4:53 now. calls to expand it and it just opens up weeks ago. the program rolled in two weeks ago. riders have taken more than 10,000 trips. rent the bikes from kioks at $9 a day. organizers want to boost the number of
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bikes spread around to the city. the 500 up from the current 350. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has seen a spike in traffic. pretty significant up tick in traffic since it opened labor day weekend. here's the breakdown. more than 133,000 vehicles traveled through the toll plaza on saturday september the 7th. compared to last year when 125,000 cars crossed. that's more than a 6% increase. and that is significant. >> the america's cup yacht race continues tomorrow on the san francisco bay. yesterday was a double header. oracle team won the first raise with team new desdee land -- new zealand taking the second. after a close start, the event is finally starting to draw bigger clouds. 700,000 people have packed the stands in san francisco over the past two
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weekends. more money for parking garages, restaurants and other businesses. >> everybody's getting in behind it and for the wonderful atmosphere here. we're having the time of our lives. >> so far the yacht racing fans have not caused any major security problems. >> ♪ >> all right. a band fuelled by girl power rocked the house of san francisco's cafe denor last night. call themselves the wild roses. the six great girls are from a school of music. trains aspiring musicians. i see a cool school there. >> they are pretty good. >> 4:55. thousands waiting weeks for unemployment benefits. why they may have to wait longer. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where one man is in the hospital after he was hit by a cab on broadway street.
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one business owner who heard it happen.
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don't get no more money. >> they do a great job and work hard. >> weeks away from another bart strike unless both sides can workout differences fast. >> probably some of the only ones left. >> officials are preparing for massive air rescue in colorado where people are stranded in their homes due to heavy rains and floods. >> three smoke alarms are $15 was probably the difference between life and death. >> three east bay women died trying to escape their burning home. >> when the funds run out, i don't know what we're going to do. >> time to take out the trash in one bay area county. two locals taking matters into their own hands. >> the large scale of these events, how do they affect. >> watching the america's cup isn't about who wins. it's about the birds. from across the bay, to
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around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 35 news this morning. >> what a play to end the second inning. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday september 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> monday is here. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallict . almost 5:00. kick it off with weather her and the fog. >> yes, it is. and the last week of summer. the fog very thick and spots approaching the coastline. seeing heavy drizzle. cloudy skies out of the bay. only can see part of the bay bridge right now. the temperatures pretty mild. 50s and mid 60s. 63 in livermore and 59 in san francisco. i think these temperatures by the afternoon going to turn out to be pretty nice. staying below the average for time of year. 80s showing up in the valleys. should be about 68 degrees mostly sunny. breezy into san francisco and 80 mostly sunny skies in santa rosa. more on the 7 day forecast. check out
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the roads with elizabeth. >> first accident of the morning. it's overcoming into san francisco northbound 280 by the alamaney road accident. 101 is looking good as well past candle stick towards the skyway. no brake lights in any of our traffic sensors. now we're coming on 5:00, a lot of the overnight road is being picked up. this morning was in san leandro approaching washington. once you get past there, all the cones should be picked up. drive times are still all in the clear including the westbound 3580 commute. no delay through the livermore valley. let you know when we start to see delays. bart continues to run on time. that is traffic, back to you. >> developing news in san francisco. a man has life-threatening injuries after being hit by taxi overnight in sannc


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